T-Mobile Comet In The Wild

We’re on a roll today! Thanks to our awesome ninjas, we’ve got images of the upcoming T-Mobile Comet (aka Huawei Ideos). The T-Mobile Comet packs the latest and greatest stock Android 2.2 (which I see as a major selling point) along with a 2.8-inch capacitive touch screen, 3 megapixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth connectivity. As stated before the Comet will make its official debut on November 3rd. Hit the jump for some snapshots of the Comet along with some comparison pics with the LG Optimus T. Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Donkey

    I think smaller screen on both units may not be able to compete with ones with larger screens.

    • NiiDiddy

      it’s not about competition; it’s about reaching every niche market possible. some may not be able to afford the larger screens off hand as they would the smaller screens. not only that, trust me there are people out there who STILL prefer smaller devices as opposed to this new craze most of us geeks and tech savvy people seem to prefer lately. these smaller devices will do fine regardless of the larger ones…

      • Dave

        +50 trillion to NiiDiddy

      • pug_ster

        I know what you mean. My wife needs a good upgrade for a blackberry pearl 8100 because it is breaking down. She does not want full sized blackberry even with the latest doodads. I brought an blackberry 8120 from someone in craigslist and she used her end of contract upgrade to a samsung vibrant for me.

        To be honest, if I could get this T-mobile Comet for $50 or free, I might go for that instead because my vibrant is just too clunky.

  • VibrantOwnr

    this was just a temptation because my last one got edited

    • Kickstar13

      And this time it gets deleted.

  • tortionist

    Some people, like me, don’t care for the huge 4.0 inch or larger screens. If we wanted a tablet we’d buy one. Oh wait! I’m going to. I want the Ideos Huwei,comet, the LG Optimus, or the Motorola Defy. I’m in it for the mid level phone. We’ll see how it goes.

    • Farhan

      Well I do sir. In fact I like larger screens so much, I’d like to have a phone helmet or a phone hat. In fact I’d like my phone to be as big as a car with 4 wheels so I can drive it as well. We’ll call it a car phone.

  • Justfinethanku

    Wow, Android 2.2 on a tiny touchscreen made by huewai! This could almost be as exciting as the T-Mobile Tap! I can’t wait to try out the 3 megapixel camera on this baby!

    If this weren’t a “legitimate” manufacturer I’d write it off as a KIRF.

    Does it come with dual sim? ROFL!

    • sorandkairi

      this isn’t engadget beside the KIRF phones are sometimes better than the actual phone itself so……

      • Justfinethanku

        “this isn’t engadget”

        Apparently not, I mean, judging by the quality of posting… lol.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Wow, that’s pretty rough. Thanks for visting though!

    • jordannn

      You’re a fool.

      • Justfinethanku

        You’d buy a Haewai product?

  • andrew

    the lg look nice but i want stock android

    • Kickstar13

      Both the LG Optimus T and T-Mobile Comet are running stock Android 2.2.

  • big mac

    Wow this sux

  • AgDon

    Looks like some nice mid level phones, guess these would qualify for the $9.99 data. Kind of like the LG best, not bad.

    • MattB

      ^These both 100% qualify for the $10/200MB web plan

  • Jmts80

    Not bad for entry level android phones

  • Housetek

    these are gonna be our entry level android phones obviously, not every one can afford top end phones and not every one wants a super phone.

    Ill wager some money these will be in prepaid form soon, like the nuron, but thats just a hunch.

    • Drew

      right.. could someone please point me in the direction of an android superphone on Tmo… oh that’s right, we haven’t acquired one yet.

      • john

        well, except for the vibrant, g2, and the mytouch 4g…oh damn, that’s 3 in 4 months.

      • PimpStrong


      • barzattacks

        yes we dont have superphones yet.. still on smartphones.. the g2 is pretty close to a superphone though… everythings runs so smooth.. leaps and bounds from g1 and faster than another other providors phone at this moment. Im not even talking about when its clocked @ 1420

    • John

      I think I remember seeing something about the comet being tmo’s prepaid android, could be wrong though.

