(Updated) T-Mobile G2 Hinges Loose, Memory Problems Abound?

We’re not quite how widespread this problem is but we’ve got both the above video from Engadget who are also receiving handfuls of tips regarding this matter as well as Noah from Phonedog who also showcased his own loose hinge troubles. While the G2 hasn’t even made its way to the hands of all the pre-orders and with the launch date still 5 days away its not exactly what the manufacturer and the carrier are hoping to discover. Still, we’ll keep an eye on this and see how truly widespread the problem is and as always sounds off below with any of your own reports of loose hinges. Shall we call this, hinge-gate? I kid I kid.

Along with the hinge trouble, reports have been pretty consistent regarding the amount of memory included with the device. The G2 comes with 4GB of built in memory, however users are reporting free space amounts to under 2 GB’s. T-Mobile has put out an official statement via their Facebook page:

Thanks for the questions about the G2’s memory. Here’s the scoop: The G2 includes 4GB of internal memory, of which a portion is accessible for downloading applications from the Android Market and a portion is allocated for both the operating system and preloaded applications. You can also store content and some applications on the included 8GB SD card, which is expandable up to 32GB.

Thanks to everyone who brought this to our attention!

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  • Kris

    I received my G2 yesterday evening, and the hinges are sturdy for me. I held the phone upside down and there was a slight gap but nothing like demonstrated in the video. I did notice when I have the screen brightness to 0 percent it seems to flicker however.

    But I love this phone so far!!

    • Erl voodoo

      Good job tmobile. I guess you were too busy testing the new vibrant release… Errrr uh nevermind.


    one of my hinges broke im sending it back i’ll post a picture if its possible

    • Kickstar13

      How exactly did it break?

    • §ü|»è®mªn

      Broke already :(

      Not the way to get the ball rolling…

  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    Interesting, Very Very Interesting

  • E

    kinda makes me glad i waited. i don’t understand buying a phone without being able to fully inspect and see it in person.

    • Robnoxious

      I hear ya, especially considering how pricey these things are.

  • cookitup222

    I just got my G2 today as well. I am also experiencing this. However, not that I am biased due to being a T-Mobile employee, but notice that this happens when the device is facing screen down. As I was experiencing this, I turned the phone to the proper position and it closed shut by itself. I hope that this “issue” doesn’t turn folks away from the device OR cause everyone to call customer care over it. Simply put, the only time you’d be using the device in this manner is when you’re laying down, and when you naturally turn the device screen down it stays fine. You literally have to manipulate the device to do what the video shows.

    • Farhan

      So you’re saying this happened because you were not holding it correctly?

      Couldn’t resist. :)

      • Frigadroid

        Good one a little laughter is good for the soul. I feel sorry for the the tmobile employees now with this and the Vibrant deal they must have to listen to a lot of disgruntled customers.

  • Craig

    Mine is just as “loose”, but won’t most G2 owners find the same thing? I’ve seen plenty of comments “I can’t text while laying in bed” so it seems like a design decision to me.

    • Craig

      But now I see that my available storage is only 1.16gb. Maybe two problems are linked by a different batch of hardware?

  • Dalton

    Strange. HTC usually builds pretty solid phones.

  • Dan

    This is so disappointing. I was really looking forward to picking the G2 up. Everything else is perfect, but I’m not willing to throw down 200 bucks for hinge problems that should have been taken care of before production. Just not worth the trouble.

  • holiday

    HTC..made in CHINA.com FAIL

    • G1 user waiting on G2

      STFU with the FAIL stuff.

    • Jess

      Taiwanese, not Chinese. Yes, they are different.

      • Farhan

        Unfortunately to him they all look alike. I have the same problem with monkeys and holiday. They look the same to me. :)

  • Sean

    I don’t have this problem at all. I held my G2 upside down like the video and the phone didn’t even budge. Phone works great and is blazing fast. Just downloaded angry birds beta and the graphics look amazing. Love it!

    • Trevor

      Yea mine does not have the problem, odd.


        Perhaps its a design flaw of the first batch or something. Hopefully, this is not a lasting problem.

    • JM77

      How much free memory do you have? One current theory is that the loose hinge and smaller internal memory may be correlated. If you have more than 2GB free that would help confirm it. If you have 1.22 then it would disprove it.

      Check applications>settings>sd card & phone storage>internal storage>available space

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Well I can’t say too much having not touched the phone, but when I saw close-ups of the hinges I thought they looked a little flimsy in terms of design.

    But I thought too that HTC makes great products and my Touch Pro2 was an excellent slider phone. So this is really surprising. I have to wonder if T-Mobile prematurely rushed these things to market.

    Well, since the G2 rollout appears to muted, at least there won’t be much discussion of this “design flaw” if that is indeed what this is.

    Sidenote: As a lot of us keep saying, all phones have problems when they initially launch. iPhone 4, Vibrant, HD2, G2. I don’t get it, if I was selling a product like this I’d put it in the hands of a thousand employees and have them report back with comments. Loose hinges, GPS issues, antenna problems, all seem like things that could easily detected.

    What… is T-Mobile not opening the crates they get from HTC? :-0

    • Amen on selling products that aren’t ready for the market. I mean really, the first person at Samsung who turned on their GPS and looked up directions should have had their phone freeze up and thought “something isn’t right.” That’s unacceptible. I’ve had phones in the past with problems at release that you just live with and they get patched after a while, but none where ur actually given a month to expect the fix and the fix never arrive. I could understand a small annoyance, but when I get lost and turn on google maps and then I have to pull over and take my battery out and put it back in, that’s a problem.

      So sad to see this hinge problem as I had just reached the point of trying to talk T-mo customer loyalty into exchanging my Vibrant for a G2.

      • jack

        Why do people think that if there is an issue with one device you can just call and complain and get another brand new device? Manufacturers warranty covers the same make and model, not another brand. You have buyers remorse then send it back or sell it on ebay and get something else. Pay for a service monthly, outright for the phone.

    • j

      why are you here, you never have anything constructive to say.

      • rcj

        @Jack. I bet your the same guy I get free phones from everytime I call customer Loyalty and complain. As a matter of fact I just ordered my FREE. LOL Stop crying baby your not paying for them. I can’t wait for the next device to come out to get that one for free too. Lmfao

      • rcj

        @Jack, I’m the one you love to hate. I call in to customer loyalty and always get what i want. As a matter of fact, I’m awaiting the arrival off my G2 that loyalty gave me for free with free express shipping. Stop crying sir, your just mad cuz you can’t do it. You don’t even pay for the phones or any adjustments made so shut up.

      • Robnoxious

        Sorry, but you got the phone for free rcj? I call B.S.

      • Robnoxious

        Please do tell rcj, how do you get them to give you the phone for free? I’m going on two months now being off contract and would sure like to get this phone for nothing. Tell us how you do it.

      • Jack

        @rcj i call BS too. Cant even send out the G2 for free. Emp dont even have the ability to do so. Contract sir, or nothing. Ill tell you what, if I got you n the phone thinking your gonna get a free phone everytime you talk to me you are sorely mistaken. If you want free phones then talk to the manufacturer, not the airtime provider.

      • Team Leader

        @Jack & Robnoxious I call your B.S. since that’s all Robnoxious seems to know how to say in his post. Multiple Exchange. If your a real rep. you’ll know that we do that idiot.

      • Team Leader

        By the way RCJ said that he went through Loyalty not a regular rep. Loyalty gets to do whatever to save customers. Come On.

      • cookitup222

        @rcj: Based on what you said, if I ever talked to you I’d let you leave. If what you say is true, trust me I can see really quickly how often we’ve taken care of you. Because flat out the other carriers will not allow you to do what you state you’ve been doing. I find it funny that you are currently on a site that is about T-Mo love, yet you scam the “system” to get what you want. While us employees may not “pay” for the adjustments or credits, the reality is that if we want a chance at investing into our network and providing better services, features, devices and so forth for YOU then we need to save as much of the bottom line as we can. We have no problem doing it for those that deserve it, but trust me enough people do it enough that we know who’s lying and who’s not. In closing for you, rcj, I find it hilarious that you state that Jack is the “one” that got you your free device yet you are flat out rude and mean to him. I think that shows the kind of person that one can be, if a T-Mobile employee gives you a FREE PHONE and then you tell him to shut up. Think about it.

      • Jack

        @team leader. even with multiple he wouldnt get the G2. Multiple is strictly based on an automated system. frontline has nothing to do with the type of phones are available.
        and just like COOKITUP said, if this guy is calling in thinking he can talk to CLT and get whatever he wants, then he is mistaken also. Loyalty cant do “whatever” they want. They still follow same guidelines as with the other reps. And especially for people who try to abuse the system. One can see all his “free” stuff and say have a nice day if he wants to leave. Loyalty is about loyalty to the company even if youd had your phone for a year, not free phones every time a new one comes out and you want to whine.
        Typing is horrible due to broken hand. sorry

    • Corey

      I don’t think I agree with you MichaelNotMike… Would you really spend about 0.5 Million developing a high end phone, then once the design is complete, send it out to employees (as free field trials) for 6 months or so after which time you no longer have a super phone? Look at the iPhone… they did some field trials with employees (thinking of the iPhone 4 found at a bar), yet no one saw antenna issues…

      If it were me, I would do as much testing as I could, but once the design is done, I would start shipping.

      The whole hinge thing looks like a design flaw to me since it’s not a spring loaded action or anything… or maybe this is what the delayed release rumors were about… who knows.

  • weston

    We have 3 live demo devices @ my store and none of them have this problem.

  • t1 connect

    Omg ppl will always find things to complain about…the phone is solid. so what if you hold it upside down and it opens, doesn’t do it while holding it correctly. Tell you one thing its a nice option instead of pushing it open. I think ill start perfecting a cool looking way of doing it….stop trying to create problems, what are you getting out of it.


      That’s the mindset my friend!

    • *Wonders if it just swings back and forth like that, how long before the hinge just snaps from swinging and acidentally being jerked.*

  • ktckfan

    This is why I wait at least 6 months before I buy a new phone/electronic. I’ll let others be the guinea pig. Still want this phone, but will wait to get it.

  • this is because keyboards are pieces of crap. thats what you get. hahahahaha i laugh at your misfortune. evil laugh…………….

  • nain77

    thats why i stay away from slider phone, i had my G1, then it fell off my bed when i was sleeping then i had a squeeky crooked slider hinge -_-. sticking to all touch screen only, HD3 here i come =D

    • Robnoxious

      This is not a slider phone. It has a hinge that “pops” the screen portion up and over to expose the keys.

