T-Mobile Says Tethering Not Permitted, Will Support In The Near Future

I’m sure the following news will make a good amount of you that use your handset to tether unhappy, especially considering the news last week of Magenta reducing its data cap to 5GB. T-Mobile has released a new statement to employees reminding them that according to T-Mobile Terms & Conditions, using a phone as a modem or tethering a phone is┬áprohibited. Magenta claims that customers using their handsets to tether use a lot more data (obviously) and current T-Mobile data plans are not priced accordingly. Before you start venting in the comments, T-Mobile states that it understands that subscribers are interested in this feature and are working on a solution in the near future. Our ninjas tell us that T-Mobile will start offering tethering packages to customers as early as November. As usual, we’re digging for more details! Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!

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