Release Date Madness For T-Mobile, Confirming Confirmed Info

Hot on the heels of confirmation regarding a November 3rd launch of myTouch 4G and I mean literally minutes later comes yet another source of confirmation regarding upcoming launches. While we don’t see anything brand spanking new on the above screen shot, it does confirm pretty much all of our rumored information for a massive November 3rd launch. Also included would be the Galaxy Tab, Data Plan changes, tethering changes and yet, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 seems mysteriously left off this sheet. Poor BlackBerry, they just can’t catch a break. Let’s not forget all this happens on the same day an anticipated “massive” ad campaign drops for T-Mobile touting network strengths.

Let it also be known that the myTouch, according to this document is also identified as the “Emerald” so you can feel free to close up inquiries on Project Emerald. It’s the phone.

So let’s recap quickly:

November 3rd launches:

November 8th launches:

November 10th launches:

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  • Why the hell does the (new) Mytouch name keeping changing?!

    LOL so does anyone know the size of the Mytouch (new)?

    • thaghost

      the screen size is 3.8″

    • PimpStrong

      Hopefully it will magically turn into a 4.3″ screen so I can buy one.

  • thaghost

    tmo is on fire!! tmo is gonna kill em. at&t has some things up their sleeves. so does verizon. but on nov. 3, tmo will be top dog.

  • Midori

    Wow T-mobile is launching a fleet of phones in one week! Like some epic phone World War 3!

    • somebody

      phone war I

  • MobileHotSpot

    I hope the tethering charge does not exceed $10. They need to remain competitive with a smaller user base and a smaller 3G network.

    • jgiles

      Free with root, that’s the way I’ll be going.

    • GregP

      The point of a tether charge is to give an “intermediate” option for those looking to use mobile broadband, but not often enough to warrant a data plan with a separate device (see Jet or Rocket).

      • somebody

        i wouldn’t pay a penny for tethering with data cap i see no reason to pay more

  • Zapote21

    Name change? Emerald is TMO’s internal project name for this phone. Hasnt changed since day one

    • I know lol i just wanted to see what ******* started talking.

      Im not talking bout you but some foos get mad!

      • David, Managing Editor

        1) Watch your language, calling people retards…not ok so I’ll edit that out
        2) “First comments” are not allowed in these parts

      • ok sorry. I dint know. Im kinda new here, first day posting replys.

        And the reason I dint know is because nooby called me a ******(we todd) for no reason lol.

      • technically speaking they’re not people.

  • Bigmerf

    Here is to hoping that samsung announces a google vanilla android phone on the 8th and it gets added to this roadmap.. please o please

    • PimpStrong

      Maaaaaaaan. Too good to be true tho.

    • nokiaN900user

      it wont be a vanilla droid. As far as I can tell from the invite, it has touch wiz icons. Its gonna be a new version of touch wiz on a slider phone with froyo. The touch wiz this time will be less intrusive.

      On a side note: Samssung will also announce WIFI only Galaxy Tab that they will say “Available in stores by that weekend of 13th of November.

  • PimpStrong

    I can honestly say that they must have heard all the complaining and decided to get with the program. Big uuuups.

  • cellswag5

    So project emerald is tmo releasing a bunch of new phones at the same time as the my touch 4g/mthd and betting on people to come in for the mthd and maybe getting one of the others for grandma or one or 2 for the kids. Hey they free right. Why not.

  • Intheknow

    Wait until you see whats happening Black Friday

    • Marc

      Nothing is happening black friday.

  • niupinnacle

    What are the holiday plans?

    • Intheknow

      Its no iPhone, but better set your alarm clock nice and early.

      • Niupinnacle

        How does that tell me the holiday plans? Don’t reply to my question please if you’re just going to talk about other things.

      • bmg314

        If I really knew some insider info, I think I would say what it was, not just “its going to be good! Just you wait!”

        Just sayin’.

      • CactusCat

        Come on InTheKnow…. give us a hint….

  • PimpStrong

    The Cowboys suck BTW.

    • Illegal Machine

      Illegal Machine likes this.

