[UPDATED] T-Mobile G2 Now Available For Pre-Order

Update 1: Turns out someone flipped a switch a little early tonight as the Facebook link and Twitter post went down as soon as they went up. Right now some people are reporting luck by ordering through their my.T-Mobile.com login!

Right on queue, the T-Mobile G2 is finally available now for pre-order from T-Mobie. Magenta’s first HSPA+ handset is available online for pre-order beginning now through October 4th exclusively to current subscribers for $199.99 with a qualifying 2-year upgrade and $499 sans contract. Additionally, the G2 will also be available for pre-order through select T-Mobile Retail Stores and Customer Care as well. What are you waiting for? Whip out those credit cards and ORDER NOW! Let us know in the comments if you pre-ordered!

T-Mobile G2 Pre-Order

UPDATE 2: If you’re still on the fence about purchasing the T-Mobile G2, check out the YouTube video below of the G2 running a Quadrant benchmark test. Yielding results higher than even the 1GHz powered Nexus One, once again proves that just because the G2 has an 800MHz processor it isn’t inferior to the competition. Remember folks, MHz isn’t everything!

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  • Wilma Flintstone

    This will make some people happy. I am still waiting for my super 4.3 inch Maemo/Android/Symbian^3/4 phone though.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      Wait, I meant, Super 4.3 inch Amoled/SLCD Maemo/Meego/Symbian^3-4 or Android phone with FFC and TV out. Come on Tmo. :)

      • Sgt. Mach 1

        What the hell are you talking about. Maemo, Meego, Symbian are all seperate Operating Systems. You need to do your homework before you start posting things up.

  • aaronhowardnm

    The link you and T-Mobile are given out is just the same one to register about news for the G2. When will the site open for actual ordering?

  • Ryan

    249.99 + 45 taxes + 18 upgrade fee + 5.99 shipping = $319 WITH 2-YEAR CONTRACT

    no thanks.

    • somebody

      wth are you talking about

      • Linkage2424

        That’s how much it is.
        You can “upgrade” now, through my.t-mobile.com, and those are the fees associated with purchasing the phone. $45 taxes and fees, $18 upgrade fee, and $6 shipping. There’s a $50 mail in rebate though.

    • tmogee

      then dont eeffin IGNOORANTTT!! get a life fuccckk facceeee!

  • Boogs

    Preordered. I had to log into my account, went to upgrade my phones, and the option is there at the bottom of the initial list. Ryan is correct, all said and done it’s $320, with a $50 mail in rebate to make it $270

    • Boogs

      Oh, and it stated estimated arrival date Oct 2nd, but looking at the order management page it says ‘Estimated delivery date: 9/30/2010’

      • Want2CBetter

        Same with mine. I’m glad we finally got the chance to order it……. so in 6 days max, I will have my new G2.

      • Want2CBetter

        Now my status shows that it will be delivered on the 26th – that will obviously not happen because the 26th is a Sunday….. maybe on Monday or Tuesday though….

  • john

    i dont know what you guys are talking about cause i cant even place an order for the g2

  • Vibrant Guy

    Wow. I’m sure this will sell really well with G1 owners, but until I can find a Vibrant killer, I’m with it to the end. I hope everyone has a great experience with the G2, post reviews once you get it.

    • Want2CBetter

      hmmm….. one word that is the dealmaker (or breaker) for me…… Keyboard!

  • FunkmasterC

    I’ll try this comment again – looks like the last one didn’t post. T-mobile is lame. I have been waiting for this upgrade, but it is not showing available on my line, but when I choose my wife’s line (who could care less about phones), it shows up as an option.

    T-mobile – if you want to play games with your loyal customers – fine FU – I will go to Sprint. Wow – I am completely floored by this.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Come on man, a few extra minutes are REALLY going to hurt you? 10 hours ago you didn’t know it would be tonight, now another hour and you want to leave? Come on, its not that bad!

      • FunkmasterC

        I don’t think it is a few extra minutes. If that was the case, I wouldn’t really care. Under the exact same login, I switch between lines and it is available for one, but not the other. That is a FAIL in my book. Been with T-Mobile for about 10 years now. I will be calling their support line at 6am. The only reason I am so impatient is that I run my business with my G1 and it is rapidly dying – I have to get a replacement soon or fire up the old dash….

      • FunkmasterC

        I should note that every other phone is available up to the Vibrant – just not the G2.

      • Want2CBetter

        Keep trying. I had the same issue, then logged out and back in a couple of times and all of a sudden it was there to buy.

      • FunkmasterC

        I will do.

    • FunkmasterC

      Well this has been a big fat waste of time. Still can’t pre-order even off contract. Will give them a piece of my mind in the morning. So happy I waited up to try to get my pre-order in. I have sucker stamped on my forehead.

      Thanks T-mo. – love ya – mean it.

      • dwillistyle

        I ordered mine just fine…

        Many others have as well…

        I can understand though, I would be upset too if I was in FunkmastersC’s situation but thats a pretty weak excuse to leave a company IMO. Especially to go to Sprint of all carriers. Ehhghh.

        It would be more beneficial to let Tmo Cust Loyalty know you have had a problem and see what they can do for you, 10 yrs of tenure will do wonders in these situations.

    • nyuhsuk

      I know that one time I called into T-Mobile to try for the unlimited voice plan and they said that I was ineligible since I wasn’t a long time customer. I didn’t understand since I had a T-Mobile phone since 2003.

      After reviewing my account, they found that when I applied my corporate discount about 6 months prior to the account, that the account no longer tracked under me but as someone through my company. Of course, they saw that instead and assumed that I wasn’t a long time customer.

      Personally, I would call T-Mobile and ask them for the hookup. I have had numerous agents that helped me out immensely, even going as far to give me an extra discount on my current HD2.

    • FunkmasterC

      So after three phone calls and two attempts to place the order, being transferred to multiple departments, the phone has been pre-ordered. They were very nice about it and I was as well, but it was a very frustrating process. Tax Tag and Title was around $267 – no mail in rebate. Not too bad as I was not eligible for an upgrade until March 2011.

      +5 for letting me upgrade early
      +2 for keeping the price down (I don’t really care that I didn’t get the mail in rebate – I always forget to send them anyway)
      +2 for the friendly attitude
      -2 for having to call three times
      -2 for not being able to upgrade online (they originally tried to use this as an out for letting me upgrade. They said I could only pre-order online – that excuse didn’t go very far.)

      I had a discussion with T-mo’s management a month ago about another issue and they promised then to allow me the full discount. I guess it pays to keep your notes and I guess loyalty counts for something these days.

      My point is it should not have been this difficult, but I can see how my situation was unique.

      Overall experience – the fact that they let me upgrade cheaply and their friendliness outweighed the negatives here and this has ended on a positive note.

      A thanks to T-Mobile for stepping up and honoring your promises.


  • Pianist

    Estimated arrival date – Oct 2 using standard shipping
    Looking forward

  • JUST A G2 :)

    :)i’m paying 500 cry baby

  • B.

    I got mine Pre-ordered $499.99 no contract on $25/mo EIP! now the waiting gam ebegings, mine also said estimated 10/02 delivery. im expecting it the 6th but we what see!

  • Paul

    I’m in. $547 delivered on EM+ plan.

  • Matias

    Pre-ordered mine! Very excited…bought it at full price, I hope I can sell my current phone

  • Mox

    Just placed my order through my.t-mobile.com

    Took a few tries, but I finally got a confirmation.

    Showing Delivery of 10/02. We’ll see how that works out. Haha.

  • staticy

    I just preordered mine it said it should arrive by the 2nd

  • john

    whats going on with the g2

  • Pianist

    Has anyone tried 3-day shipping and see whether the estimate date is before 10/2?

    • dcman

      i did the 3 day shipping
      Your order’s estimated delivery date: 9/30/2010.

      • newmexican

        I tried 3-day shipping but it shows delivery on 10/6 :-((
        I order on the first official order day at 6AM MST

        I guess I just wasted the shipping cost as I could have gotten it in the store on that day.

        On the good side: If shipping slips so early a lot of people must have ordered the “horrible, failed” phone. Way to go TMO

  • fyukk-u

    #I would recommend getting it from Radioshack ($149) rather than getting it from T-mobile (sign new line + port old #, if necessary)… or waiting till the phone releases. —

    Even though they are giving existing customers advanced Pre-orders, the price-point is still shyt… You’d think T-mobile would do something nice for existing customers to make them feel good about the first decent phone they’ve had in ages… but thats not the case. —

    I really want this phone, but I want to make sure I get a hands on before I sign a 2yr contract & give up my T-zones, so I can make sure it won’t be like that P.O.S HD2… that over sized POS!

    • nyuhsuk



  • joel

    Preorder is in. My phone orders traditionally have gotten to me pretty fast(live relatively close to distro center), so if it ships tomorrow I may have it by Monday or Tuesday. Oh man I can’t wait <3

  • JustTravy

    Ordered and got through for me and my Friend. Its Was A Good Day!

