The G2 Has Landed, Available In Just 8 Days

Update 1: Just added about 20 more images to the gallery, might take a few minutes to populate but there are quite a few shots for your viewing pleasure!

Update 2: Engadget just posted their own preview of the G2 with a quick 1:26 video showing a brief look at the phone, its worth taking a glance at! Don’t skip our photos though!

It’s certainly been a long time coming but the first T-Mobile G2’s have unofficially arrived in at least one T-Mobile retail store. While the sales date isn’t for another 8 days and while most of you still wait for word on just where exactly your pre-order is we’ve got some “in the wild” shots to hold you over.  Enjoy the shots, we’ve got more incoming so keep checking back for some more!

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