T-Mobile BOGO Now Everywhere, Upgrades Included

2010-03-20 00.19.57

After a little confusion the other day caused us to believe and then redact that T-Mobile was offering the current BOGO to upgrades, we are now able to confirm this as true.  Previously, the BOGO had extended just to new activations and add a lines only.  Now, T-Mobile has gone and extended the offer to all customers who are fully eligible for upgrades.  Let me reiterate, you have to be FULLY eligible for upgrades in order to qualify for this Buy One Get one offer.  Short and sweet, hit the original links for the rest of the details and qualifying devices!

Original details and phones

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  • dsim91

    Yes it looks like we can all relax a little thanks david

  • tato22

    thanks here i come 2 hd2z

  • Deaconclgi

    A TMo rep told me this in the store today but I didn’t have any pictures to prove it lol. Now if TMobile can give me a clear answer as to what eligibility level 3 out of 5 my lines are at, we will be in business. This will be a great year for TMo if the keep this momentum going.

  • chebus

    wow, for some reason i was expecting only one upgrade would = one free phone. How stupid off me!!

  • Max

    I hope this promo means they are trying to clear up their inventory for some NICER android phones.I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  • BenWah

    Can we get more info on the Gravity 3, it’s the next phone on the release schedule i believe and we don’t know anything yet

  • Jess

    Fully eligible only huh? So I may not be able to do this then after all. :( My line has been OOC for 8 months, but my husband pre-ordered the G1, so I think he has a few more months. Dangit, we can’t afford two new phones, but both really need them, and wanted the HD2. His G1 is out of commission with a battery that swelled up, and my BB keeps crashing. Bah. :(

    • JD

      Fully eligible is bad news to me, too. I would have preferred Early Upgrade Plus to be included.

  • JC

    What is fully eligible? Out of contract?

  • David

    Full eligibility for smartphones are only 12 months. I have 1 at 18 months and 2 at 22 months…and all 3 are eligible for a smartphone upgrade per T-Mo cust svc…

    • JC

      so if signed up for a 2 year to get full discount on a phone and i am 13 months into that contract i would be eligible to get this deal? Or did misunderstand what you said?

    • JD

      David, from what I understand about the upgrade schedule, you are only at the Early Upgrade Plus level for smartphones at 12 months, not full eligibility like your other 2 lines at 22 months. You are eligible for a full pricing discount with the smartphones at 12 months, but not the BOGO deal. The screenshot says Early Upgrade and Early Upgrade Plus customers are not eligible.

  • dank

    so, if i’ve been off contract for over several years, i could go into the store, and buy the HD2 for $449 and get two?

    i don’t have to get a contract after that right?

    • JD

      @dank, you would be eligible to get the BOGO, and get two HD2s, but you would have to be under a 2 yr. contract for both lines with an unlimited web plan for both.

  • manus

    damn i wish i would of known all these good deals to happen because even though i pay less on even more plus i dont get any deals what so ever.

    • Broke

      Yeah I agree, even more plus is getting suckier every day.

  • RayLebron

    It is a shame that here in PR we don’t get BOGO sales. I have also talked to some TMo’s representatives and they have all told me that I’m going to be elligeble for a partiall discount and not a full upgrade even if I have more than a year on an Unlimited Everything contract. I don’t know if its because of TMobile’s PR or if the reps I have talked to are clueless about this elligebility.

  • toxtrepla

    Just got off the phone with T-Mobile…

    EVEN for smartphones, you MUST be in 22 months in order to get this promotion. I have one line at 17 months, and one at 14, and neither would be eligible.


    I don’t even care.. I just want my f###ing HD2!! :P

  • Nicole Jackson

    David, do you have an original link so we can print it out and take it in the store for when they try to tell us it doesn’t work like that?

    • toxtrepla

      yeah, +1, as I’m sure it will happen to someone.

