Is It Possible? Is UMA Finally Coming To The Android Platform On T-Mobile?

The last couple of weeks have seen us discuss both on the blog and in our forums the lack of Android and UMA or Wi-Fi calling services and our desire to see it come to Magenta.  We’ve seen our hopes rise with the introduction of a Kineto Wireless service that is capable of bringing UMA to Android as demonstrated on a Samsung Vibrant.  Nothing gives me more hope than the following images that I present to you on this fine Sunday morning.  You’ll find two images that showing training screen(s) for employees showing off the upcoming addition of UMA to the Android platform.  Most important and what gives me more confidence in the accuracy of these images is the shot of the T-Mobile G2 received separately that shows the same icon as seen on the training screen images.  Of course, we can’t forget the image we posted earlier this week of the LG Optimus which also gave hope to Wi-Fi hotspot calling.  Things are looking good here!

However, before you run around the room screaming with excitement, we should mention a few things:

1)    As far as we’ve been told, there is at least one limitation with this new offering: there will be no handoffs to the mobile network like the current UMA services offer.  If you leave the wifi coverage area, the call will drop.

2)    This will NOT be available to all Android devices.  We were told it would be available only to “select new devices.”  You won’t be able to get it from the Android market and it’s possible devices will be getting OTA updates to activate the feature.  The above image looks like the shot came from the G2, as did our own picture down below. The second shot, however, looks like it might have come from a Samsung Vibrant so it’s possible that device would receive an update to this as well!  Though at this point, which phones would receive this feature is anyone’s guess.  Then again, we obviously have a great argument for both the G2 and the LG Optimus!

Let us point out that there has been no indication this feature will come right out of the box for the G2 so don’t lose hope if the phone doesn’t arrive October 6th with Wi-Fi calling activated.  It’s possible that the feature will be deployed via a future software update!

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  • Great. Maybe I will keep my Vibrant.

  • innerchirp

    Sorry, I can’t help run around the room screaming “YES!!!!” UMA is the only way I can talk on a cell phone at home. Who cares if there’s no handoff. I’ll just end my calls before I leave the house.

    • AndroidRRR

      HELLL YAH it about time!!

  • deckrider

    I wonder if it will also allow the receiving of calls over wifi

    • Dean

      Of course it will man…

    • yes, look at the tiny words on the left hand side of the second screen shot… it says “you can send and receive calls and messages”

  • aLb3Rt


  • Sapphire

    Hope that this is for all devices that run 2.2 on T-Mobile. Would be great if the Nexus One is included. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    On another note, were there any first comments that were removed? I’m never first.

    • Sapphire

      Of course I’m not first lol

  • stickeywicket

    >> 1) As far as we’ve been told there is at least one limitation with this new offering: there will be no handoffs to the mobile network like the current UMA services offer. If you leave the wifi coverage area, the call will drop. <<

    All for UMA and hope the G2 supports it, either out of the box or via OTA. But if the above turns out to be true, well, it's stoopid.

    • Mike

      Learn to spell stupid before you go insulting a wireless carrier stupid

    • remixfa

      Why is it stupid? There is probably a legality that they had to work around to get UMA on the phones. I remember reading something about that a while ago. go look it up. UMA calling is a good thing. It will help out tons of customers. So great, on those FEW times where your in ur basement and decide to take a drive while on the phone u have to hangup and call back, but for the most part people dont do that.

  • Cybersedan

    This made my morning, I can’t wait to finally be able to use my vibrant indoors without dropping calls. Handoff would have been better, but this will surely do for now.

  • ummm?

    Please explain to me how “the shot looks like it came from the G2” ???? It looks like it came from an android device, likely a dev kit… How in the world could you possibly surmise the specific model phone??? Are we that desperate for any shred of good news that we begin to hallucinate too?

    Wow really grasping at straws there for false hope….

    actually make that half a straw…

    • David, Managing Editor

      How do I know? Because I have the full shot, I cut some of it off to protect the source and usually when I say it came from somewhere…it did, I’m not in the habit of lying to my readers!

      • ummm?

        fair enough, but the wording and evidence in the article doesnt really lend itself to that conclusion by any rational person without that additional evidence. -Corporate Law, sorry

        • David, Managing Editor

          Well I assume that readers of the blog itself, most of whom are already frequent visitors take me at my word when I say something is…well something, I’ll try and re-work the language so its clear! Sorry about the confusion!

