Samsung Galaxy Tab Details Come To Light, $399 After Rebate?

At this point there isn’t much we don’t already know about the Galaxy Tab heading the Magenta way but two questions have lingered, price and release date. Given the above image (and assuming its legit, real, believable etc) we believe we can safely say at least one of those questions has been answered with a price that comes in right about where we thought it would be given Sprint’s leaked pricing. It looks as though this came to us via a T-Mobile dealer partner and not the corporate office itself but we have little reason to believe pricing would be different between the two. To be honest I can’t say this pricing is far off from where it should be, given the iPad’s popularity with pricing that exceeds the Tab in every capacity. I’m not sure what expectations were when considering the pricing for something that can’t be considered a phone or a computer, so pricing somewhere in the middle makes sense, as I see it. Of course, I’ll look to the comments to be proven otherwise but forgive me if I don’t express disappointment; I think this pricing won’t deter the massive success predicted for Galaxy Tab sales. One more shot follows comparing the Tab to the iPad, T-Mobile style!


  • David Thomas

    $400? What?

  • PoloKidd

    This is a great product..and the price is great

    • ssdf

      are u kidding??? price is great?! what are you smoking? or you must be ballin in money…

      649 no contract is near the full price of vibrant. youre trying to tell me the best subsidy tmo could come out with is $250 with a 730 day contract!!

      waiting for playbook’s pricing to decide whether i should just get the next gen ipad bc you know that price will stay the same. apple is predictable in that sense

      this device for this much is a fail, and it seems this price will def hold true based on sprint’s docs also

      • The Franchise

        The Vibrant is $499 no contract.

      • PoloKidd

        If you think about it that price is no worse than At&t’s pricing on the apple ipad..
        by the way the playbook isnt gonna have anywhere near as many apps as the samsung tablet will have.

  • du57in

    I hate to say it, but I’m slightly disappointed. I would much rather pay $499 for a WiFi only version, then have to pay for a SIM slot that won’t allow calls.

    What will be interesting is what’s really inside. There are certain members of the Android community who could easily enable cellular radio for talk IF the right components are inside.

    Then again, who really wants to SIM swap between a 7″ slab that you can only use a headset with, and your normal device? I say WiFi only FTW.

    • The Franchise

      I agree. If they really wanna compete and take down the ipad they need to have a better price point. It will be interesting to see what RIM sets as the price for the Playbook too. Watch Apple release the rumored 7in ipad and price it at $399.

    • immadroid

      what about using google voice?
      and i’ve seen a video that shows it does allow calls through speakerphone or while using a headset

      • David Thomas

        Video chat is available on the US-version, but calling, even with a headset, is disabled on the stateside Tab.

  • Bob

    i-pad is 1024 x 768, not 1024 x 600, makes a a big difference. Price is too high unless it can be used on a line I’ve already got. I’m not buying another line of service just to use it.

    • NiiDiddy

      i don’t get your point. ipad almost 10inches larger and the tab is 7inches. 1024X600 on a 7inch is perfect and easily on par if not better than ipad. gotta take into consideration sizes and resolution, but not resolution! imo

      • You are correct the pixels on the tab is more densely packed which makes for a better picture. the iPad has over two more inches but only about 100 or so more pixels.

    • Concept

      A hundred pixel difference do not mean jack. How similar resolution with a physical screen size differences of diagonal 2.7 inch is a HUGE difference. The galaxy tab has a higher density screen ( higher pixel pee inch density)

      • Bob

        If you own a 1024 x 600 netbook, you know what I mean — it gets the job done but the extra 168 pixels do make a difference and feel like a luxury. Given the scale on the 7″ screen it’s fine. But when you use and iPad it’s comfortable to browse standard web pages. I have feeling this is going to feel cramped relative to that experience. As for big difference, it’s a big difference to me, opinions vary. I’d rather have the extra pixels if I could so I could browse in a vertical orientation.

    • ConceptVBS

      The problem for you is the extra pixels are HORIZONTAL, not vertical.

      So your argument of wanting a better vertical scrolling experience is invalid by your statement.

      1024 is the VERTICAL resolution.

      600 (or in your case 768) is the HORIZONTAL resolution.

      • Bob

        Interesting. I didn’t say I wanted a better vertical scrolling experience. I’m browsing in a vertical mode, ie portrait, the screen is 168 pixels wider horizontally on the ipad than it would be on this device. I want that extra space so I don’t have to scroll horizontally. I want the entire width of the page to fit in the horizontal space.

        But as you pointed out, my netbook analogy is technically incorrect because that experience is 1024h x 600v rather than 600v x1024h. I still feel like the netbook is too small but it’s a different issue. I’m still wondering it this will be too small also.

  • The Franchise

    That price seems a little high to me. $649 non contract. You can get a laptop for that.

    • ssdf

      a really nice laptop

    • vin

      Or you can get a galaxy tab!

  • Rilesman

    I also would be interested in

    1) 3G AND phone call capability (prefer HSPA+)


    2) WiFi only with lower price

  • scott perkins

    when are we gonna et to see how much tmobile is going to charge monthly for this

  • Vibrant Guy

    Its not too bad. If you can’t afford it, then don’t get it. Making these devices require a lot of work, time, and effort. We have to take care of the people that create these things for our enjoyment. Remember that…please.

    • 2FR35H

      $650 for this isn’t too bad? that is a joke right? You do realize the cost to make these devices are like 25%-50% of what we pay the other 50- 75% is pure profit. A tablet is much lesser than a laptop so why should people pay more for less? Its like purchasing a bicycle for the price of a used car. It makes no sense.

      And also remember that people aren’t overflowing with money.

  • MC

    Sorry but this price is still too high. Knock 100 dollars off and you hit the sweet spot. 400 bucks + 2 years of monthly service is not a good deal in my books. The monthly contract is going to have to be really low to get anyone interested.

  • jk

    649….I’d rather pay the extra 50 bucks for the 64GB ipad wifi only version.

    • Al

      AMEN !! I never thought these wordS would come from my lips but IPAD HERE I COME

      • k-mack

        They call it the Galaxy Tab, not an ipad!…that is apple’s device, dude.

