More myTouch 4G Video Goodness, You Know You Want To Watch

I mean who out there counting down the seconds to myTouch4G availability isn’t looking for more video of the device in action? So we’re hoping to give you plenty to view and look over until you can get your own paws on the device! That’s enough from me so enjoy the videos! Thanks to the guys at Wirefly who gave us a heads up on this video and Will from Intomobile for making me want that tile wallpaper!

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  • Farhan Ahmed

    Must … not… watch. Trying… not… to … click. Oohh! Shiny phone.

  • mytouch fan

    haha thats another way of saying “first” im surprised david didnt catch that…

    • Kris

      Guess he caught it lol

  • Mr. Multimedia

    WHO THAT…? Sweet, WHO THAT, MyTouch 4G, she got DLNA technology BUILT IN, WHO THAT, MyTouch 4G, WHO THAT…!(lol)

  • joel

    when we send comments, does our ip address go to you david?
    i know it hasnothing to do with anything..just wondering though

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Worried about being banned for posting a “first” comment?

  • fam

    which it would have a keyboard. and yes i already have the slide.

    • David

      Then get the G2. Very similar set of features.

  • Kris

    I checked it out at my local tmo. It’s very smooth. And it’s very sturdy. It’s definitely not a toy phone. Its definitely in a category of it’s own. The FFC is pretty smooth from what I saw as well.

    • Walhaddi

      They have them in local TMOBILE stores?

      • Kris

        Yeah. I called and they had just gotten the working demo. I walked in and asked, she handed it right to me.

      • lookaturself

        they definitely have them in store. ive been in my local tmo store the last 2 days playing with it for hours. the phone is beautiful. muche better in person than what the internet shows. go to your local store (better if its an official tmo store, not a dealer) and ask them if you can see the demo phone and they wil hand it over to use. enjoy!!!!

    • Bimmerz

      Just got back from doing the same thing, they had the white one live. Very solid, and heavy – impressive, and as others have mentioned, the pictures do not do this justice! Wish they would have had the other colors available to see (even if just demos), since I will be ordering this through loyalty – would like to see them all in person before doing so. Looking forward to getting this!

    • David Thomas

      Thanks, I think I need to make a visit to m ystore now.

      • phonegeek

        yep im definitely there tomorrow lol

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I don’t think any product from HTC will ever be disappointing in terms of form factor, manufacture and design. They are making the hottest handsets on the planet, IMHO. (I base this on owning a G1, Touch Pro2, HD2 and Slide. And also handling a AT&T “mini HD2,” the Aria.)

      IMHO my Samsung Vibrant is right up there with HTC products, but it was only HTC producing quality handsets that forced the competition (read Samsung) to improve their handsets.

      Glowing comments aside, my Slide casing seems to be made of brittle plastic. My GF is using it and she has succeeded on chipping the casing in a number of spots.

      If I get the MT4G I hope the front part of the case won’t have plastic as brittle as the Slide’s.

  • Jed Clamped

    Quick question, does the Mytouch4g come with Swype installed? That’s the only thing holding me up from sending back my G2 within this 14 day period I have.

    • Walhaddi

      I like the G2 professinal menu better. Thats just my opinion though

    • SnakeEyez

      Yes it does

    • lookaturself

      yes swype does come installed on the phone. it is a themed version of swype though. looks a lot like the traditional htc ime, but its swype for sure. i just tested it out at my local tmo store and it was very very smooth

  • Dave

    I think I want it. My Vibrant might get sold on ebay very soon.

    • RolloC84

      Same here. (Insert “Craigslist” for “Ebay”)

    • 2FR35H

      Idk I’m torn between getting this and the vibrant

      The vibrant has an absolutely astonishing screen and camera features but this… this is simply amazing but the camera could never be as good as the vibrant. The vibrant is so powerful, so clear, so much space. Its so

      If the vibrant had hspa+ and ffc this would be a much easier decision for me.

      Man.. I am loving the looks of this MT4G though especially in red.

      • lookaturself

        id skip the vibrant. the mt4g has a really nice camera. very clear and responsive. also the face detection works great. recorder worked well as well with very minimal to no lag when panning. i just tested the phone. ill be at my tmo store bright and early on 11/3

  • ob18

    Don’t have a need at all for a FFC but if all else looks good when I check it out it very well might be a replacement for my G1 (long overdue).

