Want Nine Minutes Of The Galaxy Tab On Video? You’re In Luck!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will likely be a huge holiday hit for Android lovers and newfound tablet fans everywhere when it drops later this year.  Until then, Samsung keeps rolling out videos to keep you entertained and informed on what exactly this baby can do. There are nine minutes of video so we won’t hold you up any longer.  Hit the video and sound off below.


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  • Skeptical

    Somehow the size just isn’t enough.

    • Joshuakprice1

      I agree, I’m waiting for notion ink or exopc. But that software looks sick! I love the menus that scroll in one section but not another. I wonder if I can get those on a tablet with a ten inch screen.

    • Yaniv C

      Thats what she said…… DOH…. how could you set yourself up for that??? lol
      I kid I kid…. the tab is making the switch to WP7 look harder and harder.

  • Brandon

    I love the Vibrant, but it definitely has issues. I won’t touch the Tab (as sick as it looks) until they fix my phone.

  • mtnman

    Seems pretty good if your in a postion where you need a new laptop and can’t afford it. Yes it don’t do half the stuff a laptop will do, but at least it will do a lot as far as documents, scheduling, and such. But then again you can get a new laptop with Window’s 7 Home Premium for only $350.00.

    I’d like to get it, but then I think it’s just a 7″ Vibrant that has an FFC on it but no Voice.

    • With this type of device the size makes it more valuable than a $350 laptop. A laptop should allways be more powerful and robust than a tablit but tabs are more about lifestyle than business.

      • Mbonny

        The problem is that it will not cost 350 free of contract but more in the range of 1000 to 1200$. What type of laptop could you get fir that price!!

  • deemota

    Me Likey!!!!!

  • pimpstrong

    And still this device will fail if your only 2 options are buy one for $300 on contract and continue to pay for it for all eternity OR pay some $700. They really have the game all twisted right now. The first iPad was for everybody and sold a great deal of WiFi only variants and THEN the

    • pimpstrong

      3G version came out for the lesser amount of people who want that connectivity.

      There better be a WiFi only Tab and it cannot cost more than the lowest iPad if they plan on succeeding. Especially since the Tab’s screen is so much smaller.

      • mikeeeee

        why hobble it with wifi only?

        google maps, google earth, and skymaps rock not to mention YELP and being able to upload photos with a geo tag.

        as far as the ipad goes, call up att customer service and ask them to unlock it, call up t-mo customer service and ask them to unlock the TAB.

        see which one allows you to roam in mexico with the gps on google earth with a prepaid cheapo simcard insatlled.

        don’t smash anything to bolster your pride in ownership of something else.

        look back 2 years ago at how iphone owners scoffed at the G-1, a lot of good it did them.

      • No Android fan


        The G-1!!??, LOL. Yeah, Iphone owners are really questioning THEIR scoffing at the G-1. How many of those are out there? 50K?

        This looks nice but if it doesn’t meet the price point of the Ipad, it’s sunk.

        As for why WIFI, I say why locked to a network. Who in their right mind would lock themselves into yet another contract. It will be interesting to see if T-mobile offers a month-to-month 3G package. I have the Wifi Ipad and rarely can’t find a Wifi connection but if I wanted a 3G connection, the AT&T package is pretty attractive.

  • mtnman

    This is the Euro version as well. U.S. has no voice and to me this is a large 7″ Vibrant without voice.

    • You are absolutly right. Its was amistake to take away the voice feature in the US. In all Its still just a giant Vibrant.

  • some internet dude

    I like it, the question is do i wait for the 10 inch version first quarter of 2011.

  • JoshL

    Actually looks pretty good. But with no voice, it seems kind of useless to me. I’m not going to carry this thing with my cell phone. Even if it did have voice, I would not pay over $450 for it (doubtful it will ever get an update).