      • zazou

        I agree… Especially since the new Ipads will be announced in a couple of months.. I am sure they will have cameras and the IRIS display along with a few more features.. Samsung should have entered at a lower price point.. But then again there is always Notion Ink’s Adam.. that is if they ever release it…

  • Win

    I was told that we would have the iPad 2 by Dec. So it may be good to wait and see. Because the iPad marketplace is so much better than android marketplace. Android will win the war because they will have more smartphone and tab’s but if you want something that work with all your toys, then you need to stick with Mac stuff. I hate apply but there stuff just works better then anything else.

    • Al


    • ConceptVBS

      I told of a Galaxy Tab 2 coming right around the corner.

  • Al

    One word for you David, Managing Editor. You are sure a Tmobile A_ _ kisser. You can really tell us this is a fair price !!!!!
    Balony, way too expensive.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Yes, I have zero problem with the pricing when considering what comparable Tablets are going for, I’m confident in my response to that, absolutely. I believe its a fair price, deal with it, if you don’t agree, don’t agree but don’t resort to insults.

      • Al

        the thruth hurts I guess. Good paying for it.

      • ssdf

        completely agree with Al.

        its really not an insult…

        • David, Managing Editor

          I would think calling me an a** kisser quite nicely fills the bill as an insult, I’ll call T-Mobile out if and when I feel its necessary to do so, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. In this particular case on this particular subject I don’t think the price is bad, but thats why I left it open in the second to last one, to be told I was wrong. Give me a break…I’m most often a voice of reason for you guys, in this case I don’t think its bad. Respect my opinion as you want me to respect yours.

      • mikeeeee

        7″ screen googlenav device is way cheaper than a 5″ garmin GPS and with all the other ANDROID apps this thing is made to ride on an 18 wheel dashboard.

        @al, i could tax deduct this as a business tool and deduct the line data charge as well.

      • Al

        I apologise David. But U cater too much to Tmobile. I dont believe this article is objective. That much money for a 7″ compare to ipad 9.7″ is way too much and I predict this will not fly. If ipad comes out with a 7″ it will be lower that Samsung.

        • David, Managing Editor

          I don’t believe I pander to T-Mobile in anyway. I agree that Sprint/T-Mobile and likely Verizon and AT&T will price this right around the same and I think its justified. As for catering to T-Mobile, I say again that I will knock T-Mobile time and time again when its warranted, plenty of readers around these parts will back that up. I don’t believe this is anything more than my personal opinion, you can take it for what its worth which is exactly why I stated you could prove me wrong in the article.

      • Al

        I think that by reading the comments here David I am not alone. Most Negative toward price

      • k-mack

        I easily side with David on this one. Al, you are seriously drinking the apple koolaid! You are comparing the locked down ipad which is basically a big clunky heavy ipod touch to this sweet Android device?! the ipad is $629!!! The point is you are paying way more with an ipad and you aren’t getting it back! This Galaxy Tab is priced decently and is the right size. Why don’t you see any ipad’s around?…because it’s too big and nobody wants to carry it anywhere!! if apple is making a smaller one it’s because they know they have to, to compete. and I would put money on it that it will NOT be cheaper than the galaxy tab! lol!

      • Foxeh

        It seems Apple has started a trend in selling giant PDAs that cost more than computers. Granted, almost all computers within that price range aren’t worth the distress that comes from dealing with them. At least manufacturers are finding a way to increase margins.

        I’m not sure I can call the pricing for this 7″ unit “fair” but it is “competitive.” Apple proved the market will bear it so we’ll see how the public reacts to this one.

      • john

        Agreeing with David. Why don’t you guys whine about the prices of $60 for new video games? “wtf the disks cost like 10 cents to make wtf?!” You & I both know why, it’s not about the cost of making the device. It’s because you’re paying for a quality product and all the research that went into it.

        (Now I rant) F***ing greedy idiots. Don’t bitch just because you want something and can’t afford it, I see this on every cell phone/tech site and it makes me sick. You don’t need this sh**, yes I want it as badly as any of you do but guess what I don’t let it ruin my day if I have to save my money for the NEWEST top of the line tablet/phone/laptop/game system/whatever. Take a deep breath & go walk outside, realize life is f***ing incredible.

      • FunkmasterC

        You have to pay to play – come on folks – it is a business. They are in this to make money. Go find a wifi version if you want to complain about the 3G pricing.

    • flanker

      Interloping troll.

    • NiiDiddy

      i have to chime in on this. the truth hurts?? what truth?? boy, this is a website catered for t-mobile fans and current customers. We get all the info here, rumors, devices, issues, etc here. David and crew have even called out t-mobile when t-mobile needed to be called out. they have been our voice of reason and continue to do so. i feel the “a_ _ kisser” statement is stepping out of line. everyone has opinions and if your opinion says it’s too expensive, well that’s your opinion. if David feels it’s reasonable, well then that’s his opinion. i also have my reasons for not liking this Tab but price is certainly NOT one of them. do you see me running around here calling people names? c’mon…..!!!

    • Win

      9.7 sorry

    • Rpinazo

      @Al Bundy,… Chill out! The Ipad is almost irrevelant after the Playbook was announced and the The Tab kicks Ipad’s ass. If your not willing to pay a little more than the Ipad is gladly waiting for you!!!!!!

    • 2FR35H


      I see alot of appleware where i go to college.

      MacBook pros IPhone 4 3g 3gs 2g apple iPod touch and so on even apple iPads.

      And heavy? 1.6lbs is heavy to you?? then you are weak.

      You never seen any tablets besides iPad around.

      • k-mack

        i wasn’t talking about appleware, i was talking about ipads. yes, they are heavy for a device of that functionality. no i’m not weak, d a. you will be seeing a lot more tabs than any ipads, guarantee it.

    • Yemi

      I cant get why people are saying this is too expensive. Ipad 3G at comparable spec and 16GB is $629 (remember AT&T does not subsidize it). This tab is priced just right. And I think Samsung is making a mistake by not making the WIFI only version for folks who do not want 3G and contract. But then again it will probably be $399 and people will still complain.

