myTouch HD Benchmarked on Video

It was bound to happen sooner or later, right?  Everyone’s favorite addition to the myTouch family has finally made a live appearance on video, showing off benchmark scores.  Now, I can’t make out the exact score, but I think the Quadrant score is somewhere around 1903.  Either way, that’s faster than a stock Nexus One on 2.2+.  In fact, the only higher scores that I have seen come from an overclocked G2, or really a lot of the newer rooted/overclocked Android phones.  So, this phone is fast, but we knew it was going to be, right?  I’m counting down the days to November 3rd, what about you?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Zorro

    How James Bondish

    • Jordan bridgewaters

      Well put lol

  • Androidless

    I’d be ecstatic if November 3rd was the actual release date, but I am betting it comes after the HD7.

    The video sounded like it came from a product demo from within T-Mobile. So maybe there is a chance for this to come out sooner. Who knows?

  • TMOJoe

    November 3rd??? Is that the official un-official date?

  • telos104

    can’t wait!

  • VEC

    Yeah November 3rd had been the rumor but now that the Defy is coming out on that date we probably won’t see the MyTouch for a few weeks. Part of me would be surprised to see them release it after Black Friday but T-Mobile hasn’t really done the best job of timing the releases of their phones so who knows.

    • RockTripod

      Ain’t that the truth. They wait until the fall to begin launching their high-end devices, when everyone has already jumped ship to AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon for the iPhone4, the EVO, and the Droid X/Droid 2/Droid Incredible. Brilliant minds are hard at work here.

  • LSxChevelle

    I’m thinking Nov 3rd…

  • JethroGibbs

    Yeah somebody just got promoted to Customer with this post

    • David, Managing Editor

      I know, he was warned and warned again…was cool with it.

  • moser

    big whoop my g2 and vibrant are faster, i have held this phone too and it feels plasticy and it lags in sense

    • Bman

      Your vibrant is faster? You mean after rooting, installing a custom ROM, new kernel, overclocking with a lag fix? Give me a break!

      • Technogen

        The lag fix only removes samsung’s shaty file system and replaces it with one that isn’t made up of broken parts of dead cows.

      • evo9mrjr


      • moser

        bull crap the phone looks so retro even the buttons on it are hard to press and itlook like it should have released last year. my 2.2 vibrant kicks this phones arse

    • LP

      I totally disagree about the feel of the new mytouch.. It doesnt feel to plasticky at all and has a good weight behind it..and when I ran my benchmark tests with my mytouch hd vs the vibrant and my wifes g2 the mytouch beat them all in stock form.. Also I do agree with you on the ui it runs but it all cant be perfect plus the free wireless tethering it comes with is a benefit for those people who do not want to root the phone. But just imagime all the fast specs and great features it comes with stock imagine the endless possibilities it will have when the phone wizzes get a hold of it.. Thats just my 2 cents

      • bmg314

        Wait, you actually own a MyTouch HD?

    • blah

      Lags in sense? Hmmm I find that hard to believe as the rom dump has been one the smoothest released ever even when ported over to significantly slower hardware… How about specifics on where it lags and on what? Im very curious as it can easily be verified by running the hacked rom

      • nr hax

        hmm when running multiple things and switching screen like every other sense device, the evo 4g ran better then this phone its sad

  • jp

    Cant wait

  • BackAlley

    I have an upgrade coming up soon, and I’m really leaning towards getting this phone! I really want to see what the HD7 Windows Phone has to offer first. I just hope I won’t miss the physical keyboard that I have with the MT3G Slide.

  • Midori

    Yay, it will support live wallpaper,I believe this phone will change the perception of the myTouch lineup! Way to go T-Mobile!
    Why does that guy look like he’s texting in class or might get in trouble for shooting that video? Anyway I want it,in black,just like that one. LOL! :)

  • Pimpstrong

    Man that if his eyes didn’t scream guilty then I don’t know what to think!!

    That looks amazing compared to 2.2 on the origional myTouch which scored 337 yesterday with the Tmobile OTA FroYo. Midrange, meet Super.

  • jimmy

    Is this dual-core processor? I heard it was rumored, but now its just 1ghz processor.
    If it’s 1ghz processor. Do you guys know that its the same processor on the G2. Now you are wondering why. but its because its clocked to be 800. MyTouch is to be at 1ghz due to the fact of the skin. They both can go higher. I believe it is 1.42ghz for now since it was shown on the g2.
    It’s like how the Droid X can only be clocked up to 1.1ghz

  • s0nic_201

    can somebody tell me when this phone is gonna be released?? please..