    • mtnman

      I can one up ya. The Bronco’s. Did you see yesterday’s game? And yes I live in Colorado and am a Bronco’s fan. But not yesterday I wasn’t. Fire the coach. lol

      • Pimpstrong

        Yeah that was insane what the Raiders pulled off against them boys. Chiefs won’t go down like that tho.

      • 16309A

        I was at that massacre. It was a tough game to sit through. Time to fire McHoodie.

    • phonegeek


  • Galen20K

    I think this is such a great strategy plan that is the most stringent to dqte that we have ever seen. Kudos T-Mobile, I’m Proud of you now please just stick with it as we “Stick Together”!!

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT coming on 11/03/2010 MyTouch 4G with the FFC, WHO THAT…! You can get the NEW T-Mobile TV Apk Android App HERE NOW … Go down to the bottom of post # 2, there you will find the NEW T-Mobile TV Apk Android App, WHO THAT…!

  • Vibrant Guy

    I think I might just go with the HD7, and get a Galaxy Tab. I wanna try WP7, as I keep hearing good things about it. We shall see.

  • Dave

    Holiday Data plans & Data Usage Tethering? =O interesting… It seems the 3rd is a very big day. Something released for just about everybody that day.

  • mtnman

    My belief is that they’ve already decided on a name but isn’t announcing it. After all you have to remember that HTC has already made the phones and have them shipped 3000 miles over here. They’re not all of a sudden say ship them back and change the name. That’s the reason that NO ONE has got a demo phone as of yet.

    IMO I also belive that no one will see an actual production model untill Monday next week with the branded name. All those that have seen the phone in person most likly have signed a confidentuality clause stating they will not devolge the infomation to the public, nor any media.

    • BRoy#7

      It’s named the MyTouchHD. I’ve gotten my hands on one and it feels really solid compared to the mytouch 3g and even the Vibrant. Physically feels like an N1. The video calling is awesome! Works great, smooth, good picture quality even without using wifi. Hands-free mode is very nice and accurate with the translations. I’m selling my Vibrant and my gf is selling her G2 to get one. Also, I like that it comes in 4 diff colors… white, black, red and eggplant.

  • GreenTea

    *yawn* soooooo what will 2011 bring?

  • mtnman

    Since we already know that the MyTouch is already here in the US, I wonder where they are? I know they have to be at some distribution points here, but only if we could do a search for them? I’d like to take a sneeky peek inside one of them just to et hem “Test out a phone or two”. Just to make sure they’re working propberly of course. lol

    • somebody

      if im close enough to “peak” im taking a handful

      • MattB

        It’s a great device, video chat works nicely as well. Haven’t touched it, but have taken a ‘peek’

  • max

    Awesome!! Go T-Mobile!

  • coldnipples

    Can I get sum wifi calling

    • MattB

      Yes… yes you can.

  • nightryder21

    Dell Venue Pro information or release date yet?

  • kershon

    Totally awesome! Thank you Mr. Phillip Humm! MT in white for me please.

  • Riopato

    Still no date for the dell?

  • deceptivesmiles

    Holiday data?? Hmm, sounds interesting. Hope it’s something surprising and not what we’ve already heard. Magenta spazin out for the holiday season. Nice

  • johnny cash money

    Wait till the holiday season!!!!!! 2 new phones much better then this !!!

  • TMOJoe

    And…Can anyone tell us what the price will be for new, existing customers? I am not eligible for an upgrade until the middle of next year, but I want this now, so I am hoping this will come in for existing customers at $200 or so.

    • TMOJoe

      I am referring to the MyTouch. :-)

    • bmg314

      Prices are usually 200 bucks. And, my upgrade was not due until june of next year but tmo let me upgrade this past week. You should call them to see what they will do…my guess is they will give you best pricing now.

  • alex

    Per bgr the tethering is 14.99. No thanks. I was fine with the reduced cap but now you want to charge me for using my portable hotspot and still impose a cap. It’d be one thing to gibe the people who pay the fee no cap, but who in their right mind would pay the money and still be restricted? Good thing I have a nexus one and to all other Android users I’d suggest root or the marketplace.

  • BRoy#7

    It is named the MyTouchHD. I’ve gotten my hands on one and it feels really solid compared to the mytouch 3g and even the Vibrant. Physically feels like an N1. The video calling is awesome! Works great, smooth, good picture quality even without using wifi. Hands-free mode is very nice and accurate with the translations. I’m selling my Vibrant and my gf is selling her G2 to get one. Also, I like that it comes in 4 diff colors… white, black, red and eggplant.

