T-Mobile Launching $14.99 Tethering Plan November 3rd

Although we already knew that a new plan for customers that want to Tether was coming soon and then yesteday, confirmed for November 3rd, the folks over at BGR have recieved details on the new tethering plan. T-Mobile will officially offer the $14.99 /MonthTethering and WiFi-Sharing Add-On beginning November 3rd. The plan will allow subscribers to use their smartphones as a tethered modem or Wi-Fi hotspot. To qualify for the $14.99 Tethering add-on, you will need to have a 3G/HSPA+ capable handset in addition to an unlimited web plan of $19.95 or higher. The tethering plan also counts towards your 5GB data cap. So that means once you’ve used 5GB of data, your speeds will be throttled. The plan will be available for Postpaid and Flex Pay Customers.


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  • Walhaddi

    too much just to tether if you ask me. So, do Nexus 1 users have to pay this charge too?

    • Good question, for N1 owners and those of us with rooted phones that have had the ability to tether for more than a year how are they even going to know if you are tethering?

      • Noel Barcellos

        Will they know? only if they are looking. they are gonna cap you after 5gb anyway. Im sure rooted phones will still be able to use it with out paying.. like it should be. I find it so funny they would charge for the convenience instead of doing so. Technology is supposed to make your lives easier not more expensive.. We should let money judge the tech, let the tech .. ah nevermind.. i cant explain because im way to tired here at work.. but someone understands.. we are not paying for the 5gb since we already had the 5gb.. they are charging for the convenience and that is bull…just like everyother company that does it.. ATT and so on.. crap..

    • DUB

      The True question of the day is: How can you call it unlimited data and then cap someone after 5GB of data use?

      • JW

        Because it’s unlimited data not unlimited bandwidth.

      • 2FR35H

        But is the unlimited data USABLE? that is what really defines unlimited data. and 60kbps on a smartphone is UNUSABLE so unlimited what?

  • Washout

    Lame, too expensive for what you get

  • zeya

    Why would i pay them for tethering when i can just root my phone and get it for free or i can just go on youtube and find free apps!!!! TMOBILE SUCKS !!! ALWAYS TRYING TO MAKE A QUICK DOLLAR

    • ob18

      Are they forcing you to stay with them and if not stop the bitching and move to another provider whom will most likely end up doing this themselves in the near future.

      • Al

        Hey ob18 it’s called freedom of speech.

      • Chris

        Hey Mr. Constitution, the First Amendment covers censorship by the state, not by other people, corporations etc. So shut the hell up!

      • Samuel

        while i agree with zeya, just root your phone, i tether my vibrant. I also agree with ob18, nobody is forcing you to be with tmobile. 15 dollars is alot cheaper than the 30 that sprint or verizon wants to charge

      • Al

        bite me chris !!!

      • maruichan

        lol Mr. Constitution

      • j

        no they are not, att pays by MB, no thanks. You can tether vibrant with the KIES software downloadable from samsung for free! tethering is not as great as is sounds, it is slows as dirt and wifi is better

    • MattB

      Only ‘you’ can answer why ‘you’ would pay them… in fact, it sounds like you wouldn’t. There are those, however, who aren’t willing to steal. They will pay for it. There are others who maybe want the mobile hotspot, but can’t/don’t know how to root their phone. They will do this as well.

      Other companies charge more. Nuff said.

      • Marc

        How the heck is tethering on your data plan stealing?

      • MattB

        They offer a service for a cost. You use the service for free against their approval/knowledge. Your use of that service violates the terms of service that you agreed to with a signature at the time of activation.

        You tell me.

        If you go to the movie theater and pay for movie A, and upon completion you decide to sneak in to movie B without paying, is it stealing? I mean, whether you go in or not isn’t impacting the theaters overhead right? So what difference does it make? That theater used to not enforce it, now they want to charge me? How dare them…

    • Dave

      Yeah, see how much it costs elsewhere.

    • Cory Ga

      Yeah i agree. I mean its one thing if by paying the $14.99 if they actually gave you unlimited data.

    • j

      Zeya if they suck why are you with them, tethering sucks! It isn’t any faster then your phone browser and wifi is much better. These sites are only for whiny people who like to hear themselves talk, well see their words typed at least. What carrier isn’t out not make money???? ATT and verizon are more expensive and are not any better. whine all you want, if people read what they signed up for and did not sue then maybe things would stay they way they were.Notice this happened after the idiotic lawsuit over throttling, this site even said, they will probably make tethering a paid feature. Well sure enough, it happened. Don;t blame the carrier, blame yourselves for the whining and idiotic lawsuits!

      • Marc

        Do you include yourself in the whiny people who love to hear themselves speak category, or it’s just everyone else who don’t agree with you?

  • techiechicky

    For $14.99/month it should include some additional data; another 5GB at least. Not sure why anyone would pay only to end up throttled and hobbled across the board.

    • Nate

      For sure. 5 GB cap would be a show-stopper.

    • MattB

      Hmm… Dunno. Ask all of the Sprint/VZW customer who are already paying 20-30 extra dollars to do just that?

  • Illegal Machine


  • Pimpstrong

    This is like if Netflix charged me extra if I take my movie and watch it at a friends house as well as my own. Still an unnecessary charge just to use the same alotted amount of data that you already pay to use. On the other hand though atleast its cheaper than the competition right?

  • Green Robot

    Hmmm…, so how are thy going to pull this off? Let’s say you’re a Vibrant or MT3GS owner that just does not know what to do with that $15 budget surplus that they keep coming up with every month and you decide it to give it to T-Mobile because you like the company so much that you think they deserve it. Then what? How are they going to “enable” your Vibrant or MT3GS to actually tether? Will they reflash your Vibrant with a firmware that does not have the tether functionality removed by them? What about MT3GS that never had tethering before? Will they root it for you and send you a link to download Wireless Tether application?
    Just curious…

    • Pimpstrong

      Probly a minor OTA update containing their branded Tethering App. It is just an App afterall.

    • Eric

      The vibrant isn’t HSPA+

      • chaoscentral


        It says 3G or HSPA+ capable device, not just HSPA+

    • John

      They will probably push the mobile ap settings option to your phone.

      • MattB

        Probably sneak it in with the T-Mobile TV push this week ;)

  • JB6464

    I tether now on my HD2 all day long and i still stay under the 5GB limit.
    Why pay extra for the same service.

  • ob18

    Don’t tether so don’t care.

  • phone capo

    lmao….T-mobile making major moves like there a big player game. With that said I have a hd2 and I wonder if I will be charged if I use my wifi sharing app?

    • doug

      No, data is data. They cant tell if the data is coming from the phone’s internal browser or apps or your laptops browser or apps.

      There is no flag on a TCP/IP packet that indicates that a packet comes from a laptop or from the phone. About the only chance they could identify would be to sniff all the packets and identify based on browser agent strings, which not only would probably be illegal, could also be gotten around by tunneling all your traffic though an encrypted VPN. WinMo supports VPN’s natively so hows T-Mobile going to know that VPN isn’t originating from the phone itself?

      • PittsburghG1


        So in reality, for those of you tethering now — keep doing what you are doing!

  • ob18

    I’m not crazy about some of the changes they are making but if I switched to another provider I’d end up spending $20 to $40 more per month just for a plan similar to the one I’ve had for the last 6 years.

    • tmorep

      not necessarily true

      for example on sprint

      for $69.99
      ANY MOBILE, ANYTIME: Unlimited domestic calls from the Sprint network to and from ANY U.S. mobile phone regardless of carrier. Any network, any time.
      Unlimited data on our network: Web surfing, email, BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS), GPS Navigation, Sprint TV and Radio, NASCAR Sprint Cup MobileSM
      Unlimited messaging: Text, pictures and video
      Talk: Night calling and weekends starting at 7 p.m., nationwide long distance and no roaming charges, free weekends

      and an additional $10 fee for their premium data, you’ll get true unlimited data, not unlimited limited data.. you can video chat on the evo or epic, use google maps, gtalk, google voice, google earth and all other google apps without concern of exceeding a data limit (i mean what google app doesn’t use data?), pandora, we now have flash on our devices don’t we? netflix? hulu?

      and that’s just sprint, you can research verizon yourself, don’t be fooled that every phone company is false advertising unlimited limited data as unlimited data

      • God

        Clear is now rate-capping people to 256kbps on WiMax. That unlimited may not be as unlimited as they advertise.

      • MattB

        Any Mobile Any Time only applies while on a Sprint tower… if you happen to be roaming, it’s coming out of your 450 minutes, they DO in fact put a limit on your data usage REGARDLESS of whether you pay for the extra $10/premium/4G package, and they also charge an additional $30 to use the phone as a mobile hotspot.

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $70+10+30= $110.00
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $40+10+30+15= $95

      • ob18

        Actually it is because you look closer at the Sprint plan and they do charge for roaming if you are not in a spot that Sprint can get a signal in or a strong one so it can very well end up costing you more. Where I travel to are not strong Sprint areas so I’d get nailed harder and faster then a hooker offering a discount.

        I’d like to avoid roaming fees if at all possible.

      • ob18

        In addition to that my plan is over 6 years old so it’s hard for any provider to match it or come within the ballpark.

        I have 1000 anytime minutes, unlimited text, & unlimited internet with no roaming and I roughly pay $85 a month total including taxes and fees. I’d love a line of consistantly good products coming out but that hasn’t always been the case with t-mobile and the only reason I am with them is because if I left I’d end up paying more for less with another provider.

      • tmorep

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $70+10+30= $110.00
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web/Mobile Hotspot = $40+10+30+15= $95

        lets remove the mobile hotspot, cause honestly no one’s paying for a hot spot now nor will they in the future, damn thing comes preinstalled with 2.2 phones, there’s apps in the market for the rooted & non rooted seriously

        EVO – 450min/Unl Txt/Unl Web = $70+10= $80 (how often would you be roaming? plus you forgot that free mins starts at 7pm)
        G2 – 500min/Unl Txt/Unl Web = $40+10+30= $85

        @god you have a source? a friend of mine haven’t been throttled in the past 3months on sprint’s wimax

        we’re forgetting about verizon also here

      • MattB


        First of all, why would we remove the mobile hotspot? Scroll up and look at which article we’re posting in. This whole debate is about the Mobile Hotspot… If you just wanna compare prices, I would argue this is the wrong place to do so.

        Secondly, Math fail on your part… upon removing both hotspots, the prices would be matched at $80 each. With the benefit (for me at least) in having faster web access. I live in one of the many areas that T-Mobile offers HSPA+, and sprint has no 4G. TMO services 200mil pops with HSPA+, Sprint 120mil pops with 4G. (And aside from that, most reviews show HSPA+ being faster in areas that both are offered, but thats irrelevant for me, because it no Clear in my area.)

      • MattB

        Yeah… how could we forget about Big Red

        450min/unl.txt/unl.web = 90
        add the ONLY hotspot plan ($20/2GB) to bring it up to $110.

        Verizon is the most expensive of the group, and always will be. No need to discuss further.

  • alex32g2

    15 a month is too much..and I think tethering is almost asking for it to get your throttle speeds down since tethering uses a lot of data. Im starting to wonder also if video calling uses a lot of data as well witht hat5gb data cap. dont get me wrong, id love to get tethering, but I dont want to risk getting my throttle speeds down. tmo is still #1 though by providing unlimited internet

    • ob18

      Makes you wonder how soon they’ll charge you a fee if you use the video chat in the future when or if it becomes a popular use.

    • Tethering in and of itself doesn’t result in increase data usage, downloading a lot of stuff results in increased data usage. What if I wanted to tether in order to check my e-mail on my laptop and that’s it? Should I have to pay $14.99 when it’s built into my phone? Why can’t data be data just like minutes are minutes?

