T-Mobile Extends BOGO For Upgrades (Updated)


Note: The Upgrade offer is only available through Partner channels, NOT through corporate-owned retail stores!  This makes for two separate BOGO’s, one for corporate retail which is doing new lines only and one for retail partner sales which is doing new lines AND qualifying upgrades.

Quite a few of you took notice of the fact that to participate in the current BOGO promotion running now through the 31st , you had to be a new customer in order to qualify.  As of yesterday, T-Mobile has gone and done something swell by extending this promotion to eligible upgrade customers now through the 31st!  Hip hip hooray!  This is a terrific offer and upgrade eligible customers should take advantage of this asap or as soon as the HTC HD2 launches, of course!  Check the details in the image but this is one offer not to pass up!

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  • waiting

    does this mean no new line activation is needed for current customers? really?! wow.. I really can’t wait now for the HD2. One for me AND the hubby!

    • DotNetCoderAZ

      I thought the same thing… however my GF doesn’t want one… she says “the MT3G is already too much phone for me to handle!”… lol

  • Brian

    So this is market wide and not specific areas like the first time this BOGO was published?

  • DF

    Is this for select markets only or for everywhere?

  • bigc17

    Hey guys guess what, this morning when I was on the t-mobile website looking for an HD2 data plan since tmo said that the HD2 needs a “special” data plan an I found a new plan that is $50.00 for unlimited web, email and hotspot ect. And it wasn’t for usb connects like rocket connect laptop usb, it was for a phone. 5 minutes later, I wint back on their website and it was gone, nowhere in sight……..strange huh. Intresting new find, please respond.

    • ahh

      Well the tmo representative showed me the demo and i told him what was the difference in price of the internet from my mytouch and he said nothing same price so he said just swapp the sim card but i dont know if its because i told him that im planning on buying it in full reatil price.

    • john

      it’ll use the 25/30/35 smartphone, which ever 1 you are eligible for based on plan

    • Bryan

      That is the new data only plan that will be launching soon, end of March if I remember correctly. unlimited data, text, voice barred (no voice calling). The old voice barred plans did not qualify for phone discounts so I do not think the new ones will either (don’t know for sure yet though). These type of plans were available before the even more / even more plus rollout and they are being offered again soon. It has nothing to do with the HD2, the data for the HD2 is the same as for the Touch pro 2 and Dash 3g.

  • RayLebron

    Does anybody know what type of upgrade can a customer get if he/she has 1 year of contract left? I currently own a G1 with the Android data plan and would like to upgrade if possible. If not I might have to brake the piggy bank. Thanks in advance.

    • john

      early upgrade for full discount.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Ray, not saying this to be a smart ass, but you really need to call T-Mobile (dial 611) for this kind of info. This is because every customer is different in terms of what they qualify in terms of upgrade discounts.

    For example, did you know that full upgrades on a one year contract can be had after 10 months into a contract and for those on a two year contract a full upgrade is allowed after 22 months.

    So when you say one year left, you may have only 10 months remaining. This is important because T-Mo does give all kinds of discounts regardless of where you are at in a contract.

    For example, if they really want to keep your account and/or sell you a phone, they won’t make you wait until that 22nd month to get full upgrade pricing, they will give it to you now.

    One time we bought two BlackBerry Curves. On the second line it was not entitled to a full discount for another 14 months or something like that. Because we were good customers, they gave us the second Curve at the full discount ($250 instead of $450). Note: I did have to ask a supervisor for the discount. The CSR said “NO!”

    Give T-Mo a call.

    • RayLebron

      Thanks tsMichaelNotMike. I really apreciate your help. I might have to wait till the 24 because everytime I go to the store they dont know what kind of discount I might get for the HD2 since it’s not out yet. Same issue when I call 611.

      • on

        I had the same question. Several T-Mo reps both store and CS have told me that when it comes to a smartphone upgrade, we can upgrade after 12 months on a 24 month contract with full discount price. It has to be a smartphone and have data. This is what I was told.