  • mikeeeee

    as a vehicle centric guy, truck driver, i can see this thing doing everything i need easily and doing everything i can conjure up easily as well.

    even if it doesn’t come through with voice, it doesn’t matter to me as i need a UMA phone where i live.

    cost aint no biggie either cuz a pure data line is only 39 bucks a month and the UMA phone is already on my family plan (10 bucks more than an ANDROID phone).

    so it washes out to 10 bucks more a month for me.

    i like the idea of 2 devices.

    my samsung katalyst is easily operated as a phone with my thumb and when i need heavy lifting i got a 7″ ANDROID to do my bidding on the road.

    i hope samsung has the GPS quandary fixed b/4 this baby arrives.

    i love the keyboard dock, anyone who has a ‘stowaway’ will know how useful it can be.

    the vehicle dock is out of control as well and i wonder how long cellphoneshop.net will take to make a belt clip for it so it can be hung securely anywhere.

    now it’s time for all you people who have no resources or intentions to buy it to explain in elaborate term why it stinks.

    my full upgrades are waiting.

  • MadDogUK69

    Pretty shameless ripoff of iOS. How many of these clowns now pushing iPad knock-offs would have ever come up with these products without Apple? Zero.

    • Cybersedan

      Android an iOS ripoff, or do you mean Samsung’s Touchwiz, I hope it’s the latter otherwise you are surely mistaken.

      • I think he just wanted to say that Android is an ios ripoff.

      • MadDogUK69

        There’s plenty of “inspiration” in Android that’s come from Cupertino, but yes, I’m talking specifically about Samsung’s interface.

    • Nemesys

      I can’t believe they can put a knock-off like this. All the UI is almost exactly the same than on iOS, down to the color of buttons and tabs in blue. The mail application is an exact copy of mail on iOS! I can’t believe it!

  • deceptivesmile

    I think they need to change the focus of tablets to make them to be more of a quick access computer instead of a larger cell phone/mp3. That’s the aim they’re going for right now and it’s pretty pointless to say the least. I’d prefer this over a netbook b/c of the size but I’d take a netbook b/c of the functionality

  • pimpstrong

    Because 99% of us don’t need the internet on a tablet while on the go when we have a smartphone already that has it and actually makes phone calls. And a great deal of those ppl who want the internet on a tablet while at the beach could just tether from their phone.

    It personally makes me mad that the carriers are running the show on these devices but Ill feel great when I find out that carrier versions aren’t selling.

  • oomu

    @mikeeeee says:

    >now it’s time for all you people who have no resources or intentions to buy it to explain in elaborate term why it stinks.

    it doesn’t stink.

    I already have an ipad and I love it. it’s why I will not buy the samsung.

    it’s an interesting hybrid format, not really a phone, not really big. Not the best to read magasine or long books, but a nice companion for the web and tools on the go. It can please people who think the ipad is too much.

    A little over-engineered. too much things on screen. People need efficient and straightforward computing.

    the real deal : WHAT ABOUT the software Eco-system ?

    you have to understand, apple did not simply make a “killer hardware”. Apple did make a killer software and services : itunes, xcode , ios, the whole music, books, app stores and so on (and do not forget Mobile Me). A huge commitment for developers (the whole developer.apple.com and its video, tutorials and the work on Xcode 4) helped a lot to develop the iphone and ipad so quickly.

    it’s important, not for the consumer, but to the producer of the content and software the final consumer want.

    Samsung is the first with a nice little tablet (which is not simply the ipad badly cloned) who can interest people. It’s still a lot like imitating Apple. It’s a first step.

    Samsung need now to mutate as Apple, to take full control of the software, to become a computing enterprise and speak with software engineers and companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Oracle; Electronic Arts… and so. not simply be a google stuff reseller.To be a Platform. Selling hardware is NOT enough.

  • smm1st

    Why do they keep teasing us with these videos that show voice capabilities????

  • Will

    I was about to trash the tab as an oversized galaxy S device, and certainly not worth the extra dineros it’ll cost to land one, but then mikeeeee gave me the image that I needed to see the small niche market that this will work for.

    I dont think this will compete with the iPad at all. Its not nearly as functional and without the voice capabilities (which are in the demo video but not being released?) its not an advanced android communications replacement. However, it would work very very well for travelers and perhaps on a desk somewhere.

    I’m not an apple fanboy, but I would put together the cash for an iPad before I ever considered this as a tablet.

