Samsung “Hears” Your OTA Requests For Vibrant, Promises More Info But No Date

Ah yes the Samsung Vibrant GPS fix/update situation continues with yet another promise by Samsung to have this OTA available soon. Except they didn’t promise an OTA, instead just info regarding the OTA next week. What makes this situation all the more troubling is that the AT&T Captivate has already received the very same update the Vibrant requires. I want to say this is looking more and more like a Behold 2 situation as time wears on but I won’t let it go that far yet…key word being “yet.”

T-Mobile & Samsung hear your questions about timing of Vibrant update. Look for more info on OTA next week. Thank you for your patience.

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  • Will

    It worth it to wait it out if the OTA will be bug free and fix the problems correctly.

    • Brandon

      I appreciate your positive attitude, Will. But this is so frustrating! It really isn’t about working the bugs out. Otherwise they would have done that from the start! It’s political BS. I can’t stand it.

    • SEFan

      I just want to point out that most of the comments I’ve read about the Captivate update have been mediocre to bad. That could mean that there is no software fix for GPS, that it really is a hardware issue. But it could also mean that Samsung and AT&T rushed the update and it wasn’t fully debugged. Even the Vibrant update that was available from Samsung over their download service hasn’t worked all that well. Seems like T-Mo is being (belatedly) cautious about function before dropping this update on their users.

      Now as to the related question of how a device with this central flaw managed to make its way into the inventory of not just T-Mobile but every US carrier…

      • relikk2

        Not true. The leaked GPS update has worked great for about 75 percent of people who have used it according to the post on XDA. My assumption is that some people are probably trying to check there GPS when they are in their basement. Obviously though I can only speak for myself and I’ve seen a huge improvement with the leaked update. When from 2 locks in about 3 to 5 minutes to 12 locks an under one.

      • Maddy

        I keep hearing or reading about the satellite locks.. How do i find out that information on my own signal? Hopefully its not a n00b question :)

    • Matt

      Many AT&T customers have received the OTA update for the Captivate and the GPS is still not working for most people.

    • allaboutthat

      “if” they fix it correctly!

      does this happen to anyone, i’m playing music and the screen went off and the music stopped! so its not gonna play in the background?

  • John

    This is BS I don’t have the phone and i never will buy the crap how come T mobile customers get the shaft but all other carriers don’t have to worry people are fools to support this.

  • El Guapo

    Who cares about this? The fix has been available on XDA for like 2 months. Build JI5 is probably identical to what the update will be.

    The Vibrant has KingKlik as a ROM dev now and so all these updates are coming fast and furious for this phone on XDA. Running his OC/UV kernel and it is amazing. Vibrant won me over I KingKlik got one.

    • David, Managing Editor

      You do realize that the majority, likely upwards of 80% or more Vibrant owners have no idea what ROM, XDA or JI5 means right? That’s who cares about it…kthxbai.

      • Nmansell

        True but despite the fact a business may have a certain demographic to focus on it’s still their responsibility to response to all of their customer base needs as best they can.

      • relikk2

        Well David, there are that many more people who have now heard of “ROM, XDA or JI5” now. People might now know what it is yet, but the info is out there thanks to the internet.

        • David, Managing Editor

          Come on, most people who buy this phone will NEVER look it up, if you really believe that you have obviously never spent a day on the retail side in the wireless game. It’s never going to happen, most people will never know what XDA is, that’s just fact. I’ve been doing this for far to long to know that’s truth.

      • Sapphire

        I have to totally agree with David. 70%-80% of people do not want a phone that does all the G2 and the Vibrant do, let alone switch different ROMs on the devices that are so expensive. People treat them like muscle cars. They baby them and never really use them for what they are capable of doing unless they know what they’re doing. Which, I’m willing to bet is a small portion of consumers.

    • shawn1224

      The same KingKlik that got booted off xda for kanging other peoples hard work. Yea, have fun with that LOL.

      • rOB

        not to mention eugene has been doing AWESOME work for the vibrant,

      • Brandon

        Yes, honestly. A MAJORITY of Vibrant users don’t know how or feel comfortable with that stuff and we shouldn’t HAVE TO do it for our phones to work properly!

      • Frigadroid

        I read about a developer over at xda who hacked a ffc into his vibrant for $15. So people need to chill, getting your blood pressure up won’t make the ota come any sooner. Sure you want and deserve it to work properly out of the box, but not much you can do but wait for the advancements to trickle down to the general public. The good thing is that because the phone is so popular many people are working on it and it will be updated and fixed eventually. It would be nice if we could get some apology or explanation but I wouldn’t count on it. In the meantime enjoy your samoled screen it is still a great phone even stock.

    • SEFan

      Yeah, what David said. More to the point, carriers should state upfront if a device or an OS requires modding and hacking to actually WORK, so that people can steer clear. Most of us just don’t want to deal with this kind of crap. If Android as an OS is going to require that users be ready to mod the phone to get it to work properly the user numbers are going to look like a cross section of the Matterhorn: a steep increase followed by an equally steep crash. This isn’t the only alternative to iOS. It isn’t even the cleanest or most elegant.

