T-Mobile Gives Stores Permission To Sell The G2 Ahead Of Schedule

Update: A number of you are reporting via Twitter and the comments below that a large number of stores will begin sales tomorrow, still 3 days earlier than expected!

We’re not 100% sure what the exact details are at the time of this writing, however as we understand it sources are telling us that certain regions have been given the go ahead to sell the T-Mobile G2 early. That means stores in those locations are able to go ahead and release inventory to those who might have pre-ordered via retail location and do not need to wait until October 6th to purchase or regular walk-ins. We can’t confirm the exact areas of the country where this is taking place but as we understand it, it might be as wide as the entire country or as small as local markets. If you’ve been waiting for October 6th you might want to contact your local T-Mobile store and see what they say!

We have to wonder for a moment if Radio Shack and their October 3rd sales date didn’t have something to do with this?




    • goodbye iphone

      Got a phone call to come pick mine up. Using it to type this message!

  • Brandon

    Yep! We got permission to sell them today here in San Diego! Come pick up your G2! :-)

    • San Diegan

      an hour ago I was in a TMobile store looking for any accessories. He said that they couldn’t sell them until the 6th. That was a corporate store on University near College.

  • somebody

    cool im still not buying but i actually do like the phone keyboards are not for me.

    any news on the other upcoming phones ?

    can someone tell me if WP7 will have GPS on it ?

    • Yes it will. I would wait for WP7. Unlike Google who refuses to take responsibility and usurp some control, you will have support at launch. It will have FFC (Forward Facing Camera). It will have BING as default but it does everything that Google maps does. Look for announcement in the next couple of weeks.

      • Daniel

        Unlike Google? Support at launch? Are you referring to the GPS issues with the Vibrant? If so, how dumb are you? How is that a problem on Google’s side? Because Google refuses to take responsibility and control everything? Really? Go buy a iPhone you douche. And if you think Bing does everything that Google Maps does and as well as Google Maps does it, then you really are an idiot.

  • papesh

    mine is already on the way…cant wait!

  • FILA

    walked in Radioshack yesterday and asked the kid, he had no idea RadioShack was suppose to sell them on Sunday. He told me he had the phone in the back but he didnt kno about the 3rd. He did confirm it was 150 on a 2year, but oddly enough it will be 550 no contract, so good deal if you want contract, but like me i do no contract being on plus, so looks like ill be waiting till Wednesday after-all. But I wanna wait now to see how this whole hinge thing works out, sigh, nothin like waiting

  • Bryanez

    I hope thats the truth. Because on thrusday a radioshack guy showed me a sheet that they were goin to sell it on oct. 3 Then yesterday he told me that he wasn’t going to be aloud to sell it on oct. 3 but hopefully they changed their minds up again and said tomorrow is the day. Cause…I can’t wait any longer!!!!!

  • Mike

    Yes, it is a go. I can 100% verify my store in Brooklyn, NY has been given the go-ahead to sell whatever G2’s we have in stock, as we get them.

  • blazinn831

    ya trying to get rid of the effed up batches real quick

    • Brandon

      LMAO i totally agree. I thought the same thing.

    • me

      +1. Thats why I said I was waiting til January before I get anything.

  • Michael

    I work for tmobile and we are launching it tomorrow. This is not a rumor it is fact. Come on in and get it.

    • blazinn831

      no thanks fix it first…. if i want to use a effed up phone i will use my mytouch fender that still runs 1.6 (no phone left behind) what a joke

      • going_home

        I would strongly advise anyone thinking of getting a G2 to check available internal memory on the phone before you leave the store.
        Also check to see if the Z hinge is wimpy.
        If the memory is not in the 3.5 gig neighborhood (plus or minus), walk away, dont buy that phone, its got the 2GB Desire NAND in it and not the promised 4GB one.
        Just saying.


      • Foxeh

        Are you suggesting some G2s actually report ~3-4GB?

    • Trevor

      Going_home is obviously a troll, best not to feed him. I’m not convinced either of these “issues” are real problems. T-mobile said only a portion of the internal memory is user accessible, and my hinge does not open when I hold the phone upside down by the keyboard alone unless I shake it. And why would I be doing this in the first place? The hinge mechanism works as expected under normal use.

  • J1

    The two radioshack stores in my neighborhood(Bklyn N.Y.) swore to me that they will have the g2 available for sell tomorrow(oct 3) @ 12:00pm est time so idk..

    I’m planning on going back today to double check.. also while I’m out I’m gonna make my way to a couple tmobile stores to test out some demo units(hinges), to see what I can ascertain.. I’m def buying a g2 as this p.o.s. cliq has been dead to me for months.. if worst comes to worst ill take the g2 back and wait on the mytouch hd even though I’m partial to physical k.b.’s..

  • MoeNJ

    its TRUE, I just confirmed with my local store

  • Smylax

    This is not true, stores that are doing this are not reading correctly. An internal memo went out saying:

    The official launch date for the T-Mobile G2 with Google is October 6, but stores that have received their collateral and MTI brackets can setup their G2 displays. Pricing for the G2 will be loaded into POS on October 4

    The G2 doesn’t even ring into the Point of Sale system yet, so T-Mobile can not sell it until the 4th at the earliest. The stores have permission to set up the displays, but not sell the device.

