T-Mobile Data Plans Revamping November 3rd

To be honest, I’m still trying to make sense of these images we received but as expected, T-Mobile is preparing a revamp of their data plans beginning November 3rd. That $10 200MB plan we talked about on the 16th? That’s in there as well as a little bit of data plan overage talk which leads back to the whole, “what happens after 5GB of transferred data” question?

T-Mobile handsets will now be assigned to a specific category which will help decide which data plan will be necessary for use. Feature phones are exactly what you think they are, the lower end non-smartphone. The Standard Smartphone will be “medium range handsets that have strong multi-media capabilities but where the web is not a central component of the phone.” Premium smartphones are exactly what they sound like, “high-end phones that are optimized for the web and multi-media experience.”

As expected, premium devices will require a smartphone plan that will be offered at $30 for Even More customers and $25 for Even More Plus subscribers. All other smartphones will also take advantage of these plans with the lowest offering of $10 for 200MB rounding out the options. So tiered pricing it is T-Mobile…guess it was inevitable.

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  • Matt

    Any idea what this will do to data rates for families on Even More Plus? My wife certainly doesn’t need Unlimited data for her Blackberry 8320.

    • Matt

      Never mind, just re-read the chart and Unlimited data is required for all Blackberries. That is just stupid – it would take her a month of constant usage to download over 200MB on EDGE.

      • Ali

        If you’re on Even More Plus, no data plan is required so I assume you can still do the 200 MB feature. Granted, it may run funny as it’s not built for the Blackberry (which is why Blackberry has it’s own data plan) but if you bought the phone outright, you never signed a commitment to put the web on your phone.

      • GregP

        On a Blackberry, you are correct. Blackberry compresses data for transmission so you are right, however, the problem with Blackberry is its proprietary system for push email. For a carrier to be able to sell the service, they must pay silly amounts of money to RIM for the privilege of selling the service. That cost, of course, is passed on to the consumer.

        Gotta pay to play.

  • Mr. V

    So if I upgraded to a T-Mobile G2, would I be able to have the $10/Month data plan?

    • Androidless

      No. The G2 requires the 5gb plan.

    • pinky

      No BC that’s a premium phone. Unlimited only

      • Mr. V

        Shaking my head :-(

    • Ali

      The real question is why would you want a premium handset with a web-first phone. Android phones are built to work from data usage. If you want a high end phone but don’t use it’s capabilities, it makes no sense.

      This is like somebody buying a 50″ HDTV and not only not wanting HD, but also not even wanting cable/satellite. You’re overspending on a device you’re not going to be using for what it was built for.

      • Mr. V

        I only want the phone at a subsidized price DUH! I don’t want to pay an arm an a leg per month just to have it.

      • vincent

        dont talk for everyone, it does make sense if you want the applications it can do. Androids only take as much data as you use, just having it on the network does NOT mean that you will constantly be using data, prove me wrong. When I had the G1, I used the internet maybe once a day, and only 2 applications, the Snap Photo app and Chomp SMS, either use data, no. So I can buy that 50 hell a 70 inch and not use it for HD if i so choose to. My money, my services. Not yours.

      • Farhan

        Your HDTV analogy is incorrect. The “HD” from the HDTV cannot be separated. It’s the resolution, so there is nothing you can do about it. So when you by an HDTV you get high-def capabilities with it. As far as cable/satellite is concerned, I have an HDTV but don’t have cable/satellite. I use my HDTV for gaming on my PS3. Plus, if I want to watch movies or TV shows, I stream Netflix on my PS3 and watch in on my …. HDTV.

        I dislike the idea of categorizing smartphones for the data plans, but I guess this is better than the options we have from other carriers. Personally, I don’t like to use the web on my phone. The only data use I have is to check my emails, which I actually do because I have to pay for data. If I have to pay for it, might as well put it to some use. It would be swell if I could just pay $10 for the data plan and just check my emails and not waste any money. But I can’t coz I have the HD2.

        And here’s a thought, when does a premium phone stop being a premium phone. Will my HD2 still be a premium phone when dual core phones come out next year? I noticed they had the G1 listed as a premium smartphone which doesn’t make sense since it’s almost 2 years old.

        There is a lot more you can use smartphones for. They have great cameras, act as camcorders, voice recorders, mp3 players, and you can use wi-fi if you actually want to go online and sync your calendars. You don’t really need to “have” data. The problem I have with all carriers is that they make you buy the data plan with the smartphone and then complain about people who use it too much. It’s a vicious circle they’ve created.

        Any hoo! My 2 cents.

      • Ali

        Vincent, don’t like it? Take advantage of Even More Plus rate plans. Pretty simple, don’t you think? Yes, it is your money, but, again…Getting a phone that is made to work on the internet then planning to not use the internet means that you are only taking advantage of a few of the capabilities.

        And, yes, you can use your TV without adding the HD plan. Hell, you can also buy a Lamborghini and decide to only drive it to the grocery store and back. Your money and all, after all.

        Farhan, The HD does stand for the resolution, but hte built in resolution doesn’t take effect if you’re not using HD. The only difference in the screen is the overall brightness at that point as you’d be running at no better than 480p which is the same resolution your tube would be running at. My point is that while you may want that fancy phone, if all you’re doing with it is making phone calls and sending text messages, what’s the point of getting that $500 phone that is made to work on the internet.

        People complaining, btw, keep in mind that the data isn’t limited to 5 gigs, it gets throttled meaning it’ll drop down, speedwise (so, 3g to edge…not sure on the rule w/H+ as H+ is considered 3g, so I would assume Edge) and you get twice as much for your limit on T-Mobile.

      • Farhan

        Ali: My point was that you don’t need to have HD streaming cable/satellite to make use of your HDTV. You can use it for gaming or stream Netflix like I do.

        Same way, you don’t need to “have” a data plan with your smartphone. Sure, it is designed to browse the web, but that’s not the only thing that makes it a smartphone. You can use other features like the camera, camcorder, mp3 player, video player, voice recorder, or even use wi-fi on your smartphone.

        That’s the point I’m trying to make.

        Would I like to be able to use all the options on my phone and HDTV? Sure. But I’m a full time graduate student and only have enough time to work 20 hours a week. So I’m living paycheck to paycheck. Saving money by not having cable/satellite goes a long way and so would not having to pay $30 for data on my phone. I’d rather have my $8 Netflix membership and stream movies and TV shows for now. It’s a lack of choices that bothers me.

        Also, could I simply buy a cheapo phone and not have to buy a data plan? Sure. But having a smartphone allows me to not buy a camera, camcorder and an mp3 player. The $50 I paid for my HD2 (I got it from Walmart in June when they had that deal) allows me to save more money by not spending on other electronics.

      • somebody

        The point is you want to get a good phone because you’re singing a 2 year contract

        its not that complicated buy 500 $ phone with contract sell on ebay swim in 200 cash and use your old crap phone for another 2 years…

        this is for people who dont really care about their phone as long as it makes calls

        there are more of them than youd think.

      • Billg\’,

        I agree with everything you’re saying; however, I own a HTC HD2 which I’m on the fence about selling. I don’t need a SIM card to use the device via Wi-Fi, that is in this example using my Touch Pro 2 as a Wi-Fi router and short of making a voice call; I’m in business and where 3G is available as capable as making a Skype call…(yep, Skype 3.0 still works on our Windows Mobile devices). All this is assuming everybody knows how to flash their devices with customized ROMs.

      • barkfark

        I must agree with Ali. Android does alot more with the data portal than alot of people think. Much like our old sidekicks, the android relies on data for voice to text, sycronization, gps maps, applications, heck some times your android with flush your contact list if you disconnect data; its just the way the phone is built. Great power has great requirements.

        T-Mobiles reasoning for the required web is that average consumers, sadly some sales reps, don’t understand this. Buy the phone without data, get a poor experience, and blame T-Mobile or the device. T-Mobile does Not, and is avoiding, this stigma.

        Of course everyone wants a subsidized price without the requirements, but thats just not how the world works. Back in the day when data was optional, we would charge more for the Blackberries/windows devices whether or not you got data. Now data devices are at an ALL TIME low after subsidization; not because the phones are cheaper, but the data helps to offset the price. Dig this, vibrants in my store are $50.

        Long story short, t-Mobile has given many and multiple opportunities for anyone to customize their way of obtaining the best at the most affordable. T-Mobile customers are required to do nothing, choice of phone, choice of plan, choice of contract, it is all your choice. If you choose to sign a commitment and T-Mobile pays for your phone, be good on your end and pay for the service.