      • Rpinazo

        ummm….. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE DUDE! Go read the Wall Street paper or something.

      • not4sakn

        plus, if this is an official T-Mobile document showing off wifi calling. They’re not going to post pics of a rooted or dev device to advertise. This is the same launcher (ADW) the G2 launches with so from the pic alone I would assume the G2 will support it.

      • G2ftw

        Pretty sure its the g2 its stock froyo. Lg optimus has a custom ui

      • Foxeh

        I just have to say, you have quite a capable group (?) of ninjas, there. If they were any better at this than they are now, Tmonews would be omnipotent! ;)

      • DallasDude

        UUuuu Snap! LOL

    • NiiDiddy

      @ummm? …someone did not have their wheaties this morning! way to go, mr pessimistic. what more do you want??? smh….!!!!!!

    • now_onTMO

      oh it’s touchwiz UI! lol

      if not the G2, then what Tmo device could it be? the droiX?

      im confused..

      • now_onTMO

        * droidX..

  • Tabasco1tx

    I was wondering the same thing. But I bet that its an added feature to your account just like visual voicemail. So that even if we have th@Home servicee wifi calling apk for our phones,if we don’t have the feature added to our account,it wont work. Which also means we prob have to have the Hotspot router for it to work. Im in luck since I have the @Home service and have a Tmo router,but those that don’t will prob have to get one for the service to work. Just a quess on my part.

    • remixfa

      blackberrys no longer “require a feature” for UMA calling. It just pulls off ur minutes when u use it. No biggie. Besides, if its a required feature for some odd reason, it should auto-populate on the rep’s screen when he rings in the phone. No worries!

    • joel

      Read the bottom of the green box in the first screenshot. :)

    • Ktwist


      This feature will be added to certain handsets, no additional data soc is needed as stated above in the first screenshot. No need to add wifi calling to your acct, you either have a wifi calling PHONE (G2,LG Optimus,ect) or you dont.

    • j. kay.

      Tmobile has discontinued the hot spot router. Why would they require you to have something that was stopped a while back? That would be pretty dumb for adding new xustomers if the feature was only for the people that have an @home…

  • Tabasco1tx

    I do know that they will have to have something on the “backend” of the database for calls to be routed to the router. So its gonna have to be an extra feature added to the account.This is just my best guess from my 2 years that I worked for Tmo. And my knowledge of how we had to add the Hotspot feature and the Visual Voicemail feature.

    • ColoradoGray

      There was a Hotspot calling feature, but all that did was provide unlimited minutes. UMA calling works just fine without any extra features on the line or special equipment. Just the phone any any wifi connection.

  • Rpinazo

    I hope it sure does come to the G2 as it will confirm my reasons for leaving my Bold 9700. I love the uma on my bold, its the only thing I would have missed.

  • My question is if WiFi calling will use up minutes on our plan. I am assuming it will. I guess the only real benefit is having service where one didn’t previously.

    Did UMA use up minutes or was it unlimited calling? I thought originally it was unlimited calling because I had heard of a bug in the handoff where if you started a call on WiFi and then walked out the door, it would hand off to the cell network but wouldn’t deduct the minutes from your plan.

    @Tabasco1tx The screen shot says “Wi-Fi Calling can be use with any voice plan without adding an additional SOC or feature.” So we won’t have to add any additional features to use it.

    • ColoradoGray

      It’s not a bug. Call billing is based on the conditions in place when the call starts.

  • cellswag5

    great job dave nice to see some new on the weekend. hope to see more every weekend. please find out some my touch hd news soon.

    • MIkeyo

      This just in Mytouch HD is going to be a giant turd. Stay away cause its gonna stink.

  • Lastruwarrior

    This clearly shows the Vibrant screen shot on the pictures. Look at the battery icon and the 3g icon, distinctively the Vibrant. And even the menu bar across the top if the tutorial is the vibrant theme. :-) guess I might keep it as well, love the phone, just pissed about the updates.

    • Frank

      I am writing this from my Vibrant. Doesn’t look anything like the Vibrant” screen shot” I am looking at right now.

    • Foxeh

      Yeah, those screeshots look pretty Stock to me…

      • Foxeh

        Oh oh, there’s ONE screenshot (in reference to the tutorial) that looks like it came from a Vibrant. Nice catch.