      Even Blackberry’s playbook will be priced around the $350 t0 $450. No Cheap gadgets lol

  • low

    i cant believe people want this product after the behold ,and my phone the vibrant issue ,fix my phone first ,i will never buy a samsung product untill they do right by me ,by the way no ota fix yet ,boy htc is looking like a nice company too me now

    • 2FR35H

      Oh please STFU! The behold 2 is not a tablet so it is irrelevant and the samsung vibrant is a great device and the OTA has been on the rollout if you haven’t heard and if you haven’t received it and tried manual fixes that is your loss. Yeah HTC is looking great while you can’t have permanent root just turn it off and back to how t-mobile wants your phone.

      • low

        first of all get off samsung d&%k ,you bi&^%h, you the a&&hole that would never talk to anyone in person like that so you have to be a forum gangster samsung sucks bit*^h boy,go ahead and buy the product, i really dont give a F%@k, some off us buy our phones cash without a contract ,my n1 is better than my vibrant ,and my g2 is on the way all toys for me nerd ,

      • 2FR35H

        Congratulations you just proved your idiocy. Your reply sounds like something a 5 year old little girl would say. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were.

      • low

        2fr35h congradulations you just prove to me that your a ass , your a little college boy trying to find yourself ,remember respect receive is respect given ,go play with your phones and feel good about yourself

  • NiiDiddy

    Price is not bad. It’s just not for me, especially being sold through mobile networks. If I were Samsung, I’d manufacture the Tab with 3G/4G/Wifi w/voice, but sell it at retail stores. That will give customers the option to choose whether they will buy it for wifi only or for voice/data through participating networks. Laptop manufacturers do that with their business models. It can be done, I know. But hey, I’m not Samsung.

  • Brian

    The non contract price is way to high. I don’t want 3G. I guess I will stick with the iPad.

    • Inertiaman

      Bingo. Higher price w/out a data plan than the (cheapest) iPad? That’s gonna be a deal breaker for the average consumer. There are a lot of people (myself included) that will consider a tablet to be a household device and therefore only want to run it over WiFi. I know Samsung is trying to market this as a mobile device, and of course there are some that want to use it that way. But I would guess that mobile users, at least those willing to pay for any extra monthly data plan, make up maybe 25% of the consumers considering a tablet purchase. I would be interested to see the sales numbers of WiFi vs. 3G iPads, and the number of users that have active data plans as well. $650 for WiFi only is too much, in my opinion. But, I guess we’ll see what the market can bear. If it doesn’t sell enough at those price points, the discounts will come.

      • ColoradoGray

        Across the board is is $50 cheaper than the comparable 3G iPad. Now, if you don’t need the mobile data service then wait for the wifi only version. Comparing the prices of the current Tab to the wifi only version just isn’t fair.

      • Inertiaman

        I agree, if and when they produce a WiFi only version then we can compare those. But, at the moment these are all we got. Not trying to be argumentative, I’m just thinking from the point of view of the average consumer.

      • ColoradoGray

        Fair enough. Though in the interest of fairness I was incorrect. The Galaxy Tab is actually $20 more expensive than the comparable 16 gb iPad. That is not good.

  • ao

    dont understand why at the top where it outlines the tab it says it has a 5MP camera on the back and when they put it head to head it says there is only a 3.2MP camera

    • TMOprophet

      Because the people who made the internal mock ups shown here are morons.

      The rear camera is a 3.2mp

      5mp would have been just a tad bit too midrange…lmao, only the best for 500+

    • 2FR35H

      Because the 2nd photo is a copy and paste job. Note at the bottom of tmonews’s water mark it says “prietary information.” sure does look like something was cut off there .. you know because the first picture has it non cut. So I would believe the 5mp.

      • TMOprophet

        It’s not a 5MP, it’s 3.2, I think this was established everytime the tab has leaked out

      • TMOprophet

        It’s not a 5MP, it’s 3.2, I think this was established everytime the tab has leaked out

  • vinny

    3G and you can not make phone calls? Forget it, Do not understand this thinking at all. All the data being rammed thru these pads and they won’t add phone calls? Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

  • mikeeeee

    I need a device that can make and receive UMA calls.

    I need an ANDROID for mobile heavy lifting, like finding stuff and other tasks in that vein.

    right now i can go 2 ways…

    get the DEFY or get the TAB and use it in conjunction with my samsung KATALYST.

    nice thing about having 2 devices is you can talk and compute simultaneously.

    going to be a tough call.

    hey with a 2 week trial i can do both.

    • 2FR35H

      That is the benefit of being on tmo

      because you can have one device and do both.

  • cellswag5

    If they really want to sell these things. The wifi only should be 500 and the data plan one should be 250 to 300. But oh well better off gettin a ipad. Hopefully they make one the same size as the tab. I love the tabs size. That’s what draws me to it. Oh well sigh……

  • If the screen would be as big as the iPad, I’d be sold. I’ll hold onto my jailbroken, Tmo iPad for the time being. Otherwise else, I hope this thing really takes off.

  • artiepants

    hahahahahahhahaha, $400 WITH a 2 year contract????

  • kebanyo

    Its funny how the rear facing cameras on both the pictures are different. One says its a 5mpx while the other one say 3.2mpx. Now, huh, why would that be?

  • Mike

    why are yall complaining about the price cheap a**es the ipad is $499.99 and doesn’t have a rear or front camera and with thr galaxy tab you can expand the storage with a sd card unlike ipad stop complaining if you can’t afford it o well

    • Brian

      People are complaining because 1. Apple overprices everything and this is higher 2. There is no wifi only version 3. The Android market does not have a separate category for apps made for a larger screen like the Apple store.

      I like the idea of the FFC but the rear camera to me is useless. I may just pick up an overseas version with voice.

    • James

      Well, because the iPad does not require a 2 year contract (which will likely cost you an additional $1k-2k). The non contract price is $650. For many people an additional contract isn’t needed. And just to add, it’s $399 with 2 year contract AFTER a $50 mail in rebate for the T-Mobile Samsung Tab

      • Inertiaman

        $1k-$2k for a 2 year contract? $30 x 24 mos = $720, no? Or maybe, you were talking about a voice + data plan. Nm.