  • Just played with this phone at a store and it exceeded my expectations (and I’m a picky bastard). it had a great solid feel, super fast, and felt just great in the hand. i just cant decide on color.

    • ob18

      Maybe you should sign in as “picky bastard” not “bishop”………Makes me think of Tupac Shakur’s charcater in the movie “juice”

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Pardon… he said “it had a great solid feel and felt just great in the hand.” Isn’t his name accurate when talking about “buffing the bishop?”

        Just sayin.

      • ob18 – Can you not read properly or are you just a whiner. maybe your name should be “looser with no real relevant opinion” You know, the same thing your father tells you.

    • lookaturself

      couldnt say it better myself. after testing this pupy my mind is made. im happy i sent my g2 back, even though the g2 was nice as well. mt4g is the way to go though, imho at least. im getting a red one 11/3

  • fiveizzo

    just sold my vibrant on craigslist for $350.00. Mytouch 4g here i come

  • FlyingRequin

    I know that this is out of place.

    But there are some rumors of a Nexus Two in the wild.

    I have been hoping for it …if it is true – yes Google I will pay FULL price cash for it today.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      My Nexus 2 post in a different TMoNews story:

      There’s not going to be a U.S. Nexus 2. If Google comes out with a phone, it will be sold overseas and this time directly through vendors and NOT identified with a carrier. In other words, it may simply be an unlocked device available on the open market.

      Google is still licking its wounds from the N1 experience, no way you are going to see an N2 in the U.S.

      As I said last year, by year’s end 2010 Google selling handsets in the U.S. would be over.

      And remember what Schmidt said, implying he said to stop the Nexus “program” (experiment).

      Lastly, Nov 8. is a Samsung hosted event where it mentioned TouchWiz in the invite. As you know, the N1 was stripped of any HTC branding and the Sense interface/shell. I can’t imagine that for an N2 Google would agree to inclusion of Samsung’s TouchWiz on an N2 Google phone.

      On Nov. 8 you are not going to see the N2.

      • 2FR35H

        November 8th is reserved for the Galaxy Tab because it gets released on the 10th of November.

        But being that Google and Samsung are working on the next google experience

        I’m a take a guess and say Christmas as the Release day.

        it would have either Android 2.3, 2.5, or 3.0

        Samsung’s awesome hardware including but not limited to 5mp camera possibly with flash, samsung camera features, maybe a ffc, 8 or 16+ gb’s of internal space, Bluetooth 3.0, screen that is 4in or over that, SAMOLED…..

        please google work with samsung and get us(t-mobile customers) another amazing phone although I know its hard to top the vibrant’s power…. I heard 1.6ghz of overclockage on the vibrant with an unlocked fps with 78fps

        Galaxy S 2? maybe :D

      • Flyingrequin

        Everything you say makes a lot of sense. I intellectually agree with you with most of it — although I would not say that Nexus One was a failure. If anything it created the “superphone” category that today we crave. Many here will say that the Nexus was is still the best designed android phone out there — except that is a bit aged.

        Also. I know what Schimdt said – “no more nexus phone’ … but I can’t but hope for a Nexus 2 — let’s integrate a nice 4.3in SAMOLED screen, 1,2ghz dual core, 16gb internal, google design (no more power button on the side please as in the galaxy S)

        OR let’s imaging the mytouch hd/4g/emerald/davidwantsit specs as a google phone – yeah!

  • Jonny

    what color will everyone be getting !! is that better lol

  • liz


    • ob18

      One that brings out the natural color (or colour for all you Canadians) of my eyes. (or whatever I feel like)

    • 2FR35H

      Red most likely. Black looks too plain and I am already black, too much blackness isn’t good.

      • Evan

        Red does look good, and it might be the one I get.

      • mike

        I thought the same of the black but I seen the black and the white versions at my tmobile store and I’ve got to say I was thinking I wanted something other than black but now after seeing it the black is hot looking the front is a glossy black with a titanium colored trim contrasting with the flat black sides. Pictures don’t do the black phone any justice, tou need to see it in person for yourself

      • phonegeek

        i feel the same way lol red is for me too

  • ob18

    Nexus Two news ???

