The Nexus S (Formerly Known As Nexus 2) Is Real And Coming Soon?

Sometimes in the wireless industry there are stories and rumors that sound so good, they are likely untrue. The Nexus Two, the (obvious) follow up to the Nexus One wasn’t supposed to happen. Earlier today when nobody thought it was happening Taylor of Androidandme thought otherwise and took a lot of heat for running his own report. Sticking to his guns paid off however as Gizmodo has just given him a whole lot of support in the form of their very own exclusive report regarding the Nexus S (no longer the Nexus 2).

There is plenty here that could change so take everything with a grain of salt until more details are leaked or Samsung makes an official announcement. Of course, they happen to be having a press conference November 8th and Taylor is very confident that will be the date we’ll see the Nexus S, and maybe little green men. So why post this? Well since the original Nexus One first came to the T-Mobile household, there is a definite possibility we could see a repeat of that and we want our readers to know that’s a possibility, but we strongly remind you this is all rumor and speculation, except for the little green men, they are real. Honest.

So what do we know?

  • 4” inch AMOLED screen
  • Made by Samsung
  • Black, shiny and built with a glossy plastic
  • Front facing camera
  • Possibly running Android 2.3 or Gingerbread



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