HD7 Specs Leak With AWS Bands On Board

Seems like those boys over at WMPoweruser have been busy as we wake up to a leaked spec sheet for the upcoming HD7 and find…AWS bands on board ripe for T-Mobile.  We’ve been calling this one for a while and, after the leaked inventory sheet all but confirmed a phone with the “HD7” name heading for Magenta, we’re now even more confident.  This leak comes right on the heels of the HD7 images that entered the wild yesterday showing off a bright and vibrant 4.3 inch screen and a kickstand on board for your viewing angle pleasure.

The spec sheet double confirms information that has seemingly been around for a while but it never hurts to get confirmation of previous confirmation and so goes the round robin of leaked info.  With 576 MB of RAM powering a 480 x 800 WVGA screen and a 5 MP camera, what we don’t see is anything that would give us hope that this is an HSPA+ capable device.  However, it’s entirely possible T-Mobile ordered their own version with that on board but until we get something that says otherwise from this spec sheet, we’ll go on the assumption this bad boy will top out at 7.2 Mbps speeds.


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  • SnapDragin

    No HSPA+ that could potentially kill this phone for a lot of people

    • NokiaN900User

      Now why would HTC make G2 and MTHD with HSPA+ and leave HD7 out?????
      It doesnt make sense since all these phones are in the making right now.
      I can say this will definitely share the SAME 1Ghz Qualcomm chip as MTHD and G2.

      • tooltard

        “I can say this will definitely share the SAME 1Ghz Qualcomm chip as MTHD and G2.”

        Those 2 phones have different processors as the G2 is 800Mhz so how can you say that!?

      • NokiaN900User

        @tooltard- theyre same chips clocked at different cycles. I will search for the link for source.

      • bart the truthe

        This phone is garbage. Just an hd2 with a kickstand and windows phone 7. No the processors are not wven close to the same this one had the same qualcomm 8250 as the hd2, nexus one, xperia x10 and any other 1ghz phone launched prior to june. The g2 has the qualcomm 7230 Scorpion which handles graphics similar to the hummingbird cortex a8 in the galaxy s series and in benchmark testing has kept up with or surpassed the processing ability of the 8250. This HD7 is just a redesigned HD2 running a new operating system untested by the open market developed by the same folk that brought you the buggiest OS on the market. I was a windows fan, but gates needs to do a lot to keep me from praying that chrome os and cloud computing takes over microsoft.

      • 2FR35H


        I don’t exactly know where you have been in the last few years but Bill Gates isn’t with microsoft any more.

      • Foxeh

        Nobody seems to know what Qualcomm chips are.

        Scorpion CPUs are in all Snapdragons, old and new.

        -The Snapdragon in this spec sheet is a 1st Generation Snapdragon, which is the s same as Nexus One, DInc, etc.
        -The G2 uses a 2nd Generation Snapdragon which has a smaller manufacturing process, SVG/Flash acceleration with a power-sipping dedicated 2D processor, faster data throughput with HSPA+ radio, faster 3D performance with Adreno 205, a newer GPS engine and lower power requirements to boot.

        Even Qualcomm says the MSM7230 eats the QSD8250. It’s just that so many look at only the clockspeed despite having no idea what it even means.

    • TheLight

      There’s a lot missing or not up to date on this phone just like the G2, but at least the G2 has HSPA+ and STFT to cushion the 6low. It still is a great phone posssi6ly, just wonder if it would stand up to Verizon or Sprint when they release their first WP7 phone.

    • t1 connect

      The phone will run just as fast without hspa+ it just wont pass 7.2mbps.

    • steven

      It doesn’t matter. I barely get 3 mbps download. The bottleneck is still T-mobile’s network (which is fast compared to competitors)

    • Air One

      Any pre-order info, i gotta have this phone!