  • shackk

    $550 on EM+ plan, I’ll stick with my Vibrant. Chicago doesn’t even have HSPA+ speed yet anyway. I’m sure by the time we do there will be a better option anyway.

  • lakeshow

    tmo is beastttt :)

  • Vibrant Guy

    Wow. I have a full upgrade but when I got my. Vibrant I paid full coat too. So if most of you are paying full cost for this, I understand. Are some of you saving your upgrade like me?

    • somebody

      yea waiting for something better to come out

      • Vibrant Guy

        I am starting to like the looks of the MyTouch HD…it appears to be nice, but I do not like the mytouch skin over the OS (touchwiz is better to me)…we shall see. This phone is nice, but I don’t like keyboards.

  • c-fu

    Good lord, $49.xx in taxes!!! Tack on the $18 upgrade fee!!! And then nickel/dime you for $6 shipping?!?!?


    • JakeMG

      Meh. If you’ve been a customer for a few years, call retention and they will waive the upgrade fee, and probably the MIR if you ask nicely.

  • john

    seem’s too be a problem cause on my up grade’s list i cant find the g2 can someone tell me whats going on

  • Eddie Android

    I’m going to wait a few days to see if the Mytouch hd leaks out. If it’s the Desire hd then i’m gonna wait.

  • DailyReader

    Earlier today I could see the G2 in the list of phones for upgrade on my.tmobile.com, but now I cannot. I used my upgrade in January and maybe that’s why. I also can’t see it if I enable the “no contract extension” radio button. So far, I have been unable to pre-order the G2.

  • K-Fed

    Mine is pre-ordered and will; cost 550 on an Even More Plus plan. Hell yeah, can’t wait! Kinda intriqued that my order confirmation page says it will arrive on 10/2/2010 though. Anyone else see that?

    • dcman

      mine says Your order’s estimated delivery date: 9/30/2010.

  • dcman

    Just got mine.
    “Your order will be shipped to your billing address. (For security reasons we only ship to your billing address.)

    Order Date: 09/23/2010 at 10:21:11 PM

    Your order’s estimated delivery date: 9/30/2010.

    You can review your order on the order status page”

    • Vibrant Guy

      WOW. Make sure to post video and pics…I’m happy for you.

      • dcman

        I got the earlier date because I selected the 3 day shipping.
        Probably waisted my money but you never know.

  • Amedeo

    Jut preordered at 12:24 central time. I got the same 9-30-10 “expected” delivery date.

  • zapote21

    Ordered mine… $546… Full price… Love it… Estimated shipping date: 9-30-2010

  • Surf

    I work at Tmobile and i was just able to preorder my G2 and im stoked! Cant wait to get it! i will finally move away from blackberry.

  • patrick

    its not working.

  • hondavic

    For anyone who has pre-ordered the G2, does it give you a full retail price? Don’t if I qualify for any discount so I would like to know if you guys can post the full retail price, if given. Thanks!

  • hondavic

    nevermind…i saw someone post it…$546.00….woe!! BlackBerry it is(boooo!)

  • InFeXIoUs

    I pre-ordered mine on sun on the 19th through a best buy mobile store here at the mall. All they do is extend your contract. You put 50 dollars down and they put that 50 on a gift card. When the phone comes in i just pay the 150 of whats left. Also the guy told me that they get the phones in on the 29th while most other stores get it on the 6th.. So the 29th expected date is correct.

    • hondavic

      hey infexious can you shed some light? I upgraded last August (09) so how would the upgrade work for me? so you paid $200.00 total at Best Buy Mobile?

  • Vibrant Guy

    Have you guys seen this? WOW!!!!!!! Really fast.


    • hondavic

      cool vid

  • Josh

    Just ordered mine. Very excited. Emp and current customers…awesome.

  • Jay

    I see some of you guys were able to pre-order and pay off the balance in monthly installments, i wasnt able to do so,…i have to pay everything in one shot. How were you guys able to do the monthly installments?

  • memphis10

    arrgggggg all you guys get to order one and its not showing up on my account…

  • sd

    the g2.t-mobile.com site is down now. still can’t pre-order

  • InFeXIoUs

    Hondavic, yea they dont actually use your upgrade through t-mobile because they cant. All they do is sell you the phone for 199.99 and they extend your current contract through t-mobile for 2 years just like you would do through an upgrade. When i went to pre-order i put 50.00 down, he said when the phone comes in you’ll pay the remaining balance of 150.00 and put that 50.00 that i put down back onto a gift card that looked like a little blackberry curve. He said that the expected date for them to be in the store is the 29th and that everywhere else except for a couple places would be on the Oct 6th date in stores.

  • Adam

    Got my employee pre-order through in the first 2 minutes. I also know of at least one other employee who processed an order.

  • startoonhero

    for all the people who got to pre-order, do you live in the east coast? or west coast? cause i live in california, and i can get up to the confirmation page, but it keeps saying error :/

  • Marco

    Sorry to say this , but nobody is going to get it on or before the 30th. The site wasn’t fully updated and showing the normal shipping info like u were ordering a phone is stock.. It now says:Delivery information
    Your T-Mobile G2 will be delivered to your shipping address on October 6, 2010

    • Amedeo

      I think everybody thinks that aswell , which is why I put qoutes around expected in my post but we can still hope. It isn’t like this is the first android, they might slip up and deliver it a day or two early. And you know what? If it doesn’t actually come early then oh well, it is just an upgrade to a new phone.

  • Recursive

    Just got mine ordered. Total $305. SO with the $50 rebate, total comes to 255. Doing the payment plan so I only paid $117 tonight. Confirmation says it will be delivered BY the 6th. STOKED!!

  • Vince

    I’ve been trying to pre-order for the last two hours. The G2 site is down, and it disappeared from my upgrade list when I log into my account on t-mobile.com. Previously it was listed saying “pre order coming soon.’ Now it’s gone and in its place is a Cliq XT for $329.99. Who on earth is going to pay that much for a Cliq?

    • Vince

      Update: G2 site is now working. When I click on the pre-order links it brings me to the upgrade page. It’s still missing from the upgrade page. Argggh

      • kenny

        same here…wtf!??

  • just ordered mine cant wait i have a cliq and it so sucks major balls i want some vanilla froyo goodness

  • KasabianCollings

    This does not make me happy. My page says:
    UPS Express
    Delivery information
    Your T-Mobile G2 will be delivered to your shipping address on October 6, 2010

    Time to call Customer Care before they close in 7 minutes.

    • KasabianCollings

      Nevermind. I’ll call in the morning this is bull.

      • KasabianCollings

        Wow should definitely refresh browser. Thanks for the update Marco. Now I don’t feel so left out lol.

  • infexious

    The oct 6th date is through tmobiles retail shelves not the other outlets hence while ordering through tmobile ur getting the 6th date. I was told when I preordered that the store I ordered it from is getting their phones on the 29th while the retail tmobiles would b getting it out on shelves the 6th..

  • Ella

    full cost is $420 according to the employee pricing page

    • joel

      That’s employee pricing. Don’t know why it’s less than retail but I think it has something to do with taxes. Full retail price is 499.

  • gunsing

    wow i cant even get mine today =/

  • How come I cant see it in my account?

    BTW, Im in CA.. and it’s already 16 mins past 12am..

    Is it sold out already??

    • gunsing

      same here guess we gotta wait =/

  • jazzmanmonty

    i preordered g1 when it came out. gonna wait for the g2 til post release date. costco had the vibrant for $99 shortly after it was released and give you a bunch of free accessories. patience is virtue and will also save me about a hundred bucks. i’m sure that if my dying g1 has made it through the past couple months of waiting, it’ll make it one more month somehow. and THANKS TO TMOBILE NOT PROVIDING HSPA+ IN CHICAGO YET there is no real hurry. plus i really wanna get some hands-on time with this phone.

    • dp4609

      As long as they get the network right with great coverage here in Chicago it’ll be worth it. The thing is I wish I knew more about what it is they’re doing here with the new deployment. I’ve heard that they’re only covering parts of Chicago, then I’ve heard they’re extending out into the far suburbs like Saint Charles, Aurora, Elgin, Joliet. I just don’t know and honestly would love them to extend outwards. I’m tired of using edge in places where you think they’d have 3g, so along with hspa+, I hope they’re improving 3g coverage as well. If there’s anyone who’s got any info on Chicago’s Hspa+ roll out please enlighten us.

      • papesh

        I live in Joliet and ALWAYS have a H on my HD2…

      • kyle

        Getting 4-5 mpbs download around the Willow Springs.. I heard from a T-mo rep that they were waiting for AT&T to lay the fiber optics for the HSPA+

  • tmogeek

    Ordered it. Done deal. Sight unseen. Vanilla Android experience and HSPA+ goodness. Can i haz another?