  • pinky

    I don’t get how you could get unlimited data on a feature phone for $10 n now its gonna be 200mb. So $30 for unlimited data on a feature phone? I can’t tell whether they’re moving forward or backward.

    Sigh. They’re always so vague n then wonder why their reps misinform people all the time

    • Ali

      I don’t get how you don’t understand the rules of grandfathering.

      First off, pinky, if you’re on the $10 phone first web, you’ll be grandfathered in with that plan as has been the case for years and years with T-Mobile.

      Second off, this sort of stuff is not supposed to get out to the public. Part of the reason is everything is not finalized, but the reps gets a vague perspective on what is to come. Don’t blame the reps when you’re in there begging for information on stuff that isn’t supposed to be coming out to you quite yet.

      • James

        So then my $10 a month unlimited plan on my Nuron is safe?

      • Ali

        James, I would be inclined to believe so. I’ve seen people who were grandfathered from plans they’ve had about 5 years ago just because they don’t want to change their plans. Even seen people who have the $20 data plan. It’s just a matter of sticking with what you have until you want to change it.

  • sorandkairi

    not really sure if this is a good this or not!?

    • Androidless

      It’s not good. If you want a decent “premium” phone like the HD7, My Touch 4G, or the G2, you HAVE to pay for the 5gb “unlimited” package. No cheapo $10 package.


      • Ali

        How is this a bad thing? You get the option of unlimited web or 200 MB. You don’t have to pay a ton if you don’t use the web a ton. That’s what I’m getting, is that it works on every device but blackberry. Although, to be honest, customers are going to realize that most of them will need more than the 200 MB the small package has to offer via overage charges.

        It’s a great thing for everybody as they get the option of barely using their smartphone or if they clearly go over.

      • Evan

        No, Ali, all premium phones require the $30 5 gig data plan. Only the standard smart phones can take advantage of the $10, 200MB plan.

      • MattB

        If they never made the change at all (for the low end Android, etc…) and the ONLY option was $30 for unlimited (like it has been) we would have nothing to complain about. I don’t understand how T-Mobile can create more options, and people can still bitch. Nothing has been taken away from us. Roll the calendar back a month to when there was ONLY $30/unlimited, and there was no controversy. T-Mobile doesn’t need to subsidize as much money off of the cost of the lower end Android devices (LG Optimus, T-Mobile Comet, etc…) thus, can afford to offer a more affordable data plan for light users. Self entitlement cracks me up.

        I can, however, understand the complaints about the removal of the $10/unl for phone-first devices…

      • Ali

        Hm, if they don’t give the option for the $10 200MB plan, then really, what are we all complaining about? MattB brings up a great point, they aren’t really changing plans, just giving you a different option.

        And even after looking over that time and again, it looks like it’s going to need to be explained to me by someone “in the know” or for further info to come along to really give the details.

      • MattB

        Ali. It’s like this:

        There are two new data plans available. 10/200; 30/unl.

        There are three groups of phones.
        Feature Phones:Your basics (Gravity’s, Sentio, etc…)
        Entry Level Smartphones: Nuron, some Droids (Optimus,Comet,etc…)
        Premium Smartphones: (MT4G, G2, Win7, BB)

        Beyond that, it breaks down like this:

        Feature Phone: REQUIRED:0 AVAILABLE: 10 or 30
        Entry Level Smartphone: REQ 10, AVAIL:30
        Premium Smartphone: REQ:30

      • MattB

        Yeah… but there will be a large selection of smartphones that DO offer the $10. Many Android, many Windows, etc…

  • Danny

    I hope this is only for those who take a phone subsidy.

    Surely T-Mobile is not trying to pull a Verizon and force users who either purchase their phones at full price or bring them from elsewhere to subscribe to these plans? Please tell me that’s not true.

    T-Mobile should allow users who purchase their own smartphones elsewhere or at full price to subscribe to a 200 MB if they should wish to.

    • Ali

      It’s simple. The contract is what obligates you to pay the web feature. Without it, the rep can ring you up with or without web. The discount on the phone is part of a contract so that you pay for the $30 web feature.

      Without it, the rep has no idea whether you wish to use the plan on a vibrant or Motorola RAZR

      • john

        actually, a vibrant wouldn’t work on a razr plan, the network doesn’t provision the sim card for internet2.t-mobile.com :)

      • Roger

        But once your phone is connected to the network they can identify the model. And since there is no contract they don’t have to provide service – ie they could establish you are using a phone they want you to have a data plan with and refuse service unless you sign up for one.

        I have wifi everywhere I need data and hence absolutely no need for a data plan. Been wanting to get a Android such as the G2 but not wanting to pay an extra $400 each year for the privilege of a data plan I won’t use.

  • Evan

    Well, my myTouch HD purchase probably just went out the window.

  • Scott

    It’s been my experience that if you are only updating your phone and you are going from like phone to like phone (android to android) you should be able to keep your existing plan, aka grandfathered. Never forget about customer retention/customer loyalty too, if you’ve been with the company for awhile you should feel free to contact them and ask them to keep your current plan if it’s cheaper. I’ve done this a few times over the years when going from Blackberry to Blackberry and most recently from the Cliq XT to my G2. These prices are for new contracts as far as I can tell, not contract extensions…

    • Androidless

      Well, for a potential new smartphone customer, this sucks.

      If I want to buy a g2 or MyTouch 4G, I have to shell out more for plan that I won’t fully utilize. That’s terribleness.

  • Mike Larry

    tha sux…can you buy an unlocked smart phone with tmobile 3g like the new nokia n8 or e7 and get the $10 data plan ? will they know its a premium smart phone ?

    • vPuik

      What I did was, I bought a cheap phone a few years ago and then I just swapped the SIM card to N900. I actually added the $10 internet to my existing “phone” when I stopped using it. Tmobile only has the phone you bought from them on record.

      • Ali

        Incorrect, lol. The phone that shows in the system is the last one that your sim card was inside of and used with. That’s why if you’re not under contract you have no obilgation to get the data plan.

        But, yeah, you should still be able to add the cheap web at that point because you paid full price for the phone rather than taking the discount by signing a contract.

    • JB6464

      YES.. I bought the HD2 without contract and had TMO put the Web2Go $9.99/month unlimited plan on my phone and i rock 3G service and tether all day long. All i had to do is change the APN settings from TPC-T-Mobile to internet2.voicestream.com and BAMB, your doing everything everyone else is on 3G speeds for $10.00/month instead of the $30.00/month data plan BS.

  • Derek

    I don’t understand what everyone is upset about. The unlimited 30 dollar data plan for “high end” phones is gonna be the same as it is now. It wouldn’t make anysense to let you get 200 MB on a phone that uses tons of data as it is. Its like people are finding reasons to be upset with T-Mobile. All u ever see on here is people complaining. But if u look at what we have compared to other carriers,g we’re still better off. Given it is somewhat confusing because I’m still somewhat unclear on this data thing, but there giving more options as far as what data plan u can choose for what phone u have. More options is always good..

    • J-Hop2o6

      EXACTLY! but Tmo should bump it up a bit more to atleast 500MB (1GB max).. 200MB is preddy damn low.

    • vincent

      you are another one that doesnt make sense. Just because you use a smart phone does not mean you use data all out. Heres another analogy, I have a Mazdaspeed 3 and i choose to drive slow. Just because I can go 130, doesnt mean im going to.

      • MattB

        @Vincent: Right, but you didn’t bitch to the dealer for having to pay extra money for performance you weren’t going to use. You decided it was worth the extra coin to get that particular car, even if you were going to drive it like the standard one. Now you have to make that decision with your phone. People should do it without the complaining and self-entitlement… just like you did when you bought the car.

      • barkfark

        @MattB Nice reference

  • CLIQuid Damage

    I don’t get why everyone is complaining – the pricing for Unlimited for smartphones HAS NOT CHANGED. The only difference is adding an option for midrange smartphones to go with a less data intensive plan, and feature phones have a limit which is nearly impossible to surpass. Your G2 or myTouch HD options are just the same as before.

    • Evan

      There are some people, like myself, that want the “premium” phones, but don’t use no where near 200MB’s of data. I for one used less that 50 MB’s last month with my so called “premium” phone. I’m about to start buying go phones and leaving this money pit that is the smart phone generation as far behind myself as I possibly can.