    • Matt

      No one is reading anything wrong. Your info went out a couple days ago, but a new email went out today saying “go ahead and sell it!”, at least in the East.

      It DOES ring up at POS, for $249.99 ($199.99 after $50 mail in rebate).

      So sorry, your info is outdated.

  • are you freakin kidding me? while i sit and wait on ups for my monday delivery tmobile goes and sells it in stores earlier? thanks magenta

    • ericM

      i feel the same way :-(

    • FunkmasterC

      At least your’s shipped. Big FAIL! I ordered the first day and mine has not even shipped yet.

  • TheLight


    The G2 is getting the spotlight, someone at Magenta is paying attention to all the hype and hoopla that is going and see’s the opportunity to capitalize.

    More Exposure = More Sales. In the words of Hollywood marketing,” No publicity is bad publicity”.

    Now flood the T.V, Internet, and our minds with G2 commercials and we have a successful campaign.

    • Erl voodoo

      Are you being sarcastic? This is the quietest cellphone launch I have seen in a long time, even for tmobile. Absolutely no advertising. I guess tmobile knows they are trying to sell a defective lemon and don’t want to waste their money

      • k-mack

        riiiiight….. the phone is great!

  • doubles92

    No its TRUE radioshack will be selling it tommorrow October 3rd i no because im getting it they put me on their list and im the first one and they said for me to go tommorrow and pick it up. 199.99 with an upgrade

  • Pete I

    Its already for sale at 3 Tmobile stores i called in nearby…I am in New jersey

  • ddogg

    Just bought 2 at my local store in Marietta, GA. They didn’t know about it, but when I showed them this article they called their Market Manager and got the OK.

  • SnakeEyez

    How widespread is the problems on the G2 (loose hinge/less storage)? I’m still on the fence about whether I should wait for the MTHD or get the G2 now but if I have to wait for these problems to get fixed, I might as well wait for confirmed specs to see what the MTHD is all about.

    • alex32

      thats what i want to know as well.how widespead is the hinge problem?
      noah from phonedog got his g2 made a review..and happens to have that same problem with the g2 he got..

  • alex32

    nice, hopefully i can get mine on a monday then instead of waiting next saturday.
    the hinges really concern me but im done waiting with my God forsaken blackberry lol.
    i dont care about the memory..im only going to download 6 apps tops, ill leave the gaming to my ipod touch. hopefully that other memory thats left goes to the 3.0 update. other than that im gonna have to call a local tmobile store and see if they have it since mine is reserved there.

    oh..and i hope tmo doesnt advertise this so the g2 gets a lot of attention and buyers..i dont want to run the risk of running out of stock before i get it. yes..i know..how selfish of me lol. the advertising can start once i already have mine (;

    • Foxeh

      Maybe we’ll see a G2 commercial with Whoopi Goldberg smiling at how it’s “Betterer” and “Funerer” and stuff.

  • alex32

    just called tmobile..no stores shoould be doing this from what the rep told me.
    i also found out my reservation was never put in..damn.
    i guess id have to walk in a tmo store and hope they have the phone there to buy it.
    looks like ill be waiting till either friday or saturday now..(or more if they run out by then)

    • Foxeh

      Are you really worried this thing will sell out? As nifty as the phone is, T-Mobile simply does not have that kind of draw. For example, I just waltzed in on a late afternoon on the G1’s launch day and they had plenty to go around. With the G1 being only available in Titanium, that should make it even easier.

      T-Mobile’s Reps have generally been pretty reliable for me, but when it came to gathering information on the G2, they have been terrible up until now. I don’t know if I just been dealing with seasonal new hires or what.

      I’d say check in with your favorite location tomorrow.

      • alex32

        thanks foxeh (:
        will do, you always have one of the best comments

  • AM123

    If anyone ordered the G2 and your order status says “backorder”, T-mo will cancel the order for you if you tell them you will buy it from a T-mo retail store. Only thing is that if you got any special prices on it, it will probably not fly at the store.

  • ihatefanboys

    i live in queens, ny….my local t-mo store, well 1 of many said its definite, he even said i could come in today. i may go tommorow but today would be sweet.

  • Dan

    I can confirm that they are selling it now. Just purchased one in Fairfax, VA. I didn’t not place a preorder with the store. In fact, I went to the store intending to preorder the G2 when they told me that they were actually given the go ahead from corporate to sell it.

    They actually had to do some workarounds because the G2 wasn’t listed in their POS terminals yet.

    I’m the first person to get the G2 from their store.

  • Corey

    Just called my local T-Mo store in Minneapolis and they haven’t heard anything about selling the G2 early. They said I can come in on Wednesday to buy one.

    • Foxeh

      Try calling a few different locations. There’s like a billion T-Mobile stores in the Twin Cities and in my experience, some are more informed (and stocked) than others.

  • rpinazo


  • Called a store on 34th street, NYC and they said they are selling it today.

  • Adrianxt

    They’re already selling in Cincinnati, ohio. I went in to buy a new bluetooth and it was already on display and the rep said they are out.

