BlackBerry Bold 9780 Expected To Drop November 17th

We already knew the BlackBerry Bold 9780 was coming thanks to our leaked accessory sheet from September, but what we didn’t know was a solid release date. The above slide provides just that. The successor to the T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Bold 9780 is expected to launch sometime around November 17th. The T-Mobile Bold 9780 sports the latest BlackBerry OS 6, a 624MHz processor, a 2.44 inch HVGA+ display (480 x 360), 512MB of RAM, 5 megapixel camera (with an LED flash, auto focus and digital zoom), 3G, WiFi, UMA, and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. The handset design is pretty much identical to the 9700 with the exception of a new glossy jet black bezel compared to the 9700’s chrome bezel.

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  • Brian


    Blackberry sucks, they just keep changing the model number and slightly change the look of the device. What aside from the Blackberry OS 6 makes this blackberry special? They should just push it out to the 9700.\

    Just M2C

    • kershon

      I agree 100%. Where is the OS6 update for my 9700? I bet they are gonna make us wait until after the 9780 is out.

      • yes you are right, i just spoke with one of the attorneys in my job who’s brother is a regional manager for tmo. He told me the OS6 update will be released for the 9700 around when the 9780 drops. whats not right is why are providers like ATT and Verizon get totally new device where tmo only gets updated device WTF man. i am really thinking of leaving tmo if they dont get their act together. I dont want Android devices i want a new BlackBerry device just like ATT and Verizon.

    • BrianH

      Well … nothing’s really ‘special’ but there are improvements. The on-board RAM is doubled to 512MB, the camera is up to 5MP from the current 3.2MP, I hear that T-Mo is including a 4GB SD card (up from 2GB), and it has OS 6.

      While it’s definitely not a game changer, it will be a welcome addition to those who rely on BlackBerry for business.

      • Want2CBetter

        9700 already has a 5MP camera and 4GB SD card – not sure about the memory. So at least two of the three are already there. I agree, they should push OS5 to the current 9700 devices.

      • Serg

        Except…that the 9700 has a 3.2 MP Camera, and comes with a 2GB memory card…And the 9700 already have OS5…it’s waiting for OS6.

      • @serg you are right so why upgrade, thats way to little of updates for me to shell out another $200 hell no.

    • John

      FYI, inside tip you wont see the update till spring. How you expect them to sell the new device??

    • BW

      I agree as well. I used to love BB. BB is dying a slow death, just not fast enough.

  • BlackBerryBoy

    Yay!!! sooo excited about the BlackBerry 9780! You made my day Tmonews! I cannot wait till Nov. 17!!! woo hoo!!! my weekend is complete…

    • you wont have too by next week you should start calling, with tmo the business accounts normally get the device 1st. sometimes you luckly and you get the customer service rep that will send it to you 2wks b4 it goes to the public. thats how i got me 8900 and 9700

  • kershon

    I really am not hot on this phone. Not enough difference between this and my 9700 for me to want to get this. When I do upgrade it’s gonna be either MTHD (4G) or HD7. I’m getting tired of small screens with the same tired os.

  • I cannot wait til the 9780 comes out…OS 6 and the best email machine hands down…..bring it on t mobile…

  • Josh

    Lol I love how everyone wines and cries about the OS. I know everyone is all about customization and new looks and feels these days, but seriously, the BlackBerry OS works … really well … and has for years. Why fix it if it’s not broken?

    That being said, I will not be getting this phone unfortunately. I’ve already got my heart set on picking up the MTHD/4G. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the 9780 will be a terrific upgrade option for people who like the keyboards.

    • Shawn

      Is that why RIM completely overhauled the OS with OS6.0? Why fix it if it isn’t broken, maybe you should ask RIM that question.

    • We whine because BB seems stuck in 2002. The browser is poor compared to other devices and the 9780 seems too much like the 9700 besides the OS which I’m sure would work on my device but they’d rather have my money. They should sell the OS6, I’d gladly pay if the price was reasonable.

  • kenny

    finally, been checking the updates for soo damm long. i will preorder that baby, when its listed on the website:)


  • jimmy neutron


  • fatboy97

    I’m moving on… the 8900, then the 9700… very, very soon an Android.

    • Brandon

      I made the jump. I’m glad I did. As a consumer there is little holding me to BB anymore as much as I loved my BlackBerry to pieces. You get used to the inferior keyboards and no REAL spell check.

  • Grumpy

    That’s why I am switching from BB to G2

  • abel2fresh4u


    • i dont consider the 9780 a new device, its a revamped 9700 that all it is.

  • tipsofme

    I still use a blackberry as my main phone. Every android or ever iOS device ive ever owned its great at doing everything but simply being a phone. Ill order this as soon as it hits. Great OS for doing exactly what a smart phone should. Make phone call, text, email and light web use. Cant wait.