      • DatNizzle

        .Yes tethering does increase data usage. Why would you tether just for email? If your phone can tether chances are it can check email. Besides it takes more data to check email on a cpu than it does a phone.

      • doug

        @DatNizzle wow really? please explain how? your phone establishes the exact same POP3 connection to download email as the laptop would, thus the exact same amount of data is consumed.

        And well why would someone want to use their laptop? well maybe they are actually in business and have a ton of emails to reply to. A laptop keyboard will get you though all those emails a lot faster than a phone’s keyboard.

        What if you need to work with attachments that the phone either doesn’t support, or only supports via striped down versions of word and excel on winmo?

      • Pimpstrong

        @ DatNizzle – Tethering “in and of itself doesn’t result in increase data usage”. To say Tethering actually increases data consumption is like saying just because I buy food in bulk that means I will consume more food as a result. Nobody is too stupid to realize that there is a greater chance of data being consumed faster with the ability to share data with multiple devices BUT you cannot say that in fact will. I might be a person who will only tether to my Galaxy Tab while I’m on road trips. Would that should that qualify me as a person who should be forced to pay $15-30/month just for that stupid little convenience? No. The companies are charging us simply for the convenience that Android has brought to the playing field.

      • MattB

        Removing all ‘assumed’ differences in style of usage between tethering and device use, tethering will STILL use more. When I check email on my phone, not all images load, when I go to 90% of my websites on my phone, I am redirected to a Mobile version (tmonews.com included) which load less media. Youtube defaults to HD on my computer, etc….

  • shawn

    So I can pay them $15/mo more to get what I already have?! They will provide Tethering and wifi hotspot support in the firmware (which it already is in the standard codebase), which will allow my device to use the hardware already in it, and use my data allowance they already provide me, and throttle me down when I hit the same 5gb (un)limit(ed) that my current plan has. So again what am I getting for this $15/mo?! Sounds like a tech-neophyte tax, if you ain’t smart enough to root and load the apps (or just run kies) to tether then t-mobile will tax you.

    How about charging me $10/mo to use the speaker phone feature on my device?! That should make t-mobile a few more bucks.

    • S. G.


  • ogopogo

    It’s not the fact that it’s $15….well, that’s partly the reason, but that $15 doesn’t even buy you any type of addition to your cap? Are they kidding? Who in their right mind would even go for this? There are apps out there that can do this for free.

    I could understand if they said – for $15 you get your data cap doubled to 10GB. This just doesn’t make sense.

  • Darnell

    T-Mobile included a FREE app on my HTC HD2 to do this and many HD2 owners already use it. It already counts against the 5GB cap like usual usage.

    Is T-Mobile saying they want us to “true up” and pay them for what they have given us for free for the past 6 months? And it still count against the same 5GB cap!

    Just like Sprint (and other carriers that tried to put a fee on it), all who are tech savvy will not pay and continue to tether if they desire to.

    If they want to charge for it, they should at least provide a seperate poll of bandwidth for it to count against.

    • JB6464

      I tether with my HD2 and there is no way T-Mobile knows if your tethering.
      They know your using data and how much,but not what your doing on your phone.
      Just stay under the 5GB limit and you will be fine.

  • yup

    Pdanet works for free

    • Chris

      I was thinking the same thing. Took about 30 sec. to set up and works great and for free. I don’t understand why people would pay for something that is free. I already pay for the data, this is just a way of using the data.

      Whatever, some people will pay because they just don’t know better.

  • yup

    Pdanet works for free

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Wow. What are they gonna do to tethring-capable WinMo phones that now tether for free? WMWiFiRouter works great on my Dash3G. So does USB/Bluetooth Internet Sharing. God Almighty, if i wake up on Nov 3 and find authentication services blocked I’m GONE at end of contract.

  • Eric

    There are to many people out there who can make a work around. I could see paying 15 bucks if it didn’t count toward your bucket or made the throttle start at a different amount like I don’t know 10 where it use to be. Plus I have to remember that this has not been confirmed.

  • Androidless

    Nov. 3 seems like a big day for T-Mobile. Hoping that day will also be the day they announce an OTA update for the G2 to enable wifi calling.

    Man, I am such a broken record.

  • They are preying on the weak. Only those who don’t know any better will fall for this. Sales people are fast talkers if you are not knowledgeable. I’m just saying!!

    • MattB

      yeah… how dare those sales people try and sell you something you could just as easily steal. Understand that whether you like it or not, tethering isn’t going from free to $15. It’s going from ‘violation of ToS’ to ‘$15’.

      • Trevor

        Oh so by using my Nexus One which has native tethering released in an OTA update that was sanctioned by T-mobile, or by using an app that ships with WM 6.5 phones I am violating my terms of service? Makes little sense.

      • JB6464

        BS !
        T-mobile does not know when your tethering. All they see is use of data.
        The only way they would know is if they put a tethering app in your phone and when you use it then they know.
        WM phones and others already have the tethering app in them from the factory and T-Mobile sold them that way already.
        Even the corporate store that sold me the HD2 told me i could tether with it when i bought it new.
        So how is that stealing ?

      • LSxChevelle

        @Trevor…yes tecnically on a N1 you are violating T-Mobiles TOS by tethering on an Android device. But no they do not care.

  • Bob

    The froyo update just sent out for the mt3g has tethering built in. I don’t understand what they are trying to do. If the capability is already on my phone then why would I pay them more money??

    • S. G.

      Unless they cripple the firmware. Carriers have been known to remove capabilities before.

  • Defiantbeast

    Still cheaper than the competition

  • JB6464

    As i see it , this will only effect New phones and phones that don’t have tethering capabilities and one wants T-Mobile to add that feature to their phone. T-Mobile could control tethering then by adding the app and charge you for it’s use.
    Or the new phones coming out will have the app pre-installed like Verizon,AT&T phones do. Then you will be charged if you want to use that application.

  • James

    I can currently tether for free on my Nokia Nuron with the $10 unlimited plan. Heck at this point I’m wondering why I would upgrade to an Android phone just to get stuck with a $30 a month data plan plus an additional $15 a month to tether.

  • Deke218

    Is T-Mobile on crack? $15 more and it counts against your 5GB cap? T-Mobile will not see many people using this.

  • dnice711

    All I want is wifi calling for the g2, does anyone know when (if) that’s going to happen?

  • cellswag5

    Won’t need it unless I get a tablet. And my phone is good enough for web. Unless ur a black berry user with a tablet don’t see the need for it.

  • I hope this all gets worked out so with the new WP7 phones it will be available. The pricing on the Gtab makes it a pass. I’m holding off for Tab with WebOS.

    Stay thirsty my friends!

  • David Thomas

    I was fine with paying extra for legal tethering, that’s not my issue. My beef is that it’s the same 5GB cap as my phone. Really, Magenta? You’re not going to add in a bit more data since I’m paying you more per month? That’s a stab in the back.

  • pantlesspenguin

    I usually stick up for T-Mo & their decisions…but this one I just don’t get. I can see charging extra for tethering…but to not get anything added to the 5gb cap??? That’s slightly ridiculous. Also, I wish they wouldn’t charge the $15 for wifi hotspot capabilities. I don’t have that now, but it was something I was looking foward to in case of emergencies. I definitely wouldn’t use it enough to warrant another $15 onto my plan.

  • coldnipples

    An extra 15 to tether when I already have unlimited data and now there’s a 5gb cap Smh

    • John

      Vibrant root is too easy to do to warrant paying for it. It’s not stealing btw, due to the fact that dmca says root is ok, and the app I use it’s directly from google code.

      • MattB

        When you established service you signed an agreement to not you the internet access for use on any device other than the mobile phone itself. That is where the ‘stealing’ comes in to play. Listen guys, I’m not trying to play the self-righteous card here, I’ve been tethering for awhile now… but I did so knowing it violated the TaC, and that this fateful day was right around the corner.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    all I have to say is… wow. Thanks Mr. Humm

  • bbcrisp_03

    UHHHHHHH simple answer.

    PDANET is FREE 99! tether for freeeeeee!

  • tooltard

    haha, i dont see anyone paying this

  • Chadastrophic

    I hope there’s more to this than what’s posted.

    I think we all know tethering is against ToS, but then again my Mytouch with the official 2.2, like others, has tethering as an option. It’s like TMO is saying no you can’t bang that hooker, but here’s some condoms and blow.

    I wouldn’t tether but the internet package at my apt is horrendous. $35 a month for 1mb down service. I’m in an HSPA+ area, so yeah no, not going to get internet at the apt.

    I’d gladly pay $15 a month to tether if the throttle point was moved up to 15GB, hell maybe even if it was back to 10GB. To my knowledge webconnect sticks are still throttled at 10GB.

    • blah

      Yea I agree, I would pay it if it actually INCREASED your monthly cap. As there seems to be no added bonus…. Really cant wait til LTE gets here and all this pre-4G madness is gone…

    • DF

      No the webconnect sticks are also throttled @ 5gb & yes it does suck

  • Bigmerf


  • Carlos

    Wait…..so I’m paying $14.99 for tethering, but I don’t get an expanded data plan??? How is this logical??? Do they really think that they are going to stop anyone from tethering for free????

    I would say that most people that need to tether, or choose to tether, are the same who constantly go through all the forums to see what else they can do with and to their phones….

    Personally, I think this is a PR move to quite the noise of the capabilities, but one that may bite them in the arse!

    I may even consider paying if my data plan got and additional 5 or 10GB, but to pay more and get nothing is return….I don’t think so!!!!

  • abel2fresh4u

    I wont just stay home wit my laptop untill some one makes an app for this

  • 2Noob4U

    This is funny. For people who won’t/can’t root their phones their appealing to their intellect for a change. If you can’t root your phone add $15 to your bill. How about all the free apps that do the same thing.

  • PJ

    I hope illegal rooted tethers get caught by T-Mobile. I know Verizon can tell when you’re tethering.

    I had a Verizon phone and added a 5 GB tethering plan. When I logged in there would be 2 meters. One for the phone and one for when I tethered. They detected when I tethered automatically. It didn’t matter if I used WiFi, USB DUN, bluetooth DUN/PAN. I didn’t even have to use the Verizon connection manager. They just knew.

    • JB6464

      Verizon and AT&T can tell when your tethering because they put that app in their phones before they sold them. That way they would know from the first time you do it. Their way of controlling their network.
      T-Mobile does’nt have that app right now but maybe they are catching on and wil put it on all their new phones that’s coming out soon.
      Tmo wants a piece of the pie for them as well.

      • AC

        Or maybe an OTA “update” will come out for many current phones. It’ll say something like “improves tethering” where the improvement is really in T-Mobile’s wallet.

      • doug

        They other way they could be metering separate usage is separate APNs. I dont know how cdma carriers handle internet connections, and im sure its different than GSM carriers. but they could possibly setup an APN for the phone to use, and the tethering app would connect to the other APN.

        This is already somewhat similar to how my phone is working, since I have the VPN internet plan. i primarily use internet2.voicestream.com as my APN, however MMS cannot be sent though this APN, the HTC messaging is configured to use the epc.tmobile.com APN. Whenever I send a MMS the HD2 will disconnect from internet2, connect to epc, send the mms, disconnect from epc and then reconnect to internet2

  • Trill

    I still don’t understand the issue with everyone complaining especially after weeks if not months of knowing this was coming and $15 is way better than $30 don’t forget you still get unlimited data just instead of 10Gb then they throttle its 5Gb also if your rooted or have an unlocked phone then it doesn’t matter.

    T-mobile branded phones will be subject to this change and being how I deal with all carriers I would say you still get more if you decide to pay and obviously many users are confused about caps and throttling but I digress.

