HD7 Specs Leak With AWS Bands On Board

Seems like those boys over at WMPoweruser have been busy as we wake up to a leaked spec sheet for the upcoming HD7 and find…AWS bands on board ripe for T-Mobile.  We’ve been calling this one for a while and, after the leaked inventory sheet all but confirmed a phone with the “HD7” name heading for Magenta, we’re now even more confident.  This leak comes right on the heels of the HD7 images that entered the wild yesterday showing off a bright and vibrant 4.3 inch screen and a kickstand on board for your viewing angle pleasure.

The spec sheet double confirms information that has seemingly been around for a while but it never hurts to get confirmation of previous confirmation and so goes the round robin of leaked info.  With 576 MB of RAM powering a 480 x 800 WVGA screen and a 5 MP camera, what we don’t see is anything that would give us hope that this is an HSPA+ capable device.  However, it’s entirely possible T-Mobile ordered their own version with that on board but until we get something that says otherwise from this spec sheet, we’ll go on the assumption this bad boy will top out at 7.2 Mbps speeds.


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