    • BrianR

      I am sure this sounds stupid, but did you have to pay the full price up front when preordering? I have never preordered before and am just curious.

      • Scythe

        Nope…they just tack it on to your next bill. You can either pay in full, or break it down into a multi-month payment.

  • infexious

    I live in houston and preordered on the 19th thru a buy mobile only store. Sept 29th for me, that’s the date they receive their shipment of g2’s

  • Danger

    Woot woot mines said delivered on 9/27!

    • wiseone

      they will probably hold the in shipment like they did the G1 preorders

  • infexious

    I live in houston, I preordered mine aug 19th with a best buy mobile only store 199.99 with instant 50.00 back. Their date to get their phones is sept 29th since they’ve had their things already set inorder a lot earlier.

  • Foxeh

    Of course I didn’t get an email despite signing up for this. Oh well, I’m not at all surprised.

    I had thought I was all ready to preorder, but with all those massive fees tacked on, that was a serious case of sticker shock, there. The Taxes and Fees are overly generous and that upgrade fee is completely unnecessary, then they charge to mail it too boot. Then they tell me it’s going to arrive when it hits retail anyway.

    I was willing to pay an extra fifty bucks just for the peace of mind of preordering, but an extra $100+ even after the mail-in rebate? At that point I may as well just buy the phone outright, but I didn’t plan on that.

    I’ll just be hitting up Costco in a fortnight to see what they have to say.

    • Recursive

      Not sure where that extra $50 is being tacked on. My total at checkout was $305, with the mail in rebate that’s $255. So you are saying your total came out to $350?

      • joel

        Guess he hadn’t heard about a little thing called sales tax before this ;)

      • OrderedMyG2!!!!

        Yeah because they have to tax you on the full retail of the phone.

  • MJ

    Wait like 3 weeks for this to hit Costco IMHO

  • MitchRyan912

    like someone else mentioned, i can’t upgrade to the G2. it’s not in my list of phones when i click to upgrade. fail.

    • EM

      I had the same problem. Although I was able to order by calling Customer Care. It did take 30 minutes on the phone and being put on hold multiple times for some reason.

  • Johny

    not sure why someone would pre-order this from tmobile when it will be 100 bux cheaper that same week at radio shack with a rebate.

    • zapote21

      Because I pay full price and at full price RS is WAY more expensive…

    • CJ

      T-Mobile wants us to pay $250, then give us a $50 mail in rebate. I don’t know about you, but I very seldom receive payment when I send in a rebate (which is why companies offer them to begin with). Radio Shack is giving an INSTANT rebate, so you walk out of the store having paid $199 + sales tax – $50. No waiting for a rebate check.

      If T-Mobile would give me the same deal as Radio Shack, I’d pre-order right now.

    • Jess

      Because some stores won’t let those of us with grandfathered plans upgrade there. We have a 7 year old plan, and I have yet to find a retail store other than T-Mobile corporate ones that will let us upgrade there. Very frustrating!

      • Mel P

        I had no problem getting an upgrade nine months ago at BestBuy and my plan is older than dirt.

  • mdiggty

    Wait mine says the 6th. I know that is the day, but come on

  • Can’t pre-order. Too expensive. Plus, I need two of them, one for each line. With the rebate garbage, upgrade fees, tax, etc., that will mean $600ish up front. Whereas if I wait a week or two after release, Amazon, Wirefly, etc. will have it for $99. It sucks having to wait, but it’s worth it to save that much cash.

  • Cassandra

    Just tried to pre-order online but it is not showing up on my account (as a phone to upgrade too) although it was showing on my account as pre-order coming soon.

    I just called customer care and the rep said that systems need to update and that will happen around 10am EST.

    He said that if you are not eligible for an upgrade the phone will be $499.

    • startoonhero

      thats what they told me too, are you a flex pay customer as well?

  • Be realistic

    Pre-ordered it at 10:23 mountain time, everything went well

  • MrCarney

    Thanks to T-Mobile for the email because I filled out the form at g2.t-mobile.com — oh wait — no email. I knew that would fail.

    Thanks TmoNews for the head’s up!

    For those people not seeing it in the list of phones. I didn’t see it either. But, I did get the option to pre-order when I went to g2.t-mobile.com

    I ended up ordering mine through customer care.

    • John

      I just recieved the email about pre-ordering. Just gotta be patient! I’ll most likely get it but going to wait and see reviews and such. I already got a rooted Cyanogen Froyo MTS which has been going strong even with its lesser specs.

  • Rpinazo

    It sucks that I can’t pre order cause I had a special deal set up thru Loyalty Dept and they told me they need to wait until oct. 6 so that they can apply that deal :( Thats OK ( scarface voice ).

  • Johny

    yeah pretty much if you wait just 1 week or the same amazon and other places will have the phone pretty cheap and then all the people who pre-order will feel stupid

    • but amazon and all those deals are for new customers only.

      • wiseone

        letstalk.com has pretty good deals for adding lines

  • The Hammer

    WTF It wont let you pre order unless you are due for an upgrade..

  • happydance

    I’ve been out of contract for 6 months. I’m due for an upgrade but when I login will only let me order if I do a 2 yr renewal. I want to straight purchase. Oh well.

    • Scythe

      Go halfway through the upgrade flow, and then click the link to view the G2’s details. From there you can order it at full price like I just did ($530 total including taxes and shipping).

  • M

    I just finished my pre-order. I’m on a non contract Even More Plus plan, so I don’t get contract pricing….waiting wouldn’t benefit me. I still get to apply EIP though, so that lessens the hurt.

    • Chad

      Same here, I have EM+ so waiting or not we still would pay full price but i applied my EIP to it also so we pay off by the month it’s only like 20.00 a month tacked on to our phone bill which isn’t really high to begin with anyway. Can’t wait!

  • heydrew

    Every time I try to place my order, the site just hangs after I hit “Submit Order”! WTH?!

    • KautiousNupe

      It is doing the exact same thing to me! It did it to me a couple times. Not sure whats going on. I am calling customer care! Hopefully, I can work it out there. I’m not gonna sit around and let that bad boy sell out befoe I tried my darn-dest to get it. In classic, hilarious tmonews grammar, I just gotta haz it!

  • Freak a leak

    I tired to place my preorder today but the phone would not show up on my tmobile account. I called a representative and he said they are having some issues with web site. I asked if the phone was already sold out for preordering and his response was that not likely but could be a possibility. He advised me to wait an hour or two and check back.

  • heydrew

    Now getting this error:

    “Our System are currently unable to respond, please refresh the page or try again later.”

    • heydrew

      Success! Finally went through after about 6 attempts.

  • joe

    Ordered 2 a.m.

  • Adam

    Just an FYI for those who think they will have to wait until the 22nd month in their contract. I was able to get the full discount even though I was only 18 months into my contract. I had no problem at all. Usually I have to say I want to cancel my contract and go through the retention department but this time I didn’t. G2 FTW!!

    • Jess

      Even better: we used our full upgrades on 2 HD2s when they came out, but we are both eligible for full upgrade on the G2. Hooray for falling through the cracks!

  • Bayne

    Woot Got mine ordered!!!! Come on October 6th!

  • pimpstrong

    Can’t wait to see the speedtests.

  • Vince

    Still couldn’t order online this morning. Called customer care and they put it through :) Cannot wait! I’m so sick of my crappy Behold II!!!!

    • sjsmr2

      Has anyone gotten their upgrade fee waived by pre-ordering through customer care?

  • cellswag5

    im waiting for the new colors and the price to drop in a month or two.next up my touch hd (fingers crossed desire hd) news.

  • RIck


    • It’s called Demand!!

      Even Apple and AT&T had issues processing the orders for the iPhone 4.

  • cellswag5

    waiting for the new colors and the price to drop. hopefully the my touch hd ( fingers crossed: desire hd ) news comes around soon.

  • skyhiggh

    I was able to order it over. The phone can’t wait got my conformation email all ready

  • family plan owners cant get the early upgrade??

    • SurgioArmani

      I’m on a family plan and had no problems.

    • ManSquito

      ya just go to manage then upgrade phone then pick which line you want to upgrade. when it shows all the phones g2 should be a the top. click show deatials then add to cart. it will cost you 249.99 then $50 mail in rebate. Thats 199.99 a steal if you ask me.

    • David Thomas

      I’m on a family plan, and I can’t seem to upgrade either, despite having the option just a week ago.

  • chotpy

    ordered it in the morning around 6:30, all went well. :}

  • Johny
  • Michael

    I just wish they I could pay the EIP on the next bill not right away. Do they charge now or when it ships?

    • Chad

      I’m guessing your a emplus customer like me, I used my eip however you do have to put the first payment down and with taxes and crap it comes to 61.24 or something like that and your monthly payments will start showing up in your Nov bill statement(at least that’s what my eip pdf agreement doc said that they emailed me this morning) 25/month tacked on to your phone bill, but yes you do have to pay like 60 bucks upfront.

