Is This The T-Mobile HTC HD7?

With only a day left until the Windows Phone 7 Launch Party and the HTC HD7 all but confirmed for Magenta, one of our ninjas dropped something interesting in our inbox. Above you will see what seem to be the very first T-Mobile branded HTC HD7/Schubert images. The handset is virtually identical to the HTC HD7 images that had been leaked a couple of weeks ago. Our ninja also sent a specifications sheet which confirms most of what we already know and some stuff we didn’t know, such as the on-board memory. While the European version is expected to ship with 8GB of internal storage, T-Mobile’s variant will ship with 16GB of on-board storage and 576MB of RAM. The sheet also confirms that the HD7 will only be able to handle HSPA 7.2Mbps speeds. As for pricing, our tipster tells us that the T-Mobile HTC HD7 will run you $199.99 after a 2-year agreement. Sound off in the comments!

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  • Tony

    I thought this thing had to two FFCs? Also, why no support for HSPA+…shouldn’t any high end offering from T-Mobile support HSPA+ at this point?

    • Tony

      Why can’t T-Mobile give one handset all the features people want? Why does every single phone on their network have to be a compromise of some sort?

      • Justin

        What the hell would be the point in two FFCs?! Also, who’s to say what the “people” want? Maybe what you’re looking for in a phone are things I don’t need/care to have (like 2 FFCs…).

      • Rpinazo

        They do have one and it’s called The Mytouch! There will never be no satisfying everyone. Somebody will always be complaining.

    • jakemg

      Doesn’t look like there’s even a spot for one FFC on this. Really, though, that is a feature that is superfluous, IMO.


        It would be nice, if this were just photo-shopped, and not true.

  • Big Jake

    looks like Ill be of 550.00… but what to do with my HD2

  • Galen20K

    cute but no ffc?

    • Galen20K

      don’t get me wrong it looks really *HOTT** BUT why did they leave HSPA+ off of it and since they upgraded the Memory, I”m really REALLY thinking maybe they updated the SOC cpu as well. lets find out! = D

      • blah

        nope, all SoC after the first gen have HSPA+ standard on the chip. This is first gen hardware in here and probably should be considered a mid-level phone with hummingbird and 2nd gen snapdragon SoCs in the market now.


        @ blah

        Please tell me where you are getting your facts.

    • Duck Dodgers

      According to Engadget: “Pay no attention to that “Camera-2nd” listed above, as it’s not proof there’s a front-facing camera on this device — rather, the “Sample 2″ line indicates that the labs tested a pair of these phones, each with their own photo module.”

      If you go look at the HD2 FCC filings you will see there are 2 samples (Sample 1 and Sample 2) just like Engadget is stating about the HD7. I’m not convenced that it will have a FFC.

  • Timdawg919

    So in order to get a 4.3″screen from tmob I have to buy a windows mobile phone!

    • Galen20K

      I know, its mildly annoying that we can’t have a 4.3″ for our beloved Android on T-Mobile…. = /

      • danska

        If you want android on a 4.3 screen, get a hd2.. I have been running android on it for a few weeks now. works fine!

      • GPL

        Seems the only way to get a native Android phone with 4.3″ screen is to switch carriers. TMob is missing the boat here. If they come up with a way to flash the NAND on the HD2 so Winblows can be removed entirely, I’d do it. TMo started the Android race, but they are at the back of the race-every single carrier has passed them by. It’s too much to ask for a big screen Android phone from TMob, but it’s not for every carrier other than them. How sad!

      • Mark

        @Danska however Android on the HD2 kills the battery quickly. A moderate user would have to keep a charger around quite a bit.


        I thought only 2 carriers in the US have 4.3 android screens. Wait I’m right?

    • mojo-HD

      SERIOUSLY!!! did you really have to make an android comment you’ve know since the HD2 that this would be a windows phone 7 phone so why even make this irrelevent remark on a HD post, like they were not sure what OS they would put on it, like this was the momment you found out that this 4.3 was going to run windows…..( and for your answer no you don’t have to by a windows PHONE 7 phone) just wait or get a galaxy S 4″ screen close enough right…

    • mojo-HD

      SERIOUSLY!!! did you really have to make an android comment you’ve know since the HD2 that this would be a windows phone 7 phone so why even make this irrelevent remark on a HD post, like they were not sure what OS they would put on it, like this was the momment you found out that this 4.3 was going to run windows…..( and for your answer no you don’t have to by a windows PHONE 7 phone) just wait or get a galaxy S 4? screen close enough right…

      • You obviously have never seen an Evo or Droid X. 4.3″ screen, Android and FFC for the win. I understand tho. T-mo is the broke step-child of the other 3 carriers. We can’t afford the latest and greatest “perfect phone”.

      • Galen20K

        Hilton you are retarded and Ignorant but then again I’m sure you already know that.

    • Justin

      You’re absolutely right, not having that extra three-tenths of an inch of screen size almost kept me from buying the Vibrant and it’s puny 4″ screen…I knew I should have held out and waited for the 4.3″ screen of the next Android release.
      I mean, really? Are you just fishing for something to b*tch about? Get over it…

  • mojo-HD

    We’ll find out 2morrow…..but it doesn’t look any different. maybe made out of better material…I’m just ready for it all already…windows 7 is growing on me more and more with more video’s coming out…but we’ll see..

  • Deke

    I getting this, dis is what i been waiting for

  • loco

    what about the front facing camera?

    • t1 connect

      who cares about the ffc….is that all you can focus on… this is a new system…probably doesnt even support it yet.

  • bluepenny65

    I tell you…as much as I love TMO, they keep messing with us one way or the other. A new high end phone for 2010 does not run HSPA+….no 8MP camera….no FFC…not even a standard 1GB RAM??

    I waited so many months after using NexusOne to get a decent 4.3″ Android high-end phone…but no, they come out with a great new MyTouch but still 3.8″ screen. At some point, people who make these specifications for TMO need to be fired….as in fired!! And please, I hope no dummy runs in here n’ crap abt people complaining….

    • bluepenny65

      Correction….I meant a phone for 2011 up there.

