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Nokia Nuron Overclocked

You read that right, the Nokia 5230 (or the Nuron) has been overclocked.  The question here is why?  Why would someone in their right mind undertake the task of (or even want to) overclocking the Nuron.  Well, the simple answer could just be that it can be done and we have the technology (or maybe they were bored).  Either way, someone did it, and now that 434MHz ARM11 chip screams at 800MHz.  This “fix” hasn’t … [read full article]

Nokia Nuron In The Wild Video

The Nokia Nuron is shaping up to be a touchscreen delight with minimal monthly addition.  Having already grabbed images of the phone in the wild, it’s only right that we move on to the next step of phone leak evolution: the video.  Without further ado, we present the above and while it’s less than two minutes, it’s enough to get a glimpse at the phone’s touchscreen in all its resistive form.  While it’s likely … [read full article]