  • omg it has a 1230MAH battery… terrrrrrible. what are they doing??? smh

    • NokiaN900User

      This is the battery thin enough to occupy the limited space in the slim profile of the phone. I’m sure the 1300 or 1500 MAH would have made the phone thicker lol

      • deceptivesmile

        That’s understandable but that’s not a good look as far as battery life. Even the 1300mah in the G2 is pushin it. These are smart phones, not Razrs, I don’t think that many of us care about an extremely thin phone as we do a phone that performs well w/ great battery life

  • NokiaN900User

    So let me get this straight,
    G2 postponed till October which will make MTHD come out early november. HMM this makes the HD7 release date November ending? Unless T-Mobile wont mind having MTHD and HD7 released around the same time which will kill promotion for one of them. Am I wrong to think this way?

  • Which way is Up?

    It is quite possible T Mobile USA will add a few extras in there as they did with the HD2… Looking forward to seeing this one in person before passing final judgement…

    • SnapDragin


  • chris

    wm7 or not it is still windows mobile… pass.

    • 2FR35H

      Its not windows mobile its windows PHONE, its completely different.

  • ogopogo

    Just like choosing the Vibrant, or any other phone for that matter that doesn’t have HSPA+…..You are paying for something that you cannot fully utilize. The Network is HSPA+, but your phone isn’t. It is akin to paying tax dollars to build the autobahn, but owning a Lada. You have paid the price of admission, and continue to do so with your monthly plan charges. Get a phone (any phone) that can leverage the full features of the network.

    The only way that Tmo and the phone manufacturers will wake up, is if the consumers refuse to “settle” for these half-assed phones.

    • lol @ all these people complaining about HSPA+. My city still has only a sliver of 3G next to the interstate. I don’t think we’ll ever see HSPA+ here at that rate so it’s a moot point.

      • ogopogo

        Aren’t you even a bit upset about it? You are paying the same rate as those that have HSPA+.

      • pavvy

        Ogopogo – what’s the alternative – switch to another network (and pay more than TMO’s rates)? Move closer to a tower? Network variances are just part of the cell phone bitter pill… if others on the same network have a stronger signal b/c of where they’re located, what ya gonna do

      • Lance

        So ogopogo, since Tmo can’t offer HSPA everywhere all at once, those that don’t have it should switch carriers? Call and complain every day? Be reasonable. Everyone can’t have everything all the time. Or would you rather them charge an extra $10 in areas where HSPA is offered. Or perhaps they could charge everyone that gets an HSPA capable phone, regardless if HSPA is offered, an extra $10?

    • pavvy

      I like in an HSPA+ city, and my Vibrant doesn’t even come close to its theoretical max speeds (which are boosted by the HSPA+ network, as I understand it — just not as fast as an HSPA+ phone would be)… so it seems like a moot point. YMMV, etc. Besides, there’s nothing “half-assed” about the phone otherwise; why would I settle for a phone I’d be much less happy with, just b/c it could theoretically reach data speeds that I’d prob. never see in practice? (And I’m happy for my monthly bill to be used in part for TMO’s HSPA+ network – as long as my bill doesn’t go up – that’s money well spent. Maybe my next phone will be HSPA+.)

      • pavvy

        (or, in other words — what Hilton said.)

      • ogopogo

        Ummm…..assuming that you bought the phone outright, you probably paid $500 + tax. This gives you a phone with no LED flash, no HSPA+, a broken GPS, etc.

        The new phones coming (G2, MyTouch HD etc.) will probably be the same price, but they include everything that the Samsung is missing.

        Kinda sucks that you have ended up paying for a BMW, but got a KIA. They both get the job done, but one better than the other.

      • pavvy

        Haha, ok, so you just don’t like the Vibrant; I’m not gonna have an argument about a phone. I made my choice carefully, and I’m happy w/my choice. I wouldn’t be as happy with either of the other phones you mentioned, for various reasons. diff’rent strokes, etc.