    Will (Vibrant owner and lover)

  • Michael

    It looks like a nice tablet, but I hate to wonder how many Apple UI patents were stepped on? That copy and paste functionality is exactly like Apple’s, even down to the little selection tabs for expanding or shrinking highlighted text.

  • Mister Snitch

    It’s a Newton!

  • So I’m not a big tablet fan at all (regardless of brand). But I think the size (which some people have been knocking) is actually something I like about this tablet. It’s small enough to hold in one hand but big enough to enjoy the screen on (the one thing, aesthetically, that I don’t like is I think the border around the screen is a little TOO thick. If they made it thinner and the screen slightly larger I think that would have looked better).

  • WayneJ

    So Samsung copied the iPad. What else is new? This will give all the iPad naysayers something nice under their tree without having ‘sold out’ for the original and better iPad. Wake me up when a company (any company, please) other than Apple actually innovates.

  • As a Magenta user from the Voice stream days. This is a welcome addition. I would value this over a netbook. Price will determine my final decision. Magenta has told me I am eligible for a add a device option. Time will tell.

    Stay thirsty my friends.

  • pantlesspenguin

    Yep, looks like a giant version of my Vibrant…only w/ Froyo & the GPS works :(.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Vibrant…but I’m tired of the waiting game!

  • G

    I’m an iPad user. My first reactions to this vid:
    1) I could be wrong, but only people with large hands are going to be able hold it in one hand like the person in the video. I’d say anyone who where’s women’s sized gloved will not even be able to reach their fingers around. Even with big hands, try putting your hand into that position with you thumb and fingers outstretched (without holding a Galaxy Tab)—I t’s extremely uncomfortable.
    2) The page-turning animation looks prettier than iPad’s iBooks app.
    3) I want that calendar!!! :-)

  • Its and awesome tab but I would like for them to shrink the black borders and make the screen an Inch bibber, that would be even better. As greate as that device is I still dont see my self carrying one around. I dont travil so I dont need one in my car. But If I was always on the go with things to do then I would get one.

  • HD Boy

    As always, it’s about the software, not just the hardware. Obviously, Google and Samsung are working hard to copy Apple’s software and hardware (in a smaller form factor). But will the overall user experience be comparable? I don’t think so.

    You can start with the poor Android marketplace and end with Google’s own admonition that Android isn’t optimized for tablets and that Chrome OS eventually will be Google’s preferred tablet OS. These Android tablets are destined to be nothing more than temporary placeholders until Google finishes copying Apple’s iOS for the Chrome OS, which above all else, will be optimized for advertising. For Google, products are more about selling vendor ads than the end-user.

    So, the ultimate question is this: why buy a cheap knock-off? I don’t get it. Never will.

  • Hmm. I really don’t want to start any sort of flamewar, but it needs saying:

    “…and newfound tablet fans everywhere”

    The only newfound tablet fans *anywhere* in the consumer space, are the ones turned onto the concept of a tablet by the iPad (ergo, they own an iPad).

    Just saying: it’s gonna be an uphill battle. I’d love to see it succeed of course, looks like the best (only) competitor worth a damn.

  • DroidDoesnt

    Wow, what a rip off of iPad & iOS. Anyone else notice they even put “Steve Jobs” in the address book for this video? That’s just not cool. I hope it fails.

  • George

    Good thing they have the iPad to copy from. Where were these guys two years ago? Do they have their own ideas? Let’s show that the iPad really sucks by doing things completely different. Don’t use any features that are used in the iPad, then I will be impressed.

  • chris

    I think its a great device and i cant wait to get it all those people hateing on it are just mad because they got the i-pad when they know the really should of waited for this i love android and will never own another apple product

  • Ed

    Who would buy a Galaxy Tab after the way Samsung has bungled the release of the Galaxy S phone? The Q/A process at Samsung is broken. The phones were released without a functioning GPS and after more than 2 months, most phones still do not have a fix. Samsung could have hit a home run with these products, instead they look incompetent and may have driven away potential future customers — like me.

  • Marcos El Malo

    OK, I hated this video, mostly because the music gave me a headache. But this thing is cool! I hope the unsubsidized price is less than the equivalent iPad, and that I can get a pay as you go data plan for it. I’ve been waiting until Apple does a 2nd Gen iPad, but if the price is right I might make the leap straight to a sammy tab. (I’ve been a mac user since 1991, so I’m not a fandroid by any measure.)

