myTouch 4G Pics In The Wild, Boots Up As myTouch 4G

The myTouch4G/myTouch HD/myTouchDavidJustWantsThisPhone is expected to drop November 3rd but before that we’re giving you an “in the wild” look at the device which has made its way into the hands of our ninjas. We’ve seen the myTouch4G/myTouch HD thanks to some hands on vids from CTIA, a leaked ROM and promotional video and now the inevitable in the wild hands on. Behold the myTouch4G/HD in all its in the wild glory. We’ll add pics as we get more!

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  • hammeedo

    Now this is a phone :D

  • joiseyeric

    WOW!! Salivating in anticipation…looking forward to stop using my TP2 as a wireless modem…

  • Chris

    That battery cover would be sick if the rest of the phone matched it…

    • grazapin

      Do you mean the phone would be sick if the rest of it matched the battery cover? That seems to be the consensus.

  • Ben

    I want I want I want !!!! can’t believe I have to wait almost 2 loooooong weeks!

  • I can’t wait till this thing comes out and all of you whiney beaches start crying about it’s shortcomings.

    • phonegeek

      im waiting for that too lol

    • going_home

      Why wait till it comes out to pigeon hole it ?

      With all the TMO customization on this phone the owners of it will be very lucky to receive even one Android update.

      Just look how long it took for the original MyTouch to get the first (and probably only) update.


      • mikeyo

        I used to be like you had to have every update. but i got a life and leanred to enjoy my phone.

      • Steve Jobless

        +1 for mikeyo.

      • Sapphire

        Well, to correct be, the Mytouch3g has received two Android updates and various maintenance releases. It launched with Android 1.5. While on 1.5 it received at least one update. Then a few months later it received the 1.6 update, and while on 1.6 it received various maintenance releases until receiving Android 2.2.

  • fatboy97

    HTC Device, 1Ghz next gen processor, Hotspot, themes… I want this device… now we just need a release date!!!

  • hhhmmm… very interesting…

  • Galen20K

    I’m a stickler for being different so Plum will be mine, cannot WAIT!


  • my touch hd sux

    man that phone sux my vibrant is better

    • fatboy97

      Sounds like device envy.

      • e


    • Will

      This phone doesn’t suck in any way other then it’s crappy front decor (hardware buttons). I still love my Vibrant though!!!

    • Midori

      Anything your Vibrant can do myTouch 4G can do it better! LOL!!

      • somebody

        the screen on the vibrant is better

        i just disproved your entire hypothesis

        i still want the mt4g lol

    • VibrantOwnr

      Thats the way i felt about my samsung vibrant until i realized that i was in my 30 day return policy for bestbuy (dont commment on why i bought it there…it was really cheap)….now i am waiting for the my touch hd

    • Transporter

      I swear these vibrant (galaxy s) owners are just a new breed of the icrap fanboys

    • Go new mytouch!

      Actually this phone seems like its gonna make your vibrant cry like a bitch just my thought

  • Rpinazo

    Now what color is this one? Is it me or is the back kind of greyish (battery cover and surrounding). Could be me just viewing it thru my phone. Can’t wait to get home to view it better. I feel a lot better that David is sticking with the Nov 3rd date…. I leave on vacation on Nov 5th!

    • LuvMyGreenRobot

      I’s black around the back and sides with a grey metal battery cover and camera area.

  • luckydog

    Is this the black color? It looks gray.

    • mikeyo

      looks like flat black. oh thank god it isnt a glossy black

  • Bigmerf

    you da man!

  • phonegeek

    image 7 is that a live wallpaper anybody know

    • Midori

      Yes in fact it does support live wallpaper.

    • Pittsburghg1

      Yes it is I’ve that came stock on my g2.

      • Phonegeek

        i am complete now this is the phone for me

    • mikeyo

      yes it is the galaxy live wallpaper

  • blah

    We cant even get an official name let alone a release data. TMO im really getting ticked cause I MUST get rid of this horrible cliq XT!!!! Im willing to pay 2x the amount this phone is worth 1) to get it 2) to bury this darn cliq forever in the catacombs of NYCs underbelly.

    • mackster

      Lol that comment made my day. Cliq xt was def a flop, don’t know why they even made it with the orig cliq already out. Anyways, can’t wait to get the red mytouch4G/HD! I hope your nov 3rd prediction is on the spot. Although I think it will be around mid to end of november as I’m sure tmobile wouldn’t want the new mytouch to hinder the hd7’s sales? What do you think David?

