T-Mobile G2 First Impressions

It’s hard to believe that its already been two years since the first Android handset was released, the T-Mobile G1. And now we have the G1’s successor, the new T-Mobile G2. We were fortunate enough to get some first impressions after stopping by our local T-Mobile store:

Weighing in at 6.5 onces, the G2 felt a lot heavier than we had thought it would be. While heavy, it felt  very solid in the hand compared to the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant which presented a cheap plasticy feel to it. The 3.7 inch Super LCD  touch screen, although not as vivid as the Galaxy S Super AMOLED screen, the display on the G2 was vibrant.  The hinge mechanism also felt solid and was slick and smooth when sliding the keyboard in and out. As for the physical QWERTY on this bad boy, its one of the best we’ve seen to date. The separated keys made the keyboard a pleasure to use and offered increased typing speed with little to no errors. The T-Mobile G2’s Qualcomm MSM7230 processor which is clocked at 800MHz seemed a lot faster than the 1GHz SnapDragon on the Nexus One. Opening and closing applications was almost instant and we didn’t notice any lag at all. In short, the G2 was very snappy and definitely as good as the 1GHz processors out there, if not better. If we had to describe this handset in three words we’d say, SEXY, FAST, and SEXY. Stay tuned, as we hope to have a full review for you guys in the coming weeks!

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