      • MattB

        They are a business. They have a responsibility to their shareholders and employees to run it profitably. They have given customers an option to get some pretty high end phones, with a lower monthly cost. You are mad that they aren’t giving the option on a ‘particular’ phone that you want. Three weeks ago, they didn’t give you the option on ANY android phones to get $10 web. Consumers like you make me think they are spoiling us when they do give choices.

  • Jimmy

    So I have to ask with their crappy network (less coverage compare to others) and assuming that Verizon is going to get the iPhone and top android phone. What else is there for Tmobile to be able to keep their current user? I know that I’m going to jump ship the moment Veriozn gets the iPhone. The only reason I have Tmobile is that they and verizon work in my research lab and I’m going to jump on whoever gets the next iPhone. If you can’t root android G2 what’s the point? Still try to tell me android is an “open” system?!?!?

    • blah

      ummmmm you do realize you cannot use VOICE and DATA at the same time on Verizon??? I.E. I cant use google maps and talk to my friend of call a restaurant at the same time. THIS is why Im NOT on Verizon, thats like a basic neccessity and their network cant even do that. Im not headed to Verizon til their LTE gets decent because by then they will likely have the best network but of course they are a few years out… Anyway the iphone for them is a problem because apple has several apps which use voice and data simultaneously. or at least allow you to use them.. As for the G2 root problem, you are an idiot. You can obviously hack/root the G2 by placing your own rom on it. The difference is that HTC placed a chip inside which will reinstall stock, so yes android is still open but to get around this the Phone manufacturer simply reinstalls it if they detect a different installation. Again this is down on the chip WHICH IS HARDWARE. The OS itself is software and can still be modded its just the hardware installed will overwrite it.

    • Ali

      Crappy network? That crappy network is about to hit 200M+ for H+ which is, by far, the fastest network out there. And the less coverage is a whopping 1% of America! If you’re in a place where a T-Mobile AND Verizon are there, you don’t have to worry about not having coverage.

      As far as Verizon getting the iPhone…What facts lead you to believe that Apple is going to Verizon or even away from AT&T? It’s a GSM device and for them to jump ship they’d essentially have to rework the device completely to accomodate usage on CDMA.

      So, essentially, to you, 96% coverage vs 97% coverage is enough to get you to switch to a company who has the slowest data ont he market and the highest prices. Incredible logic!

  • James

    I currently have a Nokia Nuron and only pay $10 a month for unlimited web. Surely they aren’t going to change my rate since I’m already under contract?

    • Keine

      It’s not going to change your rate. You can still keep the rate only if you are using a mid-range phone.

  • Derek

    In the end its gonna help make sure the network doesn’t get over crowded. I’m guessing the change has something to do with finding a way to charge for tethering too…

    • MattB

      Ding ding ding… Def. about the upcoming tethering options. Just wait til they announce it. It’ll be cheaper than all of the other providers and people around here will be posting up a storm about how it should be cheaper.

      • Well if we are basing it on fairness and commons sense I have no doubt that it will be overpriced when it’s released.

        After all if you are paying a monthly fee for “unlimited” data (or even a set amount of data) it should not matter _how_ you use that data, it doesn’t cost TNO more if you use 1GB of data on your phone directly or 1GB of data while tethering.

        Of course fairness and common sense have no place in business, TMO will use this as an opportunity to extract more money from their customers, as is their right to do.

        Just because they aren’t screwing their customers as badly as the competition doesn’t excuse them for doing so.

        I’m curious to know how TMO will even know if you are tethering, I guess if they do traffic analysis they could but that doesn’t sound like an easy or cheap task.

  • Chuong

    This is not going to help T-Mobile getting any customer who wants to buy smartphone with data plan. With AT&T you can get a subsidized iPhone with its $15 (200MB) data plan.

    • MattB

      Cool… so go to AT&T?

  • jimmy

    I’m lost. 1 says phones like myTouch and etc. Can only use unlimited. While another one says that all smartphones can use the 10 dollars for 200mb.
    I have an HD2 I only use 146mb a month. My highest was 170 something.

    • jimmy

      if the 10 is not for phones like the G2, Vibrant, etc. Sometimes I wish I can go back to at&t.

      • john

        You would be the one to use 5gb and be mad about paying $40 on it.

  • Derek

    Grandfathered plans or data services can’t be taken from you. That’s means whatever u have now wont change unless u change it

    • Will

      Thank you for this. I didn’t see this comment before I posted. This makes me feel much better haha. I have a Vibrant, a BB9700, and a MyTouch Slide and the Loyalty dept. lowered my data packages to $20 2 months ago. Good to know I can keep them :) Thx again for this post.

  • mmeyer4663

    Wonder what the bit rate will be for Netflix?

  • Will

    So if I am already been told by Loyalty that my data packages are $20 a month, they will stay that way correct? Seeing as this was the doing of the Loyalty dept. I’ve had $20 data package for a few months now (before it was $25 but they lowered it WITHOUT me even saying anything, it was just randomly brought up cause im a good customer and been with them 6 years). Thx.

  • Big Jake

    This is a bad thing because Im for this month at 46661kb’s this month & all I do is grace the likes of Tmonews, Phonedog, Engadget, Facebook, Youtube, and sometimes occasionally when I feel the mood pix at BrownandRound.com, (dont judge a fella) lol, & I aint even got to netflix yet…so whats gonna happen on the 8th when I get my HTC HD7 huh?? Im really gonna hit 5mb’s quick aint it????, & what about you HSPA+ people out there like the G2 or the mytouch4G with the FFC ushers???, you gone hit that 5mb limit even quicker aint it???, so whats the use of HSPA+ T-Mobile if you only plan on slowing down cause I guarantee you hit that “five”

    • Ali

      After that you’ll just go down to Edge. While not as fast, you’ll still be able to use your data and if you don’t like that I’m sure you can always set your phone to wifi for internet service. Just by tweaking your phone a bit, you’ll never have to worry about it. Think of it this way, you’re at a place with wifi, you get on the broadband server and not only is your internet faster, but it doesn’t eat any megabytes from your data usage!

  • /////

    this the new rom from mytouch 4g… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNr-ku3-O0g

    • Will

      thanks :o
      very underwhelmed lol

  • Mark

    As far as complaining, not complaining, it’s true that this is no worse. There’s a cheaper option, more broadly available.

    But why not make the $10 plan available for anyone who stays under 200mb? To those who say (as analogy) why buy an HD TV and watch standard content…it’s not as black and white as that. I want a device that’s capable, but I am not about to turn into someone who’s glued to their phone at every spare moment. When I want to get on the web or check mail, I want it to be a smooth, fast experience. I do NOT, however, want my phone always notifying me of every new email, facebook update, etc. and tempting me to keep using it. That is the path to your life being run by external noise, and it’s for that reason that I keep my E73 home screen looking like a dumbphone.

    I’m probably in the minority though. They’re probably making the premium smartphone limitation to try to preserve some profit margin. Question though is whether the moves by the other carriers to introduce lower price data plans, given their generally better phone offerings, will alow that strategy to work. Seems like the common “we don’t want to cannibalize our business” short sighted argument where you instead allow your competitors to eat your business.

  • beto

    soo…. does this mean i can cancel my contract without penalty? since they are changing their data plans?

    • jimmy

      i would do it asap. hop back on with at&t pick up the iphone with $15 data.

      • dcb

        Why….so you can pay $5.00 more for 200 MB????

    • dan

      No you can’t cancel and get out of your contract. The data plans only affect new customers. Your current plan will be grandfathered in.

  • Derek

    Basically, if you have a high end smartphone (i.e. Vibrant, HD2, G2, Blackberry, etc.) nothing changes for you. For any other phone that has web capabilities, you have the option of paying a cheaper rate if you dont need unlimited. They require unlimited for high end phones because of the features that these high ends have (MobiTV, Xbox Live, eventually Netflix and all the other streaming apps or apps that require alot of data.) they make it this way because when you buy these phones with all these great features, they expect you to use them. if you dont want unlimited, buy the phone full price and go on a no contract plan. its that simple. if u do the math over two years its cheaper than way anyway.

    and as far as the iphone, you cant do nearly as much with an iphone vs android. Thats why i dont think TMO is gonna waste their time competing for it when we already have an OS thats better and more open source. AT&T is changing thiers too and giving that option for the iphone because they are trying to clear up space in an overcrowded network. TMO is taking those steps before it gets outta hand.