  • JDubs

    Damn Nexus 2 rumors… I was getting the mytouch hands down until I read that! Guess I’ll have to wait until Nov 8th to make a decision… blah. It is the curse of how quickly new phones are coming out now. If you hesitate even a little a new phone comes out right around the corner. Just need to pull the trigger…

    • bigger mac

      I just read that the nexus 2 will have a 1ghz snapdragon, 5mp camera, android 2.3, 512 mb ram, super amolded 4″ screen, a physical keyboard??? wtf who uses those anymore… no FFC, no wifi calling, no video share, no genius button, the lack of a FFC is a big deal, this feature is here to stay, Once you start video calling I cant imagine making a phone call without being able to see each other, welcome to 2010 ppl, someday we are going to look back and look at those cellphones with physical keyboards and say you have to press buttons?? thats for babies! (back to the future)

      • 2FR35H

        Lol so Nexus 2 is just going to be a Samsung Epic without FFC? Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!

        Well in all fairness it is a step up from the Nexus One clearly.

  • bigger mac

    I just got off the phone with a tmobile representative and he said the phone is not coming out until the november 23rd… I told him the tmobile website says “coming november 3” but he was like no its coming out november 23rd.. maybe the need to get their story straight…

    • Camille

      I received an email from T-Mobile (I registered to be notified about it) saying that it would be available on November 3. Maybe that’s pre-orders for existing customers, or maybe just existing customers get to have it first. But, either way, the T-Mobile rep is wrong.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Another “rep just told me” post. Either people are posting stuff simply to have something to say, stir up the pot or there’s lots of misinformed reps over at T-Mobile.

      Here’s a comment I posted yesterday:

      T-Mobile customer service reps are the most uninformed and misinformed people in the entire T-Mobile organization.

      And TMoNews knows far more than they do.

      Here is an e-mail snapshot T-Mobile sent me:

      • David, Managing Editor

        Honestly, I don’t know if there is something to the Nexus 2 story, I know what people are saying behind the scenes which is why I hesitate to write about it. Sure I could grab some extra pageviews but why perpetuate a rumor that has absolutely nothing to support it. I trust Taylor from Androidandme and he told me point blank he is very confident in his info and I believe him, but then again Engadget makes a series of good points as well. I’m not writing something simply to show traffic, I know Mike will agree with that.

      • bigger mac

        Go test it yourself, I’m not saying I believe the representative, its just frustrating that the Tmobile reps are so misinformed, He was so confindent telling me that it wasn’t coming out until the 23rd, even when I pointed out that the tmobile OFFICIAL website says November 3rd, all he had to say was “no its on the 23rd sir”

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Ah David… I just got my AdSense automatic deposit. If you won’t, I will write stuff to improve YOUR Net traffic. ;)

      • Shawn

        After reading through a few topics I noticed you must not really have anything better to do than nit pick on everyone’s comments.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Not to nitpick your “nit pick” (sic) comment Shawn, but nitpick is one word, not two. ;)

        Sorry… but a comment about nitpicking that misspells nitpick is just too tempting to pass on commenting.

        Nitpicker out.

        Bonus Comment: Disregard if you were referring to picking nits, “nit” being defined as: “Egg or young of an insect parasitic on mammals especially a sucking louse; often attached to a hair or item of clothing.”

      • tipsofme

        If you are having trouble with a miss informed sales rep please get a manager involved in your interaction so the issue can be cleared up before you leave the store. The rep you interacted with could have been part time and or off on vacation and just came back with out seeing the new “grab and goes” that house all the right info. If you do speak with a manager and you still feel you getting the wrong story, ask them who the market manager is for the area you are in and say you would like to send him/her some feedback about the level of service you are receiving. Getting on-line and complaining doesn’t solve the issue, its just causes more bad press for T-Mobile. If you truly like the company and want it to do well, take the steps to make sure these mistakes are corrected. The retail locations are there for you!

  • Mr. Multimedia

    WHO THAT…! After testing my girlfriends Sprint Evo 4G with the FFC, all the mobile phones that I purchase from now ON, will have the FFC, the FCC is the bomb, the nuke too, WHO THAT new girl, MyTouch4G, WHO THAT…

  • Cybersedan

    I’m either getting it in red or white, will have to see in person to decide.

  • jonlove

    I told everyone weeks and months ago not to get this phone, yet people are still jumping on this phone..
    wait a few more days…the nexus 2 is much better than this crappy old thing….

