Motorola Rolling Out CLIQ XT Maintenance Update

While CLIQ XT owners are still patiently waiting for their promised Android 2.1 update (which is still scheduled for Q3/ Early Q4 of this year), Motorola has started rolling out a maintenance update in the meantime. The maintenance software update (1.32.20) improves:

Overall Phone Performance
Users will notice a significantly improved overall performance and responsiveness to input requests, including: opening applications, answering calls, opening the Happenings widget, and downloading attachments and pictures within email

Additional Stability
Improved stability, resulting in fewer occurrences of unresponsiveness and/or programs quitting unexpectedly

Bluetooth® Performance
Improved performance and connectivity with other Bluetooth devices

Prevents erroneous notifications that a message has not been sent. Also resolves MMS sending / receiving functionality issues in certain scenarios

Improved touch screen sensitivity and touch response

SWYPE® Keyboard
Includes updates to the latest version of the SWYPE software, resulting in improved overall performance of the application

Motorola states that the update is now rolling out in phases, so keep an eye out on your notification bar! For those that have already received the update, be sure to let us know in the comments!


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  • Charlie

    Mine hasn’t hit yet, =(

    • Frigadroid

      Update on the Samsung update: still no update! While many Vibrant owners are patiently awaiting an update on the update from samsung & tmobile, a large group of Vibrant owners are beginning to assemble outside of Samsung USA headquarters in Dallas Tx. With pitch forks and torches in hand, protesting in tea party style. “We want our money back” the situation is starting to get ugly, stay tuned for more updates on the update!

      • Serotheo

        That’s nothing in Comparison to getting stuck on 1.5

  • mikeeeee

    too little too late.

    sold mine a week ago.

    patiently waiting for a UMA ANDROID.

  • bbcrisp_03

    Q3 Q4 Q1 2011 Q2 2011????? WHEN MOTO WHEN! never thats when! News flash to self 2.1 will not be coming to cliq xt! grrrrrrr.

  • blah

    Just got to check system updates, it should find it. My sucky Cliq XT, G1 replacement has now been updated…. Cant wait for MyTouchHD.

  • syks

    what a joke, only its not funny….hmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Charlie

    Speak of the devil, I post that message, and then it loads the update. Anyway, I notice almost no improvements. And 2.1 will probably never come if they’re still releasing these little firmware updates.

    • ogopogo

      It was a placebo update. It didn’t really have anything in it except for hope.

    • Nol Inc

      I disagree. It may be that they are fixing anything that is causing problems with the update they’re testing. I’m not saying they definitely are readying an update, but it would make sense to fix the foundation before rebuilding the house.

  • Joseph Papcun

    Great article. One small correction though. “While CLIQ XT owners are still patiently waiting for their promised Android 2.1 update (which is still scheduled for Q3/ Early Q4 of this year)…” I appreciate the patiently part but I’m not so sure that’s true anymore. ;)

  • What about the moto cliq the first gen

  • RWWackoStu

    This is a steaming pantload of bull shine. Moto is skrewing future sales my giving all of us the bohica!

  • Russ

    …all i am getting is triangle with the “!” on the inside…this update is a fail…stuck on 1.31.44…

    • j

      login to gmail or the blur, read the notification bar for the icon, that is usually is it

  • jmts80

    Well it’s something, I guess… =/

  • JaylanPHNX

    Or this is prep work for 2.1. Changing the motor mounts before installing a new engine. just a thought.

  • George

    SCREW YOU MOTO….suck a hole!!!!

  • mwl1119

    My Girlfriend got it yesterday and her screen looks like its higher res….

  • David

    The 2.1 update can’t be scheduled for Q3 or early Q4 of this year. Why? It’s already early Q4! Good luck to Cliq and Cliq XT owners. Glad I didn’t buy one…

  • Katmak

    Got it yesterday. Not really noticing much of a difference. Sywpe is not faster. I’m giving up hope. Hopefully TMo will offer me a good upgrade price on mytouch HD.

    • Katmak

      OK. Now I have no data connectivity. Anyone else having these same issues?

  • Twistman

    WOW!! Sold mine months ago. By the time 2.1 hits the Cliq there will be so few left.. How disappointing. So I guess those of you that are left – enjoy your 2.1 when it gets there – by then everyone else will be at 2.2 or higher. I’m sorry.. I understand your pain… I WAS one of you.. Even was supporting MOTO.. Not anymore MOTO U LOST ME AGAIN (FOR THE LAST TIME)

  • alex

    @twistman i left my cliq xt months ago too :) for the MT3GS, can’t wait for the mytouch hd :D

  • Josef

    By the time this phone gets 2.1, 3.0 will already be out…

  • rev2redlineguy

    Cliq…what is that? LOL! I sold mine the first day the Vibrant came out. What a joke. Motorola you pretty much shot yourself in the foot with the Cliq phones. You’ve also lost a lot of future customers that, like me, don’t have faith and trust in your company, and will never purchase another Motorola product again. Then you try to release another phone with 2.1 in hopes that people will buy this one and forget about the Cliq? Nope, not gonna work. You aren’t going to sucker these people again into spending $400-500 for your P.O.S. phones that you don’t want to support (unless you are the red V and kissing some major bootie). Shame on you – shame one you!

  • mtnman

    Well I have the Cliq and not the XT

  • mtnman

    Well I have the Cliq and not the XT, so I haven’t seen any updates. I checked again today just to see if there was any, and thier wasn’t. If I get it, I get it. If I don’t then I don’t mind because I’m gonna upgrade to the MTHD anyway. Q2 has came and gone, early Q4 has also came and gone. So there’s two promises that Moto hasn’t kept. What makes you think they’ll keep any more?

    • ps

      early Q4 has not yet come or gone yet, it has been only 5 days into Q4

      Q1 = Jan, Feb, Mar
      Q2 = Apr, May, Jun
      Q3 = Jul, Aug, Sept
      Q4 = Oct, Nov, Dec

  • thereugo

    My wife went to download the software and now the whole screen is blue and the bottom left hand corner “says BOOT loader usb init” can anyone help please?

  • Unknown

    what does Q3 Q4 mean

  • Incognito

    Update is stoopid. It don’t do nothing. Can’t wate for end of contract. Amma git me a iPhone from American Telegraph and Telephone.

  • dave

    I completely gave up hope waiting for 2.1 on the original cliq, im getting rid of this crap phone asap

  • rizzle

    i hated this phone for its sluggishness and unresponsiveness but since the update it feels like a new phone no force closes no waiting for no reason and swipe is way better

  • Eseeare

    I’m having trouble with sending/receiving mms. Anyone else having this problem???

  • trisquick

    Got the phone a few days before the update so I don’t really see a difference. But I fantastic wait for that 2.1 update. Then I would be able to give better feedback…

  • ddd

    Like my Cliq XT, but I am tired of Motorola’s broken promises. In order to use the phone as I was told I could, Corp email support and calendaring for example. I have had to purchase third party apps to do my job.
    It is obvious that TMobile has no pull with Motorola. It is time for TMobile Corp in Germany to get us the iPhone.

  • Jimmy

    Yea it changed the color of the swype buttons to red I wanna keep the blue. Hopefully this is to prep the phones for the 2.1 update