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T-Mobile Will Not Offer Premium Handset Protection For The Nexus S

With the original Nexus One, Magenta offered Premium Handset Protection (PHP Insurance), so you would think that they would do the same for the new Nexus S, right? WRONG.  T-Mobile has stated that the Nexus S is not eligible for Premium Handset Protection (PHP).  So if you’re one that drops his or her phone a lot, you might want to look into a third-party insurance company such as SquareTrade. Were any of … [read full article]

The Nexus S Backstory, Because Every Good Phone Has A Backstory!

The first Android phone was released in November of 2008, yada yada yada.  You know the rest.  Now the market is saturated with Android phones and Google is releasing a new one to the market that showcases the new version of Android, Android 2.3 A.K.A Gingerbread (how timely).  As with the Nexus One, the Nexus S is tightly integrated with Google and offers a truly pure Google experience (I love it already).  Feel free to … [read full article]

Nexus 2/S/Whatever Coming To T-Mobile? We Say Likely.

We admit there is a fair amount of skepticism regarding the fabled Nexus 2/S/Whatever, both from our readers, other members of the blogging community and even ourselves. We can’t say it really exists, and then again I can’t say a 20 million dollars exists because I’ve never seen that much money all at once. So what follows is rumor based, pure rumor and speculation though we, like Androidandme can confirm that T-Mobile (among other … [read full article]

The Nexus S (Formerly Known As Nexus 2) Is Real And Coming Soon?

Sometimes in the wireless industry there are stories and rumors that sound so good, they are likely untrue. The Nexus Two, the (obvious) follow up to the Nexus One wasn’t supposed to happen. Earlier today when nobody thought it was happening Taylor of Androidandme thought otherwise and took a lot of heat for running his own report. Sticking to his guns paid off however as Gizmodo has just given him a whole lot of … [read full article]