Phonedog Is Giving Away An iPad!

Another shameless promotion for our friends at Phonedog! This one is pretty worth it!

You know, we’ve seen our friends at Phonedog give away plenty of phones, almost on a weekly basis but it’s hard to argue with the awesomeness that surrounds giving away an Apple iPad. Now I know I just heard a collective groan from you Galaxy Tab fans but lets for a moment just think about how awesome it is to win something for free, never mind an iPad, even if its not your cup of tea OS. So naturally one has to ask, what do I have to do win such a great prize? It’s very simple actually, you just head to and “Like” their page. That’s it, it’s that simple, just head to Facebook and like their page and you are entered to win.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier and one week from today, October 4th, Mr. Noah Kravitz will do a live video announcement of the winner.

Some contest information:

The contest will run from Monday September 27th @ 5pm PT till October 4th @ 4PM PT whereas Noah will announce LIVE via the very same Facebook page (you’ve already “liked”) the winner. The contest winner be notified via Facebook message and has 48 hours to respond! Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on both the Phonedog and our very own TmoNews Facebook page in the coming weeks, there are plenty more prizes to give away!

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  • Barry

    I’m not a iOS guy but that’s the best price every…free :-)

  • Cody

    Already ‘like’ you guys! I love how you keep us updated on all the latest gadgets!

  • JoshL

    I don’t want that thing even if it is free… sorry.

    • Eddie Android

      Dude you can sell it! I would

      • JoshL

        I thought about it.. but I would rather someone win it that actually wants it, you know? That’s the kindness in me! :)

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Ditto here. It would sit on my desk like a brick.

      If I get a pad it will be one with Android.

      But like I said before, with desktops, notebooks, Vibrant and HD2 I don’t see where a pad fits in.

      Sidenote: Plus I don’t ever win contests, even these ones with limited entrants. So I don’t bother. Yeah, someone has to win, but it’s never been me.

      Now finding money, the Lord has blessed me in that regard. I have found so much money that I think someone above said I could have a choice, win contests or find money, but I can’t have both.

      E.g., One time I was at a thrift store looking for some huge slacks to wear as part of a Halloween costume. I tried on these pants and there was a folded envelope in the left pant pocket. It said “Bank of America” on it. Inside was 4 $100 bills. Woot.

      And another time I was taking a shortcut through a closed Jack In The Crack restaurant drive-thru. Even though it was at night I could see in the headlights something that looked like rolled up cash (currency in the dark, under headlights still has a distinct color to it). Stopped, picked it up, it was $100 in twenties.

      And when I was in Brussels crossing the street a waded up piece of paper was rolling across the crosswalk. I said “That looks like Belgian currency.” It was, one note equivalent to about $50. So even on foreign soil I am blessed.

      I digress, forgive me.

      • tortionist

        You are one lucky son of a gun Michaelnotmike. My wife is like that. She used to work for a circuit board building company. At Christmas a couple of years ago, they had a drawing for an Asus laptop, which she won and gave to me for Christmas. The next year they had a Christmas drawing for a 10 megapixel Sony Cybershot Digital Camera. Again she won and gave it to me for Christmas. I tried to get her to stay for one more year and one more win, but no luck. To funny.

  • David Thomas

    I thought we had to actually do something. I’m not as excited now. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love an iPad, but if there’s no signing-up friends or watching a video with a quiz, then it’s pretty much pointless to assume I’d have a chance.

  • TrshD

    Free you say!? I’m in. Already liked phonedog and tmonews:-)

  • going_home

    Facebook ?
    Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, etc. are nothing more than mindless drivel for socially inept teens and 20 somethings.


  • Mr MN

    I’m glad there are still people out there who feel the same way as I do. I don’t want it, sorry Apple, but this guy is not a fan. I might take it for free but will sell it on eBay.

  • gac

    I hate how the mobile site has the iphone like button.. What is wrong with you guys out there?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Its an automated icon and I haven’t been able to change it, and I haven’t looked at it, other things have demanded attention. I’ll get it changed to something more generic, otherwise its just an icon and isn’t going to keep you awake at night!

  • JoshL

    My post was deleted? Yum.

    • David, Managing Editor

      No post was deleted?!

      • JoshL

        My bad. Apparently the site doesn’t show my comments until like 10 minutes later.

  • NiiDiddy

    I’m in!

  • mao102

    I rather buy a galaxy tab and not an Ipad!

  • John B.

    I wanted so I can give it to my daughter for her senior year, PLEASEEEE !!!!

    • Yyevo

      You’re a sick bastard! Wanting to give it to you’re daughter?!

      Sorry, the internets made me this way.

      • JP


      • Wilma Flintstone

        HA(x40)!!! Wow!!! Hilarious!!!

  • eYe

    Hey, why not? I like I would never buy an iPad but I’ll take one for free. Price is right!

  • crazythunder

    so because i’m not a facebook sheep, i can’t enter? lame. very lame.

    • Mario

      Same here I don’t have a facebook. That sucks I got excired when I read the title come to find out I need a stupid facebook

  • Quadbaby

    I don’t like this mobile theme when I use my iPad and can’t change to Regular theme…. Nuthin better than a free iPad

  • CaliLove310

    I wish I could enter, but I don’t have a Facebook account.