    • tmo1

      what location were you at? every store in the area should have had at least 20 in stock, as we were never given the go ahead to sell it.

  • sd

    just got a call from the store I signed up in, The G2 is now available for me to pick up whenever I want to go in :D excited.

  • Customer123456789

    Corporate Store: Hesperia, CA.

    Will start to sell the phone tomorrow Sunday Oct 3rd

    They will start to sell accessories for the phone today Oct 2nd starting at 4pm PST.

    They were putting the accessories out now as I walked out of the store…..

  • muzicman

    In Brooklyn on Ralph avenue they said new customers only upgrades on the original date

  • Threlkeld’s

    I went to tge t-mobile store and he was about to sale me the G2 skin but I changed my mind because I know there will be better ones online soon

  • Threlkeld’s

    Oh but they were not selling the phone

  • Robert

    Got a call from my local T-Mo store in Studio City, CA. G2’s are in and for sale. Took my friend to look at them. She’s going to wait for the MTHD. Didn’t buy a G2. Going to wait until the memory issue is nailed down. Held the phone upside down and the keyboard swings. No big deal for me as I don’t use the keyboard upside down.

  • Tom

    I guess I’m not special anymore.

  • Jake

    In DFW area I have contacted several stores and none of them are selling them till the 6th. Sucks for me now I have to go to Radio Shack tomorrow.

  • Travis

    Surely TMo will give us an official statement on the memory issue. Do we check the phone’s memory before leaving the store? If it appears not to be sufficient, do we back-off and try another day? Is it there but pre-dedicated for some upgrade or other purpose? What’s the scoop? (I’ll check my hinge, too, before walking out.)

  • immadroid

    i just got mine 2 hours ago, it’s pretty sweet so far. Just annoyed that i don’t have Data yet i have to wait for them or something gonna try calling customer care.

  • just came from the store where i was able to see the g2. the store model has the hinge issue and when held up next to the vibrant has a horrible screen. looks like the g2 is a piece of crap. i am sure some of you will disagree and that is your right, just dont like it only for the fact it has a keyboard. they suck anyways and even more so on this one.

    • k-mack

      you are really hilarious!…

  • Angel

    Just bought one at the downtown Seattle TMO store. Checked the hinge before I left the store and it was solid. Now that I’ve opened and closed it about 20 times it opens when held upside down. It would be really annoying if I used it in that position regularly, gonna give it a whirl and if its an issue I’ll just return it within 14 days.

    In other news its working on the HSPA network here and downloading apps and whatnot has been really fast compared to the 3G.

    Word to your mother.

  • sandytoes

    Interesting. Hopefully we can start selling them at my store tomorrow here in Chicago. We have lots of people itching to buy this sexy beast. Too bad we only got five lol

  • Wilma Flintstone

    makes sense. Tmo tries to grab as many sales as possible right now on the g2 because in around a month, the Mytouch Hd will be out. November 9th was it David?

  • Scott

    Yeah, so I called my local store and they told me that they could indeed sell me a G2. Unfortunately when I got there both myself and the customer service agent at the store found out that they could sell the G2 under 2 scenarios–the first being a new customer, the second would be if I were eligible for the “full” upgrade vice the “early” upgrade that I’m eligible for now. Apparently T-Mo hadn’t gotten their systems set up to be able to ring up the correct price for me, so the best they could do was to set the phone aside for me and make it available on Wednesday. Hope no one else has to waste their time like I did…

    • Yankeefan123

      So, if I was going to buy it off contract, any idea if they could sell it to me?

  • mdiggty

    They changed it. The g2 is for sale now. Just bought one downtown Seattle. Yahoo Google. Ups will be denied.

  • dytboy

    Called a T-Mobile store here in Columbus Ohio and they said come in on the 6th

  • InFeXIoUs

    I just called 6 different stores in the houston area and they all say not until the 6th and if there are stores doing so they arent supposed to be.. Also said that the phones not even fully set up in the computers to give out a price… Go figure.

  • Tekkracker

    Confirmed in San Antonio. Magenta is soft selling the G2. You have to ASK for the G2 by name. I am pissed that I still wont see mine for another 2 to 3 days. Thanks for screwing us over on the pre-ordering T-mob!

  • Tekkracker

    Oh and the person I spoke with at the Blanco/1604 location did state they just received an email from corporate giving the go ahead.

  • i getting mine on the 4th it is sitting in the ups warehouse right now damn it i cant wait my G1 is dying too

    • *I’m

      moving sucks i’m not watching what i am typing

  • Scott

    After chatting with T-Mo online to confirm I could get an upgrade I found a local store that confirmed they could sell me the G2 today. I went in and found out that their system had not been programmed to offer me an “Early” Upgrade. Apparently they can sell the G2 to new customers, customers eligible for the “Full” Upgrade, and if you add a line. The local store offered to set one aside for me to be picked up on Oct 6. Wish I had known before I left for the store…

  • FunkmasterC

    Boy – so much for customer loyalty – T-mobile really knows how to screw up a launch.

  • lakeshow

    This is true I went today to get a g2 and I came out with a g2 :)

    • GooglrHTCGlacier

      I got tmboile but im not elligible for an upgrade. Can somebody break down the prices for me? Thanks in advance.

