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HTC HD2 Update Coming Soon?

Are those pictures of the HD7 making your HD2 feel unloved?  Well, maybe we can fix that.  According to our in-house Windows Mobile enthusiast and lover (T1 Connect in the forums), you may be seeing an update coming your way.  Apparently there is a ROM Update (3.14) out there in the wild that comes in the form of a ruu, which I guess makes it official and not a custom ROM (right?).  The brave souls who have tried out this update are noticing an increase in performance as well as an upgraded radio and core.  In addition, this update includes a few new apps (Shazam, Amazon MP3 and Slacker Radio).  In case you were wondering, no new SPL is installed, HardSPL isn’t removed and Android will still run on it (if you went that route).  All in all, it seems like a decent update.  If you are brave, hit up the download link and have at it or head to the forums for questions and comments.  (Seriously though, the forums are awesome, you should check them out).  I guess you could just wait for the official download link, but where is the fun in that?  Take a look at the pictures down below, and don’t forget to have fun.  Good luck!

xda developers,  Download link

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