(Updated: Now With A Review) Wirefly Unboxes the myTouch4G And Then Puts It Up For Pre-order

Oh my very good friends at Wirefly.com just gave me a very early heads up on their brand spanking new unboxing video of wait for it…the myTouch4G! So there you have it, that’s the name and I’m pretty sure I just won a Twitter bet. Even better news has Wirefly putting the myTouch4G up for pre-order with a price of $149. But hey, enough of me writing just watch the video! Than hit the link to pre-order and remember Wirefly offers free shipping in most states! The pricing is good for BOTH new and upgrading customers!

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  • RoscoeP

    That’s excellent. Does Costco pricematch Wirefly or just T-mo corporate pricing?

  • Kris

    That’s beautiful.

  • hondavic

    Cool vid. Can’t wait to see the full review.

  • patrick

    very niice. i had the mytouch 3g for a little less than 8 months and it drove me crazy that phones were just passing it by specs wise so i picked up the G2. but this looks pretty great. i dont think itll make me second guess my G2 purchase, because that FFC is just a cherry on top but it looks like a excellent device.

    ps, anyone else think that this wirefly dude is horrible when it comes to videos? haha

    • hondavic

      I had the MT3G for 8mths as well, it use to freeze up on me everytime I backed out of an app, couldn’t deal with it anymore. But my mistake was i went back to a BlkBerry. But I’m hoping to get this or the G2 VERY, VERY soon.

      • I’m with you. I would have rather kept my T-Mobile Wing than the original MyTouch. Even with Cyanogen, this thing stinks. All I know is that in 30 days, I will have a new phone at last!

    • Midori

      I think he’s a tease, I mean the phones right there (let me see what it can do!)

      • dethduck

        Agreed, he didn’t even get passed the boot up animation before shutting the screen off. Damn dirty tease.

  • RDJ

    Awesome David. I knew I could count on you for the good stuff! I was sending an email about it as you posted it. I’m definitely at the store as soon as it opens to get the myTouch 4G!!! Woo Hoo, it has a name!!! :-D

  • phone capo

    phone looks very sleek man not going lie

  • tehandroid

    Its not going to be called the MyTouch4G, its going to be called the MyTouchHD. We have accessories in our store that say MyTouchHD.

    • abel2fresh4u

      MYTOUCH 4G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LSxChevelle

      Accessories show mthd but it will be mt4g…

      • kentuckygator

        Glad T-mobile with keep up the confusion

    • IzzoH

      The phone booted as the Mytouch4G so I’m pretty sure thats the name of it.

    • anthony

      the boot screen clearly says MyTouch 4G on it. (see 2:27 in the vid)

    • Jeremy P.

      If you look closely, the label on the box also reads myTouch 4G. Just face it, it’s the myTouch 4G. I believe it has been for a few days now.

  • drm916

    Love this phone. But I enjoy using the G2 keyboard for work emails. Work emails are hard to type with any of the onscreen keyboard. Atleast they are for me. But very tempted to get this or the defy as my second phone.

    • hondavic

      With the reputation that the Cliq has and the “Horrible” experience my in-laws are having, do yourself a favor and don’t get the Defy!!!!!!

  • Smooth3d

    Nice quick unboxing, It was a white box, I think T-mo did not know what to call the phone until the last minute.

    • somuch2say

      he states at the end “this is not the final retail package”

  • rpinazo


  • MrsD

    I need a solid Tmo price. This is driving me crazy. I have to prepare to get my self up to spending anything. I need time to come to terms with letting go of my money. Price please.

    • Kris

      I am with you on that one!! It takes mental prep time to spend this much money lol

    • RDJ

      T-Mobile is pretty predictable with prices. I’d be willing to bet $499 w/out contract. That’s what I’ve prepared myself for. It’s gonna take some convincing if it’s more than that. I hate to spend money, even if it is for something this nice.

  • abel2fresh4u

    there next 6 days are going to be the longest!!!

  • TMOJoe

    I went to place an order and it already says the delivery date will be 11/8.

    • abel2fresh4u

      keep goin step by step. and it will say nov 3rd. i will just go myself to the store on nov 3rd. something is tellin me that if i pre-order it now . i wont get my phone atleast untill nov 6th

      • Midori

        Yeah Im getting mine from the tmo store something about that ships on Nov.3 makes me worry it will be late,besides I like going to the store.

