Sprint Executives Leave Clearwire Board, Possible T-Mobile Relationship Responsible?

At first I was going to let this report go because if taken at face value, it sounds like a Sprint story with no T-Mobile relation. However, I had a conversation last night with a fellow blogger who all but insisted that there is more to this than I was allowing myself to see. He believes, and I can say with certainty he isn’t the only one, that this “resignation” of three Sprint executives from the Clearwire board has a lot more to do with T-Mobile than I was allowing for. There is a belief that this is directly related to Clear’s desire to seek additional funding, likely from T-Mobile and their willingness to accept that funding even with Sprint remaining their biggest shareholder.

Clearwire and Sprint both said the resignations were due to “changes in antitrust law” which sounds suspiciously like we had a disagreement so we’re resigning. We might be reading far more into this than we should which goes back to my original hesitation to post in the first place. Then again, we might be seeing the first in a line of a series of events that culminates in a T-Mobile and Clearwire partnership.