    • Bill

      why would i complain about someone complaining? bit ironic i think. anyways, i need something/someone to laugh at in the mornings :)

  • fishwiz45

    I thought it was supposed to have ffc. I know some of you will jump on the flame wagon for this comment but its not a complaint just dissapointment if found to be true. a ffc is the latest greatest tech that im interested in. I have qik running on android on my hd2 windows phone. u have to turn the phone round to the back side camera so the other person can see u but its still cool to try out. and no I dont want the new mytouch. I like having windows AND android and the awesome fpsece playstation emulator on my wm phones…

    • FFC is such a neat feature. My budy used it at work to kind of teleconference the office with a former employee on a phone call. It’s so funny how people here hate on people for wanting features on T-mobile’s supposed top of the line phone to have features that have been on other carrier’s top of the line phone forever. It’s like if Ford invented the seatbelt first and we all wanted the seatbelt but Chevy couldn’t afford to put them in cars so 50% of Chevy owners were just like “here come the whiners complaining about not having seatbelts, while Ford driver’s lives were being saved.

      • Bill

        forever is a long time when it was june for the first FFC phone. what you also fail to realize is that most of the other phones that actually do have FFC, need wifi to actually videocall. the evo may be able to use the feature on the network cause of the bandwidth. fact is the FFC is a gimmick ftr (for now atleast) cause 90% of the time you will not be in a position to use it due to the other person not having the right phone/network/software or because you simply are in a position where you can’t use it (like driving).

        why push for a ftr that will drive up the price of a phone when you won’t use it enough to justify that price increase.

  • David Thomas

    Here comes the FFC Facebook/Myspace babies.

    • Galen20K

      yeah, you’re the first. Enjoy! ha

    • Marc

      Is it so wrong, for people to want certain features in their phones? Geez

  • loco

    previous specs also mentioned it would have 8 mega pixels not 5, and 4.5 diagonal screen size. I hate being disappointed.

    • NiiDiddy

      Those were RUMORS, buddy, RUMORS…those specs weren’t etched in stone. And you’re disappointed because of RUMORS???


        Yes, because he isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. The rumors were impossible, yet he believed it? Sigh.

  • Big Jake

    No… I dont think so Tim just wait till March -April-May next year, I belive T-mo has great things in store, these first devices are just the begining & Im jumping in early… as for HSPA+… Well I’d be willing to put the HD7 head 2 head with a G2, Im almost certain the outcome would be = to one another at leats till may next year… but I could be wrong.. although I doubt it :)

  • mojo-HD

    No HSPA+ would be a bust..wouldn’t make sense, unless if they are trying to sell more G2’s as the only HSPA+ phones…but this might be the EURO version and not the US. (question is TMobile oversea’s HSPA+ )

    • NiiDiddy

      No, it wont be a “bust”. Last time I checked, we were all doing fine with 3G. Dude, that hspa+ has not even made it to majority of the “major” cities, let alone other areas on the coverage map. By the times haps+ is widespread everywhere, we’d have many-a-device to choose from bearing the hspa+ radio. Damn people, damn!!

      • You live in the wrong city. We have full HSPA+ everywhere that used to be 3G in my whole second tier metro (Virginia Beach/Norfolk Va)

      • mojo-HD

        not a bust for you, but it is for me….HSPA+ all over my area in indianapolis..(now i HSPA+ is not the most important thing to me but it is a tmobile feature and I believe every super phone sense its release should come with it.

  • Aaron

    12300 mAh? lolwut? The EVO’s battery is 1500 mAh. My netbooks is like 3300.

  • blah

    Yuck, no FFC, no HSPA+ and to top it all off its still running a 1st GEN Snapdragon,, YIKES!!!!!!! Basically this is EVO hardware minus the features on the EVO that actually make it cool. FYI all 2nd GEN and up snapdragon processors are HSPA+ compliant. I dont understand how they can even simitaneously release this with the MTHD when the gpu in the MTHD is literally 3-4 better than the SoC in this admittedly hot looking piece of garbage. If M$ wanted to introduce their OS as next gen, why do it on outdated arch? Also I cannnot see those Xbox Live games actually performing well on this….. It looks like this may be the beginning of fragmentation in the WP7 arena as this certain doesnt hold a candle to the ATT 1.3mhz 2nd generation also released soon. By comparison that phone should push literally 10x the polygons as this phone yet they are released within the same time frame??? Im severally confused how they intend on making ALL xbox live phone games play across that broad of hardware gap. Its like trying to play PS3 games on PS1 hardware…

  • TheAndroidoct

    The hd2 was crap from htc that the moment it came out they discontinued it because of it’s outdated OS 6.5 windows mobile. Tmo now has the hd7 which again windows 7 OS looks like a zune player that makes calls. Windows let the door open for someone to (android) takeover the mobile OS industry… they are playing catch up.

    • manonfire

      I wish I could reach out thru my screen and slap the Android out of u.



    • NiiDiddy

      it wasn’t discontinued because of the OS 6.5. Where you getting your facts from???

  • DatNizzle

    I think phoned wit 4.3 inch screens look like Fisher Price phones. And the people using them look like they hopped off the short bus. IMO.
    I like when they wear them on hip holsters, it makes me laugh.

  • reddragon72

    Who cares?? I came from windows mobile when it was a free to mod and do as you like platform, but this new WP7S is pure iphonish crap. There developer agreement state games cannot contain violance, nudity, gore, or blood. So there got GTA on that platform. Also not being able to make the phone personal is a another downfall, at least apple saw the light, but moving some tiles around just wont cut it. Also have fun being locked down in the zune market place!

    WP7S not for me, as it is far to restrictive!

  • @Ts0cha0tik

    This is simply a HD2 slightly modified… im sure it has a slightly better processor but all in all its just a HD2 that can run Windows Phone 7 natively without any hacking. Still a 5MP camera… Still 3G… 3 touch buttons instead of 5 Hard Keys… No Keyboard… Its a HD2 just with a different form factor…

    If you have a HD2 you would be stupid to upgrade to this thing unless you are scared to run the bootloader that is going to be released soon by Cotulla which in fact just released a video of the HD2 running Windows Phone 7 using the bootloader that also allows you to run android.