      • 2FR35H

        And ogopogo says “etc” because aside from missing hspa+ and having a gps of which IS being fixed and no LED flash of which WAS proven not to need one… there is absolutely nothing else wrong with the phone.

    • molten

      OMG,THAT IS FUNNY! You are soooooo right!

  • Vibrant Guy

    I would think that all new devices that are considered high end, would be HSPA+ Only T-Mobile knows if this will be the case. I would not leave my Vibrant for this. That’s just me though.

    • pimpstrong

      Agreed and agreed.

    • J-Hop2o6

      The now old 1st Gen Snapdragon 8250 doesn’t support HSPA+ .. the now released 2nd Gen Snapdragon 8X55 (Desire HD), 7X30 (G2/Desire Z), and 8X50a supports HSPA+ (14.4 max).. so its HTC’s fault for using the old 8X50.. HTC is prolly just testing how WP7 will do.. remember how the HTC G1/Dream came out to be? …. exactly.. but the WP7 phones in 2011 should have the crazy specs we’re all dying for.

  • Freddy2Fred

    And this is the HD3?? What a waste! I expected something better! What a waste of energy for reading and looking. I hope AT&T don’t get this phone cuz this phone is a dissapointment. HTC.., you could have hold this phone, made it a lot better then release it next year.

    • Deke218

      Its still better than any Android device.

      • Vibranter

        I hope you don’t mean hardware wise. There are many Android phones with better specs than this. HTC Evo 4g, Droid X, Droid 2, Epic 4G, All Galaxy S variants, Desire HD, T-mo G2, and more to come.

        I much as I want to see WinPhone7 do well, this is a lackluster launch device. Looks good on the outside, but inside it’s meh. Especially with only 8gb of memory. If that’s true, that’s just terrible.

  • pimpstrong

    Ooh boy that’s a small ass battery.

  • Ella

    guess it the G2 or MTHD for me, no HSPA+ is a deal killer

  • Wilma Flintstone

    If this spec sheet is accurate,the next article here will be:
    “Is the lack of HSPA+ on the HD3 a deal breaker for you?”.

  • Y314K

    “we don’t see is anything that would give us hope that this is an HSPA+ capable device
    . However, its entirely possible T-Mobile ordered their own version with that on board but until we get something that says otherwise from this spec sheet,”

    Either this phone is for Canada… Or the HD3 will have a 1st Gen SnapDragon processor that can’t do HSPA+ …

    If that is the case… WTH did MS pay HTC to make… Just a HD2 clone… Does Sprint have an Micro HDMI exclusivity with HTC or WTH!!!!


    I was so excited about this phone… Now those specs are killing me. Guess I’ll wait for something new.

  • Andy G


  • chaoscentral

    notice it says “8GB non removeable for EU”, perhaps that means for European Union, and T-Mobile will order them with 16GB or 32GB instead. One could dream right?

    Also says EU category 8 for HSDPA and UE category 5 for HSUPA, so again I’m hoping this means that the US version will support HSPA+

    • J-Hop2o6

      dont count oh it being HSPA+ since this phone has 1st Gen Snapdragon (8250) which doesn’t support HSPA+ like the 2nd Gen Snapdragon (8X55/7X30/8X50a) can.

  • Yyevo

    This JDLR. This is either specs for a different phone or MS put WP7 code on a diet and it’s running slim.

    Assuming the iPhone is the example of efficient coding, which, as much as I hate Apple, it is a great piece of code. Then if these are the specs, then this should run as well, or better than the iOS.

    If it does, then Microsoft has a home run.

    David, now we need benchmarks. Send the ninjas!

    • Y314K

      Then W7 should be officially upgraded onto the HD2… Since they are twins… Instead of having folks but the same device twice…


        “Hardware prevents this” according to Microsoft.

  • kershon

    No hspa+ is a deal breaker for me. I am happy with my bb 9700 but I really want to try out a phone with a big bright screen. If and when I retire my blackberry the phone I get will be the top of the line. Even though in my area we don’t have hspa+ yet, it is coming and I can’t see throwing big bucks at a phone that will be almost outdated from the get-go. Looks like mthd here I come.

