Best Buy Announces Free Phone Friday For October

Best Buy introduced a nifty little promotion today announcing Free Phone Fridays during the month of October. Beginning October 1st and running every Friday through October Best Buy Mobile will feature four free phones at their regular Brick and Mortar stores, Best Buy Mobile retail locations and online at Each Friday will offer at least one, in-demand smartphone. Though we should mention that this promotional offering will require a new two-year activation.

Kicking this off Best Buy is offering the Samsung Fascinate for Verizon, Blackberry Curve for Sprint, the HTC Aria for AT&T and for our beloved T-Mobile, the Gravity 3. I kind of feel like T-Mobile got the short end of the stick here but I imagine the one in-demand smartphone will rotate and T-Mobile will find itself in the limelight.

You can find out about these deals the Thursday prior to that Fridays’ special and there will be no rain checks or price matches. Though who would really need to price match $0?

Not a bad little promotion for Best Buy.

Phonescoop via Best Buy


  • Testament

    Just our luck T-mobile will have the G2 at the end of the month.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    It would be nice if they had like the MTS or Vibrant, but i will keep an eye out every thursday.

  • rickb928

    If they put up a G2 in December or January, I’m in.

    Until the, I have to milk my contract, just in case the wife settles on an iPhone.

    • Y314K

      “Beginning October 1st and running every Friday through October”

      Make new plans… This promotion is for October only…

  • Acaciastrain

    Haha the Gravity 3. Nice.

  • derrickps3

    why can’t they just be free alone? no contracts or nothing, especially for people who been with tmo for 2years and more

    • INeedHotSpot

      I agree. I have tmo even more plus plan and I have to pay full price for the phones. My contract already expired. Plus I been with them for around 5yrs.

      • clydesdale

        Would you guys expect to get a wifi only ipad from the apple store for free? If so, have fun in your imaginary world, if not, then how can you expect to get a device with similar capabilities with wifi AND an hspa+ modem AND voice calling, for FREE!!??? (I know they’re not completely the same, but play along please) Contract or no contract, you have a choice… either you get a discounted handset once every 2 years and have a higher phone bill every month, or you pay full retail for your handset (with the option to pay for it in 20 monthly payments.. with NO INTEREST OR FEES!), and you get a discount on your rate plan EVERY month FOREVER. The carriers do not get the equipment for free, and while they may like you and appreciate your business, they exist to make money.

    • Matchesmalone

      That would make GREAT business sense. Give away free phones and let people cancel whenever they want, whether they are on a discounted plan or not.

    • Davidohio

      Wow. Did you really just ask that? A free smartphone with no contract or any strings attached? Now why do you think they won’t do that? Lmao.

    • VoiceStream user

      I have been with Tmobile for a long time, I was with Voice Stream until T-Mobile bought them out and do I get a discount on anything…No. Kinda stupid, but hey atleast T-mobile has the best prices around on contracts!

    • Ashley

      JUst FYI it isn’t only new lines or add a lines its for upgrades too!

  • pjs

    wow, everyone is offering free smartphones (Fascinate, Aria and BB Curve) except T-Mobile offers a low end text phone, yay T-mobile.

    • Matchesmalone

      Umm t-mobile is not running the promotion, best buy is.

      • pjs

        I understand, but there has to be something that T-Mobile is doing, or not doing, that only allows them to offer this phone. My guess would be paying Best Buy a lower commission than the other 3 carriers, or T-Mobile has a higher deactivation chance than the rest so it is more of a risk.

    • Ashley

      Also, THis is vendor funded, so I’m pretty sure the carriers chose which phones will be free by working with the manufacturers as well. T-Mobile thinks very highly of their gravity =) They probably thought it was the best choice without bankrupting themselves!

  • timmyjoe42

    I thought Best Buy stopped selling T-Mobile phones, except for the prepaid.

    • Deaconclgi

      You are correct.

      Best Buy Mobile is seperate from the Best Buy store. It is a spinoff venue. You can find most Best Buy Mobile stores in malls and other non Best Buy locations and all they sell are carrier phones and laptops. In the BB store, there is a mobile section that doesn’t show T-Mobile any love…. I hope this helps.

      • eric

        Best Buy Mobile is not a “spinoff” of Best Buy but is instead a new store concept. It is owned and operated by Best Buy and staffed by Best Buy employees. Locations are both inside of existing Best Buy stores (I believe that every US Best Buy store has one) and in malls. Each location carries only 3 carriers (for contract service) and most locations choose not to carry t-mobile.

  • tmoled

    Why would they do that? They’re not giving them away just because they’re nice, there’s a business plan involved here.

  • Josh

    Lets say I already have a tmobile contract, but my upgrade isnt available yet. Could I possibly start a new contract at best buy get the free phone, cancel the contract and pay the fee, would that come out less than buying the phone outright?

    • Matchesmalone

      Be careful doing that. It depends on what your etf would be plus the phone may be free but what other fees are there and what are best buys terms on top of tmobile. Plus you lose your tenure that reps looks at when you call in and have issues on your account.

  • mtnman

    Wonder if BB is the one that selected the Gravity 3, or did Tmo tell them that this is the phone that they’d like them to feature?

  • Matt Hatter

    Some things I know for sure are that there are usually extra Terms & Conditions in situations like this. Be aware of what that could possibly be. Some things to look for are: You have to remain in contract for a minimum of 1 year or be charged not only full cost for the phone but ETFs as well, only eligible for certain rate plans and features are required, etc. But this is still pretty cool and should drive business for BB as well as T-Mobile. One thing I tend to forget is that every time I hear about T-Mobile coverage being weak, there are multiple other places where we are not and others are.

    • Ashley

      There are no additional terms or conditions! Just hte regulars, 2 year commitment, new or upgrade and the usual data plans. Usualy ETF fees will apply if u cancel early of course.

  • Just to make everyone aware from a best buy mobile employee standpoint:

    A. This is NOT a vendor funded promotion, therefore Best Buy chooses the devices and the carriers do not.
    B. Josh: You could essentially cancel your TMO account and activate a new plan, but unfortunately you would have to wait 90 days before the new activation, unless you plan on switching carriers, in which case you wouldn’t have to wait any time. And you could even keep your existing number.
    C. Contract terms are fully effective, and will not be changed due to Free Phone Fridays. All previous terms are valid, and all new are exactly as before. Best Buy Mobile does not have the ability to change any part of contracts, except of course to extend them due to upgrades.
    D. TMO is typically not carried in most Best Buy Mobile stores, but starting the beginning of Oct, BBYM will be able to have TMO and VZN phones not available in store to be shipped to your home, just like SPR and ATT. TMO phones are also available on as always.

  • MrXtramean

    Link is wrong. NOT…. leads to unsafe site according to my addon. And my Best Buy doesn’t sell T-Mobile.