HTC Windows Phone 7 Handset Passes FCC, AWS Onboard

Well, would you look at that. Just yesterday, the WSJ confirmed T-Mobile’s involvement in the Windows Phone 7 launch event, and now the FCC has officially cleared two HTC manufactured Windows Phone 7 handsets, the PD29110 and the PD26110. The HTC PD29110 supports WCDMA Band IV (AWS) which pretty much seals its fate for T-Mobile, while the PD26110 seems to be headed towards AT&T. If we didn’t know better, we’d probably say the PD29110 is the HTC HD7 that’s been lurking in the wild for the past few weeks. One thing is for sure though, we’ll definitely know more about T-Mobile’s Windows Phone 7 plans, Monday, October 11th.

PhoneArena Via FCC

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  • David, Managing Editor

    Finally…all “first” comments are deleted.

    • ob18

      yet you lead with “first” anyway.

      • David, Managing Editor

        That was in reply to a first that was deleted.

      • joel

        what if you said “primero”? lol

    • ob18

      My response was sarcasm.

      • ParappaLives

        The first delete was met with first sarcasm… probably not a first.

    • Barry

      100+^ *round of applause* lol

      • Barry

        @David for deleting the “I’m first comments”

      • John

        Can I be the first to say I like the crackdown

  • Many people think of Tmo as a lesser cellular provider but I think that it is becoming more and more clear that they are not. They will have a top notch WinMo 7 phone and already have two Android based devices. The Galaxy S phone and their new G2 both benchmark at the top. My only concern is their apparent reliance with HTC. I would like to see Motorola provide some upper tier phones to Tmo. The Galaxy S phone went to everyone and other than that Tmo’s Samsung and Motorola devices have been a dissappointment.

    • Barry

      Where have Moto devices been great except verizon ? It aint happening lol

  • ogopogo

    Although you can probably change it, the blocky homepage layout of the WinMo7 platform doesn’t do much for selling the new OS. It looks antiquated next to an Android device. And what’s up with those GINORMOUS buttons on the phone?

    • David, Managing Editor

      I think it looking antiquated is relative to your opinion, I happen to think it looks clean and simple, which is what I as a user want, different strokes for different folks!

      • ob18

        At what point with a virus protection software be available for a windows phone.

      • ParappaLives

        Funny… I’ve owned 3 WinMo phones in my past and never had a problem w/ viruses.

        even funnier is the anti-virus apps I saw for sale in the Android marketplace.

        Whats not funny is your lame attempts at humor.

      • ob18

        There was no attempt at humor here so get a clue 1st, I asked that because with hackers finding more and more ways to get people information those who want a Windows phone might be interested in some sort of protection.

        But then again there is always an ass like you to assume things.

      • ogopogo

        Ha! ParappaLives is such a hypocrite! Lame attempt at humor??? look above at your lame-ass attempt at humor “The first delete was met with first sarcasm… probably not a first.”

    • pimpstrong

      I don’t get it either. It just looks like huge buttons and a waste of space on the right side.

      • ParappaLives

        And I don’t get people that have to cram as many icons onto one screen as possible. When I had a G1, I kept one homescreen completely clean, no widgets, no icons, because I think it makes a phone look like cheap junk to have crap all over it.

        But then again, some people have spinning rims on their cars. To each their own.

        As usual, everyone here just going around and around about personal preference. Its always a losing argument and means nothing.

      • pimpstrong

        Man, I musta pinched a nerve. Show me one site like this that does not contain “personal preference”. Please, link it. And since my personal preference was not by any means over the top or irrational then why did you even waste your time attacking it?

      • ogopogo

        I’m with you pimpstrong. looks like ParappaLives has a bug up his butt to defend WinMo7, and any device that is slated to run it. He tries to come off as tolerant, but looks like an ass in the process.

      • Drew

        Wait! So there are TWO HD7’s? What are the odds that Tmo gets a better version? anyone?

    • Hmmmm?

      I think that it looks quite refreshing from the way that the Android and iOS grid layout looks. I’ll have to use it in person to see how I like it.

      • Hmmmm?- That is way to logically and emotionally detached to be posted here. Geez, what are you thinking saying that you’ll actually have to try something before passing judgement! The craziness.

