Release Date Madness For T-Mobile, Confirming Confirmed Info

Hot on the heels of confirmation regarding a November 3rd launch of myTouch 4G and I mean literally minutes later comes yet another source of confirmation regarding upcoming launches. While we don’t see anything brand spanking new on the above screen shot, it does confirm pretty much all of our rumored information for a massive November 3rd launch. Also included would be the Galaxy Tab, Data Plan changes, tethering changes and yet, the BlackBerry Bold 9780 seems mysteriously left off this sheet. Poor BlackBerry, they just can’t catch a break. Let’s not forget all this happens on the same day an anticipated “massive” ad campaign drops for T-Mobile touting network strengths.

Let it also be known that the myTouch, according to this document is also identified as the “Emerald” so you can feel free to close up inquiries on Project Emerald. It’s the phone.

So let’s recap quickly:

November 3rd launches:

November 8th launches:

November 10th launches:

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