    The only negative (and this isn’t Samsung’s fault) is that performance took a slight hit when they started browsing flash based content. Adobe has got to do better or go home. Everything else looked smooth and responsive and SEXY!

    Look out Apple! Samsung has a real competitor here! (Contrast this with the vid of the HP Win7 tablet. What a POS!)

  • aleks

    Thank you apple, for helping lead the way.

  • snoopyalien24

    Man, a lot of apple fanboys are really hating on the Tab :O

    but oh well – that’s competition

  • Ricardo

    Just wanted to add my two cents.
    This will be just fine for reading books and magazines. The kindle succeded with a 6 inch screen and the zoom in feature will work for magazines.
    The Ipad benefits from its ecosystem. Without those, the hardware really doesn’t make you say wow.
    To anyone out there who thought that the first truly succesful tablet would not and should not be copied, i smh. Success will forever be copied.
    For those who think apple has not done its fair share of copying,i smh at your naivety.
    I wish all manufacturers who want to compete against apple realize that a strong ecosystem comes first before the hardware. Then comes advertising. Then comes doing what apple does but better. I would say cheaper but for some reason people associate price with quality. Try to sell it cheaper and it is called a knock off. That is not always the case.
    The formula to compete is simple. A company just needs to be aggressive. When the iphone came out, many phones had similar features but they found a way to appeal to the masses. They Made It Cool. The rest of you guys need to step you game up.

    P.S If it wasn’t for the fact thay AT&T service and cust. service suck, i doubt many would give a damn what service the ipad is on. For all the complaining AT&T “I” customers do, they are still there.

    • Jacob M.


      “The Ipad benefits from its ecosystem. Without those, the hardware really doesn’t make you say wow”

      LOL, that’s the point Ricardo – the hardware isn’t supposed to wow anyone – it’s designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. 1 front button, and you touch everything else on screen.

      “For those who think apple has not done its fair share of copying,i smh at your naivety.”

      Classic troll line – care to elaborate?

      Apple’s recipe for success comes from them designing the experience – not just the product. Anyone who claims Apple’s success is from good marketing doesn’t know marketing at all – good or bad. Apple has been a notoriously bad marketer, only to improve in the past few years.

      Aggression isn’t the secret to success, that is the strategy all of these companies have been following, and that strategy only leads them to follow where Apple’s been, not where they’re going. Aggression is a stupid strategy (which is why it isn’t working for everyone else). Cheaper pricing is also a stupid strategy – the saying: “you get what you pay for” has never been more true than in this day and age. Starting a pricing war has never worked for anyone – don’t believe me, ask Dell, Commadore, e-machines and every other “bargain” priced company who exists on razor thin margins.

      • Ricardo

        My comment is saying that cheaper pricing doesn’t make a difference when it should. The informed consumer should know the difference. I just want competition in the market place. Apple sets any price they want because no one has brought anything to the market to challenge them. I welcome anything in the market place that is willing to at least stand toe to toe with apple.

        “The Ipad benefits from its ecosystem. Without those, the hardware really doesn’t make you say wow”
        You laugh at this comment but isn’t it true. The comment is made to prove how powerful a good ecosystem is to a device, something that many companies are not understanding in the never ending fight to challenge apple.

        “For those who think apple has not done its fair share of copying,i smh at your naivety.”
        This comment is to prove how redundant the idea of people getting mad at samsung for copying ios elements is. I could say Apple stole elements from windows such as there backup and exchange support but how stupid would that sound.Everyone has built on the ideas of those before them. I get tired when people talk about features of IOS as if it is the first coming.

        Your so quick to call me a troll, that you completely lost the meaning of what i wrote. I can see it flying over your head. I don’t know how that is possible when i say such things as “first truly successful tablet” when talking about the Ipad. If i was trolling, i wouldn’t give Apple credit for a thing.