    • Frigadroid

      Update on the update tmobile will be giving any customers with a loose hinge a free rubber band. So there you have it now you wankers can go about your business uninterrupted.

      • zazou

        I really like the G2, but I do have to say that your comment is very funny.

  • me

    I guesss T-Mobile deflated that pre-order baloon real quick. I Can’t wait until the other phones come out so that I can finally make a decision. Patience is my weakness.

    • me


  • TMOprophet

    I went yesterday and they would barely let me hold one…and didnt know when they were beginning sales….although the phone is pretty slick for a qwerty keyboard phone.

    Its pretty solid too, nice finish, but I will wait for something else

  • robert

    anyone able to teather this phone to their pc?

    • k-mack

      really easy to tether it, yeah. PdaNet will do it and another one as well, forgot the name. works great. just install the small software for the pc as well and you’ll be tethering in no time.

      • eliteramen

        EasyTether is the other app

  • Tyrone

    The phone is available for sale. Its a soft launch early. I played with the unit and by far it is the fastest android to date and hspa is sick. The phone is heavy and the keyboard is a lil small. but overall i love it. i will be getting one. Tmobile got’s me. I will upload a better video then most on youtube when i get mines hopefully this week.

  • alientim

    Called T-mobile store here in Washington State they are selling the G2 right now what crap is that pre-orders where to get to us before general public got to buy one. Well called customer service and they said it wasn’t to be out till the the 6th. I complained and what did I get I get two months data plan for free to make up for radio shack selling theirs For $150 and selling on the 3rd. Still doesn’t sit well with me knowing I could have had my phone today if I didn’t do the so called pre order…. I call this BS……..

    • Tmo

      Atvleast u will have one not like others that they have to wait

  • Andy

    Comes out tomorrow!

  • True story , I got the go head to sell g2 on 10/03/2010 by store and market managers.
    It looks ok, hspa+ is very fast, im still waiting for the mytouch hd.

  • Damien

    SOld a G2 at my store today so, definitely selling them everywhere tomorrow, sunday :)

  • TechieChicky

    I was in our local store yesterday to activate the new sim and see if they had any accessories for the G2. I didn’t tell them that I had one but they got all sweaty and nervous when I started asking about them.

    When I asked if they had one in the store so I could check the memory they got real fidgety and wouldn’t bring it out from the back.

    They refused to show or sell any accessories until the 6th ~ maybe they’ll get the memo that it’s okay. I hope so… they kinda looked like they might pass out if anyone insists on seeing one. Poor guys. :)

    • justin

      I bought screen protectors and a body glove case for mine on saturday from a t mobile store today but had to ask for it. They brough it ou the back. Got 20% off for buying two items.

      • JM77

        Ditto, I bought my accessories on Thursday. The sales peopple at the store I went to were great. I played with their G2 for a half hour and even tried out the cases on their G2. They had already downloaded speedtest and angry birds! Very cool!

      • Foxeh

        Can anyone tell me if T-Mobile’s G2 screen protectors have anti-glare properties? They are just labeled as “anti-fingerprint” or smudge or something, but they don’t seem to be any different than the ones marked as Anti-Glare (or even both) for different phones in the store.

  • InFeXIoUs

    yea well im not buying through t-mobile this time. Radio shacks got the better deal and is confirmed that tommorow they are selling the g2’s in store on shelves. So i am gonna be there before 10 a.m before they open.


    For the question does the G 2 phone tether? YES it does perfectly. I am writing this response from my lap top using the easy tether app downloaded in the market. Tethers flawless and fast! This phone is pretty sweet. I am not sure how much more one could want in a smart phone. Very happy with my purchase. By the way I am not sure why some people have been having trouble recieving their pre ordered phone. I ordered my phone at eight pm eastern wednseday and recieved it at 5 pm eastern Friday. less than 48 hours after my order.

    • Datank

      What app is it

      • eliteramen


        lol this is one app name where not using proper caps could confuse.

  • jason

    got my G2 yesterday and this phose is freekin awesome. My first thought was “durable” This phone felt strong and not like a hunk of plastic. My favorite app so far is Google translate. I’m learning more Spanish with my phone than taking one year at the college.

    • El Guapo

      Oh yeah, it is strong as long as you hold it correctly

  • DatGuy

    It’s true, at least on the East coast. The East Coast VP sent an email to all managers today authorizing the sale of G2s.

  • soul

    I was told it was just for new lines and not upgrades :(

    • Shawn

      Thats BS! It is suppose to be “existing customers get it first”

    • immadroid

      i got mine yesterday and i was an existing customer

  • Mr. Barrow

    are their anybody in new orleans la that got to go to the store and get the phone

  • InFeXIoUs

    9 more hours and i should be walkin out the store with one….

  • tmogee

    anybody know if this badboy will be updated to android 3.0??

  • MichaelJ

    In Torrance, CA the South Bay Galleria has released two phones to me today.