      • “More to the point, carriers should state upfront if a device or an OS requires modding and hacking to actually WORK, so that people can steer clear.”

        Well said.

        Unfortunately I feel like those are the only options they give us… put up with a broken phone, or try and fix it yourself and risk a brick and voided warranty (a $500 error).

  • Rpinazo

    If the Vibrant wasnt so damn good I would’ve tossed that thing to the side. I hate having a phone that is not complete and updated to its full potential!

  • shawn1224

    As always Samsung is known to drop the ball on support. #1 reason why I’ll never support them again after the Behold II fiasco.

    • SKA

      Thank You I am with you. Samsung is all bark no bite when it comes to support.

    • Hecg55

      I used to really like samsung products.. I was always split between samsung and sony.. idk why I ever decided to try out samsung over sony.. Worst idea ever!! Can’t wait till the next xperia phone comes out! For now stuck on this vibrant till the next best or next xperia :: )

  • MJ

    Whats going on? Is this T-Mobile now or Samsung?

    • k-mack

      T-Mobile isn’t writing the software fix, Samsung is. T-Mobile wants their customers to be happy asap, I’m sure. I would say it’s all Samsung here.

  • JustMike

    The real question is when will the Vibrant get the promised Froyo upgrade? If that never materializes, then we can start talking about the Behold2 fiasco and Samsung will loose any credibility they may have left.

    I’m worried that all this time fretting over this updated 2.1 release will only further delay the 2.2 release that many other phones have already received.

  • mrjoeyloke

    Pretty f@#kin sad that I have this nice phone, with all this processing power, but yet I have to rock my old rooted g1 cuz it wont freeze up every time I use the GPS! That’s like three to four days a week!

  • rwc

    I tell you what is really sad, it’s the fact that even their update to tell us that information about an OTA, not the actual OTA, but information about the OTA will be coming next week, can’t be held as reliable information. Look at the Calendar, it’s Oct 1. This update was supposed to happen in Sept. Did they keep their word on that…If you have ATT or Spint, I guess they did.

    I heard that Froyo 2.2 was supposed to be coming to the Vibrant in October…so clearly they have decided to delay the OTA to kill two birds with one stone. NOT!!!!! I’d be surprised if it now happens before Xmas. Anyone think T-mobile will accept a trade-in Vibrant for the Mytouch HD??

    I now know for sure that I’m not buying the Galaxy Tab.

  • Sasha

    Ok, this is frustrating. I have had horrible problems with gps. I don’t want more information, just an update. That tp2 is looking better everyday…

  • tmoled

    Other than flashing a rom, the gps fixes so far have been crap. I tried the quick adjust your settings fix and it was still unreliable. It’s frustrating that all the tools are there, all the tools that Tmobile and Samsung need are right there and they can’t come good on pleasing their customers. Finally Tmobile has the most powerful phone in the industry and still can’t get it right! I bought mine cash, no contract and really don’t want to sign a contract with any company, I would like to stay, but why can’t you just get this one little thing to work! Why do you keep twisting my arm Tmobile?!!!!!!

  • JaylanPHNX

    Didn’t the Media Hub update for the Epic work for the other Galaxy S phone’s? Has anyone tried using the Captivate GPS fix on the Vibrant? Other than the external case, aren’t they the same phone? I’m one of those guys David and Brandon mentioned, so maybe I’m way off base.

  • Frank

    Freaking A! I find it hard to imagine that Samsung would retain much customer loyalty if they flake on their own “flag ship” device. Granted I am also not really holding my breath for the OTA. I love my Vibrant its a great phone, but GPS bug though not debilitating is more that mildly annoying! Maybe if we think happy thoughts and click our heals together Samsung will get their stuff together!

    • Drew

      The Behold was going to be their flagship device as well… anyway if you do see an update to 2.2, that will be all you see. Scamsung is probably already to release another phone end of Q4/beginning of next year… that will be your update. Good luck. Behold 2 owner

      • Frank

        No Behold was lame from the beginning. It look like crap and was way behind when it was released. Not to mention sales were not exactly inspiring for the behold either.

  • MarkC

    I updated Wed via Kies per instructions. Other than needing to find out of to enable Samsung Kies mode on the Vibrant, went without a issue, fixed the GPS issue for me (didn’t really work at all before).

    I’m concerned about timing of 2.2, hopefully by end of Oct :)

    • It worked for me too… glad I got it when I did! I really feel for everyone else.

  • Coolcat

    Isn’t all of this bad PR for Samsung or does Samsung not care? Such a nice device, but looks like Samsung does not stand by their device. Won’t t-mobile be able to sit on their head?

  • shawn

    Same as always… Tmobile last to move… I’m blaming Tmobile. I bet they knew months ago EXACTLY what the problem was, and were just lumping the fix into the fall update (WHICH CONSIDERING IT’S SAMSUNG I’M SURPRISED THERE’S AN UPDATE AT ALL).

