T-Mobile Officially Announces The BlackBerry Bold 9780

Minutes after T-Mobile officially announced the Samsung Tab, RIM and Magenta announce the new BlackBerry Bold 9780. The Bold 9780 will officially launch November 17th and will be available in both Flash White and Black color options. As for pricing, the handset will run $129.99 with a 2-year agreement. Not too shabby. Hit the jump for the full press release and a fact sheet!


Additionally, today T-Mobile announces the upcoming availability of the new and improved BlackBerry Bold 9780 – offering a wide variety of essential tools for productivity and convenience. T-Mobile’s first BlackBerry to deliver the BlackBerry 6 operating system, the Bold 9780 provides a fluid and user-friendly interface, bringing your favorite features front-and-center, including universal search and a new and improved Web browsing experience with faster page-loading and tabbed browsing. In addition, the new Bold 9780 offers integrated feeds to keep you connected to your social networks and current events, a 5-megapixel camera with LED flash and video recording as well as 3G and Wi-Fi capabilities with support for Wi-Fi Calling for increased coverage. The Bold 9780 also offers access to BlackBerry App World, for discovering and downloading thousands of mobile applications. The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is expected to be available in Black or Flash White for T-Mobile customers on November 17 for $129.99.**

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  • cellswag5

    Until they make a bold with touch screen and a lil larger screen and specs on par with the G2 I’m not going any where near black berry.

  • fatboy97

    In the past I might have been interested, but the Android market is where I’m going… I’m leaving my 9700 starting next week!!!

    • @fatboy97 hit me up with a price for you 9700 i am interested.

  • cellswag5

    We need a black berry like this. http://crackberry.com/blackberry-storm-3

    • kershon

      I agree. I will be leaving Blackberry behind and going to the new MT4G. I have had no problems with my 9700 but am tired of the small screen and the poor browser experience. The only reason I have not jumped ship earlier was lack of wi-fi calling and tethering on android phones which are necessities for me.

  • ken

    I am still trying to figure why RIM would do this? Other than having more RAM, 5mp camera, and OS6 is there is point to upgrade to this phone? Being a crackberry fan I probably being getting this. But I probably will use my G2 for a little longer and hope they have OS6 for 9700 soon. I really wish this had more power 624mhz? come on!

    • their trying to push OS6 hard and thinking people will run to it for the OS, i cant speak for others but I know i am not.

  • Joe

    I wonder what the retail price will be?

  • Rick

    Anyone know what the price will be for customers who are not eligible for an upgrade?

    • It all depends on how long you had your contract. Its going to cost T-Mobile 400 for the phone. If you had your contract for a year you will probably be paying around 250. Just check how much a 9700 will run you right now and add 30 bucks.

  • pantlesspenguin

    This won’t even be hspa+ capable? I don’t know. As much as I love blackberries & I miss using them at times, I don’t think I could ever go back to using one as my primary device. Android has really spoiled me!

  • TRON

    It’s funny to me how people gripe about the blackberry processors. My mytouch slide has about the same mhz and it runs android 2.1 just fine. I’m still a BIG fan of blackberry. Android is a little overrated.

    • joe

      Andriod is under-rated. Crackberry is overrated. I used to own a crackberry, web browser stinks and it doesnt support major website. I hate crackberry. The droid is awesome. Better than the crackberry and mobile windows.

  • tracksforhire

    lmao at this device another phone from rim doing the exact same thing as every other stupid phone from rim. i see no way i can leave android for this crap. 624 Mhz sheeeesh

    • angelo

      why do all blackberries look exactly alike and do the same exact thing.

  • abel2fresh4u

    no thanks. idk about u guys but in my opinion all the black berry are the same. exept for the storm. all i need is the new my touch. =p already on the waiting list

  • Ali

    I thought the same thing as you all. Why would I get a blackberry? Truth be told, it’s actually a great overall phone. It has better speakers, better battery life, better call quality, better push messaging & e-mail and while the specs are not “on par” I am opening web pages faster than others and the overall functionality is great.