      • abel2fresh4u

        glad im not the only one with this weird feeling

      • VibrantOwnr

        Wirefly says the phone wont ship until november 8th

      • VibrantOwnr

        I posted this before, and for some reason this got deleted…does anybody know when we will get this phone or when it will ship…

        here is says it ships on the 8th

        and the next page says the 3rd

      • VibrantOwnr

        forget the deleted part…my computer was acting funny…but i did find this in the fine print

        Q. If I place a pre-order reservation, when will I receive my phone?
        A. We will begin shipping orders on T-Mobile’s official launch date for the phone, which is currently November 8, 2010 but subject to change. If you order additional phones (such as with a family plan), we will hold your entire order until your T-Mobile myTouch 4G is ready to ship.

  • tempting

    Is wifi calling going to be an additional charge like tethering is? I need wifi calling, but the additional $15 to tether is a deal breaker (tethering is a once in a while thing, not worth $15 a month….$5 maybe). I would also prefer WP7 so I can open office files on it, but it doesn’t have wifi calling (not sure if it will have tethering like WinMo6.5 does). Tough choice!! Please either throw out the $15 tethering fee or bring wifi calling to WP7, tmobile!!!

    • XfooYen

      There’s no extra charge for wifi calling. It uses your minutes tho.

      • 2006mr

        No Wifi DOES NOT use your mins. This is why ppl want it. I personally have for my bb device and UMA rates the call= free

      • Chatter

        Ok – let us please get this settled once and for all. Wifi calling/UMA uses your minutes if you are NOT grandfathered into the old $10 unlimited UMA plan.
        wifi calling = minutes used
        wifi calling with OLD unlimited plan = no minutes used.

        I assume there will not be an extra charge for using this feature or we would have heard about it by now.

    • aksnoopy

      I’m not sure if this phone comes with Quickoffice pre installed but it and other office apps are available in the Android Market.

  • smitty

    I have been more concerned if the phone looks to childish but after seeing this vid i will be getting one homies!

  • Good they learned and put the memory card slot away from the battery.

  • TMOJoe

    Can anyone tell me how Wirefly works? Is the transition from one phone to another pretty smooth? Does Wirefly charge my credit card or does Tmo? Do they charge any hidden fees?

  • wiseone
    • Midori

      Thanks for linking that, MUST GET PHONE!!! Gosh! This phone is super nice!
      Caution!You will need a smoke after watching this! LOL!!

    • dethduck

      I just came. Thank you. Now I need to go to bed.

    • XfooYen

      The screen looks mighty reflective in that video. That has me a bit worried. Needs a little anti-glare love.

      • MOD

        I thought it looked very reflective, as well. Any word on how the screen is under direct sunlight? Can’t wait to try it out in person.

  • Galen20K

    Oh em geee next 6 days are gonna be soooooooo Loooooooooonnnnnggggggggg
    waiiitttiiinnnggg for my new super phone
    whatever will I do?!

  • boner

    i thought there were supposed to be 4 colors?
    did one get held back for a later release?

  • smitty

    thanks for the vid wise…awesome!

  • SuchChoices

    Was at a local Tmo store in Tampa. Got to see the phone in black. Has an expensive and very solid feel to it. The pictures don’t do it justice. Very thin also I thought. The black color part has a rubber (only word I could think of) feel to the grip, not cheap though. Spent about an hour in the store with the rep. Had the Vibrant, G2 and G4 running side by side. Took pictures and video, accessed web pages simultanteously. Have to say in many cases the Vibrant performed the best. Tmo rep did not like the Espresso Sense UI that comes with the G4 compared to the Vibrant. The color is really hard to beat on the Vibrant though. I’ve had a Perl 8100 for four years and finally going to upgrade. Really like the BB keyboard (9780 ??). Ah such choices!

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Wow… the Pearl for four years, you deserve an upgrade.

      I will be looking at the MT4G today since my connection said he would show it to me when he got it in the store.

      As to which handset to buy, I don’t envy you. Feature for feature, the MT4G beats the Vibrant (FFC, LED flash), but for me those features are not important, so those features don’t motivate me to by the MT4G.

      On the surface, however, the Vibrant has three features that makes it a keeper for me: graphics speed; the 4″ screen, and the SAMOLED display (Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode).

      While display size may not be that different to some, to me a 4″ display is the sweet spot on handsets. It’s not too small (3.7″) and it’s not too large (4.3″ like on my HD2).

