(Updated: Only Available To Beta Users) Motorola Cliq Update Available Now

Update: Apparently this was a “soak” update, meaning beta and Motorola has yanked the page. Someone apparently got a little vengeance on Moto by leaking page to the masses, not quite what Moto had in mind for the beta testers we’re sure!

Motorola CLIQ owners rejoice! Just yesterday, Motorola was looking for beta testers for the Eclair update, and now Motorola has officially released the highly anticipated Android 2.1 (Eclair) update. The update is now available for download from the System Updates screen. Follow the steps below to successfully upgrade your CLIQ to Android 2.1:

Phone Requirements

  1. 1. A fully charged MOTOROLA CLIQ with MOTOBLUR with an active SIM card
  2. 2. A Motorola USB cable
    Note: This cable came in the box with your MOTOROLA CLIQ with MOTOBLUR and also serves as your charger. You can detach it from the  charging adapter to use it as a USB cable.
  3. 3. A microSD card installed in your phone with approximately 100 MB of free space.To see the available storage card space, perform the following steps:
    1. 1. From the Home Screen of your phone, press Menu,then select Settings.
    2. 2. Scroll down the screen, then touch SD card & storage
    3. 3. The total and available storage card space display in the SD card section
  4. 4. Internal Phone Storage space: To make room for the exciting new features in this upgrade, your internal phone storage will be permanently reduced by approximately 15 MB. Therefore, you need at least this much space available to perform it.

To see the available internal phone storage space, perform the following steps:

  1. 1. From the Home Screen of your phone, press Menu, then select Settings.
  2. 2. Scroll down the screen, then touch SD card & storage
  3. 3. The total and available storage space display in the Internal phone storage section

To learn more about how to free your SD Card memory or internal phone storage please read the Phone and SD Card Memory FAQ

Software Version Requirements
You must be on the latest version of Android 1.5 (Cupcake) software with the latest version
Blur_Version.1.4.8.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US or higher before you can upgrade. Please read the following steps to confirm or update your current software version.

1. Check Your Current Software Version

  1. 1. From the Home Screen of your phone, press Menu, then select Settings .
  2. 2. Scroll down and select About Phone. Under System Version, your current version is displayed.

The latest version is Blur_Version.1.4.8.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US. If your version matches this, please proceed to STEP 3.

If your version does not match this, please follow the instructions in (section 2) below to update to the latest Android 1.5 (Cupcake) software version, otherwise proceed to STEP 2.

2. Update to Blur_Version.1.4.8.MB200.T-Mobile.en.US

Note: Although not required, it is recommended to perform the following steps over WiFi for a faster connection.

  1. 1. In the About Phone menu, scroll up and select System Updates. After a couple of minutes, your phone will confirm an update is  available.
  2. 2. On the Update Available message, select Download.The download progress of the update will appear in your phone’s notification   bar.
  3. 3. Once the download is complete, an Install Update message will appear. Select Install Now to immediately begin installation.
  4. 4. When the update is complete, your phone will automatically power on to the home screen.
  5. 5. Repeat steps 1-4 until your phone reports that your software is up to date. Once up to date, you can proceed to STEP 2.

Motorola Support Forums

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  • VibrantOwnr

    I need to get a life

    • Kickstar13

      Oh really?

      • Dewman4life


    • YJ

      your going to get pwned!

  • YJ

    I’m happy for the cliq owners

    • thaghost

      me 2.

  • Brianimae

    Just downloaded and am installing it right now. Saw the post on phonedog but had to wait till I got home. Happy day!

  • h

    Only avail until around 5pm CST. Get it NOW if you want it.

  • TFJ4


  • PimpStrong

    3 of my friends had a Cliq and one of them was destroyed while the other two moved onto different phones.

    • Pissed

      Im sorry to hear one of your friends was destroyed.

      • Serotheo

        Lol that was funny :)

      • Aston

        i lol’d in real life.

  • univega

    I can’t believe I am still waiting for the update for my myTouch 3G and my wife’s cliq gets hers first!!!!

  • Mooch

    Meanwhile us Cliq XT owners are saying a collective, “WTF?!”

  • Eddie Android

    Is this for the QWERTY cliq and XT or just for the QWERTY?

    • UDX

      Just the QWERTY Cliq, NOT the XT

      • Eddie Android

        Sucks for my lil brother then.

  • Pissed

    my phone just keeps telling me “your device is up to date” pissed

    • Cat Isidor

      Yeah same here, says phone’s up to date. :(

    • Pissed

      No Longer pissed. phone updated.

      • Damn

        How? Mine Keep Saying Up To Date

  • papeshfoo

    People still use these phones?

    • DatNizzle

      They only came out a year ago, if that. I’m waiting on the MTHD to compare it to the G2.
      Says “up to date”. when it comes to this phone that has never been and will never be true.

  • t_roach

    Huh? My cliq says it’s up to date, but it’s says firmware 1.5 and the blurversion matches the reuqirements above. Bummer!