  • Not sure the logic behind locking out “premium” phone users, given there are (despite the bizarre comments posted here stating otherwise!) plenty of reasons why an owner of such a phone might use limited cellular data services (like usually being within reach of Wifi, or having poor coverage/EDGE coverage in most places.) Providing the option at least gives people who don’t heavily use the network some compensation.

    I’m glad there’s a cap on overage charges for the 200Mb plan. The one part that had bothered me was what happens if you exceed your quota, but they seem to have that covered.

  • TMoFan

    Hmm this is slightly disappointing. I thought this would mirror AT&T’s tiered plans, in that you could purchase any smartphone subsidized with their $15 data plan. I am blanketed by WiFi where I am, and would almost use it exclusively. I currently could get a great deal with AT&T Premier via the university I attend, on the smartphone that I want. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • MattB

      40 – 450 minutes
      15 – unlimited text
      15 – 200mb data
      70 total

      40 – 500 minutes
      10 – unlimited text
      30 – unlimited web
      80 total

      An extra 10 bucks to get unlimited web, at 3x faster speeds and not having to deal with at&t customer care? Worth it.

  • Big Jake

    This is not good Tmo.. wheres the unlimited plan???, cause 5megz whole some may say its a “good enough” plan its not unlimited… I say its not a good at all plan… I aint tyring too be slowed down or have my carrier limit my use if Im paying for an unlimited service I believe 10mb’s is a fair cap, hell I could live with 7

  • the_sleeve

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. T-Mobile already requires unlimited data on smartphones as it is right now. The prices are the same as well…$30 for Even More and $25 for Even More Plus. Makes no difference to me as my bill will stay the same either way.

    • jimmy

      what we’re yapping about is how people like me have a smartphone like the hd2 and only use about 100mb a month. why pay 30 for unlimited that we don’t use. I have a job that requires me to look up some data, but i don’t need unlimited. sometimes i which i never left at&t would of had an iphone 4 with 15 bucks of data.

    • Well, part of it is that data has always been a relatively expensive add-on that changed the price of Smartphones to something significantly more expensive to operate than regular phones. The rumors suggested T-Mobile was going to do something about it, but it looks like “high end” (including the consumer-oriented MyTouch) phones aren’t going to get a break. For people who are usually within reach of Wifi and have poor cellular reception, a 200Mb data plan looks extremely attractive.

      I’ve been looking into prepaid BTW. Switching my wife and I from our Even More Plus 1500 Smartphone plan to one of the prepaid plans looks very tempting right now. $50/phone+taxes buys unlimited everything except data, which is capped at 100Mb, and $70 buys that plus 2G of data. The only issue is that 100Mb is just a little too low, I’m sure we’d exceed that while 200Mb is manageable.

  • James

    The only gripe with this tiered system is not everyone that has a premium phone is going to go over 200mb. So if I don’t go over 200mb, I still have to pay $30 for unlimited when I don’t need it. Even ATT has a $10 plan for the iphone.

    • MattB

      Actually, they have a $15 plan for the iPhone. I can understand wanting an Android, but using it lightly, and maybe for limited app usage etc… I guess you’ll just have to get one of the MANY Android phones that WILL allow the $10/mth plan. There will be plenty of choices. Like any purchasing decision in life, you need to compare the cost/benefit and decide whats right for you. This idea of being ‘entitled’ to a certain price is embarrassing.

  • Bigmerf

    Hmm I wonder what this means for my Nexus. I would imagine it means premium, lol. But I dont mind it anyway , i pay 25 right now for unlimited (25gb). I know I turn on my wifi alot more now than i ever did to cut back the data usage. just in case

  • dan

    This is actually a good deal for people. It gives them an option.

    Want a phone first device? Then it’s $10 for 200 MB.. which on a phone first device is pretty much umlimited.

    Want to start out with a entry level Data phone (Which BTW are going to be $100 or LESS so they are being discounted)… Nuron..Charm.. LG…The Defy and you are scared of the $30 fee? Then you can try it out for $10 and if you need more we are going to cap the charges at $30 (Which is the price for unlimited)

    Want a high end phone and be a high roller.. then it is $30.

    I don’t see where all all the complaining is about. You can get a Andoid phone, get a $10 a month plan. And you know your data is going to be no less than $10 and no more than $30. I think this is a win for customers. One month you may spend $30 and another month you may only spend $15. You are still in control on how much you spend.

    So to all you AT&T fanboys on this site. What is the overage cap on going over the $15 plan they offer?

  • Randall

    What I wonder is where the line for “premium” smartphone is. Does the Motorola Charm count as “premium”? The Defy? The Optimus T? IMO, any phone that had specs more than a year out of date when it was released should count as mid-range, but to be fair, that would include all of the BlackBerries.

    • dan

      Look at the second picture. It clearly states the Charm, and Optimus are not premium phones. Since the Defy will be under $100 as well I would look for it not to as well.

    • James

      The Charm, Optimus T and Nuron are not considered “premium” smartphones. Just look at the screen shot above.

  • James

    So, again, I have a Nokia Nuron that I’m currently paying $10 a month for unlimited data on. I understand that that won’t change because of the whole grandfather thing. My question now is if I decided to pick up a LG Optimus T next month, while falls in the same catagory ast the Nuron, can I still keep my $10 a month data plan?

    • dan

      If you upgrade to one of the new phones I am sure it would require you to change your data plan.

  • I wonder how they would react if I said my “phone” is a T-Mobile SIM card and I stick my SIM card into a T-Mobile G2 that I bought outright.

    • James

      Good point. If I just purchased the Optimus T outright and swapped the sim from my Nuron to the LG wouldn’t my current data plan stay the same?

      • dan

        No because once the phone hits the network and you try and get on the internet it is going to tag your phone and the Internet won’t work. Simular if you have a Android internet the web won’t work if you pop it in a Blackberry…

      • MattB

        Your hypothetical Optimus will allow either plan anyhow so…

  • Joe

    T-Mobile needs a data usage meter.

  • James


    That’s interesting because I originaly had a T-Moble Tap with my $10 a month unlimited data plan and when I lost it and picked up the Nuron(new sim same number) I still had my $10 a month data plan. If I can keep my $10 a month unlimited data plan and upgrade to a Optimus T I’ll do that. But if I have to pay $30 a month for unlimited(I generally do about 1.5 – 2Gb a month) then I’ll just go ahead and grab a HTC HD7.

    • dan

      That is because the Tap and the Nuron were until this change considered Phone First Devices and had the same web.

      Enjoy your new HD7

      • James

        I will if I have to go that route. But I still think that if I just simply purchase the Optimus T outright and stick my Nurons sim in it that I can still keep my unlimited data plan for $10 per month becuse my contract hasn’t changed and both phones are considered “standard” smartphones. I guess we’ll all know next month.

    • mikeyo

      its data and unlimited text cheapass.

      • MattB

        Why do people (read: you) keep claiming this includes unlimited text… it doesn’t include any text…

  • bloggingpig

    1. http://bit.ly/cm4EzJ

    Data access on the Android continues…. Basically, trying to turn it off the ‘expected way’ is a TOTAL JOKE! Other platforms do not have this continuing problem.
    Thus, roaming is going to kill you unless you use the workaround…

    2. 200MB / $10 is a JOKE. And I’m on a Nuron!

    On my Nuron, just surfing the net, watching a few music videos, GPS’ing a few hours, etc. this month already gobbled up 770MB in about two weeks.

    Just opening up ENGADGET’s 1st page = 375KB!
    Three pages, and it’s 33.8MB per month for viewing just one news site!

    That’s just under 6 news websites per day, and you’re out of 200MB / month. (And not even opened up one youtube music video yet!)

    Watch just one SD youtube video a day, and that’s easily 10-20MB. 30 days and that’s it.

    (Haven’t even touched tethering yet…)

    3. Whatever happened to $5.99/month unlimited?

    T-Mobile’s getting stingy. They simply haven’t rolled out the network ala Verizon/Sprint, and they’re paying for that.

    4. What about Sprint at $69.99/month unlimited web? (cheaper with corporate discounts; no need for unlimited voice given Skype, etc. over data)


    Notice how they’re all price fixing – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon.

    How is it that all of them manage to average about the same $60-70 / month for unlimited web + some voice minutes? Despite the varying amounts of money they’re pouring into their networks and their subscriber base?