  • papesh

    thank you! I dont get service in my apt, and this is the only thing I miss about my 9700!

  • mikeeeee

    listed my cliqXT on ebay 2 hrs. ago.

    i’m going to ANDROID ‘jones’ until then with my trusty old samsung KATALYST.

    if this is rock solid true for the G-2, it’s a game changer.

    no reason for anyone outside of a diehard to own or USE anything else.

    i’ve been carrying around 2 phones for 2 years.

    goin’ to set my other line to forward for a month or 2 and pull the simcard out and ebay that phone too.

    goin’ to sell my blackberry flip 8220 too.

    iphone, droid, evo, ecccch, who needs them, when there’s a UMA/ANDROID.

    @david, whoever the ninja is who’s feeding you all the screens is, his praise will be sung around campfires for ages.

  • I’ve dealt with UMA on a Blackberry and the handoff between WiFi and Cellular wasn’t perfect to begin with. So at least they are being honest with us up front. This will be a big help at work where the basement of the building I work in is like a bomb shelter.

  • Tom

    I liked the UMA on Blackberry mostly for 2 reasons. In my basement, no reception and the gym, same thing. I would just hook into their wifi and I could use my phone. I would love for this to come to the G2.

  • s Hugus

    UMA is needed more than ever, so I am really disappointed that there is no autohand off when leaving the WiFi area. Phones need to be easier to use since smart phones

    • Vibrant addict

      wow it’s that hard to hang up and recall? Lazy… Lol

  • Celtic Mobile

    If there is no hand-off I wonder if this isn’t something other than the Kineto solution.

  • wayneNtampa

    I don’t know if it is just my N1, but I find that WiFi drains my battery much faster. I’m glad I have an unlimited plan and I don’t have connectivity issues where I live so I can’t get too excited about WiFi calling.

  • NiiDiddy

    YAY! I am going to cross my fingers and hope Vibrant [for me] and Slide [for the wifey] are included in this update. Either way, I’m sure eventually our beloved Android community devs will find a way to get this on all t-mobile phones lol **keeping fingers crossed**

  • Brandon

    If this is really coming to the Vibrant, I wonder if UMA, GPS fix, and Froyo are all in one update. Maybe why its taking so long?

  • mikeeeee

    i think i figured it out by what they mean about not handing off calls.

    i had a wifi calling app on my g-1 for a while called ‘truphone’, didn’t work great but, it worked.

    by not being able to ‘hand off’ i think what they’re sayin’ is it has to be toggled on and off manually.

    on my other UMA devices the phone part is shut off automatically so it doesn’t crash into att’s lousy signal in parts of my home.

    bid deal, so when i leave home i have to turn wifi calling off and network on manually and vice versa a couple of thumb touches at most.

    small price to pay for UMA.

    BTW; by toggling on and off the conflict between the network and wifi over data traffic is solved as well and with a 5 gig cap on network data, this is a boon to using it on wifi.

    so, in reality, it’s an uber win/win for ANDROID users on t-mo.

  • JOhn

    It will hand off all right. It’s called hang up and call back when you leave WiFi
    Have we really become THAT lazy. Seems like it would a great feature to have in low reception areas like your home.

    • Vibrant addict

      Seriously. Lol. I’m so glad it’s like that as it may be available for more devices, hopefully including my vibrant

  • Brian

    This is awesome! When I travel overseas I always use wifi calling back to the US. I hope it is on the Mytouch HD or someone can get it and make it work on the N1.

    • Mohammad

      Is it free to use wifi calling back to USA #s only? Or you got slapped with roaming charges?

      • Adam

        FREE! I used my Blackberry in Russia to call back home.

      • Brian

        It is free to call the US. I usually pick up a prepaid sim for local use and put my TMO sim back in when I am on wifi. I use my Samsung Katalyst. It works great.

  • maritza

    OMG OMG OMG!!! Now to figure out what to do since I’m only 6 months into my Bold contract. But still…. OMG OMG OMG!

  • mingkee

    If it’s available with nexus one, I have one less reason to get g2 besides no mobile hotspot supported, but I’ll get bb 9700 instead of g2 anyway.