  • artiepants

    also, i like how they left battery life off on the comparison chart…

    • Bob

      Your right Artie, that’s a pretty huge thing to leave off. I’ve heard 7 hours on the tab, which is not quite up to par with the ipad.

  • Zapote21

    I think its an excellent price and I will be buying one full price!

    • Al

      A sucker born every second

      • Chuck

        So because he wants to spend HIS hard earned money on a product that he finds compelling hes a sucker? Lol stop trolling this article dude. Youve already made it VERY clear that you dont want one, so why are you still here? Go drink your apple Kool Aid.

  • somebody

    4.3 inch screen on hd7 is good enough for me if it ever comes out….

  • JP

    What if they come out and say you can use this with your existing $30 data package? Then the price wouldn’t be an issue. Fat chance on this ever happening.

    Just hope the data package is attractive enough to dish out that much cash for this thing.

  • Tmobilenator

    Honestly I really don’t see a point for having this. There is nothing I can do on this that I can’t do on a G2/vibrant. the only difference is that its bigger. I’ll save the $400 and have fun at the local strip club!

    • somebody

      yess ^^^^

      i like the way you think sir

    • Chuck

      IMHO the only other Android tablet worth maybe having at this point would be the Adam tablet. But I honestly don’t think it will ever come out.
      Ive had some hands on time with the Galaxy TAB and its a really nice device. If you really think about it, the price isnt too much different from the iPad yet this device has the potential to do much more.

  • thaghost

    too expensive. you can find a decent tab wit 2.1 for under $200. it has wifi and a ffc(no mic tho). it is not as good as the galaxy tab but it can save u $550 or the restrictions of a 2yr contract.–Notebooks_c1386?gclid=CIruw77mxqQCFU7u7QodQRBMDQ

    • thaghost


    • TMOprophet

      100 percent agreed, way too expensive, especially with no voice :(

      If some people want to pay this much then I say it must be nice to have that kind of money to throw around on junk that clearly isn’t worth it.

      I say wait for the Adam tab, the high end version should be comparable in price and might be a better tablet altogether.

  • TMOprophet

    No voice is a deal breaker, but then how does it do video chat without the voice capabilities???

  • Why does the top graphic say there is a 5.0 MP Rear Facing Camera and the lower comparison one say 3.5? Also the lower one one calls it a Galaxy Pad?

    • TMOprophet

      they are idiots…thats why

    • 2FR35H

      2nd photo is a copy and paste job!

  • Al

    How brave of you k-mack not allow me to reply. We will see who will drink the cool aid

  • mmeyer4663

    Can’t wait to see the WiFi only price once it come out!
    Last thing I need is another monthly payment to T-Mobile for another data package.
    +, with the HD2, I can just tether if I have to.

  • alex32g2

    call me old school but ill stick with a laptop…

  • The big question is, with the GPS work on the Galaxy Tab?

    I, too, think this is too high. It really depends on how much the data plan is. The iPad data plans are $15 or $25/mo and they are pay-as-you-go. You don’t have to sign up for an additional $360-$600 data plan.

    I have yet to find an app on Android that is better than the same app on iOS. Most of the time the app on Android is inferior. Not to mention many iOS apps that have been customized for the iPad.

    Everyone is going crazy over FFC. The only reason is that the iPhone made them popular. Before that, I don’t think you’d ever see a “it doesn’t have a ffc” complaint. How many people are really do video calling? How many people are actually going to use the cameras on the the Galaxy Tab?

    Since Apple just added RFC and FFC on to the iPod touch, I would be surprised if the next version of the iPad doesn’t have both.

    I have a Samsung Vibrant. I don’t really see a need for a larger version of it. I’d much rather go with an iPad which will give me enhanced apps to what I have on my iPod touch.

  • Special K

    Honestly, the price is okay if you ask me. I strongly feel that 300 bucks subsidized would make these things fly pff the shelves. Either way, just like webconnect products, it will be a niche market until tabs become more standard. I would not purchase this at the price. I still feel like tabs are in home laptop replacements. I will wait till next year on a tab. I got an Alienware m11x that completely kicks booty. Small and compact, but plays all the games I enjoy.

  • James

    Looks like I’ll be getting a WP7 phone after all. Oh, well. :(

  • broke asses

    you people are so funny, everyone wants to use these products for free or on another line, its a different type of product. If you cant afford the extra 40 dollars a month for internet access, then dont get one. stick to you cell. and all you ppl are complaining cuz you cant have wireless tethering and wifi hotspots on the g2, if you want those features, pay for it. losers.

    • The point is one shouldn’t have to pay for tethering. It is a standard part of 2.2 that companies DISABLE so they can charge for it.

      People say there is an Apple premium tax. The iPad data plans are only $15 and $25/month, not $40. Seems like the Galaxy Tab is the one with the premium tax on it now.

  • umm

    i bet you ppl are the type to buy a base model camry, and complain because you dont get the delux package included for free, “well the car is made to be able to have a moon roof and auto windows, toyota should give them to me for free” idiots.

    • Oce

      It’s not just that the price is too high, its just that for that price range, most people would choose an iPad over this. I know I will.

    • Are you then saying the Galaxy Tab is a base model camry and the iPad is the deluxe package?

      It’s as Oce says, the price is two high. It’s more like at this price (and contract) one is paying for a deluxe package and getting a base model.

  • HD2/Vibrant/G2 User

    A android tablet is useless. As a phone os its great. Id rather have win7 on a tablet it makes it more of a laptop than just a oversized phone. Thats just my two cents though.

  • Cassie

    Love this thing, awesome

  • Ace

    More Samsung garbage…great. $400.00 bucks worth.

  • Bob

    After looking at it, to have a wifi ipad with the same 32Gb of memory is $599. To have a 3G enabled ipad with the same memory is $729. You still don’t get single camera on the ipad (yet) and data costs about the same both places. The apps will not be comparable, but if you primarily want to browse, email, and watch video etc — this is actually a pretty desirable device. I at least want to check one out.

