HD7 Caught On Video, Will Include Dolby Mobile Sound

It looks like the HTC HD7 leaks just keep coming! The folks over at Engadget have received some additional in the wild pics of the handset and have also scored some video footage. Although the handset pictured is the European version of the HD7 which is rumored to launch in Germany within the next 2 weeks, we’re pretty sure it won’t be much different from the U.S. variant. In addition, the tipster also provided a full spec sheet confirming a 1GHz processor, 8GB of storage, a 5 megapixel camera with dual-LED flash, quad-band radio frequencies, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi and more. More interestingly, in one of the leaked documents, there is also mention of “Dolby Mobile Sound”. Hit the break for some comparison pics against the Samsung Galaxy S  and some live footage of the HD7. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Vibrant Guy

    Very nice, but I’m still a little worried about Windows mobile. Android is really nice, and hangs with the best of them out there. It looks great though.

  • MJ

    Looks like a WinMo Evo….. wish this baby had Android

    • john

      A winmo evo is called the hd2.

  • Galen20K

    yeah I really wish the specs were as Super as the HD2’s when that was first released… now its just another standard high end phone, no ground breaking difference between HD2 and HD7 as far as specs are concerned. Plus I prefer the body styling of the HD2 to this mostly plastic look. CHeAP Evo feel looks like on this one.

    • CPR1

      This phone do not feel cheap! I played with one briefly and it is awesome .

    • 2FR35H


      Get hell outta here complainer there is always one you one these posts complaining that every phone looks cheap or like plastic well NEWSFLASH every phone ever made HAS bits and pieces of plastic.

      is anything that is glossy plastic looking to you people? I swear you people are trolls.

  • phone capo

    again why my current hd2 cant upgrade to winmo?

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      So I’ve been told:

      The talk is that Microsoft will make Windows Phone 7 OS secure to where XDA, for example, can’t “hack it” on to other “non-approved” handsets, much the same as Apple does with the iPhone.

      If that’s Microsoft’s intent then you won’t see hacks over at XDA because Microsoft will move against anyone who posts the ROM, assuming a member can get his hands on it.

      Microsoft last year and before the HD2 launched in March 2010 said that the HD2 hardware cannot run WP7. Is that true? I dunno.

      I have an HD2 (and Vibrant). With the HD2 capable of running Android now, I personally prefer to keep WinMo 6.5x on it because WinMo is far more versatile since WP7 will not be. (For example, apparently Microsoft intends to keep WP7 closed, meaning that it will control our ability to install apps. Again, this is similar to what Apple does with the iPhone.

      Microsoft said that it is instituting these controls to make the WP7 experience more enjoyable and less likely to suffer system crashes (that happens with Android, for example, because any “Tom, Dick, or Harry” can make garbage apps available on Android Market, people install the apps and the phones crash).

      Sidenote: So far what I have seen of WP7 it’s not revolutionary or remarkable enough to motivate me to say I have to have it over Android. The OS features are things we have been using for some time now, Microsoft is simply playing catch-up. In fact, the Today or Home screen (or whatever MS will call it) has push services for social networking sites, Hotmail and Outlook. That’s not any different than what Android has, nor Motoblur’s home page updating of all one’s social connections.

      Really, there’s only so much a handset manufacturer or OS producer can provide on cell phones. While individual features are improving and so too does the hardware advance over handsets introduced six months ago, for example, the basics for most users have not changed.

      It’s kind of like cars. There’s all kinds of models, new technology and whatever, but from over 100 years ago cars still require tires, an engine, steering wheel and we press a pedal to make it go.

      Now when phones can teleport us or things, that will be a big change. ;)

  • phone capo

    edit: to winmo 7

  • LOLZ

    Dobly LOL

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Winmo7 is years ahead of any phone OS out now. Think outside the box for a change. Every OS doesn’t have to look like the jphone

    • Brandon

      It has potential but i dont understand why simple things like copy/paste isnt supported.

      • Yankeefan123

        Actually, the lack of multitasking almost single-handedly turned me off of the OS.

  • PimpStrong

    “Dobly” twice LMAO.

    • David, Managing Editor


      • Katie

        I think the author was just making a Spinal Tap joke with the Dobly reference. :)

      • PimpStrong

        We got your back!

  • Foxeh

    The Desire HD has Dolby Mobile too. There are so many Dolby specifications I tend to forget what’s what so I’ll have to look into this one when I’m bored enough.

  • Vibrant Guy

    I may have to just get my hands on this device, it looks amazing. But, this is not something I would preorder.

  • sirphunkee

    Hardware shutter button FTW!!

  • dustin

    Looks good, as mentioned though looks ‘ plasticy’. Is it just me or is it annoying when the headset jack is at the bottom of the phone?

    • Serotheo

      At the bottom is annoying when your holding the phone, but I like it at the bottom in my pocket since I have my phone upside down in my pocket.. so you know think of it when you grab your phone and its upsidedown in your pocket is comes out right side up.

  • Dom

    Sheesh still no mytouch hd news. I hate the suspense.

  • m

    If I only can change that stupid interface on the phone, I would buy it.

  • I this one just break my habit of BB

  • No external memory cards supported may very well be the deal breaker for me! But, with the same specs as HD2… Hey, XDA Developers to the Rescue! I am sure they will port WP7 to the HD2! Then Classic 6.5, Android or WP7! One of those daily choices is bound to please someone!