  • J_Nova

    FAIL. that chip is still 1st GENERATION! WTF!

  • The processor is the same as the HD2. Win Mobile cant be updated to the new Windows Phone 7. I wonder if HTC is playing it safe with the specs because they have to pay the Windows License. Android is free except for a small fee for Google Apps. As awesome as Windows Phone 7 looks, no one knows if it will take off. Maybe HTC is pulling a wait and see.

    • J-Hop2o6

      HTC is playin it safe by testing out how WP7 will do.. like the G1, they didn’t put crazy specs in it.

  • Luv

    Looks like another version of the HD2 kinda upscale, but hay, Tech1 got TMOUSA/HTC and the HD3 beat already….

    You be better of going here http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 and installing the “TMOUSA HD2 Multimedia Super ROM” DirecTV NFL 2010 (NFL SUNDAY TICKET To-Go) 8MP LeocameraAnyKey, MP4 HQ Video Playback CamCorder with added mVu video, 720/1080p conversion software is now on board… Plus this bad boy is with Android Love built IN and $FREE MOVIES$,(Up To Date Movies)… Yeah Tech1, you are on the JOB alright. Thanks for making my Christmas$$$$$$$$$…..!

  • DjECast

    Honestly I have an issue with something… nevermind that these specs are somewhat dissappointing and outdated considering the rate that phone tech is moving now a days… nevermind that I really don’t care about MS mobile OS’s (bad previous experience)… it seems to me that we (as in the t-mo customers) seem to be the guinee pigs of the US mobile world. Something new comes out and depending on how it goes it moves on to other companies… Now I don’t mind being the test subject as long as T-mo stays on the cutting edge of whatever they’re testing but mark my words if this phone is even a sudo-success we’re going to all of a sudden see ridiculous phones with WP7 show up on Verizon, Sprint and AT&T and we’ll be stuck with the crap phone that started it all… i’m not implying that the G1 was a crap phone… in fact i’m still upset that i didn’t get it when i had the chance two years ago. But T-mo has been left in the dust by the other carriers when it comes to android and T-mo was the company that had the forthsight to run with it to begin with… I’m sure this is probably going to happen again…

  • Y314K

    And in other news… BOOM!!!… Can we start a petition going for HTC to jump on this cpu ASAAvailable.. Seems all CPU’s will be obsolete soon…


    Hope this makes it to a SPhone/Tablet by XMax 2011…

    • Barry

      How bout a petition for better batteries before we even start thinking about any other high powered processors.

  • Omeer

    OK I looked and read this thing like 10 times but I don’t see any 1900/2100 AWS bands mentioned anywhere. It mentions 900/2100 AWS which is for AT&T’s 3G or am I missing something in my reads?

    • Barry

      T-mobile is 1700/2100

  • Jay

    ^It is, T-Mo is just that garbage. I don’t even try to fight it anymore, I’ve come to peace with it. They just got a last-gen specced phone with WP7 which has everything to prove to me, I’m not trusting M$ for jack **** with a mobile OS, they’ll have to prove everything to me after the buttrape that was Windows Mobile, I won’t even compare it to iOS much less my Android. I can’t wait until my contract is up, going to be going to Sprint to get an Evo…best friggin phone out in the US, too bad the Desire HD isn’t going to be here for a while, hope it comes soon tho I’ll get that ASAP. I come on this site everyday hoping for some good news and maybe just maybe T-Mo will actually become a legit carrier since I’m on contract with them…but everytime it’s always the same dissapointment, they always fail.

  • Scott

    Well, that’s a relief. With their current poor Android lineup, if T-Mobile shipped a cutting-edge Windows phone I would have bailed immediately.