  • Jeff

    Even though this phone will be rad internally, it looks cheap. I hate the way the MyTouch line looks.

    • JackMatt

      I agree… lets cheep and the hardware buttons are kinda old school. However its HTC and they hold up. My MyTouch3g has been fared well.

      • mikeyo

        ive had both the nexus and g2 and frankly got tired of accidently hitting the capacitive buttons. plus my chick has the slide and i kinda like them.

      • sim1

        I’ve been waiting for hardware buttons. I went from G1 to the Vibrant, and kept hitting the capacitive buttons by mistake, drove me crazy. The Vibrant went back, and I’m waiting patiently on my good ol’ G1 for this phone.

        I also hope that one of the hardware buttons will wake up this phone. With the Vibrant you had to hit the power button,…awkward. All that, and a simple LED notification light, will make me a very happy Granny.

      • Meego

        Don’t worry … the phone is pretty heavy (which is a good thing) … it’s made of solid materials and metal (kind of like Nokia). You’ll see on the 3rd!

        Btw, it’s not grey or anything near it … it’s definitely a flat black.

        I can’t believe there isn’t more conversation about the side connections?! The possibilities are endless!

  • currator

    mytouch 4g hmmmmm. nice phone cant wait

  • Androidless

    Ideally, I want the G2 with wifi calling, but this phone looks promising. I want an actual keyboard, though. If I get too antsy waiting on the mythical G2 update, I may go for this.

  • Pittsburghg1

    So this thing runs sense? That sucks

    • Double A

      it runs Espresso, not sense

      • Pittsburghg1

        Isnt espresso just sense updated? What’s the difference?

  • thaghost

    David!! r u intentionally teasing us?? i had enuff!! B4 u go and enjoy ur weekend, can u get 1 of ur ninjas to confirm a date 4 us? I know da rumor is nov. 3rd but dats da date for the defy and da hd7 is coming da 7th. Oh, 1 more thing. Wassup wit dat color? it looks silver or platinum. i like it.

    • David, Managing Editor

      November 3rd is the date.

      • RoscoeP

        Kudos to you on translating that.

      • thaghost

        okay thank u! ima relax now and wait 4 it to arrive. lol. t minus 11 days.
        u do a great job of providing us with info, david. thanks. tmo, great job so far in da 2nd half of da year. we waited n u delivered.

  • hey

    you guys keep making such a big deal about the name and its stupid. ofcourse they would call it the mytouch 4g! if they called it the mytouch hspa+ ppl wouldnt know what the hell it meant. yesterday at a tmobile holiday meeting all vp execs said to refer to it as are 4g network to customer inquiring about the service

  • LSxChevelle

    I’m. Thinking about how good it would look with a carbon fiber battery cover… Gonna look into making one! Maybe sell some…

    • Pissed


  • Gavin S.

    Why is wifi calling such a great feature? I have unlimited minutes so maybe the folks clamoring for wifi calling don’t, but is there any other reason to want it?

    • Androidless

      Wifi calling actually counts against your minutes. What it does, however, is provide better coverage by being able to use a wifi access point to connect to T-Mobile’s infrastructure.

      • Gavin S.

        Really, it counts against your minutes? I thought it would cost you data but never considered it would count against minutes. Interesting.

      • kpc

        When my wife’s Crapberry makes calls using UMA over my wifi at my house, it doesn’t use minutes. It actually shows them as free minutes on my bill.

      • Pissed

        For those who still have the unlimited hotspot calling feature it will be counted as free but the feature is grandfathered so people can no longer get it.

    • MOD

      Wifi calling is a great feature to have when one cannot get a cell signal at their home or other areas such as a highrise building (i.e., areas where you cannot get a cell signal, but can get a wifi connection, now you can make a call via wifi, without a cell signal).

    • vinny

      Most people want wifi calling is because they have a lousy or no signal where they are located. They make their calls thru their home wifi connection. Very simple but very effective. Used it all the time with my BB9700.

  • Ray Dull

    we want wifi calling because not everywhere has good signal.

  • jian9007

    I think it will be a great phone. I personally like the hardware buttons but that’s a personal preference. The color scheme is schizophrenic but maybe Colorware can jazz it up. Still like the speed and features of the phone though. You can always use a different launcher if Espresso Sense is not your thing.