  • quadbaby

    Even Customer care is having issue with pre ordering this phone for me….so frustrating….im going crazy right now….cant even work

  • ok to all the people saying there will be better deals at radioshack/amazon/etc… doesn’t it have to be a brand new customer to take advantage of those? if you’re been with t-mobile for years, you can’t do that, right?

  • Johny

    why are u all ordering this now? give me one main focus of what this phone has that its worth jumping the gun and pre-ordering it…
    has anyone not seen the dual processor phone coming in just 1 month

    • David Thomas

      We’re ordering it because we want the phone. It’s not our job to convince you to purchase the phone. Search engines exist for a reason, use them.

  • Anyone paid the full retail price instead of upgrading? I just don’t like contracts. I have been out of contract for 4 year. I still have a grandfathered rate plan, along with grandfathered data features.

  • JoshL

    I just got mine pre-ordered!!!

  • Robert

    Just got my email notification from T-Mo regarding pre-order. Clicked on the Upgrade Now box and it takes you to the T-Mo site where the G2 is nowhere to be found. Get it together T-Mo.

  • quadbaby

    okay can you somebody please tell me the number that they are calling to get this pre ordered b/c when i call 611, they say that they are having issue and to try calling later or online

  • pete


  • bob

    ok so i got a detailed explanation on why the 800 MHz MHz processor. First its better on battery life and is more efficient the the 1gig. 2. the is a separate chipset that just renders webpages and video graphics when normal 1 processor does everything. We got showed a bench mark test and it beat just about every phone on the market cpu speed wise.

  • SurgioArmani

    10:05 am is when TMobile finally sent an email out. Glad I woke up at 1:00am and checked.

    My confirmation says I should get my G2 on the 27th. I doubt it, since that’s a Sunday, but that’d be pretty awesomesauce!

    • Adam

      Did you get a confirmation email? I ordered early this morning but no email. The website says my order is pending. Thanks.

  • ManSquito

    Just pre-ordered my g2 YAY! I will hate to see my G1 go. What am I saying I will never think about that phone again when I get this one. This is the first time I have ever ordered a phone and will have it on the release date! It is a great feeling! First thing I’m going to do once everything is set up. Is kick back and watch me some flash video. I will check my horse racing site to see if video works well. Then maybe some 720p video of my kiddos. That night I’m going to a dim lit bar and take some pics with the flash and see how it looks. Think there is any chance we get them a little before OCT 6th?

  • G1ana

    Does anyone knows if you purchase the G2 does it qualify for the BOGO promotion? I don’t want another G2 want a vibrant for my daughter? anyone know?

    • daboibanks

      G1ana I tried that this morning at a retail store and OOO my they put me thru hoops first the retail store told me i cant get 2G2’s because all new phones have a 45day promo block from BOGO but i could get 1 g2 and a different phone i say ok let me get the g2 and the vibrant. the rep then tried to place the order but it would not go thru so he told me to call CS so i called CS and they said that i would have to get the same phone because the warehouse inwhich the phones ship from dont allow mis match phones to be shipped out and that i would have to go into a retail store…Luckily i was only in the parking lot so i go back in there and the CS rep and retail rep are arguing on the phone and the retail rep hung up on the CS rep and told me that if I come in on the 6th I can get the g2 and vibrant with the BOGO promo.

      • daboibanks


  • alex32

    I am not pre ordering. If you guys want to do it differently, i called a local tmobile store to have me reserve me the g2 when i arrive there at the 9th. No worries of it running out of stock (:

  • La El

    I finally got an email update!

    But the website still doesn’t show the phone available to me ~ every other phone… but not the G2. I know I can call… but c’mon. Just make it easy for people to spend their money!

    • Rectal Bleeding

      Same here….Got the e mail, but the web site won’t allow an upgrade.

    • FloridaGuy

      Same here. I got an email. Lol..this is hilarious. I was expecting it at midnight yest but T-Mo beat all expectations. Well…m happy G2 got released even though my eyes are on MyTouch HD. Happy G2ing guys. Would love to get some user reviews on Oct 6th.

      • kentuckygator

        Same here I chatted live with tmobile and the dude said I have to call.

    • aksnoopy

      Not showing up for me either. When I login to my tmobile it gives me an ad saying upgrade to g2. When I click it lists all other phones. :(

  • quadbaby

    Now the wife called me and said she just pre ordered it for me thru Cust care…the same cust care that said they are having issue with pre ordering the G2….i pray hers went thru….. how long does it take to receive the shipping info on mytmobile?

  • Michael

    Just for anyone one on Even More Plus. I’m on even more plus and had 160 available on my credit line so I just payed a down payment of about 370 and they charged me when i ordered not when SHIPPED. I’m saying this because I called customer care to ask when they charged you and she lied and told me they only charge you when shipped which she said would be October 6th (she was already being a ass at first). I don’t mind that they charged me now but she lied and hopefully she meant it gets delivered October 6th. So I just wanted to let people know that if you use EIP you get charged when ordered not shipped. And on a side note YESSSSS now I got a G2 and my Sexy Nexus

    • Bryan

      Handsets ordered during the pre order are supposed to charge the account when they are shipped, but that is likely different if you want to use the Equipment Installment Program credit line because the first payment must be made at the time of purchase on EIP.

    • Bryan

      Also pre orders are supposed to be delivered by October 6th or sooner.

  • crzy

    ordered mine last night about 11:20, got confirmation email about 11:45. DONE!!!

  • hilltops

    this phone is def not worth getting.

    • 30014

      That’s your opinion. A lot of us think differently.

    • JakeMG

      Why not? Because of the 800mHz processor that is proven to actually be faster and more efficient than most of the 1gHz processors out there?

      Or is it just too sexy?

  • wally

    I still want to see it and play with it first. I wanted a Vibrant, but I heard it has a lag and gps issues. Plus, I don’t know when the Vibrant will get froyo.
    This G2 has a keyboard and I am not sure if the thickness of the phone will bother me

  • turian

    I had trouble ordering online. It wouldn’t show up on the upgrade list. I called customer care, and they placed the order for me. Now I have to wait for it to come…

  • Midori

    To those who are getting the G2 congrats! that’s an over the top notch phone! As for all of us who aren’t keyboard users…..Sigh!

  • 30014

    Just got my email from tmo at 10:20am. I’m ordering as soon as I leave work.

  • MudDug

    So, can anyone confirm if the $199 after rebate price is available for all current customers, even if you’re not eligible for an upgrade yet? (It’s not showing up for me yet on the website.)

    My wife and I got Slides for free with the Father’s Day deal but if I can get this at $199 and then sell my Slide…that’s a pretty good deal :)

    • Mel P

      There’s another price inbetween the $199 and the $499 – I’m 9 months in, and got it for $327.

      • SurgioArmani

        Is that before taxes and fees or after? I was eligible for full upgrade discount ($250.00 prior to rebate) and after $40 in taxes/fees, and upgrade charge of $18 and a $5.99 for shipping I’m nearly at $320.

      • Mel P

        That was before taxes. Also I was slightly inaccurate – found out the $327 included the upgrade fee, the phone price was actually $309.99.

  • Fishstick

    I kept telling myself I was not going to pre-order and just wait to see how it goes. Then I read that it is available and I fall all over myself to get to a phone (the web site did not have it listed under my possible upgrades). I went ahead and got it. I have them waive the $18 upgrade fee and the $5.99 shipping fee so we’ll see how that goes. Anyone know of any live hands on videos, or even text pages on this? I have looked but have limited time unfortunately.

    • Nate

      Search for the HTC Desire Z on Youtube.

    • fuzzybutt

      i just ordered mine. got them to waive the $18 upgrade fee thanks to your post and i got to keep my old plan which is sick.

    • Foxeh

      Woah, you can have those fees waived? That might actually make this palatable…

  • G1ana

    Can we get a 2nd phone for free if we purchase the G2? BOGO anyone?

  • aedv

    I’m getting very frustrated with TMO. Not only can’t I preorder the G2 online, I just spoke to their live chat people to do so and he told me I have to call customer care. Who the hell wants to call them? Damn it.

    • startoonhero

      i know exactly how u feel, i called customer care, and they told me i have to call tomorrow because their system isnt fully ready for G2 preorders for flew pay customers :/

      • Bryan

        Flex pay accounts are not eligible for the pre sale.

      • startoonhero

        @Bryan you know, I was told that by Tmobile by one person, but I didnt believe them, so I called the customer service, and like they told me I could, but they told me to visit a store, and the store declined me and told me to call or go online, so after I told them what happened, they apologized, and guess what?! I HAVE A PRE-ORDER FOR A G2!! and i have Flexpay, ;D

  • klotz

    Can anybody say how you can type []{}`| keys and whether connectbot ctrl keys work OK with the keyboard? Somebody’s got to have one by now.

  • aedv

    Pre-ordered. Is it here yet? Is it here yet? Is it here yet? How about now?

  • Let me order it on my employee account just after midnight for FREE.99, eat that!!!!