  • NeoG

    Weird I just called 611 and they said that it is still just for new line activations and not for any sort of upgrade customer. What gives?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    So let me get this straight, this is a BOGO offer. An Additional Data Plan MUST be purchased on the second HD2 right? if so, then this isn’t technically a BOGO free offer. It’s just a way to get another $30 on your line along with the full upgrade or new line pricing. Now, I understand that the phone itself is free but you have to get a Data plan on it kinda making it BOGO for a lower price instead of Free.

    Is there a way that you can get the second phone and then Cancel the second Data Plan and keep the phone like they did with the Touch Pro 2?

    Am I understanding this psuedo-BOGO offer correctly?

    • ohheelno

      Would you rather pay $400 dollars for 2 phones and ALSO have the two data requirements, or just pay $200 and get two fines with the data requirement? You are still saving $200, so stop complaining!

      • Wilma Flintstone

        First off, you need to learn to differentiate what a complaint is from a question. Nowhere is that a complaint and if you could interpret english correctly, you’d realize that it was a question due to a misunderstanding of the terms. So instead of trying to act all high and mighty and trying to tell someone off, you need to actually read what the said person is asking or better yet, not post at all because you obviously have nothing constructive to say.

        Now to anyone that can actually help me understand the terms, could you help me figure them out? Thanks. :)


    When speaking to Tmo reps, if you dont speak with a supervisor I suggest calling at least 3 times to get different reps. Should get the same answer all 3 times. If not, 2 out of 3. Your other choice is just wait and see on release date to see what deal you get. Maybe if your close to the allowed time frame they will hook it up. It also depends on how cool of a person helps you out. 4 more days to go. This waiting period is killing me! I don’t know how I’m going to sleep on the 23rd. Might not be able to sleep. I gotta set my alarm cause I might end up falling asleep real late and then get up late. Have to make sure that doesn’t happen. 8:30a.m is the time I need to be in front of the store. Gotta be one of, if not, the first to get it.

  • alan

    here, i’ll clarify this for you guys so u dont all bash at the reps… theres 3 different upgrade categories: 1) less than 12 months which means u get a lil more than just the $18 upgrade fee waived i.e. $50 full retail of motorola cliq….
    2) more than 12 months but less than 22 months – u get the full discount on data phones such as cliq BB mytouch or HD2. On regular phones u dont get the full discount and DO NOT qualify for any Mail in rebates like the Gravity 2 or Samsung Highlight etc… 3) 22 months or more since ur last upgrade – you get the full discount plus MIR if the phone has one. This option is the one that the BOGO qualifies for. 22 months or more!

    Hope this helps clarify things and damn i swear i cant believe the stuff reps tell you guys, if they are true and not just someone misunderstanding them cuz damn seems like some reps dont know S***!!!!!

    • Dave

      Thank you for the clarification, I do have one other question though. If I’m on a family plan and I have one phone that has been more than 22 months and the other has been just over 12 since upgraded would I be able to get the BOGO on my one that’s over 22 months or do both have to be over 22?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Let me tell you how this all works because in all my years this is what has worked for me.

    1. It does not matter the promotion you qualify for, as long as a promotion is running a supervisor can green light it for you no matter what. Supervisors have that power.

    2. But there has to be an active promotion running so that the supervisor can input it into the computer. My understanding is that if the promo is not available it’s impossible for the supervisor to input the data, end of story.

    3. So this BOGO should be available to anyone who can convince a supervisor to give it to you.

    4. All the supervisors have on your call is what someone bothers to input. If a CSR does not enter notes that you called and what you wanted, then a new call to someone else is a cold call and you can make your request again.

    For this reason, what the other member in here said is spot on, if you can’t convince someone to give you a break say the doorbell rang and you will call back.

    Then immediately call back and get someone else and make your pitch all over again. Don’t mention the earlier call.

    I can confirm that when I called three times, the third time I got a great deal and exactly what I wanted.

    5. Remember, the supervisors have the authority, so if someone does not want to give you a break it’s because they are sticklers for rules or you flunked the attitude test (as is said in law enforcement) or you have a poor or short history with T-Mobile.