    • How do you know the data costs are about the same both places? Did I miss someplace where TMo announced what the 2 year contract cost would be? I know the add-on for Android data is $25/mo. Is that all the plan will be for the Tab? What about taxes?

      On the iPad the data plan is optional and you can sign up for one month and then not for the next, so you don’t have to pay the $25/mo, whereas you will have to with the subsidized Tab. Also you can opt for the lower $15/mo plan if you don’t use that much data.

      • Bob

        I’m assuming $30 for a real data plan. I don’t consider the 200MB plans viable in any way. If it’s $59 forget about it. That’s too much to pay for data.

  • Chuck

    This is about at the price point I was expecting it to be. If its not as laggy as one of the early demo models I got my hands on, I most likely purchase it at full retail. No contracts for me thanks especially if I can tether through my vibrant.

    • tgeek

      ditto, prefer to buy this off contract and tether it to my nexus one.

  • mtnman

    First of all I have to say that I’m kinda new to this site. I’ve only been coming here for about 2-3 months so far. And I have to say I love this site. Why? Because I not only have T-Mobile and want to know all about what’s going on with my Magenta, but also to hear feed back from others as to whay they think as well.

    David, I just have to say don’t let them get you down. Like anything you’re doing the best you can with what you have. I really don’t understand some people, they don’t care about anybody or anything except themselfs.

    I’ve been with Tmo for over 5 years now, and I’ve been as frustrated as most people on here. I’ve seen them pass up stuff like Video and TV service and being slow as snail in the winter to get 3G up in my area. As well as not having the best smartphones out there, but I’ve stayed with them. They have the best CS out there by far, and the lowest prices. Sure you’ll never find the perfet company, if there is one, let me know.

    People complaining that this is way too high and that the iPad will kill this and that David is a T-Mobile A** kisser, I have to ask why are you here in the first place?

    I mean reall this site is called Tmo News! Not AT&T news, not Sprint, not Verizon, Tmo. So if you HATE Tmo and really can’t stand it, if you think that AT&T or whoever is better, then (again) why are you here? And there’s no need what so ever to be calling anyone any names. Why, I just don’t see it, (maybe it’s me) but I don’t hardly ever curse becuase I don’t find a need for it. I do curse when I get really mad sometimes, but I appoligize for it because we all sometimes let it slip. Even heard my Pastor one time.

    So again if you hate T-Mobile why no go to AT&T, why not head over and check out Sprint forums? It would be like my pastor saying how evil Satan is and then going to a Devil worship meeting.

    For the record David, your doing a fantastic job, and not I’m not a** kissing. Love this site, keep up the good work.

  • Chuck


    Took the words right out of my….fingers.
    Well said man.

  • mtnman

    If the price of the Tab remains the same, then (for me) it’s kinda high, since I can get a laptop for half the price for what I need it for. Since I don’t travel all that much, or hardle go anywhere (except to my couch) then for me a laptop would do a lot more.

    Now as for the price when used as a mobility device, some will argue that they can to more with a laptop, but then a laptop is heavier than this and plus battery life is not as great. So having something light and portable just for light applications might be worth it. After all my Vibrant is $499.00 w/o contract and the Tab has a 7″ scren. Lack of voice is a problem, but look at it this way, are you really going to be in the asile of a grocery store holding this to your ear? Ohh you’ll get noticed alright.

  • mtnman

    Remember when people walked aroud with “Boomboxes” on their shoulders? Next you’ll see people walking around with 20″ Tabs/iPads on their shoulders making calles. Or they’ll have video conferanceing. “Tonight on Channel 5 action news, a man was struck by a bus in the cross walk while talking to his girlfriend on the new 20” inch Tab. “Yes ma’am my name is Bubba, I seen the darn fool just walk into the street talking to the electonic gizmo thangy. I yelled out “Look out for the…next thang I know he was hitchn’ a free ride all the downtown”.

  • darkknight49

    geez people, its simple. If it’s too expensive, don’t buy it. The price will go down and then you can buy it.

    You don’t need the damn thing, and still, this is more than on par with a netbook which is exactly what this thing would be competing with (because thats what the iPad competes with.)

  • Danny

    I was hoping T-Mobile would differentiate itself from the pack by adding a HSPA + radio. Oh well.

    I’ll get one anyways as I always do. ;-)

  • Jhon Deo

    Two year contract for a tablet PC?!! WTF!?!? The thing will be outdated in 6 months. I don’t even like the iPad that I have but I’ll stick with it, over getting roped into a 2 year contract.

    • barkfark

      Contract only required if you want a discount on the device, company has to make their money back for the device. if you wanna pay full price for it, Even more Plus is definately an option. Price to pay for technology.

      • Doppio

        $250 discount does not warrant a two-year commitment. And “definately” is definitely not an English word.

  • Ricardo

    I’m just going to list a few thoughts on the subject.

    As an overall tab, the specs on this are better then the Ipad. FFC and RFC and a few other things. The biggest difference are the ecosystem and support. The android market is on the way up but it is not comparable to the support the ipad received before and right after launch. Though the Ipad was rushed to market, it still performed real well.

    Samsung is approaching this like apple except they need to assure potential buyers as to when the wifi version will be released.

    Tmobile would score huge points if we could pay a single price for data on our phone and the tab.I wouldn’t mind paying an extra five dollars a month for data to cover the up keep of their network.

    I find it funny that many of the arguments here about price (could buy a laptop at that price) are the same made towards the Ipad. Boy did that not turn out well?
    We can’t expect Samsung to do what i consider a better job for cheaper.

    Worse thing that can happen now is that apple announces a new model with video chat capabilities. Many people will just buy that.

    • Jesse

      article is by fanboys, for fanboys.

      No, it doesn’t have the android market, because froyo doesn’t support non phone resolution app’s yet, so it would be pointless anyway.

      Ricardo is probably the only person not drinking the google cool-aid the the point of making decent points.

      2 year data plan + basically no apps = win?

      blazing inaccuracies in this article that the author should be ashamed of:

      you mention hdmi out via a dock, but don’t say anything about the vga out on the ipad? (requires no dock)

      When you talk price, you compare it to the most expensive ipad, when you talk storage, you compare it to the smallest ipad.

      not mentioning no marketplace support.

