T-Mobile Gives Stores Permission To Sell The G2 Ahead Of Schedule

Update: A number of you are reporting via Twitter and the comments below that a large number of stores will begin sales tomorrow, still 3 days earlier than expected!

We’re not 100% sure what the exact details are at the time of this writing, however as we understand it sources are telling us that certain regions have been given the go ahead to sell the T-Mobile G2 early. That means stores in those locations are able to go ahead and release inventory to those who might have pre-ordered via retail location and do not need to wait until October 6th to purchase or regular walk-ins. We can’t confirm the exact areas of the country where this is taking place but as we understand it, it might be as wide as the entire country or as small as local markets. If you’ve been waiting for October 6th you might want to contact your local T-Mobile store and see what they say!

We have to wonder for a moment if Radio Shack and their October 3rd sales date didn’t have something to do with this?