    • thereugo

      I was at the Tmobile store in San Pedro and they let me handle it yesterday, it’s a great phone, a little heavy but SOLID built. They had the phone today selling them. I’m waiting a couple of more weeks to possibly get 2 of them. Radio shack had them too, but the radio shack in the Target in San Pedro, yes San Pedro didnt have no clue that the Tmobile stores were already selling them early.It really makes me laugh how the people working for these phone companies dont do there homwork when it comes to the phones there going to be releasing. So how is the phone standing up.

  • Foxeh

    Something just occurred to me. I’ve never been able to find Quadrant Advanced benchmarks for the G2, only Quadrant Standard. That means we don’t know the breakdown of the scores yet.

    Android Central somehow got their hands on an HTC Merge/Lexicon/etc and as far as we can tell, it has a similar processor as the G2 (perhaps an MSM7630?).


    Blue: CPU | Red: Memory | Green: I/O | Orange: 2D | Yellow: 3D

    It’s hard to see the separation between 2D and 3D results in this photo, but it seems this particular 800MHz proc a significant I/O boost over the first gen snapdragon which will make things much more responsive, but at the cost of raw CPU power. This does look to be a more balanced way to do things as it removes a major bottleneck.

    Of course, it’s still only a benchmark.

    I suspect the G2 may have similar results, maybe slightly higher because it’s running Vanilla.

  • JM77

    I just ran it. Results:

    total – 1589
    cpu – 3502
    mem – 1070
    io – 2635
    2d – 226
    3d – 513

    Very good for an out of the box score.

    • JM77

      One more for those that care: ;-)

      total – 1696
      cpu – 3900
      mem – 1075
      io – 2751
      2d – 237
      3d – 516

  • mike1232

    which tmobile store location can i get the G2 at

    • David, Managing Editor

      Try calling your local T-Mobile stores.

  • Roger

    1hr to go..then off to radio shack to pick it up. 1st on the waiting list in East Louisville. :-)

  • pantlesspenguin

    I went to T-Mobile yesterday to see about a warranty exchange for my Vibrant. I saw they had a G2 behind the counter and asked to see it. The rep was more than happy to let me play with it. I just kinda scrolled through all the apps. There was an H in the corner and now I wish I would’ve done some browsing to see how it compares to the speeds I get. The gal helping me said she was definitely going to get one.

    • El Guapo

      Sales people always tell you that. They are sales people. They will tell you anything you want to hear. Dont be so gullible.

      • Foxeh

        There was one rep who tried to sell me a Vibrant when I asked about a G2 last week. :P

  • Moses

    So mad I went there and the sales rep had no idea what I was talking about he said it doesn’t release everywhere until october 6th I’m from pittsburgh pa.

  • Want2CBetter

    I received my G2 through the pre-order but I wanted to get a case and fitted screen protectors. I stopped by the store in Columbia SC yesterday and asked about the phone and accessories – they said they were allowed to sell the phone and had already sold one.

    More importantly to me, they had accessories available. I picked up a cool case that is a metallic blue fading to black, along with screen protectors. Also, I didn’t know this – they give you 20% off if you buy two accessories at the same time (30% for three). I asked if I could get 100% off if I bought 10 but they wouldn’t go for that :)

  • Angelo

    I have an old family plan and G1 data plan, do I need to get a newer family and data plan if I want to get the G2? Thanks!

    • Foxeh

      If you’ve ever upgraded your old “G1” data plan to an “Android” data plan to gain access to Visual Voicemail, you wont need to change anything.

      • Frigadroid

        I was wondering what the difference was when they changed my g1 data plan without informing me to android after I bought the vibrant. I thought it was to charge me more when I got my bill it was confusing because it was prorated. So I called loyalty to let them know I was going to have a stroke if they raised my bill and they said not to worry its the same price. Then I asked if they had a better plan since the wife needs unlimited minutes and I unlimited web she said because I have been with them for 10+ years I qualify for family loyalty discount with $20 unlimited data. That’s why I love tmobile the best people & best service and the true fastest network. :-D

  • Skye

    I just got mine this morning at Radio Shack! They only had one in stock, but they were happy to sell it to me. Total came to just over 200 with full upgrade and 2 year contract extension! Good luck guys! It’s an amazing device!

  • AndrewKc

    I went into one of the stores in Independence and they said he just had a conference call about it and that they weren’t releasing them until the 6th. Radioshack is suppose to start selling them tomorrow. The guy was a dick when I was talking with him.

  • Amanda

    I went to my local store (brandon, FL) and they said no go – only available for new lines because it’s not in their system fully yet. :/ bummer!

    • zazou

      They are selling them at the Jax Beach store.

  • thereugo

    I went to the Tmobile store around the corner from me and I was able to hold it and check it out, very solid phone. That hinge problem that has been talked about and shown here on Tmonews, don’t worry about it. I tried it and nothing going on with the device i checked out. HTC will fix it if theres a problem but I doubt it will be an issue. I believe that this phone being a flagship phone for tmobile and HTC has alot of promoise, I see this phone in the future along with the updates being a very, very nice phone. I’m really thinking of getting one, but then there’s that mytouch HD coming out.

    • Foxeh

      The last time I checked out a G2 in a T-Mo store the other day I was just curious as to what sort of retention mechanism it had to keep the device open or closed. The demo I played with didn’t seem to have any, I tilted it at awkward angles and it was a little loose. I didn’t think much of it.