    • Vibrant addict

      Seems unlikely that nexus will get it since it’s t mobile doing the update, not google. Only time will tell tho

      • remixfa


        Thats the beauty of Android, Vibrant, its just an app. Once its out there in the wild, the android mod community will figure out how to rip it off the phone and distribute it.
        I have another carrier’s exclusive NFL and Skype apps on my vibrant. They work fine.

    • k-mack

      i could never compare the bb 9700 to the G2! not even close, imo.

  • Jmts80

    Omg I am running around the room. Plz let this b true because I very no coverage at school or my girls apt and I ready dont want to switch to Verizon!

    • Jmts80

      Get* no coverage

  • TechieChicky

    Fantastic! Thank you ninjas and thank you tmonews!

    I have been waiting for UMA on Android since I had to return my G1 for lack of it. If there is no handoff ~ no worries for me. I can’t walk from my wi-fi to solid coverage anyway so even with full UMA I don’t get a handoff. I’ll just be happy to be able to make/receive calls from all those places that cell towers don’t reach!

  • tekrhino

    Ok so, lets take his article and tie it in with the following article.

    And if all goes well, in a couple of years we’d be able to use our UMA service even if we are MILES away from home down at school or at the coffee shop. This is really good news eh?
    Only issue may be one of network security I suppose.

    • StanSimmons

      “Super wi-fi” is not compatible, or even related to, normal b/g/n wifi. Super wi-fi will require a different radio.

  • Andrew

    I’m glad that T-Mo is finally bringing Wi-Fi Calling to its Android phones, and it’s definitely a huge step in the right direction, but I’m not satisfied. Not yet. This isn’t *true* UMA. This is basically T-Mo’s version of Skype, no more than ‘run this app to use your Wi-Fi to make a call instead of using your cell service.’

    What I want is UMA on Android that works the same way it did on my BlackBerry – you don’t have to run an app, just turn on Wi-Fi and there it is. Built-in, ever present, automatic, and (mostly) seamless. Hopefully that’s the direction Kineto is going with their solution and we’ll see it integrated into future versions of the Android OS.

    • George

      Correct, this isn’t UMA. This smells a lot more like integrated VOIP. However, for those times when reception is at a minimum, this is a great feature for T-mo to add.

    • reddragon72

      The UMA on blackberry and on the two T-mobile designated UMA phones have UMA “built into” the OS so it is seamless. Android UMA is not “built into” the OS, and do to this it has to be activated by a separate app to run. Remember UMA is UMA and is not a “Skype” program, evan on Android, the app simply does what Blackberry UMA does, but in a manual way.

      • k-mack

        Agreed! This service possibly can be put into some automatic mode to work when wifi is turned on, we don’t know yet. Also, this is much different from truphone because people can call your regular cell number to contact you and vice versa. So it’s just like regular UMA, just without the ability to keep the call going after getting away from your wifi signal. No big deal to me. I hate messing with trying to talk to someone when I’m getting in the car anyway! much easier to just call them back if need be!

  • coggy9

    I hope the UMA feature is handled by only the apk. ;) inb4leak/port

  • Derek

    This is probably a stupid question but will texting work over wifi too? Don’t the Blackberry’s do that?

    Anyway this looks really awesome because I live on POS country road with no service.

    • k-mack

      That’s actually a good question. All communications will go through the wifi connection, yes.

  • Brian

    uma is a necessity!

    hope it hits future android phones

  • Insider

    It looks like I am won’t be going back to BB.

  • mtnman

    Anything to inprove reception in T-Mobiles spotty coverage area is a good thing. After all if your in a rual area, then most of the time your outta luck, but with the UMA feature you can get coverage. Now when leaving the area you’ll have to turn it off and go back to basic tower, but hey at least it’s an option that others don’t have.

  • davidohio

    Good job t-mobile. I have zero coverage issues so I do not need this but I know there are people who do need this and it is long overdue. My coverage is most always four to five bars anywhere I go around here and at work and home but one day I am sure it will come in handy.

  • j.jetson


  • TMOprophet

    Those screen shots look pretty legit to me :)

  • s Hugus

    I hope that new software will also help so that when you are out of range of a tower that one can use the full android’s phone features such as voice activation and google searching. Had to leave an area in a convention center to a place that would connected 3g tower.

  • Jarvis

    I know SMS worked on UMA, will it work for this?