  • rev2redlineguy

    Well these phones will certainly fit the bill for a large market of people not looking for the ultimate in a smartphone. Trust me, there is a big market for these phones and I’m glad to see T-Mobile is catering to everyone with them. Sure they might not fit my bill but for someone like my sister or my brother-in-law, they would make a great starter Android smartphone for them. Oh, and for it to have Android 2.2, that is going to be a great benefit to selling them. Way to go T-Mobile!

  • Nice for starters and great on a lower budget like that tmo is thinking of everyone

  • D.LaFleur

    whats the price for even more plus im gonna get one maybe for the lady a comet.

  • Chatter

    Nice entry level phone for $10 data. If you are surrounded by wifi (like I am), this is great. Put uma on this and I will probably grab one of the 3 new options.

  • mtnman

    I think T-Mobile is hedging their bet for the long term. Their coming out with all phones in all catigories. Cheap/mid-level/top-tier. And they’re also doing the new family plans as well. I think (and I could be wrong) is that the new CEO is looking long term at the economy and wants to have as much capitol as possible for the up-coming HSPA+ expansion.

    This phone looks nice and it will fill a niche market for those on a budget or a Christmas stocking stuffer for the kiddies who are asking Santa for a new phone.

  • Zio

    Any idea how much this/these will cost retail?

  • Yyevo

    You know, it’s not just about being able to afford an expensive phone, it’s more about wanting to spend the money on a phone. See, adults have things called priorities and resposibilities.

    • grazapin

      Bingo. When you get to a point in your life where you routinely ask yourself “what do I NEED?” whenever you ask yourself “what do I WANT?”, you generally end up in the midrange with high tech devices, smartphones included.

      In my case, I WANT the best smartphone available, but what I NEED is a better phone than the dumbphone I have now. One of these phones would be better than my dumbphone in every way, and for a whole lot less scratch than a G2 or MyTouch HD.

      And aside to David, it’s “on a roll”. :)

      • grazapin

        Man it would be great to have an “Edit” option.

        That should have been an aside to Kickstar13.

      • Kickstar13

        Thanks for pointing that out. All fixed!

  • dstewstar

    Again! You do not have to be a “kiddie” to buy a reasonably sized phone. For those adults who want to lug around larger screen phones, good on ya. But do not write off smaller, sleeker phones with Android 2.2 goodness.

  • hmmmmmmm

    Those pictures were taken in a T-Mobile store. Hmmmmmmm

  • vinny

    Entry level phones but all running Froyo greatness. Can’t say that for Samsung phones. Great job T-Mobile. Enough with entry level devices, concentrate on just sick phones. We need the next ass kickier that comes along. That will put T-Mobile on the front page.

  • I actually got in an argument with a girl over phones once. She wanted a entry level blackberry when I kept trying to convince her to just save for another month and get the best of the best. I just couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want to just save up and get the best possible instead of settling for less. But then I ONLY do that with phones. Other people have better clothes, better cars, better shoes, better computers, better TVs, etc. But my focus is on the phone first.

    This is a way for people to understand why not everyone wants the best phone. Some just want to spend $50 on a phone and have it do way more than their candy bar dumb phone does now. Just as they want to wear $200 shoes and I wear $30 shoes from ebay. We each have our own needs. The power of the Internet is blurring the lines to the point that we impose our wants and needs on others. I’d rather invest in clothes, others want the Comet so they can afford the hot new swag.

    • Jazzzzzzy

      Well said my friend.

      My sister has no problem dropping $300 on a pair of boots, and hell would have to freeze over before I spent $50 on shoes…in a year. But that is what she saves up for and wants. On the flip side, she thinks I’m crazy for buying a different phone every 6 months. She likes shoes, I like phones.

      If we all liked the same things, the world would be a boring place.