    • gulo

      I’m counting down the days to November 3rd, what about you?

  • David

    Im hearing Nov 6th, and yeah totally a customer now. that was from a internal training tmobile had for the phone today….

  • Benchmarked it at work – the demo unit I worked on only scored 1750 – I assume it varies like the G2 and more or less goes by what you’re running in the background.

    • moser

      the demo unit i worked with score 1600 the back cover for the battery felt cheap and was loose

      • blah

        Really? Yikes thats awful? Could you tell us the screen type at least, or how much internal ram it has and how much of it is free on the production model? No? Nah you probably cant do those kinds of things on an imaginary phone…

      • Me

        Ram 768mb ,rom 4gb. 1.2 aporox to the end user but who knows till the shipping software comes out. There are a lot of demos and trainings going on internally. But sure how would they know they are probly just employees who T-Mobile actually tells stuff to.

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    November 3rd will be the 1st pre order date its nice when u get it threw customer service and u go to ur nearest tmo store for a case and everyone is like wtf y does the awesome looking person have it already

    • SnakeEyez

      Oh God how I hope you are wrong. Ive been counting down the days till nov 3rd/5th for weeks now and now that its less than 2 weeks left, you’re telling me that its gonna be another 2 weeks?! My TP2 won’t last that long (as I’m on the verge of throwing it out the window)

  • alex

    the sooner the better, but i’m getting it at the end of November(according to my dad) so for me hopefully i will get it around when it comes out, anyways t-mobile is being pretty quiet on this phones release date i say November 20th- December 15, since the Motorola defy, and hd7 have their release dates so if the mytouch was coming out “November 3rd” it would have been announced by now. But hopefully it comes out soon for those who really want it( like myself) get it soon :D\anyone think we will be able to get this phone in one full color?
    On topic this phones really fast!

  • Peter

    Well thats what you get when your running HSPA+

    • Me

      Hspa+ doesn’t have anything to do with the quadrant test, but if it did, it would have an even higher score… Hspa + is referring to the network speed, not the phone itself.

  • Anthonysr1

    From the research I have done, this phone should have all the top things that HTC has to offer, that’s why I sold my Vibrant to make room for it.

  • trmacdonal

    That’s almost as high of a Quadrant score as my HD2.

  • SnakeEyez

    And just like that, the video was removed

    • Memphis10

      I’m mad myself.Seems as though we go here too late naw the video cant be found.

  • Midori

    It should be released in November or they wouldnt say coming soon on the tmobile website so im hoping Nov.3rd as well!

  • Jesushouston

    screw that my g2 will smoke it mines overclocked to 1440 mhz it does 2300+ on that test!

    • JackMatt

      you know that was NOT overclocked and has a new/faster CPU.. when they start overclocking it to 2Ghz will see where it lands. :)

      • big mac

        Get a life you fricken loser

      • bigger mac

        I can see the mytouch hd being overclocked at 2ghz easily

  • sorandkairi
  • going_home

    Video has been moved by user ?
    Hey guys fix the video link !


  • nr hax

    the video sucked so much they had to remove it

  • Syrgant

    I wonder when the pre-orders will be. Does anyone know?

  • ditchmagnet

    I’m wondering how it will overclock. Will it be like the Core i7 in that no matter what chip you get, they all overlock about the same, or will it clock higher than the G2?

  • Homey

    So where is the video? Guess his boss at tmobile found out?

  • Phonegeek

    welp david did warn him tough luck wish I seen the vid


    I just did my training for this device and even the HTC reps are unsure about what the official release date is.. regardless this phone will be on the top shelf of all phones

  • yourboyfriendthinksimhot

    I agree the benchmarks for this phone STOCK are every time in the 1900’s the STOCK Vibrant in the 800s no comparison. Fast = myTouch 4G HD in every imaginable way. For the rest of the world who doesn’t know how to root a phone this will be the nicest out there compared to anything AND it has 4G speeds with HSPA+ can your Vibrant do that? Nope. Anyone not buying 4G phones is buying old technology. If u have an upgrade coming, wait for it. Windows Mobile looks great but hey if you’re into customizing and personalizing the myTouch 4G is right for you. You’ll get bored of Windows after a minute AND let’s remember that Android Market has over 50% of apps free, which Windows does not. I could go on and on but its pointless to advertise the phone will do magic tricks on its own once it comes out