  • Adam

    Yeah my phone has the hinge problem and only 2 GB of storage space. Ugh, gonna have to talk to Tmobile about this…


    mine broke so am sending it back


    it happen so quickly im serious i’ll post pics

  • E

    the phone opens and closes when it isn’t supposed to. how can you defend that? it’s definitely a problem.

    • Robnoxious

      Oh yeah, it’s a problem if you’re a bat. Unlike most chicken-littles around teh ‘nets, I’ll be waiting until after this phone is “officially” released to see how widespread these issues are before I pull the trigger and buy it.


    You guys think an OTA update will fix this ……………i called and complaint ! Im the first one , according to the rep.

    • LOL. An OTA update to fix a loose hinge. That sounds like something Steve Jobs would say for real though.

      • @hilton it does sound like something Steve Jobs would say with a straight face too lol.

  • wack mode

    like anyone is going to fuking hold there phone upside down

    • GrammarNazi

      Their, not there. You’re welcome.

  • J-Hop2o6

    damn… hopefully HTC tightens up that hinge, or make it attracted to a magnet or something.

    • Barry

      That magnet thing would make perfect sense.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    Heard there was also memory problems, i hope my preorder does not arrive with these problems.

  • TheTruth

    There’s also a problem with the hinges not closing when in outer space, I can’t believe HTC’s quality control didn’t test for this situation. Sincerely, Neil Armstrong…

    • sino8r


      My G2 is solid as a rock. These people are morons… who holds their phone like that anyways?! People just find stuff to complain about…

      • Marc

        Is your name Steve Jobs?

      • El Guapo

        You never use your phone while lying down?

  • phesone

    No loose hinge problem on mine, it’s sturdy. Tried holding it upside down and it stays. The Z hinge feels a lot better than the G1. It goes into place soft and quietly while the G1 snapped open and slammed shut if you didn’t do it carefully.

  • t1 connect

    None of you, absolutely none of you had a problem with your g2 until some says oh the hindge is broke. Now everyones phone is broken…come one what are we kids here.

    • sino8r

      Exactly… couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • i’ve had a problem with the g2 ever since i saw the keyboard so that blows your theory out the window. keyboards are for tools.

    • Frigadroid

      I remember over a month ago someone posted here about having a test g2. Something about using it in bed & it popping open and noone believed it. Anyone remember who that was?

  • mingkee

    ota update anyone?

    • sino8r

      How did you break your hinge? You must have ripped it off by pulling at it in the opposite direction… what a short bus! Lol…

    • Welcome to the club. Update coming soon (meaning in the next 4-6 months. :)

    • an OTA to fix the hinge? No way. Also this is probably a known issue. T-Mo reps have a list of known issues ask them to do their job and check it in Streamline :O

  • Richard

    Guess Mytouch HD “here i come”!!

    • sino8r

      As Nelson would say “Smell ya later!”

  • John

    what if the phone was meant to slide open that way hmnmmmmm. I don’t think that when they designed it they thought people would hang upside down or turn the phone upside down.
    1. the top potion pops out then slide down.
    2. it’s not a slider phone so to speak.
    i bet T-mobile says dear people the phone was meant to be used from a typical standing position and that would make sense.
    I bet those on here posting there hinge broke don’t actually have the phone.

    • Great argument, but not everyone uses their phone from standing position 100% of the time. I know at least once a day I’m in bed and I grab my phone to answer a text or better yet, in the morning I grab it to turn off the alarm and look at the clock

    • Surgio Armani

      I don’t see how they could make a claim that its not a flaw and people are just using it wrong. There’s definite inconsistency amongst different phones.

      If it was “meant” to hang when upside down they’d all do it. Fact is there are plenty of G2s that don’t. Clearly some are deffective.

  • G1 Going to G2

    Cant wait for the phone and not all of the phones will have these problems. The phone is going to be even faster then the vibrint. For the people having a hinge problem i say use swipe its alot faster then using the keyboard anyway

  • UPSSucks

    my phone does not have this problem and is amazing. exceeding expectations in every respect. please all complainers dont get this phone so everyone wont have it and i can show it off. Boo yah!

  • Aaron Couts

    There hasn’t been a new release of phones that haven’t had flaws with them. That’s why I always avoid the first wave, that and the $500 price tag is too rich for my blood. I can’t see myself paying that much for a phone, even $400 is crazy for me but almost enough for me to pay.

  • herinel

    Lmao this is ridiculous the phone has a hinge, you know kinda like what’s holding the doors in you house to the wall, imagine turning your door, with the door knob facing down, its going to float, its a hinge, that’s what it does its free floating, that’s not a flaw, its physics. Stop find things to complain about, this is ridiculous, its like there is a secret society of people who buy phones to find “flaws”.

  • chevyrockstar

    Why do people try to find problems instead of looking at the plus side. Also for those saying i only have 1.76GB-2GB free on the phone, the other 2GB is for hardware, and most likely space for ginger bread,

    • jonathan

      The other 2gb for hardware? Lol. Please… Tell me more.

      • Frigadroid

        Yeah hardware storage, it comes with room for a optional micro screw driver to keep the hinge tight.

      • El Guapo


  • Got mine yesterday and not even 24 hours later I am experiencing the same problem. The hinges were tight and snappy up until a couple of hours ago. What are they going to do now?

  • Alvin B.

    This is why I went ahead and pulled the trigger for a Vibrant, and I’m not sorry I did so. I owned the original G1, and the slider didn’t have any issues, but I know that any moving parts are wear/breakage items, even if they’re good from the factory. If you absolutely MUST have a keyboard, a slider is the way to go, but in reality unless you’re a heavy texter, the more reliable option is touch screen only, so a Vibrant is the better choice. Samsung build quality seems to be top notch as well. Now, if they’d just bother to get around to an OTA on the GPS fix and even 2.2.

    • kyle

      Good luck trying to get samsung to push future updates. I’d rather have duct tape holding my hinge down then to be stuck on 2.1 and getting lost out of state.

  • g2 rules

    i received my g2 today and so far its great it only goes lose if you hold it and actually move it . so ppl stop complainig. there is always going to be something wrong with phones . so look at the good side. the phones keyboard is great very nice and soft., how many of you have browsed the web on it or downloaded apps?? why not comment on those things. beause its doing a great job right … why always the bad things . obviously now ppl that read this blog are going to start holding their phone upside down to see if it does this, with the phone not having anything else worng.. just enjoy the phone experience it for your self and then make your own conclusions. for some ppl it will be good for others it may not. :-)

    • El Guapo

      Yeah really! It’s only broken if you actually use it! Why do you people who just dropped $500 over the contract complaining?! Just dont use it wrong people!

  • Dev

    Guys, the memory issues is not a issue. I say this because did you guys forget all the apps that the phone came with, that is a ton of Google and other apps pre installed.

  • Technogen

    About the memory problem, it seems that they just did a rebranding of the desire Z as some G2s and send them out to get them out in time.


    NAND is 1.5gb on it, I wouldn’t be surprised if the rush is also why some of the hinges are bad.

  • Mr. MN

    Oh, my goodness, I hope this isn’t antennagate for the G2.

  • Alice

    Maybe he just got a defected one. No one will really hold their phone like that to text anyways, but I wouldn’t want my phone to close on its own while Im laying in bed texting. This video will not prevent me from getting the phone lol I’m soooo addicted to android and I will be getting the G2!

  • Other than the loose hinges the phone is outstanding, spped, looks, operation! The only let down is that the phone doesn’t feel as tightly engineered as it did a few hours ago, feel very flimsy now, but I’ll deal with it.

  • David

    God, the interwebz can be full of wasted space sometimes. It’s a hinge, folks. Why are we shocked that it does this? It’s not a slider!

  • Bikemonkey

    My G2 doesn’t float! Fail. Verizon here i come.

  • Kris

    I took a video of mine without the hinge issue… but yeah, I did drop it because I was trying to “replicate” the issue…


    • kyle

      Haha fail. Looks like you had the same problem before you threw it across the room.

    • El Guapo

      Looks like the phone flopped open right before you dropped it. Sorry

  • Surgio Armani

    Anyone else having problems posting in this site today?

  • Surgio Armani

    My hinge is good, but I figured out earlier today that my memory was wrong. I called T-Mo and the rep I spoke to tried to tell me that the phone was supposed to come with 2GB.

    Called back after checking the HTC site and the rep said I was right about it being wrong.

    She’s calling me back Monday with a resolution.

    On a side note I’m amazed that Mailman hasn’t reared his obnoxious head in here yet.

  • Deuce

    LOL nice job man… shouldn’t have posted that vid. phone looked sturdy tho.

    wut’s the deal with the smaller internal memory??? this is stupid.. g1’s run out of space really fast so if the g2 only has 1.5 or 1.2 gb of available space that sucks.

  • Carlos

    I agree 100% with @T1….
    I mean really, the phone isn’t made to be used upside down…
    that just sounds dumb for people to complain about that..

    • ceas909

      Well I don’t know about you but at times I like to lay in bed and play some games before I go to sleep… Helps me relax… and I can see this being a big issue for me.. I don’t own a G2 but I was looking forward to getting one a month or two after official release date… I hope this get addressed soon so when I’m ready to purchase everything is working right.

      • JM77

        You can still use it upside down. My fingers naturally touch the side of the phone when I’m typing which holds the screen in place… Its very hard to explain. I can use my G2 laying on my back is all I can say. You really have to use it to understand. :-)

      • ceas909

        yea i kind of figured that when you hold the phone naturally upside down it wouldn’t come down.. like i said I’m still getting this phone no matter just hope if it is an defect that it will get fixed..

    • El Guapo

      Yeah, it only is broken if you use it wrong!! Stupid people, why are you treating your $500 over the contract phone as if it were capable of being used in the non-upright position! Man I hate dumb users. Just give us your money and stop whining.

    • funkmasterC

      You are just holding it wrong.

    • oh no tmo

      DO NOT BELIEVE T-mobile’s Offical Press release.

      It’s a Cover Up. It’s just like when Apple denied their entire iPhone flaw outright.

      The phone is supposed to have 4GB but it looks like they skimped on the memory (or had a Massive Defect) and nearly all the pre-ordered users have only <1.5GB.

      T-Mobile doesn't want to get a bad rep before their phone releases … if you go to T-Mobile forums their ENTIRE FORUM is LIT UP with Complaints from users.