    I want a Galaxy Tab but will wait till see if they release a 10inch version and HTC will have a tablet out as well

  • crzy

    why does everyone keep saying the exact same thing…over and over…you guys wont pay for tethering, no increased cap arrg, some phones already do it for free. anyone have anything new to add to the conversation? How about…cool sounds like Tmo is going to make it available to more devices at a premium cost…OR…bummer looks like tmo figured out a way to charge for something that’s loading their network more so than other actions. How about the fact that the aircards they sell are $40 – $50 per month and this could eliminate the need for those types of devices and SAVE PEOPLE MONEY.

    • Orison

      Well, maybe but those Air cards can reach higher speeds than my Cliq and get throttled at 10gb instead of 5. For another 5gb, I wouldn’t mind paying $15/mo to be legal vs the free I paid with my Cliq or my Shadow.
      Even now I wouldn’t complain if that $15 included an Android app that allowed me to tether and use https as well as throttled me at 10gb. I like to stream media and came close to that 5gb last month.

  • Courtney

    Looks like my Touch Pro 2 just became a dedicated internet router. Moving on…

  • Bimmerz

    Wow! I wasn’t expecting this bit of offsetting news (at least not so soon). As others have mentioned, I could see this extra fee as a bonus if they doubled the cap to 10 – then it might be worth it.

    The good news is, that you can use PdaNet/and or Easy Tether for free (NO root required)! Or if you need to be able to access secured sites, then pay the 1 time fee on either of these apps, and then you’ll be able to do so.

    Last I looked, PdaNet was having a sale, $15.00 (one time fee) which allows you to browse secured sites. And Easy Tether is about $10.00 (one time fee) for secured sites.

    *rolls eyes* At Tmobile.

    • blah

      Exactly, why pay $15 monthly when I can just pay the same one time fee? Plus PDANet and EasyTether (I have both) allows bluetooth tethering. Tmo cannot actually detect when you are tethering as the phone itself is acting as the router and all IP traffic is directly through its IP address just like a traditional router, If you stay under your 5GB cap I really dont see why I would pay for this as it still is deducted from your total internet 5GB limit….

  • Johan

    Oh Hell NO!!! it’s official, T-Mobile has join the Darkside…

  • blah

    Well you guys wanted TMO to be a BIG company, well now they are starting to act like it… Profits is first and foremost even at the cost of deceiving or manipulating the customer… Its funny, it almost seems like they are becoming more like ATT and Verizon. In both good and bad aspects.

    • Chadastrophic

      “Profits is first and foremost even at the cost of deceiving or manipulating the customer”

      More than you’ll ever know, unless you work in customer care or have friends that do.

    • mark925

      Profits are the goal of EVERY company. Without profits they wouldn’t exist.

      Still not sure where you were manipulated or deceived. I’d say the better term for this is that you’re butthurt.

  • Word

    This makes me think that it wasn’t a coincidence that the G2 has a hardware feature that makes it un-rootable. It would really be un-cool if all new phones coming out on t-mobile are like the G2, so that no one can easily root and tether, giving t-mobile more control and more money (for not providing anything and revoking a heck of a lot). huge bummer…

    i was considering signing up from t-mobile and getting the mytouch 4g on nov. 3rd, but this really makes me want to go to the competition…

    • mark925

      VISIONary + Wifi Tether for Root Users = awesome on G2.

      Just sayin’.

      I’ve been tethering with my G2 now for the last couple weeks with it.

    • MattB

      Until you realize that the competition will have the same issues on their new Android devices as well…

  • Tyrone

    Wow! What a great plan! For $15 per month, we get to be DOUBLE CHARGED for the data we already paid to transmit with our Unlimited Web $20 fee.

  • LBthaGreat

    whine whine whine! all people do these days americans complain to much, we are free to do what ever and have whatever to a certain extinct. If you where forced to take what was giving you how could you complain, so in other words leave tmobile and go to sprint at&t or verizon who dont care about customer service.

  • Dave

    I would’ve dropped my home internet plan for this if it was unlimited data in not a 5GB cap for after that point your speeds will be throttled.

    • LSxChevelle

      That is why we have limits…

    • MIkeyo

      people like you are the reason networks get so bogged down. quit being a cheapass

      • Tyler

        i fail to see how being frugal and wanting to save money constitutes being a “cheapass.” bogged network or not, what’s the point of casting judgment through name calling?

      • Cybersedan

        @Tylor: It’s called “Mobile Data” for a reason, key word being mobile, not a replacement for your home network. Maybe one day the networks will go there, but none of the wireless carriers are ready to handle that kind of traffic today. I’m sure if 5% of users tried that the networks would grind to a halt, that’s why it’s being cheap.

      • Rob

        thank you very much Mikeyo you are absolutely right. Dear Tyler it is being a cheapass when you want something but you don’t want to pay to have it. Its like buying a Ferrari that has a Ford Focus engine. You want the look but don’t have the money to make it do what its supposed to.

    • Frigadroid

      Another T-mobile fail. If they had a clue they would have raised the data back to 10gb before throttle with tethering for extra charge. They have a lot of options but never seem to give us the ones we really want to pay for.
      Its frustrating but that’s the way they do things, so get used to it if you want to save a few dollars a month.
      This really won’t change things much unless they have a way to disable all the phones that currently tether for free.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        They can detect if you are tethering.

        Anyone caught will no doubt have his or her plan cancelled.

      • 2FR35H


        no they can’t and its not unlimited data if we can’t use it for whatever we want. Eventually t-mobile will lose out due to this.

      • Foxeh

        I admit, I never liked how how carriers work. I understand that they have a business to run, but they are more concerned about how people use their services rather than simply provide the services they provide.

        If this extra fee raised the your cap back to 10GB, I would see some value in this.

      • Pissed

        There was a reason it was dropped to 5 and its because of the option to tether if people are going to tether guaranteed they are going to use more bandwidth… No ones phone will be canceled period… and i highly doubt they will try and stop people who already know how to do it. this is for people that are not tech savvy, that cannot do it with out knowing their service provider will help them. Hence them charging now. the way its set right now if you can do it go for but Customer care and tech care will not help troubleshoot. you would be directed to http://www.tmobile.com/phoneasmodem. Where now you can pay 14.99 and most likely will get a convenient app that will just plug in and work AND be supported by Tech Care. So stop bitching till you see what happens.

  • billybob

    With all the Bulls**t going on with cell carriers trying to nickel and dime us, I’m canceling my smartphone and switching to JITTERBUG. lol

  • So wait…I’m supposed to pay $15 extra for a feature that t-mobile took OUT of Android 2.2? I get no extra service…just the ability to use a new G2 for tethering/hotspot? I don’t get any extra data or speed from t-mobile….just the wonderful ability to use Android in a way that T-MOBILE crippled?

    So glad to have a Nexus One. I realize this is still a better deal than the other big carriers, but it’s so disingenuous. If you’re going to force people to pay for a feature that Android already should include, at least give the users a service related bonus.

    • MIkeyo

      no other carrier supports it so quit acting like t-mobile is the scapegoat. i for one am glad that its being chrged for. then maybe there wont be some much data being used on people too cheap to keep landline internet.

      • With that logic, you might as well demand a fee for streaming youtube videos, downloading music, etc.

        Besides, you’re assuming tethering/wifi increases bandwidth, which it doesn’t. It’s simply a different way to use data. If someone only uses tethering for emails, why the frack should they have to pay $15 for it?

        And Mikeyo, I’ll glady continue to use my free wifi built-in to the nexus one just to bother you.

      • David, Managing Editor

        No other carrier supports it? Might want to check that fact.

      • MIkeyo

        oops mean no other carrier doesnt charge for it. go right ahead nathan118 i will enjoy my HSPA+ douchebag.

      • Pimpstrong

        Mikeyo you opened mouth and inserted douche bag with your comment.

    • MattB

      Soooo… my phone supports international dialing out of the box. Is T-Mobile being greedy for charging a fee there too? How about texting? Calling?

      • ogopogo

        I really don’t understand why you are missing the point. You are ALREADY paying for 5GB of data. You should be able to use it any way you like.

        With your rationale, we should pay for GPS access too?

  • Gammax

    My main problem I have with tmo charging for tethering is their coverage. It would be prefectly fine to charge if they had constent 3g signal most everywhere but I see my g1pop in and out of 3g way too often. And I would say also up the amount of data before limiting the bandwidth, like to 10gbs. Then it would feel like your getting something for your 15 bucks.

    • Jonathan

      Then don’t get the feature….sheesh

      • ogopogo


        OK – let me get this straight. Gammax comes to a discussion forum to state his opinion, and provide his reasons for why he thinks the way he does, and all you can say is “Then don’t get the feature….sheesh”? Maybe we should move your post to the top, so that no one can comment. Look around! You are in the minority on this one.

        That was very helpful. You have opened everyone’s eyes.

      • Pimpstrong

        Sheesh I agree. Don’t get the sheeshing app for sheesh sake. Sheesh!

    • phonegeek

      i agree with you 100% that what they just did doesnt make any sense. A 5GB data cap isnt anything more than a tease 10GB would be a good start if they want us to start BUYING a tethering plan. so your supposed to pay 30.00 for the unlimited data plan and then 14.99 on top of that just to tether when it should be a free service? whoever thought that up needs a raise….(insertsarcasmhere)

    • thedjinn13

      It use to be 10 gb but they have just withing the past couple weeks lowered it which is bogus considering you are now paying $15 more a month to have something else run off of the same 5gb cap your phone is already using

    • cubanito151

      I agree with you completely because some people will not get this because of their coverage i mean i only get EDGE where i live so why will i pay for this when im only going to use it when i travel to a place with 3G of HSPA+ now if T-mobile had atleast 3G like everywhere or at least mostly everywhere then yeah i would but no. I live between two cities with HSPA+ and i dont get HSPA+ not even 3G.

  • LSxChevelle

    Bottom line people is T-Mobile did not offer Wi-Fi Hotspot before and the added that for HALF the cost of Sprint or Verizon! Most people don’t know a thing about rooting and this is a valuable option for them. I had a BB with Verizon and had to pay a $15 tethering fee on their old option. My bill with like 1450 min, data, tethering and a 22% discount was around $115. I wish is was free out of the box but this is better….more income will help T-Mobile get the bigger better phones and faster network. (Already fastest though) With that said I am enjpying my rooted G2 with Wi-Fi Hotspot.

    • thedjinn13

      Well technically if you own a nexus one it is a stock option “out of the box” without the $15 fee though you wont be able to use the HSPA+ but in the end id rather have a slightly lower speed internet with the free teathering that is part of the vanilla android 2.2 which tmo removed

      • thedjinn13

        On the vanilla android G2 I mean the nexus one they can’t touch cause its not a tmo phone.

  • mingkee

    Why doesn’t T-Mobile simply fire all tethering customers?
    Let’s see who gets more damage.

    • Because there’s no way to do that…

  • TheDude

    AT&T customers pay the equivalent of $15 for tethering at 2GB (yes, two) with overage charges. With Verizon it’s $30 for 5gb (smartphones) and $15 for 5gb (dumbphones). They also have overage charges.

    T-Mobile has no overage charges and offers more GB that AT&T, and lower price than Verizon.

    • LSxChevelle

      Exactly…cost $ to build up the network. Help pay for the 42mbps upgrade next year.

      • George

        No, dammmit! I’m entitled! I’m special! I have the participation ribbon from my days in AYSO to prove it! I deserve to have everything I want!

        There are a lot of folks here in serious need of a reality check.

        BTW, some here need to learn that Android isn’t open source; Google gave the carriers the right to alter the OS as they see fit. Thus, bloatware on the phones (which is paid advertising to the pocket of the carrier), and removal of features.

    • tiffany

      verizon cap isn’t at 5gb

      • LSxChevelle

        ?? I just asked a Verizon rep and was told that the have overages over 5GB. I am not sure on their new $29.99 ‘unlimited’ plans that launch in a couple days.

