T-Mobile TV Coming To myTouch Slide And Samsung Vibrant

If any myTouch Slide and Samsung Vibrant users were feeling a little left out of the T-Mobile TV game (seriously, were any of you?) rest assured it’s coming your way. According to our ninjas and the above screen shot, the last week of October will see a software update for MobiTV which will magically turn into T-Mobile TV at midnight. That was a Cinderella reference and not the actual time the update will occur. I don’t know if receiving T-Mobile TV was keeping anyone up at night, but there you have it Vibrant and Slide fans, it’s coming.

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  • silvercs

    I thought t-mobile would leave the old phones behind.
    Like they always do.

    • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

      MT phones won’t be left behind! Some of the original MT are already getting FroYo! :)

      • Vibrant FTW!!!!!

        I never even got the gps update for my vibrant yet. I don’t care about tmobile tv, I want froyo. The european version of the galaxy s already got it.

      • going_home

        Yay the MyTouch is getting Froyo.
        My Nexus has had Froyo for about 3 months.
        Gingerbread is about to hit now too.
        MyTouch wont get another Android version update.
        Its dead.


      • john

        @vibrant FTW!!!! if you want it that bad, go to xda and put it on there. I’ve had froyo on mine already, not so fond of it, went to masterrom with kingklick oc kernel. 1.2ghz is the way to go. quadrant scores near 2400.

    • Ali

      T-Mobile is clearly putting an emphasis on smartphone users and, more specifically, Vibrant users (as you can tell with the new BOGO deal they have)

      However, it is questionable that they picked the MyTouch Slide and not the G2 to get T-Mobile TV first.

      • somebody

        who cares who gets it its useless

        yay more bloatware that i cant really use sense there is a data cap ( not that i would use anyway…)

      • Ali

        How about the people who have a G2? C’mon son, there is no real data cap, there is just a 3g cap. You can use data as much as you want, but once you hit 5 gigs, you get sent back down to Edge. Really, it takes some serious trying to get to that.

        And I”m sure a TON of people would be interested, esp. if they’re local channels. You can watch football from work, or while you’re on the road or where FOR FREE. I realize you’re just a giant tool, but clearly some people care.

  • Brian

    They need to update the slide to Froyo!

    • An

      Its is coming I’m the following weeks

      • justin

        no, it’s not.


        my bet is that t-mobile will not give the slide froyo for quite sometime, because with froyo the slide is basically the same thing as a G2 (albeit a little bit slower). they’re only pony-ing up with some of the older phones because people who were going to upgrade probably have by now. carriers have been holding back releases of android to encourage people to buy new phones, which is one of the many major problems with android.

        me… i don’t wait for the carriers to tell me what i can or can’t do with my own handset. i’m on froyo with cyanogen, enjoying my app2sd and wireless hotspot tethering.

      • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

        This is true.

      • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

        CORRECTION: This is true that the MTS will soon have FroYo. Now definition of soon is eventually after new phones launch etc etc I wouldn’t expect it until Xmas or Jan.

      • somebody

        alot slower but yea…..

  • mwl1119

    Yeah give us a data hog and lower our cap in the same month.

    Make up your mind T-mobile!

    • Frigadroid

      I wouldn’t even consider signing up for something that is going to cost me extra when I don’t have enough data to spare as it is. It would be interesting if it wasn’t for the throttle situation.

      • cubanito151

        I would agree with you but since i only get EDGE where i live….Dam Tmobile and its funny cause i live beside 2 cities that have 3g or hspa and we in the middle dont get none:(

    • yourboyfriendthinksimhot


    • Ali

      What cap? You can still go beyond 5 gigs unless you expect to use this service that used to cost $10/month for all channels now at $10/month for optional channels and free for others as your new television…

  • thaghost

    great job tmo.

  • jbrown

    what about htc hd2? we have mobitv and i want tmobiletv instead.

  • Scott

    Umm, not sure why Vibrant users wouldn’t have this app already, the apk has been available for at least a week now. Just because you it’s not installed “stock” and isn’t on the market doesn’t mean it’s not available. I have it on my G2 and it works great, and the G2 hasn’t even been mentioned officially as a carrier of T-Mobile TV…..

    • Surgio Armani

      How did you get it on your G2? Ive looked for this app in the market several times and can’t find it.