  • caligirl

    I actually work for t-mobile and we got VERY clear communication from our divisional that it does not and will not include upgrades :(

    • TmoNinja

      If you are work at a corporate owned T-Mobile location or T-Mobile corporate they can not do this. This is only for dealers such as T-Mobile Limited or Exclusive Retailers!

      • vin

        it must be a regional thing, I work at t-mobile corporate in Las Vegas and did a BOGO double upgrade today.

  • tchez27

    I think the key word here is “fully” upgradeable. I don’t think this will apply to those of us who are eligible for the full subsidy, on smartphones, but haven’t completed the 2 year contract commitment. Raylebron, I’m in the same boat.

  • caligirl

    And actually tmobile does upgrades to smartphones only after 1 yr tenure.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I am pretty good at figuring stuff out, but I can’t figure out any of this stuff.

      I take it what you are saying is that only people who are qualified for a BOGO deal are those who have completed their 10 month or 22 month contract commitment?

      Oh well, for five minutes I was thinking “cool.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well since we don’t qualify for upgrade discounts on either line (the one being entitled to a full discount in August), I guess I have to resort to calling T-Mo and begging. Sans T-MoNews I would have never known about this. Wow, I will spend the next week thinking of which other phone we want. (9700? TP2? an Android-based phone?)

    Oh well, let me go find my self-deprecation vest and humble pie hat. By Mar 24 I should be able to get into character.

    As a backup plan I can tell T-Mo the least they can do is give me a free phone for all the tech support calls I have saved from being made. 68,000 calls not made to T-Mo, that’s worth one little phone, isn’t it?


    Query: Why is T-Mobile doing this? Sales flat or depressed? Clear out inventory for the hot new phones?

    • john

      You know, begging and demanding because of troubleshooting won’t get it done. If you want the full discount tell them you are going to cancel for an iphone. They’ll get you to customer loyalty, they’ll getyour phone.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I have the full range of techniques, I have used the “well then just cancel my account many times” and that’s got me some great deals, as recent as last year with the Touch Pro2 ($329 instead of $550).

        Since I am not even close to qualifying for BOGO I am not sure which technique I will use this time. ;)

  • Aaron

    So I can get my upgrade to a HD2 and get another one to just have as back up?

    • Andy

      Sorry Aaron, the 2nd device has to have a data plan added to your account. You can’t just leave it in the box until you drop the one you’re using in the toilet. Not saying you’ll do that, just an example ;)

      • Aaron

        Unlike most people I like dropping phones in toliets…

      • sortamad

        unlike most people, you don’t know how to spell toilet…

      • john

        10 points for sorta…i almost sprayed my beer on my screen

  • bigc17

    I wonder how much the HD2 will cost for me cause I’ve been on contract for 6.5 months, and I have a G1 and want to upgrade.

  • damien

    DOES NOT INCLUDE UPGRADES, the store has no literature to state otherwise…ONLY ON NEW ACTIVATIONS

    • TmoNinja

      If you are at a corporate owned T-Mobile location or calling into T-Mobile corporate they can not do this. This is only for dealers such as T-Mobile Limited or Exclusive Retailers!

  • bigc17

    I wonder how much my upgrade is. I’m 6.5 months into my contract with the G1 on a 2 year contract and I want to upgrade to this HD2.

  • danita

    I am talking with a rep right now and they have no knowledge of this. No one can really tell me anything which gets kind of annoying after a while. And by kind of I mean a lot

    • TmoNinja

      If you are at a corporate owned T-Mobile location or calling into T-Mobile corporate they will know nothing. This is only for dealers such as T-Mobile Limited or Exclusive Retailers!

  • Cuda440

    This BOGO is different than the previously posted promotion that included the HD2.

    That one was set to run from 3/15-3/31. This one was set to run from 2/23-??/?? but has now been extended to 3/31.

    The other one did not require rebates (except for the Nokia Nuron, I believe). This one does require mail-in rebates.

    My concern is this promotion, which is supposed to now include upgrades, won’t include the HD2. The picture says (in the magenta type) that “the list of eligible smartphones has been updated” – possible to include the HD2? Unfortunately this part of the screen is cut off in the picture.

    Anyone have any insight?