    T-Mobile needs to invest in getting the real new phones on their service.

  • mikeeeee

    if it has bluetooth HID and wifi calling, it’s a winner by me.

    look at the specs of the HTC29110 that recently cleared the FCC.

    • reddragon72

      Sorry Wifi Calling wont be coming to the WP7S ever. It uses a low level API that is integrated into Blackberry and can be easily integrated into Android due to it being open. As for ANY “app” running on WP7S it cannot run in the background as WP7S lack true multitasking, and even closes apps if left in the background for more then a few minutes.

      Yep good luck with that crap!

      • themanoifsteel

        Tmobile shadow has uma & it ran windows mobile 6 so I don’t understand why wp7 can’t have it. The shadow was made by htc also so its not like they have done uma before


        @ themanoifsteel

        Think of it this way because it is true. Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 are as different as IOS is from Android.

  • To be honest T-mobile needs to bring phones to market that is a “TRAILBLAZER get like the truck lol”. To be the company that brought the first Android phone to market is but now what. Apple has stated dictating the market 1st with apps now video chat. This was MS chance to hit a grand slam and they bunt to move the runner which is another company. Bring a phone to market that takes things n a different direction.

  • NiiDiddy

    Ugh!!….people whine a little too much lately!!

  • its not whineing it beling true to a company that not with the times. Sprint customers stay cause of the handsets with crapie service

  • terry

    i don’t think people understand how little leverage a carrier like tmobile has in dictating to manufacturers what they want a phone to be capable of. microsoft has all the cards when it comes to windows mobile, so the manufacturer does what redmond says.

  • low

    looks kick ass ,,,,love to see the reviews, i wonder how windows will do against andriod and apple good luck windows ,nice looking phone htc,i will stick with my n1 and vibrant ,but thats a nice option to have around

  • alex32g2

    for some of the people..stop the whining guys. its a great phone that will do what you want. no ffc and hspa plus does surprise me but it shouldnt be a deal breaker. tmobile has the best 3g service than any network now so that makes up for it. if you want the ffc go for the mytouch..tmobile is giving you options guys. im sort of thinking that tmobile didnt add the ffc on this one to not ruin the mytouch hd sales. also tmobile didnt add hspa plus on the hd7 to not ruin the g2 sales..maybe thats their strategy?
    im sure at the end when its all settled that this phone will for sure come out with hspa plus…

    I still think my g2 (yes it has the loose hinges and 1gb on board memory but i dont care) owns the mytouch hd and hd7. I showed my g2 yesterday to two apple fanboys with their iphone 4 and they fell in love with my g2. they even wished the g2 was on att so they can get it.

    • somebody

      so they destroy the hd7 so g2 and mthd will sell

      thats retarded how about they sell phones on par with other carrier and not 6 months behind

  • It’s so funny how people here hate on people for wanting features on T-mobile’s supposed top of the line phone to have features that have been on other carrier’s top of the line phone forever. It’s like if Ford invented the seatbelt first and we all wanted the seatbelt but Chevy couldn’t afford to put them in cars so 50% of Chevy owners were just like “here come the whiners complaining about not having seatbelts, while Ford driver’s lives were being saved.

    • somebody

      nobody was going around asking for seat belts


    I played with this phone briefly and it is hotter than my HD2. If you like HD2 then you will not be disappointed!

  • G2 Pro

    “This phone is a joke”. im staying with the G2 until the glacier comes (first DC phone)


      There is a reason that you put “This phone is a joke” in quotes. For the record people do that when there is an indirect implied meaning, or sarcasm. GLAD YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!>


    hilton stop trolling this website and basically complaining about t-mobiles current handsets, so you bought a vibrant, I did too, and I’m an employee bet you paid less for it, it’s true it’s no droid x or evo but it’s a nice phone, oh the gps issue bothers you? didn’t you buy this phone with a fourteen day return policy? did you not choose to keep it, do you not realize it has the nicest screen out of all of t-mo’s line up for the foreseeable future? there is a lot more things right with this phone then wrong. if you truly are this upset pay the ETF and go to verizon or AT & T they have the handsets you are waiting for, other wise accept what you have and appreciate it. Nuff Said.

  • Tom

    No hspa+?????? That’s terrible. Might be a deal-breaker.

  • Manny

    Who gives a rat’s ass about a FCC. If you want a FFC with android get the new mytouch. If you want an EVO ship your ass over to Sprint! Its that simple.

    • Manny

      *FFC…wish we could edited our post

  • Manny


  • Manny

    dude where is my comment?


      Lol your stream of comments made me laugh.

      • Manny

        : )

  • Ryan

    At the end of the day it is still a windows phone, so no one at T-mobile will support selling it since windows is a pain in the ass. It’s basically part of training for being an RSA to learn to talk people out of windows.


      Thankfully, your wrong. =]

  • Big Jake

    No if’s and’s or but’s… this is without a doubt my next mini tab/phone… but I also agree with what thatdude said 115% I also second Terrys notion, but wait… if MS is sucsessful with 1 or 2 bunts & then swings a grand slam homerun, wouldnt it be worth the wait while all bases are coverd??, just a thought… now I can let the NRGZ’ROM cling on to my HD2 or play play I just my slap the Desire Sense into it… wudya think???

    • gm


    • reddragon72

      The only thing WP7S has going for it is the Xbox live integration… That’s it. No real multitasking, no personalizing, no adding to or taking away or changing of the interface. And lets not even go with the fact that this is Windows Mobile 6.5 with some new API’s and a forced/permanent (Iphone like) interface.

      I was all go with this platform coming from Windows Mobile 6.5 but after all the crap that MS decided to do to lock down this platform I ran away from it. This same crap is why I don’t own an Iphone, I don’t want my life choices limited and made for me.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Its not the final production unit, it has a front cam.

  • jesus

    yesterday @ houston i got 6.07download mbps and 1.20 mbps upload speed…
    this must be 4g right ?

    i had an H icon with all bars!

