T-Mobile Delaying Arrival Of 200MB Data Plan?

We received word late last night that T-Mobile had put the 200MB data plan launch on hold for as of yet undetermined reason. We could speculate that perhaps it’s due to problems with implementation on their backend or speculation of a possible revamp but I’m betting it’s the former. I know there were plenty of you excited for an offering that didn’t require an unlimited purchase so we’ll be digging for answers. Of course the above image leaves plenty of room for an upcoming change so stay tuned!

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  • lazyn00b

    Man, I can tell you exactly why this plan is delayed. T-Mobile must have noticed the outraged backlash against this plan when it turned out it wasn’t going to apply to high end smartphones. AT&T already has a $15 smartphone data option, and Verizon’s $15/150 MB option is coming out today. It’s actually going to be cheaper (in monthly cost) to buy a subsidized Droid X or iPhone than to buy a G2 at T-Mobile!

    • Lone Ninja

      Can you please explain how it is cheaper to buy a subsidized Droid X or iPhone than G2 from T-Mobile when T-Mobile is offering 200MB for $10 while the others are offering $15 for 150MB? I don’t know how you came to that conclusion, but I can clearly see that T-Mobile is offering more data for less ($10/200MB vs $15/150MB). I’m among those who want this plan because I’m already paying for internet at home (wifi) and my phone is always connected to it so paying the extra $25 for something I barely use is a waste of money.

      • Evan

        The 200MB plan only is available to the lower end android phones. The high end phone, like the myTouch line and Blackberry’s, will be forced to pay for the unlimited data plan, ranging anywhere from $20 to $30, depending on if you are grandfathered or not with an existing plan.

      • rich
      • rich

        meant to say $10 plan

      • Dreama

        he came to that conclusion because that rate is offered on all the smartphones and not just lower end smartphones like Tmobile.

  • Robert

    Maybe they’re too busy working on an OTA update for the G2?

    • ob18

      Nah they are considering more ways they can market their phones even less then they already do now.

      • rvv22

        ROFL! ^^ @ob18

      • thaghost


  • Izzoh

    Hopefully they’re rethinking the whole thing.

  • It would be good if they decided to raise the data cap back to 10GB.

    • Frigadroid

      Not good but great. It will never happen for what we pay now, but like I have said in the past I would pay extra for more if I had an option to.
      People don’t know how slow it is after throttle until it happens to you, its definitely slower than edge.
      I hope thats what the delay is for to give us more and better options.

      • some internet dude

        I just got my throttled text yesterday now the limit is 5 gigs, and it goes fast. before i would last almost a month, now its like half that. And yes I have been using the tethering as my only means of Internet.

  • blah

    If they change the plan and particularly the mobile hotspot feature to include more data before throttling they will be my new heroes….

  • Pimpstrong

    How about $10/100MB, $20/1GB, and $30/5GB. In the meantime I still keep my grandfathered $25 “Unlimited” Android internet.

    • LSxChevelle

      Sorry to tell you but you still have a cap of 5gb for full speed.

      • sorandkairi

        sorry to tell u but did you see the ” ” on unlimited…..

        dont go around picking “fights” or trying to inform when you fail to

  • blah

    FYI, Costso has G2s for $50 if you’re still looking to snag one.

  • TMoFan

    I was all set to go ahead and get this data with the LG next week but I’ll have to wait now. In the end I’ll admit this plan isn’t perfect (it should apply to all phones really different people have different needs) but it gives people who are budget conscious a choice. 200MB is nothing, since I’m blanked with WiFi 90% of the time.

    • dt

      me too, I was going to get either the LG or comet to replace my cliq xt. I guess I’ll have to wait

  • lOl

    Maybe more mb?? 1$t

    • John

      No, you weren’t. Loser.

  • dt

    damn, already committed to selling my stinking cliq xt. now I have to wait for a new phone

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    $10 for 250MB would be nice. But what if it was 500MB that would do damage.
    $20 for 2GB would be nice.
    $30 for 5GB would be nice too.