      • blablabla

        does it have 4gigs total but only 1.5 gb available? Or is it saying 1.5 gigs available? If it’s the latter then yes I’d see room for complain but if there is indeed 4 gigs but not the entire space is available then people should not be complaining. The vibrant has 16 gigs internal but only 2 gigs of it are reserved for apps…which is still more than enough anyways…

    • shawn

      I don’t own the G2, but just wanted to say I disagree. I lay on my couch, and on my bed, and hold my phone upside down over my head every day. No joke.

      I even lay in bed, hold the phone above my head and play Angry Birds.

      So, you shouldn’t assume people don’t use their phones held upside down.

      • crossbearer

        Wow, you must have a great job to be able to hang around in the bed and couch playing angry birds all day! I want that job!

  • Manny

    holdin out the 4 the HD7 or mytouch hd…

    • coolMANDINGO

      Agreed!!! i suspended my phone service since the middle of september until it comes out

  • jonathan

    T-Mobile USA Thanks for the questions about the G2’s memory. Here’s the scoop: The G2 includes 4GB of internal memory, of which a portion is accessible for downloading applications from the Android Market and a portion is allocated for both the operating system and preloaded applications. You can also store content and some applications on the included 8GB SD card, which is expandable up to 32GB.

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Robnoxious

      Here’s the thing: No way the OS and the preloaded apps take up anywhere near 2+ GB of storage or there is something seriously wrong with that phone there. Me thinks they just rebranded some of the Desire Zs as G2s and shipped them out. Maybe i’m wrong, who knows?

      • Ryan

        you’re right! windows 7 is 2.35 gb. theres no way android vanilla is that big.

      • cookitup222

        From a T-Mobile employee: To everyone complaining about the memory: do you have the phone? Did you not see the number of applications that come preinstalled on the device? Literally there are 7 homescreens and 5 of them are filled when you turn the device on for the first time. I am telling you all flat out that there is no conspiracy, there is not a cover up, the OS and preinstalled apps take up 2GB. Besides, it comes with an additional 8 GB memory card and expandable up to 32 GB. Please stop complaining, as this is a site devoted to T-Mobile, not devoted to destroying it.

      • Ryan


        The amount of memory the preloaded apps take up is barely half a gig. the biggest preloaded application on the phone is google maps… Which is only 9 mb.

  • LaNsLyDe

    lol, i wouldnt have realized that my phone closes when its held in that manner…i believe its because the wait of the to part of the phone is pushing it down. Durr durr…and it only happens when i tilt it further on one side than the other.

    i love this phone haha

  • chotpy

    yeah, if t-mo responds to the NAND memory issue, can you post it? thanks!

    • jonathan

      See my post above. That is T-Mo’s reply to the memory issue.

      • Robnoxious

        Sounds like B.S. to me. Again, how is that the OS and preloaded apps on this phone take up more than 2GBs of storage? I just looked up the MyTouch and it only has 512MB of internal storage. Is something not computing here or did they accidentally rebrand some Desire Zs as G2s and ship them out to get them in people’s hands quicker?

  • volcanic515

    I’m more concerned with my internal space of 1.26gb when it should 3.sumn than a silly hinge issue which makes no sense.

  • LaNsLyDe

    Adding on to my previous post..i only have 1.10 gb internal storage also as someone above me mentioned. does the system really take up ~3 gb?

    • JM77

      No it does not take up much room. People have done full mem dumps and scandisk there is only 2 gig of recognized memory. The only explanations are that HTC switched the 4GB nand for a 2GB, or the kernel is hiding the rest of the memory for large future updates or maybe using it for virtual ram.

  • coolMANDINGO

    All of you guys were “Eddie Longed”!! LMFAO

  • ceas909

    About the internal storage in the phone…i believe HTC locked some down for future update… i dont think its an issue every one should be worried about.. plus froyo supports apps2sd.. eventully that internal space wont be needed as much..

  • sandytoes

    Lol I guess this Guy doesn’t know what gravity is huh?

  • Eddie Android

    Hey now your screen “force closes” lol. I’m glad I waited and didn’t preordered.

  • somebody

    you people piss me off 2 weeks ago it was ” why is it taking so long for them to release it ”

    now it’s ” they released it too early and it has design flaws”

    nothing is good enough for some people im not getting this phone and if you dont like it or are not sure about it maybe you shouldn’t have preorderd something you have never seen in person.

    live with your decisions stop b-itching.

    • Yyevo


  • Mahmoud

    i guess HTC forgot that people would use their G2 upside down! LMFAO

  • joe

    I went to looks @ the G2 in a local T-Mobile store and I noticed that the hinge was a bit lame in my opinion. To bad because the the rest of the phone was solid, but honestly I could buy the phone because of the hinge..It’s an the achilles heel of this phone..no go for me.

  • Vinyldestination

    I use my phone laying on down and something like this would annoy me. But at the end of the day, grip harder and use the on-screen keyboard if you’re laying down. Or if you sleep like a bat.

  • TMOprophet

    LMAO…glad I decided to hold off :)

  • bob

    its the design of the phone, there is nothing wrong with the z hinge. the model they sent 3 months ago for beta testing does the same thing.

  • My Razor never opened upside down. More crap phones from TMo. Just get the iPhone for God’s sake.

    • 67_390_coupe

      iPhone user? Maybe you can help me… just got the G2 and can’t figure out where to press so a call drops. Any ideas?

      • atlantian


      • Rob

        Lmao so true, at least when the G2 closes you don’t lose reception.

    • ejumacayshun

      anyone speaking of a “Razor” is to be taken as a 55 yr old dumb white male that wears boat shoes and tucks in t-shirts. stick your razor up your….

  • Yyevo

    You do know there is a touch screen, right?

  • memphis10

    nothing wrong with mine. i need a screen protector, the t-mobile one was awful, it had a sticker on it and when I took it off it left a nasty glue residue that wouldnt come off…total waste of money

    • Foxeh

      Ack, thanks for the warning!

  • mao102

    This issue was also in this vid @ 2:32 while he was holding the phone upside down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcSyVtI_JVE

    • Akulamenuri

      Wow dude, good eye.

  • vinny

    Great phone, hinge is a solid design. This phone has so many plus factors, too many to list. Talk about fast. This is coming from a Nexus One owner who also bought the G2 and is happy he did. Snap out of it people.
    If anyone buys their phone from the one sided view of that ass from phone dog then shame the fuc- on you. He is just another I-Phone suck who would like nothing more then to suck up to stevey boy jobs.
    Great job T-Mobile.

  • Matt

    Dude – if you are going to go on camera slamming the new Z hinge – could you shave and take off the dirty undershirt before making comments about the phone – it looks like you just woke up from a huge bender and found a phone on your front step. Rediculous.

    • Robnoxious

      LOL that was funny

    • Frigadroid

      Lol I 2nd that was funny, and I thought how embarrassing he does look like he’s been on a couple days bender. He probably does spend a lot of time on his back unconscious.

  • Mr. Barrow

    any1 tethering this phone yet. if so please post how so we can help our tmo readers out. thank you

  • oz

    The G1 was never perfected either. Its not a surprising the G2 also has manufacturing issues.

  • oz

    Ill stick to my Nexus One. Till the HTC Desire HD comes out.

  • alex32

    this worries me…..
    to me it looks life after a lot of use itll do that.
    i never understood why htc would want to make a z hinge..they should have made it a regular slider..but whatever its done.
    im still getting this phone though, im done with my blackberry. mytouch hd has expresso which is a turn off..and hd7 looks nice..but i want to stick with android. i have no choice but the g2.
    theres always the touch screen kb if anythig goes wrong..

    • someone

      The z hinge is so the keyboard can be raised to almost flush with the screen. The purpose of this is for easier typing, especially when typing on the top row,

  • patrick

    THERE IS NOT A TETHERING OPTION YET ON THIS PHONE. good god. go to the market and find a tethering app for now. and for hinge, so many people are being over-zealous about it. people are just trying to find reasons to hate on a perfectly good phone. think about it, when youre laying down and have the keyboard open,unless your thumbs are extremely tiny, the keyboard will be held up with your fingers while you type and thats if you are laying down completely flat. also, when you hold the phone in landscape, why would you unless you have the keyboard open? i wouldnt expect this to be like on every phone. i mean, the hinge is built out of metal. at least it cant get any looser?

  • hdub

    Haven’t had any issues while holding upside down

  • speedofsound

    This guy is a real joker are you really going to hold the phone like that from the back with the tip of your finger while laying down? No, your whole hand will be wrap around the damn thing so this is not a real issue. And it looks like it only does that if you open it half way. Hinges loose Hinges tight I don’t care I’ll be picking up my G2 on Wednesday at Walmart for $148.00 that’s right folks $148 at Walmart and there is no crappy rebate with that price, that’s with the 2 year service agreement.



    Definitely needed an android top phone with qwerty keyboard. Tmobile will always be the best carrier (and will go back as soon as they get 3G here) but good thing I held off and got the Epic 4G instead. Ppl like using their phones laying down and the Z hinge was a poor design for this.

    • Bimmerz

      I just returned my Epic (which I hated to do) and came back to Tmo, due to the 3G UL problem. Well that, and the reception in my house was pretty bad – and I am supposedly in a “Good” map coverage area.

      So back at Tmo, waiting for something else I like as well as the Epic (or better). Do you have the 3G UL problem, or did you get the update, that started to roll out today (I think)?

    • The z-hinge has no issues while holding it upside down at all.. this guy either has a defect or did this himself.

  • Gordo

    Got the G 2 today…Wow all I have to say is Wow this is a solid phone in every way. This so called loose z hinge..are you serious..this is absolutly not even remotely an issue or a flaw. The natural way the phone is held during typing negates any possibility of the screen closing. The screen is naturally re-inforced open on either side bythe bottom fat part of your index fingers leaving your thubs open for free reighn of the entire keyboard. I didn’t even notice the screen could shut on its own untill I began reading this. But for me this is a complete non issues..fast responsive well built great internet experience (track pad a huge plus) and awesome camera. Really great phone so far. Only gripe is the internal memory being less than advertised other than that this is one solid device!

  • No issues with this phone at all, the hinge works fine, he probably beat his down and dropped it a couple of times on the same dirty floor he rubbed his shirt all over…No issues whatsoever with the memory either. Blazing fast with no hiccups at all.

    • m

      ROFL! I agree ^^

  • JoshL

    no issues with hinge here. I really like the phone!! would like to know more about this memory thing… time will tell (really do not like the idea of having to send it back and get a new one if there was a mix-up).

