Nokia Nuron In The Wild Video

The Nokia Nuron is shaping up to be a touchscreen delight with minimal monthly addition.  Having already grabbed images of the phone in the wild, it’s only right that we move on to the next step of phone leak evolution: the video.  Without further ado, we present the above and while it’s less than two minutes, it’s enough to get a glimpse at the phone’s touchscreen in all its resistive form.  While it’s likely this won’t be the phone of choice for the power user, our fortunate hands-on user expressed solid construction, a very responsive touchscreen and nary a software lag.  The worthy note here is that our lucky user went hands on with Ovi Navigation in the store and while it wasn’t a cross-country road trip test, he was sure to point out that it seemed well worth the price of admission.  The Nokia Nuron may be an underdog in the touchscreen game, overshadowed by its Android and Windows rivals but certainly not going down without a fight.

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