    Hopefully tmobile isn’t fixing the update to brick rooted phones… Azz clowns.

    • john

      if that was the case, and mine bricked, I would just run odin

  • Nawlin411

    Myself and a few of my friends who purchased this phone even knowing that both Tmobile and Samsung have the worse reputation in the mobile field for software support after sales are collecting information to file a class action law suit. If they cancel the upgrade and dont repair the GPS issues. Enough is Enough company need to sell products that work and honor their promises to their customers.I love Tmobile but right now their No Phone Left Behind promise rings hollow put up or shut !.

    • pimpstrong

      Put your paperwork away because there is already a 2.2 build for the Galaxy S phone and the the rationed out JI5 update has in fact fixed mine and numerous other Vibrants. And I do believe that the Captivate has already gotten its GPS fixed. So yeah.

      TMO is in fact slacking on that NFLB crap and Reps have actually told me that the origional MyTouch is not even gettin updated

      • Nawlin411

        I hope your right Tmobile and their customers where the first to embrace Android and we have been the last to get upgrades or not gotten them at all. The Mytouch 3G is the 2nd best selling android phone behind the Motorola Droid and they have been left high and dry. I have a G1,Mytouch,Mytouch 3.5 and now a Samsung Vibrant I,m waiting on three promised upgrades and I,m not a happy camper. That why I,ve considering legal action

      • Drew

        I’m in! +1000 to you sir
        Behold 2 owner

  • dub

    This is the main reason why I will not invest any of my money behind Samsung mobile.. The way they did those Behold 2 customers.. That was just wrong!

  • pimpstrong

    2 things I will add to what the JI5 update has improved for me are:

    Improved Battery Life – I went unplugged from 6:30am to 10:00pm with a fairly increased amount of use due to the fact that I was playing with the update features. I ended up at 13% Battery life left and I would normally be dying by around 8 oclock if I didnt charge through the day.

    Curser pinpointing accuracy – It SUCKS trying to tap your finger between two letters but I can honestly say that it is more accurate now and not my imagination.

    • Nawlin411

      You already have your upgrade ?

      • El Guapo

        It is on XDA did you even read this thread?

  • OMFG…. That is all. I mean what else is there to say. There better be a good reason for this delay. Whether it has something to do with T-Mobile or Samsung, someone needs to get their s**t together.

  • AB

    The Vibrant I ordered over the weekend is apparently on backorder. Bummer.

  • reddragon72

    So we get the OTA in two weeks….. why bother is they are supposed to be releasing 2.2 by the end of October…. Oh wait, that means that 2.2 must be pushed back to mid to end November…. I think I said that a few weeks again in every post on every site… HHHMMMMM so it looks to be correct, 2.2 mid to late November… Wow really working hard(ly) aren’t we T-mung…

    Oh well phone still works… goes about ignoring the big wigs because that is what is best..

  • alex32

    aaaaand this is one of the reason why im using my overdue upgrade on the htc g2.

  • blablabla

    Well I’m currently running the JI5 build that I downloaded from kies. The GPS is much more reliable now yes but I hate certain things about the build that I want to go back to stock. The lock screen requires an even longer swipe now and 5.1 surround sound does not work for video. I also have NO IDEA if this will prevent me from getting the official OTA or what. I guess time will tell when they start sending it out. If they send it out…

    • pimpstrong

      wow i just found out about the 5.1 That sux but atleast the sound is good anyway. Atleast the way I rip my movies it is. Yeah the longer swipe is pretty F!@#$n’ retarded and so is the new YouTube widget and the way YouTube now loads.

      I hope that that update was just an accident and they are still working on it because if that is what will be coming to us “In the coming weeks” then I’ma be pretty pissed off… This better play out correctly.

      • blablabla

        I like the youtube application itself overall because it has the HQ option but the widget has no way of accessing the app without doing a search or watching a video.

    • Frigadroid

      That’s exactly why I didn’t update from kies. I would rather be safe then sorry. I’m not volunteering my phone for any test firmware. Before ji5 they had ji2 and ji4 and I didn’t bother with those either. UK Kies is a free way to tether but that’s about it.

  • ryanrae

    epic and fascinate haven’t even been out for a month and they already have their updates. Its tmobile for sure.

  • Nawlin411

    Oh and did I mention I sold my Nexus One which was and is a great phone to get a Vibrant. My Nexus One seem to get an update every 60 days.

    • MikeyLikey

      Thats why I refuse to give up my N1…just got an update to 2.2.1 the other day

  • lettinyaknow

    This is purely T-Mobile’s fault. They are the only entity that can put pressure on Samsung or themselves to get the update out…plain and simple. T-Mobile really doesn’t care about a phone after it releases…they are just about building up the hype before release, then once it sells they are thinking about the next new phone.

    For some reason tmonews is really poor at pointing out the BS of this company.

    • El Guapo

      Tmobile cannot put pressure on any manufacturer. They are the smallest carrier with the smallest user base and therefore they get Samsung’s attention last after the big boys have been pacified. That’s why you pay less per month, that’s just the way it is.