  • jesus

    of course it was a htc g2

  • Big Jake

    oh & 7.2megz is enough for everybody some G2’s I’ve seen dont even get past 3…as far as a camera!, camera! is concernd go with the “new” esspreso mytouch right??

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    I think I can tell when this production was made. They had the HD3 on the back of the last production until & this one has none. The final until should have a HD7 at least. Also what is with the bottom & top of the bottom it just doesnt final to me.

    • Viper Matrix Wireless

      Meant unit.

  • Holiday

    Should be an interesting phone once it launches, it does however really suck that it is not HSPA+, baffeling really…FFC? that would have been really nice to use with FRING. Since T-mobile is the poor people mobile company people who don’t have money will always complain but when it does come out with those features it’s too expensive for them. no one wins.

  • Viper Matrix Wireless

    Where did my comment go?


      No where, look up.^

  • Belcher

    I dunno, it’s a windows phone. There are 6 tmo people I work with 4 of them got the hd2 when it came out, 3 returned it, the other guy didn’t cause it let it slide past his grace period.. Looks aren’t everything

  • derrickps3

    it’s either this or the mytouch HD……..damn this is gonna be a tough decision, cause i really like xenon flash, and the MT HD has android ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! :S

  • Luv

    Get The “BEST WP7 TMOUSA HD2 SOFTWARE” HERE http// ….

  • pimpstrong

    This is by far one sexy phone… But I’m like a lot of other people and can’t believe its missing HSPA+, a FFC and would much prefer this size of a phone with Android on it. Why does TMO not see the demand for a 4.3″ Android device?!?!

  • namorales

    I will NEVER EVER bget anything that’s windows based for a phone. I’ve had my experiences with windows based mobile phones. not good. I dion’t believe the windows 7 phone will measure up to the hype. Windows always has a way of releasing products prematurely with problems and then try to figure out the problem solutions along th way. I on the other hand will forever be android and maybe even apple if Tmobile ever gets it. Two thumbs down for windows.

  • Craigers

    Who cares?! Get on with the MyTouch HD news! Microsoft is done in the phone market. They will never be back. This new windows 7 will go the way of the Kin. Bring on the MyTouch HD so I can decide between it and the Galaxy S!

  • TMOprophet

    yet another fail…no Android, wtf, this is why I hate TMO, cause the only 4.3 in is always frk’n WinMO

    • PimpStrong

      Maybe we need some kind of petition for a 4.3″ Android.


      Well if you feel that way… LEAVE! Who is keeping you here but yourself?

  • well i dnt care what anybody thinks of me i dont no hspa+ no front facing camera i wont be getting this phone i guess ill get the my touch Hd

    • Luv

      Neither will I purchase this phone, same as the HD2, I can get the TMOUSA HD2 WP7 software with a 8MP SuperFine LeoCameraAnyKey here … Plus the software has Android Love..

    • windows SUCKS!!! there are NO APPS!!!!

      • Really??

        Umm, YES, you’re right on. Worst OS ever. /s

        *roll eyes*

      • There will be 2,000 at launch check your facts.

      • Farmer Bob

        Lol at the no apps comment. My co worker just came back from the developer event for WP7 and he stated more than 2K apps are available even though there is no lauch yet

    • James

      Agreed. No front facing camera is a fail. There is no excuse for a any new smartphone to be released without one. Please, someone tell me that T-Mobile is getting a WP7 device with a front facing camera.

    • kershon

      I don’t have flex pay, I have em+ family with 4 lines. I too, am having to wait like forever to talk to a rep and half the time they are hard to understand. So if somebody has the secret procedure to contact and American who speaks concise english, please enlighten the rest of us. The last time I had waiting times like this I had Verizon, which was one of many reasons I left them in the dust.

      • former tmo rep

        call your nearest store. if they’re worth their pay, they’ll have more answers for you. always visit or call an actual store before calling customer care. often times they can be much more helpful. and usually speak more english.

  • ryan

    off with the subject but why is it does it take so freaking LONG to talk to customer care now? its like an hour wait and has been for about 3 months! and day any time???? its starting to piss me off! one more thing, i cant even understand the people! the need people that can speek ENGLISH!

    • todd

      maybe ur dialing the wrong number, i call tmobile 3 or 4 times a day, with a maximum wait of 3 minutes and i always get Americans!! who speak clearly mind you

      • hondavic

        What time are you calling and what time zone are you. The only time j get Americans is when I speak to tech support

      • rinklighter

        I know what you mean, Todd. I wanted to choke a rep through the phone because the idiot hummed throughout the call when I getting a plan change. hondavic’s right about the time zone and the time you call. Anytime after 4pm CT for me is a no-no.

      • Will

        It takes 40minutes to an hour for me to also get ahold of a Customer Rep. I use the 800-937-8997 number and I am in the central time zone and I NEVER EVER get an American. Not being rude or racist by any means please understand, I’m just saying. Not to mention every rep sounds the exact same lol

      • ototmobaho

        “I call tmobile 3 or 4 times a day.” What, you’re one of those whiners? lol Who the hell would call their carrier every freaking day? (will except you, i guess)

    • HmmmHmm

      thats cause you are flexpay lol

      • Will

        are you talking to me @ HmmmHmmm? Cause I don’t / never have had flexpay :p

      • Vinchenzo

        LOL True dat!!!

      • juliosantana

        hahahahahaha thass messed up

    • DavidOhio

      Well ryan, if you have a FLEX PAY account, you WILL get the Phillipines. I AM SURE I spelled that wrong and someone will point it out to me. T-MOBILE outsources flex pay customer care out of the country while post paid is in America. Typically, flex pay has longer hold times due to short staffing in the Phillipenes call center and yes, they are hard to understand many times and it can be frustrating if you can’t be patient with them. I have a problem with american jobs being outsourced but hey, it is what it is. Someone said they call several times a day….i just don’t get that.

      • former tmo rep

        go into the store. or call your nearest one. if you establish some kind of relationship with a rep in a store, i guarantee you’ll have a better experience. that’s why they are there.