      • Quervo`

        its not in the market. i believe its on xda. However a friend sent me an email with it, and its hot! Looks great works great.

    • God

      Is it just me, or am I the only person on the planet who got MobiTV WITH MY VIBRANT ON DAY ONE?

  • smartphoneguy

    doesn’t work on the nexus one

  • GTwo Addict

    Yeah I also have it on the G2, I been watching new episodes of the office and some old dave chappelle, loving it, especially with HSPA+ in Phx there is no lag.

  • jose

    no love for the G2?

    • cubanito151

      I have Tmobile TV already on my G2 and its working perfectly too bad they dnt have much channels…

  • smash-mode


    • abel2fresh4u

      yea where is it?????

    • abel2fresh4u

      stay thersty my friend

      • geez

        Hope you mean thirsty…

  • Dave

    YAY! (Even thou I don’t care for it), i’m just happy they’re not leaving the older phone users (since 3 months is considered old in technology & with T-Mobile they way they are releasing phones). & a few free channels wouldn’t hurt either. But, Idk y they’re adding an additional cost for it. Their branding it “T-Mobile”TV, they should bundle it in that expensive a** data plan.

    • John

      Same price as anyone else, and less cost on the talk time.

      • Dave

        It is an additional cost thou, it’s $10 a month. I’m saying I don’t understand why their charging for it at all when it’s not that great. It Should be included in the data plan we have to pay for. It is branded “T-Mobile”TV, so it should be bundled in it.

  • It’s my understanding that MobiTV currently has a $10/month fee. From what I read, T-Mobile TV will have the fee from premium content, but some content will be free. Is this correct?

    If so, that makes T-Mobile TV more appealing.

  • JoshL

    G2?? T-Mobile better not screw over this phone.

  • mrjoeyloke

    How about a froyo update instead!

  • Q

    I’m using the tmobile tv app on my nexus one and it works just fine, alot of the free content is pretty good. I’m not to big on having tv on my phone, but its someting nice to have anyway

  • Sher

    I dont even have the app for MobiTV. I have the myTouch 3g Slide. Am I supposed to have MobiTV?

  • vinny

    I also have it on my Nexus One and it works great.
    PS Make sure to watch it on wifi. TV is a data eating monster. ISN’T IT ??????

  • Bruce Banner

    The “switch to regular theme” button still doesn’t work after all this time. That’s just damn ridiculous.

  • reddragon72needs called WIFI CALLING!!!!!!!! Not some money making machine program!!!! T-Mobile has there head in the wrong place and it is really showing more and more each passing day.

    Who gives a rats arse about this?!?!?!? We have been asking for a functional piece of software that everyone really

    • Vibrant Addict

      Haha nice name.

      • reddragon72

        yea PC has a bad tab key that likes to do it’s own thing and it really screws with my school papers too!! I re did it below.

  • reddragon72

    Who cares about downloading and playing shows VIA some stupid app?!?!?! There are already fifty ways to do that!!!! What we need is the WIFI CALLING APP, T-Mobile!!!!!!!! Work on getting that out to everyone faster and not some money making program that less then 10% of the people will use!!!! T-mobile has there head in the wrong place and it is really showing more and more each passing day.

    Oh and I do believe that the app only downloads the shows VIA WIFI.

  • Chatter

    Just a question to the people who use more than 5G of data – is it because you do not have wifi around? Is it the hassle of switching between wifi and 3G? I’m just curious because it seems like some of you use lots of data while some don’t. I am surrounded by wifi but understand that many may not be so I ask.

    • Yyevo

      My office does not have wifi due to security and liability concerns. My wife’s office has wifi, but blocks anything not related to work, even gmail.

  • gadgetmerc

    The vibrant already has mobiTV which is T-Mobile TV. The UI and the service is the same. The difference is the branding.

    • God

      Yeah, you’d think that TMONews, of all places, would know this.

      Apparently no one who writes for this site has actually ever handled a Vibrant.

      • David, Managing Editor

        Did we not read the same post, it’s about it changing to T-Mobile TV. Try re-reading the post and the image itself, nobody said MobiTV wasn’t included…but good work. It says a Software update for the MobiTV application both in the image and post, it never says its not on the phone. Try reading rather than insulting the writing.