  • tmoguy89

    Sorry for a mytouch4g post but i got to play withone today and have been dying to get home to work to describe myexperience

    no plastic at all, feels very solid! , soft trim around the titanium backplate , wifi calling works amazng ( didnt try hotspot.tethering) the 2.2 espresso is a huge improvement as for as looks compared to the Slides espresso,,

    FFC is pretty clear although i couldnt video chat with anyone since literally noone has this

    hardware buttons on the bottom of the phone feel alot better than the slides and the trackpad is a little smaller and works very smoothly

    even tho it isnt vanilla like the g2 i was very impressed on how smooth everything was thoughout the phone

    ALSO in person the phone looks alot better, ( doesnt look like a teen phone at all)

    again sorry david, engoy tmoreaders ;)

    • David, Managing Editor

      Maybe we should move this to a myTouch4G post then eh? :-)

    • abel2fresh4u

      thanks for the info bro. cant wait for the mytouch 4g

    • Pissed

      I will concur with this one when i saw pictures of the phone i was like “Here we go again”. when we had training on the phone i was like im buying one. It looks sleek like it should not all cheap like the previous models.

    • Matlock

      OMG, could it be you bro!! I know who this is, hahahaha! and yes I was very critical of the new Mytouch until Tmoguy and I saw it last night and now i am a believer! Still wont make me give up my G2 though!

  • Kirk

    I don`t see any reason whatsoever to stay with a BB anymore. Especially if we`re gonna have wifi calling with android now. Only real reason BB should drop another phone on T-mobile should be if we can offer one with touchscreen like torch.

    • JaggedXJ

      The WiFi calling on Android is not UMA. It is an app to use when you are in hotspot coverage, but does use the same phone #. No rove in/out of GSM like real UMA. Disappointing, especially with all the other flaws of the G2. Had planned on the G2 being my next device, but the 9780 seems more likely at this point. Coming from a Curve 8320 it will be an improvement.

      • Matlock

        What flaws does the G2 have exactly? and if I hear one more person bitch about the hinge, im going to shoot someone! The hinge hangs when the phone is completely upside down, yes! But other than that it works with no issue! The phone works flawlessly, and if you want to tether with it its a simple root away! I have mine rooted and overclocked to 1.42GHZ, and have gotten over a day out of my battery! and mine is rooted and OCed because I can do it, I could careless about tethering!

  • Nerd lust

    I have the bb8900 can android sync notes and task? Im using Outlook exchange!

  • Nerd lust

    Btw this is a great upgrade for us bb8900 users! I have edge only, smaller processor, lower memory, lower camera res and 5.0. It’s between this and g2. The windows phone7 seems interesting too!

  • osmany

    im getting this for christmas without a doubt

  • snr

    people still use 8900s lol. I wanted this phone for awhile but I do think I am tired of the small BB 97xx screens. With that being said t-mobile needs to invest in a torch or storm style blackberry which would compliment a device like this and keep blackberry users happy and with their company.
    As far as the OS, it works always has and always will. The upgraded OS is because people love design changes but it does still do the job.

  • mtnman

    As a former Perl owner, I used to love BB. I thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But as the years wore on and BB didn’t really “Improve” and got old like the bread, I moved on to Android and haven’t looked back. Oh sure BB still has great features and not to mention UMA, but alis, Andriod will have that as well.

    Android as come a long way in a short amount of time. Just look at every corporation wanting to get on the Android App bandwagon. Blackberry needs to go back to the basics and start fresh. Come out with new and inovative ideas that made it leader. They was on top of the mountain looking at all the competitors scratching and clawing their way up, and BB just let themselve’s get knocked off.

    While the 9780 has some new features, it’s only getting what everyone else already has. BB needs to come out with something that will “WOW” us. Perhaps the new tablet will do just that, but I don’t see it getting back on top with just that alone. They need new phones with a new form factor. Just like the one comercial says “I’m yawning, still yawning, and…..zzzzz”.

  • Brian

    i would be interested in getting this phone.

  • Jonathan

    I knew that we wouldn’t get the new os6 for the 9700 until 9780 dropped but at least its getting closer for us. Can’t wait to get the new os

  • somebody

    you guys wanna guess what phone i wont be getting?

  • Ali

    It’s all about the differences in peoples’ opinions. There is a reason Blackberry is still the #1 smartphone owned holding a lion’s share of the smartphone population. On the flipside there’s also a reason people are wanting the superphones.

    Blackberry gets it done.

    Android gets it done.

    In the end it’s whatever you’re really going to be using the phone for. I just got a Bold 9700 (for free) and let me tell you, while I expected to not like it at all as a former Pearl owner…This device is legit, almost never crashes and works incredibly well as a phone.

    Not to say it’ll be the same taste for everybody, but a lot of people who switch from Blackberry tend to reneg and go back to it. The MyTouch 4g is going to be legit…But, then again, the Blackberry 9780 will be a great phone in it’s own right. This is just two different classes of people who should be fitted into the proper smartphone.

    As an aside…Blackberry OS6 is one great Operating System. It may not have the incredible power of a superphone…But at the same token it doesn’t have the malfunctions of one, either. Blackberry in general is just a great manufacturer for sturdy phones and they are starting to catch up to at least a few of the “needs” of most cell phone customers…The biggie being the 5 MP camera, imo.