      I don’t know what the graphics benchmarks will be on the MT4G, but the Vibrant’s graphics performance is the best on any handset, AFAIAC.

      And I still marvel at the Vibrant when I put the display on full brightness. What’s really cool is that the Vibrant display on max brightness uses about 20% less battery power than other handset displays. Go figure. (It has to do with the Samsung Galaxy S display using one less layer on the display “sandwich.” Fewer layers = less power consumed.

      As I said before, it’s really up to YOU and what YOU like. I have no doubt that either phone will be a pleasing purchase.

      Regardless of which handset you buy, make sure to update us and… see you in four years.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Oops… I mean “buy” the MT4G, not “by.” Sigh… no rest for the weary.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I like this phone, but still love my Vibrant for all the reasons previously stated.

    If we stay with T-Mobile (Because of T-Mobile’s lousy customer service and changes in data plans there’s a 70/30 shot we may switch before the end of the next billing cycle; a competing carrier is making a two-year deal too sweet) I will probably get this and unload our Slide (that my GF has totally trashed, but she has taken care of her other phones, so maybe that means the Slide’s casing was not all that well manufactured).

    Sidenote: IMHO this will be T-Mobile’s hottest holiday offering. I can’t see WP7 phones or even the Vibrant competing with this. This is a compelling device that I will be recommending people buy (my readers).

    Remember when we were talking about HSPA+ and how T-Mobile needed to call its services 4G since that’s a term the public understood. Calling this the 4G is a great move. That will get the media’s attention. I wonder who at T-Mobile made the final call on putting “4G” in the name.

    And who were the people in here that said Sprint owned the term “4G” so T-Mobile could not use it. Yeah right… LOL.

  • TMOJoe

    I am a TMO customer who still has a few months (4-5) to go on the contract. I started to order, but I clicked under the price where it says “Am I eligible” and after a few minutes it said I was not eligible at that price.

    So is that price only if your contract has expired or about to or if you are a new customer? :-(

    • abel2fresh4u

      if i were you i wuold go to a tmobile store right now. and ask them. if they say that you are not eligible. tell them that you are going to shiwch carrier then. (that will scare them) lol nosa

    • bmg314

      I think I replied to you elsewhere…anyway, if you call tmo and talk to someone in loyalty, they should let you upgrade now. I just got my g2 at upgrade pricing, and my contract was not due to renew until june of 2011.


        Suprisingly, on the tmobile website, i could get very close if the same pricing that i would get for the full upgrade. Even though i have about a year of contract left

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Listen to Abel… worse comes to worse, tell T-Mobile “Fine, if I can’t get the upgrade price cancel my contract, effective…”

      The CSR will then transfer you to retentions who will give you the deal.

      This “technique” has been discussed endlessly since TMoNews first went online. Some will say “I threatened to cancel and they still would not do the deal.”

      That’s because they did not sound like they meant it or they did not get transferred to retentions, or they have a lousy poker face (meaning the CSR did not think you were serious or that you are just trying to work them).

      But if you actually convey that you mean it, that you will cancel, I assure you, retentions will give you the upgrade price.

      By the way, on a two-year contract, you are entitled to phone upgrade pricing after 22 months, not 24. (At least that’s how it used to be, I think it still is.) So factor that in and also use common sense. T-Mobile is not going to let a customer walk over it not giving phone upgrade pricing two to four months early. T-Mobile could give a rip about this, especially if it keeps a customer happy.

      • 2006mr

        Dont be so sure of yourself. This technique is being played out and reps are aware of this and been brought up on game! The loyalty team can only perform so much within limitations.

  • 16309A

    Hopefully the boxing gets spruced up a bit. I really liked the way my original mytouch was packaged.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      No carrier would market a phone with a box like that. LOL.

      Besides, he does say in the video that T-Mobile wanted to get the phone in to vendors’ hands ASAP so it sent the phone in a generic box.

      Moreover, T-Mobile is not going to disclose everything that will come with the phone (such as movies, etc.) So even if the box is done T-Mobile is not going to reveal its secrets on box descriptions and artwork. ;)

      • 16309A

        Let me clarify: I know that isn’t the final box. I was talking more about the zipper case that the original MyTouch came in. It was really cool. I still have it.

  • davidohio

    I don’t think this phone looks childish at all. I think it looks like many other smartphones. They all have to be shaped square or with rounded edges. They all have to have a screen that takes up most of the front. The buttons are at the bottom and on the sides. So pretty much they all look kind of the same.

