T-Mobile Intros Galaxy Tab Video, Sign Up Page

There is a whole lot of fanfare surrounding the introduction of the Galaxy Tab right now as its surely going to hit the top of holiday shopping lists for many Android fans. We’ve seen quite a bit of the device in both unofficial and official Samsung walkthroughs and now T-Mobile officially “released” a video showing off the Tab. Of course we should mention this video has been around as it was posted on this here website since the 20th of September so not much new to see there. Unless of course you haven’t watched it, than it’s a fun filled two minutes for anyone hoping to scoop this up in time for the holidays. Along with the posting of the video on the T-Mobile Facebook page, they have more importantly introduced a very G2 like sign-up page (remember that, you guys debated for days over what the blank image could be??) for those looking for more information. So while we didn’t really learn a whole lot of the particulars we’re hoping for, like price and release date the introduction of the landing page brings up on step closer to actually owning the device.

Sign up for information regarding the Galaxy Tab.

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  • Yemi

    I prefer playbook

    • noob

      im sorry but i prefer a playboy

      • funkmasterC


      • Green Robot

        Only for articles of course….

    • sean

      @yemi me too but you know its going to go to verizon

      • Yemi

        Wifi only version will be out first. I will be using it with my Nokia N900 tethering.

    • Frigadroid

      No thanks Scamscum my ass still hurts from the Vibrant.

      • 2FR35H

        Why on earth are you complaining about vibrant? that is a great device and has 2.2 readily available an unofficial version of course if you aren’t afraid of possibly voiding your warranty.

  • aLb3Rt

    this is nice but I think the playbook is much superior… just saying’

    • Matt

      I have to agree with you, the Playbook looks awesome and it’s from Blackberry, so you know it will be well built and well supported. Who knows what support you will get from Samsung.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        BB Storm build quality is staring at you with a blank monotone demeanor look.

      • watbetch

        9700/9630 – ANY recent BB has horrible build quality. Get it together.

      • aLb3Rt

        will see….. i gotta see both before I jump in. am fine with my ipad right now and no…. am no fan boy…. just like gadgets… ;)

  • Zed

    If only it wasn’t a Samsung product. After the recent behold and galaxy issues I’m a little gun shy when it comes to their product support. I haven’t been following the tab much, are they going to be inflicting a custom UI on it?

  • Belcher

    love it! Looks like a super sized Vibrant.. Love when the kids shoves it in his back pocket, that’s not gonna get broken..lol

  • Vibrant Guy

    Does anyone know when this will come out? Or pricing?

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Samsung does stuff half cocked well atleast on the mobile side of things. Their tv’s are top notch. I still can’t understand why anybody would want a phone OS on a tablet. Just use your phone. Now a w7 tablet is cake!

  • David Thomas

    I’d have to agree with the countless other comments above. The PlayBook looks like it’ll be a pretty sick device, pending Blackberry’s final specs.

    And this is a Samsung device. I wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole. This could be the last device that defines whether or not they stay in business, and they would still leave the thing unsupported, even with show-stopping bugs.

    • blazinn831

      i would agree… samsung has done to many wrong

  • pimpstrong

    Again, Carrier versions will fail. Give me a WiFi only option and I’ll give it a second thought. This one is already like $130 more than a Wi-only version because of its stupid 3G radio.

    I bet its $649.99 off contract and not worth it.

  • NiiDiddy

    Easy decision for me: Blackberry PlayBook!!!!!

    No more Samsung…the Vibrant is enough and I don’t want additional monthly bill from T-Mobile right now.

    • Vibrant Guy

      I agree. I am kinda getting away from carrying my laptop…and want a smaller device. I would give up my Vibrant, get a reg. flip phone with good 3 to 4 day battery for phone calls only. The get this, or any other table that would only be for internet and surfing on the go.

      • NiiDiddy

        I agree with you too!!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      wow, the playbook does look better. Cool.

  • Vibrant Guy

    Well, until the specs are released…and you actually use it. It will be just like any other device coming out, you are looking at it on your computer watching others play with it first. LOL You will not know how you like it until you use it, slow your roll.

  • holiday

    Playbook FTW

  • King.julian

    I haver to agree…i was very excited about the galaxy tab until I got the vibrant. I’ve been waiting on froyo and s gps fix still nothing .. i full have a few days to it back for the g2 but idk if I want to yet

    • Shawn

      You have a choice to drop the Vibrant for a G2…. and you don’t have a G2 yet????

  • J-man

    I have to agree, playbook looks much better. Being that it is blackberry, we know that it will have support and such. The Tab looks nice btw, but I would not get it.

  • Sasha

    First I want an update for my Vibrant, then I’ll think about this.