  • parahelium

    Total BS, give update on update! I am returning my Vibrant.

  • Zorro

    Coming from a G1, I’ve almost forgotten what an OTA feels like, lol. Hopefully they get it worked out soon. Surely Samsung wouldn’t abandon such a popular phone.

    • pimpstrong

      “Surely Samsung wouldn’t abandon such a popular phone.” thats the only reason I went ahead and bought this phone instead of waiting for the G2 or something. I’ll say it for myself. Surely Samsung wouldn’t abandon such a popular phone.

  • Nawlins411

    I have tried hard to believe that it is not t mobile fault. I am such a loyal t mobile customer I’ve been with this company forever. But every company seems to be getting upgrade except Tmobile. This has been a consistent and reocurring theme.

  • HD2/Vibrant User

    It’s a sad day when my HD2 works better on Android than my Vib that was designed for Android. Samsung you fail. Whoops I forgot we don’t say fail anymore. Samsung you……………. (insert negativity here)

  • Dee

    T-Mobile tests all their phones and software prior to general release.

    That said if T-Mobile releases a major device like this and fails to clear up the bugs with the manufacturer what makes you think they care whether or not an OTA fix is a 100% cure all?

    From the memo all we’re getting is more information about a probable fix but alas not date given.

    Still no info from T-Mobile or Samsung when we’ll get Froyo 2.2 either.

    I personally think T-Mobile is going to hold 2.2 Froyo up on the Vibrant while they decide how much to charge us for the otherwise built in free HotSpot feature.

    • ogopogo

      In regards to your remark: “T-Mobile tests all their phones and software prior to general release”.

      If that was truly the case, then they would NOT have shipped with a GPS issue in the first place.

  • where’d my comments go? did I offend?

  • Hulk

    Im seriously about to smash samsung or tmobile in the dong for this ridiculous crap. I understand you want to release things when they are bug free. But if the phone has been out longer..and still hasnt gotten any sort of official update while others that have been out only a fraction of the time and have gotten the update is horrible.

  • smerff

    I find it funny about all the people bitching about the captivate, etc getting the updates already. Especially when it’s been confirmed in multiple places on the web that they don’t seem to be actually fixing anything, only causing more headaches. Yay for them having broken software first, I’m so glad it’s being rushed out for us too so we can has brokenz tew. Yeah the gps is broken, yeah the delay is pissing me off, but i’d rather get wait for an update that fixes it then have to get the update then see all you people bitch more because it’s still broken/other things are broken. I have yet to see a phone come out without issues. When a perfect phone does come out, please let me know. The fact we can get an update to fix it now is awesome. I remember when there weren’t software updates for phones, and you just had to live with it.

    /rant off

    • Dee

      I hope when you buy your next Samsung TV that the power button does not work or the screen only displays black and white colors.

      Then you’ll remember your blind defense of manufacturers and why you ever felt that way in the first place.

  • Nawlin411

    You no what my expectations are not unreasonble if I purchase a product it should work, On those rare occasions when it does not work I exspect the seller or manufacturer to resolve the issue. When I purchase a phone and GPS is listed as one of the features it should work. Am I being unresonble? If you sell me a phone and put in writing on multiple web sites that it will be upgraded it should be upgraded . Am I crazy for wanting something that I paid my hard earned money for to work? Thats why I,m considering legal action. Enough talking companies need to stand by what they sell.

  • Dustin

    This is why I did not get this phone. Samsungs sucks when it comes to updates/support. Screw me once (Behold 2) I move on.

  • I thought it was the metal plate in my head…


    look can we all just chill out we have no idea yet why the up0dat5e was pulled for all we know the update isnt exactly finished yet hell they could have decided to combine the maintainence update with the the froyo update tmobile was the first to carry galaxy s in the us it stands to reason they get froyo first heck the fact that we are seeing any kind of update albeit somewhat unofficial proves samsung plans to support their galaxy s line jus chill n see what happens nxt week

    • ogopogo

      The next week turns into the following week, and so on, and so on…..

      People have a right to be pissed. They paid for something that they were promised, and they have not yet received. Wasn’t it Tmo/Samsung that PROMISED a September fix for the GPS?

      You keep “chillin'”, and the rest of those that actually care will continue to discuss the issue.


        im not sayin you cant complain hey i would be pissed to thank god my vibrant is not one of those wit gps issues short of it taking 2 minuites to lock on its pretty accurate all im saying its not like the behold incident where all of the sudden samsung say oh my bad no update i mean be honest would u rather have the 2.1 update fix n froyo in november or both within tha next month basically bra all im sayin is we dont even kno what that info is yet b4 you start bashin bout samsung/tmo dnt give a da## hear what they got to say first

  • DagNastyCo.

    I’d be in for a class action law suit. This is bull….You said Sept. T-Mo/Samsung. I/we should get compensated for being lied to. I’ve been getting more and more pissed. You buy any product – tv, microwave, recliner, even food – thats not a phone, and something goes wrong, or it is not as advertised, and I guarantee you would be on the phone or at a costumer service desk, or asking for a manager stating your displeasure and demanding a fix or replacement. Tell me I’m wrong. Where do I sign for said Law Suit?

