Houston We Have A Problem, The Galaxy Tab Runs Windows!

Update: Honestly, I don’t know how some of you aren’t catching the fact that this isn’t really real…its an obvious mistake, the Tab still runs Android.

If this were a little closer to April, I’d say this was just someone’s idea of an April Fool’s joke but instead it’s likely a case of poor editing. According to the T-Mobile homepage, the Galaxy Tab runs wait for it…Windows 7 Home Starter Edition! Of course we know this will get corrected soon (and we’ve alerted someone to the mistake) but I’m sure someone is going to feel pretty bad about it. What’s puzzling is how nobody caught this, as even we didn’t, an eagle-eyed commenter did! Rest assured it’s less than two weeks until you can own your very own Windows 7 Home Starter Edition based Tablet, complete with Android!

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Spec Page

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