  • solidus433

    No desire for anything “i” related. Phonedog is cool, bit no apple for me. I would rather have a new bb over apple.

  • blacksilva

    not trying to be rude but what does this have to do with tmobile?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Just giving a little support to our friends, does it really hurt to do a little promotion once in a while?

  • kyle

    I get put off for asking about posts on the desire z because it’s not related to tmobile.. yet there are posts about Ipads..

    • David, Managing Editor

      Nobody put you off for asking about it Kyle, but a promotion needs just that, promotion and those kind of posts fall into a different category, these are giveaways that you, the reader can win. That’s entirely different than confusing people with handsets they won’t be able to buy that aren’t going to be carried by T-Mobile. I think a promotion should be posted and that should be fairly obvious?!

  • RIM has my attention. Andy says that Froyo/Gingerbread not meant for tabs. Ios and Andy not optimized for tabs. The Playbook is. It does not require a contract. At this point with the fragmentation of Andy I’m looking for WF7 or Playbook. We will see what develops over Q4 & Q1 2011.

    Stay thirsty my friends…

    • Spencer

      You will be sorry. Andorid is great in its current condition, however through these awesome updates (including one for tablet optimiziation) it will be unstoppable. On the other hand, RIM has alway sucked really bad at touch screens. Get the galaxy tab, its optimized for the tablet experience by Samsung.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Guys its just a contest, I’m not supporting the use of an iPad over any other device and try and recognize that not everyone wants or loves Android. I understand that I could give away a ceiling fan that ran on Android and some of you would get all sorts of hot and bothered at the prospect but not everyone would. I’m helping a website thats been very good to me promote a contest…don’t get your panties in a bunch!

      • Vibrant Addict


        Have you tried out the new Torch? I think the upgrade to the OS and the new tech in the Torch shows RIM has definitely stepped it up. I got more excited for the Playbook than I did for the Samsung tablet, maybe it’s my old BB addiction showing.

  • moxy

    FÚ<k the ipad. Looks like a shiny pair of handcuffs to me. Why would a pro T-mo aka(non ATT with apple contract holding) website promote an ipad giveaway? Sounds like our editor is going hollywood with the promos. Or is he leading us to believe T-Mo is getting a piece of that contract soon? We know how much David loves those comments. Don't shoot yourself in the foot bro. Yous gotta know you made a mistake gettin all Ari Gold over this promo. Haha.

  • victor

    free sounds great

  • Spencer

    I would much rather have a used tissue…

  • Walter

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. Peoples hatred for one of the coolest devices ever invented is just sick. All because it’s Apple. I love Android and love Apple and i am not afraid to admit it. From what im reading, Android fanboi’s seem to be the most bitter people in the world. Ive seen problems in both OS’s. Neither one is perfect though ios is more smooth and polished. IOS needs to support flash and tethering. The problem I have with android is their willingness to there so called openness, which will be there downfall. Google needs to get it together partnering with one company to do hardware and have one os or have some sort of standard hardware requirements. Not with touch wiz, sense or blur. They make updates to slow. Some of the android devices that are out are just crap. I here the term low end android phone too much. In the world of apple there is no such thing as a mid range or low end device. No device is perfect.

  • San Diegan

    I see a new trend here. I remember a while back when there were contests where you click a button and you were entered. Or you leave any comment and you were randomly chosen.


    You have to choose to LIKE something to get the prize. What if I don’t LIKE it? I chose not to enter the contest to win one from Rush Limbaugh because I resented having to LIKE him to win. While I agree with him quite a bit, I don’t really LIKE him.

    In the radio show’s case, he says he likes to converse with people that don’t like him. He figures that he will win them over. Most likely he just likes to talk whether they listen or not.

    What I think would be generous would be a DON’T LIKE button as well.

    Hope I win. I will surely LIKE it if I do. If not, I will still like your site.

  • pimpstrong

    David’s bustin heads and takin names up in here!! I don’t blame you.

    At this point in time I would much rather have the iPad of any of these supposed-to-be-coming-out Android Tablets. 7″ just doesn’t make since to me at all.

  • seriously guys? you are getting upset that you have a chance to win a $900 device FOR FREE!!! at the very least if you happen to enter and win but decide you don’t like it then sell if for infinite times profit(you got for free so you can’t lose money) and then use said money to buy yourself a freaking galaxy tab or next great thing.

    personally i would love a tablet that ran android but i cannot afford it, even if i won this one i would probably end up selling to take care of baby on the way.

    if you don’t want it then don’t enter contest, more chance for me to win it

  • Yyevo

    Seriously, lighten up!

    Now back to business, I got my MyTouch magazine yesterday. That marks, what, 2 or 3 months since we (MyTouch owners) were promised 2.2 was coming soon.

    Now I didn’t expect it immediately, I understand how software development and testing works, but we should have heard SOMETHING by now!

    David, you need to wake the ninjas up and get them to get us some info.

  • the hammer

    Wtf is wrong with people it a promo for a good website and a chance to win something if ya don’t like it. STFU and color