    • TmoNinja

      This promotion INCLUDES the HD2, but does not include the Nuron like the corporate promotion.

      • Any other differences on the list of eligibles? Is it the same list as the corporate promotion minus the Nuron?

  • Cuda440

    This is the “other” BOGO deal (including HD2) that I was referring to.


  • URL attached for the “other” BOGO deal (with the HD2) I was referring to.

  • bigc17

    When you log into your my t-mobile account it tells you that you can upgrade but, depending on where you’re at in your contract, you get different upgrade prices because that’s what I did. Since the HD2 isn’t for sale yet, I tried to find a phone closest to the price and it said like $300 – $350 for me so that’s ok I guess, at least for this phone.

  • angelo

    i was wondering since im on an even more plus plan lets say i buy a nokia nuron full price can i get one free.

  • RayLebron

    I know this does not belong to this thread but I have an idea. I’m thinking of buying the HD2 full price since $450 is an awesome price to pay for a phone with all the capabilities the HD2 has, and wait another year when I will be able to fully upgrade to a newer, more capable phone. HD3 here I come!!! #cue evil laugh# BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    • john

      why when you can get a full discount every year?

  • ig0tno0dles

    I called my local T-mobile store and he said its NEW ACTIVATION and NOT upgrade ..

    • TmoNinja

      As the note says on the article, this is at PARTNERS, for example T-Mobile Limited or exclusive retailers. NOT CORPORATE. =]

      • beej

        Dang! I should have refreshed before my post. I knew you’d be commenting…

      • KPatrone

        I just called a tmobile limited store and they said they are not doing it for upgrades?!

    • beej

      Cue TmoNinja in 10…9…8…


      j/k TmoNinja, I love how you have to keep answering the same question…

      • TmoNinja

        LOL. I don’t mind it. I’m hoping that corporate stores start doing the upgrade BOGO as well, it’s good for business.

  • YeahIt’sMe

    Question…I’m on EM+ pricing but I’m still in contract until December…does anyone know if I can get ANY kind of discount on this phone?? Just curious…if I have to pay full price I understand…but I never like paying full price for anything

    • john

      No discounts on em+ plans, unless it’s like the behold 2 when samsung set out it’s own rebate

  • Wilma Flintstone

    are you aware of any Tmobile Limited or Exclusive Retailers in the Georgia area? If so, would you inform me of them?

    Also, could you name some of these Exclusive Retailers? I want to see if there are any here so I can buy it from them and get a 2nd HD2.

    @David ME
    What are the terms to be eligible for this BOGO offer? I’ve been out of contract for about 5 years now.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I just googled “Tmobile Limited Locations” and couldn’t find anything. Is there a store locator I can use?

    • TmoNinja

      I will look into it for you. I know of Limited locations/Exclusive Retailers in Ohio, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida.

      I don’t see a Limited listed for Georgia, but I do see a T-Mobile “Preferred Dealer”

      I would see if they are participating.

      ALPHARETTA – Mobile Lynks
      ALPHARETTA, GA 30005

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Thanks TmoNinja. I just called them and they said they were doing New Activations only (They told me they hadn’t even heard of the Upgrade BOGO) and told me to call customer service to see who is.

        Also, what’s the terms of this BOGO? Can I just go into one of the Upgrade Eligible stores, upgrade to the HD2 and get another one for free? I’ve been out of my contract for 5+ years now.

  • caligirl

    Ray if you’ve completed atleast a yr of your contract you’d get the 2 yr pricing NOW and in one yr. It’s an early upgrade program we launched about a month ago.

    • RayLebron

      Wow! That’s great news caligirl. I might have to go to a store and ask if it is available here in Puerto Rico. If not I might have to order it directly on TMo web page.

  • does the 2nd line have to be eligible for an upgrade??

  • bing bang

    somebody please clarify if i am wrong. does it have to be TWO lines that upgrade? or can it just be one?