      Then I got home and the blogosphere was lit up about it. Hehe, wow.

      Now I get four minutes into this video and it shows a nice, stiff hinge.
      (the link should skip right to what I’m referring to if viewed on a desktop)

      So are there magnets in the thing or is it just the stiffness of the hinge? If it’s the latter, I’m not sure how that’s going to last…

  • k-fed

    Screw T-Mobile. I ordered on the 23rd, was so happy the night of the 28th when UPS said it would be here Thursday the 30th, and then utterly furious when I checked 24 hours later and my delivery had Brennan “rescheduled” for 10/5. Now anyone and their dog can walk into a store and pick one up and I have to wait til Tuesday. I know patience is a virtue, but I’m freaking out here.

    P.S. Customer care says if I choose to go buy from the store I have to pay for return shipping on my preordered one cause I can’t return it at the store. Can’t believe after 6 years as a customer that I have to go through this crap.

    • alientim

      I have the same issue with no delivery till 10/5 ordered the day of pre order. But I did call tmobile and complained that everyone and there dog can buy one know and I still don’t get mine till 10/5. So the rep asked me what i wanted and i said well radio shack is selling theirs for $150, so what about a discount so she gave me 2 months of my data plan for free better then nothing I guess. I still call it B S…………

  • PeterGunn

    How does the G2 compare to the HD2?besides one being windows based an the other being android.?

    • Want2CBetter

      I just listed my HD2 on eBay. The lack of a keyboard is what did it for me. The 3.7″ screen on the G2 really does not feel much different than the 4.3″ screen on the HD2. Also, Android is much more stable than Windows Mobile in my experience.

  • dannyb91979

    I just went to RadioShack and walked out with my G2!!! It does have the weak hinge, but honestly, I don’t think this is going to be a problem, and though it’s a design flaw, I don’t think it’s actually a defect. It is SOOOOOO FAST compared to my MyTouch 3G 1.0!

  • Phisixb

    I tried it at the T-Mobile store. The hinges are too loose. If your texting while laying down, then it will collapse on you. If this gets fixed, then I will get it. Also, I hope the internal memory is really 4 gb and not 2 gb as some say. Otherwise, what is the next great phone coming up on T-Mobile?

  • Mike-55

    Went to local RS, asked about G2, “hmmm never heard of it…oh wait here’s one in the back, don’t know much it”.( That’s pretty evident ) This is near Kansas City. Didn’t get it, still thinking. Didn’t see the hinge problem, very solid feeling device.

  • Want2CBetter

    I had the HD2 and now have the G2. I like the G2 better.
    -G2 has a keyboard
    -Android is more stable than Windows Mobile in my experience (I experienced missed and dropped calls with the HD2 (even after Tmo replaced it)
    -The G2 is much faster

    With all of that said, the HD2 is much more customizable (I did enjoy that)

  • Mr.Barrow

    the phone goes on sell the 4th in new orleans with the bogo sell

  • SoTacMatt

    Thanks to your post (and twitter) I went out today and got mine.

  • Ricky

    LIEs! I spoke to countless T-Mobile representatives and finally a senior manager and I was told that they did not give permission…

    • Want2CBetter

      So, what’s it like living in denial?

  • Dude

    I went to my local store this morning when they opened (Anaheim, CA) and got out with a brand new G2 :] no hinge problem like in the that one video! works great!
    The guy at T-mobile said they were actually selling them since yesterday.

  • Carlos

    Just went picked mine up at tmobile and this is a awesome beauty :) I don’t regret the $541

  • ericM

    I called T-Mobile today bc I pre-ordered and am waiting till tomorrow to get my phone for $327 (inc. taxes/fees, shipping and $18 upgrade fee.)

    I asked what is the benefit of pre-ordering if I can just walk to Radio Shack today, pay less AND get it earlier?

    I was very nice to the CSR, but despite repeated claims that I feel a bit ripped off, she would not eliminate one penny of my fees/final price.

    I will never pre-order from T-Mobile again.

  • M.Az

    Seriously patience is a virtue, the world will not end if you have to wait a few days.

    The g2 is a nice phone for sure, I work for t-mobile as well, but I do not know if it “SMOKES” the vibrant or not, and in the end, are we so sure that gingerbread(aka 3.o) will come to the g2 unabated or will they instead release it on a new android phone, I thought the specs were one gz and higher?

  • M.Az

    P.S. I am not a fan of the hinge, far as I can tell it is NOT metal and I wonder how long the actual device will hold up. but I also know the g1’s hinges seemed fine no matter what, never had a customer return one of those or hear of issues with it’s hinges.

    • zazou

      Actually the hinges are metal.

  • Poopman

    Wow I didn’t realize these weren’t out yet I could have picked one up at the mall yesterday. They feel so much more sturdy than my crap vibrant.

  • MytouchSilder

    I played with the G2 for a bit T-mobile store today really nice except the hinges are not tight seems that after opening and closing it will wear and tear really soon, instead I’m gonna hold out till the Mytouch HD

  • M.Az

    @ Poopman – wow, until the hinge breaks off or until you realize the 3.7 screen is tiny in comparison.