  • m

    Looks awful

  • Luv

    Guys, take a look at the NEW WP7 MultiMedia Super ROM, it has the NEW 3.14 ROM for the TMOUSA HD2 with a 8MP SuperFine LeocameraAnyKey, DirecTV NFL 2010, plus Multi Channel TV and Movies FREE$$$, HQ MP4 Camcorder Video Playback with WP7 customizing Settings built into the ROM, also it has one touch action back to the HTC Sense home screen…. Go to http://www.mobileunderground.info/showthread.php?t=704&page=1 ….. Check out post #’s 1,2, and 3… Why buy the HD3/WP7, when you can get a better deal now, specs and ALL FREE$$$$$$ and ton of MultiMedia apps on board……


    Honestly i like this phone. I am a current hd2 user. T-mobile only has to do a few things before I make this mine. First, release it (the sooner the better).

    Then I need a minimum of 16 gb memory, since my hd2 has a 16gb memory card slot. Unless of course Microsoft allows memory expansion.

    The camera MUST be good. Especially since I must PROVE this better than the iphone to some friends, the camera is very important, since the iphone camera is very good.

    Thats about it.

  • Manny

    this might be my next phone

  • Big Jake

    So as I have had time to ponder why Tmobile would release a phone thats witch specs are virtualy already in inventory on the HD2, Ive come to this conclusion Dave… since the HD2 software parameters were unable to be upgraded to WP7 due to hardware inconsistancies, the only logical thing to do, would be to create a system 2.5 witch closely resembles the original build as to maintain atained customer interest as well as allowing for WP7 to make its entrance, subtle, further allowing for future hardware/software upgrades… “just a moment”, “just a moment… The G2 himge is failing at an increased rate memory cache also reportimg insuficantcies 23.1% failure, ssuggest advanced rapid release of inventory, this way we capitalize on what is not widely known… do you agree Dave??

  • cellswag

    Mthd news please!

  • cellswag


    • David, Managing Editor


  • alex32
  • trife

    WP7 looks awesome, IMO. I’m just not feeling the look of this phone. Gimme a non-glossy finish and I’d probably be all over it.

    Yeah, I’m that fickle.

  • Looks nice. If Samsung doesn’t have the GPS fix and/or Froyo by release I am willing to switch. I miss some of the offline stuff with Windows Mobile, namely mobile office and todo lists that sync with Outlook instead of the cloud. I like the combo Nexus one and EVO styling. If there is NO SD that would be the deal breaker for me. I have a Vibrant with 12 GB of media on the phone and 6 GB on a 16GB SD card. I couldn’t go back to the days of picking and choosing what goes on the phone to avoid filling it up.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    I don’t see how people can be excite about a new phone that has the exact same specs as the phone before it. Its even still using the same old Snapdragon processor from the HD2. Yawn!!

    • Mainly cause I skipped/ignored the HD2 because it had no WP7. If WP7 gets good developer support this phone is a major Win in terms of being both the first WP7 phone (think G1) and having pretty much the best specs among T-mobile phones (pending SD memory support). The HD2 was just too far ahead of its time hardware-wise. This is just an update. And for those of us who never really considered the HD2 an option. Not those who thought the HD2 was a good phone and were hoping for something revolutionary. I mean really, this is T-mobile. They never do anything first AND with revolutionary specs. Can’t afford to as #4 carrier.

      • nyuhsuk

        It’s been mentioned already but the G1 was the first Android phone so I would consider that pretty revolutionary in itself. And somehow, they’ve been the first to release both the Touch Pro2 and Galaxy S variants among the big 4.

        However, T-Mobile doesn’t seem to understand that it needs to have its own unique super phone. Every other carrier has one. I love my HD2 but it’s not made for the common masses. You Beholds and Cliqs are not the real deal.

        Here’s for hoping that the HD7/G2/MTHD fill those slots…

  • rxgator

    Does it have HSPA+?

    Would love a better quality screen, it is hard to leave a Super AMOLED.

  • HiltonsNIdiot

    Hilton T-Mobile was the first to release Android idiot

  • funtastic

    October 11th sounds good for HTC HD7 release.

  • geeked

    Soo as a tmobile tech agent the HD2 is garbage … in the translation between hardware and software the phone has failed… it has the best specs but when translated into consumer use it’s horrible … as for this HD7 until it starts being used we can’t say its going to be better than the HD2 or not .. if it can go 3 weeks w//o freezing it will be a success over the HD2 period . WinMo has left a bad taste in Tech Care’s mouth

    • Alessandra

      I own an HD2 and it’s close to a month since I have had it, it only froze on me once, that’s it, I love my HD2. I don’t like the WP7 OS I like Windows Mobile 6.5 better.

    • m35

      I also have the HD2 since July and it has frozen maybe twice. Trying things that I probably shouldn’t try. The HD2 is a wonderful phone. My biggest pet peeve is the screen is capacitive, I prefer resistive better. However, that is another entirely different discussion. WM 6.5 is very stable. Users are probably putting crappy apps that will cause all kinds of problems. Got the HD2 because WP7 looks to have a lot of short comings in this release. So, probably when my contract is up in 2012 maybe WP8 or WP9 will be out with all those features left out and bugs fixed.

  • A kickstand, great sound and WinPH7. Nice upgrades, but a real lost opportunity to blow away the competition. I have lost a little faith in HTC this quarter, lets see what they can pull off next time.

    Too bad, really.


  • Freddy2Fred

    The phone looks fast and smooth… Im just not too happy with the specs tho. A 8GB internal memory. I hope I see surprises on the 11th.

  • somebody

    will this be hspa plus or not because it seems stupid to release a smart phone thats not hspa plus by now…