  • With the playbook you can get a wifi version with no contract. It is optimized. It will have full support at launch. I’m sorry but the playbook makes the Gtab look dated and both have not come out yet. Android is so open that Amazon is starting its own market place. Google has fallen off my radar. I will wait for WP7 and the playbook/Hp to come out. FTW

    Stay thirsty my friends…

  • 419guy

    I think I’m going to get the Archos 101 when it comes out this month. It has pretty much the same features, 10 inch screen (they also have a 7 inch Archos 70), $300 bucks with no contract. I can just tether it with my $10 data plan. I thought this was cool when it was first introduced, but now that they took away the phone feature, whats the point of it being on contract?

    • 2FR35H

      Actually it does have a phone feature I mean after all it does have video chat and how else can they advertise that without having a mic built with it.

      • 419guy

        I am referring to the voice calling feature being disabled for U.S. cell carriers..

  • trife

    This thing looks sweeeeeet.

    But…..after the Vibrant debacle, I’m passing on this Samsung product.

    • blablabla

      there is no “Vibrant debacle”

      It will be a debacle if we don’t get the gps update soon and if we never get 2.2. For now it’s just a bunch of pissed off people waiting way too long for an update. Me included.

      • 2FR35H



    • going_home

      I think Samsung, HTC, and Motorola all have their different problems with various devices.

      Best advice is dont prebuy anything.

      Wait till the initial wave is sold and watch for problems here and on gadget news sites (Phandroid, Engadget, Boy Genius, Gizmoto, etc.).

      I prebuy ordered a G2 on my debit card, and without thinking about it activated a new debit card several hours later, which in turn canceled my G2 order.

      Now I am very happy that happened after seeing all the ridiculous problems with the device.

      Weak Z hinge, missing 2 gigs of internal memory etc.

      C’mon TMO/HTC, we know Android 2.2 doesnt take up 2.5 gigs of memory !
      We dont want excuses, just recall the phones, do the right thing and fix the issues !


      • blazinn831

        exactly.. all there gonna do is sell a butt load of flawed phones with everybody coming back for an exchange… thats t-mobile for you :(

  • Green Robot

    For me, this is a bit too big to be really portable and too small to be really useful kind of a device. Got a free Wi-Fi iPad from work and together with my Vibrant I’m all set – no need to spend money on this thing. Plus I’m angry at Samsung for them dragging their feet on fixing Vibrant problems so I’m not in any kind of mood to give them any more of my money at this point.

    No soup for you Samsung! Come back, one year!!!

  • mikeeeee

    absolutely worth a 2 week test drive for me.

    7″ screen googlenav device.

    7″ swype keyboard.

    all other ANDROID apps 7″ big.

    using it in conjunction with a plain vanilla UMA phone is only 10 bucks more than a bare bones ANDROID plan and i can leave it in the car when i am a pedestrian.

  • deceptivesmiles

    I was kinda psyched about this, then I figured I’d wait for an HTC tablet if anything. I’m hearing Q1 2011

  • Dazaraza

    Duh…if you already have a free Itampon and a vibrant it would be kind of idiotic to get a tab

  • Tmoled

    Have you no shame? What great timing for tmobile/samsung to flaunt the tab.

  • mmeyer4663

    Archos 70 w/250GB HD for $349? No brainer!

    • deceptivesmiles

      didn’t Archos cripple it app wise tho?

      • 419guy

        Archos tablets do not come with the android market but you can download a patch and put it on the Archos which will give it full access.

  • trollface.jpg

    Seriously, I already have a Vibrant and a nice Sony laptop, what is the need for a device like this? Is there really a place for this, or is it strictly a niche? Don’t get me wrong, it looks nice. I guess I just don’t get it….

    • UPSSucks

      im from this school. i have a G2 and a laptop, what do i need a tablet for? because apple came out with one so i need to be cool too?

  • low

    i would never buy another samsung product untill they fix my vibrant ,where my update fix

  • Samsung rep.

    Low, An update about the future update will be announced soon. Check out the samsung Tab! XoXo

  • JP

    Sign me up. This is a great alternative to the iPad. Travel about 8 months out of the year. It’s a pain in the arrrsssss to pull out the laptop to check my email and calendar and do a little bit of web surfing. Using this thing for that reason along with it as media player on the plane, perfect. Just hope they bring Netflix out for Android soon.

  • low

    samsung rep, upgrade first please, show me samsung is committed to repairing the problems on the vibrant ,if not i will never buy your product again

  • jordanrules

    the video chat is a fake and you can see it when she puts the tab down in the small picture you can see she is still in front of the camara like if she is holding it what a blooper!