  • Trollface.jpg

    I think data stuff is getting a little expensive. $30 a month then another $10. :(

  • EL

    Is any ones Vibrant running slow and lags a lot? Idk why my vibrant all of a sudden…I feel little a windows phone!! >=|

    • SwyperAlwaysSwyping

      Mine did about a month ago. The tmobile store replaced it with a new one. So far so good.

    • Vibrant addict

      Mine is running slow since the JI6 update. Hope froyo fixes it

  • mikeyo

    yeah thats ridiculous i refuse to pay more for a data related service.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    I’ve had this on my g2 for 3weeks now, its cool that I can watch ESPN countdown show at church !

    • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

      And the NFL mobile app works as well!

      • Jmc87

        Where did you hack it from?

      • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

        Xda is your best friend

      • k-mack

        can you share the link of where you got this? did you have to root your G2?


      • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

        Just search NFL mobile on xda. No you don’t have to root your g2. Having red zone on your phone is nice.

  • blablabla

    told ya so…

  • Midori

    Not too long for the mytouch to come out,Im wondering if there will be a pre-order time.(Maybe on the 27th a week before release)?

    • even bigger mac

      F**k that my touch this has nothing to do about it, go and relive yourself on some other news posting ya asshole

      • Midori

        F**K YOU!! I can say whatever I fell like! As long as this is a T-mobile blog I can mention anything T-mobile related! Your so pathetic I laugh at you! *Brushes Off This Hater!!*

  • Knas

    How much does this cost?

    • geez


  • air_in99

    Do we have to pay to use the app or will it be included like sprint TV does it to their customers?

  • Flyingrequin

    For those who are feeling courageous – search “t-mobile tv apk” (you will find it at XDA forums).
    The link did not work on its own. I had download it to my computer and then transfer the file to using bluetooth to my phone (you can just use usb). It works on the vibrant.

    Thanks for Hint.

  • LSxChevelle

    Not all details are out yet but some channels will always remain free… This is a rebranding for the Vibrant and new for the Slide. I think they said Fox Sports will be always free.

  • Davis

    Slingplayer – no monthly cost.

    • Wilma Flintstone

      thats what I’m planning on using. been wanting to use it since the Nokia N95. Slingplayer is the way to go on this matter.

    • Vibrant Addict

      Except there is an initial cost of getting the Slingbox, and then the app for $30…

      Feasible for those with a Slingbox already, but not really for those that don’t.

      • mingkee

        I have slingbox for 4 years (original and PRO-HD).
        The app costs $30, but you can install on many Android devices (with same gmail address).
        The video looks the best on Vibrant and nexus one (requires 300-450kbps).

  • Vibrant Addict

    I am quite glad this is coming to my Vibrant, it shows continued support. Also, I prefer dealing with T-Mobile rather than MobiTV for billing, since it makes it easier for billing. Can’t wait to try it out, the 26th at the earliest it seems?

  • fujitsujeff

    I’m happy we get some free streaming channels, but the $9.99 price tag is kind of high especially for the quality. netflix for android cannot come fast enough

  • jazzmanmonty

    i have to agree that the data cap sucks. i very seldomly tether, and the other night i had no access to watch the blackhawks game. so i watched it streaming online. check my data usage after for it, and guess what 890mb used. ya so basically if i wanted to i can stream about five games a month and then i’m pretty much screwed for a 6th game without having my data slowed to dialup speeds? great! hell i agree with all you complaining that we get this cool app with tv and it’ll just kill our data usage and speeds. i feel that they should give us 20 gigs/month. why? cuz most will barely use it anyways, and the ones that do can do it without fear. this all reminds me of the old AOL days. you get 10 hours per month of usage a month then ur screwed. welcome to america.

  • Zapote21

    Thank God that the Vibrant is rootable so even if I get this crap, it will be removed instantly…

  • Chris

    I’d rather have an OTA with fixes for performance of the Vibrant; not another piece of bloat that will run in the background and make the phone run even worse than it does now. My G1 ran smoother than this phone. Bought this outright in July too, what a waste of money for a terribly frustrating POS. At least my contract is up in a few months and I’m not stuck with it or TMO for 2 years. Don’t really think Froyo will help much even if they do roll it out..

  • Anthony


  • Tyrone

    More worthless crap from T-Mobile. I’d rather have useful things like Android 2.2 and call routing over the WiFi.