  • Cat

    WTF? where is FFC? If Mytouch HD got WiFi is on would be FFC then good buy but because I am deaf person. I am curiously want see qwerty-keyboard/FFC 5′ inch superphone EVO HD 4G HTC tmobile, I am really upset waiting other phone (I had got bad old wing tmobile like 3 year ago) OMG :S

    • john

      Ummm, what? Yes the hd will have wifi, whether it calls on it is forthcoming, aside from that I’m confused like a nursing baby at a transvestite convention.

  • Gina

    I will hold onto hope that someone will enable the handoff feature for this service in the future.

    UMA lite sounds a little half ass to me but I’ll take it over nothing. We have a huge underground lab at work where no cell service works at all. But we have an excellent full feature WiFi network available.

    Looks like I’ll be able to make/receive calls on my Android soon enough.

  • Celtic Mobile

    Making calls via WiFi that appear from the T-Mobile number could be done any number of ways without using UMA. If it turns out that it:

    Supports outbound calls only
    Does not support SMS
    Does not hand off voice calls to the GSM network

    then it may not be UMA at all!

    • MJ

      I sure hope this allows SMS to be transmitted over UMA. Would be a huge disadvantage if it doesnt.

      Also, for those with the GF family plans that had the $9.99 unlimited Hotspot calling, would our minutes be free then with this app?

  • InFeXIoUs

    Plus if you look up on the notification bar theres a Capital H for HSPA+… G2’s the only capable device…

  • Jon

    Hand-off is nice: I’ve got it with UMA on my T-Mobile BB 8900 and it works well — but’s it’s FAR from critical. What’s really a game changer about this announcement (leak) is that it looks like I’ll be able to change from a BB to an Android device and still be able to use T-Mobile in my home office when working at home. Office is in the basement, and my T-Mobile GPRS/EDGE signal is very weak in the house, and virtually nonexistent in the basement. With UMA, that’s not an issue — without UMA, I’d have to give up having a mobile phone in the home office, or switch to another carrier.

    I’m hoping this “UMA lite” can receive calls — that will be key to it working as I need it work work. If so, then this resolves a big dilemma for me, and means I can move to Android and still stay with T-Mobile (which I really want to do!)

    – Jon

  • mwl1119

    Not related to this story but I have been wondering what the arrow below the “G” on the google search widget is for? Multiple search engine options perhaps?

    • Jason

      Never tried a 2.2 build before? Apps can be written to plug into that and provide their own search from the search bar.

  • Hamster

    This is not UMA… but I suppose it’s something…

    Do NOT let this stop you from doing UMA properly, Tmo/Google!

    • mikeeeee


      UMA is unlicensed mobile access.

      wifi signals are unlicensed and t-mo uses wifi to access their network ergo, it’s unlicensed mobile access.

      i don’t care too awful much about arcane linguistic nuances.

      what i do care about is having an ANDROID/PHONE working with reliability in my home out in the middle of nowhere.

      if it works where i’m at now and works where other ANDROID devices have worked, i’m one happy camper.

      case closed.

      • Hamster

        It is not UMA as in making use of the GAN standard. It’s a glorified Skype app that (hopefully) will make use of your Tmo number. And it actually doesn’t sound like it’s accessing Tmo’s network since it’s not using your minutes — which means it really is not UMA even in the linguistic sense.

        Like I said, at least it’s something. But no where near as useful as true UMA/GAN that you get from a Blackberry or a Nokia E73 Mode.

  • Chatter

    TMo is currently in settlement discussions with Calypso wireless that owns the patent to UMA technology – wifi to cellular handoffs. That the reason why this app doesn’t do wifi / cellular hand off at this time. T-mobile is being extra vigilant about this lack of handoff because of the lawsuit.

  • Bernardos

    if wi-fi calling is truly unlimited, then someone should find a way to make an app that has free wireless tethering, make the phone connect to itself over wi-fi, and take advantage of an unlimited data plan for free calls everywhere!

    • j

      there is unlimited wifi calling on any device, the blackberry used to have an unlimited wifi calling feature but it is no longer available

    • swehes

      use Google Voice+Sipgate+Sipsocery=free phonecalls all over USA. Use SipDroid as your client. :) It works great.

    • ritz426

      If you have a rooted device, you can use barnacle wifi and wirelessly tether to your computer and call over skype! :)

  • Chris

    Does that say H+ in the notification bar?!? Awesome!!!!!

  • Best news ever! Come and support the T-Mobile facebook fan page!