    • JB6464

      It should be:
      $10 for 1GB
      $20 for 2GB
      $30 for 5GB

      • JB6464

        That would blow everybody out of the water and still be reasonable.

  • AgDon

    I like Viper plan alot better if available for all smartphones. I only used 40mb monthly on my unlimited BB plan.

  • Deadeye

    I’m hoping that they will realize that it’s a really bad move to have “lower end” smart phones to have the option to get the $10 plan while the “high end” smart phones are forced to get an unlimited plan. I would think that having android, regardless of the phone screen size, would gobble up the same amount of data in the hands of the same person regardless if it’s a G2 or the Comet.

    • Joelsky

      I agree to you bro. Tmobile should think about this to attract more customers.

  • lettinyaknow

    I’m sure store reps love the new plan. It helps them sell more because of the price, then, the first bill prints for the customer and they realize they went ridiculously over their 200MB plan option and now have tons of overage fees. Yep, typical TMO.


      Now imagine if they did that with verizon. The overage fees would be 10x t-mobile. typical verizon?

    • MattB

      Actually, store reps (if anything) dislike the new plan… I guarantee commision will be lower on the new feature, thus less money in our pockets, aside from the fact that it will invariably lower our avg feature revenue/subscriber. Truth be told, I am personally just happy that we are adding options for customers.

    • umm ok

      Its sad that you find it that a customer going over their plan benefits the Rep. Do you think reps get paid on overages? LOL smh good one

  • LSxChevelle

    Generally us with higher end phones use more data so the unlimited or a $20 option makes sense. Selling a $400-$500 phone for $100-$200 is a big loss.

  • If it $10 200mb data plan.Will come.I am out of business!

  • BeerBellyBilly

    How about:

    $10 1 Gig (no wifi/tether)
    $20 2 Gig (wifi/tether $14.99 addon)
    $30 5 Gig (wifi/tether included)

    • Frigadroid

      $40 for 10gb with hotspot & tether, its twice what I pay now for the 5gb but if you added the $15 for “legal” tether its only $5 more for the extra 5gbs. I would pay that and consider it reasonable compared to other companies.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I called T-Mobile to cancel my accounts. I told them that this new data plan portends the eventual elimination of my unlimited data plan, and T-Mobile going to only tiered data plans.

    A VP came on the line and said “Please don’t cancel, we will delay the implementation of this plan so that we can think about what you are saying.”

    That’s why there’s a delay.

    • 2FR35H

      Oh.. if only, if only.

    • 2FR35H

      T-Mobile should eliminate the unlimited data cap.

      Let us use what we pay for. we all know your network isn’t hurting a bit. Stop being greedy. Maybe this new CEO was a bad idea? sure before we didn’t have these awesome azz phones but jesus christos you are charging out the wazoo for so little. give us back our 10gb data at least or give us a true unlimited data plan with no data cap or speed throttle.

  • Tmoguy89

    I think tmo will just raise the 200mb , everything else will stay the same,,, think about it how much money will tmo gain off a customer if they sell them a $500 subsidized phone but only asking for $10/month.. What kind of experience will that be to the customer if they cant take advantage of the full smartphone capabilities and no “limited” access. Trust tmo on this one, they know what they are doing

  • Lets hope they are changing it to make it available for all phones, not just the low end ones.

    • Joelsky

      Yes those new data plan should cater for all phones. Better listen TMO or else…

  • ‘Rena

    Here’s the deal; I have a Blackberry 8900, runs on EDGE, I scoot around and use web2go because I bought it second-hand, and I use 50mbs a month. I use a TON of apps, browse the web, and am online pretty consistently. Not all the time, because, well, I have a life, but pretty consistently. Why shouldn’t there be a BIS option for users who don’t have 3G phones and because of that, stay far below the limit? That’s exactly why I never bothered with a BIS plan in the first place, because I can’t justify paying 30 a month for 3G speeds that I don’t even have access to. As it is, knowing my phone use on an EDGE phone, even if my usage doubled with a 3G phone, I still wouldn’t be hitting their lowest cap AND would be forced to pay for unlimited web that I wouldn’t use. I don’t see the point in not offering up an option for each of the smartphone brands. If you’re required to have a specific sort of web (IE Android Web, Blackberry Web) then you should honestly be allowed to pick how much data you intend to use. Especially for Blackberry, whose web runs through RIM’s servers, not generic T-mobile.