    I don’t need to reset my device every 3 days, which is a plus and while I sometimes miss my touchscreen, the overall simplicity and effectiveness of the this blackberry as well as actually being a good PHONE would make me want to get the 9780.

    Not saying the Blackberry is for everybody, but if you go on specs alone then you will be like that moron “tracksforhire” in saying that the “this device another phone from rim doing the exact same thing as every other stupid phone from rim. i see no way i can leave android for this crap. 624 Mhz sheeeesh” clearly showing your complete lack of understanding towards what a blackberry is, lol.

    • darkknight49

      Well Said. And BBM is awesome. I do miss that on my android.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Have you tried LiveProfile??? It’s a bbm clone for android & it’s awesome so far!!

  • Alex

    everyone complaining about 624mhz clearly has no clue :) BB is efficient, the OS is stable and has been for a very long time. It doesn’t have to process x-trillion polygons per second or display “live” wallpapers, or whatever else makes a phone worthwhile for you.

    Comparing processor speeds and RAM alone will get you nowhere.

    This is not a great upgrade for Bold 9700 owners (but why would it be, the 9700 is only a year old so no upgrade needed). It is however a great upgrade for Curve owners.

  • ogopogo

    OK. I have been using a Blackberry device since 1999. That’s 11 years. I am currently using a 9700. Although I was a die-hard BB user, I really can’t understand why anyone would want to stick with this platform. Battery life? Give me a break. BBM? That’s an even worse excuse. It is an outdated platform that has been left behind. The only reason that there is such a huge proliferation is because of their corporate integration. Well…that too will end soon.

    Why would you choose such a lack-luster offering? especially at the price that they are charging! This is super-smart phone territory. The BB offerings are the saddest excuse for a smart phone.

    For those that want to stick with this antiquated offering – good luck. I am switching over to Android when the MT4G comes around next week. Hell – I would even take an iPhone over this piece of crap.

    • Alex

      How will corporate integration end? Corporations with any security concerns simply will not let their staff connect to mail servers with iPhone/Android, it’s that simple. BB has the edge because of their impeccable security and that is not going anywhere.

      There’s not much an iPhone or any Android offering can do that a BB cannot – gaming? please, get a PSP.

      • ogopogo

        This is just one of many articles:

        I currently work as a network architect for a very large bank, and our corporate security folks are in their final phase of an iPhone solution. They also spun up an Android smartphone project 4 months ago that has been given the green light for pilot testing.

        You obviously don’t keep up with what’s really happening in the real world – very typical of a BB user.

  • Holiday

    Not worth spending the bucks for this. Show me a torch or something equal to that and I will extend my contract 5more years! Until then, dell venue pro here I come!

  • DeVa

    Yep thought the same way brought the mts android phone….super phone battery life on android sucks. Got tired of carrying or leaving chargers everywhere I went…back to old faithful 9700 as bb battery life is hands down.

  • SuchChoices

    2011 will probaly be the last year for oS6 devices. By 2012, RIMM will be launching phones based on the QNX platform (think PlayBook). A significant upgrade in oS. May put them past Android with it.

    • BlackHawk

      Thats what Im waiting for. Gonna stick it our with my current BB and grab the first QNX based phone next year.

  • Crossbearer

    I am wavering, I have the BB 8900 and I do see this as an upgrade to the Curve as someone else alluded to. However, for the same price point as the G2, it would be hard not to get the G2. The one thing I do enjoy about my BB over Android (Vibrant/Mytouch Slide) is that it does not use nearly close to the same data. Android is a data hog. I see the carriers seeing the data consumption of the Android platform as a cash cow in the very near future. Look at what Tmobile is about to do with the tethering and data multiple tier plans coming to a phone bill near you. I have to chuckle at a co-worker that has an IPhone 4, who has to keep set on WiFi because he doesn’t want to incur additional data charges, so his email and and txting services are down most of the day. What a waste, if I’m going to pay that kind of money for a phone then I want to be able to use it. I might just give the 9780 a shot. I get an incredible amount of work done on my 8900, so this might just be a great fit.

