Nokia Nuron Poses For The Camera


Looking for a cheap feature-first phone with a full browsing experience at your fingertips?  Then the Nokia Nuron is for you!  If the previous pics Mr. Blurrycam provided weren’t enough to sway you toward this handset, perhaps some of these HD quality snapshots can change your mind.  Another one of our ninjas also provided us with a comparison chart which clearly shows the Nuron killing the competition.  Hit the jump for some more high-res snapshots of the Nuron and a comparison chart!









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  • angelo

    gettin this fo sho

  • Eh. They Could’ve Added A Physical Keyboard.

  • Marc

    Does it come in black? Even though it doesn’t have wi-fi, I think I might bite for the price, but I don’t really like the color, so does it come in black?

  • mpv

    fix that nail polish, girl! :) (pic #1)

    • racster

      You noticed that to?

      • NeedaNewPhone

        Thats not nail polish, its a henna tattoo thats fading.

  • Blindogenius

    I don’t really like the color either. Hopefully it will come in black too.

  • james

    i basically second everything everyone else has said. make it black, and give it a keyboard.

  • BGK


    I was really excited about a member of the 5800 series coming to T-mobile with 1700 mhz 3g data. But after a quick scan of the specs and double checking on the Nokia site, I’m SHOCKED to find it has no wifi. No WiFi, no JoikuSpot ad hoc network. That takes this handset from hero to ZERO.

    • C?Y

      ugly phone!, don’t like the color white, hopfully it comes ine white,black,and red, if it comes in red i will buy it!!!

  • TheDude

    Does anyone know if this can by synced to computers (contact restore and backup) and if there would be notes apps and such?

    A keyboard would have made this wonderful. Though as it is, I might get it.

    • oldguybob

      Yes Nokia has a very good PC software that lets you sync contacts, pics, music, sms, load software, maps for your gps, etc. It also offers a full set of online syncing features as well as the ability to sync gmail contacts and calendars via the mail for exchange available here

  • bing bang

    I will wait for this… maybe.

  • Mockerfab4

    Goodness, this phone is purty! If it had multi-touch and WiFi I’d give Nokia a try instead of the HD2. I hope this is the beginning of more Nokia phones on Tmo!!!

  • watbetch

    I want to pick one up.. just to have it. I might..

  • Vincent

    Really, do you need wifi? Thats what netbooks are for. Even with my other devices I dont do anything on internet that DEMANDS wifi speeds on a phone.

    And it does come in black in the UK, actually like 4 colors.

    • Marc

      Will it come in black here in the states?

    • Davidohio

      I am with you. EVERY phone does not need to come with wifi, although some people think they should. This is a GREAT, feature packed phone at a really good price. If they added what some people think it should have ie; wifi, multi touch, etc., we would have a $299 to $325 device. Look, this phone is obviously not for everyone but it will fly off the shelves. And you guys bitching about wifi, you know you are getting th HD2 anyway so what do you even care?

    • xinjii

      wifi is necessary for joikuspot to work. without joikuspot, you have to tether over bluetooth (which isn’t as fast) or carry around a usb cable. with joikuspot wifi you can essentially replace your home internet service, as i’ve done. just no bittorrenting

  • PaulofTarsus

    I believe the outer white frame pops off and it comes with another color. I can’t remember what color, but it isn’t black. I think it’s either blue or red.

  • bing bang

    Does anyone think I can keep my 5.99 tzones service and still be able to use this phone? I made the mistake of asking a customer rep and they told me I would have to get the $10 web2go plan so it can work properly.

    • xinjii

      one of my concerns as well. it will certainly “work” if you remember/know your settings. the question is whether it will get 3G speeds or not. i’ve seen some positive feedback from tmo users on the webs saying that they do, indeed, get 3G speeds with tmo’s epc (enhanced packet core) settings. you should just be able to plug them in and go.

  • abel

    Yes it should work fine with your tzones. Others have asked about any mandatory class or selection of data plan with this handset and they’ve been told by people that claim to know that no data plan at all is mandated, and if you get one, just the most basic plans should be fine. Given that, if you upgrade to this phone there should be nothing forcing you to give up or change your existing data plan, and given the way tzones works, there should be no reason it will not work once you do have this handset.

