Best Buy Offering Samsung Vibrant Free For “Free Phone Friday”

Nothing captures attention in the cell phone world quite like free pricing and Best Buy is ready to take their October “Free Phone Friday” deal out with a bang. A Samsung Vibrant bang that is for the T-Mobile faithful, which you can pick up obviously for free today and today only for both new and upgrading customers. This is your last chance to take advantage of Best Buy’s super special offer so if you’ve been eyeing the Vibrant and waiting for the price to come down you aren’t going to get a better offer than free!

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  • sorandkairi

    Not bad BestBuy….. not bad at all…..

  • mofo

    to bad it sux

  • Robert

    Doesn’t say much for Samsung when the retailers have to give away your phones.

    • ob18

      Yes it does it says people think the product they produce sucks.

    • RockTripod

      No, morons, it means BestBuy doesn’t pay commission. The phone is arguably the best phone in the T-Mobile stable right now.

      • jonathan

        people are always looking for ways to down others, so who cares that samsung makes most of the parts for iphone 4 either cause that phone really sucks if they have to buy parts to put a phone together where at least samsung makes everything from the memory to the screen even the chips in there own factory witch is why it cost so cheap but you have idiots with no brains.

  • Bronhi

    If I hadn’t already upgraded to the Vibrant when it came out I would jump on this. I love that phone.

  • WazzuKirk

    It’s actually a really good phone, once you tweak it correctly with help from the XDA guys.

  • 16309A

    If the MyTouch wasn’t coming out soon I’d be there. My wife loves her Vibrant.

  • jordannn

    dang! I’m due for an upgrade and broke. And have a sony ericsson flip phone. Should i get it?

    • ob18

      You just answered you’re own question.

    • that depends, 2.2 vs 2.3 or 3.0 in a later update.

      ffc vs no ffc.

      metal solid feel vs loose plastic feel.

      wifi calling vs no wifi calling.

      the ability to start up in about 5-10 seconds, impossible on the vibrant as of right now.

      • Robert

        Dude, free phone and you’re broke? I’d jump all over that!

      • ob18

        When you are broke and need a new phone you don’t have a choice you go get it.

      • jordannn

        i’m on it

  • JIBA1681

    does anyone know if you have to be eligable for an upgrade or can this be done at anytime??

  • Illegal Machine

    I hope they don’t try and use the GPS to get home….

    • ob18

      They’ll follow the sun instead a natural GPS.

  • Chris S

    Not interested in the Vibrant because I rather have the myTouch4G! But most of the Best Buys in Chicago and Northwest Indiana are sold out of the Vibrants as of 9:00am. Well I guess they can be SOLD OUT if its FREE!

  • lmao

    “As if a rooted g2 was better… oh yea no root lol

    • bigger mac

      ahh the G2 was fully rooted a few days ago dude.

  • The Vibrant Is My PRECIOUS

    U have to pay sales tax.

  • Will

    I had the Vibrant and it’s a beautiful phone. It’s a gorgeous phone with impressive specs but it was lacking in a few features that I hold as necessary for myself (led notifications, flash, I could not stand the power button being on the side (picky? probably but still), and it always made me nervous carrying it around even in a case cause of its light feeling).

    I think this is an amazing offer and I would suggest this phone to my best friend if I were asked :) But I would mention a few of the lacking features just so they were aware of course!

    • Will

      oh and let me say I was aware of the Vibrants lackings mentioned above but I thought they were features I could live without and overlook. Needless to say, I was wrong.

  • Gammer2008

    To bad its not a free phone…… with Tmobile if you are on a 2 year agreement plan then u are paying for the phone monthly….Why do u thing the even more plus plan is cheaper per month, cause your not paying for the phone….

    • ob18

      Umm boss they said the phone was free nothing else. I take it you are one who normally skips reading the “fine” print.

      • somebody

        what did you expect they were going to hand you a free for nothing ?

        do you think before you write

        “Ohh here you go take this 500$ piece of hardware and just walk out we want nothing from you but you continued support of best buy”

    • ob18

      Why yes I do think before I write I also went to the site and saw they require a 2 year agreement but the phone itself is free. Hence “the fine print” comment which obviously went over your head.

      Maybe you should think first before responding. Just a random thought.

    • Actually, I ordered the Vibrant through this promotion yesterday (friday), I am upgrading from a blackberry curve. Total cost to me… $0.00. I’m not sure how I avoided the upgrade fee, though some states may have to pay sales tax (Ohio dosen’t on cell phones) Looking forward to recieving my phone soon XD Man I LOVE T-Mobile!

  • taci bell

    open up a new line an cancel it and you get a vibrant for free, very easy

    • RockTripod

      ETF, genius.

  • thaghost

    u cant beat free. the phone is not super but its a very good phone.

    • 2FR35H

      Super Amoled is Super

  • kendrix_myrealname

    This is a good deal. But I was able to get the Vibrant free on contract a month ago from T-Mobile retail. A rep was going from business to business trying to get rid of it. He said it was the last in inventory and some Sunday special they had going. But Its a great phone, but like you others, I miss the LED notification and flash like my old Nexus One. Too light for a mans use and seems to please old iPhone users with TouchWiz, which is nice but not my cup of tea. Lacks full customization as well.

    • 2FR35H

      How on earth does it lack full customization?