    • DagNastyCo.

      And all that screen capture from twitter says is “look for INFO on….” That’s it??!! Info? Not an actual update. Who the hell are you kidding?

  • the_senator

    LOL, i updated via kies on weds. gps, and battery life are better. what isnt, alot of forced quits (mail, yahoo and facebook apps). too funny to hear people stating they rather have a quick fix than a quality fix. If you’re unhappy, just go somewhere else. period… else, relax, the update will be here when its ready. It’s not like tmo is TRYING to delay an OTA. geez

  • not again

    They will probably get the gps fix however, it’s highly likely they will not get the ota for 2.2 lol no more samsuck devices for me that’s a promise. T-Mobile must require more from them or get LG, Motorola.. making phones for them faster

    • Manus

      Are u kidding aside from a few droids motorolas suck and lg, can’t make a good phone

  • MissO

    I would rather they fix all the forces closes I receive on my Vibrant over the GPS fix! This phone force closes when I edit my contacts or try to play SIMs 3. It’s sad because otherwise I really like this phone.

  • Deke218

    If I recall there was a long period of time when T-Mobile cut Samsung off. Wonder what the reason was.

  • Brandon

    I wish they would just post weekly beta updates on their website. Would make things so much better for users that don’t mind getting their hands dirty, while letting them OTA it when it is final…

  • Pneumatic

    It is ironic that I switched to the Vibrant from the Cliq because I got toured of waiting for the update. Sigh.

    • LOL. I switched from the Cliq to the Nexus One because I got tired of waiting for the update. Then I went to the vibrant because I use so many apps I was filling up the Nexus and killing it’s performance. Just with the hope that hey, everyone seems to be about to get Froyo in the next couple months (got my Vibrant on release date), so hopefully by the time they get those our update will fix the problems and give us froyo. Actually I was thinking at first, this many people seem to be having the same problem. They will probably fix this in a week or two. Noone would have that big of a product launch on the way and not fix such a major problem. Guess not :)

  • Pneumatic

    Swype fail. “tired”

  • allaboutthat

    come on TMO and Samsung! MAKE THIS RIGHT!!!!

    maybe FROYO soon too

    that would be nice

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    For anyone wanting to update, I suggest you sit tight and wait for T-Mobile to issue the OTA. Why?

    If you update from XDA or Kies, those are unauthorized modifications of your handset that voids the Vibrant warranty.

    The GPS issue something that is covered under your one-year Samsung/T-Mobile warranty (administrated via T-Mobile).

    As of this date, you are legally entitled to make a warranty claim on the Vibrant. Because T-Mobile does has not resolved the issue it will have to refund your money (and/or it may try to give you an “equivalent” phone, check the warranty terms, I think it says that).

    But realistically, they will simply refund your money. I doubt T-Mobile would try to give you a G2 or something else.

    So I say keep your options open. If you want to return the Vibrant, go ahead. If you want to wait for the update and see if that fixes the GPS issue, you can do that too.

    But IMHO don’t “hack” your phone because then your options are limited (assuming you can’t get your ROM back to “stock” before making a warranty claim.)

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Also, has anyone returned his or her Vibrant because of the GPS issue, on a warranty claim, not buyer’s remorse? If so, what did T-Mobile say and do? Did you get a refund or did they send you a new one (that does not fix the problem).

    I’m curious about T-Mobile’s response.

    • I started the ball rolling today. First support chat person told me it has been over 30 days so I’m SOL, but I asked nicely and he looked up how long I’ve been a customer and transferred me to customer loyalty. I told about the problems and asked for a G2 as a replacement and they said I needed to troubleshoot first since I had never done so. I then got the worst tier I tech support person who basically wasted my time troubleshooting my phone like it was a feature phone then told me to wait 72 hours then call back to get advanced (smartphone) support. I was gonna call and ask for supervisors to get more help, but then I heard about the whole “loose hinge” on the G2 and I’m having second thoughts.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Interesting call Hilton.

        I would kind of expect the initial response from a CSR who answers the phone. They don’t know much of anything.

        Owning the phone 30 days or more has nothing to do with making a warranty claim, that person was obviously trying to say it was a buyer’s remorse return and that time had expired.

        Obviously the GPS issue is well documented, even by T-Mobile and Samsung by coming out with an update.

        In any event, it’s a warranty claim, especially since GPS is an advertised feature and critical part of the phone.

        It’s reasonable for T-Mobile to see if they can first fix the phone over the phone, literally, but IMHO they know full well there’s no fix for it, otherwise what’s the point of the update coming out. LOL.

        I just thing they are stalling, to see if you might go away.

        Personally, I love my Vibrant so I don’t really want any other phone T-Mobile offers, including the G2. So I’m just waiting and giving Samsung/T-Mobile the chance to get the update to us.

        Oh, and T-Mobile should not have changed its tune with you simply because you are a good customer. They should honor the warranty whether someone has been with T-Mobile three months or ten years.