    If anyone with a clue has serious reason to believe otherwise, I’d like to hear any updates.

  • Jim

    it’s cheap because it doesn’t have wifi and it doesn’t have a keyboard…sheesh.

  • racster

    That is a very nice looking phone(even though it is inexpensive). It will not require a data plan and if you do want one it is only $10.00. Free Ovi maps with free turn by turn directions. Free wallpapers and ringtones and games and themes from the Ovi store. You get a free Ovi email address so you will not need a text message plan. Just tell who ever text you to send you an email instead. The Ovi store also offers free apps like Shazam(it tells you the name of the song and the artist with options of buying the music straight from your phone or it gives a direct link to You Tube. The list goes on and on. The biggest surprise about this phone is that people are still complaining it’s not and android phone. T-Mobile gives you a nice phone with many cool features at a low cost and you still bitch. I guess you like to spend your money.

    • I completely agree.

      • Davidohio hoo no wifi, boo hoo no multi touch…boo hoo no physical keyboard. Here’s a news flash..this phone is not for you then! You are getting the HD2 or an android phone anyway, so why are you whining about this phone? Just shut up already, nobody cares. This is not the phone for you and you are not going to buy it anyway so what gives? Nothing better to do than post complaints about what this phone that you are not getting anyway? Get over it and move on.

  • Timothy

    value phone of the year, this one.

    • NokiaMan

      Couldn’t agree more…will it compete with $600 smartphones? On some levels, sure, but for the most part this is for the person who realizes we are in a recession and spending a ton of money on technology that is outdated literally before it even hits the shelves is foolish!

      Make sure you pick this up early, because it could be out of stock every where once the TMo sales reps all get their hands on it. Hopefully Nokia comes through with good inventory!

  • kilari

    I hope this phone sells like hotcakes. Cus I want Nokia to bring the 32gb X6 to Tmo. I’m tired of my super slow G1 and would really enjoy taking more of my music library with me. As long as the X6 had great call quality it would have everything I want. No comes with music tho please. Bring me X6. I’d love you long time.

  • jlatnyc

    c’mon people if you’re here you should know why some WANT wi-fi. If you’ve used a rooted G1 and shared your 3G with your laptop you would understand too. I think the euro version has wi-fi not sure, hey but still a VERY nice phone. Might decide to get His & Hers.

    • xinjii

      no version of this phone (do people use the word telephone, anymore?) has wifi. the choice between the 2 bottom tier S60 phones is 5530 w/wifi but no gps or 5230 w/gps but no wifi. if you want both, you have to move up to the 5800

  • sikkboy

    Why does it have a MyFaves icon? I thought MyFaves was phased out?

    • That’s just for people with “Grandfathered” plans. . . like myself.

      • sikkboy

        Ah, I guess…. if you wanna be “customer friendly”. LoL just kidding, that’s really great of them not to shun their loyal consumers.

  • watbetch

    You wouldn’t even be able to fully utilize 3G on this thing when browsing the web, Ovi maps I don’t know but maybe.. EDGE would be more than sufficient on this thing. It’s not a powerhouse, I’m sure the RAM is like 128mb and the processor is (I think) a 400-440MHZ ARM11, not blowing anyone’s socks off especially with S60 on it.

    • I think you are highly underestimating this device. It runs the same app library as the N97, Satio, and Vivaz, and will mop the floor with Android feature set wise. Aside from lacking wifi, this is a great introductory device for those that doubt Symbian.

      Why wouldn’t you be able to fully use 3G when web browsing? It has a great browser, and is the only smartphone with a Flash enabled web browser available from TMobile. You can use the web while also using torrents via SymTorrent, connected to SIP via Nimbuzz, and quickly switch between apps with full multitasking even easier with JBak Taskman.

      Compare this $180 device to all of the Android devices, and you’ll have to pay twice as much to approach this feature set.

      It may be cheap, but its stable and more capable than most smartphones we worship in the US. This device is already old in Europe, but will finally expose the value of Symbian to us Yanks.

      • watbetch

        Probably because I’ve seen this thing on Youtube, and it takes a few seconds just for it to open a folder.