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Sheesh… is your real name McLovin? Nexus 2 indeed.

      But please, do hold your breath waiting for the N2 on November 8. (And a post on YouTube of your mug doing such would be great.)

      • 2FR35H

        People are dumb Samsung’s event is going to be the release of the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Player and that is all! remember these words so that when the 8th rolls by I can say I told you so.

      • Evan

        In regards of 2FR35H, Im pretty sure they clearly stated something about a new phone to be shown at their event as well.

      • 2FR35H


        Really? hmm… well then maybe it is possible.

  • jonlove

    The nexus 2 will have 2.3 gingerbread on it..while you all will have 2.2 lol

    • bigger mac

      have fun with your front facing cameraless gingerbread phone, you’ll be so proud to have the only phone with 2.3 for a whole week, thats how long its going to take to get hacked and ported to the rest of the devices.

  • David

    I’ve seen good video/photo content with the phone in white, black, and red. What about plum?? We need to have a good comparison of color options!

    • xfooyen

      Why is anyone saying the N2 will have this and not have that when the very existence of the phone is total rumor? That’s like comparing my lady’s tits to a leprechaun. I’m not going to go chasing rainbows when i can just ask my wife to flash me.

      • David

        This is a post about the MyTouch 4G, not the Nexus 2. But while we’re on the subject, mind if your wife flashes me too? :)

  • thaghost

    Sold!! to the green ghost wit bad teeth!

  • jonlove


    • David, Managing Editor

      The Nexus One rumors were T-Mobile specific, these rumors are nothing other than manufacturer…there is NOTHING known about the device, no leaked pictures, no leaked details, the exact opposite of what we had with the Nexus 1. While this site always warm to rumors, I’m not posting something with absolutely zero details on.

      • Kris

        +1 David

      • JaylanPHNX

        No one has even speculated what network(s) this phone will be for. It may not even be a US phone. This is not a big enough rumor to take the spotlight (or buyers) away from such an awesome release as the myTouch4G.

      • Chad

        +3…Now about that Dell Venue Pro…

      • phonegeek

        +6 to David .. So David you just won 12 points, how does that make you feel?

        • David, Managing Editor

          LOVE IT!!! Wooohoooo points!

  • stynger

    If you wait ’til next year, you can get nexus 3 with 3.0 Honeycomb. Hold on…if you wait ’til 2012, you will get 4.0 Ice Cream……wait ’til 2020 and you will get Android 10.0 Pumpkin Pie…Geeezz…

    • bigger mac

      haha i agree 100% with you, just get the latest phone right now use it for a few months then get the next one and so on, theres always gonna be something more advance coming around the corner so stop waiting, I personally switch phones every 4-6 months.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      You should not kid McLovin about this.

      Besides, I have it on the highest of “high” authorities that the next Google phone will be endorsed by a certain ex-guv from AK.

      In her honor it will be called the Nexus -1 with -1.0 “Baked Alaska” OS.

      (Word has it that due to the N1 failure, Google wants to try going in the other direction. This to also counteract Android fragmentation with the positive numbered versions.)

      So there.

    • alex

      You made laugh like crazy on this bus in nyc!! Awesome…hahahaha

    • 16309A

      Personally I am holding out for the Nexus 1701 with Zebra Cakes!

  • TheFunnyGUy

    guys i cant decide… should i get the g2 or this phone? like what makes this phone so special compared to the g2 apart from weight and FFC?

    • Androidless

      The MT4G has a faster processor, more ram, and is dockable.

    • David

      The only real difference is the keyboard. Either you need a keyboard (G2) or you don’t (MyTouch 4G). For most users, all the other differences are minimally noticeable. Not sure if you want a keyboard? Go to the store and test out a G2!

      • Shawn

        I would say the difference between stock Android and Espresso is pretty darn noticeable!

  • Raman

    1400 battery, will not last half a day, Good Luck, other wise, i love the phone,

  • joey

    im using the mytouch hd right now. its ridiculous.

  • =D

    How’s the battery life on this phone???

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Since the phone has not even debuted yet nor been in hands of the typical user, I don’t think anyone can answer that.

      But generally, battery life on any of these phones is going to be:

      Heavy use: eight to ten hours before needing to get on a charger.

      Med use: 12 to 18 hrs.

      Power conservation use: About 15 to 22 hrs.

      Why such dismal numbers? Well… it can’t be done, for one thing.

      Think about it, battery use has been the first and most often complained about aspect of every phone that has debuted in the past two years. If manufacturers were able to make a smart or super phone with great battery life, they would have. But no one can, at least not with the current technology.

      But just as much as manufacturers cannot make a phone with great battery life, so too can’t users curb their expectations. They want small to medium sized handsets and great battery life.

      But a large enough battery to stop the consumer demands, whining, and expectations would result in handsets then perceived as too big (witness the complaints and deriding comments when people put extended batteries on their phones and show them off on YouTube).

      Equally unfortunate for manufacturers, and by extension carriers, is that people don’t understand the demands that each smart or super phone feature puts on a battery and the end user’s refusal to turn off battery-draining features when he is not using them.

      If one looked at a phone’s insides maybe they could better understand the concept. Inside a phone there’s numerous little “devices” that each requires battery power to function. (Modules include Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and even a little motor to physically vibrate the phone when notifications are dispatched.)

      Vibration mode is a good example of people not taking steps to conserve battery power. Many people set their phones to ring and vibrate when a call comes in or when an e-mail is received. Every time the little motor vibrates it drains the battery. But unless one actually is in a situation where vibration mode is appropriate, vibration mode should be turned off. People don’t do that, however, they simply leave it on vibrate 24/7.

      People also leave their displays on full brightness and set the phone to stay on for 10 minutes, when there’s no reason to do that.

      Sidenote: it’s heavy users who 24/7 leave on GPS, WiFi, BT and the phone on full brightness who complain about a device having lousy battery life.

      • 2006mr

        FYI!!Champion reps DO HAVE the mytouch 4G so they can answer the question above yours

    • RockTripod

      I can, in fact, answer that. All bugs with the phone aside, the battery life is absolutely fantastic for an Android device. A day, easy. You could probably go 2 with some judicious use.

  • JaylanPHNX

    I’m thinking this thing might be sold to me in red in a week or two.

  • anothauser

    This phone looks awesome. Thanks for the videos.

  • RockTripod

    Received my myTouch4G yesterday. So far, I’m not blown away. The hardware is excellent, there’s no doubt. The software is very, very buggy and I hope it gets sorted before the launch date. WiFi calling has horrible quality, there is a significant known issue regarding market downloads (have to reboot to get them to actually download once queued), and my screen went berzerk for lack of a better word when I pressed Home from the YouTube app. Video playback is also not as smooth as the Vibrant. I ripped a few DVD’s to the right format, and the Vibrant plays them butter smooth and the myTouch, not so much.

    • tipsofme

      The SGS had this same issue with hanging downloads in the market the first week also. I never got a chance to see what was done to remedy this but it was a network issue not the device its self.

  • antbankz

    Awesome phone! I own a Nexus One. I am considering selling the NEXUS ONE for this device. I would like opinions please

    • Shawn

      That is an obvious decision. Most of the phones that have been coming out are better than the Nexus One. That phase is over man, the N1 was the best of the best… like 8 months ago. We now have the Vibrant, G2, MT4G

  • J1

    lol @ David.. not watching isnt even a option bro.. So keep the stories/vids/reviews coming, because i totally have the hots for this phone lol..

    This phone will be more than enough to satisfy my inner phone junky.. Well atleast until we get a 4.3in, htc, hspa+, android beast.. *sucks teeth @ all the n2 rumors*.. tmonews and the mt4g ftw..

    p.s. is it nov 3rd yet?!

  • J240

    I really really want this phone…. but how long until it gets Gingerbread??? It is a mytouch after all. :(

    • tipsofme

      84 days, 5 mins and 13 1\2 seconds DUH! Get with it already.

  • Kevin

    David, Managing Editor –
    its funny you write you do not want to write about a rumor on your website…but then again all you ever write about is a IPHONE rumor that has no fact either…so there you go..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Oh wow, you proved me wrong there. The iPhone data is posted when its substantiated by analysts who are industry experts who, when speaking are often taken seriously and can very possibly, influence the market. Writing about the Nexus 2/S with nothing more than a whisper isn’t what I wanted to do, however since Gizmodo confirmed the Androidandme story I just posted it.