  • Henry

    I’ll say it again, the fact that the phone closes when lying down is really not that big of a deal. If you hold the phone like most people do with sliders, just that tiny amount of pressure will keep the phone open. I’m talking REALLY tiny amount of pressure. And the only time this comes into play is when you are using the phone lying down, which is probably less than 25% of the time. During those times, if you are really bothered by the hinge closing, use SWYPE which is quite awesome anyway. Honestly, I bet once swype fully catches on, most people will stop using the keypad anyway.

    As for the memory, does it really matter? Are you really loading that many apps that you are using all of the leftover memory? And if so, are you actually using all of the apps you are downloading?

    The phone is blazing fast and well designed. I love my G2…flaws and all.

  • Steven

    I just received my G2 today and I love it. Having said that I do think that my hinge is a bit loose, for me. I don’t normally hold my phone upside down, but after watching the video I tested mine with similar results. As of now it doesn’t bother me THAT much, but I would prefer that it be a little more solid. Aside from that, this is still one of the best phones I’ve owned, and if the hinge still botheres me I’ll go to a t-mob store and exchange it for one that’s hopefully more sturdy.

    • Frigadroid

      I wonder if you could dab a drop of finger nail polish on it just to tighten it a bit. I know you shouldn’t have to but that’s probably what I would try since it is an awesome phone and all.

  • LaNsLyDe


    yea i use my phone while laying down two..when you have the keyboard open and you’re typing, unless you have abnormally small hands, your finger kind of supports the screen/ top half of the phone. So it wouldn’t close if it wanted to…it’s not a problem at all.

    I also could care less about the internal memory i dont use that many apps lol. Once again, great phone!

  • well guess I’ll just have to wait and see what mine does when it gets here Monday. I use my phone in bed before I go sleep and when I wake up. So I be txtn laying in bed daily. Just gotta wait until it gets here and see if it gonna be a problem for me but I’m sure my other fingers will be able to hold screen in place while I’m using lying in bed.

  • now_onTMO

    umm i hope the guy didnt break it on purpose just to have his face all over the interwebzz.. LOL , just kidding..

    but .. OUCH! will you look at that hanging down thing?


  • Hugo

    I dont know why so many ppl want this phone?? this phone is probably the most heavy phone out there right now, who uses a physical keyboard anymore?? no front facing camera?? lose hinge? ya I think ill pass! Ill wait 1 more month and get the mytouch HD it beats the G2 hands down.. dual-core processor!!, FFC, HD screen share, video chat, genious button, like really tell me why would i pick the G2 over the mytouch HD? other than the crappy keyboard which I NEVER use (I have a mytouch slide btw and Ive probably open the keyboard 2 times in 2 months)

  • Kellan

    This phone wind that’s all there is to say the hinges are just dont text upside down lol

  • Carlos

    I agree with you 100% ..
    plus Android 2.2 have apps to SD
    I still have my 16gb card from my HD2! This same card has been used on my vibrant and mytouch slide…and now the g2(when I get it) lol!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Well after listening to the androidguys podcast, I will definitely be waiting for the 4.3+ inch Super Symbian/Maemo/Meego/Android phone on Tmo. The speedtests that the guy ran were not good for HSPA+.

    I would get the Nokia E7 but the one main issue I have is the processor. Other than that, it’s pretty much got everything I want. I wish it was 4.3 instead of 4inches though. That .3 inches is a significant difference. I thought it wasn’t going to be that much of a difference, but when I put the Vibrant on the side of my HD2, the HD2 dwarfed the vibrant screen which shocked me. The Vibrant’s screen displays lightyears better though.

    The Nokia E7 is also the first phone with dual LED in the front as well as the back so you can videochat in low lit areas. The E7 also supports Tmo’s 3g bands. I may just buckle down and get it to replace this HD2 but I’ll have to see more on it first.

    Anywho, I hope all the G2 owner’s enjoy their new device.

    • Foxeh

      The G2 comes with a new sim card. The rep told me I don’t have to use it and I can just use my old SIM card, but if I *really* wanted to, I could have the new SIM activated anyway. I asked if the new SIM would help with HSPA+ speeds and she was quite confident that it would.

      Perhaps is something to try?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Maybe it will. I would like to see some speed test results from someone that has this device running on hspa+. I based that source off one reviewer on Androidguys sept. 30 podcast and I want to see someone getting those speculated hspa+ speeds. If hspa+ cant get the rumored 14mbps or get close to it, then hspa+ there’s really no reason to get a phone with hspa+. Someone posts some speed test results, I want to see some mindblowing double digit speeds.

      • Foxeh

        14.4 is the theoretical maximum of the modem. Anything over 7.2 Mbps or whatever should prove that HSPA+ works.

        In the past I had to get new SIM cards every time T-Mobile upgraded their network because it broke something with my old SIMs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was causing issues for some people.

        All hypothetical of course.

  • O.P.

    this is what HTC had to say “I understand your concern about your G2 having available memory of 2 GB when advertised to have 4 GB[ROM]. Thank your addressing us with your concern. We are aware of this issue and we are currently looking into the situation.” hopefully they come up with more than that really soon! my hinge is pretty lose but i don’t text upside-down so i guess im okay with that.

  • crberus81

    ok, what is this guy complaining about? Seriously? I have the slide and it’s always loose. lay it on a table and you can feel the screen wiggle. Oh man it snaps closed when it’s upside down. put your fingers where they should be when it’s open upside down and voila no problem! ;) enjoy those g2’s! if you aren’t let me know and I’ll trade you! :)

  • tmorob

    No hinge issue at all with mine.this guy must have f done something to his. The g2 is awesome. Don’t listen to these people that have never held the phone in their hand.nothing but awesome.

    • Foxeh

      Does the hinge feel spring loaded to you? I don’t have mine yet as I just got my T-Mo preorder in yesterday, but the store demo seemed to just be loose by design. I admit, I would miss the secure extremities of the G1, but it’d hardly be a dealbreaker for me.

      In the very least it was much harder to get the phone to flop about than to not, but every now and again I find myself laying down and holding my open G1 by the corner, so I won’t say it isn’t a concern of mine, it’s just not a huge one.

      • tmorob

        it feels awesome honestly.
        Very solid device. the hinge feels “loose” in transition but open or closed it is solid, no wiggle at all.
        The g2 is a phone you WILl fall in love with as soon as you get it.
        HSPA+ kicks ass. so far the max i have gotten is 10mbps.

  • joel

    LOL @ internet drama

    Enjoying the hell out of my G2. If this schmuck were actually using the phone, he’s have to carefully hold it just the right way to get it to close, even upside down. The manufacturer didn’t leave in a design flaw, the end users are manufacturing an issue.

  • tmogee

    anybody know if this bad boy can be updated to android 3.0???

    • zazou

      yes.. it will get Gingerbread (3.0).

      • tmogee

        ohh forrealll!!! how you know??

  • Joseph

    OK say the OS does not take that much room. Do you thing Gingerbread update will be bigger? Meaning taking up more space? Until you run outta space stop complaining. Since im coming from a MT3g first gen, try running on 96 megs of ram!

  • Doug

    I haven’t received mine yet but I am concerned a couple of reviews talked about low call volume. I’ve been to a few too many concerts and don’t have perfect hearing. Any comments?

    • My call volume on the G2 is very good and the sound quality seems great to me (compared to the G1)

      • Steven

        I can barely hear anything when I call people, even at max volume. I’m also experiencing the loose hinge people are talking about. I’ll probably go to the store and exchange it for another one soon

  • Wunako

    Well i dnt plqn on misusuing the phone so i have no problem with that. I read the title and expected the hinge to b deffective or something… Well cant we jus move apps to the sd card anyways on 2.2?

    • Ktwist

      So yes this is a problem when holding the phone upside down while masturbating to porn, other users will find this not a big problem. In no way is this a defect or inhibits the phone any, its truly a solid built phone. The memory issue, well that just plan sucks but an SD card will do for me. If you really are considering this phone, go look at it. This thing is a beast and it beat my vibrant on NeoCore and LInpak tests hands down. It feels the most solid of any phone in tmobiles line up and the hinge is metal. I have not had to use my task killer once and I’ve been on it for the past three days with no lag what so ever (Froyo is a blessing). I feel like ever since the iphone4 issue, everyone has got there panties in a bunch with, it doesn’t do this or it has this problem. This guy above in the video is a complete idiot and Im really surprised Tmonews would post this kind of negative crap. Oh and the upside is this phone has great reception, bests my Vibrant all day and i even could keep a call in my buildings elevator. I live in Chicago and reception is sketchy here sometimes downtown with all the buildings so this was a big plus for me.

      • Guticb

        Wait, did you just say that in no way is it a defect? Are you STUPID? I’m sorry, but the fact that the hinge closes when you hold the phone wrong and the fact that some phones are shipping with HALF of the memory they’re advertised as having is definitely a problem.

        It’s definitely a solid phone, but it’s STUPID to do the fanboy thing and act like it’s absolutely perfect and there’s nothing wrong with it. If that’s how you think about phones, then you might as well use the iPhone 4.

  • J1

    wow, this is a very interesting development, But def not a dealbreaker for me.. I do use my phone a lot while lying down so there was some initial concern.. But i feel reassured and agree with some the above comments that this isnt a issue at all.. Because slight pressure from either your thumbs or pointer fingers, effectively holds the screen in place as you lye down..

    After the whole “no (led)flash/flash gate” issue with the vibrant, im curious about the g2’s camera performance since it does indeed have a flash.. Does the g2’s camera have night mode as well?.. Any early adopters care to share their opinions on the g2’s camera performance?.. androidandme posted some sample pics and vids.. http://androidandme.com/2010/10/carriers/t-mobile-news/pictur

    • Matt

      The flash is surprisingly good, as is the camera. Took a few shots in a dimly lit hookah lounge/bar last night and the pictures came out point-and-shoot quality (cheap dedicated digital cameras)

      • ken

        i do notice that when recording video on the g2 you are unable to pause and rerecord on the same video clip like you can do on the vibrant. It is a handy feature if u want a make a very big video.

  • NiiDiddy

    Glad I decided to hold off on this one. Took while to learn all the lesson on getting a T-Mobile phone. Let’s start with the original MyTouch 3G. (A) MT3G–came out with promises of future updates, etc; it got only one, plus it had its issues when it came out. (B) HTD HD2—freezing issues, shutting down for no reason….etc. (C) Vibrant–some froze a lot, others rebooted by themselves after awhile, but more importantly GPS issues. I had problems A, B mentioned above. I was lucky with problem C, except for my Samsung Kies connection sucked and wont work…something wrong with the drivers on my phone.

    Now we have a memory issue with the G2 which I do not own…plus whatever this hinge issue is. There may be more flaws…we live to see.