  • jvezyE

    @TmoNinja, I guess I am in the same boat as to how to find a Limited locations/Exclusive Retailers. Any luck for the Houston, TX area. I figure since it’s a major metropolitan area there’s got to be a couple, but then again it is Texas so i wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Aaron

      Mr. @Tmoninja if you look up houston you have to look up dallas/fortworth to because we are better than Houston. We have the Dallas Cowboys they have Stinkadena, I mean pasadena….

    • bing bang

      Where exactly in Houston are you? I’ve seen one on little york and 59/eastex fwy.

  • JC

    Do you know how to locate a store in a spacific state that will be offering this for upgrade customers.

  • bumba

    can someone tell me where I can find this deal in Northwest Indiana/Chicago land area..if not then the Indianapolis area..zip codes 46342 and/or 46060

  • Jack

    i called in ask on my corp account it indicated it says for fully eligible upgrade will be part of it but not -_-

  • TmoNinja

    There’s no specific locator to T-Mobile Limited stores, your best bet is to visit T-Mobile.com and use the store locator. Retail stores with have a MAGENTA T logo next to them, 99% of the time the limited stores will have a BLACK T logo that means Preferred Dealer. Call the pref. dealers in your area and see if they are offering it.

    • Thanks for the info and details. Do you know if the Limited stores and Preferred dealers will have the HD2 on the 24th like the retail stores?

      Any of these locations in the SE Michigan (i.e. Detroit) area. I searched 48124 online and see a “preferred” dealer: “Mobile 1 – Fairlane”. Any Limited stores in this area?

      Is there any downside to upgrading at one of these locations vs. a corporate store?

      Thanks for your help.

      • TmoNinja

        It really depends on the partner. T-Mobile Limited locations are held to pretty high standards. I’d say they are right up there with a corporate retail location. Most of them will match a corporate store on anything they can do, for example: early upgrades, pricing, etc.

        Limited locations also order just like corporate stores, so unless the order doesn’t go in, or the phone is on backorder they should, and I say should not will, have the phones on the same date.

        No downside really, unless you find that they are overpricing a phone. Limited stores do have the option to set their own prices for handsets and accessories, but when it comes to BOGOs most will adhere to T-Mo pricing.

  • Which Way is Up?

    I live in Boston, Mass, every T Mobile (corporate and partner) are stating it is only for new lines via corporate… TMoNinja, kindly confirm!

    • TmoNinja

      I only know what’s happening in my neck of the woods and that is what’s posted here. I know usually partners have the option of doing the BOGO or not, so you may want to ask if they have checked their internal systems for the most recent updates.

      • Which Way is Up?

        will do. thanks for the reply. i’m totally clueless right now, I spoke to 5 different non corporate merchants, same response…

    • LuvanMusiq

      Hey Which Way is Up… I actually work for a Tmobile Limited Store in MA…. don’t go to a tmobile corporate store because as Tmoninja has mentioned several times ( because people aren’t understanding whats going on ) that you have to go to a Tmobile Limited or exclusive dealer store…. If your in boston, there are Tmobile Limited stores located by Fenway and Braintree Mall ( outside the mall in the plaza with D’angelos)

      • TmoNinja

        Awesome! Good to know of other Limited locations! =]

  • busu

    UPDATE: It just got switched back to add a lines and Activations only.

  • busu

    Also its only at Corporate

    • TmoNinja

      Wrong. There are TWO BOGOs occuring at the same time. Corporate locations can only do add-a-lines and new activations, but partner locations such as T-Mobile Limiteds can do add-a-lines, new activations, or UPGRADES. This information was confirmed as of 5:40 p.m. through an internal T-Mobile site.

      • busu

        i meant bogo for add a lines and activations are only at corporate locations.

      • busu

        there was a typo on the internal site which stated corporate could do upgrades as well, but that changed from yesterdays original announcement.

  • ricardo

    Just our luck. We get the hd2 and bb might just go out of business. Lol.

  • HD 2 Fanatic


  • zoth

    So can a RadioShack branch offer the BOGO when the HD2 comes out?

    • JD

      Called my local Radio Shack and they said no. Doesn’t mean others won’t, but you might just want to call to check.

  • Mike V.

    I just called one of the Preferred Retailers and they told me I have to add a new line in order to get the BOGO offer??