  • jian9007

    Also, someone needs to spell check the final version in the OS as it says connections (allows you to instantly create a fast Wi-Fi connections. What?) instead of connection.

  • Joe

    Anyone else see C3P0 in photo 7 where the genius button is?

  • Dave


  • This is the phone the MyTouch 4G. It’s time to retire my HTC HD2 :( Think I’m going to roll with the black but the white looks a little sexy tho!

  • Emil Ghoti

    this phone’s look is the definition of tacky. too bad the hardware is so impressive.

  • Big Jake

    A “smaller” version of the Desire HD huh???….., Sorry MICROSOFT but Im about to ground you for not coming out hardcore with the HD7, I know its thre new model HD2 but wheres the new features???, oh well shoulda came with it!!!, my 1s android will be a Mytouch46… its a baby Desire HD with a genius bbutton.. lol

  • Mae Mae

    WHO THAT..! MyTouch HD, WHO THAT…!

  • Christina

    i cant wait!! i want it already!! i still cant decide between the red or plum???

  • thisphoneisgarbage

    This phone is not worth nothing. Unless all ur friends have phones with ffc than what’s the big deal? I’m gonna wait til a phone comes out with an 8mp camera. Why are tmobile phones coming out with 5mp. That is so 2009. Come on tmobile step up yo game

    • SnakeEyez

      Hate much? I don’t care about the FFC but I’m getting this phone regardless. It has the specs that I want (great internal) and I don’t need a physical keyboard (I’m using a TP2 at the moment and alot of the times I use the virtual keyboard) so this phone is for me. Besides, you can video chat to people on the PC through Yahoo! Messenger. Problem is, I don’t know anybody that has a PC /sarcasm.

    • thaghost

      u say its not worth nothing b/c it only has a 5mp cam?? dats ur only point. there are phones with 8mp already so y dont u want a 12mp. and by da way if u want a lot of mp jus by a camera…silly.

      • thaghost


      • Jared

        I’m no stickler for grammar and spelling online (I know a lost cause when I see one) but the fact that you corrected that one error is comedy gold.

    • Cez

      Actually you should be able to use the ffc with almost any computer with a webcam or any phone with teh web cam

      • phonegeek


  • vinny

    I didn’t like the looks of the software. I think android central did a walk thru of the software and it was ugly. I like pure Android with my own bells and whistles. There are so many ways of jazzing up the launcher and so on. Leave the OS alone but give us sick hardware. That is why I went with the G2. Owning the Nexus One and will never get rid of it, the G2 is a nice brother to run with.

  • J1

    I guess this pretty much settles it.. my 3wk love affair w/ my g2 is officially over *sighs as he cue’s up the its not you, its me speech*

    The biggest draw of the g2 for me was the physical k.b. .. so as a test, I wanted to see if I could go a wk w/o using it.. After fully embracing swype I realized I don’t need a physical k.b. after all.. imho the g2 is the sexiest piece of hardware in tmobiles line up to date.. but sadly I will be moving on the the mytouch hd/4g..

    It feels like I’m dumping my highschool sweetheart for some hawt chik I just met in college.. hope I don’t regret my decision when gingerbread rolls out.. But after wasting coin on the cliq, Im starting to realize that I should buy a phone based on current capabilities, as opposed to what i hope it will do in the future.. *as boyz 2 men’s “its so hard to say goodbye” plays in the background*

    • Steve Jobless

      Why did I continue reading after the first sentence? I’ve read many crap comments, but you sir/ma’am have probably iced the crap cake. The whole role playing segments were terrible. If this were a survival reality show, your comment would have been voted off the island.. *as Jay-Z “The Blue Print 2” is playing in the background*

  • Carlos

    SO I have a G2 right now…but I’m beginning to think that this is much better than the G2…..

    I need to send my back for the second time…..Wondering If I should just wait out for the MT4G/HD…

    What do you think!!!

  • mtnman

    As for me, I’m getting the plum. I would prefer a hunter green, but plum/blue is my next favorite color.

  • Ansel

    I don’t know, but is it just me or did the screen look wider when seen in other pictures and videos?? It looks slightly thinner to me here…maybe it’s the angle…

  • even bigger mac

    Yo man I held this phone and it felt cheap I ain’t payinn 499 fo some junk and the style is whack screw thatphone I am getting an Iphone id rather be apples beotch then tmobiles fugly lookin ass gangsta software phone. Hood life don’t need no kiddy modes only fo nerds

    • mikeyo

      god i hope you dont really talk like that. im actually dumber now from having read that.