  • cellswag5

    Been a andriod guy since day 1. I had a chance to get a 9700 for a low price, so I gave it a chance for about a month until my g2 lunched. I liked the style and battery life of the bold, but missed the openness and power of android.
    I would try a bb again if they would step up their specs. Bigger screen with touch, (3.0in-3.44in) 800-1g snagdragon. 1g-2g ram and just on a bb bold form factor. No slide b.s

  • sammy

    Finally yes yes yes. cant wait to get my hands on this phone.

  • tktangent

    I’ve been saying this for months now so I thought I’d get everyones opinion here. Seems to me that if bberry would just take the Bold form factor and make the screen touchscreen and have os 6.0 and keep the keyboard the same it would be a killer phone…. Thoughts?

    • JaggedXJ

      You just described the Onyx III.
      It is a touch capable Bold with WiFi N added. Date: no clue.

      • cellswag5

        That’s about it but needs a bigger screen. But that storm 3 looks sexy. Too bad its on verizon.

  • fatboy97

    The lack of love for the 9700, which WAS the Blackberry flagship, has me looking at the Android market… RIM and TMO have dropped the ball on devices and their OS upgrades. Not even a leaked OS 6.0 version for the 9700!!!

    • Matlock

      Why do you blame T-Mo for this, blame BB rather! They want to sell the new device so why would they give the 9700 OS6 at the same time they are releasing the 9780 which comes with OS6, that just wouldnt make any sense from a business stand point now would it. Just wait til early next year and they you will get OS6 on your crappy 9700! in the meantime go sit in your corner and continue stuffing your face!

      • fatboy97

        TMO’s been testing OS6 on the 9700 for some time now… that’s why I’m blaming TMO… but let’s share the blame… RIM has the monopoly on creating devices for their OS and they really need to share the wealth… RIM has now fallen behind in the device building and their OS.

        RIM can keep building OS version for the corporate world, which is shrinking, and leave behind the larger market – those looking for a smartphone for personal use.

  • derrickps3

    i don’t give a damn about this phone, i just want blackberry 6 on my 9700…….as soon as my contract end next september, i’m going back to android -___-

  • Dennis

    I have the 9700 and Iike texting on this phone with the keyboard. The size of the device is perfect, I don’t normally browse the web on the BB as I usually just tether the data over bluetooth to my iPod Touch whenever I’m on the go. So 9700 for texting/calling and iPod Touch for pretty much everything else. Not to mention that the battery life on the BB is amazing, I can leave the bluetooth on for 3 days without charging so that there is a constant connection between the BB and iPod Touch. It’s amazing.

  • TimeToChange

    Have owned a PERL8100 since it first came out. Have a family plan with tMO (6 years) and grandfathered on an unlimited texting plan (5 phones) for over 5 years now for $10/month. Never saw the need to upgrade until this summer. Like to make a quantum leap in my phone upgrades. BB is a great product. RIMM has taken the current OS series about as far as they can. Next year will be the end of the OS6 platform. By 2012 the new phones will run on the QNX platform (upcomimg PlayBook). Came close to getting the 9700 this summer. Then it was the Vibrant. Then waited to see the new G2. After reading several hundred posts over the last 3 months came to 2 conclusions. I want what I want right out of the box… no waiting around for fixes and upgrades. Second, the new myTouchHD/G4 fits that bill. WiFi, tetethering and Flash. If I don’t like the feel will get the new 9780. At least OS6 webkit browser a significant update to the OS5.

  • phone capo

    why I love the updated look of this device

  • nerd lust

    The 8900 is the bomb!!! 9780 or g2!!!

  • Nick

    ive been going on this blog for the past month waiting for the 9780 release date..

    november 17th is a holiday! woo woo

  • RWWackoStu

    Huge upgrade from my 8520. Cant wait. BB FTW!

  • trish

    i love how everyone hates on blackberry. i have been using the 8900 since it came out. anyone still using their G1? would a G1 even LAST that long? my 8900 has been through hell, dropped numerous times/even in water, and still works like a charm. drop a mytouch slide and its over. and forget trying to get a touch screen device to work for two years, its just not happening. blackberry gets the job done efficiently every time, no questions asked. smartphone or superphone, the key word is PHONE, and blackberry is an awesome one. then again, i guess its all about preference.

    im super excited about the 9780 and have been for quite a while. OS6 run amazing on it (from what i hear). as for OS6 on the 9700, good luck with that one. it’ll most likely be VERY laggy as there isnt quite enough memory for it to run smoothly.

  • YAWN!

    I used to own a G1. I switched to the Blackberry 9700 because everyone said it was an amazing phone and that it was the best to date. I finally got it. The camera is nice, the design of the phone was good too, the keyboard was phenomenal, and the battery was the best! BUT……..boring as always. Nothing to do, no apps, no OS6 to play around with, and overall, whatever games for the phone are horrible quality. I got rid of the 9700 5 months after and got my G2!! NEVER going back to BB AGAIN!! i LOVE my Vanilla Android and the fun that comes along with the phone :)

  • David Colburn

    NO IT DIDN”T. I called both yesterday (Nov. 17th) & today. They say that it’s back ordered until God only knows when. Don’t announce a release if it’s not going to happen. Then, just leave you hanging.