    The moral of the story…at least for me is that, I should ALWAYS hold off on a T-mobile phone, see what flaws it may or may not have [as there are people who will still jump and buy early, so i’ll rely on their reports]…before I decide on a purchase.

    2nd Lesson learned: These phone are literally sold (discounted) for literally next to nothing after a few weeks go by from T-mobile or other retailers, so I can get it then if the device and it’s flaws are worth it. Definitely not worth the trouble and initial $199 contract or so they currently sell them for imho.

    Bottom line: I need to exercise patience and not let the excitement always control the situation. If you don’t know the word dissonance, so check it out. It happens!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      I knew I wasn’t getting this device due to the screensize but it sucks that it’s having issues one day after people got it. Those lessons are spot on and should be followed by most customers, not just Tmo but you know there exists the “I gotta have it first” crowd. That crowd is basically the real unpaid beta testers. You also nailed alot of the problems with most devices. As I stated before, this is my 4th HD2 due to failure in hardware and software. I wouldn’t have bought this phone day one if my Nokia 3220 wasn’t dying out on me. The HD2 has left a very foul taste in my mouth about smartphones.

      • NiiDiddy

        Thx Wilma. You are right about the “I gotta have it first” crowd. The thing is, manufacturers are engulfed in competing against each other that all these flaws are overlooked and flawed devices pushed to consumers. Look how quickly they are being pushed out. Example -Galaxy S series weren’t all released through the networks when the Tab was announced and already out in the coming weeks. AND the flaws of the Galaxy S series aren’t even fixed yet. What will you bet the Tab will have it’s flaws! Somebody doesn’t really care about us; they care about their bottom line and their competition. Had they all taken a little more time [and maybe not feel rushed for whatever pressures], we’d have devices with hardly any flaws. It sucks. But more power to the crowd who are the “real unpaid beta testers”…makes my life a little more easier, and my decisions better.

      • T-MoNube

        Hey Wilma, y not just flash, and use a Dual Boot to run Android on your HD2? Ive got WM7 and Froyo 2.2 running on my HD2, and i wouldnt trade it for ANY kind of phone, no matter what. No freezing, or issues since i flashed, the phones hardware is solid, its the software thats causing the problem

    • Shawn

      What memory issue? The phone has 4 GB of memory, 2 of which is just held for pre-loaded apps and Android (OS), and 2 for downloading apps..

      • oh no tmo

        AND there you have it…
        Looks like T-Mo’s little press release was highly effective as I said in my last post.

        It targets the end users who are pretty gullible (which also happens to include most consumers) and gives them a FALSE Sense of security.

        T-Mobile will do anything to save their ass even if they have to release a press statement full of lies.

    • Mike Litoris

      Hehe just like NiiDiddy said. ALWAYS wait to see what initial problems a device will have before you buy the very first batch and ALWAYS wait for deals by third party vendors. I got my current HD2 for nothing $0.00 at walmart out the door. No rebate no anything. All the while the tmobile stores were still selling them for 199 after a $50 Mail in Rebate and funny enough I never experienced the problems others have, but then again I researched the crap out of the HD2, learned the tweaks and peeves user’s had before I even decided to get it. Then when I got it I didn’t even bother running the the stock OS. As soon as it came out the box the radio was replaced, HSPL installed and custom rom loaded onto it and I never looked back since. Now i’m enjoying possibly the only decent super phone out there with Dual Operating systems custom WM 6.5 and Custom Vanilla Android 2.2 running full functionality on both OS’s. You guys complaining about your HD2s need to head over the xda and do some reading. Patience is more virtuous than people believe.

    • Patrick

      2 things….1 – show me a windows phone that doesn’t freeze….wait….no…..show me ANYTHING with Windows on it that doesn’t lock up and require a reboot and i’ll give you a million dollars. If Windows on a DESKTOP freezes….it’ll definitely freeze on a phone lol

      2 – that is in NOW way t-mobile’s fault. I personally didn’t have any problems with my HD2. It didn’t freeze very often. The biggest issue I had was that it’d stop receiving pic mail for some reason. But EVERY windows mobile phone i’ve had would do that. I never understood why either. I found that more times than now, problems with WinMo came from not knowing how to use the OS as opposed to actual OS problems.(imo)

  • alex

    guys do you have to pay more for a HSPA+ plan like sprint with their 4g? because im panning on getting the mytouch hd and want to know

    • RIck

      no you dont have to…im using it and is fine..works very well

      • alex


      • BIG SALAD

        I am 18 months (6 months left) on my contract. I want three of these phones. Do you guys know anything I can say or do so I can get them now at the discounted price?

      • Lenny

        BIG SALAD: you you need 22 months on your contract to be able to upgrade so i guess you have yo wait 4 more months and by that time the my touch HD will be out and the G2 will be $99 (like the vibrant)

  • dan

    this is most stupid video ever…. ive held the device and it is the most solid smart phone ive ever held. unless your fingers were thinner then shoe laces you have nothing to worry about…. some people always look for flaws

  • fuzzy

    speaker isnt as good as the g1 speaker!

    • Shawn

      That is one thing I have noticed on both speakers. The ear speaker is very quiet like the Nexus One, hard to hear, especially when driving.

      • Steve Jobless

        Don’t talk and drive.

      • Lenny

        Well instead of noticing how quiet the speaker is while driving, YOU SHOULD BE DRIVING.

      • Foxeh

        Last night, someone on their cell phone tried to make a left turn while their light was red as I was flying through the intersection. I had to swerve against cross traffic to avoid t-boning them.

        The day before, another cell phone driver ran a 4-way stop and I had to slam on my breaks to avoid having my bumper taken off. I could see them as they zoomed by and they never even knew I was there.

        Don’t pick up the phone while driving, just don’t. PLEASE.

      • Shawn

        That’s my business, not yours. I asked your opinion on the speaker not my driving. Mind your own business and learn how to read the question.

      • bige2k9

        WTF??!!!, Shawn just for saying that i hope…HOPE YOU GET IN A CAR ACCIDENT!!!

      • Vibrant Addict


        You’re seriously going to judge US on what is right and wrong? Get off the phone and drive or get a bluetooth/handsfree upcoming crash statistic.

      • Shawn

        Haha you guys are really pathetic. Just to show you how retarted you are: I don’t talk and drive, you know you can talk on the phone in the car without being the driver right? Wow you guys

      • Shawn

        And I will save you guys the trouble – I know I spelled **retarded** wrong.. Just so I don’t ruin your week and get 1,000 comments on spelling error.

  • vago34

    Can someone talk about the ringtone volume? just didn’t seem that loud in the store when i played with one. the store rep told me HTC phones are heat sensitive and aren’t that loud when you hold one, but it’s loud if it’s sitting on a table. that sounds like a bunch of BS but i wanted someone’s opinion who has one.

    • MikeB

      My HD2 has that option of “quiet ring on pickup” which is a nice option. My phone is really loud when sitting on a table, I can hear it ring from 50 feet (phone in kitchen and I’m three rooms away).

      On another note, I haven’t experienced any HTC hardware problems so far(Touch Pro 2 and HD2).

    • chico

      i will have to agree with what the tmobile person told you…i have experienced the loudness or lack there of with all my htc phones…sometimes they are super lound nd sometimes they arent…

  • 007

    Htc is the worst…..

  • reasy

    only problem i seem to have is the web browser. I visted tmonews.com via the g2 in “mobile view”..and clicked on this very article, and the browser just keeps foreclosing….it doesnt give you an option of “wait or foreclose” it simple just minimizing and takes you back to the home screen and the browser reloads back in google…
    not sure why it is doing this.

    • CJ

      tmonews mobile site crashes the browser on my G1 all the time.

  • Pete

    Although I think it’s a great phone, I was leary of the hinge machanism from the moment I saw it. Time will tell how the hinge system stands up to heavy every day use.

    • Frigadroid

      They said the same about the g1 but mine held strong after much use & abuse its still snappy. Please elaborate 007 why you think htc sux most people would agree that they make some of the best smart phones. I will agree with any one who thinks htc should have keep the g1 keyboard for the g2 not because of the hinge but for the extra row.

  • Tmo-User

    Well, i just went the T-mobile store, hoping to tryout the new G2. I had just seen this video, of the loose hinge, and geuss what? The demo unit had the SAME PROBLEM. Wow. this is looking pretty wide spread. you might say, “well i wont be holding it upside down, so it doesn’t matter. yes it does. holding it sideways, it almost unslides. and using such aps as Google SkyMap, you have to hold the hinge so it doesn’t unhinge. This is a major problem.

    • AM123


      • Rob

        I didn’t realize something is classified as wide spread when you have seen only two cases.

  • Barry

    I can’t comment as to whether or not the hinge issue is an issue because I don’t own one. So it’s entirely up to the user whether it’s an issue or not. But the storage thing…I have a mt3g rooted and my sd ext partition is 400mb and I have over 150 apps and at least 150mb free so 1gb is way more than enough like seriously how many apps do you need ? But again it’s up to the user. *shrugs shoulders*

    • Foxeh

      Please don’t take this as an insult or anything, but comments like these kind of reminded me of what I used to say as a kid in the late 80’s and 90’s. “Why get a 40 Megabyte hard drive? You’ll never fill that up.” Or “how could you ever possibly need 128 MB of RAM in a PC??” These things then had a way of catching up with you.

      Now those numbers are cripplingly inadequate for cell phones. In the future, connections will get better, apps will get bigger, roms get larger and not everyone wants to buy a new phone every year.

      After the G1 ran into its limited ROM partition issue, I certainly hope the internal memory issue of the G2 is because they gave it a massive OS partition…

      • Barry

        I respect your opinion and I respect the way you came off and honestly you’re right but that’s why I said for me that’s enough but its up to the user. But yea game apk’s will get bigger as they get better. But isn’t froyo supposed t put apps on the sd anyway?

      • Foxeh

        Not *all* apps can go to the SD unless you’re rooted for some reason, but the G2 likely has enough storage for its usable life and that definitely was not the case for the G1.

        With all this hoopla, I’m starting to wonder if both the Desire Z and the G2 both physically have a 4GB chip for internal memory and is just a matter of marketing. The Desire Z advertises usable space while the G2 advertises physical specification?

        That would certainly explain a lot. I’m surprised no one has taken a screenshot or something from Quadrant’s “System Information” screen showing internal Memory. If what I believe to be true turns out to be the case, that would put the kabosh on all of this.

      • Barry

        Yea that whole bloatware thing.I hope there’s a way to delete most of that stuff you don’t want.