  • Chad

    ok this is all great and everything and now we have release dates for these phones/plans…. how about that Dell Venue Pro? can we get some more info on that David, Thanks in advance!

  • Ditchmagnet

    Any word on pricing yet? I want to sell my new G2 and get this phone. I’m wondering if I will need to save up a little extra.

  • austintx1966

    Just return it (the G2) you have 30 day’s to evaluate your phone :) I returned my G2 with no issues, had it for 15 days…

    • ditchmagnet

      I thought it was only 14 days?

      • sim1

        I believe it depends on the state you are in. In California we have 30 days.

      • austintx1966

        I thought so 2 :) had no issues returning it on the 15th day, didn’t like the keyboard :/ – excited about mytouch :)

  • frankenrom

    I am sooo disappointed that this is the project emerald phone. I figured that such a hyped phone would be the first of the next gen phones and be dual core. What makes this phone special? What makes it any better than an evo which has been around for months? Theres not a chance in the world i’ll retire my n1 for this. Btw, the n1 has turned out to be the best tech product I ever bought. Gonna be a year old before anything comes close to making it an “older” technology.

  • SEFan

    @frankenrom: Woulda/shoulda/coulda. No one who knows why T-Mo never brought in the N1 is talking. It’s like asking why the HD2 couldn’t come as an Android phone instead of WinMo 6.5. I’ve only see a couple N1s, but looked like a cool phone. However, no way I was buying a phone that wasn’t carrier-supported. Whatever you might say for Google, they have no clue about direct retail or customer support. Even if the MyTouch 4G is only as good as the N1 it’ll be an official T-Mo phone. Personally I think the new MyTouch is going to be a better phone than the N1, but incrementally not order-of-magnitude better.

    Good luck with your Nexus. I mean it. The fact that it’s still so close to “state of the art” a year after introduction shows just how stellar a phone it was at launch. Because of the way it was sold it ever got the kudos it should have. I predict it’ll see you through to dual-core…

    • frankenrom

      I think a lot of people feel the way you do regarding buying from the carrier vs buying from google. in my instance I knew exactly what I wanted in a phone and I didnt feel the need to have to physically examine the nexus to know I liked it. I’m sure thats the exception rather than the rule though. What I was really trying to say though, is that while the new mytouch is a nice phone and does have superior hardware to the n1, its nothing close to cutting edge which is what I had anticipated with the “project emerald” hype. Furthermore, i’d say it’s a bad investment to make in a phone as the cutting edge(dual core) will be here very soon therefore making this phone “old technology” in perhaps as little as 60 days. Whereas my n1 is 10 months old and still retains 75% of its new value if I were to sell it to upgrade to a new phone. I just worry that this is the best that T-Mo is going to have for awhile, and worse, that they will continue to be way behind (10 months) in their phone tech. Thats my disappointment. I hoped T-Mo was going to be taking a big step and it now looks like they are still many, many months behind all other carriers with their phone selection.

  • sim1

    Simple question to anyone who has had “hands on” with this phone. I don’t believe it will break any confidence to answer.

    Do any of the hardware buttons, or track pad on the bottom front of the phone wake it from sleep? I’m tired of phones that require you to press the power button to wake.


    • IntheKnow

      Pressing the trackpad will wake the device as well as the power button.

  • Myg1

    Just recently tmobile extended all states to 20 days buyers remorse…CA Is still what a great time to be aTMobiles many damn’s kind of giving me a headache…lol wish I was rich so I can own all these newphones

  • Kris

    Any pricing info yet at all? You’d think they’d just give all the details at once.

  • ChimeraPhone

    What is “Grab & Go” and “SOLD”?

  • zapata714

    i hope T-Mobile doesn’t put everything into nov. 3rd and leave 2011 out. I want to see this kind of T-Mobile next year too

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT..! T-Mobile got a new android 4.3 mobile device coming after Christmas with all the specs of the MyTouch4G, WHO THAT..! T-Mobile, WHO THAT….!

  • slash32487

    What is “Grab and Go posted to SOLD” ??