  • efjay

    The HD7 in no way qualifies as a top notch handset, its basically an HD2 with less storage and no capability to add more. Same camera, same CPU, same screen, less storage – HTC is going through the motions and will probably be rewarded by poor sales when compared to other handsets in T-Mo’s lineup.

    • blah

      Thank you for saying what no one else will say, this is a piss poor attempt at a phone launch, they are stuffing it with a first-gen CPU and calling it a day, complete BS when its late 2010, almost 2011…. The G2 is decent but the only “Power Phone” in tmos line-up is the future MyTouch HD.ASSUMING the rumors are valid……. but everything looks like its try with their official announcement the other day so Yeah!!! Finally!

      • I think HTC is playing it safe with WP7. And the G2 being “decent” is just a numbers game. Performance on that thing is top notch. As beastly as the Vibrant is, the everyday performance isnt what it should be.

      • The G2 smokes almost all other phones out there in the GLBenchmarks, is HSPA+ capatible, has 4gb of onboard storage and superior build quality. I fail to see where people make the assumption that it is “decent”. People praise the Evo yet the G2 blows the doors off of it at least in the performance aspect.

    • wojax2

      its funny,that if this phone had all the “same camera,screen etc as the hd2 with android 2.2 -none of you would be complainig. you would be jumping for joy shouting hallijuahua!

      • efjay

        Not here, not an android user and never will be. I expected the flagship HTC WP7 device to be an upgrade to the previous WM 6.5 device, not just a rehash of the old device. With less storage its clearly not an upgrade in hardware, just a new shell and different OS.

      • Reverend Ink

        Well, I’m quite enjoying my HD2 with Froyo right now. IMO, it should have been sold with Android to begin with.

  • ob18

    It’ll take a while before I’m sold on a WP especially since I am a huge fan of the Andriod OS.

  • NiiDiddy

    I’d really like to see see what the WP7 is all about. Android for play, WP7 for the heck of it…how about that?!?

    Guys we have to be open minded…!!!!!

    • ob18

      Not everyone will, for me since my contract literally just ended on October 1st, I’ll check out the G2, HD7, and maybe a few others depending on when they are released before making a choice.

  • crazythunder

    i’m still not sure why anyone would want a phone with no sdcard,no multi task,no copy paste and whatever other way ms crippled wp7. doesn’t everyone realize they removed some of the best features of a “smart phone”? i’m not an ms basher. i love my 64 bit windows 7. but i mean, cmon! why is everyone so excited about this? you can only download through ms marketplace? that’s sad. they totally ruined it for me. i’ve had plenty of winmo phones recently and over the years. but theres no way i’d waste my money on something this crippled.

  • NokiaN900User

    Most people dont understand what windows is doing. Their UI is simply a continuous page pull to the right. This gives it a continous flow into different parts of the OS itself which makes sense. It also makes the phone usable to anybody that picks it up without reading a novel (manual). Plus I think their route is more suited towards a platform for developers to make Apps to suit the end user.

  • Alien_VS_Creditors

    I have been seriously thinking about getting the HD2. Even though the HD7 is about to come out, I can’t really afford to get it. I’m not near the end of my contract, so i have to pretty much pay full price. I figure once the HD7 is announced that they will probably drop the price on the HD2. The only things i really do on phones is web browsing, facebook and i’m looking forward to mobitv. I really don’t care about apps. I just need a phone with a big screen. Do you guys think i will be ok getting the HD2 or should i save up for the HD7?

    • ParappaLives

      If you’re DEAD SERIOUS about not caring about apps… then yes, you’d be ok w/ the HD2.

      Apps is all Android has going for it… and unlike most people that speak, I do know because I went from WinMo to G1, then back to WinMo w/ the HD2.

      Android was fun, but there wasn’t anything serious enough for me, whether via the OS itself or from the App store, that would make me become a dedicated fanboy.

      But just in my opinion, I think you oughta stick with what you got now until you can afford a next gen phone. And if not WP7, at least go for the Vibrant.

    • kilari

      Do what I did. I was far from my contract expiration so I went to craigslist watched my local craigslist for a Vibrant. After a couple weeks I walked away with a flawless week old Vibrant with case and screen protector for $260. My local craigslist has a bunch of flawless HD2s on there for $250-$300. Don’t buy full price.