  • venom77


  • Young Quazy

    i went to one of those tmobile dealer places (A1 wireless) and not the corporate store. the guy in there said he hasnt heard about the one with the upgrade only the one with new activation. i also called customer care and she also said the same thing.

  • Nicole Jackson

    is there some way to find out where in northern va there are these partner stores that are doing this for upgrades?

  • angelboy
    • Wilma Flintstone

      Thanks. That’ll help me out alot.

  • J-Riz

    Has anyone noticed how all of the recent promotions by tmo virtually ignore the even more plus plans? I mean, I know that they loose monthly income potential on them, but given the fact that there are probably many people, myself included, that are willing to INCREASE their monthly bill to include a data plan for a new android phone (Nexus One), you’d think they’d at least TRY to advertise the plan and offer SOME sort of discount on the phones. I’m not looking for a Nexus one for a new smartphone for $200, as that’s just not gonna happen on EEP plus plans, but I have yet to see much motivation to give up my unlimited loyalty family plan.

    Heck, even a nice BOGO at FULL retail price would be something. What do the rest of you think?

    • TmoNinja

      No offense, I would shoot myself. They would only be able to offer it at corporate retail stores and online, because partner stores (like the ones participating in this BOGO) pay for their devices. I know my owners would NEVER allow a BOGO for EMP+.

  • Samuel

    Does anyone know how much a full discount is ? Like the price range…like $449 for the HD2 is it like $100 dollars, or more or less.?

    • tchez27

      Go to the tmonews homepage, they have a tweet post and a link that provides you with this information.

  • hurycne

    Walmart? Everyone has a walmart. They are an authorized partner right.

  • jawash22

    The fine print on the ad says you must complete a mail-in rebate form for the device with the highest rebate amount. Guess that means the 2nd device is free after rebate?

  • KPatrone

    Must add a new line then your upgrade is free. Check the fine print on that page…

  • Matt

    Just called my local store in Utah, they are now doing it for upgrades WITHOUT a mail in rebate, I asked them in 3 different forms and received the response that the phone price will be set to free at the register upon checkout. Oh by the way, they also confirmed that they will be doing this BOGO for the HD2 next wednesday when it is released.

    • What kind of “local store” is it you’re talking about. Corporate or partner? If partner, what’s the store name?


      • Jess

        For me, it was a corporate store in south Oklahoma City. I’m hoping this is true!

      • Matt


        This was a T-Mobile Branded Retail Store, I’m pretty sure its not a “limited store” When searching on google maps it is titled “T-Mobile” for anyone that lives in the Utah area, this is a store that I called and they verified.

        1316 South University Avenue, Provo, UT 84601
        (801) 356-0098?

      • Matt,
        Thanks. That’s a T-mobile owned corporate store, according to the store locator on tmobile.com.

        And thanks Jess for confirming as well.

        I’ll check with my local stores tomorrow and see if they say the same.

    • The Hammer

      What part of UT u in? I’m on a project down in Price wont be back to NC til april was hoping to find a place here in the BFE state to get the HD2.

      • Matt

        Call around a few places, I called Provo (the first store I tried) and they said that they could do it

  • manushka

    Tmoninja Can yopu help me find one in San Fran? All I see are either Tmoshops or Radioshacks! Thanks

  • Jess

    I just called my local corporate store and asked if the smartphone BOGO is new activation/line only, and they said that it is now also for upgrades, or a combination upgrade/new line. Sweet!

  • bigbenLA

    So that I understand: it will be available in only these two scenarios: (1) 2 new lines or service, or (2) 1 upgrade and 1 new line of service. Does that mean it will not be available for 2 upgrades (no new lines)?

    • Kelly

      My husband and I both upgraded with the BOGO last night.

      • Anthony

        …..OK Kelly – It would be nice to lay out the exact scenario of the upgrade.

  • RayLebron

    I just went to Tmobile’s web page and saw the HD2 out of stock! If I remember it wasn’t like that before last night. Any one else noticed?

    • Mobile Nut

      I saw that this morning; they have changed the site because last night it still said “coming soon”. It would be nice if they showed the date and price seeing as they have already made a press announcement.