  • G2 user

    I preordered this phone the day it came out and got it on Thursday. I’ve been using it nonstop since then. I do not have the hinge issue or the browser issue someone else mentioned. The only problem I’m seeing is the battery life still sucks. But the phone is fast and solid. I feel like people just like having something to bash on. I’m typing this from my G2 now, and have no problem being an “umpaid beta tester”. I LOVE THIS PHONE!

    • chico

      i have the hinge issue, but it wont affect me…the phone is not so thick that you will ever hold one half of the phone and not the other…but i was going to say that i have amazing battery life…the battery on this phone so far seems to outlast my vibrant and my mytouch slide…i have had great battery performance…and again, to agree with what you have to say, i love the phone…if you are debating i say go for it…its a very sharp phone. i have been stopped in the street by random people asking me what phone it is i have…the g2 is a celebrity already

  • Doug

    I’ve noticed a few people talking about waiting for the Desire HD. Is there some info that TMO is getting it or are these just guesses?

    • Bimmerz

      I wish we were getting the Desire “HD”! Unfortunately, that went to the UK. This is not to say that we’ll never get it here in the US, but by the time we do – something better will be out.

  • steven

    any care to comment on call quality? i’ve had my phone at max volume since i got it and i can barely hear the person i’m talking to

    • Frigadroid

      Don’t worry just wait for your OTA or get a hearing aid or bluetooth device to hold you over for 6 months to a year. Rest assured tmobile and htc are working on it night and day and will soon release a update on the update because they stand behind their pledge to leave no phone behind except for the behold, mytouch, moto, …………. insert your phone here.

    • chico

      i will say that i did notice that the volume was a little low when i was on calls…but not a deal breaker…

  • LookingForward

    Sorry if the memory question has been resolved above. I read a bunch last night, but I just noticed that after running the quadrant benchmark, after downloading a bunch of games, and playing most of them. I got a 1592, and it reports the total memory: 379832KB Free 25240KB, Inactive: 141432

    Anyone know what Inactive memory is?

    BTW, the call quality has been great for me. I get H with 1-2MB at home, or edge at 250KB. I get H with 4MB elsewhere like at work and resturants.

  • Stanly

    HTC is not the wonderful, flawless, perfect handset maker some of you think it is. I have a Cliq and a myTouch 3g and I can say without a doubt that my Cliq is much more solidly built than my myTouch 3g. Same with the Hero – I had it about a week and the Cliq is much better built than the myTouch 3g. I don’t know why people have this erroneous belief that HTC = The God of phone manufacturers.

    • blazinn831

      agree… wife and i own mytouch 3g, well i have the fender but same “CRAP”

    • Foxeh

      I’m not really super loyal when it comes to cell phone manufacturers, but you have to admit, the myTouch line does not exactly contain HTC’s best. Even the G1 was a better build than any of the myTouch phones I’ve played with in T-Mo’s store.

      Yet T-Mobile pushes this line as their premiere line with all of their myTouch branded waterbottles and whatnot. Yeahhh…

      • Matty

        I bought the MyTouch3G when we first launched the device and received a free Cliq from work not long after and I must say that the MyTouch was the much sturdier device. The Cliq would freeze often and then randomly dial people even when it was out on the counter. My mytouch fell in water and after I dried it out and started using it I haven’t had a single problem. I am very happy with the quality of the phone that I got from HTC, but not from Motorola. My G2 will be here tomorrow and I can’t wait.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    Just played with one at the mall kiosk, I must say its built well. I gave it the hinge of death test and it passed. the browser speeds were very fast. I can’t wait for mine to get here but my order status still says back order…………

    • AM123

      @HD2 User: Mine says backordered too. I just spoke to a t-mo CSR and they were willing to cancel the order for me so that I can go buy it from a T-mo retail store. Only thing is that you will lose any special price for it.

  • BlackHawk

    Aside from being obsolete within 6 onths, I had no performance issues with my MT3G. I just got over the touch screen movement, and pray that it will end faster than it started. I know Im dreaming big things, but one can hope right?

  • Sunny

    yeah the store demo phone has the same hinge problem… very sad….

  • Kyle

    I ordered mine on the 1st and just got a text with the tracking number.. check it and it should be here the 4th.. Not sure whats going on with your backorder problems…

  • BAD

    I’m using my new G2 to write this response. I’ve had it for a lil while now and if anything, I thought the hinge was too tight on mine. With anything mass produced, a few are going to have an issue or two. It’s not thw whole line from the few I’ve actually seen and used in person.


    It’s amazing to see people blaming T-mo about phone releases and issues, bottom line carriers do not control this. Please consumers be educated and see that a “manufacture” controls the phone building and production, not T-Mo. Blame faulty blackjacks and iphones to ATT, also blame poorly build droids to verizon, and Palm Pre on sprint makes someone seem stupid. I am sorry, most issues consumers deal with on phones are user error. Know fact 85% of phones returned to a manufacture aren’t really damage or at fault of any issue. So when I read blame T-Mo, blame yourself first for not learning the phone. Secondly, 4Gbs on a phone is too much and giving 2Gb is much more than what “OTHER phones” push out. Needless to say if you want a PC, get a stupid pc with google voice on it, problem solved with memory. However good luck placing it on your pocket. Asking for too much on a phone is asking a car developer a V10 engine running at 22 mph is not enough of a gas saver, and expecting it to fly.

    STFU and thank you very much, its an amazing phone as well BTW.

  • dethduck

    And the MyTouch 3.5mm had bad SD Card issues, and the Vibrant had faulty GPS issues, and the Incredible had display screens coming loose, etc… etc.

    Every new phone released these days has a bad batch make it out the door. Far as I’m concerned it’s a by product of the speed at which android phones have been pushed out the door and onto the floor this last year.

  • k-mack

    Ok, where to begin with the ridiculous video and hilarious complaints!…no where did it say that the hinge was supposed to lock in place with some goofy snap or something. It does exactly what it was designed to do. Did it say that you could hold it upside down and expect it not to move due to gravity?! Besides, most people hold the corners with their fingers anyway so that’s easily enough to keep it from closing on them. hilarious comments to say the least. The hinge is pretty darn solid and doesn’t seem flimsy at all. On to the memory issue, what part about “total memory” doesn’t some of the people here understand?! On any phone you buy, you don’t expect to get 100% of the total memory, do you?! Not sure exactly how much they are allocating for the OS, preloaded apps and downloaded apps but my guess is you are left with exactly what is reported in Settings. give me a break, people!

    I’ve had the G2 for just about 18 hours now and absolutely love it!! It is so nice and solid and feels great. Everything runs so darn fast on it!!! It is so snappy and the touch sensitivity is great! All the apps run very fast and smooth. Flash videos play awesome! Now I can finally enjoy websites as they are intended to be! Love the optical track for the obvious times when you are typing and need to back up or move forward in the text and also for all those little links that are available on websites when it’s a little tougher to get with a finger. The screen is so clear and sharp, it’s great! You just can’t beat stock Android, really! Now to the speed tests. I have probably a little weak coverage at my house and it shows about 2 bars of H coverage on average. WIth the G1 I was getting 1.5-2.5 mbps on a good day. On the G2 I consistently get 5.5-6.5 mbps!!! atleast 2.5 to over 3 times as fast!!! I’ve done the test several times and keep getting similar results. I can imagine how much faster if I’m in an even better coverage area! Very happy with the G2 to say the least!!

  • not that big of a deal

    I have a G2 and I don’t have any hinge problems. I do however have the 1 GB internal memory thingy but it doesn’t matter because most of the apps that I own are able to be moved to the sd card. Plus when I called tmobile about the memory problem, they said that most of the memory is saved for future updates for the phone, because they said Android adds a lot of new features each time they have an upgrade, so the store wants to make sure to have the G2 at LEAST a year with constant updates :)

  • robert

    what tha F! you people are talking about i have a G2 (just for a trial) and its perfect is super slim and the keyboard is just gorgeous. when you hold the it upside down it is imposible for it to open it i must say that guy in the video must have done something to the phone so it responds like that. i tried it from every side and i almost brake it trying to get my keypad open like that because it just wont open that easy. that guy is trying to give the Nokia phones A better look by doing this i guess but that isn’t the right way.

  • Brandon

    “Facebook has put out an official statement via their Facebook page:”

    Why the hell would facebook put out an official statement?

  • Allen

    I’ve had the phone for almost a full day and love it. The fastest DL speed I’ve gotten was at 7.1 mbps. Most of the time it’s been in the 5.5-6.5 range.

    My phone does the same thing as the video above only when holding it by the ends. IT IS NOT A PROBLEM! I heard if you hold a glass of water upside down the water falls out!!! This is a beautiful phone and everyone I’ve shown it to like it as well. It’s my first Android phone, so I’ve got to figure out a few things.

    I will say that I charged it overnight, started using it around 8am this morning and it was in need of a charge by 6pm or so. I think I have too many things running in the backround and will take care of that soon.

    • wow

      That has got to be the funniest thing I’ve heard today!!

    • Giggidy

      You actually have to try pretty hard to replicate this issue. It is not a problem at all. People just love to be douches. I’ve been using my new G2 vigorously since I received it and I didn’t even notice this hinge issue until watching this video. I guess a lot of people are whacking off using this phone because really, that’s the only time that it happens and yes, I’m speaking from experience. GIGGIDY GIGGIDY GOOOOO!!

      Btw, I’ve only been able get 6-6.5mbps. Lucky you!

      • Frigadroid

        4 out of 5 wankers prefer the vibrant to the g2 do to the vivid samoled display, light weight, one hand usability, and 16gb for porn storage. Non wankers and those who can’t get it up prefer the g2 for it’s “quirky” keyboard blazing fast speed and vanilla froyo android. Finally tmobile has a phone for everyone.

  • Vibrant Addict

    I’m gonna have to head on over to my nearest T-Mobile store and check it out.

    It doesn’t seem like an issue, do we really not grab our phones FULLY in order for it NOT to fall? If you hold it like a normal person will (fully grasped) this will never be an issue it seems. And, doesn’t seem to affect all the phones so when you’re buying it just make sure to check the hinge before they ring it up. Done deal. This is a fantastic phone and this is the most ridiculous issue I’ve seen.

  • pantlesspenguin

    for those that have low speaker volume while on a call – go to call settings and turn on HAC mode. Place a test call, like to T-Mobile’s customer service line. That call will be really loud, but your next calls should be fine.

    • LookingForward

      My speaker volume is fine, but I am curious where HAC mode is. What is the path to the setting?

    • k-mack

      I don’t see an HAC mode choice there??

