Nokia Nuron Overclocked

You read that right, the Nokia 5230 (or the Nuron) has been overclocked.  The question here is why?  Why would someone in their right mind undertake the task of (or even want to) overclocking the Nuron.  Well, the simple answer could just be that it can be done and we have the technology (or maybe they were bored).  Either way, someone did it, and now that 434MHz ARM11 chip screams at 800MHz.  This “fix” hasn’t been finalized and made publicly available (yet…), but in time we may see this modest handset become a speed demon.

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  • Linkage

    Hah! Strange.

    • Tami

      Well 4 people in my family have the nurons ,I LOVE mine I accasionally browse the internet, Not a big gamer, And have NO problems I use a stylist with mine.
      My teens 14-20 yrs Now They text so much they turn their reports to OFF
      This saves on memory and keeps things running smooth for them.
      They dont have internet They have Ipods ,Laptops, Knowing what I do Now
      I would have just went on AMAZON and gotten them all IPOD touch 4 generation.
      1 son has this and they all perfer it to any phone……..Or laptop for that matter It is a small IPAD

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Wow, very nice, i hope they can do something like this so that the G2 becomes a speed demon.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Not that the G2 wont be a speed demon already, its always nice to get the fullest of your phone.

      • bart the truth

        The G2 is actually underclocked at 800 mhz. If you root, getting to 1 ghz should be easy

  • Linkage

    I’m a G1 owner as well. The G2’s cpu is actually *underclocked* to 800mhz. And with all the modders ready to jump on the G2, I’m sure it will be clocked to 1ghz+!

  • Technogen

    The G2 just has to be rooted, there are already programs on the market for overclocking CPUs.

    • Skeptical

      I’m pretty sure you also need a kernel to oc

  • Corey

    Would be interesting if they could make the clock speed adaptive to help with battery life. I bet that overclocking to 800 MHz will cut your battery life by 3/4.

  • nokiabrock

    This is old news. This app came out about 2 months ago. I tried it and questioned if it really overclocked the cpu or just freed up some resources making the phone appear to run a LITTLE quicker. There are a lot of fake symbian apps out there that make your phone appear to do all kinds of neat tricks. Its all flash and no bang. And I suspect this is one of them. I didn’t leave the app installed long enough to test battery life. Simply cause I didn’t trust the app. If you truly want to speed up your Nuron, “Debrand It”

    • Keine

      This is old news. But you can’t debrand this phone with ver. 12.2.082 CFW is a good alternative.

  • Deaconclgi

    This would really be great news, but the Nuron doesn’t have a GPU. Over clocking the CPU will benefit the UI mostly. Now if it can help me run Tower Bloxx Deluxe at a faster framefrate, I will retract my request for the TBD refund……. By the way, if you have a Nuron or other S60 5th device, search for “Hamster” in the Ovi Store and select the crazy one…..

  • Deaconclgi

    I also noticed that this is not the Nokia Nuron, it is the Nokia 5230, hence the missing T-Mobile logo. The 5230 does not run the custom T-Mo firmware by default.

  • jkspike3

    well this is nice to know. useless information for me since i dont have it but whatevs

  • j

    In a word, WHY!??!?! Nuron is GARBAGE!!!!!!

    • Keine

      It’s a decent phone for entry users in smartphones. AND I have a nuron and its good for what it is now.

  • Wendy

    Ummm noo I’m not happy with my Nuron. I should have known. I have never had good luck with Nokia phones. I bought it though and its already been replaced once because the screen was going ballistic with crazy lines zooming across it. Now the new one hangs up and you have to turn it off to get it to reset… I have always been happy with Tmobile phones. Espeically their Samsung phones but this one is a DON’T DO IT … rethink before you buy phone

  • Donkey

    This is Nokia C6-00 model, not Nokia 5230/Nuron.

    • Keine

      Its a Nokia 5230. Just with a C6 firmware. Still is buggy though.

  • Logan

    I have a Nuron and it’s decent but I’m really waiting for the G2 to come out…muahaha!

  • Andrew

    The nokia Nuron is the BEST bang for your buck. instead of paying $30.00 for the internet your only paying $10.00. The phone my not be as good as the vibrant or the HD2 but its still a good phone for the price.