    My guess is, RIM didn’t want to lower their pricing options and conceivably “lose money” and that’s why Blackberry was shut out of the list, because they know their phones are ace at data compression and could have easily fit into the 200mb bracket if they really wanted to. It seems to be Android users who hog up more data (and with good reason, they have more “fun/entertainment” apps to do it with) and the only high Blackberry data users I’ve seen are the ones who tether out the wazoo.

    • Mnac

      That’s the beauty of BlackBerry. It is very efficient on data usage. AT$T has the $15 BIS plan and I am seriously considering ditching T-Mobile for AT$T even though I don’t like At$T. 200 MB is plenty on a Blackberry.

  • Trill

    They are looking into the plan but the $30 for 5GB is still unlimited data they just cap you and I’m not understanding what’s so hard about that. Even if your grandfathered its still the same because its unlimited but instead of the cap being 10GB its 5GB also its not set in stone yet but that cap might be for the USB modem

  • SublimeDavid

    I agree with the post above, reps at stores dislike it but its nice to have an extra option. I suspect they will be adding more data to it at the cost of a few more dollars per month lets say 15$ for 500 mbs still puts a limit to it but gives the user more data while tmobile gets a bit more revenue out of it as well.

  • deceptivesmiles

    I hope they’re raisin that 200mb to at least 1gb and includin in all smart phones. I def need a break on my phone bill.

  • Samgala

    Why the cancel I wanted to get the the samsung galaxy vibrant with the $10 dollars plans I use mostly wifi at home.
    Now I think I will be stuck with a ugly phone that doesn’t have wifi on it.

  • 2FR35H

    I hope they follow verizon’s suit they have a full on 3G service TRUE UNLIMITED 3G DATA for $30 a month hopefully T-Mobile does this as well except for $5 less I don’t need HSPA+ I just want at least 3G without the raping prices.


    • mingkee

      I am not sure will VZW provide 100% unlimited. Try to stream 128k 4 hours a day, 5 days a week (4.8GB a month just for streaming) and see what happens.
      $40/month ($35 for EM+ and $30 for loyalty) web2go tethering with 10GB should be a decent deal. Go figure.

  • syks

    just when i was finally gonna make the jump to my first android/smartphone…..looks like i’ll be stickin with my dumb phone a while longer *sigh*

  • Darrin

    I sure hope they re-think the new data plans. I’ll be cancelling and going to Verizon if they don’t allow the $10 MB plan on the MyTouch4G or G2 and other high-end phones. Makes no sense to restrict these new affordable data plans to just their low-end Andriod phone offerings!

  • Patrick

    I think Tmobile’s reasoning that the high end phones like the MyTouch or G2 couldn’t live without an unlimited data plan kind of went up in smoke with Verizon upping the ante by offering the $15/150mb plan on ALL it’s smartphones. I guess Tmobile was gambling on Verizon following AT&T’s lead and eliminating it’s unlimited plan and offering the capped tiered plans.. IIRC, that was something that Verizon was going to monitor AT&T’s experience to see if it was a good idea. As far as Tmobile, they were hoping it would go that way so it could boast that they were the only one’s offering unlimited data and get away with throwing us a mere bone of a $10/200mb plan and limiting it to base new release and has-been Androids. Perhaps Tmobile is going back to the drawing board. Granted, the hardcore users would really have no choice but to go unlimited but what about those of us who would like a little flash but will just surf the net and email and can live without streaming live video at all hours and haven’t played a video game at length since Nintendo 64?