  • terry harper

    honestly i dont see what everyone is complaining about, it has a loose hinge big deal. ive carried it for a few days now and it hasn’t effected the functionality of the phone in the least. name any phone and i can name something wrong with it. no phone is perfect, and if a loose hinge, a gigabyte less than the advertised memory, and a speaker that doesn’t live up to your 5.1 surround sound system at home is your only gripe then consider yourself lucky. you can always look at it like this, at least its not an iphone 4.

  • T-Mo Biggie

    The real issue here is … why don’t people clean themselves up when they take a video of themselves? Really! This is the best this guy could look for the video?! Ever heard of a shower? How about a comb?! Seriously, why does everyone have to look like they are minutes away from death. Can’t you clean up? Please. Bunch o’ damn pigs.

  • thereugo

    I went to the Tmobile store yesterday and the hinge worked fine, the phone is solid. I’m really thinking of getting one, a little heavy BUT SOLID. I believe with time this will be a very, very, great phone!

  • Lenny T

    I have had the phone for 1 day and I don’t think the hinges are an issue. I haven’t checked my memory but I’m not really worried about it either. However, I thought the camera quality was poor. And also while taking pictures the camera/phone froze. It was a certain type of picture too I think because it only happened when I took that one picture – holding the phone sideways, at night…
    Secondly, the battery life is not impressive. The iphone 4 would last me 2 days. The G2 lasts about a day give or take.

  • Chad

    The memory “issue” isn’t a valid argument. What device have you ever owned that had their entire specified storage available for use? The answer is most likely none. Ipods don’t have their full specified memory when formatted, HDDs don’t, usb sticks don’t, NO phone I’ve ever owned has either. The phone has 4 gigs of memory, just because you can’t use every byte of it doesn’t mean it isn’t there, so that’s that. If it had 4 gigs available then its specifications would’ve said 6 gigs, and you’d have all pissed and moaned about that. Quit complaining already, the hinge could be an issue for texting gymnsists but not for most unless you’re trying to find the issue.

    • thaghost

      the memory issue is a serious issue. if u tell me it has 4gb then when i get it u say, “oh by the way, i used almost 3 of it so u can use only 1” i would b pissed. i dnt know y htc/tmo would release this phone with only “4gb” anyway. that is the REAL problem. vibrant has 16. evo has 8. iphone 32. just 4? really? come on! on top of that the g2 is on verizon anyway in the for of the htc merge/lexicon. glad tmo is bringing new phones but i still have issues with em.

  • I picked up my G2 today and made the guy open it to see about the hinge (I honestly didn’t care about the internal memory and that was the least of my worries although I do have 2gb and not 4). The hinge is just different than the G1. It still snaps open and closed but when you hold the phone solely by the keyboard upside down the weight brings the screen down. Its not a flaw, just a different design, and its well worth the way the keyboardfunctions when opened. The way its designed you have to hold the phone pretty awkwardly in order to do it. Smooth hinge or rigid hinge I don’t recommend ever holding any phone by the keyboard or screen solely while opened. The keyboard isn’t as good to type on as the G1 but otherwise the phone seems superb.

  • Hassan

    I got the G2 this afternoon and a few hours later after little to no use the speaker has stopped working. No ringing, no notification sounds, no music, NOTHING!!!! Does anyone know what this could be? Or did I just buy a lemon?

  • Dan

    People who say the G2 isn’t meant to be held upside down and lock into place or that the 2GBs of space is excusable because Android 2.2 can install applications on the SD card have completely missed the point. Obviously, we can all sit here and justify each and every issue with any phone out there; be it the iPhone, G2, Galaxy S, if we REALLY want to and are bent on purchasing the phone no matter what. The point, however, is that there is no reason that a new phone should ever be plagued with such shoddy craftmanship from the get go. It doesn’t matter if you use your phone upside down or not; why would the general consumer want to pay $200 for a phone that has known physical vulnerabilities (excessive wear will almost certainly destroy that loose hinge)? Again, it’s about the PRINCIPLE of it all; not whether it affects you personally.

    As consumers, we need to start making these companies earn your money by giving you what you’re paying for. It’s ridiculous how many people think it’s “okay” for phones to have these types of issues, just because they are personally fine with it or because they just want the latest phone on the market. At this stage of the game, there’s absolutely no reason why phones should ever be released with hardware vulnerabilities and misrepresented specs. Personally, I was looking forward to the G2 and was 99% ready to purchase it before these problems showed up, so I’m very disappointed as a G2 fan. I loved everything about it, from the overall build quality and form to the stock Android OS to the physical keyboard. And as much as I STILL want this phone, I refuse to give my money away and continue to reinforce to these companies that it’s “okay” to sell any phones that have simple issues that should’ve been taken care of pre-production. It honestly perplexes me that people would knowingly purchase a phone that has known issues; though it may not affect you today or tomorrow, at some point, it’s likely to catch up on you. But hey, this is America – to each their own.

    • k-mack

      I just disagree with your point then. It doesn’t have any issues or defects. The phone functions just as it was designed. Why are you convinced there are “defects” and “vulnerabilities” and you don’t even own it?! This phone is solid! The build quality is amazing. I will put money on it that the hinge design on this G2 is as sturdy or sturdier than any other keyboard hinge design on any other phone – period! Yes, you are in America and are entitled to your own opinion. but between you and I, you should not listen to the hilarious comments here. this phone rocks! have you seen the quadrant tests?!

      • Dan

        Apparently you’ve failed to fully read my comment above. I’ve already said that I like everything about this phone; be it the speed or overall build quality. There are no complaints there. And you’ve misunderstood my point as well. For one, I never once mentioned the word “defect.” I understand that this hinge “issue” could very well be how HTC designed it, and therefore, should not be considered or referred to as a “defect” at this point. It is still, however, a vulnerability. Any hinge, by definition, is a vulnerability, because it exposes weak areas that are prone to destruction over the long haul. If this wasn’t the case, then why would the issue of physical keyboard hinges/slideouts be such a hot topic of interest for the general consumer, be it the DROID2, G2, or G1? It’s because it IS a common vulnerability that worries most people.

        The point is that whenever a phonemaker decides to make a phone with a physical slideout keyboard, there is ONE thing that needs to work 100%, beyond a shadow of doubt, to the GENERAL consumer; a non-negotiable, really – that the keyboard has an exceptional hinge with no problems (whether real or imagined) at all. This is really the one thing that every consumer is concerned about when considering physical keyboard phones. Given that reality, HTC has one job to do, and to do it well: make sure that hinge is 100% perfect. It’s really not THAT hard to understand. They know ahead of time that if that one hinge is not perfect, it’s going to cause unrest and a lot of stress in the minds of consumers. Honestly, at this stage of the game, there should be absolutely no doubt in the mind of the average consumer that their hinge MIGHT fail due to its construction. That’s really all there is to it.

      • k-mack

        I have read your post thoroughly and have understood it completely. I use the word “defect” because I am paraphrasing your words “shoddy craftsmanship”, “types of issues” and “hardware vulnerabilities”! These are your words! As you said, any and every hinge has vulnerabilities. This is true. You are merely making false assumptions that this hinge isn’t good while most who have it have already told you that it is solid! You are calling it a weakness when that simple isn’t the case. It’s your opinion, though you don’t even own it!… HTC wanted to make it unique and stylish and they’ve done a great job of that. If you are expecting any hinge to be perfect, well you need to define what perfect is and then apply for a job at a phone maker. The hinge is great and will work perfectly for the majority of consumers. As noted, there are a few people out there that need to text upside-down and I have tried it and it works fine. I’ve had my G2 since Friday and I have no doubt in my mind that it is solid and is indeed built to last.

  • gravity

    Gee, someoene found out about the effects of gravity. I’ve had mine for a few days and no issues. If you hold the G2 by the edge and keep the pad on the left it will slide down because it is upside down. Imagine that!

  • Krakenbound

    This is a deal killer for me, and mine is arriving on Tuesday. Paying $500 in this economy for a defective, limp hinged phone and a bad memory count is not something I am willing to tollerate. I upgraded my phone once every 2-3 years, and I’m not getting stuck with a lemon for that price! I expected a high quality phone from HTC, but appearently the screwed the pooch on this one. I’ll be calling TMo on Monday Morning and advising them that I will either be refusing their shipment, or they can issue me an RMA number.

    • ihatefanboys

      tell me something ….does RMA stand for Really Major Ass ? because if u send back the phone before u even try it out yourself and base that decision on a few unconfirmed hinge problems then yes sir u are a really major ass. I bet the loose hinges are either a few problems that come from whenever u mass produce an object, or the guy shootin this video and whoever else says they have a loose hinge did it intentionally, just so they could get themselves on youtube like the dude in this video or get more hits to his blog on a website that prob doesnt get much hits, especially whoever on phonedog posted it, he must be getting his job threatened…anyhow, grow up, get your phone, try it out, then decide, dont be a follower….followers are the pooches that are getting screwed…u have a mind, use it. btw ….u paid the full price for this phone ?? if u really upgrade every 2-3 yrs u coulda got it for $199….well u cant blame anyone for that but yourself ….dont wanna be bound to a contract im sure, good for u, your decision, so suck it up dude….hate u dudes that bitch about the economy then buy a $500 phone for $500…

  • The Shick

    Ok, I want to answer this whole “memory issue”. Does anyone hear own an xbox 360? Remember when it first came out and it was released with a 20GB HDD, but when you looked at your memory it only had “12GB” of free space?!? Its the same with the G2. The system needs to put the OS and pre-loaded apps somewhere. All you people like to do is bitch! I’m sure everyone waiting for their beloved “MyTouch HD” will have all sorts of things to bitch about with that phone. It really does come down to user preference, oh and common sense. As far as the “hinge problem”, hold the phone like a normal person. I’ve had my G2 since the 30th and I think its truely amazing. The only negative thing I noticed, was the fact that it didn’t come with a screen protector or case. Luckily I still had my original case from my G1. Anyway, this phone is awesome, if you want a great, super fast phone, get the G2.

    • ihatefanboys

      agreed, the my touch hd will arrive and they will find fault with that too. theyre acting like tmo betrayed their trust with the memory thing..but when ota updates come and the G2 gets em quick and the phone dont lag theyll be lovin that they allocated all that extra space. but i always say negative people will be negative just to be negative. besides i find it really convenient that someone “finds” a hinge problem when the negative people were saying they thought the hinge looked loose…kinda coincidental if u ask me.

