Wall Street Journal Confirms T-Mobile Involvement In Windows Phone 7 Launch Event

According to sources at the WSJ as well as an “official statement” given to the Journal, T-Mobile will definitely be on hand to showcase their first entry into the Windows Phone 7 market. Of course we presume that to be the HTC HD7.

While many of you have all but shrugged off the latest and best hope for Microsoft to regain market share there is plenty of money and Microsoft marketing strength put behind this launch. It would be presumptive to write it off simply because you had a bad experience with a previous Microsoft device. Windows Phone 7 promises something new, something totally different from previous iterations of the Windows Phone experience so it’s really far to early to write them off.

T-Mobile later confirmed it would be selling a Windows Phone 7 device. “T-Mobile has indicated support for Windows Phone 7 and will announce details of our Window Phone 7 offering on Oct. 11,” the company said in a statement.

According to WMExperts, T-Mobile and HTC are holding a special event the evening of the 11th and though we haven’t been able to independently confirm we’re working on details.

Wall Street Journal

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  • quikzilver

    ms is in bed with tmo!

    • Wilma Flintstone

      lets just hope their kid isn’t a bad apple

      • Jrsykind


    • MattB

      Their HQs aren’t too far away from one another…

  • Jonathan

    Another website, (Electronista) view article here: http://www.electronista.com/articles/10/10/04/leak.points.to.one.htc.wp7.phone.at.t.mobile.event/

    says that T-Mobile USA will only be releasing one WP7 device on October 11th and they assume it will be the HTC HD7. A more “business-oriented phone” will be released later which they are presuming it to be the LG Optimus T.

    • Surfer

      Well.. According to the statement, “T-Mobile has indicated support for Windows Phone 7 and will announce details of our Window Phone 7 offering on Oct. 11”

      The keyword is ‘offering’. Notice that it is SINGULAR. It is not ‘offerings’

      Though.. I was hoping there would be more than one WP7 (Dell Thunder??) But anyways.. having only one WP7 phone falls in line with the leaked road map.

    • MattB

      Unless the Optimus ‘T’ is different than what I have known to be the plain old ‘Optimus’, than no, it won’t be Windows based. I have confirmed only two things about the Optimus from my LG guy… will be android 2.2, and will have a modest 600mhz processor. They are going after an entry level market with that phone ala Verizon’s LG Ally.

  • bmg314

    Im wondering if the fact that the HD7 is going to be Tmo’s best phone quality-wise is because of their market strategy of targeting families. After all, what is the computer OS that is in most family homes in the US? Windows, right? So, it stands to reason that most households are going to identify with a microsoft based smartphone platform.

    I mean, its not how I would think if I were in charge of strategy, but it does seem to fit what Tmo is doing.

    • El Guapo

      Yes, that worked so well with the other Windows branded mobile phones

    • ogopogo

      Actually, they want quite the opposite. Previous iterations of Windows Mobile have left a sour taste in the public’s mouth. Tmo will have to be very cautious of how they approach this release. It is akin to those who have bought a car that was a lemon. “I will never buy a Ford/Chevy/Toyota/etc. ever again!!”. Given that these devices are no longer $100-$200, and are now in the $500 range, more people will adopt the same attitude. We DON’T want to be burned – especially at $500 a pop.

  • Yyevo

    For me, my next phone will be either a G2 or the HD7. While I like the MyTouch HD, the idea of vanilla Android is appealing. MS shows a lot of promise with the new OS. I love my first gen Zune, hopefully WM7 will deliver.

    • Jonathan

      Same here Yyevo. Though, I’m probably going to go with the HTC HD7 only because it has a bigger screen and I’ve changed my view on the WP7 OS here in the last 2 weeks. Seeing video for apps such as Netflix and Twitter it looks like an OS that will only get better with time. I think though that the new MyTouch (body wise) looks cheap. The hardware might be a different story though but I can’t get around the cheap looking body and the stupid MyTouch logo. This looks like a kids phone which is fine since it appears that T-Mobile USA is trying to target families now with their marketing but I would have been much happier if the body of the MyTouch looked like the HTC Desire HD. :)

  • Jonathan

    I really don’t know why Microsoft is using AT&T as it’s main launch partner for WP7. They should heavily promote it with T-Mobile too.

    • ogopogo

      AT&T has the money, and the user base. Tmo is not known for their marketing. MS will want to partner with a company that can market the hell out of the device. Unfortunately, Tmo is not that horse.

      • m

        Verizon is

      • Jonathan

        T-Mobile USA’s parent company has TONS of money. I don’t know why they don’t put their money where their mouth is. They aren’t happy with the USA divisions performance well, DUH! Get better marketing, better phones, better coverage and maybe things will change. It’s not that difficult.

      • terry

        what’s funny about DT being upset about T-Mobile US earnings, is that T-Mobile US supplies one of their biggest profit margins worldwide. just not as much now, as in the past with all the recent loses in subscribers. US branch focuses on the wrong things, constantly changing focus instead of just increasing coverage area and backhaul to the 3g/hspa+ towers to keep the subscribers they have currently.