  • Jonny

    uppp….they only have the black one?

    • abel2fresh4u

      thats what she said

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    I just got of the phone with a T-Mobile Rep and he said phone is not coming out the 3rd more like black Friday I hope he is wrong I wanted to preorder it but they said not available this sucks lets go already

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Do you mean a CSR that you called? If so, T-Mobile customer service reps are the most uninformed and misinformed people in the entire T-Mobile organization.

      And TMoNews (and “Paulie” because you read TMoNews) knows far more than they do.

      In fact, when I visit a local T-Mobile store the employees ask me for information about what’s going on at T-Mobile.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Update: And I, like others, just got an e-mail from T-Mobile announcing that the phone is debuting November 3.


  • s0nic_201

    i just pre-ordered mine straight out.. i cant wait to get it. dont forget to download liveprofile from the marketplace, it just like bbm and its coming to iphone in november.

  • Jl

    I just tried to preorder through customer loyaty. They claim to not have a release day so therefore I couldn’t order the phone. This really pissed me off because the phone is supposed to drop next week. I did however get a chance to hold the phone at my local T-Mobile store and I have to say that this phone is very solid. It feels heavier than my iPhone 2G.

  • Gregory

    No headphonesss?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ='(

    • Galen20K

      no no it WILL have headphones, this box he got was not the final shipping package and is only intended for dealers and reviewers. Our units will have all the usual including Headphones and maybe even a simple case.

      • Gregory

        Ohhhhhh okaii good!! i almost had a heart attack…i dont wanna use ipod headphones lmao (anti-apple) =D

    • XfooYen

      Since when does anyone use stock headphones that come with a phone. They all suck. Tmo can keep their $5 pos headphones. If you want good sound, you gotta spend bucks on a worthy set of buds. I use Sure, and they friggin rock.

      • LuvMyGreenRobot

        I use the stock buds and they’re not so bad. They’re actually pretty good. A really good brand that I like is Skull Candy.

      • J-Hop2o6

        Skull Candy sux! i use Philips high-end SHE-9800 in-ear buds.. great sounds with nice bass for in-ear buds.

  • GeekKid

    It actually a pretty nice phone.. As an employee I definetly perfer it over the g2 with out a dought the front camera definetly is a plus. The phone will be available nov. 3rd..

  • TMOJoe

    Thanks for the info. So based on that I guess I can not do Wirefly, I will have to do it over the phone and threaten that I will be leaving, which I will for an Android on Sprint.

  • Jen

    What happened to the purple one?

  • Bimmerz

    Interesting that we can see this phone in action on every phone, but the MyTouch! lol

    Here’s the new MyTouch 4G ROM on the Evo 4G – nice big screen, so you should be able to see it fairly well.


    • Bimmerz

      Oops! Sorry, didn’t see that there’s been a added video review to this thread. Thx for the added video review David! :)

  • stockypeasant

    Man! Espresso is horrendous. Not a nice lookin UI at all.

    • XfooYen

      Agreed! LauncherPro Plus stays in my arsenal!

    • bigger mac

      YOU are horrendous! its a matter of taste, I rather have espresso any day over that boring stock android UI if the stock adroid UI was so great we wouldn’t have so many UIs floating around dont you think? this is a great phone I got to play wit it earlier, it doesnt lag at all, the screen is bright, very solid device, I will be putting my vibrant in the garbage disposal next Wednesday! like i said this is a great phone but if you don’t like the UI there’s plenty of choices in the market, if you like “stock like” UI download the launcher pro, think outside the box ppl!!

      • stockypeasant

        @bigger mac

        I agree. it is a matter of taste, hence my comments regarding the UI, not YOU.

        No where did I comment/trash a persons opinion on how they like/dislike the UI or if said person is “bad” or “wrong” or “horrendous”. I am purely remarking on the aesthetic and design.

      • Droe

        I downloaded pro launcher and I’m not sure how to turn it on or how it works. can you give me some tips as to how to change the settings to have it work. ty

    • eYe

      ADW launcher for stock looks and keep all nice features of Sense. I think it’s a win/win move!
      It will be mine! In black!

      • stockypeasant


  • Strifed one

    What the h*11 is up with t-mo??? I call and they still say there is no release date set… I know they have to be lying, they all get prept before any release… Why/how can wirefly be able to offer this deal unless it is real and T-Mo is lying through there smart buttons about it…

    • XfooYen

      I’ll bet it’s because of the naming thing (HD vs 4G). That’s prolly why the “plain white box”. My guess is that they have to change everything back to “HD” in the os and on the packaging. I’ll bet when the paint dries, the phone will be the MyTouch HD.