      You can fool yourself, but your just fools.

      • Dee

        It does have the android market and the app is clearly visible in the first picture shown in this article… might want to get some glasses Jesse. I understand you prefer apple kool aid and thats fine but if you are going to steer someone away from the andriod beverage you might want to get your facts straight otherwise it makes your apple “cool aid” look and taste a little watered down and sugar free.

      • Iria

        Agreed. In fact, we work on Android and iPhone software; unlike the iPad with its 2x mode, apps run just fine without special coding for the different resolution.

      • somone

        it will have 2.2 but i heard word that HTC also has a tablet in the making. 7 and a 10 inch screen during the first quarter..

      • Relwal

        It does have the Android Market.
        Here is the Samsung site: click on “Specifications” it says it supports Android Market.

        Also while iPad doesn’t require a dock for VGA out, it does require an iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter ($29). A dock by any other name…

      • jonathan

        You should read up if you believe it doesn’t have the Android Market. Most tablets that are coming out do not have the Android Market because of the lack of radio bands. Read up before making yourself look stupid…

      • Dre

        @ Jesse, the author isn’t didn’t write any of that info. The pictures are clearly of internal T-Mobile documents. You can tell this because at the bottom of each it clearly states “For internal T-Mobile use only.” As for the blazing inaccuracies that you mentioned, I’m not really sure where you see those. This really isn’t even hardly an article. The author simply displayed copies of internal T-Mobile docs.

    • DavidJAX

      Umm rumor has it the new iPad will be released at the end if November and should sport rear and front facing camera. It’ll also have face time.

      • Noel Barcellos

        tsk tsk

  • Justin

    I don’t see where it says anything about the Android Market. Does anyone know if this will have it?

    • Dee

      Yes Justin it does have the android market. All android devices will always have the market and it is visible as an app on the first picture in this article.

      • cak

        Wrong, most tablets out now (sure, they are crap), do not have the marketplace. You would think this would be a major marketing deal, touting the 60,000 apps for android. This is way too expensive, for what it is. So an extra $150 for two cameras and a smaller screen. Sure, thanks samsung. I thought you losers were always whinging about how Apple are always ripping people off?

      • jonathan

        This is a false statement. Not every Android device has the market. You too need to read up…

        Although to answer this repeated question – YES, THIS HAS A *CERTIFIED* ANDROID MARKET.

    • Iria

      We’ve got pre-rel devices in house. They have the Android Market.

  • myn15

    i wanna see first what htc phone is coming to tmo that said to be with 2cameras but running WP7. i hope the screen is as big as my hd2 or a little bigger, but 4.3inc will do. but this galaxy tab, with that price? uhhmm i have to think this over and over again..

  • tmorep

    @ Ricardo… really $5 for data? Its an hspa device n u wana pay $5…. what kind of a moron are you? tmo charger $1.99 per mb on lil dumb phones and u have the nerve to ask for a $5 charge just cuz u have a smart phone? i shouldve realized by ur picture u are broke, cheap and a dumbass….

    • Ricardo

      I guess your a dumb ass because you can’t read. What does extra mean in your vocabulary. I guess in your vocabulary the word is synonymous with only cause that is the only way you could read “I wouldn’t mind paying an extra five dollars a month for data to cover the up keep of their network.” and think i only want unlimited web on a phone and TAB FOR FIVE FREAKING DOLLARS. AT LEAST ASK WHAT I MEAN BEFORE YOU NOT ONLY ASSUME STUFF BUT THEN TYPE SOMETHING STUPID. I’M ALREADY SPENDING FOR UNLIMITED WEB ON MY EVEN MORE PLUS 500 MIN TTW PLAN. THE FACT THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY 700 DOLLARS AFTER TAX FOR THIS BECAUSE I’M ON THE EVEN MORE PLUS PLAN AND GET NO NICE DISCOUNT THEN LETS SAY PAY 30 A MONTH MORE FOR THE TAB WOULD MEAN I WOULD BE SPENDING A TOTAL OF 1420 OVER A PERIOD OF TWO YEARS TO USE THIS.
      Man, there is being frugal and then there is being economical. Many of the articles on this website don’t emphasis the hit us Even More Plus plan and individuals take. Those subsidies that we don’t enjoy and the fact that there isn’t another member of the family whose upgrade i cant use really add up.

      • Sign a contract for your tab, its going to need to be on a separate account if you have a family plan anyhow, just make sure its on Even More and not Even More + and that might help with your situation, and yes you can do that as long as its two accounts. Ask the rep you buy from to put it under another account # and get your subsidies.

    • Bart The Truth

      Way to represent our company. If you are a rep, you shouldn’t disrespect a customer/potential customer like that. It is someone offering their opinion of T-Mobile adding $5 to their current data plan (which is $30) to be able to interchange devices. Who cares if that is the rate if they are buying the tab outright, they still use the same 10 gigs. Represent US better, and hopefully David is a high ranking Exec and can look up your personal email and find you and fire you. People like you prevent us from excelling and make it harder to win JDP awards.

    • Mark

      ****************Remove this post from “tmorep” please!*******************

  • Ricardo

    Thank You Bart. You clearly understood what i meant.

  • Anony Mouse

    bart and Ricardo. Ill admit that people should not use foul insultive language and attack others just to make their point, but you cannot dispute them making their point (even if it is contradictory to your own) just because you dont agree with it. I find that both parties here are at fault in this matter. Even you ricardo for going far beyong the “hey dont insult me man” and lashing back in such a sanctimonious manner. As well as you “Bart”.

    Seriously people, we are not kids here. So lets please use a little more respect…and no caps please. That is severely offensive.

    In my own opinion, ricardo states paying an extra 5 bucks month to help keep up the network. What some people do not understand, and what I think tmorep was making was that 5 dollars (even if it is “extra” to a phone plan) is not enough to keep up the network and make profit. Sure you might say you are paying “extra” but people do not understand that in order for you to use any device at all on the network is that you have to have a phone number assigned to it. Every device on cell carriers have cell phone numbers assigned to them. It is like an address to your house.