      • MattB

        I also haven’t checked recently, but 5 months ago it was… After that you pay overage (I know for sure this is the case if tethering or using a datastick… not sure for web use on the device itself)

  • Alex

    I think the general consensus on this topic is that if T-mobile is going to charge us extra for using a feature, then they should at least increase the cap. TO charge 15 dollars on top of an unlimited plan is ridiculous when there’s no cap increase.

    Sprint offers true unlimited data/speed and it only costs you an extra 10 if you have an EVO. It’s true there is the 30 dollar add-on for mobile hotspot, but you can root and get around that.

    I have a N1, as do my two brothers, so I’m not too concerned, but my parents have a g2 and mytouch slide and I’ll have to make sure they don’t use a tethering option (They’re always calling me with questions about their phones).

    T-Mobile should have done some surveys before unleashing a new plan. It’s true that you’ll get new customers and people who don’t know anything about technology to fall for this nickel and dime crap, and it’s a shame.

    I’ve never exceeded 5gb of data in a month, and I only use the portable hotspot on my n1 at school where some parts of my college don’t get a wi-fi signal, so I could care less.

    However, sometimes I use the portable hotspot to connect my iPad because I don’t feel like responding to a long e-mail on my nexus one (especially with the old digitizer tech that constantly causes problems).

    I’d be interested to see just how much they nickel and dime you:

    Let’s say you’re like me:

    Family Plan 750 mins, unlm txt and web Even More Plus
    two additional smartphones = an extra 50 dollars for unlm web, because only two lines are included in the family plan.

    Let’s say that we all had g2 and wanted to tether.
    They would tack on 14.99 three times, possibly 4 (depends on whether they count the two included lines as one)

    I think it gets a bit ridiculous.

    I’ve always defended T-mobile, and as of right now I don’t have other options. So for those of you fellow phandroids I’d suggest waiting on the next Google Dev phone, whenever that comes out, and hope it has t-mobile 3g bands….or root your phones and install CM. The good news is there are always ways around things.

    • Pimpstrong

      I only ready your opening statment but yea, why lower the cap and then add a $15 charge. When I first heard that the cap would be lowered to 5GB I thought it was cool because Tethering was just FREE on Tmobile and therefore it was a tradeoff. Nothing further your honor.

      • MattB

        Do you not grasp that they likely lowered the cap because they were about to offer the mobile hotspot feature? In essence, now that it is an official feature, people who would have otherwise known how to root, will be using the tethering. More people using -> less network to go around -> lower cap -> Neutralize the effect the new feature has on the network.

        And tethering wasn’t free before this, it was disallowed per the Terms and Conditions Agreement. (Still in there today if you wanna check my work):

        SECTION 10, Sentence 3:
        Your Data Plan is intended for Web browsing, messaging, and similar activities on your Device and not on any other equipment. Unless explicitly permitted by your Data Plan, other uses, including for example, using your Device as a modem or tethering your Device to a personal computer or other hardware, are not permitted.

      • 2FR35H

        Now how would anything be unlimited? Unlimited data means unlimited data as in unlimited ways to use data web email etc by adding tethering as a restriction its not unlimited.

        maybe thats not what they are talking about.

        Unlimited data as in amounts of data well what is with the 5gb cap? and then throttling to slower speeds like 60kbps, that isn’t even usable data at that speed, so how can it be unlimited?

        Lets just stop calling it unlimited.

  • tiffany

    How T-Mobile will know if you are sharing your 3G connection over WiFi or USB? What hints are sent through their network to spot if data is being sent to one screen or another through a single IP address? Really, I would like to read that article!

    My perspective on the announcement? Another $15 a month to phone plans that already hover around $100 with taxes and fees? Thanx…
    I see some saying this move is warranted or expected. How? Should you charge an extra $5/month to use the phone’s accelerometer or an extra $10/month to use an app? How about $0.25 for every time you use A-GPS? The ‘A’ means cellular network assisted, right?
    Scenario: my mom pays $30/month for “Unlimited Data” (note the quotation marks), but uses only 1gigabyte does it matter if 300megs of that data went to her computer screen instead of her phone screen? Two Dancing With The Stars Videos in HD on the bigger laptop screen for an extra $15? She is allotted 5gigs per month! Why should she have to pay extra (when she didn’t even come close to her cap, mind you) to still be limited to 5gigs a month?
    Is this also not a breach of contract in some way? Her HD2 has a wifi hotspot app BUILT INTO THE OPERATING SYSTEM and that device IS SOLD BY T-MOBILE! They never told her she could only use certain parts of her phone when she signed away 2 years of her financial commitment.
    Finally, if prices increases, fees, add-ons, clauses, exceptions, caps, limits, and conditions keep happening on [currently] America’s most reasonably priced large carrier, then what reason is there to stay? If you are going to be upcharged and limited, why not switch to AT&T and buy an iPhone or to Sprint and buy an EVO? Build quality is higher on both than the competing myTouchHD. Why not then choose a carrier with better coverage and an actual route to LTE?

    • JB6464

      They don’t know. All they see is data being used at a certain rate and how much you use,that’s all.
      I tether all the time with my HD2 on the cheap Web2Go($9.99/month)data plan and use about 3-4 GB each month.
      They have no idea if i’m tethering or video streaming through You Tube.
      It’s all just data.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        JB6464.. T-Mobile has no idea you are tethering? That’s a laugh.

        They absolutely do know, T-Mobile simply chooses not to do anything to you, yet.

        T-Mobile knows what handset you are using (e.g., I sometimes switch from my HD2 to Vibrant, and back), what number you are calling, apps installed on your handset, and yes, if you are using a tethering app.

        It’s amusing that some morons think the carriers don’t know exactly what you are doing to or with your phone every minute of the day that it is on.

        Before anyone complains about the “big brother” aspect of this, look in your terms of service. You gave T-Mobile permission to remotely access your phone 24/7.

        And the courts long ago said that cell customers do not have a right to privacy on most uses of their phones. Obviously a carrier cannot eavesdrop, but pretty much anything else goes since your are using the phone under a license by the carrier, manufacturer and software providers.

        The law is that when you are using a service, software or hardware under a license, the licensor can impose most any terms it wants and your only option, if you object, is to not purchase the product.

        Moreover, the law also says that a carrier is allowed to take all reasonable steps to protect its services or property. Those steps include monitoring your phone’s usage and how you are using it.

        Can’t be done you say? Quit being so naive.

        You all do remember the flap over AT&T cooperating with the Bush administration on wiretapping phones, don’t you? Other carriers were “guilty” too.

        Although wiretapping is not the issue here, the controversy put on the front page that carriers had the ability to monitor HOW you are using your phone, including net and data usage, what apps you have installed, what pictures you are taking, and what you are doing with the phone at any given moment.

        (I assume most of you know that terrorists were using cell phones to e-mail pictures with coded messages embedded into the pics.

        And I also assume you know that terrorists stopped using cell phones to send e-mails with pic attachments because U.S. intelligence, with the cooperation of AT&T, T-Mobile, and others, were able to access the phones and mine the data on the handsets.

        Finally, you are aware that terrorists won’t buy a phone with a front facing camera because the technology now exists for the government to remotely activate the camera without the handset owner knowing it. :) )

        Tethering on the sly, don’t be so naive. You all must be a bunch of high schoolers who think you can pull one over on your cell phone provider. LOL.

      • JB6464

        Yes T-mobile knows what handset i’m using and when i switch between my three phones i have as well. But they don’t Not know whether im tethering or what i’m doing when i have my USB cable hooked to my laptop. All they can see is data usage.
        Don’t believe me, well as i was talking to a T-mobile tech with my HD2 hooked up USB to my laptop the tech at T-Mobile could’nt see what i was doing and even stated so. The tech knew i was connected via USB but could NOT tell me what i was doing. So how are they going to tell me i’m tethering if they don’t know themself. All the person could tell me was that i was using an X amount of data,period. This was all happening while the tech walked me through WM phone tethering which i was told IS permitted on WM phones which is a standard feature T-Mobile allows on WM phones.

      • JB6464

        And for the record, i’m not under any contract. I bought the phone outright,cash.
        And when i bought the HD2, the corporate store manager also told me i could tether with WM phones. He said T-Mobile don’t support tethering, your on your own if you have tethering issues to figure out. But was’nt it funny that T-Mobile tech dept helped me with tethering from the get go. LOL.

      • Frigadroid

        You are right about the phone companys and US government having the ability to track your every move and use of your phone.
        The part about ATT being “guilty” as well as others is wrong. GW signed an Executive order which means they have every right to do as the government had ordered, same as a law.
        As for the high ranking terrorists not using cell phones anymore thats because of triangulation and was years ago before ffc was the rage. It is true though that either camera or your phone can be hacked and used remotely same goes for your pc and laptop nothing new there and not worth being paranoid about for the average Joe.

    • Jimmy

      This is why I don’t have a contract with tmobile. And the only reason I have a G2 is because this is only phone that comes close to an iphone. With all this crap tmobie is doing the moment iphone leaves att I’m going to jump on board. Sadly att doent have signal at all around my work area other wise I won’t probably never come back to tmobile.

      • somebody

        THats really stupid lol they can turn on the rear camera and its all the same…. who care if its front facing or not

        i wounder how the rules work when your off contract

      • Ali

        Ah, so….The G2 is the closest thing to an iPhone? That may be the single dumbest thing I’ve read in a long while. Congrats, Jimmy.

        I really hope you do jump to AT&T which charges more for their base plan. The same price for tethering on an actual cap, and one that is set at 2.5 gigs. I really hope you enjoy paying $20 for unlimited texting as well and love the dropped calls everyone talks about. Oh, and maybe you’ll also enjoy paying $350 when you realize they won’t bow down to you, either.

        Or you can go to Verizon which charges double for tethering not to mention a good chunk more for their service. Or Sprint, which also has premium charges.

        Some of you only want to complain…But T-Mobile is still the most fairly priced option. Keep in mind that they’ve not allowed tethering, but have turned a blind eye until now.

        I find it laughable that people want to blame them for making people pay for stuff. It’s evil for them to charge for a service? How about this, if you don’t want to be charged for the service…DON’T PICK IT UP. Every other carrier charges you for this.

        Don’t like it? Don’t get it. Pretty simple.

        You really hate T-Mobile? Go ahead and switch. I’m willing to bet you’ll be more than disappointed that the other carriers will charge you as much, if not more, for, typically, quite a bit less. This is still a business and they need to make money.

  • thedjinn13

    Does anyone else see it the same way that I do that technically its charging you for the app to be able to teather and not so much for the extra data services. Cause in the end its still your phones data your using and phone companies are charging you $15-$30 a month for the ability for your phone to be a hotspot when most modern phones have this ability out of the box but its just not an installed option on most phones..

  • carlos

    Just because something comes built into the phone doesn’t mean it should be free….onstar is a feature in my car but I have to pay a premium for it…
    If we did have free thethering and hotspot I can only imagine how bogged down the network would be. I have already comments like I would disable my home servixe and use this..dios mio I’m happy they are charging! I want my g2 to keep running at fast HSPA+ not bogged down to edge like speeds.

    • ogopogo

      So, basically what you are saying is that we sholdn’t push T-mobile to be ahead of the curve when it comes to bandwidth? We should all get smartphones, but not use them?…..oh sorry. I just re-read your statement – you just want to make sure that YOU are the only one that gets fast speeds and infinite bandwidth.

      What stupid thinking…

      • RDL

        I think the point is you can do what you want with your phone under the contractual agreement you have. Also if more people buy smartphones, T-Mo makes more money from the data plans and can afford to provide more bandwidth speed and coverage, so your argument that the parent poster was trying to justify that they were the only one entitled to faster speeds is laughable.

