Engadget Reviews The HTC HD7

Now that we know pricing and the availability date, there’s only one question that needs to be answered, should I get it? The folks over at Engadget have posted an in-depth review of the HTC HD7. Although this isn’t the T-Mobile USA branded version (which will come with some extra goodies, such as T-Mobile TV, T-Mobile Family Room, the Netflix app and Slacker Radio preinstalled) the European version is basically the same. Hopefully it will make your purchasing decision easier. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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      • sorandkairi

        + ….. “WHAT, ITS OVER 9000!?”

        …you know because 8000 just doesnt seem high enough

    • Dereck

      My thoughts exactly! Getting possed not knowing when it’s coming out!!!

      • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

        Guess I’ll keep it going. +5

    • DavidOhio

      Ugh…there is always someone like you on every post.

      • ?

        Man Up! you’ll get over it.

    • DjECast


    • abel2fresh4u


    • 11/3/10

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      Did you guys see the pictures w/ the color lineup? I would be undecided between the purple or red. I always choose black, but those shades are very nice.

  • paulistheman

    word dude i feel u this phone is gonna such we want a my touch release date asap this sucks ps os47 its me man

    • lookaturself

      aiiight!!! my n*gga how are you? spoke to numerous tmo reps. all they would confirm is that the mt4g will be out before 2011. with the defy coming on 11/3 and hd7 coming on 11/9 i cant see tmo dropping the mt4g in between. im thinking it may look like its coming out towards the end of november. remembe the tagline the phone had: “emerald can, iphone cant.” they will probably want to market the hell out of it, especially if they are trying to make it compete with the iphone. because of this, i think it will be out towards the end of november so the defy and hd7 get a little of the limelight. then again i could be wrong, which i hope i am. abd btw…i love this site. you guys do a great job! even tmo customer service recommended this site. way to go!

  • ogopogo

    What are the benefits of this over the HD2?

    • Which Way is Up?

      WS7 vs WM 6.5, 720 video recording (not supported by WM 6.5, however the CPU does in fact support this feature on our HD2’s) and a kickstand…

      • Which Way is Up?

        Other than that, same processor, same screen size, same screen resolution, same screen tech, same camera, same dual LED flashes, same battery…

        Oh, it has 2 less buttons than the HD2… :)

      • MOD

        Ahhhhhh…… better software and integration

      • blah

        I think the point he is trying to make is that this software could just as easily run on the existing HD2. Why buy the exact same phone a year later with just a new skin. If android released the G2 again with the same specs just an updated Ui it would be the end of the world. This and no Ffc are the only reasons I’m turning this down.

  • i want to know if it was releasing world wide on Nov. 8 ?! or just in some state/countries, i live in Puerto Rico and i was just wondering

    But the phone sounds AWESOME can’t wait to touch it!! :D

    • eric.eche

      I also live In puerto rico and I want this phone. Its launching in the US [which includes PR] on november 8, in Europe it has launched already, in octuber 21

  • Duhh

    You keep jelly on Mr Balmers’ sandwiches instead of Oil in the Androids’ joints

  • john

    We understand, I do too, but posting that on each thread sounds like reading comments from rainman. This is wp7, it will probably get dual boot for android, but that’s the only parallel.

  • yayankee

    Windows Phone 7 OS = NOT RECOMMENDED by WSJ

    Overall, I can’t recommend Windows Phone 7 as being on a par with iPhone or Android—at least not yet. Unless you’re an Xbox Live user, or rely on Microsoft’s SharePoint corporate Web-based document system, it isn’t as good or as versatile as its rivals.


    Write to Walter S. Mossberg at walt.mossberg@wsj.com

    • Deke218

      This from the same guy at the WSJ who thought Android would be a flop.

      • AreYouSerious?

        Thank you. Why in god’s name would anyone take tech news from the WSJ, or any newspaper and take it seriously? Newspapers are designed to appeal to the masses and lowest common denominator, i.e. they dumb EVERYTHING down.

        Last week my local paper did a piece on iPhone docks… of which they listed 5 and never actually stated if one was better than the other. Just, hey, here’s 5 docks in case you want one.

        I trust these tech blog sites before the WSJ, or USA Today or Newsweek. the only print pub you could get me to take seriously in regards to tech is Wired.

      • yayankee

        From Engadget:Same results as described by WSJ: It sucks!