      • abel2fresh4u

        dont worry. he is dumber for being an apple/iphone fan and come to tmonews.

        atleast i will be able to hold the mytouch hd/4g with my left hand. and do video chat at anytime. anywhere

        ok i win. lol

      • abel2fresh4u

        dont worry. he is dumber for being an app.le/ fan and come to t.monews.

        atleast i will be able to hold the mytouch.hd/4g with my left hand. and do video chat at anytime. anywhere

        ok i win. lol

      • Midori

        @mikeyo +1

      • phonegeek

        yeah my IQ just went waaaaaaaaaaaay down

  • This might be first good mytouch because all the previous one are horrible phones

  • taffarel

    trust me i have seen one that i can not say where i got it from but …its not as amazing as we think ….the hotspot will be charged extra for…..the HSPA+ is not that reliable…..yet ……well the phone is alright nothing ground breaking its a nexus one with a front facing camera……….dont like the genius bottom crap like on the slide its crap i hate it they are trying to make it user friendly but it bites them in the but in the end wow i wish they just did it stock like G2 ..its a nice phone it will be called the MYTOUCH4G no questions about it …

  • Thatotherguy

    Awww dammit idk if I should get this or the G2?!!? Any help guys?

    • Shawn

      I’m trying to decide the same thing! Except I currently own the G2, and I absolutely love it, I really like stock Android and don’t really like Espresso, but I like the bigger screen and the FFC on the MyTouch… I don’t know if I should keep my G2 or get the MyTouch

  • suckerr!

    will this run live wallpaper????!?!?!?

  • 00Negro

    Maybe I overlooked it (and I also don’t feel like searching back through the catacombs of the “comment section”) but, is the Mytouch HD/4G going to have the ability to use Wi-Fi Calling? Or is the G2 the only phone to have this feature. If the Mytouch HD/4G has this feature as well.. then this is almost a no-brainer as to what phone I may get. Someone clue me in…..

  • Ali

    I was not really as excited about the MyTouch Slide as some people (inside T-Mobile) were leading on about the phone…But this phone is legit. It’s been in the works for months and the only reason it even has the “MyTouch” label is because that is what T-Mobile calls their lines of HTC “franchise phones”

    The only difference is that this phone, unlike the MTS, may be a franchise phone, though.

  • Zorro

    To all of the MT Slide owners… I never played with the MT Slide in person, and I hear a lot of people that really dislike Espresso Sense. I was wondering if anyone could give me a quick rundown of why this interface is so disliked?

    To David: Do you think this will have the same Espresso Sense that was on the slide? Have any of your Bruce Lee’s said anything about that.

  • Rav

    When is this baby dropping at TMO? David any words as to when this baby is available for sale?

    • David, Managing Editor

      Rav, it’s in the post, try reading that first line again.

  • T-Mobler

    I get mine this week…. (Giddy little school girl)

  • This is one of the ugliest phones that T-Mobile has released… If it weren’t so ugly, It’d be a decent phone. Tho, I’d never want a forward-facing camera – No one needs to see my ugly mug while I’m talking to them! :-P

  • Midori

    How is so many people getting their hands on this phone?

    • Jimmy

      divisonal managers and above have had it for over 2 weeks

    • mikeyo

      theyre either liars or possibly employee’s

  • michael

    Ive had mine for little over a week, you all are correct we are all emmployees

    • Midori

      Im JEALOUS!!! LOL!! So how was it?

    • j

      please read you employee manual, you might not like what you read

      • phonegeek

        guessing you have to return it?!

      • jj

        j, while it is possible that tmo may require the employees to give the phone back, it never happens.

  • Jmc87

    Im glad I got the g2 over this. TSB

    • Kevin

      Why? I am on the fence about both.

      • aksnoopy

        I got a G2 (upgraded from G1). I thought I would really miss a qwerty if I got a mytouch but I honestly am using the onscreen keyboard for swype that I hardly miss it. Plus I have to take back my previous comments that I didn’t have reboot issues because they began a couple days ago. :( I’m a little disappointed and if I can’t even root this device I might have to return it soon so I fall within my 15 day return policy and then get a My Touch when it comes out. I really do like Sense and I miss it quite a bit on the G2.