      • Yyevo

        Actually, AT&T doesn’t market devices that much. They mainly market their service. Apple does most of the marketing for the iPhone.

        When you only have to market one thing (service), you can be more effective.

        Apple also only markets one thing, iOS. All their ads are essentially for all iOS devices, even an iPad ad is an iPod ad is an iPhone ad. They no longer market their computers. This makes their job easy.

        Also, the marketing budget is generally less than 5% the budget of an entire project. TMo needs to find their niche and market aggressively. That’s what they are doing, trying the family market.

        Those of you that want TMo to have a signature status phone like the iPhone will continue to be disappointed.
        The iPhone is a completely unique product as far as it’s appeal and status symbol, nothing like this has happened before and probably never will again.

        Jobs got lucky, very lucky. But the iPhone mania is on the downward slope. They have reached saturation, everyone that wants one has one. Android is filling in the gaps and WM7 will fill the rest. BB is here to stay thanks to the business world.

        Tablets are the next big mobility device, but the market is still up for grabs. Apple hasn’t convinced the world we have to have one, but a breakthrough will happen and someone will make a mint.

  • Is it me or does the WM7 phone in that picture look like an iPhone4? With the metal around the edge (not sure if that’s the antenna or not). Just an observation.

    Also, I’m not a fan of those ginormous keys on the front of the phone. They could have done a little better job as far as the aesthetics of the phone are concerned (imo). All in all I’m interested to see what WM7 can do once this phone is released.

    • Serotheo

      Actually it looks more like a Zune HD with the WinPho 7’s required Buttons.

  • phone capo

    wish my hd2 could get an upgrade

  • Mr MN

    Ha the anti-T-Mobile folks over at engadgetmobile were doubting Magenta would be there to crash AT&T’s party. Some were saying it would be a bad decision on Microsoft’s part to allow Magenta have first dibs while others were saying Magenta is only getting first dibs because it’s the guinea pig carrier. Well I’ve got some advise for all you haters out there: Magenta is back in the game and we’re here to stay. Don’t loose sleep over it.

    • john

      Lose man…loose is what you make your girlfr….eh, I’ll take the high

      • john


  • HD2/Vibrant USER

    All I gotta say is I love t-mos customer service(off topic) I pre ordered the g2 on the first day, my order status has always said back ordered. In the mean time they release the phone early while pre orders sit with no shipping info at all. So I call t-mo customer srevice and politely explained my situation. The rep (zack) says let me see what I can do. He comes back in the phone and says, I got your pre order canceled, I called the store closest to your zip code informed them to let you come in the store tomorrow and get your g2 for the FULL UPGRADE!!!!! I am no where near the full upgrade status. He did all the leg work for me!!! This has got to be the overall best customer experience ever. He said since your order status never changed I will take care of you!!! This makes all the new phone releases even better. I know that I can count on t-mo to support the customer. Now what other cell company is going to do all of this for the customer??? now back to your regular scheduled post………………..

    • danny

      For the record T-Mobile will release 2 WP7 devices by years end.

      And just like HD2Vibrant USER I also ordered 2 G2’s on the first day we could pre-order and my orders were also backordered as I found out today. Yes I”m irritated too… ;-)

      • HD2/Vibrant USER

        Call and complain, you might get a sweet deal like I did!!!

  • nain77

    will not get the first phone when it launches, cause there might be some minor bugs etc, my HD2 with android desire Z rom will be used till then, cant wait to get my fingers on WP7 =D


      You should try WinPho7 when xda ports it to the hd2. You know: try before you buy =]

  • themanoifsteel

    Wonder if the HD7 will have UMA. The shadow had it why not another HTC Windows fone

    • ManoloDF

      I would absolutely love it if it came with UMA out of the gate instead of making us wait a couple years before they integrate UMA into it like Android. WM7 with UMA and then the ANdroids with UMA will give very good options in November after reading reviews on what handset to get.

  • ThreeFourSeven

    Probably going to be the HD7/HD3 but not impressed by the same hardware that’s already in the HD2.


      Yeah me 2. If only they would upgrade the specs.

  • Loosing faith in Andy.
    WP7= Zune integration, Pandora, Xbox Live, Netflix & Hulu Plus…
    I want this phone. I know people who had the HD2 and are now back on their back up phones because of the phone having problems. I believe Microsoft is wanting to gain market share. I was afraid that WP7 would be a AT&T premiere. This is good news to me. Google is not giving enough control of the Andy Ecosystem for me to put my hard earned ca$h with them. With the Cash behind Microsoft and DT this could be very big.

    Stay Thirsty my friends!

  • Insider

    Saw/used the hd7 today. Phenomenal. 2 carriers will launch windows 7 phones in q4, tmobile and AT&T. This phone rocks, although the lack of hspa+ is alarming. Netflix streaming is cool, but over 3G is questionable.

  • danny

    Never been a fan of WinMo or the new “WinPho,” but I hear they are going to integrate Spotify into WP7. You’ll have to be a Premium user to get it but it will be available at the very least.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Speaking of WSJ, they just confirmed the iPhone is going to Verizon: