Samsung Galaxy Tab Rumored To Launch

While we’ve got a pretty good idea as to what kind of pricing we might see with the Galaxy Tab, the one piece of information we didn’t have was exactly when we would need to break open the piggy bank. Well have no fear, TmoNews is here! See what I did there, I rhymed? Ok well its Friday evening and I’m running out of jokes but what’s not a joke is the above image and its alleged release date of the 10th of November for the Galaxy Tab. While the image itself isn’t T-Mobile corporate and comes via a T-Mobile dealer ninja, we’ve been able to confirm with our corporate side ninjas that the 10th is spot on as the penciled in release date. With a possible $399 price point that leaves you about 2.5 weeks to scrounge for loose change under the couch to plunk down for this 7 inch bad boy.

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