      • kendrix_myrealname

        The whole TouchWiz is designed to look like an iPhone menu screen. Its more of a transitional phone for the Android deprived. YOu cant replace the standard icons on the bottom either. Im not a fan of that. I hate my msg icon to be exposed to nosey friends

  • Mark

    I would do this but I want the G2…its really hard to turn down free but i just love the G2 too much, which ill be picking up this weekend probably.

  • Gammer2008

    OMG, its not a free phone

    on a 2 year contract u pay $20.00 more a month then some one on the “even more plus/no contract” why do u think that is…. cause u are paying for the phone over 2 years.

  • Gammer2008

    Here is another point….G2 for instance

    Suggested retail $499.99
    Instant Discount -$250.00
    Mail-in Rebate Card -$50.00
    $199.99 or as low as $62.50/mo

    By paying more per month on a 2 year deal “Tmobile will recoup the $499.00”

    So divide $499. by 24 which is 2 years and u get $20.00

    • g1ana

      What do you mean? Do you have to have an even more plus plan in order to get it?

  • cscorbin

    I picked one up for the wife. She was torn between the vibrant and MT4G but for the low price of Free I guess she can test drive it for a month and compare it to the MyTouch when I get one :-)

  • g1ana

    So glad! getting 2 for free for the family! then I get to pay for mytouch or G2! Love this deal!!

  • smb3rd

    Doesn’t work if you’re on a grandfathered plan….

    • cscorbin

      What do you mean doesn’t work on old plans? We are on a my favs with the original android data plan and I didn’t have any problems getting it for free..

      • g1ana

        I just called and Best buy said that I would probably have to change to an even more plan, but that it was up to T-mobile if they allowed it or not for my upgrade. I hate that I have to go all the way there to see if I have to do that, because they can’t access my acocunt over the phone. I have an old family plan, not even t-mob favs.

      • smm1st

        Because I went through all the motions of purchasing phone and when they got to the carrier check portion (which is like almost the last step) they said I’d have to change plans (1500 minute family plan with myfaves, unlimited messaging for $10/mth) to even more plan…

  • I need somewhere to ask questions about my Vibrant. Where can I do that?

    I have trouble answering call waiting (screen won’t light up) and stuff like that.

    This damn thing is fast on the net but annoying as hell for normal use.

    • karlc

      hit the unlock button again, swipe to unlock, then answer.

  • fail5

    was in the process of buying, check out failed, back to product page and shipping no longer available. Looks like it’s sold out. pick-up nowhere within 200 miles. so annoyed.

  • z71

    F’in bull, T-mobile. I’m on an old G1 Dream, and 59 days outside of being eligible for the ‘full upgrade’, and as a result a free Vibrant today. I’ve been with the company for over 10yrs, nvr been late on a payment, and they wouldn’t budge to allow me to get the Vibrant. 5 phone lines, paying over $120/mo, and they wouldn’t budge. Utter crap I say!! Way to treat your long-time, loyal customers!!

  • bigger mac

    you guys know that tmobile already offers a buy a vibrant get one free right? just go to the offer is good until november 2

    • 2FR35H

      Aka right before MT4G release

  • 808in702

    Would be nice if I didn’t just get the G2. Plus you would think Best Buy here in vegas would carry Tmo, but sadly they don’t.

  • Amy

    Is it true that worst buy charges full price of the phone when you cancel account within 6 months?

    • BeerBellyBilly

      Probably so. Most 3rd parties charge an additional ETF for first 6 months over the standard contract ETF to recoup the cost of the freebie. I can’t really blame them for that, but at least it’s not held over you for the full life of the contract which seems more than fair to me.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Well it’s all over now lol. Free was nice while it lasted. I actually went in to pick up the Droid Incredible, and my local BB’s don’t carry T-Mobile postpaid, but my ETF on T-Mobile was too high, still $200 so there went the savings. I’m still ticked over this upcoming tethering thing, so we’ll see where things stand when my contract ends and have to pay for a new phone anyway.

  • Dave

    Heres the problem with free phone Friday. I filled out all the information on Best Buy’s website, only to find out that the Samsung Vibrant wasn’t even available in my area. The closest store was in Pennsylvania, and I wasnt about ready to drive there to pick up the phone. I called Best Buy Mobile only to find out that the phone was SOLD OUT!! Needless to say, I was quite pissed as I really wanted this phone. Best Buy should have anticipated this and made sure that there were phones available. What a scam!!

    • BeerBellyBilly

      Didn’t seem like a scam to me when I went in, no problem getting me set up and pulling a phone for me, but then I thought I’d better check with T-Mo first because I thought the ETF was monthly pro-rated but evidently it’s not. CSR told me it drops to $100 at 180 day point and as I was at 260 no dice. I regret I didn’t bring the DInc home anyway to play with it for a month, but that costs them to restock an opened unit so I didn’t.

  • Rlphsss

    I can say i am thankful for this , i know best buy doesnt carry T-mobile at most of the locations here, (so california ) , but found ot that 1 store within 50 mile radius carried them so i went for it , I got the last free vibrant , didnt even pay tax on it! . Thank you T-monews for posting it up :-)

  • Angel

    Does any companie’s IT’s or Web Managers EVER REMOVE OLD ASS NEWS…like Free On Friday Deal good October 2010????  I see this crap everywhere I go…and most pages don’t allow for a search by date option…Geez Guyz Give Us A Break We Can Use…