    • fuzzybutt


    • joel

      Lucky jerk :P

      Man, I can’t wait until I hit 5 years …

  • vinny

    Just ordered mine. I am a Nexus one owner who absolutely loves his Nexus. Rooted and loaded. I still had to have the G2. I am syched, this device people is a great phone. I got it on a discount and should have it in about 10 days. Just had the HSPA+ network light up and I’m up and running.
    Thanks T-Mobile, # 1 Network.

    • smartphoneguy

      i have a N1 too . but since i have a phone , i want some sort of a tab with voice =]

  • cellswag

    Any one waiting for the my touch hd or hd3?

    • Midori

      Yes Unfortunately,(MytouchHD) If they took the keyboard off the G2 I would have been happy with that, They could have called it the “G2 HD”(Keyboardless)

      • cellswag5

        fingers crossed that its a tmobile desire hd since the g2 was the same as the desire z


      I pre-ordered but still waiting for the HD7…… and possibly the mytouchHD if it a real thing….

  • Danny

    i just ordered mine,,, =)

  • tarchen

    Does costco sell phones without a contract for less than T-mobile if you wait a couple weeks?

    • dubz

      there was a screenshot of a costco screen saying that it will sell for $449.99 off contract. probably the option i’m going for.

  • blablabla

    It might’ve beat out the nexus one on 2.2 but the galaxy S phones on 2.2 should be in the 2000s. the Droid x obviously should be higher as well as it’s already in the 1000s running 2.1. Not knocking the G2 or anything. It’s still a very fast phone. More than enough for anyone really.

  • snoopyalien24

    i want one but i don’t want a data plan – can i still receive updates? First of all, can i even get one without a data plan? PLZ HELP :D

    • Recursive

      Nope, a data plan is required with all Android phones.

      • snoopyalien24

        What? A required, err, this sucks. I’ll just cancel it after the first week and just use wifi – Unless without the data plan I cant receive updates then I’ll be stuck to one :(

  • AM123

    Just ordered mine. Got express shipping fee waived but she could not waive the damn $18 upgrade fee because I’m paying for the device over four month installment plan. For those not sure, I wasn’t too keen on ordering this phone until I saw reviews and waited a few weeks to see if any bugs pop up but since you get to play with it for 14 days and getting a full refund if you don’t like it, I figured what the hell! :)

    • Murad Kheraj

      Careful with the “full refund” policy of T-Mobile. I purchased a Vibrant, returned it after two days of playing with it and not liking the battery life. T-Mobile store charged me $10 restocking fee.

  • TonyJohns

    Ummm is T-Mobile not doing preorders through customer care? I’ve called two reps, and they said the only option to preorder is online or in retail stores?


      Not true did mine through customer care since it was not an option through the website.. Call back and ask for a manager….

      • Mr.Barrow

        I did mine through tmo. Ask for the sells department

  • I got to be honest I’m not believing that benchmark. Its just all to convenient that the G2 beats all other phones out there with what we know about the hardware. I know that GHz isn’t everything but its still something and 800MHz is a few seconds slower than 1GHz. The internal architecture of the processor is also a factor. I would be willing to believe that the G2’s performance is equal to the vibrant or droid X but definitely not outperform them by a large scale shown by the bench mark.

    • Foxeh

      800MHz is a few seconds slower than 1GHz???

      Um yeah, just ignore this fellow. :P

    • Bryan

      Froyo has a big impact on benchmark scores, my original Mytouch running 2.2 (CM 6.0) scores nuch higher than the Mytouch Slide on quadrant.

      The Mytouch Slide scores higher when both are running 2.1 (CM 5 on the original Mytouch).

  • Sbarney

    When they flip over that phone in the benchmark video, it doesn’t look like it has a keyboard, and it doesn’t look like the back of the G2 at all from the pictures I can find!

  • MeMyselfandI

    Um, why is no one talking about the benchmarks? This thing just smoked the
    Galaxy S. I thought the Galaxy S was supposed to have a “slightly better” processor.

    • Synchromatic

      2.2 outperforms 2.1. Galaxy S is still on 2.1.

    • Synchromatic

      Look at the difference between Nexus One 2.2 and Nexus One 2.1. The G2 is being benchmarked on 2.2, while the Galaxy S is still on 2.1

    • J-Hop2o6

      the Highest Quadrant benchmark i seen for the Galaxy S was ~2500.. thats with the lag fixes.. can’t remember if it was 2.2 & OC’d.. just search for it on google.

      • Mikey

        Yup, just benchmarked my Vibrant and got 2006. Which def beats this.

  • cholo

    ordered 2 G2’s at 3:30 am today…estimated shipping 10/06/2010…yeeeeeee

  • sjsmr2

    I just got mine pre ordered through Customer Care. I was transfered to retentions when I asked about the upgrade fee being waived. Retentions offered me the phone for $149 + tax. No mail in rebate and no upgrade fee. Since that price should match the Best Buy/Radio Shack price I am very happy. I will also get it a few days earlier.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      How were you able to do this? did you ask for the retentions dept? I would def get the phone without the rebate and upgrade fee, it would be a plus if i can get it for 149, but im still willing to pay 200.

      • sjsmr2

        When I asked about the waiving of the upgrade fee I was transfered to retentions. As soon as the rep picked up the line she reviewed my account and offered it to me for $149.99 + tax with no mail in rebate and no upgrade fees. The process was simple on my end. I originally called wanting only the upgrade fee waived. In the end I got the phone for $191 shipped on 2 year agreement. When I was looking on My T-Mobile.com last night I was staring at $317! $126 savings is awesome.

      • G1 user waiting on G2

        Thanks for the info, im gonna give it a try and hope i get the same deal.

  • samvonac

    Can I pre-order via adding a line to an account?

  • Christopher

    If I can get it for the same price (or less? and with free accessories?) at Costco after the release date, and without the rebate scam, I’m willing to wait the extra few days to get the new phone. Honestly, why do people put up with these rebate shenanigans?

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      Probably cause they know alot of people wont fill it out and then they can just keep the money.

  • Trill

    why has know one caught on to the fact that it actually is a 1ghz processor but clocked at 800mhz but has better performance cause of the GPU rendering and its the new 1Ghz chip named the scorpion processors by Qualcom

  • It doesn’t qualify for the 1st or 2nd phone of the bogo yet

  • Durf

    So do I order online and pay 249, or wait a week to get it from a store. Would it come before the 6th? Is it going to be cheaper in stores?

  • aksnoopy

    I’m starting to get really pissed. I called customer care and they told me I’m not qualified for a full upgrade for another couple of weeks but I could still upgrade and pre-order the G2 online. So I go to the website and it won’t show the G2 when I go to the upgrade page. I tried calling them back and the automated message says “we’re transferring you to a representative” and I just am on hold and then it cuts me off. It’s happened 3 times and the live chat isn’t working!!

  • jimbo

    i tried to preorder on the web and couldnt, glad i called im getting the pohone on the 6th, and i have a 180 dollar payment due in october then 3 equal 40 dollar payments spread out over my next few bills, u can only due that if you call customer care….

  • aksnoopy

    So after an hour on the phone with customer care they came to the conclusion that I was not able to pre-order online because I’m on a corporate account and have to order either in store or over the phone. Hope that helps some of you.

  • notxel21

    Anyone able to get shipping info for their G2? From either T-Mobile or UPS. I want to be able to track my purchase and stalk the UPS guy. (My back still hurts from the kidney I sold to purchase the damn phone!)

    • kasabiancollings

      Just received the text from T-Mobile:
      Your Equipment Order is being processed. It will be delivered within 3 business days. A tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships.

  • Tom

    I know to track the phone once it ships you go to UPS and type in your phone number as a reference to get the shipping info. For everyone seeing their estimated deliver thing are you seeing that on the my tmobile order status?

  • mikeybot

    Just ordered through Customer Care, they didn’t even mention the activation fee and I got my minutes jacked up a little without an extra charge :D

  • Mine says it’s supposed to be here on Monday, must be a plus living close to Bellevue, WA.

  • Joe

    Let’s see how it does against a second gen chip clocked faster than it like the MSM8255 in the Desire HD or the Hummingbird on 2.2. Censor me if you want, MHz matter.

  • Geniuz

    Yeah … lets see the Vibrant score on 2.2 with the same benchmark. I have the lag fix on my Vibrant and I’m getting 2200-2400 on the quadrant test every time. That’s better than the G2. Although, I’m still debating on getting the G2 because there’s a lot of pros to this device.

  • andy

    I have no idea of the ordering over the web issue still remains for people but I was able to order it over the web without a problem and used the credit line i had with them for 120 bucks. I also was going to wait until the reviews came in and such but since i can return it if i really prefer my g1 over this(doubtful). never ordered a phone at launch though so hopefully ill be happy with it. Now its a matter of finding a good case for it. I wonder if siedio has made one yet?