        Personally, i’d love the ipad, if it had a ffc or rear camera. Till this day i have yet to find one reason for this being left out other then apples insistence on holding back features on each version. As a company i don’t blame them because if i could sell something each year that only gets changed a little bit and still have customers who know i do this flock to the store in droves to buy it, i’d do them same. E-ink when reading books in sunlight would help too.

        The Samsung Tab doesn’t seem that bad except i don’t really trust samsung. Personally i would love the Notion ink Adam, best all around tab i have seen spec wise so far. A tab that has everything i would ever need and want. Problem is i don’t want to be someones guinea pig. I’ll wait till all the inevitable kinks get worked out.

        “Anyone who claims Apple’s success is from good marketing doesn’t know marketing at all – good or bad”
        lol. I just watched the sport caster in the middle of the TCU-Southern Methodist game pull out an ipad to show off an espn news feed app. Before that, a couple commercials for the new nano and before that, Facetime. To act as if this has no bearing towards their current success is crazy. It’s not the basis of their success, but it sure does help.

  • Kongjie

    “Separately” misspelled at the end. Also awkward shot of insertion into slightly ill-fitting case. Can’t really see myself sticking this on a car dash for navigation.

  • Sean

    Look at the battery and time in the status bar as the demo progresses. Apparently it took a bit under two hours to film the video and in that time the battery level dropped from full to about 25%. That’s not going to be very useful as an all-day device. The iPad will last for a full day of use (and then some), even with wifi/3G and a larger screen.

    I doubt this will get much traction apart from the iPad haters.

  • Mike

    That looks like a cheap iPad knockoff. Icons, color scheme, UI effects… they just copied iPad :(

    Sad. I expected something more unique.

  • shane

    Hrmmm, this looks familiar somehow. Almost like I have seen it somewhere before.

    I guess imitation blah blah flattery blah……

  • mick

    What port is that on the bottom? (Seen at 0:25 and plugging into the keyboard at 2:53.) It looks like Apple’s proprietary 30-pin port. Why would they copy that instead of using USB or something more standard? Seems like they are copying for the sake of copying.

  • Pedant

    I’ll buy one provided it comes with the bio-mods that let you bend your wrists at the angles you can see at 4:00 and 5:20 (amongst other places).

    Ergonomically, its a nightmare – it looks small enough to hold in one hand, but this video shows you’ll need to be a contortionist.

  • Texas76

    The US VERSION won’t have the fone app…..wtf

  • Andreas Rogers

    Meh… I’ll pass. I’m starting to cool on all the Android hype. I’ve owned two Android phones in the past and both of them were never supported for future OS updates–not even incremental ones–which sucked but I guess on a phone, that’s not a deal-breaker. However, with a device that is ostensibly intended to be more of a low-end computer than a phone, lack of OS updates is going to be its Achilles heel and I have no reason to believe Android tablets will be any different than the phones. Been burned one too many times by the whole buy-new-hardware-to-upgrade-the-OS nonsense to get excited about this.

  • ASO

    Watch the video from 00:34-00:40 and pay attention as the device switches to landscape mode. It looks like it doesn’t switch to landscape after turning it to the side, but switches after pressing a button.

    Is that indeed what I’m seeing?

  • Monkeybone

    look-a-like…! ipad is the real deal

  • Anabella

    Too small. Interactivity lags too much in the video demo. Basically it looks like what it is: a bad knock-off. Pass.

  • Paul Stringer

    What a boring tedious video.

  • hmmmmm not totally convinced with this. Ipad all the way!

  • Mike Hunt

    With the android developer community…The voice capabilities will be added soon enough just a matter or time and porting in some software from the uk version…shouldn’t be too bad…I had my vibrant within the first couple weeks of purchasing it and within that time frame it has already been rooted and everything I even installed a package to fix my GPS and I have no more issues with it finding my location any longer…So with all that said I am really prepared to see how the Tab will compete with the Ipad counterparts. The main thing on the Tab that I am really liking that the Ipad doesn’t have at all is the front and rear facing cameras…

  • Mike Smith

    Durability, Durability and Durability is what it is all about…

    Can I drop it on the subway???
    Can I spill coffee on it???
    Can someone sit on it??

    If it can survive every day life it will be a HIT!!!
    If not it will melt away as a could have been.

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