  • Rachel

    anyone know if I can use this on my husband’s line if I’m upgrading? I don’t want to have to get a new line and I’m wondering if it can be used if you add on the $30 web feature to an existing line? customer rep was an idiot and just reading off a page.

  • MCC75

    Hey, I was wondering if this promotion is for any where in the states. I remember a while ago reading there was a BOGO that was only in a few states. Are there restrictions as to the location or am I just making that up? Haha


  • bigbenLA

    Anyone find out if the BOGO will apply to 2 upgrades, whether it be 2 single lines on the same account or 2 lines on a family plan?

  • thechemist

    So, I called a “go wireless” Tmobile store. They said it was only for 2 NEW lines. Upgrades did not apply…. Is there a certain mom-and-pop shop we have to go to, to get this?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I called a TMobile Limited today and they said that it was for NEW activations only. Is there any specific stores that we can find to get this deal?

  • Dave

    I called T-mo today and the rep told me that I do quilify for BOGO (I’m due a full upgrade on one line) and they are doing it at all T-Mo retail locations.

    • Anthony

      A little more info Dave. Where are you located?

      • Dave`

        I’m in So. Cal but I just called the 1800tombile # and talked to the rep there just to see what they’d say. From what she said all retail stores are good for new & upgrades. I haven’t been into a store yet though. she could have been talking out of her ass but it sounds like a couple other people have had luck with going to the stores and using uprades for it.

  • Kyle

    I have called several Corporate and RPS stores in the chicagoland area with everyone telling me the BOGO would not be honored on upgrades. Has anyone in this area found anything different?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Kyle, really, I thought we tried to make it pretty clear that corporate stores wouldn’t honor this.

      • Jess

        True David, but then there are several of us who have been checking with the corporate stores and being told that they are definitely doing this on full upgrades too. Makes things confusing! I know not to trust this until it actually goes through, but I called several corp stores here in OKC, and was told the same thing.

        • David, Managing Editor

          That would likely be on a store by store basis, not as a company wide policy.

      • Anthony

        David, really, I thought you would have looked through the comments and see that some people have said corporate stores are honoring this.

        Thanks for your thorough clarification….

        • David, Managing Editor

          Again, that would be on a case by case basis, as best we can tell here on our side, it IS NOT being offered at all corporate stores.

        • Kyle

          I was aware that it was for RPS stores only, but after calling two Tmobile Limited stores and getting a negative response on the deal, I began reading through posts to see if anyone else had had the same issue. This seems typical from my days of district managing tmobile dealer locations, as no one really knows what is going on and everyone seems to just play it by ear.

  • Lindsay

    I called my local corporate store today and they also verified that the BOGO is available for upgrades but both lines have to be to the full eligibility 22 month mark.

  • Chebus

    wireless planet_Tmobile
    Limited_East Dundea Rd & Lynda
    1177 E Dundee RD
    Palatine, IL 60074
    847 991 9100

    I called the black T’s, when looking for tmobile locations,
    this one said yes. But are the new activation BOGO phones the same for the upgrade BOGO phones? PLEASE RESPOND!

  • thechemist

    This is completely BUNK. Called atleast 4 non-corporate stores. NOT ONE is doing this. Everything on this site is typically spot on. This is not one of them.

  • rjwisniewski

    Here are some stores that I can verify will honor the deal.


    T-Mobile Limited
    5417 US Highway 19, Suite 106
    New Port Richey, FL 34668
    (727) 846-9600

    T-Mobile Limited
    815 East Brandon Blvd.
    Brandon, Florida 33511
    (813) 464-2960

    T-Mobile Limited
    280 East Van Fleet Dr
    Bartow, FL 33830
    (863) 533-0630

    T-Mobile Limited
    4120 S Florida Ave.
    Lakeland, FL 33813
    (863) 647-9933

    T-Mobile Limited
    2518-A State Rd 580
    Clearwater, FL 33761
    (727) 796-1972

    North Carolina/South Carolina

    T-Mobile Limited
    2103 Pyramids Village Blvd Suite 104
    Greensboro, NC 27405
    (336) 621-1510