      • filipino

        1) its spelled Philippines

        2) most customer support in America is either in the Philippines or in India so guess who is easier to understand, of all the Asian countries the Philippines are most adapted to American english and can speak more fluently and clearly than other asians

        3) American jobs are outsourced to countries because they pay WAY LESS, a customer support agent can earn anything between $400 to $600 a month and those in higher positions earn just a little bit more

        4) the time difference between the US is:

        6am PST = 9pm Philippine time
        12mn PST = 3pm Philippine time

        so imagine the hours that call center agents have to work, the sleep in the day and work in the high

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Over a year ago I was complaining about how T-Mobile customer service was degrading. Some people in here pretty much told me I was full of it and that they had wonderful customer service.

      But being a customer since 2004 I have been witness to T-Mobile’s decline in customer service.

      I have suffered incompetence pretty much every time I try to get something done. And to top it off, a couple CSRs have been rude and condescending (for example, saying the problem is me, I don’t know how to read my bill).

      And as you experienced, starting about a year ago I noticed that it takes anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes on hold before I get someone. (One person in here said it was because I was on T-Mobile’s list of customers to avoid and I was being put on hold in the hopes I would hang up in frustration.) Of course to prove that moron wrong I called on other phones and the 800 number from land lines and each call I was on hold for 30 minutes or more.

      I also have noticed that most of the time I get foreign sounding CSRs (usually a thick European accent). They all are reading from a script and I can’t understand them unless I am really paying attention.

      (Are T-Mobile CSRs incompetent foreigners? Well, in March 2010 I never got an e-mail confirmation for an online order I placed for a $450 BlackBerry phone. Two calls to T-Mobile saying I did not get the confirmation e-mail, they both said “No problem, the phone is on its way.”

      Sidenote: I have called at different times of the day and night, on different phones, with blocked numbers and the toll free line. I have experienced at least 20 to 30 minute hold times each and every time.

  • ryan

    omg beta noone cares about you or what you get go diaf

  • Eddie Android

    This funny all these people talking $h!t on an “unreleased” phone. I mean come one you don’t know how much processor power its consumes compared to Android and like Android and iOS it has to start somewhere with missing features. I’ve had a 8 megapixel camera phone (LG Renoir w/FFC) that took inferior pictures than my Sony Ericsson K800i 3.2 mpx back in early 2007 (wich also had an FFC but mainly used it for games! Are you listeng TMobile GAMES!)

    • some internet dude

      Yes it has to start somewhere, but even in the early days of android one look and you could of guessed at least I did that the Android OS was going to be something big. All you need to do is look at this win phone 7 “stupid name by the way” and know this will flop big time. The UI is comical.


        Like you said, you GUESSED. Saying the UI is comical is purely opinion. What is so “amazing” about the iphones UI, or Android UI? Apps on a screen. Ok big deal. Even saying that, I like Android, but I can’t wait until you’re proven wrong. Your name makes total sense. Nothing but some internet dude.

        PS. Sorry about the rudeness, your comment made me heated.

      • deke218

        When I first saw Android I thought it sucked the big one. I got the G1 on launch day. I used it for a little less than a year and went back to Windows Mobile. Nothing much has changed my mind about Android. Its still not grown up enough for me. still seems like something I get my granddaughter to play with. its fine for kids but its not an adult phone IMO.


      Most ignorant people think that megapixels are what makes a camera. Thankfully you’re not one of them.

  • chris

    I’m not sure what’s huge about an itouch size phone… it’s slightly smaller than the 2gen iTouch

  • SKA

    I know no one cares but I have a feeling its going to be just like the HD2….CRAP! Everything good about the phone except for the OS. Why does TMO do this? Give a phone with great specs but gives us an OS that is crap. I have owned 5 WM phones and I will probably hold off a bit to see what happens. I am done jumping on a phone then finding out it is crap when it is too late. I know I will give it try just to get a feel for it.


    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Why does T-Mobile do this? All the phone manufacturers and carriers are coming out with WP7 phones. T-Mobile is hardly the only one doing this. LOL.

      Just don’t buy the phone, get something else that T-Mobile is bringing out. There’s lots to choose from. Let people who want a “Microsoft phone” get one. ;)

      Oh… please do tell us how you know it’s an “OS that is crap.”

    • James L

      whoa, i didn’t know you got your hands on an hd7 w/ wp7 already. i guess it’s crap cuz you say so lol. freakin idiot, just like all the other wp7 haters. let it launch first then you can continue to talk out of your asses.

      • SKA

        Wow I like how people get so upset and call each other names because someone has an opinion on a phone OS. Relax have your mommy warm up your bottle for you, put your favorite show on and curl up with ur blankie.

  • joeln06

    Just give us the HTC desire HD , that will satisfy us andriod lovers.

    • 2FR35H

      Mytouch HD is Desire HD the same way the Epic is a Samsung Galaxy S.

      • mojo-HD

        WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT..THAT IS THE WORSE COMPARISON OF PHONES!!!! WTF mytouch HD is Desire HD? they look nothing alike, plus the desire doesn’t even have a FFC i think..

      • Mf

        Um, about that:

        Desire HD ROM: 1.5 Gb MyTouch HD ROM: 3.7 Gb
        Desire HD Display: 4.3 in MyTouch HD Display: 3.8 in
        Desire HD Camera: 8Mp, Dual LED flash MyTouch HD Camera: 5Mp, LED flash
        Desire HD FFCamera: None MyTouch HD FFCamera: 0.3Mp

        Now, they *are* both HTC slate-factor Android “superphones,” both have 768 Mb of RAM and the same Snapdragon processor clocked at 1 Ghz, but the aforementioned differences are more than enough for the two to be considered different devices/products (in fact, I’d argue that the difference in display sizes alone is enough to draw that distinction, and perhaps put the two phones in different product categories altogether).

        As you somewhat unintentionally illustrated with your example, one need only look to the Galaxy S line to see how excruciatingly minor differences in spec can lead to effectively the same device being released as FOUR different products.

