Samsung Galaxy Tab Details Come To Light, $399 After Rebate?

At this point there isn’t much we don’t already know about the Galaxy Tab heading the Magenta way but two questions have lingered, price and release date. Given the above image (and assuming its legit, real, believable etc) we believe we can safely say at least one of those questions has been answered with a price that comes in right about where we thought it would be given Sprint’s leaked pricing. It looks as though this came to us via a T-Mobile dealer partner and not the corporate office itself but we have little reason to believe pricing would be different between the two. To be honest I can’t say this pricing is far off from where it should be, given the iPad’s popularity with pricing that exceeds the Tab in every capacity. I’m not sure what expectations were when considering the pricing for something that can’t be considered a phone or a computer, so pricing somewhere in the middle makes sense, as I see it. Of course, I’ll look to the comments to be proven otherwise but forgive me if I don’t express disappointment; I think this pricing won’t deter the massive success predicted for Galaxy Tab sales. One more shot follows comparing the Tab to the iPad, T-Mobile style!