T-Mobile Launching $14.99 Tethering Plan November 3rd

Although we already knew that a new plan for customers that want to Tether was coming soon and then yesteday, confirmed for November 3rd, the folks over at BGR have recieved details on the new tethering plan. T-Mobile will officially offer the $14.99 /MonthTethering and WiFi-Sharing Add-On beginning November 3rd. The plan will allow subscribers to use their smartphones as a tethered modem or Wi-Fi hotspot. To qualify for the $14.99 Tethering add-on, you will need to have a 3G/HSPA+ capable handset in addition to an unlimited web plan of $19.95 or higher. The tethering plan also counts towards your 5GB data cap. So that means once you’ve used 5GB of data, your speeds will be throttled. The plan will be available for Postpaid and Flex Pay Customers.


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