        In our original preview, we said that Windows Phone 7 didn’t quite feel like a complete smartphone OS yet. We’d like to come back and report that it finally has the fit and finish of a fully realized product, but that isn’t exactly the case. Don’t get us wrong: there’s a lot to like or even love in WP7. Microsoft has done an outstanding job with lots of aspects of this UI, particularly when it comes to navigation and ease of use — but there are holes here as well. It still feels like the company is a good year behind market leaders right now, and though it’s clear the folks in Redmond are doing everything they can to get this platform up to snuff, it’s also clear that they’re not there yet.


      • Smith


        I hope you do know that Engadget is bias blog and they are all Apple fanboys.

        Every single crap from Apple always get the best review and high numbers and they cover it like it is innovation and it is magical.

        But anything else from Microsoft and others they do theie best to trash at and give it a bad review.

        So Engadget reviews has no value. They are bunch of Apple fanboys and so bias that most of their posts are really low quality just advertising for Apple.

        So refering to Engadget reviews to prove something is really pointless and has no value.

      • Smith


        I hope you do know that Engadget is bias blog and they are all Apple fanboys.

        Every single crap from Apple always get the best review and high numbers and they cover it like it is innovation and it is magical.

        But anything else from Microsoft and others they do theie best to trash at and give it a bad review.

        So Engadget reviews has no value. They are bunch of Apple fanboys and so bias that most of their posts are really low quality just advertising for Apple.

        So refering to Engadget reviews to prove something is really pointless and has no value.

  • Deke218

    Due to the lack of HSPA+ I can’t see myself getting this device.

    • JB6464

      +1 ^^
      That’s why i will stick with my HD2 for now,same specs.

      • Shawn


        I’m happy with my G2. Best phone of the 3 I have.. G2, Nexus One, Vibrant.

  • Mel P

    I’d read Engadget’s review of the Windows Phone 7 OS as well before getting excited…

    • Smith

      Engadget’s review has no value. They are just bunch of Apple fanboys.

      Their review for the product if it is not from Apple is always negative.

      Therefore Engadget’s review has no value!

  • Y314K

    Still waiting for someone to explain what’s up with the waste of screen on WM7…

    That arrow key can easily flow on top of the “People” square…. Now it’s even worst… They don’t only waste the big side sliver… But they also added a top sliver of white crap space…

    Is not using 1/4 of the screen the only way to make WM7 fast or ??? What’s the point of a 4.3″ screen with that much wasted space, screen after screen after screen….


    • AreYouSerious?

      take the time to watch a video or 2

  • mos_def98

    I own a HD2 I just wanna know what is the difference in getting this phone because the HD2 is some trash if you ask me. I’m not even gonna go into the problems that I have with this phone so if anyone out there knows the difference please tell me. If all it is on this phone is WM7 then they can have this phone because I wouldn’t want it at all.

    • AreYouSerious?

      that you call it trash and can’t seem grasp that its due to software and can’t seem to grasp that the HD7 is all new software, I would say sell it and get yourself a G2 or next myTouch.

      And if you even TRY to say its hardware, then you’re going to have to explain the EVO 4G to us in your own words.

    • JB6464

      Just put a custom rom on your HD2 to Andriod if you don’t like the HD2 stock..
      Saves yourself buying another WM phone you won’t like stock anyways.

  • Jonathan


  • ?

    This seems like it’ll do what I need it to do. I want to see a review on that Dell Venue Pro so that I can finally make my decision.

  • tipsofme

    How many times has windows mobile let its buyers down? Every time they release a phone everyone thinks its going to be amazing and they all rush out to buy it! WOOOWHOOOOO oh wait- This phone sucks A** Then T-Mobile has to play clean up with all these buyers coming back pissed off because they don’t understand that T-Mobile doesnt make phones any more than Time Warner makes Fing Tv’s…. Why for come all your T-Mobile phones be suckin? A customer comes in to the store and asks for the HTC 2 or how ever they find a way to screw up the name and I sell them a MyTouch 3.5. Good luck screwing one of those up. And hey windows- Sorry but normally in life im an innocent until proven guilty type of guy but after all the Shi* you have brought down on T-Mobile in the past 5 years, you ARE guilty until proven innocent in my book. Good day sir- I bid you good day!

    • efjay

      I think it says more about the stupidity of customers when they listen to a sales rep’s baised opinion rather than someone who actually makes an honest assessment of what the customer wants and just blindly recommends what he personally prefers.

      • Mae Mae

        Yeah, I’m kicking it with you, my HD2 3.14 works like a charm with a WP7 UI,and a Nexus One Android build … My next mobile device will be the MyTouch 4G with the Genius button, WHO THAT. Yall know where to get the new Tmo HD2 3.14 ROM that works with just about all Android builds. http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 WHO THAT!