        Thanks for posting your story (or is it an “adventure?”)

      • Vibrant Addict

        Thanks for that idea Hilton. If that upcoming fix doesn’t do it for us I may do the same thing but for the myTouch HD. Seems like a good device and may be up to par with the Vibrant. I really hope we get good news this week though.

  • Nawlin411

    We need to use this forum to organize and seek legal recourse. Lets get the ball rolling.

    • Lemarg

      Agreed. I want out of my contract as well.

    • shawn

      I say class action lawsuit, lets get organized!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        You all don’t need to resort to such drastic measures.

        This is obviously a manufacturing defect that’s covered under your warranty. Just be politely insistent if you want a different phone before the update comes out.

        I am not too sure about having a defective phone gets you out of your contract. I have not looked that up.

        But I believe the terms of the warranty allows T-Mobile to try to fix the phone, replace it (with a refurb even) or if the phone is no longer available, give you a model of similar quality and technology.

        For example, I recall reading in here that someone had a G1 that was covered under a one year warranty. But since the G1 was no longer available they gave him a Slide.

  • BW34

    You are all a bunch of pimply faced fools. Chill out with the LEGAL RECOURSE. My Vibrant works great. Maybe one of the best Android phones out there. Sell your phone on Ebay and get the G2.

  • the_senator

    how can using kies void the warrantee? its listed as a software in the vibrant box.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I don’t think Kies is the issue with the warranty, it’s using Kies to download and install the update.

      It may in the end not void the warranty, but if T-Mobile wanted to play hardball they could tell someone that downloading and installing the update via was not a T-Mobile sanctioned act. They would say “How do we know you downloaded it via Samsung and not from XDA?”

      All I’m saying is to play it safe, don’t do anything to the phone that swaps out the ROM because you never know what T-Mobile might say. All it takes is a CSR or warranty dept. person to be having a bad day and he takes it out on us.

    • remixfa

      kies can “void” the warranty because the Vibrant is not officially supported on Kies. Tmobile has not recognized Kies as an official app, therefor using it can void your warranty. its that easy.

  • Intrinsc

    100% Agree. This is way overboard. They promised all Samsung Galaxy S owners timely updates to make up for their other Fiasco’s. You buy the product and expect the product to be supported specially when hardware and software go so hand-in-hand.

    • podstolom

      The Samsung Fiasco. Exellent name for the next edition of the Vibrant.

  • Here’s some comedy. Called T-mo to try to get my Vibrant downgraded to a G2 and they had to troubleshoot before they could do anything else. Tech had me turn the phone off, take the battery out and turn the phone on again, despite me telling him when I use the GPS the phone locks up and I have to take the battery out and put it back in. Surely that means I’d already done this once. He then told me to try downloading the update again, though I had also explained that I bought the phone understanding that there would be an update soon, but had seen no update, and that the phone says “no firmware” if you try to update through the menus. Tech then got silent for a moment and said, ok, so your phone has Android. Do you have any memory free? I replied 1 gig of app memory free, 8 gigs on the phone free and 14 gigs on the SD card. He got silent for a while, then he told me to monitor the phone and if I’m still having the problem call back in 72 hours and the notes in my account would tell them to transfer me to advanced tech support. lol. I’ve always said I love T-mobile for the customer service and price, but their tier I tech support is just horrible. They should just have them skip the script and just send you to advanced support if you have a smartphone because obviously the standard tech support is designed for feature phone support.

    • I forgot to mention that the tech repeatedly told me he was looking into the issue to see if the GPS problem was a known problem. I wanted to tell him to google it but I didn’t want to ruin the call while he was being helpful instead of just saying “sorry buddy you’re out of luck”.

      • remixfa

        just call back and talk to someone else then. sounds like he was brand new. They will probably tell u to wait since the GPS update should be any moment now.

        My “hopes” about the extra wait are that they are adding in the UMA calling feature to the update. That would at least justify the extra wait.

        Its not going to turn into another “behold2”, dont worry about that. With all the test updates floating around for the GPS and 2.2, there is at least proof on the webz that they are doing something for once. The fact that they have already announced “no more updates” for other phones running 2.1 doesnt inspire though, does it? lol

  • RaymondP

    Are you bailing, Hilt? I can’t give up yet although I’m plenty disgusted with Samsung. This is still the best smartphone I’ve owned.

    • I don’t think I am anymore now that I’ve read about the G2 having the loose hinge. Don’t know if I wanna go from one phone with a fatal design flaw to another so quickly. Be like leaving the girl who cheated me for another girl who is a known cheater. I am forming a theory about this whole “update gate” though now.

      I’m thinking maybe the update WAS gonna come out in September, but it was too buggy to be released so rather than screw us again they just kept workin on it at the same time their UI developers were working on the Froyo update for 2.2 and now both are so close to being ready that they have just decided to hold off and add all their fixes to their Froyo Sense UI and kill two birds with one stone. But rather than save face and apologize they are just saying “it’s coming, wait for it”, and bam, one day we get the announcement on and we turn on the phone and notice the battery is almost dead from the download.