      But you are right, all we EVER post about is the iPhone…

  • Kevin

    and o yeah…one more fact for you DAVID – its not rumor because actually there is already a person who has pictures of it ..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Wow, that’s not a picture of it…thats a mockup. Do some fact checking before trying to insult me. Way to read the article, but hey, you also think all we post about is the iPhone so go figure right.

  • Kevin

    you did…look at all the iphone rumors you posted about in the past year…but why not bout the nexus

    • ogopogo

      shut up.

      • phonegeek

        +7 to ogopogo with the awesome lay up

    • Evan

      Really, man, just shut up.

  • jp

    Cant come soon enough. Im alk over this. The ui looks pretty tits.

  • i suk :(

    this is to any mytouch slide user tht would like to answer and thanks in advance..
    remember the update we were supposed to get to better battery life i never got have any of u ? the one before the next version of android update that was said to come couple months ago i got the text but no update

  • Brian

    Why are people so down on a phone with an FFC?? Are you so fugly you don’t want to be seen? Obviously there is a market for it. I personally would love it to stay in touch with my family when I am on business trips. Also, I have a co-worker with a deaf daughter that lives in another state who wants to use it for sign language. If you don’t want a FFC then don’t buy the bloody phone! You are probably the same people who don’t even own a webcam even though the some standard on every portable computer you buy today.

    • phonegeek

      wow i never thought about that Brian you indeed have a point. The FFC would indeed be great for people with a handicap (deaf or cant speak. gives FFC a new meaning to keeping in touch with family kudos an to your co-worker as well. People really need to stop talking nonsense about why there’s no need for a FFC.

  • rolo

    anybody know if best buy will be carrying the touch 4g?

    • Evan

      Probably not in the actual big box store, but more than likely you will find it in their Best Buy Mobile stores.

  • MichaelN

    I went to my local TMO store today and got to test this out today. One of the reps had one and let me use it for a bit. It’s great! I know other people have said this, but the pictures and videos do not do this phone justice. It’s very sharp and great looking! The one I used was black. This thing is going to sell well.

  • patrick

    ah. this is making me regret my G2 being purchased..anyone else have that feeling? it just drives me crazy that the screen is loose!

  • Manny

    I played with it at my local store today. They had just got it. I thought that it felt really solid in my hand. I also felt that it was very responsive and snappy while I was playing with it. I was trying to decide whether I got this or the Defy. I like the Defy because I like to spend time in the snow and I am pretty hard on my phones ( drop them every once in a while). After playing with the new My Touch I think I might replace my Nexus One with it. I was worried about the amount of rom on the phone, but after playing with it I figure that it has about 1.5gigs. The only other thing that will hold me back from getting it when it launches is that I want to make sure it doesn’t have any sort of anti-root protection like the G2. Overall it seems like a really nice phone.

    • Dan

      Sadly, it does have root protection like the G2… Thread on XDA devs

      I’m sure someone will crack it sooner or later.

      • tipsofme

        At least it has wifi router support out of the box. I don’t care if they charge me $15. I was paying way more for crappy a** clearwife that never got a signal. I guess im just not as cheap as some but $15 bucks to use the internet on my laptop anywhere my phone and I happen to be is a great deal. But thats just me.

  • PrisonerOfDoom

    Returned my Vibrant today and was able to check it out in. Awesome phone, can’t wait to pick one up next week!

  • Life

    @Kevin u got the nerve to come on tmonews website to complain out a nexus 2 s what ever u wanna call it get a life dude and u was seriously MADD 100 points for tmonews for keeping everyone posted on the mytouch 4g u saved me a upgrade now me and wifey could get rid of our unlocked iPhone 3G

  • ov1

    Love the look looking forward to playing with it later this week. Had a g2 for a week and returned it because I wanted the option to buy this phone with the knowledge of what id be missing with the g2. I think ill wait a month til walmart has it for 150 without the rebate.