  • ericm

    ordered mine last night and got a text today saying phone will be delivered within seven business days!!!

  • steven

    just ordered mine online… waiting for the confirmation.

    i’m super excited for this phone, the universe was sending me all kinds of signals to buy it. i earned my upgrade this month, and my poor little nokia is about to die on me.

    I am SO ready for this

  • Rob

    Well i couldn’t preorder online, for some reason i was having trouble so I called customer care and she pre ordered mine! so it looks like on October 6, i will be holding a new T-Mobile G2…so ready!

    Good bye Blackberry!

    ****Hello Android! ! ! !

  • Jason

    I wasn’t able to preorder on the website, so I called and the rep started the preorder right away. Everything went well, and since I’m on the EMP plan and had over $500 on my credit line, I just have to pay about $68 on my next bill for the first payment, taxes, and shipping. I then have to pay $25 a month for 19 months after that. I should have my phone by the 6th or earlier. So happy that the wait is almost over, though this next week and a half or so is going to be excruciating.

  • Collin

    Pre-ordered mine. Vanilla Android Powerhouse slider phone ftw!

  • cp

    I won’t get one until about a month after it comes out. That way, if there are any issues with the phone (battery life, gps, screen, etc..), they should be found by then.

  • snoopyalien24

    What? A required data plan, err, this sucks. I’ll just cancel it after the first week and just use wifi – Unless without the data plan I cant receive updates then I’ll be stuck to one :(

    • Madison

      Hope you paid full price or you will not be getting that data feature off.

    • Amanda

      with tmobile if you sign a two year contract on your phone then you also sign a two year contract with your data plan – you can’t get out of it

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    I just ordered mine through cust care and got the full upgrade and upgrade fee waived. I guess I’ll keep my vibrant and sell it to get the mthd full price when it drops.

  • JPW

    I decided not to order online because I refuse to pay an upgrade fee. I called twice and neither rep would waive it. I called a 3rd time and spoke to an awesome rep. She waived the fee and I got for $149.99 and no rebate required. I currently have a BB, and apparently there is a $5 upcharge on my internet for switching to android… oh well. Its persistence that works in the end. G’luck to everyone still trying.

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      So i called twice as well and they said no about the upgrade fee and all, but i just called a third time and at first she said they couldnt do that but when i told her i knew some people who got it waved by the retention dept, she put me on hold and she said she spoke with the retention dept but apparently they are out of stock but they WOULD HAVE been able to do that for me, so i will keep calling everyday until they have more, lol. i just hate having to pay upgrade fees or sending rebate forms.

    • Foxeh

      I had no luck what so ever with this. No one would even so much as waive the upgrade fee. Maybe I’m just too friendly.

      I ultimately just ran out and preordered from Best Buy Mobile since they promised me they would match Radio Shack’s tweet. I did drill into them and said they wont double up the ETF with the carrier if I decided to bail, but I will still be charged the $18 upgrade fee on my T-Mobile bill. Either way, if they hold up their end of the bargain this’ll save me a nearly hundred dollars and I won’t even have to deal with that MIR either. I simply cannot justify that added expense just to avoid buying a third party.

      BB Mobile better not disappoint me.

    • Quik

      I asked them if they could do the 149 price, but they said no. Any thing you asked for in particular to get that price? I’d much rather buy from T-Mo than Radio Shack.

    • JM77

      I called customer care to ask what the best deal was that they could offer me. She said 150 and i said sign me up! Tmo really does have the best customer service bar none. Its nice that i dont need to complain or threaten to leave to get a good deal. She even waived the upgrade fee without me asking! Of course I have been with Tmo for 12 years. May have had something to do with it. ;-)

      • Foxeh

        That may very well have something to do with it. Companies tend to be more willing to bend over backwards for long time customers and 12 years is a a lot longer than I’ve legally been an adult, haha.

        I’ve been a prepaid customer with Magenta for a fair bit, but the G1 was my first contract with them.

        Either that or I have no luck getting the uber reps.

  • LaNsLyDe

    just got preordered..im geeked

  • annoying

    Is there any full reviews out for the G2 yet?

  • FunkmasterC

    Funny – now that I have my pre-order in I don’t seem to care about mobile news. That will change, once the tablets start coming out.

  • DualMonitors

    I pre-ordered around 1:30AM Friday 9/24th, just 30 mins after pre-ordering began. my email confirmation says that i’ll receive it by 9/27th – this is very clear, no ambiguity at all.

    BUT, when i check my Order Status on Tmobile’s website, it says delivered via UPS by October 6th.

    why would they give two completely different arrival dates?

    btw, i also received a text message that says: “your equipment order is being processed. it will be delivered within 7 business days. a tracking # will be sent to your phone once it ships”

    none of this looks good for the G2 to arrive significantly prior to 10/6th, right? why would TMobile’s Order Confirmation email specifically say “arrival on 9/27th”? Weird and incompetent. This isn’t their first time at the rodeo (pre-ordering phones). Can’t someone get this right? Over promising and under delivering is not a good way to gain customer satisfaction and customer’s confidence.

    • Want2CBetter

      Really? You’re complaining about this??? I’m just happy I could order mine – Yea, mine said 9/26; 10/2 & 10/6 depending on which page you looked at but I don’t care. It will be here by the 6th and all will be well. We’ve waited this long, what’s another week and a half.

    • OrderedMyG2!!!!

      Dude…mine said the same exact thing…I’m a little confused too BUT I’m assuming that 9/27 will be the delivery date. It says “delivered via UPS BY 10/06. To me, BY 10/06 mean that at least you’ll have it before that date.
      Good luck! Hopefully we’ll get ours on Monday!

    • Jessica

      I believe in the email, it stated that the 9/27 date was the estimated delivery date. Also, if you get it that day, it would still technically be delivered to you BY the 6th of October.

  • Theskinman666

    Ordered as soon as I got the email from tmobile. Finally replacing the G1.

  • Mr.Barrow

    I had my wife go to tmo store and the guy told her she could go online and it should have the bogo sell that way. But I can’t get pre-order online. That sucked, so I called the sells depo and they got me the phone for the 150. So I got two. One for me and one for the wife

  • lakeshow

    when its time for the gingerbread update i think google will give the g2 an update to overclock its processsor to 1ghz

  • OrderedMyG2!!!!

    So I ordered my yesterday morning and chose to pay the full retail…of course because I have to since I’m on an Even More Plus plan. But honestly, it’s cheaper in the long run to pay the full retail and have cheaper monthly payments. Mine says it’ll be delivered on 9/27…I hope that’s true! I can’t wait! I used to be all about Blackberry…but I’m sad to say that they suck now (minus email and being mostly for business)…
    I had an EVO4G but couldn’t stand Sprint and felt weird about leaving T-Mobile so I came back!
    Sorry I’m rambling but I’m so excited to get my G2 and be back on Android!!!!!

  • Taylor

    So is there a $50 rebate making it $250 up front? I really hope there’s a way my dad can get that waived. My parents have been with T-Mobile since before they were T-Mobile, I imagine that has to count for some benefits haha.

  • TFJ4

    8 months after purchasing the N1 on contract, T-Mobile gave me a deal on the G2. $254, waived upgrade fee and waived shipping on both lines (both got N1). Thanks T-Mobile!

  • ftw

    how would i get the phone first if i preordered and had to wait all day for UPS to come vs just getting it at the retail store on Oct 6 at 8am?

    i dont see the benefit of online purchase.

    am i wrong somewhere?

    • David, Managing Editor

      People who order online usually but not always have a chance to receive the phone first…it can be a day or two before October 6th so thats why people order online early.

  • wow wait, isn’t the g2 out until the 6th of october why are they providing me already with a tracking number?? bahahah! alright i am going to get it early yesss! :)

  • DualMonitors

    Freddie Hillz: may i ask what time you placed your order online?

    i placed mine around 1:30am Friday and i merely got a text message saying “…when shipped out, i’ll get a tracking number via text message…”

    the arrival dates as stated on the Order Confirmation email (9/27th) is different from the arrival date on the “Order Status” page if i check it now on Tmobile’s site (10/6th).

  • andy

    I think people sometimes misunderstand pre ordering in general. Pre ordering simply gives you a chance to claim a phone before everyone else so on the day its released you will have one. I don’t think t mobile ever promised or implied that if you pre ordered you would get it early. You are paying for the privledge of having one shipped to your house without having to worry about going to a store and it being sold out or not in stock because of a shipment issue.

  • Kenny

    I ordered my (2-year contract extension) G2 Friday morning and they told me if I paid in full for the phone at that time, they would ship it to whatever address I wanted, not only the billing address. So I shelled out the cash.

    Later in the day, I checked my order status page, and lo’ and behold, they did not change the right shipping address. I called T-Mobile up and asked them why they didn’t and they told me that there was nothing they could do.