        It’s business 101, you have to make a sustainable profit to justify investment in growing it. Your argument that we should push them ahead of the curve would imply that you both had a say in what t-mobile does as it relates to anything other than your personal account(s) and that t-mobile would be willing to do something that was irresponsible for shareholders because you want it. I would like to now point you to the standard “Ice Water” response…

    • Onstar is a SERVICE. Tethering and wifi are just software that Google already includes. And since it’s the same 5gb, T-mobile doesn’t have to do ANYTHING.

      So basically, you’re ok with paying a $15 per month premium just to make sure the network doesn’t get “bogged down.” Have fun.

      • somebody

        yea onstar is GMs way of ripping you off there the same…

        i dont want someone from India to be able to shut down my car with a click of a mouse..

        and they can do that my uncle is a mechanic and he demonstrated how it works..

    • TroyAG1

      Hey Dummy nobody said free… I already pay for an unlimited data plan that is capped(so technically false advertising), the problem I see here isn’t that they want to charge more for something. The point is one of the purposes of having a smartphone is the ability to use data anywhere on the network, not more data than I paid for, THE DATA I paid for. I should get money back every month I only use 100mb for 4900mb I didn’t use right?

      • hd2roid

        The web is “unlimited”. You get throttled to edge at 10gb, but not capped.

      • JB6464

        No you get throttled to edge after 5GB.

      • Chadastrophic

        I’m getting throttled to what I think is GPRS speeds (40-60kb), if I put my phone on use 2g only it goes up to more edge like speeds (100-120kb).

      • 2FR35H

        Unlimited data pertains to usable data and on a smartphone 60kbps is unusable data.

      • RDL

        It is usable as long as you’re not streaming video or music, but for most people who use data primarily for twitter and facebook, with a bit of email on the side with the occasional attachment, they will never see half of that 5GB on average and even if they did, the throttle back speed would be usable for those things (aside from large attachments). Unlike other carriers, they don’t stop or charge you for exceeding that limit so it’s not false advertising. Saying that it is would be like saying that now that there’s 50GB/s fios to the home, having a plan that is 25 GB/s to the home but still deemed “Unlimited” is false advertising so you should sue them. It’s not obviously, its a plan you agreed to with the provider, you can choose to find another or you can upgrade if you want the other plan but you’re always being throttled no matter what your provider.

        I don’t like the throttling personally, but you always have the choice of just not using data and saving the charge or using WIFI wherever you can get it, or changing carriers, or dealing with it. As other posters have commented, they are still the best deal out, and if you ever look at plans in some of the european countries, you’d be sending t-Mobile US love notes every day.

        • LiedToDude

          Dude, you’re wrong on so many levels… T-Mobile is completely misleading in how they sell an “unlimited data” plan. And just like a lawyer you use all the fine print. . I’m a victim and I feel completely mislead. I got a smartphone so I could watch videos, etc… as I have no home internet. And my phone bill far exceeds the price of what it would cost me for a screaming home wifi connection… so as a customer I don’t think I should feel guilty about wanting to watch videos or stream music on a connection for which I pay way too much $$$ to T-Mobile. The 5GB part is in the fine print of a contract you get after you agree, so that is not fair and is completely misleading… yea, you get unlimited data… at speeds I last used in the year 1997, which again isn’t fair… plain and simple coporatocracy.

          …and their excuse for cutting your speed after 5gb is that it isn’t fair to other users on the network… YET, T-Mobile can sale bandwidth to AT&T…. what a completely hypocritical statement! They’re about to add a whole new network of people to our bandwidth and they want to treat us LOYAL T-Mobile customers like we’re in some kind of mobile police state after 5gb!!!

          Dude, you are clearly a gorilla for T-Mobile, good for you.

      • hd2roid

        The new plans are throttled at 5gb, but current plans and grandfathered plans have 10gb throttle ( smartphone, android, blackberry, sidekick, phone first, etc.) However if you’re speaking web connect plans, they indeed are 5gb.

  • Graham

    All I know is T-Mobile is not the same company that switched to years ago. Between the deceptive sales tactics (including free tethering and wifi hotspotting for the vibrant) and the fact that customer care has really gone downhill

    • MattB

      Don’t blame it on salespeople… thats just lazy. Learn how to read a contract and you would have known that free tethering/mobile hotspot (while it may have been ‘possible’) was not a service that T-Mobile was supporting or providing. There is no way a logically thinking human being could believe, “yeah… hotspot is free and T-Mobile is ok with it, all I have to do is modify the factory provided operating system on my device”.

      Listen, we all knew this day would come… why else would they put in the TaC that it was disallowed, but not do anything to enforce it? It was merely because they didn’t care that it was being done, but they needed to cover their ass for when they decided to offer it as a paid feature, so the existing customer base couldn’t cry ‘grandfather clause’. I am totally fine with this decision. This idea of feeling like a FOR PROFIT organization has a duty to give away free stuff to their customers, rather than drive revenue for their shareholders is laughable. Every other company charges 2x the amount for the same feature. Wanna leave? Leave.

      • JB6464

        Yes we should blame the salespeople.
        The T-Mobile corporate store sold me a HD2 without contract and told me while standing in the store that with a WM phone it is ok to tether. That is one of the reasons i bought the HD2.
        And if T-Mobile did’nt allow tethering , why did they release multiple phones that offer this service right out of the box. They could easily blocked it and crippled it like Verizon,AT&T before they official released it.
        Even after calling T-Mobile they walked me straight through it on how to hook my HD2 through USB cable to my laptop and tether.
        So i was lied to straight from the horses mouth from the beginning just so they could sell me a phone.

    • mugabo

      Graham, too bad you missed out during the really sweet days when it was Voicestream.

      • Timdawg919

        Voicestream I started with them when it was Omnipoint!

      • Timdawg919

        So if I buy a mytouch hd 4g(whatever its gonna be called) and pay for it outright I don’t have to pay extra for wifi hotspot or tethering? I hotspot occasionally probably not even using a gig a month when I use it why should I pay $15 a month extra for that?

  • Graham

    All I know is T-Mobile is not the same company that switched to years ago. Between the deceptive sales tactics (including free tethering and wifi hotspotting for the vibrant) and the fact that customer care has really gone downhill, I cannot wait to be released from my contract.

  • Trill

    This has quickly turned to a what if and speculation discussion but here is an idea take a breath and don’t say another word tillbthe plan comes out and your affected instead of assuming your current phone that you’ve had will now be restricted.

    G.S. Goooooood grief!

  • TMOprophet

    Alright, firstly everyone should have seen this coming. Every carrier has been moving in this direction so naturally TMO will follow…Do I agree…NO, I think this is exactly the kind of crappy controlling behavior that makes me want to terminate my account altogether.

    The problem is that there is no alternatives here in the USA, even the pre-paid cell market is corrupted with pricing scams that only turn into reoccurring monthly fees..instead of the truly “pay as you go” concept.

    This issue of control is very deeply rooted and goes back more than a century originating from the original BELL monopoly of telecommunications.

    Is there a solution? I don’t know, but I do think that Google could effectively fight this war and win, however I don’t think Google will. So unfortunately we have to settle for the current regimes offerings.

    • Foxeh

      Google did break the ice for 1-GB email boxes.
      Google is testing 1-gbps internet service.
      Google made an OS that isn’t locked down to manufacturer/carriers/developers, yet can rival the mighty iPhone.

      As frightening as Google’s ever expanding strength is, if they started their own cellular carrier tomorrow, I would eat the ETF on my G2 and switch in a heartbeat… well maybe not, but I would be interested to say the least!

      • Barry

        Same here and I’ve been off contract for over a year waiting on a phone worthy me renewing my contract. But that would be col if google offered mobile services although i’m sure they would eventually do the type of stuff. But competition is a beautiful thing.

  • LarryH

    @ alex
    sprint is even more of a crook the t mobile with they deal dont believe the hype from the commercial the have a cap at 5GB to so and its more then $10 for unlimited data their unlimited data is $20 plus that extra $10 you talkin about to use their 4G plus the $30 you talking bout and thats $60 i know cause my wife have sprint ( i have t mobile) we both have a phone from both companies and i own a EVO as does she so we can use skype when we are off on business trip and they have overage charges so please tell the correct information

  • It’s very annoying.. tmobile use to be one of the best priced sevices around and now that they’ve started to get more customers, they’re taking advantage with the pricing. glad I’m not on contract!

  • Bryanez

    I’m not too happy with this…i agree with other comments that this was suppose to be with the android 2.2 and now i need to pay for this feature..and its feeding on 5gb cap if i decide to get it. And since i am a proud G2 owner i can’t have it rooted permanently to include tethering. This all is an inconvenience.

  • jeff

    If you want, can’t you just tether for free over USB?

  • Aron T

    T-mobile is in this to make money at the end of the day not give us things for free. In a falling economic time business come up with ways to charge more for less and take away what once was free and charging a fee. I hate when people say things like If t-mobile would offer everything for less then more people would choose to go with t-mobile over other providers. Although this is true in one aspect it is also not that simple. More customers means more data more date means more cell cites and more cell phone transponder boxes and it takes time and manpower to get this done and time is money in a business world. More people are taking advantage of the system, rooting phones, sharing internet, using the phone as a modem ect and this drives up the cost of supporting these services witch in effect makes the cost increase for us the end user. T-mobile knows that they have a smaller coverage map and they are adding cell sites at a break neck speed but their network is being bogged down by system abusers and the abusers make the cost increase, so it makes sense to charge more for the people that are tethering because they are the ones that are taking all the bandwidth away from the average consumer. Most people that abuse the system are either two cheap to pay full price for it or cant afford it therefore do not need to be using it. Think of it like this go to all the faucets in and around your house turn them on one by one and watch as the water-flow (network speed) decreases with each faucet (new customer) that you turn on and every toilet that you flush. The only way to increase the flow (network speed/coverage) is to either shut things off (turn new customers away) or increase the flow-rate and water supply that is connected to your house (more towers & more power) but this cant be done without money to re plumb the system (cell site & antenna updates). At the end of the day we fuel what T-mobile does by what we do with the service that they provide to us on a daily basis, we provide them with their money and we drive their profits.

    • Angry Ed

      Using profits to reinvest in infrastructure is a great way to reach more customers, which equals more potential profits…. That however does not mean squeeze customers of all monies to get free loans.

      Companies can take loans, calculate ROI, and strategically increase their market without screwing the customers. There should be nothing wrong with using your phone as a modem. See my rant bellow if you want more opinion.

    • ogopogo

      oh Aron T, you are so kind. You are so wise. I’m glad for you that you have accepted the fact that you are paying for your data, and you can’t use it as you like. You are so kind, so wonderful to “turn the other cheek” – especially when you are getting B*TCH-slapped by T-mobile.

      • Ali

        Very easy to cry and whine when it’s not your company.

        If you were selling 20 oz bottles of Pepsi for $1.29 and everyone else was selling it for $1.79 are you really just going to sell it for that low or raise your prices eventually? Heck, it’s not even raising prices, it charging for what is essentially a brand new service as, in their contract, they explicitly say that tethering is not permitted.

  • James


    So where you gonna go since you aren’t on contract? A regional cell company?

    • If I don’t like the prices I will make sue somewhere else trust me. I refuse to allow anyone to take advantage because customers come in the masses and makes tmobile a much wider mobile provider.

  • TroyAG1

    T-Mobile was the less expensive choice and I have always defended them having a lesser network because of that fact, and the decision to go HSPA+ instead of changing to a new different LTE or WIMAX(and more expensive data network) should be reflected in lower data prices and benefits to those of us who keep them in business. I pay $267/mo to this company and have no intention of forking over another $45-60/mo for something that will cause not more use beyond what I currently pay for on there network. I haven’t upgraded because of this trend and I with this news I doubt I will. If it is affordable to have a smartphone I want one but I can deal with only making calls and texts if need be.