    == How is it that Virgin Mobile USA running on Sprint’s network charges, instead of $60-70/month, ONLY $25/MONTH for UNLIMITED WEB + some voice minutes??? ==

    ADD TWO AND TWO together and you realize their realistic break-even is closer to a $25/month bill rather than any of this silly 200MB/$10/month craziness. Just greedy phone companies trying to suck more $$$ out of their customers to boost their bottom lines to look good on the stock market.

  • Derek

    If you get an Optimus, even with the switch to a newer plan you would still pay 10 for 200mb and for a phone of that nature that wont require much data 200mb is just fine. or you can buy the phone full price and not have to worry about switching data plans at all.

    Okay AT&T lovers, if you wanna switch so bad let do math shall we.

    an unlimited voice plan on AT&T will cost you 70 bucks off top for just voice. 20 more for unlimited text and lets say 15 for your iphone with 200MB. So before taxes, insurance or any of that youre looking at $105 MRC. And thats not even including if you happen to go over that 200MB one month unexpectedly, and a 200 early termination fee on T-Mobile to get out of your contract, and all the other fees im sure AT&T has for services that should be free, and might i add crappy customer service :)

    unlimited EVERYTHING including insurance before taxes is that same 105 on TMO, so no difference there at all. Isnt that what this is about, price right? lol. you get the fastest internet amongst all carriers currently, and the BEST customer service out there two years running..so…now what?

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Derek, let’s not forget that T-Mobile only charges $18 for an early upgrade fee, where as you Android lovers, if you go to AT&T, you would have to pay $200 plus whatever the contract price of the phone is, to upgrade early. Ridiculous. This apply to non-iPhone smartphones only, but of course. I believe you receive your full discounted price after being a year into your T-Mobile contract. AT&T is a bunch of money suckers.

  • Barry

    This plan is so stupid. Why wouldn’t you allow everyone the option to choose what data plan they want . So some people who don’t need 5 gb for their premium phone have to but it and may not go whether close to that number and people who need more than the 5 gb can’t cause it’s being wasted on customers who aren’t even using it. Makes no sense at all. Just as someone said a while back t-mobile takes one step forward and two steps back

    • dan

      Well Berry, probably has to do with the fact that the full price of a Nuron, Charm is less than $250. So they can give you a lower price point on the web.

      The higher phones typically run $350-$550. Because of that they need to charge the $30 to try and make back what they are giving you for a discount.

      Building towers and network isn’t free. They need to generate revenue some how.

      • Barry

        Well Dan it’s Barry not “Berry” and I thought they made all of there money back and much more throughout the length of the contract which is why you get subsidized prices on 2 year contracts only. Plus again you’re locked in to that so that’s pretty much money in the bank…plus the must have data plans to go with smartphones. Why can’t you have the phone without getting a data plan…ohhhh you might have access to a lot of wi-fi and we can’t have that right…so I’m sure that’s why a lot of companies make you get data plans with smartphones I’m sure if they weren’t wifi enabled this wouldn’t be an issue. Like I said I don’t have a problem with the idea I just have a problem with them cutting the data cap in half. Like someone mentioned I can’t get outta my contract for half the price if I wanted to…And it’s counter productive either way. Why cut the cap in half then a couple days later leak out a mthd rom with a tv app…netflix is coming, hulu not to mention youtube mytouch music all these social networking apps weather apps…are these things a necessity? hell no but we want them because we’re paying for them so now to have to more self conscious on something that’s “unlimited” is a joke. bottom line is T-mobile is becoming just like the rest of them. Also what if someone buys an older smartphone like a G1 or Cliq or something are these considered premium phones still how are those gonna get priced cause I’m pretty sure no one on this site would consider those devices “premium” anymore. It’s stupid and not well thought out like a lot of the stuff they do. I love T-mobile but on this they’re wrong. I’ve been off contract for over a year now and I will not hesitate to leave if I see things start changing for the worse.

  • Barry

    Go nowhere close* damn vibrant and its lack of a trackpad/trackball lol I’m living it though

  • umm

    guys, nothing is changing. It is the same thing as now, all they are doing is adding a 10 dollar option for ppl who dont use the web that much…your still paying the same price for the internet as you are now…and it changing the prices for the ppl who use neurons or charms other than that if you have a high end smart phone, like most of you do, it does not affect you

    • dethduck

      Congratulations, you are the first one to figure that out. I swear, people are so quick to complain. Every time T-Mobile gives them choices it’s the end of the world.

      Choice is a Good Thing.

    • Doogie

      If my math is right, I think the other thing that would change is the Even More Plus Plan with Unlimited Web would go up by 5 buxs.

  • mikeyo

    ok people the data plan includes unlimited text and web. If you are an avid android user the 200mb is no where nere enough. thats like two rom downloads to your phone. all this bitching is pointless. iphone data plan is 30 dollars just for web and then like 15 bucks more for text. Why buy a smartphone and dont use it to fullest.

    • MattB

      Data does not include text, iPhone is not $30, put the keyboard down…

    • Evan

      Because I can get the most out of my phone over wifi, where data isn’t needed….

    • I’m an “avid Android user” and have only gone over 200MB twice in the past 12 months. It helps if you have WiFi available almost everywhere.

  • Sami

    Wait, but what about the mytouch slide? Does that require $30 a month or can I get the $10 a month on it?

    • pinky

      Wait, but that was already answered. 30

  • tk421

    I understand what Tmo is trying to do and I understand all the comments about “Why is everyone complaining about the $30 plan” when it is staying the same. Well actually it isn’t staying the same if you think about it unlimited means unlimted. According to the dictionary:

    1. not limited; unrestricted; unconfined: unlimited trade.
    2. boundless; infinite; vast: the unlimited skies.
    3. without any qualification or exception; unconditional.

    So if Tmo wants to curb or throttle back my so called “unlimited” data plan at 5Gb then it isn’t truly an unlimited plan and therefore could be considered false advertising. It may be a stretch but it wouldn’t surprise me if somewhere down the road Tmo gets slapped with a Class action lawsuit for false advertising. Just a thought.

    • pinky

      It is unlimited. I don’t recall tmo ever guaranteeing your speed on the network? You can still use data when they throttle you.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        according to that definition of unlimited, throttling would be a restriction.

    • Scott

      Actually, someone has already tried to pull the class action lawsuit for the very situation you described:


      This individual exceeded 10GB (how do you do that on a cell phone?) and had his speeds throttled. It may have been slower, but it was still unlimited, so I would think that there really is no case here, and in fact I would submit that this individual was probably tethering, which IS in violation of his contract and could end up causing him trouble. Speeds are not guaranteed, and in fact, when it comes to transfer speeds of most communications/networking companies (Cable, Fios, wireless, etc) advertised speeds are listed as “Up to” or “Reaching”. They don’t ever guarantee those high end speeds because it’s just not possible to control signal strength from the switches to your house, cell phone, laptop, etc.

  • Noel

    i currently have the bold 9700 and the unlimited blackberry plan just wondering with these changes am going to pay more then i do already??? and can i complain and cancel my contract without fee???

    • pinky

      Where do you see that your plan is increasing?

      • LuvMyGreenRobot

        No. You will be paying the same for data. I believe if you swtich to an Android phone, it will be an extra $5. I’m not sure.

  • Scott

    Again, before complaining, contact customer retention before pulling the trigger on your new phone UPGRADE and find out if you can work a deal to keep your “lower” phone rates. To me all this complaining is akin to buying a new year model car and then complaining a year later when it’s several thousand dollars cheaper and you don’t get to recover the difference. Ask yourself–If T-Mobile did not announce rate changes and I had to pay the $30 for the unlimited plan for a new top-of-the-line Android/Windows phone, would I? If the answer is no, then you probably aren’t going to get a top-of-the-line phone anyway, so you’ll more than qualify for the $10 plan with whatever phone you settle for. The point to getting a phone like the G2 is that it has the technology to utilize HSPA+, meaning you would operate independently of Wifi. Buying a phone like the G2 and purposely staying near wifi so as not to use up MBs to me is the same as buying a Wireless-N Gigabit Router and using Cat 5 to connect it to your 10base100 desktop–why buy the technology when you aren’t going to use it? Why waste your money?

  • Rilesman

    What about the Galaxy Tab….I won’t need much data as it will stay mostly in the home with WiFi.

  • tk421

    Respectfully, yes they may never have guaranteed our speed on the network however before they never made an exception that once you met a certain bandwidth they were going to cut you back, unlimited means unlimited. If it isn’t truly unlimited then change the name of the plan. If one goes to an All you can eat buffet they expect to be able to sit down and eat as much as they want as glutton as that may be but there is the expectation that they can eat to their hearts content. “Unlimited” implies that it is unlimited with any restrictions. To throttle back a customers bandwidth is a limitation, therefore it is “LIMITED”.