  • Bobsuruncle

    First of all, I’m gonna be a Verizon defector, because of their high prices. I’ve been with them since 1997 and pi** on Verizon for their “charge for everything attitude.” For those who love em, you can have em. I’ll be saving $50/month with a match of my current plan, and without a contract to boot.

    I went and looked at the phone today. The one I looked at didn’t have any hinge issues. None. It looked very solid and functioned great in all aspects, yes even upside down, if that matters to you. It certainly looked to be at least as good or better quality than any Verizon phone I’ve lately seen. I tried to buy two of them off contract asking about the early release, but the manager said they hadn’t rec’d any official tmo release info, so it’s a no go until the 6th. No biggie, I’ll return Wednesday morn to get them.

    I understand quality control and the issues it can present for consumers in todays’ make it fast, make it cheap, sell it for maximum $ world. You should be careful of your purchases, you need to check them out to make sure they meet your satisfaction. I will check out both phones I buy for any problems before I even leave the tmo store. I will leave with two non-defective phones even if I have to open every G2 box in the store, because I’m spending in excess of $1000. Furthermore, if you’re buying it subsidized, you’re spending more than me, so make sure you are getting a non-defective phone!!!!

    I also understand there are people who will complain if you give them a gold brick because you handed it to them with the wrong hand. From reading some of the posted comments, I know some of you here are like this. Here’s some advice, If you don’t like it, don’t buy it or take it back if you did buy it. In any case, quit actin’ like a f’in crybaby.

  • Deuce

    i agree with some of u. its been 2 yrs since the g1 came out. why do phones STILL come out and have degects such as loose hinges. ive had plenty of electronics that say they have a certain amount of space and then ACTUALLY have it when u turn it on. 1.2 gb isnt much. if u can put apps to sd then i wont be so upset when i get mine but geez someone needs to step it up in the pr dept.

    • ihatefanboys

      im confused by one part of your comment….what does the G1 have to do with the G2…sounds like u are saying the G1 had a loose hinge…maybe yours did, maybe not, but my g1 held up to multiple drops over many distances and the hinge never got loose ,i even dropped it on the hinge while open and it didnt even blink. the G2 pr campaign did say the phone has 4gb of internal space …did they lie ? despite what its being used for, is their 4gb internal space…if so then U and all the whiners should shut up….u can put 90% of all your apps on the ginormous 8gb memory card…internal phone space should not be where u keep all your apps…u should know that….since the G1 was soooo 2yrs ago….u will be licking tmo’s sack when that space they took away from u is used for timely OS updates over the next 2yrs

  • Lee

    I don’t understand what the big deal is with the hinge thing. It works fine when you’re not holding it upside down…. duh. When opening and closing the keyboard, if softly clicks into place. It never opened for me on it’s own due to the “hinge defect”. My daughter has a Samsung with a qwerty keyboard and it SNAPS! into place and sometimes you really have to twist it to open. The G2 doesn’t do that. The keyboard smoothly slides into place. So the bottom line is, they created it that way for an effortless and smooth slide when opening and closing the keyboard. Regarding the 2g of memory loss, well… just buy a bigger card. I’ve had my G2 for 4 days now and it hasn’t given me any problem. And let me tell you, I’m messing with it all the time and tethering too.

  • KautiousNupe

    I got my G2 this past Thursday.

    I watched the video that the guy posted.

    I appreciated his steadfastness in posting the video, so that people who have yet to buy the phone, can get a glance at a problem with the one (this being a problem is totally subjective and varies from person to person).

    With that said, I will say that my G2’s hinge is NOT LOOSE and does not FLOP back and fourth like the one in the video. I am not sure how widespread the problem is, but at this point in time, the hinge on my phone is actually very, very tight and I can hold it upside down and even open the keyboard and hold it and jerk it sideways and upside down (no homo, lol) and its very tight.

    Is this something that could develop over time….we will have to wait and see. And if it does, you better believe that I will find a way to tighten it right back up. The hinge isnt a design flaw (as some may insinuate) but they all should be screwed on really tight before they leave the manufacturer and it seems that some were not and this is a problem.

    This is probably the most unbiased…non-fan-boy post you will read on this site.

  • John

    My question for the people with the hinge issue: Was this issue present right from the start, or did it develop after using it? Also, is it so loose that it’ll open up on its own in your pocket, or something like that. Or is it only when held precisely like in that video?

    Mine doesn’t seem to have any issue, but I’m worried it will develop. I used to own a Sidekick that liked to flip open in my pocket, and that was quite annoying.

    • guest

      mine was like that from the start but over about two weeks it got so bad it would open if it was in  my hand or up to my ear when talking or just at a slight angle.  it wouldn’t stay in closed position and from the start i barely had to touch it and it would open.  it really is a problem when you are typing on the keyboard and it starts to close on you or you are talking and it opens and you almost drop it because it feels like its falling out of your hand.  also, this is the heaviest phone i have ever had and that doesn’t help the hinge problem.  this is only one of the problems i had have with the g2.  there is an electrical problem between the charger and the screen.  won’t charge with the tmobile or any other charger most of the time.  it acts like a short inside the phone. screen won’t work. when batter starts getting low, it won’t do anything and then it is dead. No gradual loss of battery.  The screen loses the touch near the edges so you can’t type the last letters on the onscreen keyboard.  One piss poor phone if you ask me. 

  • alex

    Well to everyone fretting about the 4gb space issue, it has been resolved, the phone in FACT has a 4gb chip on it, the rest of the 2 gbs are just inaccessible, tmobile will release a software update to fix this

  • RaymondP

    I just watched two videos of the ‘loose hing’ problem. How could anyone think that this isn’t a serious problem? As far as I’m concerned, the Vibrant is still the most advanced smart phone available at the moment. Sixteen gigs internal with a max of thirty-two gigs external. The fastest processor-graphics processor and a gorgeous display. All it needs is the much anticipated update to Froyo.

  • Richard

    WOW, I’m surprised how many people say this hinge issue is really an issue when they don’t have the phone at all. I have had the G2 two for 5 days now and this so called hinge issue is only an issue ( like a few smart people have said before) if you are texting upside down, watching porn and trying to do your thing with your legs up without a pillow for neck support then it’s a super big issue. Really for the people that don’t have the phone, I will say it’s not an issue. Unless you do the above, Maybe a real test to see if this is a problem or not is go to Six flags get on the Superman ride and while going up begin to text grandma waiting below because she’s to old to get on and see if the hinge holds up because based on this comments this is what you got the phone for anyway. Does the hinge fall over when your turn it upside down Yes, but the other 99 percent of the time you’re sitting at work, at home in your chair texting, watching stuff like a normal person would, when in the world are you upside down to begin with.

    The real issue is this bogus memory now that’s what I’m upset about,,oh here you go “ comes with 4gb space”, then you get it you have less than 2gb space, and this crap that you can save stuff on you card, sure if all the apps where able to move to your card then yes but they are not. I’m hoping for a update to clear this up, otherwise I’m sure people with money on their side will bring it up to T mobile for misleading people ( lawsuit)and nowhere in the so called fine print did it say comes with 4Gb, but when you get the phone it will be less than 2gb so enjoy, you paid for 4 and your get less than 2. If it did then I need to go to the eye DR.

    Now there’s the real issue that you should be upset about and thats the real issue.
    But I see this getting cleared up rather quickly for T mobile sake.

    Before anyone says anything my grammar sucks.

  • Stepx88

    has anyone called customer service and complain about the 2g space. I just got mine and i only got 1.23g internal memory.Will tmo actually replace them?

  • iman

    Just bought my phone today. It’s a superb phone but the hinge is loose and 1.23 internal memory. Can I return this phone or exchange it even though I opened it? Does anyone knows?

    • Slide

      yeah i believe you have 30 days.

  • Jmcl987

    Thats not an issue its just the phone’s mechanism!!!

  • jay chang

    If you use the my device program that comes pre loaded on the phone from tmobile you can see that there is 1317 total available, a logical amount for a 1.5 gig internal memory of the desire z’s.

    It says I am using only 172 mb so I have 1144 left total.

    Pathetic. Tmo will give it a week or two and then issue exchanges…

  • GeekyOne

    OK so I got my G2 less than 5 days ago, went out to dinner with my GF tonight, got home and went to check my phone for any messages and the phone was non responsive. I tried plugging in the power cord thinking the battery died – still no response. I then took the back off of the phone, removed the battery, then replaced the battery, plugged in the charger and I finally got the phone to turn on. This was not the first issue Ive had with this phone. Ive got a VERY loose hinge, the internal memory issue, and my phone has rebooted itself TWICE with no prompting. My gf also got a G2 and has had none of these isses – except the internal memory.
    So, I call T-mob tech support – tell them what happened, they tell me I have to ship them back the phone (at my cost – though the young lady was willing to credit my account 10.00 for shipping) and then they can re-order me a new G2. I told her I would then be withoout a phone and I needed to have a G2 sent to me before I could ship mine back, I then get some excuse as to being in the buyers remorse period, they cant do it that way – blah blah – but if I wanted I could pay to use a loaner phone (50.00 deposit). I ask to speak to a supervisor, was placed on hold then the line went dead.
    Bottom line, tomorrow Ill be back on the phone with retentions, so wish me luck guys n gals. Ill keep you posted.

    • Jamie

      The exact same thing happened to me. . .thought that the battery had died. The first time my phone was fine once I attached my car charger. . . the screen just “woke” up. The second time I had to go through the whole battery out…power on. TMobile offered to do a factory restore, but then I would have lost all of my apps. You have 14 days to return the phone to the store.

      Oh and once the screen turned all white with red, blue, green text and three android characters across the bottom. :(

      • Alannn

        @Jamie I think you my friend just go into the recovery screen of the G2, perhaps providing smoke that the G2 can be rooted! =D

  • androidfeen

    Fanboys smh I have a G2 and it has the hinge defect lefts not act like fanboys and accept it was built wrong

  • Jose R.

    yup thats exactly what i am experiencing as well… hinge problem and memory and i just got the phone 2 weeks ago

  • dave

    I called T-mobile tech support not too long ago and the rep said they don’t plan on “addressing” or fixing the issue.

    If any of you would like to do something about it sign this petition:

  • Montez Mmontez

    my g2 doestnt show my pics from the gallery and when it does it does for about 5 minutes then everything in the gallery is blank

  • Montez Mmontez

    my g2 doestnt show my pics from the gallery and when it does it does for about 5 minutes then everything in the gallery is blank

    • Bigmikey88

      Mine does the same thing but my pics are gone from the past couple weeks, they were there one day but that was it, idk what to do

      • Jfinestrican

        That happens to me too. Restart you phone that usually helps