  • Eric L

    As customers, we must understand that mobile networks are so fragile that >5gb threaten to break the network…..Isn’t that re-assuring?

    • MattB

      More than 5GB by an unknown (at this point) amount of additional NEW hotspot/tethering users (those who didn’t know how to do it without t-mobile support) presumably during similar times of the day, in high pop areas (major metro) would not likely threaten the network, but very well could result in decreased speeds for those trying to use the feature. Just ask AT&T. Nothing TMO has done is inconsistent with the other major providers… except for the price, which is only half what the others charge (for tethering).

  • Angry Ed

    Dear FCC or other government body,

    Please fix these crooked cellphone companies. Charging for tethering is double dipping and should be illegal. Imagine if the water company billed you for 60 gallons of water a month, but if you also drink any of that 60 gallons instead of shower in it, you have to pay more….

    I am so tired of people on here arguing the cellphone companies side. I swear half the people who comment work in the industry. It was sickening to see people argue for mandatory data plans on smartphones if you paid full price or bought it used elsewhere. This is a scam… These devices have wi-fi or some people prefer not to use the data function. That should be a consumer choice, as it doesn’t cost the cell phone companies more to have these on the network. But it is a good way to scam money out of you.

    I have been with T-Mobile for 9 years. I have been able to tether for free dating as far back as my samsung N105 using a serial cable. I always thought of T-mobile as the non evil company, the one that is different, the southwest of the cellphone industry. It saddens me to see that is changing. Anyone says that since the rest of the industry is doing it, they can be excused to do it as well is a freaking idiot.

    Get a grip people, you are the customer…. Act like one and stop this dumb loyalty. Demand more choices, better service and lower costs. If you don’t, you just end up with a oligopoly…. Then we all lose. Which has already happened in the cell phone industry with Verizon, ATT, T-mobile and sprint controling 89% of the US market.

    /Rant Comments welcomed please! But act like your educated or at least fake it.

    • hd2roid

      full priced handsets or 3rd party purchased handsets do not require data plan.

      • Angry Ed

        On T-mobile they don’t, but for how long… Others do. I meant that comment to be generic to the industry, sorry for the lack of clarity on my part.

    • MattB

      a)Realize these companies have a profit level to maintain. The will do what they have to in order to achieve $x.xx/subscriber average. Make it illegal to charge more for tethering, then watch them raise the price of the regular data plan to make up for it. It won’t matter, they’re going to get there money, and they are entitled to. They are a business.
      a) No data has ever been ‘Req’d’ on a phone you purchase at full price, only for subsidized handsets.

      b)The subsidized disc on a regular phone is around $200, on a smartphone it is as high as $450 (if you know where to shop). The reason for the req’d data is to allow retailers to receive more revenue from TMO, and thus provide the phone at a lower cost. It is about staying competitive. AT&T started the trend with the iPhone, and proved consumers were willing… it all went downhill from there.

      c)Using a word like oligopoly tells me you have an understanding of economics, or business, or both. That being said, you (of all of these otherwise babbling posters who likely aren’t old enough to get a contract, or understand life) should understand that price is determined by the equilibrium of how many people are willing to pay what price. If this new pricing was truly abhorrent, people wouldn’t pay it. As stated above, other companies (in this case VZW/Sprint) have proven customers will pay as much as $30 for the ability to tether. Hell, VZW charges $20/2GB on Mobile Hotspot as the only option. T-mobile ain’t so bad. at least give them the best of four evils.

      • MattB

        ^lol at me using ‘a’ twice. I vowed to adhere to your request, and present an ‘educated’ response.

        Forgive me?

      • ogopogo

        Boy, Mr. MattB shure is smurt. Woweee. He uzes dem big wurds an stuff. He shure duz no about bizness.

        What he doesn’t realize is that DATA is DATA. You are already paying for it. You are allowed to use it as you please. period.

        This isn’t a discussion about how much EXTRA bandwidth you get for $15.

      • Angry Ed

        I do give them the best of four evils, thus why I am still with them… And indeed they don’t require data on unsubbed phones, but the other companies do so I see T-Mobile doing that in the very near future.

        It is just scary to me to see how Apple and carriers have been able to make “Smart Phones” go from a want to a need in so short a period of time. I thought it be cost prohibitive for that to ever happen…

        Hopefully the game will change in the next 5 years, and I can’t see it not doing so. The notion of data versus minutes will be gone. Cell phone companies will just be Cellular Internet companies. We will just have devices that have VOIP/SIP functions and all these stupid TEXT/Minutes/Tether fees will be gone.

      • Barry

        Ok everyone knows t-mobile is in 4th place among the big 4 carriers but they also turn over a poetry big profit every quarter. So if they’re doing this with the least subscribers and building their network at”break neck speed”as someone mentioned above. Why the need to add all these extra fees when they should be gaining new subscribers with the launch of the G2 which should not be crippled by not being able to keep root and the me mytouch. Call me crazy but more subscribers means more data….ok but doesn’t that also mean more money and more money to put towards beyer coverage and better connections?


    • TMOprophet


    • MattB


      I do realize that data is data, it is simply my belief that if they want to charge for separately for a different medium using that data, they are entitled to. Every extra tethering/hotspot customer is theoretically one less Web Rocket customer. They lose revenue stream in one area, pick it up in another.

      I concede that it is possible for the courts to rule in favor of the customer if it were ever pushed that far, but understand that if that were to happen, all of the providers would simply jump the price of their web plan by an additional $30. They have a target dollar amount per subscriber, and they will get it one way or another.

      In that scenario, the provider still gets their money, you’re apparently happy because they have now acknowledged that ‘data is data’, and all of the customers that never intend to tether are pissed. What a wonderful world! This is why, while I agree that data is data, I also understand their intentions, and also prefer it to the alternative of everybody being taxed extra. Trust me, it wouldn’t save us any money in the long run to win this battle.

  • Ryan

    Bullsh- like this is why God invented rooting.

    • Vibrant addict

      Lol. Great comment

  • Can T-mobile actually do something to prevent my phone from tethering until I get the tether add-on? I have a Touch Pro 2 and it’s been able to usb tether right out of the box.

    • JB6464

      Not at this time. If for some reason they update/flash in the future they may find a way to add this blocking app into the update. Then they possibly could.
      I tether on my HD2 all the time,i would’nt worry about it.
      Just be cautious about any official T-Mobile update for WM phones in the future that may have some kind of blocking app to keep you from tethering.

    • RDL

      They don’t need to touch one byte of code on your phone, they can simply sniff the packet coming through the network for any NAT info or other signatures and block that traffic while letting phone originating traffic through. It wouldn’t be hard for a networking-centric company to program the network hardware to respond that way. And they would still be adhering to the TOS. I don’t believe they’ve ever (or recently at least) promised unlimited data without restriction to the client, just because they’ve never enforced it does not mean they can’t choose to.

      It’s like Obama choosing not to enforce federal drug laws in relation to medical marijuana. It doesn’t mean they can’t enforce it, they just chose to prioritize something else for now.

  • Jimmy

    I really want to know if my G2 would be worth much at all when I’m ready to sell it. …

  • Yankeefan123

    Does T-mobile even have an unlimited data plan for $19.95?

    • Chevyrockstar

      I was thinking the same thing earlier, didn’t find anything on the website

    • Hmmmm?

      Not any more, the unlimited data plan is now $29.95. A couple of years ago when I got mine for my Sidekick, it was $19.95, but now it has increased.

      • somebody

        some old plans are grandfathered in

  • Lee

    Ppl, this is why we need to turn to Google and the next Nexus phone. If we put a demand it, we could presumably get on Google voice and give the shaft to these greedy cell carriers.

  • hd2roid

    full priced handsets or 3rd party purchased handsets do not require data plans.

    • JB6464

      Yet < give them time and the will add that to all plans as well like Verizon and AT&T does. I hope not or i'm gone.

      • RDL

        Fortunately, being on t-mobile, I don’t understand how they could force you to buy a data plan on a full price phone. they can suggest that the phone won’t work as intended (marketing speak to scare people into thinking that it will blow up) which is true, in that the phone designer intended obviously for there to be connectivity to use the features of these phones. But they also added wifi to allow for you to not use the data plan when you choose.

        How would a company enforce that? It’s probably them being too lazy to prevent a phone from connecting to the data network like t-mo used to be when they didn’t allow you to block text messages. I used to get text messages to my crappy nokia (years ago) without the plan, and end up with another 10-20$ a month on my bill. I had to call and complain, then every month call them to have the messages removed from the bill because I did not solicit them and they were charging me for a service I did not agree to nor wanted. In an age that land lines are almost the same cost as a monthly payment on a cell, cell phones have become the defacto standard for voice communication and I’d find it hard to believe that they could force a data agreement addendum onto your contract because you chose specific hardware but never use the data. It would be like you buying a a car and the dealer not letting you off the lot unless you agree to use a particular brand of gas for that car.

  • Lee

    Everybody check out today’s phandroid reoport which talks about the NEXUS 2!

  • LSxChevelle

    I would like it for free so I rooted. I average about 1-2gb more per month when I use tethering. My mobile use is the same every month. So with that said I am fine with a company charging more for a service that will absolutely guarenteed increase overall data used on the network. You greedy bastards want everything for free…so do I but welcome to life. Leave T-Mobile for someone else…or root your phone! This only appears to apply for new Android phones?

  • chris

    First of all, I think that this new tethering plan is out of the question. I pay over $100 with taxes and fees every month and now they’re telling me that to be able to use tethering, that I can install and use on my mytouch for FREE, I would have to pay an extra $15 for every month? On top of the $35 I pay “unlimited data” and my minutes?! Really? And if we did use this service, it would use our capped 5gb of “unlimited data”? That’s crap. They shouldn’t falsely advertize “unlimited data” when it really isn’t. And what would be the point of collecting more money from costumers? They charge me at LEAST an extra $20 just in fees and taxes! If this is done to every costumer, how would they need even MORE money to upgrade their network to 4G?!!! In this economy??!! Anyone who would actually even THINK about getting this ridiculous service has no CLUE what they’re doing and will hurt their wallets even more in this time of crisis.

    • Hmmmm?

      But it is “unlimited data”, they don’t shut it off at 5gb, they only slow it down, so you can continue to use data after the cap. I am not defending them for doing so, just stating that they are not “falsely advertising their plan”.

      • 2FR35H

        They slow it down to unusable data of which is no different than setting a cap so yes they are falsely advertising their plan.

        if the data amount can’t be used no more than 5gb’s and you can’t use the data for tethering then that is not unlimited.

  • TheFunnyGUy

    hey guys i have a question.. if i root my g2 (although it will disappear if i turn off the phone, but i wont) will i have to pay for tethering? or will it be “hidden” from t-mobile?

    • LSxChevelle

      You will be fine that way…

  • Lee

    Guess what? Rumors are now surfacing about the Nexus 2!

  • Lee

    Guess what? Rumors are now surfacing about the Nexus 2! Go to phandroid.com

    • TMOprophet

      They are addressed on androidevolutions.com as well, specifically the collaboration between Google and Samsung to make a “Google Experience” phone

  • ScratchSF

    The problem with the carriers in charging for “tethering” and not changing the GB limits is that they are essentially charging you for “how” you decide to use your device. Essentially, the are saying if you can use you 5GB one way, or for an extra %15/mo more you can use it another way.

    I would feel better about this if TMO would throw in an additional 5GB, which would be truly reflective of the fact that when tethered people will use more data. But, to simply charge $15/mo for a feature that should have been there in the first place leaves a bad taste in this 10+ year customer’s mouth.