    So whether you are paying 5 bucks extra per month on top of an existing data plan for a phone, or a standalone data plan you are still just paying 5 bucks for that data plan.

    Bart, also understand that the 10 gb “cap” is for phones only. Data devices like laptop sticks and the upcoming tab will be subject to the 5GB tab instead.

    Thats my point of view of it anyways.

  • Ricardo

    Your right Anony. Sorry i lashed out like that. Thank you for not continuing the process.

    I understand that all devices must be individually accounted for when using a device on the network but t-mobile has found many ways for making profit. Here is an example. T-mobile and other networks use the idea of unlimited plans to attract users. They know that a small percentage of their customers will ever reach such a maximum. So the rest of their customers are either using a number they estimate as average or a number estimated as below average. T-mobile sets up the pricing at a point which covers just above average and at times slightly below average to be competitive and to make a profit. Even with expansion of the network t-mobile still makes a good amount of money on the greater percentage of individuals who are below average.
    There has got to be a way, even with two devices, that t-mobile can group together a 35 dollar data plan. What most people don’t realize is that most users, even heavy ones, don’t come close to 10 gigs a month. After reading what you said, i think 5 dollars should be enough to cover another device when 30 dollars is already way more then enough to cover the first one.

    • barkfark

      I’m not understanding your $5 thing. I’m reading it as you want a bundled $35 plan for your smart phone and tab. Am I reading this correctly?

      First, if you’re on Even More Plus, you might wanna visit your nearby store as you are getting overcharged for your data, Even more plus offers data at $25. The Data Only plan is $39.99, from the original $59.99. $30 is for addon to a voice plan.

      T-Mobile is one of the leading competitors as for as “cheap” can come. Now with At&t’s lack of unlimited data, the deal seems even better. If T-Mobile wanted, they could technically increase their prices and still be very competative.

      I do appologize, but your arguement of T-Mobiles avenues of profitability is null and void. The point of business is to make as much money as you can, period. With that though, T-Mobile has more departments than any of us can comprehend to provide services we often take advantage of, all at which need to be funded. When you call tech support; you expect a representative within a certain amount of time. The other 23 hours of the day that you don’t talk to that rep they are still getting paid.

      In short, the question everyone should ask themself is “why”. Why should T-Mobile significantly reduce their plans “just because”? Why do they need to inhibit their growth just so they can get out devices that will sell anyway? Why does T-Mobile need to bring in the tab at all if it will cost more than it will make? These are all questions that the decision makers are probably making before investing into such high end devices.

  • Ricardo

    Sorry. where i say 10 gigs, replace that with 5.

    • userfriendlyme

      Im kinda torn here because i can truly see both points. Its even to the point where tmobile used to offer the two data plans even for the phone one slighty less for less usage 24.99 and 34.99 was for the unlimited data usage i think. Now theres only a 30 plan. I think as a consumer and someone that has totally taken advantage of there family plans with multiple lines I would like to pay one set price for all my lines with data. I dont want to purchase a Samsung Tab and have to pay and additional data fee period but i def dont want to pay more for the data feature then what i have to pay on the 4 lines i have that currently have android data now. Tmobile is making a killing with the data plans as to even add a new line to and existing contract your required to carry 2 years of data service with the android phone your purchasing. so these data plans are obviously paying for allot more alredy then just the network support. I hate to say it but i think here is where some tier pricing needs to come in play. People need to simply be able to pick the proper amount of data for the services they need. Theres no way sadly i can even consider purchasing the Samsung Tab until there are Data plans that i can afford for every line of service i have. The data plans are making up the most of my bill monthly. So while i see both points something as a whole has to be done.

      • The two plans were the same Data wise, one came with 400 messages the other with unlimited. Other carriers actually charge more than T-Mobile does for Data. Hell with Sprint if you buy an Evo you have to pay for your Data service and a $10 surcharge because its an Evo…… and T-Mobile certainly did not do that with their first “4g” Speed phone. AT&T charges more for data as well as Verizon and in most cases the 3g network is faster than all 4… So cherish your expensive data plans for now because this service is on the rise in popularity which jacks the price up, even higher.

  • Benjamin

    That spec on the iPad is wrong. It’s 1024×768 pixels.

  • D.LaFleur

    im a even more plus plan guy i got unlimted everything just got my touch slide in june now im gonna get g2 i gotta pay full price but whatever and i got dell mini 10 i gotta pay 50 for 5gb a month so now i tehter off my phone for the min 30 month for 200 mb which is nothing at all. i would only get this tab if i could get a wifi only im not gonna get stuck in some data plan.

  • D.LaFleur

    i pay 30 mnth to never run off tmo 3g for mini 10 i go tether off my phone when im not around wifi i never go off the 3g on the dell m10 but i still gotta pay the 30 but whatever. so why cant they just come out with a tab that you can just run wifi off it. who knows

  • sean


  • Wow. lol. $650 if you don’t want to pay for a second wireless contract = FAIL.

    • remixfa

      What did you expect no contract pricing to be? LOL. Its an Ipad competitor.. how expencive is an Ipad? Heck, a Vibrant full retail is 500. Its not going to be Cheaper than its smaller screened brother. Best buy isnt going to have it any cheaper for wifi only.

      I am a little suprized that the contract pricing is so high. I was hoping for maybe 200-250 after rebate (a man can dream!!). For that pricing hopefully they deal out a special “tablet data plan” for like 15-20 bux. Otherwise, you are looking at current Webstick data pricing at 39.99 which is a little much after 400 for the device on contract.

      Heres to hoping i win one in a contest!! :)

      • Relwal

        A 32GB Galaxy Tab will be $49 less than 32GB iPad 3G.

        The $500 iPad is Wifi only. The cheapest 3G iPad is $629. The Galaxy Tab has 16GB + a microSD slot. So 32GB Galaxy Tab (including 16GB microSD card – $30 on Amazon) = $680. 32GB iPad 3G = $729.

      • It’s $20 more expensive than the iPad 3G, don’t think that’s a winning price.