      I agree with you. If they can just fix the software, this is the best Smartphone I’ve ever owned if only for the simple fact its the first one that has held all my music, all my apps and plenty of room to spare and all my podcast videos (4-5 GB) without missing a step. I just have that the time is coming later than sooner because I’m planning on getting that HD7 and waiting to see what comes out in the spring in time for my tax return.

  • now_onTMO

    well at least there is an update out already over their website.. it’s better than not having any at all.. it’s just a matter of time till it becomes available OTA, and let’s hope that samsung will remain consistent with their updates and push an update for froyo and for other future bugs as well..

    how is the G2?

  • Krylon360

    Yeah, mine died last night, wont even turn on anymore. I contacted the warranty dept through chat (couldn’t call for obvious reasons) they had me do all of this troubleshooting then said that my phone was still under warranty and they would send me a replacement. I tried to get them to send me a G2 as a replacement.
    (I purchased the Vibrant through EIP and haven’t even made my 1st payment yet)
    They said I would need to “upgrade” to the G2. LAME!!! It’s the same freakin price.

    • chris

      I’am glad that they didn’t replace your vibrant with a G2.You probably bricked it on purpose to get the G2. :P

  • RaymondP

    How can the G2 be an upgrade? I don’t think its specks match the Vibrant’s.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I think T-Mobile is simply going by debut dates. Technically the Vibrant has been out a few months, the G2 has not even launched yet, at least not officially.

      Sidenote: I too like my Vibrant. I would not want a G2 in exchange.

  • sfrench5

    I think it’s BullSh*&t, Dear T Mobile/manufacturers,
    You f*&ked me on my Behold 2… I waited and called and prayed lol and still 1.5,,, No Update… So I said screw it I’ll get a Moto Cliq….and the same applys wait,call,pray… 6 months later… no progress still on 1.5…….well this time I thought I would be smarter and only purchase a phone with updated software so I baught the Samsung Vibrant….. Uh Oh GPS problem… No worries Samsung and t mobile promise fix soon….ok it gets pushed back to the near future…. ok now we are in the distant future and still no update… Pathetic… SO IF IT”S F&*K ME, THEN F*&K YOU…… Hello Verizon and droid 2 Heavenly….I guess it’s true guys, you get what you pay for and i will gladly pay extra for speed coverage and RELIABILITY…. ALSO I’m complaining because I’m pissed but truth is I decided to root my phone and add all the features t mobile doesn’t want you to have including wireless hot spot and flash 10.1 and my media hub is even working but it’s the principal….

    • sfrench5


  • Myg1

    Yalls need to just calm down and wait for it..att has it we ll have ur soon as welll as other galaxy s providers..don’t even put this phone in the same category as the behold 2 ..i know it’s frustrating to gave yoo wait longe..i used gps only while I travel our of which one of you guys use it all the times honestly? .for Gods sake just wait..your probably just complaining cuz your just following what most of thee people commentd

    • I use my GPS multiple times a day, which locks my phone up of course. Everything from my weatherbug widget polling for the current location, to geotagging photos I take to navigation, pulling up google maps trying to find an alternate route to beat traffic, looking for the closest location of a restaurant, even checking in with foursquare.

      It’s not all idle remarks by people who don’t really use GPS. I literally use it several times per day normally. Now it’s once or twice a day I turn it on and hope I finish using it before it locks up my phone. I’ll be glad when gingerbread forces everything back to Vanilla. Then maybe we get the updates in a timely fashion because it won’t be a matter of waiting for the vendors to update their custom UI.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t think some people realize just how many programs use GPS, they figure it’s only for Google Maps for navigation. But even on my road bike I can’t accurately use the Vibrant (Android’s) speedometer apps, that are actually quite good.

      • pantlesspenguin

        Like Michael says, there are many other apps that rely on gps besides maps and navigation. We need functional GPS to use places, yelp, foursquare, etc.

  • jean

    Galaxy is awesome when it works. But it has too many issues. GPS is one. My Vibrant takes forever to boot, and get system errors and the phone freezes. The other day I could not make a phone call even though I had full service…. We need an update very soon

    • The worst for me is I have an hour commute and I’m an avid foursquare user. So I listen to audio books on audio in the car and get to a place I am the mayor of. I have to choose. If I turn the GPS on to get the location for the check-in, my phone prob locks up, then it takes forever for it to start up and get done media scanning enough to be able to turn the GPS off before it locks up again. Previous phone with no issues, just fire up foursquare, check in, switch back to audible. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe the people at Samsung knew about the erroneous GPS but just thought like the commenters here. “Noone uses the GPS that much anyway. We’ll just fix it when we can.”

  • Dazaraza

    You guys are so daft, tmo is holding the update so they will sell a few more g2’s in it’s first week of release, obviously.

    • josue

      Probably. Finaly a voice of reason in this pack of animals. Go Vibrant. Go Andrew(& Kitty)!