  • Alex

    I just got one. Does anyone else think that the volume on the headset is too low?

  • Carlos

    This is coming from a vibrant owner…the g2 smokes the vibrant…only thing the vibrant has going for it is the screen but the g2 has a nice screen as well…vibrant is nice but I would choose the g2 hands down..this phone as everything the vibrant lacked and a better feeling in the hand…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
    • remixfa

      Its true. Tmo stores got a fat stock of G2’s last week and apparently didnt feel the need to wait since preorder units have already been recieved. Go get em!!!! The demo units went up in the floors yesterday if you want to play with it.

      • BW

        got mine today. it is amazing.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Here it is with sorted to show Buy It Now only. Lowest is $450 (but a zero FB seller).

    The seller where it’s listed for $509.99 is cool. I bought a Slide from him, $120 less than what T-Mobile asked for it.

    I don’t know who he is, but he always gets the latest T-Mobile phones and sells them without boxes and some accessories. Typically his prices are about $100 less than from T-Mobile (except that G2, but he got that early. Typically he lists phones about 30 to 45 days after they debut). Note: lately his FB took some unwarranted hits, from nuts. Too bad for him. He used to have a 99.5 rating.


  • Hmmm?

    Alright, now that the G2 is available, lets start talking about the MyTouch HD!

  • Poindexter

    I went in to a T-mobile Limited store today and tried out the G2. Wouldn’t sell it to me tho because I don’t qualify for the full discount yet…didn’t have pricing for partially subsidized device, and wouldn’t even sell it outright for $600 without contract.

    The one I tried did have the hinge problem. Made me wonder whether if, when trying to jam it in my pocket, it might start to open, get caught on my pocket, and get damaged or slip out of my hand and fall. Played with settings and ran across an indicator of how much internal memory was available…it was something like 1.3 GB. So I guess the rest of the space is taken up by the system, pre-installed apps, etc. Went to manage apps and didn’t have the option to uninstall any of the pre-installed apps, either. Probably have to root to do that…

    • Carlos

      I had something like that….After talking to 4 different TMO reps 3 @customer service and 1 in store prior to today, all told me that once it sells in the store I could take advantage of Tmo line of credit that I had. That if I were to buy during pre-order I would have to pay for the phone outright…. So today I came out….as it turns out, I can buy it at the store, but I cannot get there, they still have to mail it to me bcs I am not due to a full upgrade, and since I had upgraded my wife’s phone and used the line of credit I did not have any credit available…

      Really sucks bcs all this was contrary to what customer service had told me just a few days before. Not to mention that just a day after my wife’s 14 days of return expired they cut the price of her BB9700 in half!!!! I was stuck with a $100 phone paying $200, no line of credit (used on the BB), and no G2 in hand….

      Got completely screwed by Tmo on this one!!!

  • Marcus

    I went to a store today and played with the G2. I went to the same website at the same time on my Vibrant and it wasn’t THAT much faster on the HSPA network.

    My first impression was “Dang this is heavy!” Overall I was unimpressed and I am sticking with my Vibrant. I really thought I would like it more. The screen is too small in comparison. I’ve gotten spoiled in the week that I’ve had the Vibrant.

    It felt well built, just not for me in particular.

    • Lance

      Did you have an HSPA signal?

    • The Shick

      You should dowload quadrant standard edition from the market, it will clock how fast your phone is compared to other android phones. There you will see the G2 is almost twice as fast as the vibrant. I have a G2 and a buddy has the vibrant, needless to say my G2 is way faster, the test proves it. Rooting your phone will make it crazy fast, only then will your vibrant beat the G2. But when root is available for G2 you’ll be left in the dust again. On the same note though, the vibrant is a very nice phone.

      • Cupcake

        It’s not the G2 that is faster, its the Android 2.2. When/If the Vibrant gets the 2.2 update it will bury the G2 in the dirt, sorry fanboy, it’s a fact.

      • don’t think so


        I’ve been getting constant 1700’s in quadrant with my G2.


        My buddy’s GalaxyS has been getting constant 900’s.

        Fact: What could be, isn’t. What is now, is.

        Fact: My G2 is already on 2.2.

        Fact: The GalaxyS is on 2.1.

        Fact: a CM rom on the GalaxyS makes it flipping fast

        Fact: a CM rom on the G2 will make it flipping fast (when there is one-soon).

        Fact: I thought “Cupcake” was much more of a fanboy and that is a fact. I did! I didn’t make it up!

        Aren’t facts fun!

        Butterfly in the skyyyyyyyy. I can go twice as hiiiiiiiighh…

      • Cupcake

        Yep, G2 fanboys. Its all thanks to 2.2. Enjoy your brick with its cloudy LCD. G2 will never be as fast as Vibrant with 2.2, sorry. I know it hurts when a new phone you buy is really not that innovative. You should have waited for the MTHD.

  • Mr. Barrow

    do tmo have a front facing cam like the iphone.