  • tito puente

    You know what, forget the the G2, Vibrant, mytouch 4g, even the HD7. I’m waiting for the G6. Its gonna be all buttons. No screen. A quadcore processor, a built in windshield wiper so you never need a screen protector, a satelote dish attached(not for GPS, but for Direct TV connection)

  • patrick

    +100 Hilton. I just got the G2 and gave my barely used Mytouch 3G to my mom which wanted to have for navigation and such.(its rooted with 2.2, which she doesnt even know) haha but its what SHE wants and needs. i want the g2 for its shear power and performance. the mytouch was driving me insane! now i have a high end android phone that i am more than happy about. BUT, does anyone have word about the G2 getting the update for the Wifi calling and hotspot? it seems all of thse phones are arriving with them and surely it should be soon? i suppose it would appear on this site ASAP though. David and his ninjas are the best!

  • BPRhythm

    Funny. This is a low-end android, and it still has a better OS than Cliq. smh.

    • axxsooner

      Touche my friend, or my 1.5 behold

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I actually like how the reflection is shining off the bottom portion of the comet. It makes for a pretty cool design.

  • Ali

    Me and a co-worker were talking about how in March the best phone available for customers was probably the Motorola Cliq XT and when I started it was the HD2 which was selling like crazy.

    Now you have the Optimus T which would have been in that same level, but T-Mobile is catering to all needs and getting some of the best devices available! The G2 is probably the best phone out with a keyboard (save MAYBE the Galaxy S on Sprint…Maybe.) the vibrant, the MyTouch HD/4G which is looking real cool, a tablet PC, fastest internet speeds for mobile broadband (and to think we were only supporting Edge for the longest time…) and now all these “entry level” phones.

    T-Mobile knows the market is headed towards mobile web & broadband and they’re doing all they can to stay not only at the curb, but ahead of it! And their prices STILL can’t be beaten!

  • Frankfurter

    This will also appeal to those who still want physical send/end keys. There’s something to be said for that. I would take that on a high-end Android over a ffc.

  • Not bad for a starter Android device, but I really don’t like that round trackpad. Just personal preference tho.

    • Th Rage Of Music

      it’s a d pad :-/

  • osmany

    i wouldnt mind getting this phone and im a super phone freak…. i have an hd2, 3 diffrent g1’s, sidekick lx, and a blackberry…….. and im 13 but anyways i think this is a great looking phone.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    All I have to say about this phone is that “Comet” is an uber cool name and I wish my Vibrant was instead named “Comet.” :)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Oh… and as looks go, that polished metal looking area looks cheesy. Did they try with some low-class bling to make this phone look fancy?

    Nice form factor except for that. If I got this phone I would take a black Magic Marker to it.

    I assume this is intentional since there has to be something looks-wise to motivate us to fork over big bucks for great looking phones like the HD2 or Vibrant. Every time I look at those two phones on my desk, I marvel at their design and am very pleased just looking at them.

    Sidenote: Albeit everyone who sees my Vibrant assumes it’s an iPhone. What can I say, I admit the iPhone 3G is a great looking phone. I’m glad Samsung decided to copy it for the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S.

  • PimpStrong

    A screen that small is definitely not for qwerty texting. I’m glass to see Android on throw away phones tho cuz not erybody needs all hi-tech goodies.

  • Trollface.jpg

    Is that a camera flash on the back of the Comet?

    • 2FR35H

      Nope neither two have flashes for the camera’s

  • 2FR35H

    You know what’s funny? when the Vibrant came out Samsung got so much crap for not adding a flash on the back of the camera but Now Huawei and LG came out with phones and neither of them have flash for the cameras, not one word until I state it now about the lack of flash.

  • tooltard

    is this a kids phone?

  • 2FR35H

    Hmm.. If they sell the LG in black or white I think i would be cool with it.

  • McParty

    WOW, another entry level android phone from T-Mobile… who would have guessed! LOL

  • barzattacks

    Funny how everyone is like look at this kids phones and stuff like that but when you look at the phone it looks like some other ugly android phones.. its only because the mentioned price is everyone thinking its a cheap peice.. im sure its a quality phone, just not great quality.. normal quality maybe.