    6. If you smoke dope (pot) I suggest you do so before calling so you will be in a kind, nice, and gentle mood. T-Mobile CSRs are like any of us. They respond well to flattery, compliments, chit chat, friendliness and intelligence.

    If you approach them like you have rights, threaten them, or act in a condescending manner they will clam up and tell you “FU*K NO AS%#HOLE” in a nice way. So be nice and don’t cop an attitude.

    7. Your history with T-Mo does matter. The CSR and the supervisor has available on the screen how long you have been with them, your payment history and even how much you have spent with them (so they know if you are a good customer or not. If you have spent $15,000 at T-Mo you are going to get better service and breaks over someone who has been with T-Mo less than a year).


    Some examples that this works: One time we wanted the BlackBerry Curve, on one we qualified for the full upgrade, so it was 250. The other had about 8 months to go before an upgrade so it was going to cost $450. I asked for a supervisor, made my pitch about how much I liked T-Mo, etc. and she gave us the second Curve for $250.

    When ordering the Touch Pro2 last year the supervisor gave me $200 off the price because he felt bad for my “suffering” through all the pricing rumors and a mistake being made on ordering.

    Lastly, a few months ago I went to Even More Plus and bought a BlackBerry 9700. After sending it back (keyboard was too small) the CSR said it was impossible to go back to my loyalty plan and MyFaves since MyFaves was discontinued. I politely asked for a supervisor who had us back to our old Loyalty and MyFaves in about three minutes.

    What I intend to do is see if I can go back to the More + and get two smartphones on the BOGO and pay for both of them over 22 months.

    Bottom line: I don’t care what anyone tells you, whether a CSR, supervisor, or T-Mo employee posting in here, if anyone says they can’t do something it’s that HE OR SHE does not want to do whatever. Tell them you have to check the roast in the oven, then call back and talk to someone else.

    Is there a limit on how many times you should call? I dunno, at some point it might be your style or you are in fact asking for the ridiculous or impossible (Asking for this BOGO is not ridiculous or impossible. I mean, do you really think there’s someone at corporate who is going to ask “Hey, who is this person in San Francisco that got this BOGO deal? Heads are going to roll, whoever did this.”)

    Even if you think I am full of it, at least I have given you some hope, something to try. That’s better than being a pussy and not even trying.

    • twitch110

      Am i the only one that never reads your posts because they’re so freaking long? I’m sure they’re good reads, but try minimizing them a little bit to make them more comment friendly. Maybe i’m wrong. Not trying to be harsh either. Just seems like you have a lot to say, but need to narrow the wordiness down a bit. Just a suggestion.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You are the only one idiot. Just do what you suggest, don’t read the posts. Above all else, don’t clutter up the thread by constantly posting your rants about my posts.

        It’s clear to everyone you have an ax to grind with me. Deal with it in private if you want, but posting your moronic rants simply confirms you are the class idiot, court jester or just a plain ol’ Net mental slob.

        Can’t you do anything useful? Go clean the toilet or rake some leaves. Or if you are near me, come over and shine my shoes. Stop whining and complaining like your panties are in a bunch. Free tip: stand up and un-bunch em.

    • toxtrepla

      Nice input. Inspiring to say the least.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh, what I meant to say is pay for the one phone over 22 months and get the other one free. :)

    Sidenote: IMHO financially that is a “so what” deal for T-MO. This is because each HD2 cost T-Mobile about $200 (that information if from an organization that pencils out and publishes what cell phones cost carriers to purchase from manufacturers).

    So if I buy the one for $450, I end up paying T-Mo what it cost them for BOTH phones. This is a win win for both T-Mo and me. This “exception” cost T-Mo nothing in hard dollars and they keep a customer who they made very happy.

    • SpanDee

      I think the company you’re thinking of a company that tears apart the phones and estimates what the hardware costs. By no way does that equate to what a phone is paid for.
      So you’re telling me if they can “manufacture” a phone for 150 dollars in parts, they sell it for 150.99? UNICEF?
      How about a good 75%, maybe 100% markup by the manufacuter and then you got the price that a company pays….