  • FunkmasterC
  • Special K

    As long as I can make/receive calls + send/receive SMS via Wifi on a G2, I will be a pleased camper; BIG TIME.

  • Jim

    Unrelated to this post, but love the new look of the blog, makes it way easier reading on my iPhone. Keep up the great work here guys

  • kyle

    Gotta see a speed test with that H+ icon.. soon!

  • Ray

    Why would you want to make a call/receive texts over wifi tho like what’s the difference?

    • techiechicky

      Ray ~ it’s not so much of a ‘want to’ it’s a need to. For the many locations that there is no cell tower coverage, to be able to make/receive calls and texts over a private or public wi-fi signal. For example, shielded labs/hospitals, homes, basements, cruise ships, etc…
      I live in a dead spot. Middle of th burbs but a dead spot ~ the only carrier that covers my house is ATT. To be able to pull a call off my wi-fi is perfect and the biggest draw for me to T-Mobile. Without Wi-Fi calling I have to either sacrifice calls/texts while at home or change to ATT.

      • Ray

        Oh true I didn’t think of that lol. That is helpful but would it be charging you minutes? I don’t care about text because I have unlimited

      • techiechicky

        @Ray ~ yes, the way UMA is set up currently, the minutes/texts come out of my plan just like they would from a tower.

        There was an unlimited T-Mobile Hotspot or T-mo@home plan that could be added for 10/month that would make the wi-fi minutes unlimited but it’s not currently offered.

        That said, I don’t think we fully know what this new ‘wi-fi calling’ is yet. I would *assume* it draws from your plan until/unless that is made very clear or you see your first bill after using it. :)

    • the taxidermist

      international ; )

  • Ted C..

    Let’s be clear that this isn’t UMA/GAN which is probably why they’ve chosen not to advertise it as such. Frankly this isn’t much better than putting Skype or any other VOIP app on your phone since it won’t do handoffs (in EITHER direction) and doesn’t appear to handle SMS or Data seemlessly either. About the only thing you get out of this that you can’t already do using other applications is the ability to using your existing cellphone number when making a Wifi-based call.

    Count me as completely unimpressed.

    • reddragon72

      All UMA is VOIP. shoot even a regular cell signal is VOIP now using the digital network rather than and analog signal. Also BB UMA has a hand off because UMA is built into the OS and not a secondary function or an APP. This is an “after thought” and therefor it has limitations. What it does is allow you to use is your current cell number over WIFI with all features and functions included like usual, but you cannot move out of the WIFI range. So it is like going outside you house to make a call if you have crappy signal, but once you step inside your house you loose connection.

      I find this to be completely and totally satisfactory. I mean come on, your going to be able to use your phone in places you normally can’t if there is an open WIFI.

    • Bob

      “About the only thing you get out of this that you can’t already do using other applications is the ability to using your existing cellphone number when making a Wifi-based call.”

      That is it exactly. To be able to use your own number to make calls in a wifi area if you are in a no coverage area like in a basement or in a building or business that has open wifi but you can’t get a signal. C’mon Ted, how much more plainer than that can it be to you why people want this?

    • k-mack

      Not true, as far as I understand it. It can do everything except the handoffs so it is just like UMA except for the handoffs. Allowing you to make calls and receive calls from your cellphone number is the whole point of wifi calling and shouldn’t be compared to skype, fring, etc.

  • This is a really good start by T-Mo to finally get the wheels turning on Wi-Fi calling, although limited it’s still a start. But I do have to say no tethering is a downer, this will make those N1 folks out there (I was one of them) stay in their N1’s a little longer. Not allowing the tethering feature on a “vanilla Android 2.2? goes against something right?

  • @Ted C why do u say that? isn’t it obvious enough?hmmm…

  • Ryan

    “1) As far as we’ve been told there is at least one limitation with this new offering: there will be no handoffs to the mobile network like the current UMA services offer. If you leave the wifi coverage area, the call will drop.”

    While traveling internationally, this is actually a feature so I don’t get hit with crazy roaming bills.

    Example why I love UMA:
    On my recent trip to India, I made 18 minutes worth of calls on their AirTel network resulting in $53.82 (OMG $2.99 a minute). I also use 95 minutes while on UMA on my BB8520, which would have been and additional $284.05.

  • just saying!

    If you guys want a mid- range phone without having to pay for data service plan just get the Nuron!
    just saying…..