  • peter
  • Al

    hey Chuck bite me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    Why does it say it has 5 megapixel on one slide and 3.2 on the other?? Is this even legit? Lol

  • Scott

    It’s overpriced for what it is, and killing the phone capability makes it useless to me. I’ll just grab a much cheaper WIFI only Android tablet, avoid yet another contract all together, then tether it to the Vibrant I carry around all the time.

    If the phone features weren’t disabled this would have tremendous appeal for me, as I could go from two big slabs of capacitive touchscreen carried around to one. But alas U.S. carriers are being boneheads and are apparently scared of it being a phone.

    • remixfa

      it still has phone capabilities. u can still use skype, google voice, or any number of calling programs.. just not Tmobile directly.

  • Fresh

    Umm, everything I’ve read about the iPad says it has a 1024×768 resolution, not 1024×600.

  • fidget

    Samsung has already announced a wifi only version will follow their wireless carrier models. I’m going to wait for this. Definitely will NOT pay for a second data plan. My phone suffices during the day, and when I’m home I can see using a tablet instead of my laptop. Wifi only will be perfect! Methinks 6 months from now there’ll be at least half a dozen Android wifi only tablets to pick from. I’m happy wait and not be an early adopter.

  • Sunfire

    If you look carefully, you will in fact see that the two images posted don’t match up in every respect. Of course they don’t, until the official devices are completed and shipped, and t-mobile releases actual specs, things can change. It is likely that the one that shows a 3.2 mp camera on the back is an older sheet and t-mobile and samsung agreed on bumping it up to the 5mp to be more competitive. The manufacturer (samsung in this case) and the carrier (t-mobile in this case) go back and forth, make prototypes, test them and get feed back, then make changes often many times, so be sure you read official officially released information before you make any purchase. tmonews is clear that they are unofficial, and while usually more acurate than most, not always 100%.

    That being said, one possible option IF the device takes a sim card, and IF it isn’t blocked out, would be to take your phone sim card and put it in the tab when you don’t have wifi access. Yes, there would be drawbacks especially if the tab does indeed end up without phone capabilities, but then you could just use the same data plan… Until t-mobile blocks that out anyway…

  • Dazaraza

    I was soooo looking forward to begging my wife to let me get one of these things. Then it turns out not to support regular voice state side, now this price, I’m not letting myself get it. Not to mention the vibrant is being so poorly supported. Think I’ll just wait for the itampon to be released then they have no choice but to drop this to a reasonable price.

  • This makes me want to wait for a WebOs Tablet. I don’t see that competing with the Ipad at that price….

    Stay thirsty my friends….


    These “leaked” documents don’t look real and $399 is a pretty steep price point for a contract on a tablet. My bet is the Galaxy Tab will come in between $199-299 with a two-year contract and will retail for about $499-599 with no contact. I’m a T-Mo manager and something about these documents don’t seem right.

  • TJ

    I want the Tab, but can’t rationalize signing up to pay $399+ another data plan in addition to my current one. If it had full voice I would order today. Or, If tmo let me share my data plan or allowed for an ipad like per month I’d consider. For now I will either wait for a wifi version or see what ipad v2 looks like (7″ hopefully)

  • Kacey

    Just cancel your contract and pay the $200 ETF. Cheaper than spending $50 – $60 a month on an unneeded data plan for 24 months.

    Assuming you have the $600 to throw away. Some of us do and some of you don’t.

  • Vibrant Addict

    I don’t understand people. The iPad sells for just $20 less at the same size, 16GB wifi+3G without contract. You can expand the size with the microSD for a lot cheaper than it is to expand to a 32GB iPad ($730). This has more features overall.

    In reference to the contract, just don’t get a contract! Knowing T-Mobile they will probably discount the data for you for NOT getting a contract (EM+ plan type?)

  • somone

    it will have phone capability with 2.2 me..

  • john

    Why is T-Mobile rear camera specs diffrent from the 3.2 mp? 5.0 mega pixel?? Thats wrong.

  • john

    I have T-Mobile im changing my plan when i buy the Galaxy Tab. Im dropping my internet on my cellphone and getting talk n text plan. Galaxy Tab will be my internet web browsing.

    • Peter

      That is not a bad idea. But you wont be carrying the tab with you every where so I would suggest you lower the data plan instead of dropping it completely.

  • Peter

    Whats the point in getting this. Not HSPA+ just turned me off to it big time. Trust 3G is not as good as 3G+. If you haven’t tried 3G+, don’t comment on it. What a let down.

  • I wouldn’t put too much faith into these images. First of all the second image has the bottom disclaimer partially cut off because the image is on top of it and second, the first image says it has a 5MP Camera on the back and the second image says it only has a 3.2MP Camera on the back.
    Looks like a Photoshop job to me…

  • Steven

    I’m really disappointed in samsung not giving the US version phone capabilities, I was hoping to replace my iphone 4 with one of these,

  • Sleestak Jones

    So I happened to have a chance to play with this device, albeit Verizon. Really nice…
    First: it’s not a phone
    Second: It’s not an ipad, so why the comparison. iPad fills the void between what iPod touch leaves and a mac mini does without.

    It’s a tablet, very nice tablet as a matter of fact. Compared to a PC, it fits right in where Nokia’s internet devices leave off; screen size. Being a proud, PROUD owner of an n900, this is what nokia should be looking at, screen size. Very fast, nimble device with good vibrancy. since I have large hands, it fits perfect. The rear camera is useless to me, as tablet devices, I believe should really not have one. The FFC is what I’m accustomed to when having a good conversation over googletalk (can I say that).

    This device is for those that want an internet device, to remain connected but don’t want phones. With a plethora of applications already available, this device suddenly becomes stunning and very useful. However, 32 gig of storage would have been nice to start with….

  • JOHN

    Dont blame Samsung for the price! Its the freakin carrier that rack the price for the tablet. And also APPLE Fanboy don’t expect your 7inch IPAD with cameras to come out soon.

  • So it is very cheap then?

    • Jasonliu1068 is cheaper .

  • Anonymous

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  • In my opinion iPad is better anyway.

  • saranya

    samsung galaxy tab

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