    Had my g2 since thursday. Pre-ordered thu T-Mo. The net is fast! The phone is an upgraded version of the G1 and really a heavy sturdy phone (nothing like the plastic vibrant) but nothing really knocks my socks off…. There’s nothing really “NEW”…

    • Frigadroid

      Why do people have such a problem with plastic? Would you prefer a 1980s ford mustang or chevy camaro over a 2011 model ? I like the fact that the vibrant is so light. If I want to work out my arms that’s what I have a golds membership for. Also when it comes to speed if the g2 doesn’t beat the Vibrant with hspa + then what’s the point of having the + ? Don’t think I’m hating on the g2 if it had a bigger samoled display and no keyboard I would sell my Vibrant today, but the speed to me is irrelevant when the vibrant brings up a web page in the blink of an eye I’m not going to be envious of any phone that’s a nano second faster.

      • whooptang

        ..so why then are you even giving a rip? EH? Seems like YOU DO care. The G2 IS the new highness. Does that make all other phones pieces of junk? OF COURSE NOT. Argue about it all ya want. In fact I welcome it. The more people argue that the G2 ISN’T the new highness, the more it confirms.


        btw, you consider a heavy phone a “workout”? ^_^ It’s a good thing you have that membership. You should use it! Fitness is greatness!

  • bronxlcsw

    Well i walk into the Tmobile store in Bronx NY zip 10473. They give me the phone on an add a line account. Not only that i got another G2 for free. So i got 2 G2 devices. I must say its one heavy device. looks like it would last a nuclear blast though. Video looks much better on the Vibrant. Comes with 8gb Microsd card. I am not feeling the love for this phone yet.

  • Travis

    I got my new G2 yesterday. The TMo store didn’t have one but I had one reserved at Radio Shack. It does everything I wanted my G1 to do and more. Very pleased. Nice solid phone.

  • bronxlcsw

    Dont get me wrong, this phone looks and feels awsome. Its just that i dont see a whole lot of difference between it and the Vibrant feature wise. In fact the movies i have on the vibrant look better. And the vibrant is connected to the HSDPA network giving me close to 7mbs and the G2 is at 9mbs. Keyboard is a little cramped but acceptable.

  • To be the company that brought “THE 1ST ANDROID PHONE TO MARKET” T-Mobile needs to ACT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The HD2 was nice; the My Touch Slide was nice also. But the G2 is WEAK, SOFT, and none thing close to what the modern day use is wonting to do. No one wants to sing a 2yr contract on a phone that has last year’s technology on it today. Stop bringing base mobile phones to the store and then letting other carries come with the same phone but more features to make yours look weak.

    • Andrew

      And stop learning to spell and make complete sentences!!!!!!!

    • JeezeLouise

      I happen to think the G2 is a fantastic piece of equipment. It outperforms my Evo by a LONGSHOT. It’s the perfect size, the screen is gorgeous, it’s battery life thus far, has been good, it’s freaking fast, and is just over-all, amazing. I didn’t get a 2 year contract for mine. I just went and bought two of them. No biggy.

      What exactly is “modern day”. Hrmmmm? I’ll bet that I do much more with my G2 already then you have EVER done with all of your phones COMBINED.

      I diagnose cars via OBD with my phone. I map various trails while riding my dirt bike. I check my heart-rate because I have to. I check the surf and tide report because I ride waves. I monitor my runs/jogs. I check various email accounts including an exchange server. I play games (derrr), I scan bar-codes and not just for the hell of it either. I keep up with news, weather, friends and family just like every other android device. I buy things. I sell things. I plan trips. I remember where my car is. I find the best restaurants and movies in the area. I use the damned flashlight when It’s too dark to see. I find out which direction I’m headed. I take photos and videos to document experiences and I share them on the cloud. I am reminded of important dates and events. I plan important dates and events. I trip out on google earth and most importantly…

      I burst many bubbles and throw many, many angry birds while sitting on the throne. Just like pretty much every…other…android.

      What I do NOT do is video chat. I don’t like video chat. It creeps me out.

      With it’s 45 nanometer architecture, this phone is of THE LATEST technology. I’m sorry that you are uninformed.

  • TuroTheGreat

    Just got off customer care and after being immediately transferred to loyalty. The rep offered me $99 for one phone and $154 for the second phone (still in contract) for the G2. Also got data plans for $20 each and he waived the activation and shipping fees! An awesome deal in my opinion.

  • Mr. Barrow

    can some1 tell me where i can see a vid on tethering the g2 please. ty

  • AM123

    Easily the best phone I have ever held in my hands! Build quality is amazing and stock(ish) android is FAST! Loved all 2 hrs I had it. But alas, I had to return it. The damn hinge was loosy goosy. If I held it in my finger tips at the bottom and turned my wrist 360 degrees, it would open and gimp. And although the keyboard is really nice, I think I actually prefer no keyboard. I’m waiting for t-mo to receive it and upgrade their system with my return before I can go pick a solidly tight one at their retail store.
    Enjoy yours everybody!

  • harvey

    Just got the G2 yesterday and did a speed test. I am getting 5.96 down and 1.62 up in Missouri City a suburb of Houston,TX.

    I am enjoying my phone and honestly notice the difference in speed. I gave my wife my Vibrant and sold her MyTouch slide yesterday on Craigslist for 300.00.

    Not regretting the G2 purchase so far.