  • somebody

    ahahha that bs! what am i paying for??????? they are essentially telling me to re-pay for the data that i already pay for…

    it makes no sense i dont understand why anyone would ever pay for this

    if it didnt count toward the cap it would be a different story but this is a major rip off.

  • Stewylonestarbuttfacemedusa

    I really need one of these phones. I have 19 months on my contract. I heard T-Mobile managers in the store can work new contract deals when you are 20 months on your contract. Have you any of you heard of this?

    • RDL

      I think with T-Mo you get credit every month towards the next re-up. I know it used to be that way wherever you bought, (on the phone or in store) but they may be less agressive with smartphones given the larger subsidies. You should probably just call the store you want to go to and tell them your situation and let them look at your contract and tell you what they can do for you.

  • Danny

    Yeah I agree with most of you.

    If I have to pay an additional $15 to tether T-Mobile should give us another 10GB of data before they cap us. That’s only right.

    Using 5GB’s of data should be used the way I want to use it.

  • Frizzy

    Sad to see T-Mobile following the competition on this. They had the chance to really differentiate themselves.

    The way I see it, there’s really two types of tethering users:
    – the heavy duty road warrior (business, etc)
    – the casual road user (vacation, sporadic use)

    For the former user, it makes sense to have a basic data plan with the phone (eg the $20 variety) with a data cap and then add a tethering plan that raises the cap. So the “tethering” option really isn’t about adding the feature, it’s about raising the cap.

    For the latter user, it makes sense to simply use tethering when they need to (a few MB at a time) and not to charge anything extra, because they won’t get close to their data cap anyway.

    So to summarize, carriers should stop with b/s “unlimited” plans, but rather have honest options. Data tethering is not a chargeable feature, bandwidth is. So just be honest about your data caps and let your users buy the data they actually need and don’t artificially segment the market in ways that don’t make sense.

    So unfortunately T-Mobile: epic fail. They could have been the game changer in the US market.

  • Vibrant addict

    Does anyone like this addition? Haha.

    I’ll keep tethering through usb as long as I can, and when the time comes I’ll root my phone and do what I want. I pay for my data, and I can do w/e I want as long as I’m in my limits and I’m contractless

  • zazou

    I know of at least one class action lawsuit against T-mobile for their quote, unlimited data plans.. I am sure that there are more or there will be more…


    • mingkee

      Then I only use my term “semi-unlimited” instead.
      It’s semi-unlimited, in which you can still use the amount you want, but you’ll get throttled after a certain point.

  • GrammarNazi

    I’ve said this before…. as far as I can tell, Verizon DOES NOT have a cap on data for cell phones. If somebody else has some evidence that says other wise, please share it.

    At this point I’m happy I didn’t sell my N1 for a G2… and I won’t be upgrading to the MT4G/HD either. My $10.00 monthly plan for internet (and tethering) with a 5GB “cap” sure as hell sounds better than $30.00 +$15.00. Anyone with an N1 paying for the android plan should do a little research. N1s don’t have their IMEI’s registered since they aren’t TMO branded phones.

    On a side note, it looks as though the temporary root method for the G2 (VISONary) works on the MT4G(HD). For those that need help rooting their phone for FREE tethering, I would be more than happy to give you detailed instructions. This double dipping method TMo is trying to pull is ridiculous. If you’re going to charge for tethering, raise the data cap back to 10GB for those who choose to pay extra.

    • drake

      ACTUALLY THE IMEI IS REGISTERED, you have to register the imeis in order for the networks to allow them to operate, with out it the network can bar the devices. also people really stop complaining about the cap, if you want to take power away from the carriers then control the one thing they have power over, thats phones more people buy subsidized phones than non, so control that then the carriers are forced to be competetive. also data is not data, a phone vs a computer a comp will ue more data than a phone in most cases.

      • GrammarNazi

        Hate to break it you, but you’re mistaken. As it stands right now, TMO is under the impression that I’m using an old school Razr phone. That’s how I’m able to use “Unlimited Internet for phones” instead of the android plan.

  • Flavius24

    So is tethering the same as hotspot? If I get a myTouch 4G with Android 2.2 an use hotspot, do I need to have tethering to use this?

    • GrammarNazi


  • tiffany


    tmobile can’t tell if im tethering or not

    because i view embedded videos or browse flash websites??

    and those saying sprint & verizon have caps, do some research before you ramble, LTE’s the future!

  • hexpoll

    This is a freedom of speech issue. You are paying for data. This is communication which is speech. Every month, you have a certain amount of data (5GB) at a certain bandwidth (4Mbps in my case). They should have no right to tell you what you can and can not do with that data, so long as it does not break the law.

    I will gladly pay more for more data or a higher bandwidth. I understand that there are limits to how much data can be pushed over a channel. I REFUSE to pay more for how I choose to use that data.

    The entire reason I deal with their weird 3G bands and lack of high-speed coverage is that they are the most free company. If this change goes into effect, I’m out, and I’m taking my family plan with me.

  • hexpoll

    Read the article. This applies to ALL phones. They specifically state that:

    1) Tethering has ALWAYS been against their TOS
    2) The method of tethering with this “new” service will vary from phone to phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    It’s inevitable that T-Mobile will eliminate unlimited plans and go to tiered data for ALL users, just as AT&T has done and Verizon said it will be doing by March 2011.

    I have seen many people in here ask how to check data usage and the response being (myself included) to check on T-Mobile’s “My Account” page.

    As carrier’s go, T-Mobile’s site is OK in providing an APPROXIMATION of your data usage, but IMHO it’s not considered reliable enough to keep you out of trouble (aka going over your data allowance, once T-Mobile goes to tiered data and/or you get throttled to useless EDGE).

    Moreover, it’s a hassle having to log on the Net to get a current reading.

    For those using Android, I suggest you download and install one of two free apps that will give you up to the minute readings of your data usage (I have been testing them for a magazine article I am writing, on tethering, so I have both installed).

    Both apps allow you to opt for a desktop widget on your home screen, that will show up-to-the-minute usage (or should I say “up-to-the-megabyte”).

    My testing complete I can recommend both apps.

    App 1: 3G Watchdog (Two words)

    App 2: NetCounter (All one word).

    Both are available by searching Android Market. Again, both are free.

    IMHO NetCounter is the easier to set up and use; but 3G Watchdog has a lot of cool options.

    Irrelevant, but cool: 3G WD has a cute dog icon, NetCounter is simply a globe with a network cable coming out of it.


  • mingkee

    I’ll wait and see what will happen to me next Wednesday.
    If I get a warning text for “unauthorized” tethering, that’s OK because I also have webconnect semi-unlimited, but I found the usage on the phone is 6x more than using on laptop (I play a lot of streaming audio and flash video-nexus one supports that); however, this will irritate some customers and jump elsewhere.
    Moreover, without EM+ or loyalty, the total cost of smartphone internet + tethering will be 30+15=45. It’s same as AT&T DataPro + tethering:
    AT&T has 2GB limit and $10/GB overage
    T-Mobile has 5GB semi-unlimited (please STOP promoting “unlimited” because it’s kinda misleading) with no overage (throttle after that).

  • Smh

    For those of you who think that streaming video doesn’t use more of the network are slow and yes att and verizon and sprint charge you to tether your device they have been donig it for years anything else you want to know

  • WTF BS pay an extra $15 lmFao.
    looks like the Bacon got soggy.

  • unfair

    The PROBLEM is that when I purchased my plan I was told it was unlimited. Even though it was capped at 10G, which I am sure did not start out that was, I used what I needed. If AT THE END of my contract they told me they no longer offered the plan I was on that would be one thing. But I purchased my plan and made my decision to do so on what I was told. They should not be allowed to change my plan anymore than I should be allowed to cancel after I have agreed to a two year contract. I had 10 gb of data. Now in order to have the SAME amount as when I signed my contract I have to PURCHASE ANOTHER 5GB. They SHOULD NOT be able to charge me double for what I was told I would have when I originally signed my contract. That is NOT asking it for free, that is asking for what they ORIGINALLY told me I would have and asking them to stand by their original two year agreement.

    • vin

      Actually 5gb was always the cap and it is stated in the contract you signed… until recently, t-mobile actually allowed you to use double of what the agreement was so they are legally within their rights to exercise the service agreement you signed.

      • Foxeh

        This is false. The fine print used to specifically say 10GB.

      • Kickstar13

        The previous 5GB cap was only for webConnect plans. Now it applies to both webConnect plans and Smartphone plans.

    • DontJumpTheGun

      You are not capped at 5gb your data speeds will be reduced after 5gb of use, and I can almost guarantee you are getting much faster d/l speeds now than 2 years ago allowing you to reach that cap and be throttled much sooner each month but you can still have unlimited d/l at no additional charge just slowed d/l speed for the rest of your billing cycle.

    • ob18

      You still have unlimited what they do if you do reach the 5gb is slow the speed down in the internet.

      If you tether you will get screwed pretty much no matter what provider you role with, it’s the game they are all playing now and know they’ll get away it simply because the odds of everybody cancelling their plans at the same time in protest won’t happen and is the only likely way you or anybody will grab their attention enough to do something about it.

  • cj

    People stop getting hung up on the throttling down, part at least T-Mobile is making it more affordable. I’d bet allot people complaining about it never even thought of it before, maybe not even close to using 5GB. It amazes me people complain about what they lost, and may have even used to it’s potential. And if they were, those people may have tethering all ready. It could have been worst they could have lowered it to 2GB like their competitors.

  • Linuxjunkie

    This is for the bruised-sphincter fanboys who bend over and take it from the cell providers, then turn around and defend the raping… no matter what: I wonder if you’d be defending your home internet providers if they decided to charge you $15 extra per month for sharing your internet connection throughout your house. Just wondering, because some of you seem all too willing to just take whatever is dished out to you.

    As for myself? Unlocked is the only way to go. A higher upfront price is well worth the freedom I enjoy. Freedom from mandatory data plans, crippled phones, double-dipping “services” like this tethering crap, and a great phone that cost only what I paid for it and nothing more. Cracks me up when someone gets all excited that the latest smart phone is being offered for $200 with a new 2 year agreement… oh yeah, and mandatory data plan. Suddenly that sweet $200 “deal” turned into $920 (per phone). Tack on another $180/year if you decide you want to share your already mandatory $30 data plan with a laptop.

    Barnum was right. There really is a sucker born every minute.

  • some internet dude

    So basically we are going to be paying 20 bucks for the privilege to be able to tether, give me a break Tmo. Ill stick with my rooted N1 that tethers for free.

    • whatever

      Just what he said Tmobile day by day is becoming the opposite of what I thought of the company that’s why I changed from AT&T I’ll also be sticking to my rooted HD2 my bill is already at $88 average per month so I’ll pass TMO

      • the perm tip

        the hd2 has always been able to tether…..all winmo devices in the past couple of years have had this capability.

  • ob18

    If you tether check out the other providers being more expensive.


  • podstolom

    I’m not sure I’m gonna wanna wake up on Nov. 3. First the Republicans are gonna vote in a bunch of Tea Party Capitalists who will take away all my nice Socialist Nanny State Entitelemts,Stimulus, Health Care and so on, but now TMobile is gonna take away my free tethering too? That’s worse. Much worse.

  • Barry

    Can anyone share their experience using data while being throttled ? I know I will run into this, just preparing myself.

  • BeerBellyBilly

    Here is some info i picked up on fiercewireless.com:

    Additionally, customers who have configured their devices for tethering in the past will have to purchase the new plan to continue to do so. Many T-Mobile customers have long claimed the ability to tether their devices without official approval from the carrier.

    If that’s the case, they can take their tethering and stick it somewhere deep and dark.

  • JM77

    Exactly how will Tmo know if I’m tethering or not? I tether sparsely. I mostly use it for email and web browsing when my crappy satellite internet is down.