    T-Mobile Limited
    1908 Four Seasons Blvd
    Hendersonville, NC 28792
    (828) 692-3061

    T-Mobile Limited
    3017 Martin Luther King Blvd
    New Bern, NC 28562
    (252) 672-8815

    T-Mobile Limited
    1248 Home Depot Plaza
    Rocky Mount, NC
    (252) 937-3806

    T-Mobile Limited
    1105 East Dixon Blvd Suite 1
    Shelby, NC
    (704) 482-8557

    T-Mobile Limited
    2447 Charleston Hwy
    Cayce, SC 29033
    (803) 739-0056

    T-Mobile Limited
    113 Walton Dr.
    Unit 11
    Gaffney, SC
    (864) 487-8388

    T-Mobile Limited
    310 By Pass 72 NW Suite B
    Greenwood, SC 29649
    (864) 953-2297

    T-Mobile Limited
    509 D By pass 123
    Seneca, SC 29678
    (864) 882-0266

    T-Mobile Limited
    909 D East Main St
    Laurens, SC 29360
    (864) 681-0091

    T-Mobile Limited
    509 N.Hwy 52 Suite A
    Moncks Corner, SC 29461
    (843) 761-0596

    T-Mobile Limited
    2728 Wade Hampton; Ste G
    Greenville, SC 29615
    (864) 331-6837

    • Oce

      Thanks for the confirms, I’m in NC.

  • bigbenLA

    Went into Los Angeles store today and employees were each playing with their own HD2’s that they had received at launch party. They both said that an internal email this morning confirmed that BOGO applied to upgrades as long as they are both full upgrades (22+ months).

  • poochilau

    Anyone have any confirmation is BOGO is available for Upgrades in AZ?
    I’m in Gilbert…

  • galatians51

    I walked in to my local corporate store yesterday to upgrade 2 lines to the Cliq XT. Didn’t even ask about the BOGO, they gave it to me on their own. 2 Cliq XT’s for 99 bucks- mot bad!

  • damien

    This is the article posted for employees… BOGO is available for new activation and FULLY eligible upgrades (not the early upgrade promo) THey just announced it for Retail stores yesterday

    Great news – along with new activations and add-a-lines for the Buy One Get One Free Smartphone promotion, fully eligible upgrades also qualify for this offer in T-Mobile Retail locations only (TPR and Limited Consignment stores are featuring this promotion but they are not in scope for Upgrades). Through March 31, all postpaid customers and fully eligible upgrade customers (T-Mobile Retail only) who activate or extend a 2-year service agreement with an Unlimited Web feature on select smartphones, will be offered a smartphone of equal or lesser value for free when they activate or extend a second line of service and an Unlimited Web feature. Early Upgrade and Early Upgrade plus customers are not eligible for this offer.

  • dsim91

    Just got back from a tmo corporate store, and they said if both lines are eligible for a full upgrade, then bogo is a go . I played with the phone for a few mins it’s sweet, makes my g1 look like it belongs in the trash.

  • akantor

    It looks like this is only available through Tmo retail stores not third party stores. I think the update got it backwards. I talked to a rep at my local store who said i would be eligible for 2 upgrades to the hd2 with bogo and keep my 25 dollar data plan on both lines instead of moving me to the 30 dollar plan

    • akantor

      UPDATE: My brother went into the exact same Tmobile store today only to be told that they would not do a bogo tomorrow for upgrades??? Why is TMo not more organized??

  • Carl

    So if i did this offer, i could buy one smartphone and get one free if both of my lines are elgibile for upgrades

  • Carl

    are tmobile employees eligible for this offer

  • Glenn

    I just called a location in Kentucky and was told that the BOGO only counts for the 1,500 mins or more plans with unlimited web for two lines and a two year contract. A different employeee from that same store told me a few days ago I could get it on the 750 plan. When I told the employee today he checked with his boss and who said 1,500 plan or higher only for the BOGO…but the employee said after the first month I could drop down to the 750 plan. The screen cap above just says on “a voice rate plan”.

    Does that sound right to anyone?