  • tipsofme

    The point of a sales rep is to make sure a customer leaves with a phone that will suit their needs. Not some thing they think they want but will be back to return and add to churn. If a sales rep is doing their job when it comes to the the HD2 very few customers would be leaving (and returning) with this piss poor device.

  • tipsofme

    Known issue with the HD2: Can’t dial 911. Hm what customer “Wants” a phone that cant make 911 calls when it feels like it? Thats stupidity.

  • NeverAgain

    NO way will I ever buy another android or windows phone again!

  • molten

    Guys what is wrong here? New OS comes out and everybody is bashing it. Nice phone and everybody is bashing it. If the phone is not for you,don’t buy it.Wait for the Defy, My Touch 4G or what you want to wait for. I saw some guys quoting Engadget on here,did they realise that, the review was made in July and was revised to be posted yesterday? They didn’t even edit the part where it said that all your facebook “friends” will be imported to your people hub, meanwhile that feature is now set in such a way that you choose who you want to add from facebook to your people hub.The best review out there is done by Paul Thurrot,wait wait wait, I know you are going to say he is a Windows fanboy but he really bashes Microsoft where they went wrong.You have to get your hands on a device and then see for yourself because at the end of the day,its all about prefence and choice. Well if you want to believe everything that a reviewer throws at you, then that is wrong.I have used it and I am getting one. If Roger Ebert reviews a movie and says its good, that doesn’t mean its good for me or you but for HIM! I, on the other hand will choose to go and see that movie if I want to see it and make my own decision.
    Do anybody remember when Andriod first came out? The G1 couldn’t even take a video till the update! Now how do the Vibrant, Droid X, and the EVO looks like? Yeah I thought so, like apple and oranges. What about the iPhone, do you remember it didn’t even have mms? Yes, the same “revolutionary” iPhone! If you don’t want to be an early adopter, just wait till the OS gets more updates and better and then jump on the bandwagon but don’t say it will fail. The iOS and Andriod platforms were not like what they are now when they were first released. Microsoft have too much money to fail, and so do Apple and Google. If even this OS fails(which I highly doubt), they will come out with something again! Do anybody remember Apple in the 90’s? It was a struggling company that was not going anywhere till Jobs went back. Even then,believe it or not they turned to Microsoft for a boost(boy did the people at that Apple event boo when Bill Gates showed up on the screen), and then came the iPod, iPhone and the rest as they say is history.
    If you are an Andriod person, please get the G2, Vibrant or something, Windows fan, you can get on of the two devices on T-Mobile or wait for a while. Maybe come 2011, a “super phone”(if there is such a thing)is coming. As for me, I am torn between getting the HD7 or the Dell Venue Pro. But as the saying goes, “good things comes to those who wait”!

    • Big Jake

      Ummmm hmmmmm!!!, well, well said… thx you

    • Sirmac

      I cant stress enough all the valid points you made… Brava!

  • i played with the new HD7 for a few hours and i can honestly say that i am underwhelmed. there are way too many window animations every time you click on something and all the wasted space on the homescreen bugs me to high heaven. i went into it thinking that it would be a huge step for windows and yet again i was let down. Microsoft hs been going the wrong way for a while and it’s time for the world to open their eyes. as son as chrome os is running on PCs hen i buy them i will never have to own a POS MS product. i prefer to click on an app icon and have the app open within 1 second, NOT 5-6 seconds.

    on the other hand there are a lot of features of WP7 that will be good for a select few customers(sharepoint, zune, and xboxlive), but at the end of the day everything else that WP7 can do can be done by android or (i can’t believe i’m saying this) iOS better and faster. things to pay attention to are if you don’t mind paying for apps, running flashy software that takes several seconds to finish the animation and load the app, and have a thousand other MS devices then this phone will be great for you. if not then you should buy an android or iphone(please buy android)

  • Sami

    Vibrant FTW!!!!!!!!!

  • geez

    What’s all the hype over the mytouch about?….. bloat + bloat + bloat on an ugly ass design.

  • karen

    myTouch HD release date is November 17th/18th.

  • jazzmanmonty

    i’ll port wp7 to my hd2. same ol hardware.. not worth the money…i’m really disappointed with the outcome of the tmobile timeline leaked in summer. every phone released is a disapointment. especially with all they hype of emerald and glacier ending up being the mytouch 3g, a plasticy phone that has no awe factor. hopefully some cool stuff comes out Q1 2011 and the dual core phones start coming out.

  • Sirmac

    I think w/ wp7 youll just learn to love it… I personally cant wait to get my hands on it, whatever os I touch, I dont have a choice but to accept it and a lot of the times they just grow on you…

  • eric.eche