    Data packets are data packets. They can’t tell as long as you don’t tether your xbox or stream movies, which would be far more data intensive than any service on your phone. All they can do is block market access to pdanet and easytether. Better download now people!

    As tempting as this new plan is, I think I’ll keep tethering for free thanks. ;-)

    • JB6464

      They can’t .
      I tether all the time on my HD2 and use between 3-4GB a month.
      What they see is data being used and how much.
      WM phones and some others T-Mobile has already sold already comes with the tethering app pre-installed. I just hook my USB to my computer and surf away.
      And will keep doing it after their stupid new tethering data plan kicks in.

    • I also use tethering for emergencies. I don’t believe I use it enough to be a bother for the network or my wireless company. As you said tethering can be very handy as a backup internet resource. I have needed it a couple times when my electricity went out. I actually wish wireless companies could figure out a way to get cell phones to work with satellite networks. It seems that would open up a whole new world of possibilities. I actually have an entire blog dedicated to this subject and would love for you to check it out at mybluedish.com/blog.

    • Zbysior

      On a rooted galaxy 2 i made Thetering work now. But they just sent me a sms that they will block it if idont stop. How do they know?

  • Rabobank

    T-mobile is following the Industry that provides us content. This article was posted last week. Maybe it will help eveyone here and stop the Flaming. Thought it was an interesting article. We all use the Internet just in different ways. :)

    “Out of all the online activities clogging up the pipelines running through cyberspace, you’d think BitTorrent and peer-to-peer file sharing in general would be the biggest offender, but you’d be wrong. According to research by Web analytics firm Sandvine, P2P usage has been declining in recent years and now only takes up 13.2 percent of available Internet bandwidth. Meanwhile, video and music streaming now account for 45.7 percent.

    Coming in at a distant second is Web browsing, which takes up 24.3 percent. Leading the charge in all this streaming is Netflix.

    “20.6 percent of all peak period bytes downloaded on fixed access networks in North America are Netflix,” Sandvine said.

    Pretty impressive for a company that started off as a mail-order DVD business, but now thrives successfully as a streaming media company too. The question here is whether or not the Internet can keep up. In Canada, Sandvine reports that Netflix accounts for 95 percent of all bandwidth during its peak (around 9:30 PM).

    “For service providers, this is a double-whammy: not only are they losing revenue to these over-the-top offerings, but they are losing network capacity delivering these service,” Sandvine said in regards to Internet video services like Netflix and Hulu.

    Netflix has been making strides in making its streaming content more accessible. In recent weeks, both the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 consoles joined the Xbox 360 as disc-less Netflix streaming devices.”

    • Cal 20 Sailor

      One of the most interesting and informative perspectives I’ve read regarding feasibilty of tethering under this new tethering “plan” from TMO. This article suggests that relatively light use of tethering will probably not even register on TMO’s radar, if they’re going to be keeping an eye on all the bandwidth being sucked up by streaming media…

      • Cal 20 Sailor

        I meant to say that tethering without signing up for TMO’s $15/mo “plan” could probably be done without detection if TMO is going to be distracted by watching all the ‘streamers.’ All I really need from tethering is occasional access to email and the Web when I’m away from my home network, and I don’t like having to buy one of their plans to do so. They just want to up-sell these plans to increase income, and the contracts are just a way of doings so while locking in dependable cash flow…

  • MarkC

    I don’t see signing up for this, I can’t image that it would be worth it to sign up for an extra $15/month for one in a blue moon time that I would use it. Maybe if it was easy to turn on and off, if I was going to be traveling could turn it on for a month at a time, could be handy at airports.

  • BackAlley

    I can’t believe all the people complaining and whining about this. T-Mobile still offers the best deals in the industry. Wifi is everywhere for your laptop people. Clear offers a great wireless plan if your in the coverage area. I don’t know of any for-profit business that gives things away for free and continues to stay in business.

    I agree with MattB’s comment “Every extra tethering/hotspot customer is theoretically one less Web Rocket customer.” Do you think T-Mobile developed this super-fast network, created these USB devices to connect your laptop/ computer and then just to give you free access from your phone to bypass this? All of the work they’re doing would be for nothing, because their failure as a company would be inevitable. If you don’t want to pay for the service, then don’t. This is just like people stealing music from the artist by downloading it for free through file sharing, and the artist loses the money. If you like something then you show the person that you do various ways, T-Mobile wants money for their service. Your opinions can be voiced loudly through affecting their financials. The is a new service they’re offering and there are going to be complaints and praises until the hype settles down.

    You have to look at this through a business perspective. Every business has a strategy and until UNICEF creates a phone company, T-Mobile is the one to choose for the best deal for your money.

  • Will someone (possibly the author of this article) please tell me how T-Mobile will know if you are sharing your 3G connection over WiFi or USB? What hints are sent through their network to spot if data is being sent to one screen or another through a single IP address? Really, I would like to read that article!
    My perspective on the announcement? Another $15 a month to phone plans that already hover around $100 with taxes and fees? Thanx…
    I see some saying this move is warranted or expected. How? Should you charge an extra $5/month to use the phone’s accelerometer or an extra $10/month to use an app? How about $0.25 for every time you use A-GPS? The ‘A’ means cellular network assisted, right?
    Scenario: my mom pays $30/month for “Unlimited Data” (note the quotation marks), but uses only 1gigabyte does it matter if 300megs of that data went to her computer screen instead of her phone screen? Two Dancing With The Stars Videos in HD on the bigger laptop screen for an extra $15? She is allotted 5gigs per month! Why should she have to pay extra (when she didn’t even come close to her cap, mind you) to still be limited to 5gigs a month?
    Is this also not a breach of contract in some way? Her HD2 has a wifi hotspot app BUILT INTO THE OPERATING SYSTEM and that device IS SOLD BY T-MOBILE! They never told her she could only use certain parts of her phone when she signed away 2 years of her financial commitment.
    Finally, if prices increases, fees, add-ons, clauses, exceptions, caps, limits, and conditions keep happening on [currently] America’s most reasonably priced large carrier, then what reason is there to stay? If you are going to be upcharged and limited, why not switch to AT&T and buy an iPhone or to Sprint and buy an EVO? Build quality is higher on both than the competing myTouchHD. Why not then choose a carrier with better coverage and an actual route to LTE?

    • G2 Wizard

      i have the new G2 and just got the new OTA update which allows me to turn my phone into a wireless hotspot using tmobiles internet network and i have successfully tried it and can officially say it works flawlessly and i did not have to pay this extra 15 per month. Why in the world would i call and ask them to bill me for something that is already freely accessible?

      and even before the hotspot capability, i could use easy tether app to do the exact same thing with a usb wire. so again, why the hell does tmobile think anyone is willingly going to agree to pay 15 a month for a service that can be acquired for free?

      just because this tethering service makes their web connect rockets nearly obsolete, doesnt mean that they should start trying to charge for tethering (which also contributes towards the 5gb cap). in this day ans age, old technologies die out quick. they should have foreseen this coming. why should we have to pay for their negligence?

      i dunno about u guys but im keeping my easy tether app as a backup and will use my phone as a wireless hotspot whenever i need to and i will not be signing up for a pointless 15 a month tethering plan that doesnt even extend ur data cap….now if the 15 a month charge included an additional 5GB of data usage before being capped, THEN i would seriously consider it.

  • spigot

    For a carrier that introduced the first Android-based smartphone (the G1), this isn’t a wise move. Tmo has always had to go up against the iPhone, which while it isn’t necessarily a superior platform vs Android, it has undoubtedly out-marketed any other smartphone platform out there. One of the biggest benefits to Android has always been its tethering apps, where you don’t have to pay the carrier extra. Taking this key value point out of the equation is going to hurt. I work for a Tmo dealer and I’ve switched lots of iPhone users to Android using the tethering advantage alone. And if they are going to use a 5GB soft cap on smartphones whether you tether or not, then why should they care which device is using it?

  • john

    This is horrible even with HSPA+ which is supposed to be fast. Look at sprint right now with 4G…… their 3G is capped to 5 gigs but on 4G its unlimited no capp at all. i went to a sprint store and checked out their mobile broadband options and i was educated that since sprint owns alot of spectrum its able to provide real unlimted 4G service to customers. Come on tmobile i love my unlocked okia phones but not even that can keep me with you. the one thing i hate about sprint is that they outsource customer service and i support the US.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t understand if I have unlimited data on my phone. ARd want to tether it to my iPad or Netbook for 30 minutes to get my updates on We rule and Pocket Frogs why should I have to pay more for that? Bits are bits weather its from my phone or an external device. I mean as long as we live with in the boundaries and means of our data contract what does it matter?

  • TopBanana

    Do I understand this correctly… for a $19.95 “Unlimited” 3G data plan you do get unlimited data or 4G speed after you reach 5 gig; and, for an additional $14.99 (for a total of $44.94 monthly) you still don’t get unlimited data or 3G speed.

    I want to know, what is the name of the plan in T-Mobile’s television advertisements?… the plan where the girl is talking about the Fast Speed and Unlimited Data? That’s the plan I want.

    • TopBanana

      Opps… typos.

    • TopBanana

      Opps… typos.

  • TopBanana

    Do I understand this correctly… for a $19.95 “Unlimited” 3G data plan you do NOT get unlimited data or 3G speed after you reach 5 gig; and, for an additional $14.99 (for a total of $34.94 monthly) you still don’t get unlimited data or 3G speed.

    I want to know, what is the name of the plan in T-Mobile’s television advertisements? You know… the plan where the girl in the red outfit is talking about the Fast Speed and Unlimited Data? That’s the plan I want.

  • TopBanana

    Do I understand this correctly… for a $19.95 “Unlimited” 3G data plan you do NOT get unlimited data or 3G speed after you reach 5 gig; and, for an additional $14.99 (for a total of $34.94 monthly) you still don’t get unlimited data or 3G speed.

    I want to know, what is the name of the plan in T-Mobile’s television advertisements? You know… the plan where the girl in the red outfit is talking about the Fast Speed and Unlimited Data? That’s the plan I want.

  • juggernaut

    its crap they know they can make more money so they rape people and they did not even let me know i was being raped i had to find out from a friend that using my phone as a hot spot was charging me extra T MOBILE SUCKS

    • You’re mad because T-Mobile is charging you for using their service? They have to recoup the cost of the network that everyone wants to enjoy, I can’t say I completely agree with the data cap, but tethering being free isn’t a likely scenario.

      • Phelan Jackson

        No, I’m mad because their changing and making up prices after I agreed to a 2yr contract.  The agreement does require you to pay for data service, that should be enough to continue throughout my contract.  If you, as the customer, were to change or eliminate your contract they charge $200.  If your contract was in place before November 3rd, when they started this mess, services should be as they were when you signed your agreement.  Tmobile is starting to be just like gas prices.

    • You’re mad because T-Mobile is charging you for using their service? They have to recoup the cost of the network that everyone wants to enjoy, I can’t say I completely agree with the data cap, but tethering being free isn’t a likely scenario.

  • juggernaut

    its crap they know they can make more money so they rape people and they did not even let me know i was being raped i had to find out from a friend that using my phone as a hot spot was charging me extra T MOBILE SUCKS

  • Info

    Tethering is technically not a service offered by the carrier. So charging for tethering is about the same as if a car company charges you an additional fee when you use your car to drive to the beach …
    The phone company (i.e. T-Mobile, Verizon etc.) owns the 3G,4G etc network, they dont own the network you build in your house. They dont own your Wifi connection. So Tethering should be free. I am very pissed that they start charging for something that they dont own at all.

    • Consumer88

      I agree…people need to complain because 15 to use internet that you are paying for is a rip off

  • rc

    virgin mobile give unlimited data w/ no contract for $40,