    So T-Mo will have nothing but mediocre Windows AND Android phones! Yay! Let’s ignore corporate altogether and only ship handsets for families and teenagers!

  • Barry

    Question: Are the specs above, the sketch images and the wild pics of this device the US version or the Euro version ?

  • molten

    All I can say is this might be true but lets wait for official confirmation.Remember how the T-Mo HD2 was different to the European version a little bit, like the 16 gb sd card and the ram size and all? I am a little bit disappointed because I held off buying the HD2 knowing this phone will be coming but a HD2.1? Come on now HTC, if the Evo and Desire HD can have higher specs and these phones actually came out or is coming before this “superphone”? Thats a raw deal imo.

    • chaoscentral

      How exactly does the EVO have higher specs? Same CPU(albeit the 8650 which is just a CDMA varient of the 8250), Less RAM(HD3/7=576MB, EVO=512MB), A little more ROM(HD3/7=512MB, EVO=1GB), etc.

      The desire HD I’ll give you that phone is a beast.

      Don’t get me wrong I’m pissed that they are just relaunching the HD2 with WP7, and won’t upgrade the HD2 because of “hardware issues” If these leaked specs are old, and have since been slightly updated then count me in on purchase otherwise I will be holding off till a better WP7 phone comes out. I will get to play with WP7 on this coming Thursday at the MS building in Cambridge, MA, so hopefully it’s a more interesting device than this HD3/7

      • Vibranter

        Expandable memory via microsd slot. 1500mah battery.

  • The Great Zambino

    I think there is something wrong with the spec sheet. For instance, the spec sheet is supposed to be a screen shot, yet the screen shot seems to be of a mock up of a Word document which wasn’t fully spell checked. Notice the red squiggly line under the word “mic” (bullet #7 under Liquid Indicator Accessories.) This is not a misspelling notification under Acrobat or any browser.
    It seems odd to believe they would have located a Word document of the specs.
    Also notice that the “watermark” is behind the text of specs. This means that this entire spec sheet was retyped.
    If the specs were a screenshot then you could not apply the watermark under the text.
    Also the spec sheet lists the start/back and Search buttons as “virtual”, which we can see from the picture they are not.
    Probably just more “leaked” disinformation.

    • funtastic

      There are some opinions, that this is a mock-up and it certainly doesn’t look legit to me.

      The site I’m looking for specs and general mobile phone info does not state anything about the storage. Besides, they’ve added a line about these being an unofficial specs, thus might be inaccurate.

      These are the HTC HD7 preliminary specs, I looked at.

  • Voice of Reason

    its astounding that people are going crazy over these specs (getting very upset even). for one, we dont know if these are the real specs and if they are so what. If you all have seen the plethora of youtube videos you could see that the OS runs very smooth with the minimum requirements from microsoft. Thats what matters, no hiccups in the OS and functionality. HSPA+ would be good but only if you live in a city that has it. 3G is plenty fast for now. the only thing that concerns me is that small battery.

  • BeeMichael

    With a 1230mAh battery… lucky the thing lasts through a movie… Jeeze! Thing needs at least a 1400mAh… The EVO has enough battery issues!

  • Jay

    wth dont even have a camera in front face to do video chat, thats lame cant even compete with the sprint evo and iphone 4. and its not even hspa+ thats like the same as hd2 just different look. then why make this if you already have hd2. i hope they upgrade not downgrade.

  • ella

    I’m looking forward to this but windows phone 7 won’t allow tethering, i’m assuming there’s a way around this somehow?

  • Bill

    What the devil does everybody expect with thinner and thinner devices? Give me the HD7’s hardware specs in a Rhodium form factor and keyboard and that’s my slice of heaven.

  • I see that this phone has the 850 and 1900 bands. I am on Att and need this phone. I have an iPhone and have been waiting for a wp7 phone to come out for two years now. Since Att uses the 860 and 1900 bands for 3G would anyone with more knowledge now if this will work on Att, usuming I can get it unlocked.