        Now you may say, “Yeah, there are some notable differences, but it’s close enough.” I expect T-Mobile would say something along the same lines. I have to say, I’m tired of hearing about the new release on T-Mobile that’s “close enough” to the flagship phone from the same manufacturer that’s coming out on AT&T or Verizon 6 months later, or only in Europe/Asia, or whatever else. This has been going on for years, I had hoped T-Mo USA had started to shake the habit by getting in on the ground floor with Android, but apparently their subscriber base still isn’t impressive enough to exercise more leverage with handset manufacturers than in the past.

        I guess it’s just one of the trade-offs of being a T-Mo customer: Cheaper rates, cheaper phones.

        And I just have to say on a personal note, the Desire HD is sexy as hell and the MyTouch…not so much. I am waiting to see/use the black MyTouch HD in person before I draw my final verdict. But it looks like I’ll be waiting at least until Holiday to upgrade my (thanks to Cyanogen, gracefully) aging G1.

      • mojo-HD

        @mf thanks for clearing that up for him..just because they come out around the same time dont make them similar or the equal for each carrier…!!

  • Tmoled

    when was the last time anyone here took a picture of themselves, or themselves and girlfriend/boyfriend/friend snd didn’t bother a stranger to do it for them or try a few times on your own guessing if you’re in the shot or not? For me it’s been about two years, with my last flip phone, the razor. This its why I want two cams or one that swivels, like samsung had on some of their slide phones. And it should be 5mps or above . Some technology has been going backwards in phones, since everyone went with touch screens.

  • Freddy2Fred

    Specs sucks. Its the same crap as the HD2. As a matter of fact it actually downgraded. Same cpu, same resolution and not a full HSDPA. Ya expect this to be the HD3. No thanks, I’ll pass.

  • yahooooooo

    it even has floppy disk reader!!!

  • nain

    cant wait to get it!!! i have my amazing HD2 runnin windows 6.5, and android 2.2 so this will be all i need ;)

  • UPSSucks

    i think this phone looks really good and people complain too much. those that are excited about windows phone 7 and are getting this thing enjoy it. looks really good


      The problem that most people have is that it’s not a worthy upgrade from the hd2. I like this phone, but I will wait until something even better comes out. But you are right, people complain too much. But hey, that’s life.

  • jack

    booooo! No amoled screen…. sigh.


      And where is that confirmed?

      • phongeek

        @phonefreak GET EM lol


        @ phonegeek lol

  • jack

    booooo! No amoled screen…. sigh.

  • J1

    I have to admit that this (hd7) is one sexy piece of hardware, now had it been sporting android I would have been all over it.. Just goes to show you can’t please everyone..

    But that’s not to say t-mobile isn’t trying..i mean look at their line up: charm, defy, b.b.(rim), vibrant, g2, mytouch, hd7, they pretty much have all the bases covered.. All they have to do now is bring the glacier(praying its a 4.3in android) home for the win..

    I find it hard to believe that t-mobile doesn’t see the demand/market for a 4.3in android powerhouse (especially considering the success of the evo and droid x) hope is that they’re jus waiting on the right time to drop it on us.. My prayers go out to them if they dont.. Amen lol

  • Big Jake

    Damn its a lota hate in the air…. IDK why but this makes me want this phone even more now, long live the resistance, damn android reminds me of the borg how it & all of its automatoms wanna assimulate everything.. Geez!!!, I hope MS WP7 isnt a flop

  • mtnman

    Love T-Mobile, but what I don’t (and my never understand)is why they always strip down their phones when it comes to U.S versions? All the other carriers add features to their phones, we take them out? Tmo is basically saying let the other carriers be the Cadilac we’ll be Kia.

  • Yemi

    I knew it. I called it lol. Lack of HSPA+ looks like a killer for me. I would like to think the front camera is not a deal breaker for me personally since I have a nokia N900. I might get this phone if it has SLCD and Winmo 7 OS comes through

  • HeLLkAt31

    bunch of peeps hating all krazy! but for me this phone is sexy as f@k! with 2 speakers in the front now thats what i was always wondering when some phone was going to put speakers in the front so now here it is the HD7 and no matter what all the haters are saying “The HD7 Is Coming” whether you like it or not…

  • Lukas

    Did Microsoft fix their Facebook app??

  • Jshin

    Will hang on to my HD2 – already duel booting WM 6.5 – Android 2.2 and per Xda we will also have WP7 on the Hd2 as well. Wouldn’t mind a kickstand though lol.


      Lol. Agreed.

  • Oce

    Looks like this thing has speaker grilles on top and bottom of screen. If so, it ought to have excellent stereo quality for multimedia.

    • David, Managing Editor

      It will, it does have a special kind of speaker system…I’ll take a look at it tomorrow :-)

  • James

    Yeah, I’m really disappointed in T-Mobile right now. First I was wanting the Galaxy Tab but that has been priced out of my range. So I say frac it I’ll get the HD7. It’s got a 4.3 inch screen I’ll just that as a mini tab until new stuff come out next year. Well, that bubble is busted. What? No FFC? WTF? How can a new supposedly highend smart phone get released in this day and age without a FFC? Guess I’ll end up getting the MyTouch HD. I’m a bit disappointed that it only has a 3.8 inch screen but atleast it has a FFC and supports HSPA+.

  • Looks awesome

  • Audi2009

    I don’t like my G2 I would sell it to get this HD7.
    4.3 inch screen with Windows7 = win
    I have no need for a worthless front cam.
    and in los angeles all im getting is 3G speed. Im fine with 3g

  • There was a video on Android central with a developer. The phone will have FFC. Check in tomorrow after the launch then we will see about the camera situation.

    Stay thirsty my friends…


      Oh my goodness. You just got my hopes up. My heart is racing. HOW CAN 24 HOURS TAKE SO LONG!??

      • DavidOhio

        You need help, serious help.


        My help comes in 2 hours and 15 minutes.

