(Updated) LG Optimus T Demo Arrives In Stores

The LG Optimus T doesn’t have the same word of mouth buzz as the myTouch HD/4G “whatever” does right now but or a middle of the road Android smartphone, it fits the bill perfectly. Expected to launch the first few weeks of November the first demo phones have started to arrive in stores, presumably without the Wi-Fi calling option we are all so eagerly anticipating. However, given that it’s almost a week and a half before the expected launch, plenty of opportunity for T-Mobile to add this option in via an OTA update. What’s even more exciting is that the Optimus T will also have the Hotpot tethering option available for your tethering pleasure. It’s so wonderful to see T-Mobile add/keep this in to their devices, a welcome addition indeed.

Turns out the LG Optimus T and the Thunder are the very same phone!

As an aside, we also heard accessories are scheduled to arrive next week for the “LG  Thunder,” an unknown device to us at this point. According to this point from Phandroid back in the middle of August, the Thunder is scheduled to arrive on all four major US carriers as a mid-range touchscreen handset. We’re already digging for more!

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  • Rob

    It looks like it could be a pretty decent smartphone, but waiting for the MyTouch 4g.

  • Michael

    I have an honest question that I hope someone can answer. I read this board every single day and frequently read most of the comments afterward because I enjoy keeping up with technology (even if I do noy myself purchase these high-end phones). An android/blackberry or other smartphone simply is overkill for the small amount I would ever use such a phone. But I read all this because I enjoy watching all these phenominal changes/advances in technology. But here is my question… WHAT ABOUT US?
    #1, I would suspect that at least half of Tmo customers are feature/dumb phone users like me. Does anyone know the actual breakdown as to smart vs. dumb handset customers? I would be extremely curious.
    And #2, It is extremely rare that I hear any news about phones other than smartphones (except the pathetic entry by LG a few months back–couldn’t we get the LG Dare or something that had a little more excitement than just 2 boring clamshells and the Sentio that just is not at all exciting?).
    SO, with all due respect (and I do totally respect all you smartphone people out there), WHAT ABOUT US?

    • Omeer

      Let me take a whack at your two questions.
      1) I don’t know what the exact number of smart vs dumb phone users ratio is but I do know that the number of smartphone users is increasing exponentially by the day. We’re progressing towards an age where cell phones are slowly replacing and competing with computers. An age where we use cell phones for everything from navigating to paying our fares at the subway. Simply put it’s an age void of dumb/feature phones.
      2) You don’t hear about dumb phones because as you so aptly put it, it’s just not that exciting. What exactly would anyone report regarding dumb phones? LG Sentio 3 MP cam, bluetooth, no wi-fi, stores up to 200 contacts, no SD card slot etc. etc. It’s just not newsworthy. Not to mention carriers are slowly making a transition away from dumb phones to smartphones so dumb phones aren’t even being released anymore.

      I hope that answers your questions.

    • kilari

      You weren’t happy with the Gravity 3, Gravity T and Smiley this summer? Those seemed like pretty good dumbphones. But honestly with the $10 200mb data plans which are the same price as the web2go unlimited plans there’s no reason not to have a Motorola Charm or Optimus T. I understand what you’re saying tho that there are no dumbphone leaks. But that’s the industry, the dumbphones aren’t the leak worthy items.

      • Michael

        All of those phones were slide form which I cannot use at work (zoo). Way too tempting for the monkeys after they see me open and close it. They do not forget ANYTHING!!
        Does anyone know the answer to question #1. I cannot find that information anywhere.

      • Matt


    • Chatter

      Michael – depending on how smartphone usage is calculated, they have approximately a 33%-50% market share. So you are probably correct in saying that approx 50% of the users use “dumb” phones, but those numbers are decreasing. In the US, carriers are pushing smartphones to get an extra $10-$15 for some data charge. My only recommendation to you is to buy an unlocked phone online. In many parts of Asia, smartphones have just started making inroads so those markets have more “dumb” phone options. It is not ideal but them are the breaks.

    • Ali

      In terms of today’s sales, it’s about a 1/4-1/3 of customers being non-smartphone users, but with the addition of these new $10 plans, I’d be shocked if the number was more than 10% by this point next year. Keep in mind the Nuron is technically considered a smartphone (for some reason…Maybe the Ovi Market?)

      Regardless, if I were you, I’d definately try out one of these phones when you get the chance. Playing a little bit with the Optimus T, it’s actually a pretty good phone overall…

  • Vibrant Guy

    That is a great looking device, and needs to be considered. For real…FROYO, oh yeah.

  • Mgoggles

    What happenned to the Mytouch HD benchmark video that was posted around 2pm? I could see the reflection of the guys face that was recording the video…maybe that’s why it was pulled.

    • Androidless

      Wondering the same thing.

  • tmoguy89

    Lg thunder is the optimus t

    • David, Managing Editor

      Than whats the P509?

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    David, did you see this article on Yahoo about the G2? pretty cool


  • David

    I like the look of this phone. I’m stuck between this one and the Motorola Defy as a new smartphone for my boyfriend.

  • sorandkairi
  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    The LG Thunder is listed as a Wi-Fi Calling supported device. Now wheres the Samsung SuperSonic?

  • Sweetchili

    The Thunder is the Optimus Lg

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Optimus is a separate series than the Thunder. The thunder actually has a slide out keyboard vs. this one which is just touch screen.

  • Kimber

    Any news on the Dell Thunder….is this the same as the LG Thunder and still classified as a midrange phone??? I saw the LG Optimus today here @- the annapolis mall in Md cool little device but not my cup of tea.

  • TMoFan

    I was a bit disappointed with T-Mobile’s new data plans, but this LG phone looks sharp and the fact that it’s running Froyo is a huge selling point! The only thing though is that I’m not too sure about LG devices. Can’t wait to try it out in the store!

  • patrick

    i always wonder who and how you get your information from! haha