  • suckerr!
    • Bimmerz

      Yeah, “I want to believe” too! lol I saw this 1st in an Android spreadsheet awhile back, for 2011 – no “Q” was given. I doubt we’ll see this in Q1, maybe Q2? I’d guess Europe will see it before we do, if this is even a true phone. Either way, I think 2011 is going to be the year to watch. :)

    • DavidinJax

      I really cannot believe Samsung will be releasing a new version of the Galaxy phones anytime soon. My friend has a Vibrant and still hasn’t gotten the ota update for the gps.

      The phone is gorgeous, but it is missing some key factors that I think are essential to the phone!!

      So glad I didn’t get the vibrant!

  • Josh

    This may be a stupid question but … what the hell is a live wallpaper? lol

    • Kickstar13

      Animated wallpaper.

  • Just Looking

    i just found this: 360 view of the phone in white. looks good.

  • herromoto

    sense is garbage. love my g2.

  • Jack

    I hate when people say they hate sense, touchwiz, etc… TURN THEM OFF!!! You can disable them, or use ADW or Launcherpro. Either way, a ton of people love sense. If you haven’t noticed by the numbers yet, HTC sense phones are selling like crazy.

    • the perm tip

      How do I turn off touchwiz without rooting my phone? Is there a setting? I am pretty sure you cant.

    • leo the lion

      how do you turn off sense on mytouch? thanks

  • jezterking

    David… WHAT?!? Re: Have faith, good things come to those who wait… Do NOT tell me that Samsung will be out right after the holidays!! This waiting for the MT3HD/4G is KILLING me!! I’m ready to throw my G1 out the window, and passed on the G2 waiting for this! I CAN’T wait any longer!! But I WANT that Samsung S2!!

    • Midori

      Uggghh! Now I want that Samsung, especially now that I already have one and this one seems to have it all,I was just going to settle for the myTouch and not complain,but that S2 *Whistles Cat Call At the Samsung S2*! LOL!!

  • Will this have voice recognition through Bluetooth?

  • the perm tip

    Calling it the MyTouch 4G is a great marketing idea, but if they dont advertise the hell out of the thing on TV it wont matter. Look at the EVO, its a nice phone, I consider the Galaxy S devices better. But through marketing people think they get the EVO and all of sudden they have 4G and are on the best network when we all know that its still Sprints garbage network and the 4G portion in owned by Clearwire, thats no good, it makes Sprint into an MVNO in a sense…..My point is if tmob advertises the device and the network on TV itll sell like crazy and people will finally realize the mobileT has a decent product!

  • Magnus

    I WANT Sidekick Twist!!!! G2 look nicely… MyTouch4G is ok…

    Pls BRING Sidekick BACK!!!!!!!!

    4.3 Inches S .Amoled
    1.2 Snapdragon
    3.0 Android
    16GB on Board
    Full Physical QWERTY!!
    8MP Camera

    and I wanna play “Angry Birds” in Android! my sklx09 don’t! :(

    • aksnoopy

      We can dream ;) And yeah I would hate to have any device that you cannot play Angry Birds. That’s just torture.

  • Gooseilini

    I am eagerly awaiting Nov 3rd. At least I hope it drops on Nov 3rd. It’s only like a week or so away and it’s not even in the “coming soon” section of T-Mobile’s phone list.


    I want to toss my G1 out the window.

  • paulie E still rockin G1

    Just spoke to T-Mobile customer service asked them to call me asap when my touch is available they said they would call Oct.27 Wednesday so I guess that it the 1st pre order date

  • Mark

    I’d rather have the G2 and that’s exactly what i’ll be picking up next week..probabaly on November 3rd (at Costco of course)

  • Michael

    In your opinion, wich is nicer the sense (i think its expresso) on the new mytouch or the new sense on the desire hd. also is the mytouch gonna be called mytouch 4g or mytouch hd?

  • jezterking

    Gooseilini, I am SOOOOO with you on the wanting to throw your G1 out the window! I rooted mine and have tried every ROM that I can find on it and it still… just needs to retire. And now… thanks to David… I’m considering waiting even longer!! That new Samsung looks SAWEEET!! He says good things come to those who wait, but I don’t know how long I can WAIT! I certainly can’t afford getting a new one and then turning around and throwing $500 on a new phone 2 months later! Grrrr….

  • some internet dude

    Ill wait to see what Google releases this 4th quarter.