  • tipsofme

    David- Could we get a tethering data feature poll going?? People that will pay, people that would rather moved to boots, people that dont know/don’t care what it is??? Something fun like that? :-D

  • Zorro

    I’m sure this has already been posted. The MyTouch 4G with the same processor beating the Desire HD

  • tooltard

    t-mobile has this phone backup on their site now as coming soon

  • Will

    I went to 3 Tmobile stores here in Chicago yesterday and every one of them had the phone but NONE of them would even show it. They said they couldn’t. Finally I found a smaller Tmobile store downtown and they had the phone not only working but in all 4 colors (though the white one was the only one actually working but the other 3 were dummies and it was nice to see the colors in person). Anyway, needless to say this phone is PERFECTION in person. I had preconceived notions about the phone cause I wasn’t feeling the look at all but when you see it in person, damn this phone is beautiful. It’s really thin, has a great feel, and the screen size is better than I had thought (which is why I was skeptical at first cause I love(d) my Vibrant). It’s fast and smooth as well and the ffc actually became the selling point (I was like “who cares about that crap”…now I do lol) after downplaying that feature from the beginning.

    Anyway, since I was w/n my 14 day buyers remorse period, I just went to UPS and sent my Vibrant back and will be ordering the phone come Nov.3!!!!

    Honestly the pictures do this phone no justice.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Wow, that sucks…I hope that doesn’t happen to me, or for that stores sake, to them either!

      • Will

        Yeah, it was ridiculous. The female employee at the service desk at the Tmobile store on State Street was incredibly rude and was misinforming not only myself but a gentlemen standing behind me curious about the same phone, because she told me her store was never given a release date, and to make matters worse she had the nerve to tell me that phone only comes in white *shaking my head* I didn’t even say anything, I just said okay thank you and walked away because it was my 3rd time being shut down and I was not in the mood to argue with her.

        Whatever though I finally got what I wanted later on and it was worth it (even though the cold winds didn’t make my journey any easier/better).

        BTW: Thanks for everything David. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated by not only myself but others. Keep it up!

      • phonegeek

        down here in Duluth Ga ( metro atl) i had a similar circumstance. I asked a young lady about the phone but she was new so she didnt know much. One of her co-workers got upset an yelled at her for saying the wrong date, then mentioned she was going to the back to ask her manager the date. The manager came out ( his face was beet red) and mumbled “nov 3rd” turned around an resumed what he was doing. All of this over wanting to simply see the phone, plus the other co-workers were acting very secretive about the whole thing like it was CIA confidential….smh lol

    • puffins

      Ha, I went into my T-Mo store 2 days ago and got them to let me play around with the MT4G. All I said was I’m going to get the G2 and return it once the MT4G comes out unless they let me play with it. They couldn’t sell the G2 if it was returned so they let me have a go on the MT4G. All I can say is that 11/3 can’t come fast enough!

  • Sean Buchanan

    Is this confirmed that Best Buy will carry this phone??? I really need it to because I am using a best buy card…

  • Matt hatter

    I just wanted to post a comment letting you all know that I’m posting a comment from the MyTouch 4G right now. You guys are gonna love this phone.

    • Will

      J E A L O U S

  • Scott B

    Why do (p)reviews spend SO much time on features that are old news and fly through features and demos of what makes the phone we’re looking at worth seeing/buying??

    Neither of those videos show anything compelling…

  • souggie

    this is a solid phone., im in marietta, ga (also metro atlanta), and i played with it this afternoon. im in love. also the reps were well informed and i just asked if they had a demo and they handed it to me and said knock youself out. its real fast. dumb fast. phone feels like its worth something its slim, but feels like it has some girth to it, nice semi heavy feel. the materials are well done too, its a metal back plate with the same reinforced hard plastic like whats on the hd2 and the lining is silver. android 2.2 is stupid fast. and powerful. vga camera in the front has almost as good resolution as the one in the back. im gettin it on the 3rd for sure. screen is nice, to me its amost as nice as the vibrants screen. only gripe: wish the screen was 4″ instead of 3.8, but not much difference tho, 4.3 is just too damn big, lol

    • Bobert

      The TMO in Kennesaw?

  • Bobert

    Bob the Cell Phone Professor

    • Bobert

      The Kennesaw TMO?

  • souggie

    nah the one on cobb parkway close to the big chicken…next to the the super walmart

    • Bobert

      Cool thanks

  • Dan

    Does anyone know if the LED on top shows incoming messages or missed calls? and is it customizable like the G1?

  • Omar

    Just went to a tmobile store and it feels, looks, and responds pretty nicely. Think I might get it and get rid of my G2….. or have both.

  • AJ

    Is wirefly the only place to pre order

    • Defender of the Galaxy

      @AJ Not sure, but I like Wirefly’s preorder price guarantee.