    • You know that it comes with a WebKit based browser, just like Android, comes with a processor that’s on par with the G1, but isn’t loaded down by an all Java execution environment. Your arguments are ridiculous, and scream the reality that you have never used a Symbian device, or if you have, it hasn’t been in the last five years.

  • RockTripod

    I had the opportunity to play with this phone, albeit breifly. Its actually a remarkable little machine. The web package only costs $10 a month, which is fantastic. That extra $10 gets you turn-by-turn navigation, full web access, and an app store. Oh, and it of course runs series 60, which T-Mo hasn’t had since the 6600 back in ’04. All in all, a welcome addition to the T-Mobile stable. And the camera is amazing for only a 2MP. The lens aperture is enormous, which makes that 2MP look like its 5MP+. Video recordings look about DVD quality.

    • Are you pulling my tail, they said the Camera is horrible, so are you sure? Because, I want to get one, but I atleast need my cell phone’s camera to be moderate.

      • Deaconclgi

        No one beats Nokia in the camera department. They use high quality lenses and processing techniques. This phone has the best 2MP camera on the market. It records video at the same resoluton as my $529 Nokia N82, 2009 Imaging Device of the Year….all for well under $100.

      • Ok, just making sure. But, we’re talking about still camera too right? Because i’ve seen the quality of the video recorder.

  • tmobile needs more nigh end phones with keyboard

    • Blah.Android–

      I definitely agree.
      If the Nuron had a full qwerty [ 5 row please? ]
      I would be on it like butter on toast.

      • Deaconclgi

        ….and the price would increase by $100. Nokia makes the N97 and N97mini to fit that void but not for sub $100 and the way people are going to overlook the Nuron, I dont see Nokia sending those devices to our Magenta.

      • Electro.Pop

        Im not really fond of the N97 keyboard…
        Not saying that I couldn’t use it.
        It would just take some time getting used 2.
        I might get this Nuron though.
        I feel that the HD2 is a 2 yr behind finally arising device.

  • You guys notice the source photographer is sing an N900 for these shots? It weirdly still has the sticker on back, like its fresh out of the box. Could we also be getting the N900 soon as well? It could be his personal, but if it were, wouldn’t you remove the stickers?

    • Deaconclgi

      Chris, you are the first to notice the N900. That goes to show that those that use Nokias know their stuff. I was amazed at first that no one noticed…but then again..we both know how Nokia is esteemed in our country. It was nice to hear the reps talk about the Ovi Store and not the usual “Whats That?”

      Things are looking up for TMos future.

  • and… this is better than Android how?

  • Doesn’t need to be better than android. It just has to do the job properly for those who need a full featured phone without the high price tag and heavy operating systems. Someone who needs a little bit more than a Sidekick but less than Android/WM. Someone like my wife! $179 w/ no contract – sick baby!

  • Marvin

    Colors? You mean the phone or nail polish?

    • Blah.Android–

      umm, I don’t know lol.
      But I do hope we have the option to buy different colored battery covers.
      Alot of colors can go with white.
      But I do think they should offer the phone in white and black.
      Not everybody likes the color white….

      • NokiaMan

        the battery covers have long been available through Nokia as this device has been sold in Europe for months now…if they aren’t in T-Mobile stores, check out eBay

  • Everything fine with Nokia except their look…why they not giving it a new style like Nexus one.

  • Yahma

    I’m getting this phone for my mom and my younger brother. They both don’t need the full power of an Android phone, but would like “touch screen” and navigation. I currently have a Nexus One, and for power users such as myself, this phone is too weak. But for the vast majority of users, this or a cheap Android device such as the T-Mobile Cliq XT would be perfect!

  • sheikh

    thank God tmobile launch the nokia 5230 touch phone

  • ms. Matrix

    I happen to like Nokia phones, I has the expressmusic one and it was pretty good. Great battery life. It was a toss up for me, either the Cliq xt or this. But I got the cliq, I hated my dash 3g and needed a new phone.

    I’m cool with a Tmo rep and he had one the the company gave him at a meeting, so he letter me play with it and it wasn’t bad. For me I would wonder what the Ovi marketplace is like. Right now everyone is app crazy and the marketplace has to be on point.

  • The Nokia N97 is one of the best phones that i have ever owned. It is classy but feature packed. *