  • molten

    One thing I know is that you can never please everybody in this world. It looks like Tmo is trying like crazy to bring some nice phones but every single phone(HD2, Vibrant, G2, Slide,and the soon to come My Touch HD and WP7 Phones)have been met with it don’t have this,fail that and all that. Do you know its possible to put 3ghz and 60 gb in a phone but they will never do it at once but slowly take us there? If you get a perfect phone,then there will be no need to upgrade and therefore no customers for these OEM’s. The HD2 was so advanced when it first came out in 09 that in 2010 its still pretty up there when it comes to high end specs. What is even funny is that when it was first announced, people where talking about its too big and it will not fit in your pocket and now some are disappointed if a phone have less than 4 inches. Its your money, buy what you want. If its on another carrier and you can’t live without it,go get it. And to quote Nucky Thompson from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire “this is America,who is stopping you?”
    I held off from buying the HD2 because I knew WM7 was coming so I am getting any 4.3 WM7 phone that comes to Tmo. Yes I am a little disappointed about it not having hdmi out,ffc,better camera and all(thus if the specs are true),but the inexcusable thing left out is it not being HSPA+ capable.If thats where Tmo is going,then all their high end phones should have it. Period.


      I like you. I can relate with someone like you who knows how to put words together and actually make sense.

    • phongeek

      whoa…. your good uh huh your good

  • molten

    Excuse me for interchanging WP7 with WM7. I guess I am still getting use to it not being “mobile” anymore.

  • truth

    Best OS I have seen so far. iOS and android always look and feel boring. only things you can do is go in an app, get out of the app in order to get to the next one. they suck.


      I wouldn’t go as far as to say they suck, since they obviously don’t, but something new and efficient like WP7 is always nice.

  • ella

    Bunch of geniuses on here, do you really think T-Mo would release a new smartphone without HSPA+? It didn’t list HSPA+ on the Mytouch HD “leaked specs” either but guess what, the mytouch will have HSPA+.

    • 2FR35H

      Umm…does Samsung Vibrant ring a bell to you?

      • ella

        and when was the Vibrant released? exactly

      • somebody

        vibrant came before hspa plus

    • 2FR35H

      Plus not to mention in the article it states HSPA 7.2 of which meaning its not hspa+ because hspa+ is up to 14mbps HSPA 7.2 is what the vibrant has.

    • dcb

      It does not have hspa+… will have 7.2 mbs capability. ….if you want hspa + then go with the new mytouch, it is a very nice device and does EVERYTHING You would want!


        Not exactly… I need a 4″+ screen

  • 2FR35H

    T-Mobile should stop marketing 4G like speeds if they aren’t going to make all their new devices HSPA+ devices.

    Why even have HSPA+ if they are going to pick and choose what devices have it? Is it really that hard or expensive to get HSPA+ on a device? I mean really. You market this crap only to have a few with it. Why? why why why WHY!

    • James

      Agreed every new phone coming to T-Mobile should be HSPA+ even the feature phones. And every single new smart phone coming should have a FFC. This should be a standard by now damn it.

  • Vibrant Addict

    Am I the only one who likes this phone?

    I like the sleek look and I’m actually most interested in seeing the new OS out and about. We need innovative competition coming from Windows in order to make Android, Apple, etc. OS even better.

    • James

      I like the looks of the phone just fine. It’s exactly the look I want in a 4.3in device. Like a mini tablet. Add HSPA+ and a FFC and it’s mine.

    • James L

      competition is great. all these idiots don’t know anything. the only thing they can spew is “eww windows sucks!”
      i didn’t know they all got to use this phone and os before the rest of us lol.

  • Big Jake

    what is this a kids blog???,

  • ella

    Just wait for the official specs before everyone flips out, everyone who has followed phone releases knows that these unofficial specs aren’t 100% accurate 100% of the time.

  • Charles

    I check out the second party of spec sheet and a 12300 battery, most HTC OEM batteries are in the 1500 range, must be a mistake or is MS going retro with the suitcase battery ha ha

    • Fullmetal

      I assume you mean the mAh, and the HD7 has a 1500 mAh Battery in it.

  • kershon

    Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. I was all set to jump on the MTHD but this intriques me. If it does indeed come with hspa+ I might just pick this up. I have been wanting a 4.3 inch screen phone and passed on the HD2. I should know this already, but at the risk of looking dumb I will ask. Does this have wi-fi calling and tethering?

  • PatrickHuey

    this is completely off topic, but i cant seem to get my tracking order to work for UPS for my G2? im hoping to get it tomorrow. i used expressed shipping this past friday. any help? thanks alot!

  • DavidOhio

    OMG James, quit going on and on and on about no ffc for god’s sake!!! You sound like a little todler crying over a stupid lolly pop! Grow some balls and man up! If it does not have what you want then don’t freeking get it and get over it allready. With that said, I am not a Windows fan myself but this phpne looks and sounds like a powerbouse and yet there still is a lot of complaining and it has not even been released YET. Look, it really is very simple, if you like it and want it then get it. If you don’t like it or want it then don’t get it. That’s it. Simple. Stop complaining about it though because most people really don’t want to hear it. There are plenty of nice options out there and many more coming, you will find something you like.

    • James

      Excuse me I continue to complain about the FFC and frac you if you don’t like it.

      • DavidOhio

        Complain all you want, it will not change anything and only proves my point. You are a crying little todler! Boohoo!

  • MT3GS

    Quick! Somebody start on an Android port for this baby ASAP!


      There is an HD2 for that.

  • Brad

    From what I hear its supposed to be nothing like the HD2… which is the reason for all the long wait times. That phone is seriously a historical FAIL. HD7 MIGHT be completely different but who has the money to waste…..not me!

  • Myg1

    This phone looks sexy as hell..shoot nice piece of hardware I do too hope some specs are wrong…be nice to gave..n peoples stop complaining about wm phones…just cuz you don’t know how to work the phone doesnt mean it sucks..the hd2 is awesome if you know hows to work it..i love android..but this new windows phone 7 looks so bad ass I’m set on the mytouch hd but dammm lol

    • KJ

      I agree, I’m liking this phone as well. Hopefully WP7 clears up all of the freezing/crashing from winmo 6.5. I liked the HD2, but just got tired of always needing to run task mgr and reboot.