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Well there’s more to it than that, for example there’s the litigation exhibits submitted as evidence of cost. The companies that estimate prices conduct “intelligence” and they get prices of components from various vendors. No one in the industry disputes the numbers.

        But sure, there’s other factors that can be added in to get a phone’s true cost (advertising, salaries, leases, distribution), but that’s not how carriers price phones because they make money on services not phone sales.

        Bottom line carriers sell phones subsidized at the approximate cost to the company for the phone.

        This is in fact how carriers have justified early termination fees, to recoup the cost of subsidized phones. In those cases carriers disclosed the prices paid for various phones to support the fees imposed. They said “See, here is what we paid the manufacturer for this phone, so the ETF is justified.” This was to counter arguments that ETF contained a profit from an unlawful penalty.

  • John

    See if I get this straight….I want the HD2 and my wife wants the new Cliq XT. I pay for the HD2…$199 upgrade price, and she get the Cliq for free? Now, does she still pay upgrade price for the Cliq then get a check later in the mail for the differance or will she get the Cliq free on the spot? Not sure how that works….anyone know???

  • Dave H

    I have three lines – two of which are qualified for a full upgrade. I would like to use the BOGO for the line that is not qualified. Is there any way the TMO would entertain that line for the BOGO and switch the qualifiers?

    • Lone Wolf

      It doesn’t matter which line. Use the BOGO offer on the eligible line and use it on whatever line you like. I have done this countless times. TMO just extends the contract on the upgrade line. You add nternet on the line you will use for the phone.

  • seekers

    1. Will walmart really have the phone for $150?

    2. Can we use the BOGO at walmart?

    3. Where exactly is the official BOGO offer listed on the tmobile site?

  • seekers

    Call 611 but the representative did not have any knowledge of the BOGO, and wanted to know where it was coming from?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Your experience seems to support my “make multiple calls to get what you want” theory. :)

      I called last week to ask about an $80 credit that had yet to show up on my phone bill. When the CSR said I should talk to a supervisor, the supervisor came on and thought I was complaining about my ECL (Equipment Credit Line) and she said “Sir, all credit limits are decided after looking at your payment history with the company, there is nothing we can do to raise it.”

      I said I was not asking about phone credit limits I was asking about a credit on an $80 overcharge that twice before CSRs said would be reflected on my bill, two bills ago. After that I said “I can see this is going nowhere. Thank you.” She said “Thank you for calling T-Mobile.”

      I don’t know if T-Mo has hired lots of new CSRs or if its customer service has simply gone downhill.

  • seekers

    Also called the official local tmobile store, and they are not offering the BOGO to fully eligible upgrades either.

    Well, this sure stinks.

  • Ross

    Are T-Mobile Employees eligible for this offer

  • dm

    Ok spoke to few local Tmobile stores and the BOGO does apply to fully eligible upgrades and it doesn’t.. The catch is that you can get the deal if you fully qualify for the upgrade AND you have to add a new line to get the offer otherwise no go..

    But I guess you can always drop a line and add a new line again.. if your out of contract.

  • jtomm

    i’m off contract, will be adding a data plan and another line with a data plan, so hopefully this will qualify me for two hd2’s bright and early wed morning.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I would have to pencil it out, but maybe a way around all this is to get a third line, for my parents. Then try out the phone at home and if it does not work, cancel the line and keep the phones?

    When I got them a T-Mo phone before it would not work. But my dad bought a T-Mo prepaid and it worked fine. So maybe it was the phone?

    Just thinking out loud. Maybe I’ll look at this BOGO again.

  • Nicole Jackson

    so, again, is there a link to see/print out the picture that was posted above so we don’t have to waste time fighting (or flattering) w/ the reps over this?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I can understand there being a need for rules, especially for a promotion as generous as BOGO. But this sure is confusing, isn’t it.

      One the one hand it seems simple.

      — If you add a line, that’s like a new phone purchase, so that qualifies for BOGO.