  • ALEX

    All I have to say is that in my case I have a mytouch slide without internet cause i cant pay the 30 dollares witch i though in FLorida it was 49.99 for a unlimited data plan and for what i use it its works great i text and my billign txt is about 5,000 to 6,000 text a month if i had internet it will be better recieving pics right away not having to see unable to download pics witch it gets me mad cause if i have unlimited txt, pics and im and im paying for that service tmmobile should atleast let you recive pics and im on a smartphone or in this case the “premium phones” i dont care that much for the internet every where we go theres free wifi we should all thank tmobile for having almost all the smartphones “premium phones” have wifi just do what i do use the wifi and stick to texting.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Ok has ANYONE noticed that they are lowering the data for the feature phones?!?!?! Am I the only one that is not blind?!

    RIGHT NOW you can get a Nuron with UNLIMITED data for $10, it’s going to dropped to measly 200 mb!!

    People wake up! We are getting closer and closer to throttled speeds AND getting CHARGED for overages. (Look at the 200mb plan). In due time we’re going to be hit with a 2GB data plan and charged for going over. Mark my words.

    Also, on another note it seems the pricing changed. I could’ve sworn the unlimited plans were priced differently.

    • Vibrant Addict

      I take back the last line. Unlimited still costs the same.

      I’m going to throw the suggestion that if you have Even More Plus you can probably convince them to put you on the new 200mb plan for your ‘superphone’. By wary of overages tho, it’s gonna cost you.

  • J-man

    Oh wow! It seems that these plans are getting worser and worser every day. First they throttle you down at 5 gigs and now these new plans. I wonder if I call retentions if they can do something. I have a grandfathered plan, with a loyalty $5 first phone web on my nuron. I use about 2 gigs a month, so if i change to another phone and decide to change back, i want the same thing. let see what happens.

  • threetee14

    my mom has the cliq and she uses under 200mb… my question is, does the CLIQ count as a standard smartphone?

    • JB


    • BlackHawk

      Because its powered by Android, and Android is “optimized for the web and the multimedia experience”.

  • Tabasco

    Keep this in mind too,if your and Android power user and have a rooted phone and wanna change roms. “On the fly”,those roms alone are normally 90megs and up. You’ll go through that 200 megs in no time with just roms,that doesn’t include downloading mp3s or anything else that might take data.Ill stick with my $30 a month for data.

    • Arguably a “power user” wouldn’t be downloading new ROMs OTA.

  • Gina

    One good thing that others have failed to mention in reference to the 200 MB plan: Overages won’t exceed $30

    So don’t freak out if you happen to use a grip of data one month. You won’t be billed hundreds of dollars in overages like you would on Verizon.

    Go check out Verizon’s new $15 / 150 MB plan and see what the overage penalties are.

  • Derek

    Well data is really unlimited. As stated before, you are never guaranteed a speed. If you look at the terms and conditions of your contract on any carrier, there is a limit to data per month although it’s presented as unlimited. Most carriers limit is 5GB. After that u no longer get data until the next month. All tmo does is slow ur speed but u still get data therefore it is unlimited still.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Well despite the endless discussion on this, you continue to toe the T-Mobile line and logic.

      But being throttled to Edge renders your phone useless on all the high-bandwidth features the phones are capable and advertised to do (Google Maps, video streaming, uploading videos, downloading files, etc.)

      There’s a class action in a California Superior court where the Plaintiffs are alleging the above, while T-Mobile is defending along the lines of what you echo.

      Why don’t you do this test, turn off your phone’s 3G (switch to using 2G). And then use the phone’s features that require 3G or better. Report back on your experience.

      • 2FR35H


        I agree 1000+

      • JB

        You’re an idiot. That “5GB limit” is FCC regulation. Do your homework before you start talking like you know what you’re talking about.

      • 2FR35H


        Do you want to provide proof of that?

    • BlackHawk

      T-Mo was at 10GB until very recently. They just switched, or will soon be switching to the 5GB max.

  • Spokker

    The most efficient way to allocate a resource such as bandwidth is with the price mechanism. Charge a per MB or GB price from the beginning and allow users to set their own caps in their account settings. Hell, I’d offer the opportunity to set a daily, weekly or monthly cap. It would be the most you would be charged on your bill and if you never reach the cap, you get charged only for what you used. This is the ultimately way to maintain efficiency and offer choice to the consumer.

    Whether they would charge $5, $10 or $15 per gigabyte is partly up to what their in-house economists and statisticians have to say. They have those, right?

    But they will never implement this. That word “unlimited” means a lot of money to cell phone companies, even though your 3G connection is essentially dead once you reach an arbitrary cap.

    • Spokker

      I’ll use myself as an example. I don’t care if I reach the cap. I’ll hit 3, 4 or 5 gigabytes easily. Turn on WiFi? Why bother? It’s in my best interest to use 5 gigs worth of bandwidth because I’m paying $25 whether I used 1 byte or 1,000,000,000 bytes. It’s in my best interest to use as much bandwidth as I can because the marginal cost of each unit of data usage goes down as I use more.

      Switch to a per MB or per GB price system and suddenly I’m watching my data usage. Suddenly I’m switching to WiFi. One month I might use 500 megs and another month I might go all the way to 5 gigs, but it won’t be the frivolous usage as in the other scenario.

      Unlimited plans, even if you impose a cap, still creates an incentives for customers to use as much data as they can.

      • Monkey

        I would have thought it was in your best interest to get the best throughput that you can. I would switch to WiFi at home just because it is faster.

        I imagine that you are paying for your WiFi too. Why wouldn’t you want to maximize the value of that investment?

    • Vibrant addict

      That’s the most brilliant idea ever $5 per GB

  • Derek

    There was a lawsuit filed against T-Mobile not too long for overages on an unlimited plan for data. TMO won that case because of what’s stated in the terms and conditions.

  • Bill

    Bottom line, no more unlimited data for everybody living wherever high speed is available. Verizon Wireless at the end of the month rolls their tiered data plans out, AT&T has already tiered their service and we’re next! It’s a copy cat league!

  • RoTo

    Let’s see.

    Premium phones = lowered “unlimited” limit from 10GB to 5GB for the same price.
    Average phones = new choice of $10/200MB if you don’t need “unlimited”.
    Cheap phones = lowered unlimited to 200MB for the same price.

    I don’t get what the tmobile employees are raving about. Yes one more choice, but two more squeezes. It’s like that guy that loosened the belt but tightened his tie knot and his shoe laces… or like it has been said one step forward and two back, the famous crab walk.

    BTW, real choice is to let customers decide how much data they want to use.

    I have been deciding whether to dump ATT for tmobile. But now I’m gonna look more to Sprint. Their corporate discount is twice as much and I have wimax here.

  • motocliq owner

    So I can go to eny tmobile store buy a g2 or mytouch and use 1 gb internet for less what is one gb enyway and how much internet would I use.

  • DatNizzle

    So no more $10 unlimited data for feature phones? I need to sign my GF up for it today then, she’s got a Nuron.

  • userfriendlyme

    ok this is disappointing im not sure why the 200mb plan can’t be offered on all smart phones. Just becasue i have a g2 doesnt mean im going to use more data.

    • eYe

      Yes it does. G2 will go through 200mb without you touching it in 2 weeks. Trust me, you want unlimited with any newer Android phone.

      • trmacdonal

        That’s just not true. My wife had a G1 and now a G2. She has always used between 75 to 125 MB’s per month. The G2 doesn’t use anymore than the G1 did.

      • Somehow I doubt that, my G1 is running 2.2 and I’ve only gone over 200MB twice in the past 12 months (and just barely both times), I’m under 100MB as often as I’m over it.

        And far from not touching it, I use the phone constantly, but of course most of the places where I use data features I have WiFi available.

        Not sure what would be different about a “newer” phone running the same software that would cause it to magically use a lot more data.

    • BlackHawk

      Being on WiFi doesnt count towards your data plan. So if your on WiFi more than your not, of course your data usage on network will be lower.

  • Tyrone

    Well, they seem to be right on top of scheme to charge people. Too bad they are so delinquent in updating their Android offerings to 2.2 due to all of the non-removable hardware specific bloatware they want to customize for each model.