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I’ve got mixed opinions about this.

  • JAM

    I used to think no hand-off would be no big deal. And I guess it still would be OK if it didn’t hand off in the middle of a call. But what I would hate to have to do, would be to manually activate something to go from the GSM network to WiFi.
    What I don’t understand is if “true” UMA/GAN wasn’t selling for Tmo, why would a crippled version? I love/need the UMA in my BB, but hate the OS. That’s why I’m looking forward to UMA on Android that works as well on BB.

    • reddragon72

      because BB has the feature built into te OS so it is integrated completely. They are doing an addon for Android so it will be lacking in the handoff since they cannot integrate it like the BB without reworking the Android OS at the core.

  • CJ

    The big question is: will WiFi calls count against your allocated minutes?

    • reddragon72

      No change from being on the cell network. min/txt/mms all count against your account amount. The only change is data will no longer count towards that “unlimited” 5gig plan.

      • ManoloDF

        But do txt/mms go over wifi when UMA is enabled on android like it works on current Full UMA blackberries or Nokia phones?

  • ManoloDF

    I Have one very important question, in true UMA everytihng goes over UMA (calls and texts/mms) It basically simulates everything, on these android devices will it be the same? Texts/MMS etc will also come through over wifi? If not it seems neutered to me.


    Could be UMA or could be SIP/IMS…WiFi calling is the service/app and doesn’t tell you the technology.

  • olypdd

    My BB Curve would seamlessly transition from cell to wifi during calls. Too bad that won’t be the case with new phones. It worked great most of the time.

    By the way and off topic a bit- One of this pitfalls of the Nexus One is the touchscreen and sensor used. I won’t buy another device with the same. I wonder if the G2 is using the new ATMEL technology like the Galaxy S and Evo, etc.? If not, I will not keep it. After dealing with touchscreen issues on the N1, I am happy to wait for the right device. I believe HTC is using this in their new devices now, BUT, I would like this confirmed for the G2.

  • k-mack

    Yes, texts/mms will both be supported, I understand. It will all go through the wifi. All the features are the same with regular UMA except for handoffs, so that is good!

    I am also aware of the nexus one touchscreen problem. It is definitely a different/better touchscreen in the G2. They acknowledged the problem with the N1 sensors and must have made a change. I’m not sure if it used the ATMEL maxTouch touchscreen but I hear that they are also starting being used in newer HTC phones. If that is true and it is in the G2, the features are:

    Unlimited touches
    Low power consumption
    Fast response — completely redraws screen every 4/1000 of a second (4ms) to eliminate recalibration issues
    Excellent signal-to-noise ratio for superior precision — 3x better than competitive products
    Superior performance for first-touch response — 3x better than competitive products
    Unambiguous, unlimited touch support
    Responsive user interface: > 250 Hz report rate for a single touch
    Extremely low current consumption: < 1.8 mW in “touch-ready” state
    Two touch adjacency of less than 10 mm on a 4.3? touchscreen
    Small footprint with few external components
    Supports stylus, fingernails, and gloves
    Grip and face suppression functionality: avoids false touches
    Size and angle of touch supported
    Screen sizes up to 10.2? are supported by a single chip
    Proximity channel support

    sounds very nice to me!

  • xalucardx

    its that the G2? well another reason to change my vibrant for the G2!! (if it is)

  • now_onTMO

    i’ll need diz for me vibrantz!

    i wish and hope the forthcoming (hopefully eeheh) update will include this feature..
    but when? i’ll need this more than the gps fix..


  • JJ

    Doesnt look like it appears on the new G2 out of the box anyway :-( I was hoping for a small miracle!! lol Oh well hopefully in an OTA update SOON!!!!

  • upnorth85

    guys hand off is no big deal. I have a BB with UMA and frequently travel overseas. I always switch off my tower connection and only connect through my wi-fi to the UMA. I then have unlimited calling. On another point, I have a laptop with Windows 7. When I go overseas I buy the wi-fi connection and then I set up my own personal wi-fi using a free software called conectify. I then connect my cell phone to get the UMA on it, and lo behold I have a free unlimited phone while I am in my hotel room. I also can download heaps of data and not have to pay $15 per MB (ouch!)

    • Jack

      T-mobile is catching on to this over seas travel, and using wi-fi/uma. They are starting to charge.