T-Mobile To Offer Reception In New York City Subway Stations

According to BusinessWeek, T-Mobile USA and AT&T Mobility customers will soon be the first to get cellular reception in New York City subway stations after the carriers signed 10-year agreements which will allow access to an underground network being built by Transit Wireless. The agreement will allow T-Mobile and AT&T to provide cellular reception in 277 underground NYC subway stations. According to BusinessWeek, an official announcement on the agreements may come as soon as next week.

PhoneScoop Via BusinessWeek

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  • queensnewbie

    This is the best news I’ve heard in months!

    • yea i would have to co-sign on that. great news. ill definitely get a galaxy tab now.

  • Jazz


  • J-man

    wow, i thought that all the subways in the nation had wireless reception. guess i was wrong. here in chicago, we have had reception for about a year or so.

    • Deke218

      NYC is always late because we have to figure out who the pay-offs go to. It gets confusing.

      • Mega G


  • NiiDiddy

    Good for Tmobile!!!

  • t1 connect

    Yea baby, a little nycta 2 train underground love

  • Rell

    When I first saw this I smiling saying then i sent it to David. Then I thought to myself this is going to be a double edge sword. How many people will talk loud as hell on the train im going to be like damn. Still good news for me tho.

  • cellswag

    Love it. I kknew the few spot I did have service. Now that they workin on I can’t wait

  • Gunsing

    nice! wish we get that in LA 2 lol

  • Barry

    I hope they do this in philly At&t already hss it in our subways :-( that would be sweet.

    • Philly

      Lets go philly!

      • Barry

        10+^ lol

    • Reece

      It’s super-duper annoying that I have to cut convos short the minute I get ready to go into a Orange Line stop and resume calling when I get to City Hall (even then signal cuts off in some spots).

  • Way to go, T-Mo!

    Now, the first ones to use this features will look like crazy people on the platforms. LOL.

    Reminds me of the day I saw a guy carrying a loud cellphone conversation from 125th St up to Newkirk Ave in the B train. Non stop.

  • mystycs

    YES FINALLY!! muahahahah!

  • Awesome, now can I get some tmo reception down in dc’s metro? Lol

  • Ive always thought i had reception in the subway station in manhattan..>. >

    • Deke218

      We already have it on the 4 & 5 from Boro Hall in Brooklyn to Brooklyn Bridge. That was the test case.

  • innerchirp

    Would that require a wifi calling enabled phone?

  • vinyldestination555

    That’s great news. The bad news is, no more “I was stuck in the subway” excuses for work.

    • SnakeEyez

      well u can use that excuse if you have sprint/verizon hehe.

  • jrperiod

    Nice now i can listen to pandora radio while i’m on the 6 train.

  • chris

    to the orignal poster ive had reception in the dc metro for about a year, its only the stations though, not the tunnels

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Now if Tmobile could only get some good reception down here in Atlanta, GA

  • J1

    As a N.Y.C resident, all I can say is f.n. sweeet. Yet another reason to stick with Magenta..

    So tmobile signed a 10yr agreement did they?!.. hmmm I guess that fact bends over and takes a dump on that article that said tmobile won’t be around in a couple of yrs lol..

    One more thing, didn’t mailman say he lives in N.Y.C.?! It really sux to be him right now smh lol

  • DarthKool

    Love this.. but will we get reception while in the trains between stations?

  • jestrada

    Now how bout some hspa+ in chicago please.

  • Izzy

    Only if the yankees win this year tmo will hook up some underground service!!..lmao

    • Reece

      If that’s the case Philly should get T-Mobile service in their subways soon since, well c’mon.. the Phillies will win it even if it means getting revenge on the Stankees.. err… I mean.. Yankees. heh ;)

      • Deke218

        Then I guess Philly will NEVER see service in the subway.

  • mtnman

    It sounds good to me, the only problem is I’m not in NYC. Nor any place that has subway’s. Denver has the RTA, but that’s above ground. Here in Colorado Springs we have lot’s of mountain roads. How about getting some reception in those areas then we’ll talk.

    • Mj

      If your not next to a subway y would the put this in ur area. That’s stupid as hell

  • some internet dude

    Greeeeat now the idiot next to me is going to be like “HEY YO WHAT’S UP, SO CHECK THIS OUT KID” bla bla bla. Well at least i can surf the web.

  • LaNsLyDe

    Nice ! Chicago and NYC get signal woot! haha

  • Vibrant Addict

    Since I have no subway here, I took out the most vital information for me ’10-year agreements’, which I take to mean T-Mobile is not going anywhere anytime soon and they’re here to stay for a bit. Of course it could mean nothing, but I’ll take it as a positive sign for Magenta.

    I did a bit further research into this and found Wifi is also going to be available, this means each subway cart will have individual service for the cellphone and wifi? So UMA all you want. :)

  • archboy

    Yeah…that we have service..yeah…it will now be able to hear Danice on her phone screamin to her pimp why she didn’t get the $25 dollar job to feed her three kids while they stay with their loser dad…fun..yeah….

  • Rob

    Wow this is really surprising in Philly we’ve had ATT covering the subways for a while now I believe and the NYC has ad none? Doesn’t Really matter though because I can’t take advantage of it since I’m with T-Mobile.

  • J_Nova

    Yea but which stations!? hope the 6 train gets love.

  • James

    AT&T has service in the Philadelphia Subways. They even got one of the subway stations named At&T. Guess that means we won’t be getting subway mobile service from T-Mobile here. :(