Houston We Have A Problem, The Galaxy Tab Runs Windows!

Update: Honestly, I don’t know how some of you aren’t catching the fact that this isn’t really real…its an obvious mistake, the Tab still runs Android.

If this were a little closer to April, I’d say this was just someone’s idea of an April Fool’s joke but instead it’s likely a case of poor editing. According to the T-Mobile homepage, the Galaxy Tab runs wait for it…Windows 7 Home Starter Edition! Of course we know this will get corrected soon (and we’ve alerted someone to the mistake) but I’m sure someone is going to feel pretty bad about it. What’s puzzling is how nobody caught this, as even we didn’t, an eagle-eyed commenter did! Rest assured it’s less than two weeks until you can own your very own Windows 7 Home Starter Edition based Tablet, complete with Android!

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab Spec Page

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  • Pissed


    • Pissed

      after further review half of these specs are that of the dell mini 10

      • Brandon

        This. 900mAH battery on a Tab? Lulz.

  • Spencer

    ummm…submittion to failblog.org?

    • David


  • Deke218

    If only. I guess we are stuck with a non-tablet Android OS.

    • j

      this is so obviously photoshopped to stir things up

  • mantus

    Looks like they just changed the dimensions and name from the Dell mini10 specs and put it up as the Galaxy Tab… Lazy!!

  • Pimpstrong


  • crap, you scared me there!

    • hater

      I hate your avatar. It fits your posts (annoying). Mine fits my name perfectly.

  • George

    FAILED…..Samsung sucks AGAIN!!!!

    • tooltard

      this has nothing to do with samsung, t-mobile is the website owner

  • JD

    If you notice the 3G info, it mentions Huawei. Perhaps these are Huawei Ideos tablet specs?

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT, I think I’m going to hold off until 2011 for T-Mobile’s next Android super mobile, WHO THAT, the Nexus 2, WHO THAT….! Yeah, that big 4.3 Android mobile device that’s coming soon. WHO THAT…! You like Gingerbread cookies, WHO THAT Gingerbread technology, WHO THAT Gingerbread man, WHO THAT…!(lol)

    • Bishop

      You were dropped as a child, admit it.

      • Not dropped…more like slammed!

      • ren

        True that!!!! Lol

      • rinklighter

        Deprived of oxygen or high fever perhaps?

    • Wilma Flintstone

      had to be bcuz the nexus 2 is already confirmed to be 4 inches.

      • Mae Mae

        WHO THAT, Mrs.Flintstone, I can go for that Nokia device you have been talking about too… WHO THAT, Nexus 2 with a FFC, Video projector, ESP Button, DLNA, coming to T-Mobile in early 2011, WHO THAT, Nexus 2, WHO THAT….!

    • Cheato

      Not funny

  • justin

    did anyone happen to notice that the specs were wrong too? intel atom processor, 10.1 inch screen, is it me or does this scream netbook,
    C’mon Tmobile, get with the program

  • abel2fresh4u

    some one is getting fired. =x

  • Noel Barcellos

    That is actually for a dell.. if you check the asterisk for battery life it says..

    * Based on Dell Lab testing. Battery life varies by configuration, operating conditions and other factors. Maximum battery capacity decreases with time and use.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I would leave T-mo if that was true lol. my heard damn near stopped

    • calvin

      Here of spell check much? Lol. Obviously someone messed up. I highly dpubt to see a winmo tablet any time soon. And Samsung and T-Mobile both in press releases already said would be android. Just no voice capability. I still like the hd7 though. Netflix streaming.

      • VibrantOwnr

        you spelled doubt wrong..spell check?

      • Vibrant addict

        You spelled hear wrong too. And it’s proof read, not spell check

      • jesus

        Hahaha , Total spell check FAIL! @calvin

      • BlackHawk

        Sarcasim is a true art, only recognized by those who understand it. +1 Calvin, I got the joke.

      • Cheato

        I hate to say it, but I don’t think he was trying to be clever.

      • kendrix_myrealname

        I suggest you proofread your posts next time before you try to correct me calvin. And of course it was a mistake. I was just stating my feelings against Windows products.

  • fatboy97

    Oooops… did I click save on the Production Server!?!?

  • Eddie Android

    Lol, I noticed that yesterday.

  • sos


    • fatboy97

      If the iPad ran the latest Android OS, and had a microSD card slot, and was lighter… maybe.

    • Yyevo

      I’m confused … did you mean BETA as in testing or did you mean BETTER?

      Either way, I’ll get my tech recommendations from someone else.

  • luckydog

    Also says that it weighs less than an ounce . . .

  • holiday

    At&t strikes again. Chalk one up for the good guys.

  • sgtmedeiros

    I was like nooooooooooooo

  • BuddyLuv

    i Guess no one ever heard of this word “Typo”

    • David, Managing Editor

      Those are not typos…

  • Vibrant addict

    Those specs are actually what I want…fired windows

    • Vibrant addict

      Stupid phone…. Correction below

      Those specs are actually what I want. Guess windows tablet is the way to go.

  • waiiiiiiiiiiit 900MAH? battery? that must be a mistake? please tell me it is looool? if it’s really a 900MAH battery and the vibrant has a 1500MAH batter, please recall this tab before it makes it’s debut because that would be criminal!

  • Bschwartz40

    10.1 inch screen? lol

  • Jesushouston

    thats whatsup i live in houston texas dats where its kool ……

    • Yyevo

      Um.. no. Houston sucks.

      • Jesushouston

        u suck and wherever u live at…houston rulez.

  • jian9007

    I like the 160GB SATA drive too! That’s just all kinds of fail on someones’ part for putting all the wrong specs there.

  • I’m a noob

    This is is to David and yea I kno off topic nd I’m sorry
    David if I’m usin pdanet app from the android market and I reach the 5gb thing will I not be able to use tht app or would I be able to use it to give wifi jus at a slower pace?

  • jkache

    Why is everyone still commenting and writing about all the mistakes they made? Its already been published and commented on by about 45 people. Still continuing to repeat the same thing that dave posted in the article!

  • Michael

    Can we please stop with all the WHO THAT WHO THAT stuff? It is worse than the “first” comments.

  • mtnman

    Perhaps these are the specs of the Dell or BB tab coming up?

  • mingkee

    Epic Fail!
    There’s NO WAY W7 can run on a machine which has 900mA/h battery. The power will jump from 100% to 0 with ONE SINGLE CLICK!
    Who wrote the info should be fired the next 1/100000000000000000000000 second!

  • Brandy

    I’ve seen the Tab, played with it… and its android… All android. if its not, then its well hidden.

  • Young Brezzie

    Good Evening, guys and gals actually the SAMSUNG TAB, will have a joint venture with microsoft, on storage. Might be for the tab.

  • Young Brezzie

    sorry i meant microsoft, and samsung are gonna have a joint venture on internet storage.