      — If you are entitled to a full upgrade (22 months?) or 10 months on the one year contract people, that also qualifies for BOGO. But I saw something that said it has to be a full 24 or 12 months. Is this accurate?

      — If you are a new customer, that’s obviously a BOGO situation.

      On any of the above, a two year agreement has to be entered into.

      Is it as simple as this or is there fine print I don’t get?

      • venom77

        2 Itsmichaelnotmike;

        Yes activate one get second phone on second activation free; as long as there both equal value and both smarthphones.. but.. they have to be on a 2 year contract and both have required web (which means you cant remove the feature until your contract is up),

        Second if your tenure is on the 22nd month you may get a full upgrade on a smartphone and activate a new line of service with a free smartphone equal or lesser value of the upgraded phone. And again both with full web feature for both,,

        Thats it,,,

        Ps. if your on the 21st month or your on the 22nd month and corporate tells you that you have to wait the full 24months you can call customer care and tell them your phone is defective and you need to upgrade because your not able to use service they should be able to get you to get the BOGO and upgrade.


  • seeker

    You can also get the BOGO if you have two or more fully eligible phone lines on an existing account.

  • manushka

    This has been a crazy trip! I have called/spoken to so many phone/store reps and every single time I get a new and different story!!

    I agree with ItsMichaelNotMike, call many, many people and be patient! As a rep told me; “it is open to interpretation” so make sure the rep writes it down in notes.

    • thechemist

      YES! I am 17 months into a 2 year contract. My wife’s contract is over. I was told by one rep I was not qualified. I was then told by 2 subsequent reps I would qualify. I had both of them make notes so there’s no question on Wednesday.

  • akantor

    You only have to be eligible for a full upgrade not at least 22 months into a contract. Most people have to wait 22 months because they sign a 2 year agreement but for those that were only on a 1 year agreement you only have to be in contract 11 months to qualify for full upgrade pricing and therefore this bogo promo theoretically. But like everyone has said, no one knows what is going on anymore!

  • Taylor Kantor

    Just called 5 t-mobile stores around the central Ohio area to confirm the report. All of them denied it, saying the BOGO promotion only applies to new activations. Looks like this report is false…..

  • Taylor Kantor

    Just called t-mobile customer care, however, and they confirmed BOGO IS applicable to fully eligible lines. Looks like this report is true and t-mobile is simply unorganized. If the retailer store denies upgrades, I would have them contact customer care or do it yourself and have the representative talk with the supervising manager.

  • manushka

    It’s not. I spoke with several phone reps its legit.

  • thechemist

    Everyone call tonight. Get the response you’re looking for and ask the rep to put it in your service notes.

  • noone

    proof of bogo?

  • charmaine

    Today was the release date for HD2 and of course I headed to the nearest tmobile retail store. I asked about the bogo deal (new activations and upgrades for 199.99). Retail rep said:

    – bogo is ONLY available for new activations and promotion does NOT include upgrades

    anyone having the same problem?

    If i’m not mistaken, doesn’t this article contradict the tmobile retail rep?

  • azgirl

    It works for upgrades. I bought one at $199 and got the second HD2 free. I paid $250 including tax and screen protectors and walked out with 2 Hd2s.

  • azgirl

    I forgot to add I got it at a corporate store. I extended two lines which were going to be out of contract. $250 total including tax and screen protectors for 2 HD2s is not bad at all.

    • charmaine abundo

      that’s awesome!!! so i’ve had 4 different tmobile reps both customer care and retail, tell me 4 different stories. so i took the best story (BOGO for upgrades in store) and had it notated, asked for ref ID and hopefully, I won’t have any problems tomorrow!!!! thanks azgirl!!!!

  • Aaron

    anyone else get this yet or is it only one person?

  • Dream

    Going this wednesday to get me two hd2’s my mom buys 1 i get 1 free it’s perfect, plus they didn’t tell us anything about paying for unlimited internet they just said buy it choose the other so, their gonna hold 2 of em for us, cant wait!!

    • Dream

      also i went to a mall