    • Matt

      Well, you’re wrong about Android itself being a data hog. What WILL get you is leaving stupid apps (Twitter, Facebook, Exchange Email) to refresh every ten minutes in the background. I regularly tether to my computer and STILL don’t go anywhere near the 5 GB cap.

      I still miss my 9700, primarily because of the keyboard and battery life. But it doesn’t tether via WiFi, still doesn’t sync Gmail correctly and the list goes on. Some days I fantasize about having an 8320 back just for the good old days, but I generally snap out of it.

      • Alex

        I have 8900 tethering with bluetooth on an Ubuntu laptop – it’s all possible, just be persistent :)

        What problems are you having with Gmail? I have multiple accounts and they all work perfectly.

        • soppyhen

          Gmail with the plugin doesn’t sync properly with the web app. Sometimes, after I delete a message from the device (9780), messages get redelivered two or three times.And they don’t get marked as read on the web app after I’ve read them or marked them as read on the device.

          I’ve tried to use the Gmail app instead (which is what I use on my other device, a 9700) but the search function doesn’t work on the 9780.

  • derrickps3

    i don’t care, just release the os 6 for the 9700’s already

  • RICO

    Nobody cares or brags about Blackberrys anymore! RIM really needs to step it up 10 notches. They really need to develop a phone as good looking or better than the My touch 4G with the same specs or BETTER. The longer they wait the more money they’ll lose because people are getting contracted out on Androids.

  • Alex

    has anyone bothered to look at RIMM as a company? They are doing just fine. Just because their phones do not appeal to YOU, does not mean that their products are not selling VERY well.

    RIMM was around $49 on Monday, up to $55 close yesterday…do the math.

  • derrickps3

    i agree alex, there are tons of people who own bb devices, espcially teens…..i myself am loving the 9700 which is my fiest bb device ever. so when people trash rim just because of thier phones not appealing to them, it doesn’t mean they are not selling well like alex said, blackberry is still and will always be popular

  • BlackHawk

    I only use my MT3G as a wifi connected device. As far as actual phone, e-mail, sms/mms goes, its BB all the way for me. Very interested what the retail price will be for this one.

  • Alex

    I’ve read a few times that it will be $129.99 with a 2 year contract, which is reasonable…they are not trying to sell it as the latest and greatest new device.

  • J.W.

    I use BB on my 2nd line and have a G2 on my first. I love Android and BB and now that there’s an updated bold I can upgrade my 2nd line.

  • John Strange

    I own a 9700 and 2 of the 8 whatevers. I bought a Mytouch 4G last Friday because I was sick of the POS internet/browser. The mytouch is the second android phone; it is also the second biggest battery hog I have ever had, the first being…another android.

    I traded in my android for the BB and now I am sending back my mytouch 4g, the features are awesome, the screen is great, the marketplace is free and fantastic but the double emails from gmail and from yahoo, the lack of setting individual sms tones for each user and each email address, and battery make it useless. What the hell is the use of having a phone with blazing internet speed of the damn thing is dead?

    I must have UMA calling in my house and yea I have dropped calls when I come and go sometimes but not all the time but with wifi calling you always have them. I have also master reset my new mytouch 1 time. I am fairly sure I have never reset my bb, my last android was reset so many times I couldn’t bother to even SET ringtones.

    Say want about your little android phones and all other phones but my BB (as big of a POS as it is for web) has been the most stable and smart phone I have ever owned. I would still prefer an iphone (no uma or custom sms on this version) but I would not need an ipod and a phone and taking photos of my checks and saving time at the bank would be worth not having uma or custom sms (maybe) or I will wait for the new iphone w/ custom sms