  • Kevin

    For everyone saying their phone is up to date…it will. You need to click the Motorola Support Forum link above and download the update to a computer and connect your phone to the computer to install the update that way. Seems Tmonews left that part out of their info above.

  • Izoth

    Ok im starting to get a little worried, I did all steps correctly, the phone installed the update and it keeps restarting from the blur screen to the “stick together” tmobile screen constantly for about 30 mins now, anyone knows about this?

    • Josef

      Well, I hate to break it to you, but I think your phone may have just died. I have had that happen to my XT twice, and each time I ended up having to send it back to T-Mo and get a new one. Hopefully I’m wrong…

  • WaspStickULous

    Umm… Motorola did NOT officially release the Cliq 2.1 upgrade. At least not for mass consumption. The stuff going on now is a SOAK TEST. Please refrain from downloading the file and posting in the support forums. Unless you are part of the soak test, you will not get any help.

  • Izoth

    ok, how can they post it here and not be the official release then? It has been posted on a few websites now also. So I really doubt its not official.

    • Brent

      It is official… it’s on Moto’s website. Izoth, has your update gone through yet? I think I’m having the same problem myself…

  • cris

    Moto is just too far behind they need a savior device that’s available to other carriers. Otht
    Er than verizon

    • andrew

      it better then nothing

  • Izoth

    Not yet Brent, keeps doing the same thing, reboots from the motoblur screen to the tmobile screen over and over, I took of the battery and put it on again and it just keeps doing the same.

    • Brent

      And now the page that we downloaded this from is down… this keeps getting better and better. I’m never supporting motorola again because they don’t support their customers! I’m calling them now, will keep you posted.

      • Serotheo

        You’re not supposed to call them.. if you signed up for the 2.1 it says you will not disclose the information because their call centers do not know about the update yet and neither does T mobile

  • andrew

    can any body send the program plz my email is andrewbui95@gmail.com

  • Izoth

    And now the update link is not working, motorola took it off, says: “This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway.
    The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete.

    Great way to mess up my phone…thanx motorola!!!

    • Foxeh

      lzoth, a friend of mine just went through this.

      You need to pull the battery and reboot into recovery and do a factory reset/wipe.

    • Foxeh

      If your stuck in a boot loop after updating the Cliq to 2.1

      -Shut off the phone, (battery pull if you have to)
      -Hold the POWER and CAMERA buttons simultaneously until the green bootloader text appears
      -Hit VOLUME-DOWN
      -Wait for the /!\ triangle to appear.
      -Open the keyboard and hit ALT+L
      -Select the option to Wipe
      -Once that’s finished, reboot the phone.

      • Scott

        tried to wipe the phone and its still stuck in that stupid boot loop thing…thanks alot Motorola

      • Scott

        dont know what just happened but i wiped my phone and now i am running 2.1

      • Foxeh

        It did still take a while for the other fellow, but it worked eventually after wiping.


      • Damn

        Mine Say Up To Date Can You Help Me

  • Scott

    Mine is doing the same thing. I am on the line right now with Motorola level 2 android support. and hopefully i will have good news soon enough.

    • Scott

      Yeah Motorola support was useless. I’m pretty sure I have a brick now.

      • Serotheo

        Motorola Support knows NOTHING about it, if you signed up for the 2.1 Beta testing you are supposed to post on the forums.

  • vince

    arighty way to blue ball me… haha this suuuucks. says my phone “is up to date” oh well its whatevs now i dont care anymore

  • ZzDr.Fred

    I can’t get to 1.4.8.MB200 my phone is stuck at 1.32. just keeps saying your phone is up to date.

    • Dewman4life

      I bet you have an XT

  • Motocliquser

    I was so excited just got home from work and the and i’m getting this stupid message This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway. The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete. active can anyone please email me the file to sosorio@live.com thank you

  • Tom

    There is a thread at AndroidCentral.com

  • mtnman

    This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway.
    The page will be reactivated when the testing period is complete.

    This is all I get everytime I try to update my Cliq.

    • Foxeh

      They pulled the page. I helped a friend with it and after half an hour of boot loops we decided to wipe it from recovery, which netted a successful boot about five or so minutes later.

      He finally has Google Navigation, but 2.1 motoblur on the Cliq is sloooooow. Seriously, it’s slow.

      • Pissed

        mine was slow for the first couple hours now it runs like a champ. Has his started running faster yet?

  • Tom
    • ok i know why

      i downloaded it now what do i do can a i get the instuctions for it the official ones dont work so email me email me detailed intructions that arent the official ones

  • Izoth

    Thanx very much Foxeh, I factory/reset my phone and when it booted up it was running android 2.1 LOL hell yea :)

    • Foxeh

      I’m happy to hear it worked out for you. :D

  • Dan

    I have the file if anybody wants it let me know.

    • fish


      You have the file, but since moto has removed it from the site and all that, will it work?

    • jordan

      i would like it please email is sledneck247@hotmail.com

  • Jake

    I want it dude could you email it to me through my yahoo account?

  • What if I don’t have a computer…. is there any other way?