  • lauren

    I disagree with some of these comments. My dad uses the MT3G Fender Edition and last month he used a whopping 97mb. I think it’s incredibly unfair that they won’t allow “premium” handset users to at least try the 200mb a month plan.

    I think I will call anyway when the new plan hits and bully my way into one for him. I mean, 6 years as a T-Mo customer has to count for something, right???

    • Jrsykind

      My wife uses 180-220 mb a month on her G1. I use 1.2-1.8 gb a month with a G1 (use Google Listen for podcasts)

  • TonyJohns

    Gawd people! The plan is unlimited! They only throttle the data, not cut it off! You are still getting data, how hard is that to understand. If you don’t like it, guess what!? You can CHOOSE not to sign up or stay with TMobile.

    • The Hammer


      No body can ever be happy.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I repeat… throttle YOUR phone down to 2G and try to access the Net, upload a video to YouTube, use Google maps or watch a Netflix preview, watch MobiTV, a movie, play Pandora, etc. and report back to us that under 2G (EDGE) that you still have the same “unlimited plan 3G user experience.”

      • TonyJohns

        Haha..even with full HSPA+ you are not guaranteed a seamless data experience. I repeat AGAIN; T-Mobile is still providing you with data. That data is subject to network congestion, phone location, time of day etc. AGAIN, if you don’t like it, trot over to the other cell phone carriers who are doing the same thing.

      • evil

        Im almost always on edge with my mt3g. It works just fine. Yeah its not as nice as 3g but I’d much rather be cut down to edge than have my data cut off or be charged for going over my limit. I don’t know how much bandwidth I use every month but I know its substantially more than the average user. Anyway my whole point is that 3g is great but edge works too and I’m just happy tmo. Isn’t gonna cut me off or charge me when I go over…

  • Deadeye

    I don’t understand why they are saying that the G2 can only get the unlimited plan when it’s running stock android. I would think that the Charm or other mid-range android phone could potentially gobble up just as much data at the same rate as the high end android phones. The only high end android phone that I think may be the exception would be the upcoming MyTouch 4G and it’s video calling function.

    • Deadeye

      Where does the CLIQ & DEFY fall in this picture?

  • Nathan

    So the new minimum EM+ plan for “premium smartphones” is 500 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data for $65/month? Remember 18 months ago you could get 300 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited data for $65/month AND get a $250 phone subsidy?

    I’m really disappointed in T-Mobile. Neither ATT nor VZW prevent premium smartphone users from choosing a lower-tier data plan, and it makes T-Mobile completely uncompetitive for customers who want that.

    Here are the minimum plans for my usage, which is 300 minutes (total, including nights, weekends and M2M), 30-60 MB of data, and 1000 text messages:

    With phone subsidy:
    ATT with 450 minutes, 1500 texts, 200 MB data — $70
    VZW with 450 minutes, 5000 texts, 150 MB data — $75
    TMO with 500 minutes, unlimited text & data — $80

    No phone subsidy:
    TMO prepaid with unlimited minutes & text, 100 MB data — $50
    TMO EM+ with 500 minutes, unlimited text & data — $65

    Between the G2 locked-MMC issue and this, T-Mobile has really shot themselves in the foot lately. I thought pretty highly of them for being the first to introduce Android and then offering the progressive EM+ plans, but I guess that hasn’t made them any money because they’re back-pedalling on customer choice pretty rapidly.

  • How can they stop you from adding a 200MB plan to a line and then using that line for a smartphone?

    My wife will probably be getting her first smartphone next month (probably either a G2 or a Vibrant) but no way will she use more than 200MB of data (We have been married almost 18 years, I know my wife).

    Maybe what I will do is add the 200MB plan to her line while she still has her current phone (POS Motorola ACTV (W450) – not even a feature phone but in theory it could use data).

    Buy a new phone myself and then swap her SIM in.

    Obviously TMO can tell, if they want to what kind of device is being used, but will they look and will they care?

    • 2FR35H


      You will most likely receive a note saying that your plan is not compatible with the device.

    • JB

      The device warranty tool T-Mobile uses converts the IMEI of the device the SIM is in into the system so it will default all available data plans for that single device and no others.

      There are ways around it, but not for 75% of the CSRs you’d talk to.

      Also, T-Mobile has set protocols for devices, such as Android vs. Phonefirst that won’t work with each other. If you swap SIMs, the web simply won’t work unless you have old features like that $5.99 t-zones feature that used to exist.

      Hope that helps in your quest. :)

      • Hrm I’d be interested in finding out about those ways around it, if we could save $15/mo it would add up over time.

      • JB6464

        BS !
        They said Web2Go would’nt work with my HD2 but it does. All you have to do is change the APN settings from TPC-T-Mobile TO internet2.voicestream.com and your using 3G internet speeds all for $9.99/month instead of the $30.00/month data plan that T-Mobile says you Must to have to make the phone work properly.

  • Patrick

    I can’t believe that Tmobile can say that my inlaws BB 8520 EDGE only phones are “premium” devices!

  • Patrick

    Here’s what I want to know. How about customers that have “not so smart” smartphones that now qualify for the $10 data plan and currently have the $30 thrust upon them. Will Tmobile allow them to “downgrade” to the new plan to fulfill that part of their plan requirement?

  • some internet dude

    i wonder if they will force people to give up the 30 unlimited

    • MattB

      Give it up for what? This makes no sense… $30/unlimited is still being offered.

  • Sulu600

    Screwed again. I have a MT3G, aka Premium Smartphone, but I am stuck with 90% GPRS data speeds with some EDGE and very little 3G when I travel. I have never gotten close to 200 MB per month because I spend most of my time on WiFi. It takes over 2 min to load a Google Map page on GPRS speeds and a look at my usage looks crazy with all at only .002KB. But I can not take advantage of the $10 dollar plan. I would love to be penalized for going over 5GB and getting upgraded to EDGE speeds (o;

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well didn’t I say repeatedly that T-Mobile will go to tiered data and will by December 2012 do away with unlimited plans. Except it will be in small steps.

    (See my previous posts.)

    This is not a matter of whether or not YOU could not or would not use 200MB or whatever, the real news here is that T-Mobile is moving toward AT&T’s pricing model and will be doing away with ALL unlimited data plans.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Some of you also don’t see what T-Mobile is doing because they are doing it in small steps. Someone should make a timeline of the changes to understand the process.

    In any event, data is the only thing saving carriers from ruin. But T-Mobile, as others, have discovered that most users don’t use data and given a choice they won’t sign up for it.

    So what does T-Mobile (and others) do? They make data plans mandatory. You want to use a fancy phone, even one you bought on eBay, for example, you are going to have to buy a data plan (which some of you don’t seem to understand, it’s a sizable purchase, anywhere from $600 to $840 over two years).

    Want to understand how much is at stake. Assume 30 million T-Mobile customers are forced to buy data plans from $25 to $35 each. Times that by 24 months and you see why carriers are making data plans mandatory, but also providing less service for those prices.

    And you are gullible if you think that T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon are doing a great thing by offering $15 data plans. For one, the limits are artificially low, assured that users will incur overage charges, and second, just how long do you think it will be before even the $15 data plan price to increase to $20, then $25, and for “premium data” to shoot up to $40 and $50.

    Mark my words, people will soon be opting for POTS (plain old telephone service)from the prepaid carriers, especially if T-Mobile forces data plans even on its low-end feature phones.

    I’m telling you, in this tanked economy people are going to go back to using cell phones for calls, maybe checking e-mails, and that’s it.

    We are contemplating selling all our smartphones and getting simple prepaid call plans from Boost or someone else. (They have e-mail only phones that are fine).

    On my Even More + plan I pay full price for phones. On my EM+ plan I am paying $3840 for two years service. While I do sell my smartphones recouping the price I pay for them, I say to heck with paying close to $2000 (with taxes) a year simply to play around on the Net, download some games, etc.

    • some internet dude

      Well It all sounds bleak, so everyone just bend over and take it.

    • JB

      Do you not realize that Smartphones are turning more and more data dependent? Look at the G1; the phone won’t even work normally without the data plan.

      Here’s an idea, don’t buy a $500 SMARTPHONE if you don’t use it for what it’s developed for.

      Once again, I’m saying you’re an idiot.


      • some internet dude

        I’d go fix your teeth, I’m sure there in bad shape been a brit and all.


