(Updated) T-Mobile G2 Hinges Loose, Memory Problems Abound?

We’re not quite how widespread this problem is but we’ve got both the above video from Engadget who are also receiving handfuls of tips regarding this matter as well as Noah from Phonedog who also showcased his own loose hinge troubles. While the G2 hasn’t even made its way to the hands of all the pre-orders and with the launch date still 5 days away its not exactly what the manufacturer and the carrier are hoping to discover. Still, we’ll keep an eye on this and see how truly widespread the problem is and as always sounds off below with any of your own reports of loose hinges. Shall we call this, hinge-gate? I kid I kid.

Along with the hinge trouble, reports have been pretty consistent regarding the amount of memory included with the device. The G2 comes with 4GB of built in memory, however users are reporting free space amounts to under 2 GB’s. T-Mobile has put out an official statement via their Facebook page:

Thanks for the questions about the G2’s memory. Here’s the scoop: The G2 includes 4GB of internal memory, of which a portion is accessible for downloading applications from the Android Market and a portion is allocated for both the operating system and preloaded applications. You can also store content and some applications on the included 8GB SD card, which is expandable up to 32GB.

Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention!

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