  • mjN1

    Nice phone but it aint Android, NEXT!!!! If tmo could just get a hint that, the guts of the myTouch and the looks of this phone put together , then and only then maybe people would be sooo happy and gain some new customers. For now Tmo still have the best customer service. But we need better handsets. HD2 was a FAIL.

    • Corey & Marlene Hamilton-Banks

       Microsoft has never failed once they set their sights on something. Just look at when they decided to enter the console market with the Xbox. Everybody said the same things about them then… Well, you’re s smart guy. Is the Xbox still a fail as so many people claimed that it was going to be?

  • Wilma Flintstone


  • KJ

    I’m really liking the hardware on this device. The kickstand was sorely missed on the HD2. With the bump up in memory from internal 8gb on int’l version to 16gb, this may very well be worth a look. This should be a media powerhouse with Dolby surround and the 4.3 inch screen. Plus it’s not running off an sd card, so accessing media should be smooth. I’m probably one of the few that’s glad this doesn’t run Android. T-Mobile has like 10 Android phones already (if you include the upcoming Defy and new Mytouch). I love the fact they are offering something for everyone.

    • mojo-HD

      I second your happiness for windows on this…and i made that same point a long time ago…how many SUPER WINDOWS phones are there compared to SUPER ANDROIDS? only one(HD2) until the release of WINDOWS PHONE 7….(ANDROID has an unlimited a mount across all carrier….SO ONCE AGAIN THOSE WHO KEEP SAYING WISH THIS HAD ANDROID ON IT…GO LOOK AT ANDROID PHONES AND STOP LOOKING AT WINDOWS PHONES WITH ENVY OF ANDROID ON makes no sense…..

  • smash-mode

    Love the way this phone looks…like stated earlier if it had 4g like speeds and a ffc i’d be sold….I hear it doesn’t even have copy n paste…does it have flash 10.1??

  • Joe

    14.1 mm thick? this is not right.

  • smash-mode

    Anybody know anything about this speculated htc glacier??

  • alex

    no amoled screen? no front facing camera? come on tmobile wtf

  • Ricd

    Holding out for light at the end of the tunnel with WinPh7, this is an utter disaster of an offering. All we got at the end of the tunnel was a train smash!

    * 3rd Party hardware manufacturers prohibited from providing their own Sense UI.
    * No system-wide file manager
    * No videocalling
    * Limited third-party apps
    * No Bluetooth file transfers
    * No USB mass storage mode
    * No memory card support
    * No multitasking
    * No copy paste
    * Too dependent on Zune software for computer file management and syncing
    * No music player equalisers
    * No Flash or Silverlight support in the web browser
    * No sign of free Bing maps Navigation so far
    * No DivX/XviD video support

    Who are MS catering for, with all due respect, pre baby boomer generation? A 10 yo kid has higher technology and usability requirements than WinPh 7 offers.

    This is like offering someone an option to walk when the rest of the competitors are moving at warp speed.

    Hardware wise, HTC HD3/7 (and I am a HTC fan) that is a de-featured HD2 – no removable uSDRAM etc.

    Microsoft needed to establish a leadership position with features to beat iOS, Sym,and Anrd, but instead they have only reached the fringes of what its competitors are offering and worse still are behind the current times in user requirements and even behind WinMo6.5 offering.

    At this rate, Microsoft will soon be exiting the Mobile OS marketplace. Those of us power and corporate users that were holding out will now churn our handsets in favor of Android devices and now here comes the avalanche, if my mobile OS is android, Pad will be the Samsung Galaxy S and now we have a compelling reason to migrate to Google Docs/Apps.

    Samsung & Google needs to move to the next stage and leap frog the entire market with a superior hardware and OS offering and a suite that complements the Galaxy S Pad and an updated Galaxy S mobile.

    Microsoft, thank you for introducing the Smart Phone devices… RIP Microsoft

    • ogopogo

      Finally! Someone who understands the shortcomings of this phone. One major issue to add to the list -> NO HSPA+

      • blah

        the lack of HSPA+ is implied as it uses the QSD8250 SoC. This chip was released in the 2008 and in the ORIGINAL HD2, its literally the exact same internals with a face lift. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. I cant wait to get my MTHD!!! It really cant come fast enough with these crappy offerings…

    • Corey & Marlene Hamilton-Banks

      Well Ric. It’s been a year since this comment was posted. How does your foot taste being in your mouth that long?

      Are you ready to take it out now that it’s time to eat your words?

  • TheBuckII

    Well it’s official check out TMO’s FB page!/album.php?aid=231181&id=108726828894

  • Osvaldo

    I love how people are bitching about front faced cameras. Just because the iPhone got one, now ALL phones “must” have one all of a sudden? Um, no.

    Yes, this phone will be able to handle HSPA speeds. This very article says so.

    • ogopogo

      Only difference is that HSDPA allows a max downlink speed of 14.4Mbps. HSPA+ allows up to 42Mbps.

  • Enrique

    I would love to see a HTC phone with Android on there that would be awesome maybe Tmobile will get one I don’t know also heard a rumor that a new samsung galaxy phone will be coming around xmas time not sure how true is that anybody know????

    • Fullmetal

      “I would love to see a HTC phone with Android on there that would be awesome maybe Tmobile will get one” ummm… who makes the myTouch? I’ll answer that, HTC.

  • Blacksheep427

    Nice bit of info, Kickstar.

    Less RAM than HD2 US? Looks nice, though.

  • Damian


    • deke218

      I wonder why life bothered with you. What a loser.

  • M@dajaz

    What happend with the other carriers? I’m from Mexico and unfortunally I must wait for the AT&T or Telstra version to use it in Telcel.

    • guest

      lol loser.. and it will probably cost triple the price over there

  • TweetMo

    Whatever phone is pictured obviously isn’t the HD7, but could this be the Mozart fell out of reports? If it wasn’t a WindowsPhone I would’ve thought the pictured phone was the rumored HTC Pyramid.

    • TweetMo

      Nevermind above post…whoa, my bad. Thinking HD2 and writing about HD7.
      Wish I had an edit button right about now.