    • Dan

      T-mobile does not require a data plan for smartphones. Only if you want a subsidized phone do they require a smartphone data plan. Buy a G2 full price and use it on the EM+ plans with voice and text only, they allow that.

    • Steve

      @itsmichaelnotmike, I agree with what you are saying. I hate to say it but owning a smartphone nowadays is a real pain in the neck and not worth all of the hassle to me! with all of the data plan requirements, (by the way those didn’t always exist. I have a dash that I use strictly off wifi), usage caps, throttling etc etc etc. It is getting ridulous even if you pay full price for the equipment.

      I really think I’m going to buy a basic flip phone for calls and texts and an Ipod touch for web browsing and email. that way I don’t have to constantly worry about new rule or restriction TMO or the carriers are going to impose upon me as a customer.

    • BlackHawk

      Cant argue with any of that. I dont like it, but its hard to argue. Makes $60 a month for prepaid BB much more appealing.

  • 2FR35H

    I swear most of you act like the girlfriend or wife that gets beat and raped on occasion that tries to justify that its their own fault and their better than their last abusive ex.

  • Ahh.. Imma abusive mofo when it comes to the data plan. Luckily im on an employee account and this doesnt effect me for one second.

    *sent from rooted Vibrant wifi tether. Its such a vibrant thing ::in qtip voice::*

  • MW

    doesn’t make sense to go by the phone, needs to go by the user then it makes sense. Just because somebody has a low end phone doesn’t mean they won’t be a power user; likewise just because somebody has a high end phone doesn’t mean they will be a power user

  • TonyJohns

    Look, times change. Everything is not going to stay the same forever. This is not doom and gloom or the end of the world. Owning a cell phone costs differently than it did years ago. Honestly if you don’t like how things are being done, you have the freedom of NOT owning a cell phone or going with a regional low cost cell provider, which I’m sure most of us have in our respective areas. If not, then I guess you will be stuck with no phone or a landline.

    All major cell phone carriers will go to tiered data pricing. That’s just the way it’s going to be. Data is where the money is at (at least for cell phone companies).

    As long as the USA cellular model remains prevalent (pick your cell phone provider based on the phones they have and phone subsidies) this trend will continue. Only when you take the actual cell phone out of the providers hands, is when you will see prices come down and become competitive.

    Think about you, you buy a (full price) iphone, droid x, mytouch HD etc. and you get to pick which company you’d like to use your new phone on(T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T or Verizon). That’s when the power is in YOUR HANDS. Because now the cell companies have to focus on their network and plan prices if they want to attract customers, not which exclusivity cell phone deal they can get.

    It’s like when we buy our computers and TVs. We buy a computer and PICK which internet service provider to use, we buy a TV and PICK which cable provider to use.

  • Mc T

    I wouldn’t mind dealing with Tmo’s new tiered pricing if it included teathering. I don’t like that sprint & verizon charge an additional fee for tethering (in addition to the data plan). I only need to tether occasionally for work (when now open wifi is availalbe) and don’t want to pay monthly fee just for tethering – it’s not worth it for the infrequent use. (Full time wifi for a laptop is always preferred for a laptop anyways – tether is just a short workaround)

  • Zuben

    Exactly what will be going on with grey market phones? It looks like they are lumped in in certain categories.

  • Rome

    Well this is useless… So if you have a phone worth having a data plan for, you can’t take advantage of this new 200 MB plan, even though many many people who have myTouch’s, G1’s and G2’s do not even use 200MB a month.

    Thanks for nothing T-mobile, Scratch my plans to buy myTouch 4G’s now.

  • bloggingpig

    Let me reiterate:

    $25 / month = 300 minutes + UNLIMITED DATA/TEXT/EMAIL
    Android phone? Yep.

    T-Mobile? Ripoff.
    AT&T? Ripoff.
    Verizon? Ripoff.
    Sprint? Can’t say nothing since VM USA is part of Sprint.

  • maximum

    i was thinkin to buy G2 and use it without data plan.

    if i buy it by nov 2nd, can i keep it without data plan? or i’d be forced to add data plan? i know some people still using $5 data plan made contract years ago.

    • DatNizzle

      I bought a Cliq using my GF’s upgrade online. It did not put a data plan on her line, and I used the phone for a month on my line. I had t-zones for $5. The browser would say I needed an upgrade. I just used wi-fi. Some apps worked some didn’t. I then added the $25 web text pack to my line. They never tried to put a data plan on my GF’s line. But that was last year so…

  • DatNizzle

    Check this out, quick question
    My GF has a Neuron. I put the $10 umlim net on her phone yesterday. Since the chart has the Charm and the Optimus in the same class as the Neuron. Now if I get her one of those phones, is she grandfathered into the unlimited plan? According to them she’s not going up in class, she should be able to keep that plan right?

  • Mike Larry

    will the nokia e73 be eligible for the new $10 data plan ? thanks

  • bitooo

    will i be able to cancel my contracts with tmobile early w/o termination fee because of this? i really hate tmobile…. and asurion, but thats another story.

  • snr

    more than likely if we are on this site we already have t-mobile….
    So it may be in our best interests to stick with our grandfathered plans.

    However the major cellular carriers copying each other is getting tiring and they fact that they keep putting the squeeze on their customers with not truly giving an unlimited data plan will eventually come to an end when someone sues their ass.

  • Mark

    FAIL…massive massive FAIL…so sick of these cell phone companies.

    I was looking forward to this new $10 plan but OF COURSE there has to be this stupid system where they put pricing options for the different categories.

    I was really excited to finally be able to pick up a smartphone, specifically the G2, and now I read this and the full $30 data plan is still going to be required for this “premium” phone. Lots of BS. Thanks for nothing Tmobile.

    I haven’t updated my phone through tmobile in probably 4 years (i’ve bought unlocked phones off Ebay), and basically there is no reason for me to EVER upgrade through them until they stop this mandatory $30 data plan nonsense.

    Hopefully I can find an unlocked G2 on Ebay for a reasonable price in the next few months.

  • some internet dude

    Great now that tmo is going tier, I have no reason to like they anymore. Been with them since they where called voicestream. Welcome to the douche bag club Tmobile.

  • BGK

    They didn’t learn anything from AT&T. The HUGE iPhone sales this summer were due in large part to the lower tier smartphone data option. A 65.00/month bill is much more palatable than an 80.00/month data plan. When the majority of people never use more than 200 mb/month they should give that option to all smartphone users. This sells more phones, gets more people on contract and makes more money. But T-mobile seems to be afraid of missing out on the price gouging that will go on until OEMs start getting the balls to make handsets that have both ATT and AWS 3G frequencies.

  • dt

    I have a cliq xt with no data plan right now. I’d only get a data plan if it were the $10 for 200mb, not going to bother if I have to pay $30

  • jennifer

    you guys comparing t-mobile to other networks don’t have a clue what ya’ll talking about, you own a android phone, google “verizon unlimited data cap”, “t-mobile unlimited data cap”, “sprint unlimited data cap”, & “at&t unlimited data cap” for goodness sakes before comparing their data plans

    t-mobile and at&t are the only ones using this unlimited limited data plan crap

    i currently own a nexus one which is a google experience phone, rumor is motorola or samsung are creating the next google experience phone, i hope it’s sprint or verizon, cause that’s where i’ll be heading to for true unlimited data

    • J-man

      FYI verizon also has data caps, at 5 GBs and that is for smartphones. I am not sure if they are throttled down or not, I suppose.

  • jennifer

    also check out their new plans for tethering


    $15+ to tethering with no additional data, so it’ll still be counted towards your 5gb caps, what a joke

  • lemmyslender

    Any suggestions on my best course of action?

    Currently on EM+ 29.99 +$10 unlimited web = $40. Data ranges from 100-400MB average of 220MB.

    Should I switch to EM 39.99 + $10 unlimited web = $50 (but on contract for 2 yrs), I assume I’m safe from having to pay more once in a contract if I don’t make any changes.


    Stay on EM+ ($40). Will I be forced to change data plan at next monthly cycle after Nov 3? In which case it would be $29.99 + $25 = $55

    Any ideas?

    • dt

      from what I know, I don’t think you can go from an EM+ plan to an EM plan. You have to get a new account with them. If you really want to try this, talk to a CSR, they might switch you

      • dt

        nevermind, you are allowed…but back to your original question, I think you are grandfathered into the plan you had, even if you’re not on a contract so I don’t think you need to do anything

  • Bill

    The plan I saw was the “5GB Overage Free Plan”…5 gigs costing $50.