    Today, I called T-Mobile again, and went off on them, saying I paid extra money at that time to make sure that I got the phone shipped to the right place. And I told them that it was their mess-up and they needed to fix this or compensate me. Well, guess what… GUESS WHO JUST GOT A G2 FOR FREE?!

    This guy. =)

    • redman12

      That’s awesome man!

  • mrfochs

    Just for the fun of it I ran the benchmark test on my MyTouch 3G while on hold waiting to pre=order my G2. Oh how sad it was to get back a score just over 250. I am a little scared that I may die or pass out when I boot up the G2.

    • Jay

      Just for fun, i just ran a benchmark test on my g1, and got a score of 159 lol….cant wait to get my hands on the G2

  • DualMonitors

    As far as I can see and understand at this point, there is NO WAY I will likely get my G2 by Monday even though the Order Confirmation email said that I will receive it by 9/27th. Reason: if they shipped it out via UPS on Friday, I would have gotten a tracking number by now (it is now 1:38AM Sunday).

    There is no benefit of either UPS or TMobile “withholding” the tracking number from recipients at all! So, if they DID ship it out, then I would have received the tracking number. Obviously, if they did NOT ship it out, I won’t have a tracking number. Well, I do not have a tracking number now as of Sunday 9/26th, so the idea that I might receive it in one day is preposterous.

    I suspect the 9/27th date is some “machine generated date” that is merely “2 business days away from one’s ordering date” for any ol’ phone that they have, and that it is their “default go-to” answer, so it spat out the 9/27th date in the confirmation email.

    In Order Status inquiry when I check on TMobile’s site post ordering, it has always said “receive by 10/6th”. I suspect this 10/6th promise is more “model and circumstance specific”, as their computer knows exactly WHICH model I ordered and the specifics of THAT particular model.

    Long winded…but…hence, I do not feel that 9/27th “receive date” is likely whatsoever. So…TMobile…surprise me! ;)

  • Jessica

    My estimated delivery date is 9/28 by USPS. So far I’m the only person I noticed getting their phones delivered by USPS. Anyone else getting their phones by USPS?

  • keele8

    Ordered mine yesterday, about a month away from contract being up. They gave me the full upgrade price on the G2 and a phone for my wife, free shipping and they waived the upgrade fee on both phones without me even asking. They also changed my plan around so that me and my wife could have unlimited text and internet for about the same price as we have been paying without her having the internet at all. Plus we got to keep the my favs plan we have had forever. (1000 shared minutes plus 5 my favs each for only 59.99!) T-Mobile has the best service around, don’t think I will ever leave.

  • andy

    Im guessing no one got a tracking number yet? Also does anyone know where these phones ship from?

    • Want2CBetter

      Georgia (Dalton, I believe)

  • andy

    my guess is that people will start getting tracking numbers tomarrow, but that’s just a guess.

  • wantmyG2

    i called retentions 3 times to get the G2 for $149 and even $199 without rebate, and no luck each time. They kept saying since the phone is not in their system yet (due to pre-order status), they can’t budge on the price.

  • LuvMyGreenRobot

    Funny thing is I just spoke with someone from T-Mobile right now and I asked her about the G2 and the myTouch HD. She said she didn’t know that much info about the HD, but she told me to check out this site because of the leaks and most of that you guys put here is true and that they only know about it a week before it happens lol.


    I just spoke to someone in customer service and explained that i received an email stating i would have the phone 9/27/10 and i needed to know if this was correct so that i could have someone home to receive the package. He told me that the system always says pending shipping on presale items even if it has already been shipped out and that i should have someone home to receive the package 2moro. I wont be pissed if it does not arrive but, it would be cool if i did get it the day promised

    • amejr999

      Go to ups.com and use track by reference. Your phone number would be the reference number.

  • crzy

    there’s also a shipping center in Denver


    I got mine from Customer Loyalty for $150 with free express shipping. The phones are not going to be arriving tomorrow. The earliest they will get delivered is the end of this week.

    • fuzzy

      i dont believe they would sell you it for 150 with no rebate and free shipping when they are so hard up on even waiving the upgrade fee for so many people here. why embellish like this? to make it seem like you got the cheapest price on for blog of people you’ll never meet in your life?

  • tmogee

    what is the total price of non contract plus all the shipping and stuff??

  • DualMonitors

    just went to UPS.com to check using “reference number” (my tmobile cell number). nothing showed up except warning type stuff which says that no shipment with that reference is in their system.

    ugh. so…too bad, it really doesn’t look likely that i, along with many others here, will get ours tomorrow. it just doesn’t look good for tomorrow if even tonight AT midnight, they don’t have a tracking number.

    it’s so wrong to send a “order confirmation” moments after we forked out $320 to buy the phone and tell us that we’re supposed to get ours on 9/27th! Right?

  • Marco

    I got a text friday, with the tracking and getting the phone tomm.

    • LookingForward

      What time did you order? Did you order online, or via CS. Express delivery or UPS? Let us know when you get it.

    • fuzzy


      • Mr.Barrow

        And add a pic with you and the phone somewhere other than a store

  • ShonnyG112

    I’ve been trying to preorder on the website ever since I got word of it and can’t. Any word on when they’re going to update the site? I ever went to one of my local stores and they said they’re not taking preorders because they’re not one of the select stores to do so.

  • DualMonitors

    Marco: may i ask what day and time you placed your online order please? thx.

  • andy

    I think I just have the default shipping option which i believe is just standard 5-7 day ground. In order for the phone to get to me by the 6th It would probably need to be shipped by tomarrow at the latest. wish they would hurry up and ship these things lol! but like i was saying before, t mobile never promised anyone a phone early, just the chance to order it early.

  • ecp

    I just got my G2 Today! Awsome

    • David, Managing Editor

      Pictures!!!!!!!! david@tmonews.com asap for a blog post!

    • gMoney

      pics or it didn’t happen

    • fuzzy

      i dont buy this… the said oct 6 delivery but you get yours the first business day after the first day of pre-sale? lies!!

    • mthode

      Does your preorder still say pending shipment? It seems alot of people have an email saying that they will get their phone today but no shipping info.

    • chotpy

      pics or u lai

  • wantmyG2

    10+yr customer, contract ending next month. just called customer loyalty and said I read on a blog that people were able to preorder the G2 for $149. They offered me that price with no fuss. Should be here before the 6th!

  • Marco

    I ordered it at at 11 or so pacific time online.. 20 minutes it went out on preorder.

  • ken

    idk ordered mine on Friday morning…logged into my account to check on my order ie (enter order number, and zip code) they don’t see the order at all.

  • g2ftw

    just pre ordered today, spoke w/ dan loyaldy dept. got it for $249-($50 MiR)=$199, + android plan $20/mo. This was my 2nd time calling loyalty dept. to asked for full discount since I’m on my 17th month of contract. :)

  • jmugirl

    i called and spoke with tmobile (customer loyalty since ive been with them for 6 years) for nearly an hour..so i am 2 months away from the 22 month mark and they were offering it to me for 200 plus an upgrade fee..and i asked how come i cant get the 149 price and she said its because of those 2 months basically and that another line on my account can upgrade for that price but not mine..so basically to get that price i will need to wait til november but my g1 is pretty much crashing on me now =(

  • ftw

    alright so i just got a customer loyalty discount also. was previously on a faves plan, now after asking about my contract and when it was up they fired the Unlimited Loyalty plan option at me. 50 for the unlimited minutes, grandfathered me into a unlimited texts for 10 a month, and internet for 20 a month, totaling 79.99 a month + tax.

    g2 price i paid was 149.99 + tax, no mail in rebate hassle.

    was considering sprint for their any mobile + data and txt and going evo 4g, but tmo offered me a great deal to counter with, and a great price for the g2. not bad.

    funny tho when i called yesterday about trying to get the g2 for 149 bc of radio shack they gave me a reason of how they have to make money blah blah. when you talk contracts and switching, a different scenario happens.

  • g2ftw

    @ftw good deal

  • wantmyG2

    where can i view my order status? I pre-ordered via customer loyalty.

  • g2ftw

    log in to tmobile.com,support,order status, enter order#

  • No early upgrade

    I called CS to see about an early upgrade to the G2 on pre-order, and they quoted me a price of $327.99 because I am only 13 months into the contract. I have 10 years plus as a T-mobile customer and was hoping they would knock the price down a little better for me. Not expecting to get the $199, but I would consider $249. the $327 is just a little to high to upgrade right now.

    Has anyone in a similar situation (13 months on contract) gotten a better deal than $327? I will try to call again and see what I can get price wise.

  • DualMonitors

    guys: i suppose that since no one posted any pictures of their G2 thus far, any such claims of receipt of their G2’s today is untrue?

    as far as i can tell, my “Order Confirmation” email that i received shortly after i pre-ordered last Friday contains false information. It said that I’d receive my G2 TODAY (9/27th). In fact, I received nothing, nada, not even a UPS tracking number.

    how TMobile can be this inept and inaccurate is beyond me. it’s not rocket science or brain surgery to give customers a “state of affairs” type of email. Witness Dell giving us an update every few hours on how far along “the building of our PC’s are coming along”, or LL Bean et al shipping things out the same day one orders. Sheesh.