  • WaspStickULous

    Lol. To those of you who said it IS official, *cough cough* Izoth and Brent *cough cough*, what now? Care to explain why Motorola would release the Cliq 2.1 upgrade 1.) without making their own announcement, 2.) remove the “official” upgrade the same day it supposedly was released and 3.) post a message on the cliq page saying “This page is currently inactive as prelaunch testing of the software is underway.”?

    Yeah hate to say “I told you so” but I told you so… Oh wait, I don’t hate saying that. Owned.

  • Stanly

    TMONews needs to fix this story. This is NOT the main release. It is a soak release for those who signed up for it. That’s why the page was yanked.

    I’m a tester and 2.1 is very, very fast on the CLIQ…faster than 1.5 actually. You have to give it about an hour or so after you upgrade to fully sync and then it will be fast (it is slow while it is syncing).

    • David, Managing Editor

      I just got home, I’m fixing it now.

  • Rhandy

    Well, I have it too and it’s very slow.
    This sucks without Live Wallpapers and Multi-touch…
    We waited for 10 months for this? Oh! Come one!!

    That’s the official release. They even wrote the Release Notes already.
    Here is the link for the upgrade. I downloaded it and uploaded it to MediaFire:


  • fish

    I got everything from the link that Tom gave. I updated, it went flawlessly.

    Only thing is some apps kept force closing. Fixed that by uninstalling and reinstalling them.

  • spongebob71

    Wait… what happened… I followed the instructions now my Cliq is running Honeycomb… DON’T I WISH! Freakin MOTO… get with the program. Looks like this time… only droid does.

  • Dan

    In the process of uploading to a file share site. Will post link or email link when it is done.

  • Dan
  • orge

    does it come with multitouch???? i rooted my cliq and installed the 2.1 myself but dont have multitouch…i thought 2.1 suppose to come with it….right now the phone doesn’t have the Update thing anymore, how can I get the real 2.1 from moto now???

  • geodude

    Change the title of this post since it’s misleading Tmonews editor/admin ID10-ts. I was sure I got the update but turns out it’s only a “soak”

  • Ivan

    Okay, so I cant update my CLIQ anymore or what O.o

  • fish

    you can update…look for user Tom in this thread…he’s got a link to a site with everything, even the moto direction web pages saved as pdf docs. I updated mine just fine using that.

    when they publish the real version for everyone how will my updates work if any? do i have to reinstall 2.1?

  • Deff

    Guys, I know this was already resolved but those of you looking for closure, this was a BETA. On the OFFICIAL motorola forums, they were giving the 2.1 update to only 2,000 people. They were to write their feedback on the forums and then they would fix the bugs. The real, bug free, NOT looping version of the firmware is going to come out mid-November for T-mobile isn’t even getting trained for the update until November 7th. Just dig around, you’ll find all the answers you need on the MOTOROLA forums.

  • DatNizzle

    Mine rebooted like 3 times in a row but finally it started up. I would leave it alone I almost messed with mine thinking it was hung up at the magenta square, but after a while it kept going. Give it time.
    You do get a few new features, but it is pretty slow. hope the final release is a lot better.

  • Cat Isidor

    LOL Oops. But I used that page to update and it works fine for me so far. LOL

    • luis santana

      I would like it if you can,please send it to my e mail

  • Tony

    I have the file :) I’m updating right now :) any one want it?

    • spinner49

      i want it plzzz

  • fish

    ok I’ve got a problem. All the numbers that were on my sim card are now gone except for the information numbers and 2 or 3 people. Where did all my numbers go after i did this update?

    And I can’t find the synchronization app for my numbers on the t-mobile server…where is that and what’s it called?

    I checked my contacts on the website and they all appear to be there…how do i get them back onto my phone?

    • notme

      on tmo’s website there is the mobile backup tool.. look for a syncronize button in the tool.

  • fish

    ok…mobile backup tool is not available for android 2.1

    what i ended up doing is copying the contacts from the website and putting them into a spreadsheet in a .CSV format and imported that file into google contacts. They showed up on my phone almost immediately. I already had some in google contacts but i dunno how they got there.

  • Wicked1

    I ended up having to wipe my phone, got stuck in the Motoblur > Stick Together repeat loop. Lost my texts, and notes, but overall all happy with the update. Loving Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds

  • chrisrj28

    So for the ones that updated, did it wipe everything?

    • DatNizzle

      No it did not. I still had my apps. And bookmarks, updates but does not wipe.

  • mtristan21

    will someone please email me the update…PLEASE! mtristan21@yahoo.com

  • tony smalls

    I need the update emailed to me if possible someone tarintino07@gmail.com

    • mrgreen

      if its not to much to ask i would like the update too agreen760@yahoo.com please and thank you!!

  • dez

    Could some1 also please email me the update? Its been over a year with this CLIQ. Desmond426@yahoo.com

  • nano

    Hey I got an ota notice asking to update to eclair but when it finished installing it was all the same are they trying to roll out the update already??? Or did I get somekind of preupdate???

  • miguel

    Can someone send me the update! will my phone just recognize it and use it? mortuno@sbcglobal.net