  • The_senator

    lol, just talked to a corp store assoc who told me the ota is delayed because they are roiling together gps fix, flash 10.1 and froyo…. Anyone else hear this? He stated ota in the next couple of days

  • Wasup

    Love my vibrant, just wanted to state that, by farrrrr the best phone I have ever owned, its so smooth, cant even imagine how its gonna be with froyo, mmmm yum

  • RaymondP

    It seems to me, Senator, that if that were really the situation why not just tell your customers so?

  • low

    where’s my fix tmo 549 dollars down the drain LAWSUIT

  • Nawlins411

    I didn’t buy a new phone to root it or becomea cell phone repair technician. I don’t know who Xda is and don’t care to find out.I shouldn’t have to work on a new phone to get the advertised features to work .

  • Chris

    The Vibrant would be a *great* phone if it consistently worked as advertised. As it is I have far too many frustrating lock-ups, freezes and battery-removal reboots at inconvenient times.

    Unfortunately the message from T-Mobile right now seems to be “Hey – look at the new G2! Order yours today! And check out the new Vibrant tablet!”

    I realize T-Mo wants to make sure any released fix works, but the delays and lack of communication to customers has been frustrating at best. If it’s a Samsung issue, it’s up to T-Mobile to get them moving and get answers from them.

  • Kila

    U tards should just flash a custom rom and quit bitching….my vibrant is flawless. Gps lock in under 5 seconds indoors :) good luck with that class action suit of course….

    • Nawlins411

      Name calling just because some people choose not to work on a new phone is so immature grow up

  • Jillian

    I had a samsung a few years ago, and it blowed chunks. I was recently available for an upgrade and decided to get a Vibrant. So far I’ve been fine with it. All I’m asking for is product support, and samsung should understand and respect that. Five years ago everyone loved the Razr, BUT – what’s Motorola up to again? Their phones are average nowadays, and they have financial problems. Cause they had a cutesy phone and just got lazy.

    The Motorola Charm isn’t exactly charming. And the G2 just looks like a Nexus One (which is so last year) with a keyboard (I’m keeping the 4″ Amoled screen, thanks).

    Bottom line, if you want to compete in this smartphone market, don’t shove out random phones that have your name on them, and not support them. Because you’re not the only game in town, and consumers can go to a different manufacturer. Ugh, don’t you loathe the laziness?

  • Samsung rep.

    Please check out the Samsung Tab!

    • DannyO

      I really hope this is a joke post, and not someone from Samsung replying to our concerns about one of their products by recommending we check out another product while we’re in two year contracts for devices that we were led to believe were top of the line devices…

  • Scott

    We could always just flood any site promoting the new Samsung Tablet with our bitching about poor samsung product support. It might not get a response and faster, but it would be cathartic.

  • RaymondP

    Day of next week. Can’t help but count down till Friday. Will Samsung keep it’s promise to let us know more about an update?

  • RaymondP

    Ooops. day two!

  • joker331

    Likely that Samsungs “information” next week will be to “stay tuned for more information coming soon!”

  • jflaco33

    Ok heres the new scoop of whats going on with the update. Yesturday i called samsung to find out whats going on with the update for my vibrant and the rep told me that the update was already finished but i would have to go through tmobile to get it. So then i called tmobile and one rep told me the update is an ota so let me transfer u over to the right department. When he transfered me the rep told me that the update cant be released yet that i would have to wait til corporate says its ok. Also i asked what kind of update will it be is it just the gps fix or froyo and he told me its the froyo with the gps and wifi fix. So the update in my opinion should be out within the next two weeks.

  • Doubting Thomas

    oh good let me hold my breath….

  • RaymondP

    No offense, Jflaco 33, but your news is not the “official” word that I have been waiting for. Would be nice if it all comes true but, errr,I dunno. Day number three and no official anouncement!

  • john

    To think, I had a cliq and was going on my 7th replacement since dec. 09. , and “waiting” for a 2.1 o.s. update promised since Feb. 10. Every 3 months it was pushed back another 3 months, another 3 momths…etc. So until you have waited 10+ months for an update (especially from 1.5 to 2.1) you guys have no room to complain. I myself just got my vibrant yesterday, for $117 shipped from tmobile, as a “long-time customer” appriciation/upgrade discount because of my fiasco with the cliq, 7 replacements in 9 months. To top that off before they offered me the vibrant for 117 they upgraded me from the cliq to the mytouch slide for free and it went on back order for 2 weeks so when I flipped out they gave me the deal on the vibrant and I love this phone and cant wait for 2.2. I could root it but im just gonna wait for the ota.

  • RaymondP

    Just curiuos, what does T-Mobile consider to be a long time customer?

  • RaymondP

    Just saw online that an udate, JI6, is finally being pushed out. Four-fourteen Pacific Time. RP in Portland

  • RaymondP

    Samsung says it will be available randomly over the next few weeks. About time!

  • DJcreo

    Can some please tell me how to transfer my pic and video’s on my vibrant to my pc computer?

  • S M Knipe

    What AT&T update that the Vibrant requires, JH7? It nothing for many/most users, myself included.