    • David, Managing Editor

      If anyone has pictures of the device in hand, send them to me so I can post for all to see!

    • Want2CBetter

      Oh, come on. Just because one e-mail said you’d get it sooner than the 6th, you get all bent out of shape? Yes, I got the same e-mail, along with two other ones that say I will get the phone by the 6th.
      Yes, I was waiting for UPS today and was sad when they didn’t have my phone. BUT, it’s not the end of the world. Actually, its kinda like waiting for that Birthday present that was sent in the mail.

      Why not enjoy it???

  • Shawn

    Ordered mine yesterday! I am only 6 months into contract, but the loalty deparment offered it to me for full discount (upgrade price)!!

  • Taylor

    excellent, hearing all of the deals customers of 10+ years have been getting makes me happy. My parents have been with t-mobile for like 11 or 12 years so my dad ought to be able to get me the phone for 149.99 since I’m up for upgrade.

  • AM123

    Ordered the G2 last friday at the regular $250 with 2 year contract. Called back today and complained to the retention dept and got $50 credit that will be added to my november bill. Unfortunately, I totally forgot that I also got charged $18 upgrade charge so forgot to mention that to the guy too. Oh well, $168 (after sending in the $50 mail in rebate) is still not bad. Thanks for the info guys!

  • daboibanks

    Jus ordered mine for 149.99+tax=162.81 thru CL…I had to call tmo like 5 times and even threaten to cancel my service and they was like OK we’ll cancel your service i was like F**k nevemind because i throught they was going to be like no dont cancel…lol but after the 5th call i got a nice lady that offered me CL so now im happy with tmo now.

  • wantmyG2

    did anyone who pre-ordered through customer care get a confirmation e-mail or able to see the order status on my.t-mobile?

    • tmogee


      • tmogee

        i mean we have the same problem here anybody know why??

  • jmugirl

    so after 3 calls both my mom and i were able to upgrade..she got the 149 price because she is eligible for a full upgrade and i got a 204 price since im not eligible til november. these prices are after the rep waved the upgrade and shipping fee. but something i did not know was that i could not keep my current g1 plan of 24.99..i HAD to get the 30 plan because my 24.99 plan was a grandfather plan that is no longer available. so thats 5 more a month for basically nothing since my family plan already has the unlimited text feature

    • wantmyG2

      CS let me keep my $25 G1 data plan. you got got.

    • Mel P

      CS actually put me on the $20 loyalty data plan when I called for my G2…

  • fuzzy

    called tmobile to complain that people are getting the phone for 149.99. spent an hour on the phone. threatened to cancel the contract. THEY WOULDNT BUDGE. ladies and gentlemen.. I maybe leaving magenta..

    p.s. probably going to the evo on sprint for less contract wise.

    • fuzzy

      success! I called a second time to ask where I should return the phone to be able to opt out of the new 2 year contract and be free to go wherever I want. This time, there was someone who all of a sudden found the 149.99 deal I was talking about. Hah!

      • fuzzy

        now if I could just get a tracking # :):):)

  • Nick

    Got the upgrade fee waved and got to keep my G1 Data plan price. Also managed to get free express shipping since I wanted the phone sent to an address other than the billing address.

  • DualMonitors

    why did that guy write above that he got his earlier today? what’s that all about? gullible me thought that he DID get his! silly me.

  • Tony

    Just ordered the G2. Said “cancel” at the prompt and got a friendly rep who gave me $149 no rebates, spread out over 4 payments, shipping/upgrade fee waived, get to keep my preferred Android $20 plan and all the other grandfathered features on my account. The rep told me he already has a G2 and says it is the best phone T-Mobile has ever offered.

    • daboibanks

      What does the 20 CL data plan include?

  • jmugirl

    how were yall able to keep this plan?…after all the things they waived and i spoke with them and said whats the point of paying 5 more a month and they just simply stated that i MUST change to the 30 plan..i mean it was only 5 bucks and i didnt feel like arguing any more..since i already placed my order i doubt they will argue with me about 5 bucks more a month

    • Tony

      Like I’ve said before, it sure seems like every rep makes up his or her own “rules” as they go along.

      If you have more than 22 months of active service, call retentions again and complain. Tell them that you are a loyal customer, and are really excited about having a G2, but know that your friends have a $20 data plan that you want.

      It’s just luck of the draw which rep you get…but try a few times and soon you’ll be rocking that $20 preferred data plan.

  • thomas

    You can keep your current android plan. When I first put my order, the CS told me I was required to go on the $30 plan since it was higher speed. I did some research and in fact you can keep your old plan. SO I called back and found another rep to help me change it back to my preferred price. So for those who were told you needed the $30 plan, that is not true and get calling. Hope I can help others out

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Has anybody got any tracking info yet????? I haven’t.

  • jmugirl

    so i read the comments and i recalled tmobile and lo and behold i got to keep my 24.99 rate plan and also the other line that is upgrading as well got that price as well even though she didnt even have a smartphone before upgrading..yayyy

  • DualMonitors

    Entirely annoying of TMobile to send out an Order Confirmation email stating explicitly that 9/27th is the arrival date and even today, on 9/28th, not a single beep with even a UPS tracking number.

    Weird and annoying for a big corporation to do this.

  • james

    all you lames threatened to cancel prolly aren’t even eligible for upgrades in the first place, i hate u A## Holes who have a phone for like 8 months and expect to get full upgrade price whenever you want. Babies if u want new phones then dont sign CONTRACTS!! people always want something for nothing

    • fuzzy

      Actually I’ve been with tmobile since 2002 and I was eligible for the full upgrade. So shhh

  • Chris

    lol.. People need to go to ups.com and use there cell # in the reference tracking method.. If u ordered ure phone express and got it 24 hours from the day it went on presale, u should recieve ure phone this thursday or poss friday. Ground shipping next week

    • mthode

      UPS has no data on via my number (with and without the ‘1’ in front)

    • mthode

      Nothing shows up with and without the ‘1’. Ordered Friday.

  • Chris

    Did u order express or ground? if its express ull prob see something later today or tomm.

    • Want2CBetter


  • daboibanks


  • dubz

    i’m only 2 months in since my last upgrade. sold that phone in preparation to getting the g2. called retentions to see what i can do. got $50 off retail for a 2 month extension. not that great, but it offsets the tax i guess.

  • mdiggty

    @daboibanks dude you keep putting that same thing up in every forum. Go hang out at walmart, people here are looking for the G2.

  • amejr999

    I’m looking at the T-Mo website, and I’m apparently upgrade-elegible (it’s giving me a $200 price). But the terms and conditions don’t say anything about a contract extension. It says:

    I agree and understand that (a) my original contract term if any, will continue inforce and effect; (b) if I have a contract term remaining I may be subject to an early termination fee of upto $200/line;(c) my original terms and conditions along with any applicable supplemental terms and conditions for other service continue to apply;(d) any disputes may be subject to arbitration.

    Is anyone else seeing this?

    • Nick

      I saw that as well. I figure they’d get you into a 2-year contract some other way, though so I purchased through Customer Loyalty. Did you go ahead and purchase online to see what happened? (+2 year contract or no?)

  • BlackHawk

    The 800mhz processor is faster and smother than any 1ghz processor out right now because it a DUAL-CORE processor.

    • Want2CBetter

      Not a Dual core – get your facts right before you post buddy.

  • Want2CBetter

    Info on the processor: (note – nothing about dual core, but plenty to be excited about)
    The MSM7x30 chipset platform consists of the MSM7230™ and MSM7630™.
    Scorpion 800 MHz CPU
    Integrated 3G mobile broadband connectivity
    MSM7230 support for HSPA+ networks – up to 14 Mbps downloads and 5.76 Mbps uploads
    MSM7630 support for HSPA+ networks – up to 14.4 Mbps downloads and 15.761 Mbps uploads – as well as CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO Rel A/B, GSM, GPRS and EDGE
    Low-power 45nm process technology for higher integration and performance
    High-definition (720p) video recording and playback up to 30 frames per second
    Multiple video codecs: (MPEG-4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, DivX, DivX 3.11, Sorenson Spark, VP6)
    High-performance GPU – up to 41M triangles/sec and 245M 3D pixels/sec and dedicated 3D/2D acceleration engines for Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 acceleration
    High-resolution XGA (1024×768) display support
    12-megapixel camera support
    Built-in eighth-generation gps engine with Standalone-GPS and Assisted-GPS modes
    Support for Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity
    Multiple audio codecs: (AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, FR, EFR, HR, WB-AMR, G.729a, G.711, AAC stereo encode)
    Support for mobile broadcast TV (MediaFLO™, DVB-H and ISDB-T)
    Support for Android™, Brew® Mobile Platform and Windows® Phone