  • reddragon72

    Microsoft’s new WP7S is already being dubbed Iphone2. They are running the platform just like Apple does the Iphone, and they have already put out MAJOR stipulations on games, no blood, sex, violence, profanity, and gore. So where does that leave half the 360 devs??? Windows Mobile was almost a complete failure so where does this leave WP7S? not in a well stanced place and way behind the curve. Good luck to those that decide to jump on the new Windows Phone, your going to need it.

    • Steve Jobless

      Just being curious. Why would they [WP7 Users] need luck?

      • some internet dude

        Because it’s a dead in the water OS, it will go away like the KIN. Android Rules.

    • t1 connect

      Yea being dubbed ip2 by you

  • t1 connect

    Mmm look at those sexy frequencies, hurry up and come my way baby.

  • ThreeFourseven

    This OS is crippled from the start. Why don’t they come with an original idea and stop following Apple. How can people be excited about the same phone with a different exterior? Now I know AT&T is getting a Samsung WP7 deceive but if they get a HTC phone with better specs than the HD7, T-Mobile just got slapped in the face.

    • t1 connect

      Im tempted to tell you to shut the eff up and make sense hater, but I don’t want to disrespect the site

    • pimpstrong

      What The Facebook are you talkin about man?!?! Even though I don’t like it the new OS is completely origional and doesn’t seem the least bit crippled. I’ll admit that it looks smooth and probably has a lot of great feature but from the looks of it Android looks like a much better option for me.

      • Steve Jobless

        At least you aren’t shallow..

      • PimpStrong

        THATS RIGHT!

  • me

    This phone looks very, very promising. I do love android, however, there are only a few apps that I use and Im pretty sure WinMo will have the same apps I use on Android. I’m sticking to my word and holding out until all phones are released before I make my move. It might be a tossup between this and the G2. What do you guys think?

  • Luv

    T-Mobile don’t have to worry about keeping this phone in stock, because nobody in their right mind will purchase this phone..(lol)

    • Steve Jobless

      It does seem that your grammar is running low on stock..

      • Luv

        Ok! Mr.English teacher, you purchase it HD3 stupid…! I got a TMO HD2 running Android smooth as silk, the best of both worlds… You know what, it’s running WP7 too, now think it’s jive talk if you want to Mr. English teacher, Mr. Perfect grammer…!(lol) Go follow the above link it’s in about three post above, now get some WP7 for your HD2 and some Android too… Think it’s joke if you want too..(lol)

  • Luv

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  • Luv

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  • Call me not in my right mind but I would buy this. I’m not happy with the way Google has given control of the Ecosystem to the OEM’s, still a fan but can’t give them my money. Depending on the final product at launch, this could be the thing that helps TMO to grow. I’m keeping my eye on this and hoping that Microsoft does not disappoint.

    Stay thirsty my friends….

    • pimpstrong

      Dos Equis!

    • Steve Jobless

      Cool, using a beer reference on a mobile phone website.

      Zoom Zoom!

      • Yyevo

        Pizza Pizza

  • somebody

    isent the shubert set to be released also ?

    i really hope its not that phone

  • Big Jake

    I see valid points on both sides, I also think MS should have spunt some extra $$$ on hardware & told HTC to go all out for us but instead… as I said b4 Tmobile is in noway releasing any “super phones” this year just mid range high end copies fir the holidays as the G1 is to G2 the HD3 is to HD3<<< understand their logic yet??? if we want the Tmobile "super phone" I think well have to wait for say.. maybe the new sidekick

  • CO_yeti

    If you look into the FCC stuff a little more is says the T-mobile phone will have a front facing camera… Those pics of the HD3 don’t show any front camera. So either it is a different phone or the Tmo USA version is better than the European version.

  • Vibrant Guy

    Well, it looks cool. But until I get my hands on it, I can not really say. Looks cool though…

  • well hopefully t-mobile gets the HTC hd7 I really think this is going to help them with the sales, think about it, ATT has the Iphone and this is one of the reasons why they get a lot of customers, but their prices suck big time. that is why I left them a while back and became a t-mo customers. all I got to do is get whaterver phone style that I like even is it is not 3g USA compatible and unlock it.. I love the fact that T-mobile does not make a big deal about unlike ATT.
    can wait for this bad boy to come out…