      • xfooyen

        Maybe i was wrong. Perhaps it was the other way around. All i know is I WANT ONE.

  • Cybersedan

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing piece of hardware. I’ve played with Expresso on the MT3G Slide and it wasn’t as bad as ppl make it seem, looks like they have polished it up a bit here, I love what I see so far.

  • FloridaGuy

    Tmobile tweeted just now about Nov 3rd release date for myTouch4G. no pre-order it seems.

  • NokiaN900User

    T-mobile should not do Pre-Order. They should make people campout the stores for this. This will allow media coverage and expand Hype like crazy. Success of this phone means a lot to T-mobile. They need it because it will pull customers and all other phone manufacturers to work with T-mobile.

  • alex32g2

    this phone would be better with vanilla stock..anyway, does the 2 have gorilla glass?

    • sim1

      One review that I just watched had the guy tapping the screen saying gorilla glass (yeah, I’m lovin’ gorilla glass). I don’t think the G2 has gorilla glass, but I’m not sure.

      As for everyone wanting stock android, I don’t understand. I’ve had the G1 for 2 years now and all everyone does (including me), is root it, and flash a theme or themed rom on it. We can always change the launcher, most people do, regardless of which version of Android comes on the phone.

  • Robert

    This is not a review it is a sales pitch.

  • Serotheo

    Awesome it supports Live Wallpapers :)

  • Chris

    I don’t get the hype at all. This phone looks extremely dated and the software looks like a poor Chinese knock-off. I just don’t get it.

  • Amani

    chris, are you serious or is that a joke?

  • mofo

    me either and the phone is unrootable id rather just stick with the nexus one and get a nexus 2 which will be alot better

  • journe

    what’s the reason of spending that amount of money , if u can buy it cheaper at a different time ?

  • Shawn

    Calling this 4G should be criminal. I DON’T care if Sprint is doing it, calling something 4G when IT IS NOT is doing all consumers a disservice.

    Both Sprint and Now T-Mobile should be penalized for this.

    • Acaciastrain

      So when companies say “we have the best ____ in town” that is fine? Because who is to decide that they do?

  • TmoJoe

    So does this phone not have a LED notification? Also, the keyboard has to also be available in landscape mode too, right?

  • stockypeasant

    just came back from Tmo store in Honolulu. Rep had My Touch 4G for store demo. So after playing with it here are some thoughts.
    1st, Espresso UI has been re-vamped and is not the same Espresso found on the slide. Its a hybrid
    of stock Sense ( i.e. Clock widget) and Espresso. In my opinion the home screens and drop
    down nav bar seem well placed and styled ,but the app drawer is still the same gross looking
    design as found on the slide.
    2nd, The build of the phone seems SOLID. It has no resemblance in feel or even appearance as the
    more plasticky looking MT, MT3G and MT3G slide.
    3rd, The camera quality IMHO seems better than the G2, as well as the screen quality and picture.
    The FFc (front facing camera) surprisingly has a great image quality being that it is only VGA.
    4th, Based on the the Rep’s use, the battery life seems to be worst on the MT4G when compared
    to the G2.

    Overall i feel that the MT4G is a nice phone with a significantly better build than the previous My Touch iterations, which will make it a worthy upgrade for those looking into a holiday upgrade/purchase. The phone does come pre programmed with the native Tmo tethering app and i cant recall seeing the UMA app, but I feel it was installed. Again, IMHO my only complaint was the average looking app drawer and homescreen nav buttons.

    I for one will probably skip over the G2 and MT4G and be keeping an eye on the rumours floating around of the Nexus 2……

  • Oscar

    look at this video and then check there next video they have the original packaging and then look at the next video and it shows the software this phone is really bringing the competition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3qjQd1rDwU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlPakl_pAAc

    • J-Hop2o6

      hmm.. strange.. thx for the videos Oscar

  • Walhaddi

    I don’t like the menu, but thats just my opinion. I prefer the G2 menu layout.

    • Cheato

      I agree with Walhaddi. The phone looks no different than the MyTouch 3G with 2.2
      Why can’t we get an android with a 4.3″ display? That’s all I want from Tmo. I don’t care about HSPA+, keyboard or a FFC.