T-Mobile Shows Blackberry OS Usage Declining

This will hardly come as a shock or surprise to pretty much anyone who has watched the mobile industry over the past two years or so showing Blackberry in decline. This chart looks to be pretty much on the ball with all the recent reports offering the Android platform as “the” platform right, the other major platforms seem to be declining. Even Apple is offered a declining platform in next few years and we’re not sure we agree with that, especially once it leaves the death grip of AT&T. There is little doubt that Android and Apple are gaining at Blackberry’s expense and we’re not sure Blackberry 6 has what it takes to bring Blackberry back. That’s not to say Blackberry is disappearing but options such as Android, which offers a much more distinct and adaptive user environment, are likely to take away market share from the Blackberry community. Guess we’ll know by 2014.

Intomobile via Pocketberry

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  • pantlesspenguin

    I think BB still has a pretty strong following from those that have used the platform for many years & they are reluctant to change. I think if RIM starts using the specs & software that will be showcased in the PlayBook for their phones then they may see a resurgance of users. But, they’d need to implement this FAST if they want to stand a chance.

    • ogopogo

      I used to be a HUGE BB fan. In fact I am still sporting a BB9700, and waiting on the MTHD. RIM cannot compete. They are too slow, and the only thing keepign them afloat right now is their corporate integration. In fact, if it wasn’t for my job introducing me to BB’s back in 2003, I would probably not own one right now. Their business model is geared towards business/corporate users, not to the masses. Unfortunately, for them, they are already feeling the heat (even from Apple).

      • pantlesspenguin

        I completely agree. I kinda wish I would’ve kept my 9700 for a backup instead of sell it for my Vibrant. It was a great phone…but really can’t compete w/ today’s superphones! Now I’m looking for an older BB for a backup. Something cheap, lol.

    • NiiDiddy

      Used to be a HUGE fan too…! A yr and half ago, I went Android and wow….never looked back!

      • BlackHawk

        That was me until about a month ago. Sold my MT3G Slide, switched back to my original MT3G, HATED IT! Now Im back to my old Curve 8320 and I love it. Cant wait for the 9780.

  • G1 user waiting on G2

    maybe they can release phones that dont look so alike, attract someone with a nice new phone then have them fall for theis OS, thats kinda what happened to me with the G1, even though so many say its an ugly phone, i really liked it and from there i just feel like staying with Android.

  • ogopogo

    It is very unlikely that iOS will drop off that steeply, if at all. It goes to show that you cannot rest on your laurels, as in the case of RIM. They were banking on the fact that since corporations invested thousands of dollars into BB servers, they would be just fine. Well, they are, for now. More and more corporations are shopping around for secure contenders to RIM.

  • Corejam

    Until I see a consistently good UMA-like capability demonstrated in an Android phone, I can’t make the switch. Even though I’d love for an actual good web browsing experience, I cant do it. Still holding out very hopelessly for the Torch to come over here…

    • Roger

      UMA is also what kept my current phone being BB. The moment I can do UMA or a very close approximation on Android I’ll be switching.

      Another annoying thing for me is developing apps. I primarily use Linux and the Android dev stuff works perfectly on Windows, Linux and Mac. The BlackBerry tools only work well on Windows. They also require you to jump through far more hoops (including $$$) just to put apps you write yourself onto your own phone.

      • shawn

        Why is UMA so important to all of you, if you are lacking that much cell coverage, maybe you should switch providers. Why have a cell phone that doesn’t get cell signal and you are highly dependent on UMA-wifi?

      • Roger

        I use UMA in 3 places. One is my desk at home where I happen to get terrible reception from all carriers. Going outside or a corner of my living room gets me back to 5 bars! The second is at work where I am often in machine rooms (lots of computers) and most cell phones can’t get a signal. The third is when I am abroad (a few times a year).

        Additionally I’m on a family plan where we pay an extra $10 per month that covers all 3 lines and means UMA calls are unmetered. So for example I can stay on conference calls for hours without worrying.

        My share of the family plan before taxes is around $25 a month.

    • UMA will be coming to an Android phone near you soon, if you want a Torch you will have to buy one unlocked and use it on the T-Mobile network. RIM was innovative in the 90’s they just cannot keep up the pace the two things they have to offer over competitors are coming to a close, UMA for other devices and companies are getting tired of being tied down to one type of device and ditching enterprise. I have a feeling they will bounce back @ some point, they are going to dump some serious money at a new device to try and offer those that want a Android or iOS web browsing exp something… maybe?

      • themobilesurfer

        Blackberry is still the most security phone out there. I’ve had all the MYTOUCH phones and I currently have the slide and in 2 days I will be using the BB9700.
        There are some major security problems with some Android Apps. Currently the BARCODE SCANNER, a pre installed program, has access to all Personal Information, read and write SD card contents, Full Internet Access to name a few. If your gonna do Private things such as Banking, Ordering or any other activity that you wouldn’t tell a stranger, I wouldn’t use Android. However, if your gonna use the phone for all the fun stuff that you do on your work computer, then it’s a cool OS. I’ll probably keep my MYTOUCH to use on WI-FI to read and Browse the Internet, but Give me the Security of the Blackberry and my Netbook and thats all I need.

  • thisguy

    i feel like if you pick up a blackberry….theyre all exactly the same.

    theyre all boring as hell

    • shane


    • NiiDiddy

      I couldn’t agree more. With Android, you can literally take your pic of devices across several manufacturers and service providers..

  • hondavic

    I’ve experienced both platforms. In ’08 had a Curve 8320 then went to a Mytouch 3g and love it. Then sold the 3g to lower my bill and got a Curve 8520 and now I’m so BORED with my BB. I had so much fun with Android with the Market and the OS, I loved it. Now I can’t wait to switch to a G2 or MTHD. However, if you do need a good solid fun that will operate without a data plan if you buy it outright cash or on eBay, then a Blkberry will suit you fine. I’ve been running mine without a data plan for 6 months.

  • sorandkairi

    still havent posted yet eh David….?

    mark my words… unless you’ve got some insider intel, which may be true, the site is still up with the information that we have discussed but if you feel to trust Tmobile own’s page with the information about the phone, that’s fine. But i thought that this site was to actually get credible information out to the public about Tmobile phones because well… what else would be purpose of the site!


    The DEFY, according to T-Mobile will be $379.99!
    …unless they have already changed it and not updated their public site!

    • David, Managing Editor

      Check your email…

      • sorandkairi

        sorry for being impatient and thanks for the reply!

  • hondavic

    I meant ” a good solid phone…..”

  • jeffy

    Gee, wonder where WebOS is? Oh, that’s right, the graph says “Most Popular” Smartphone OS.

  • joel

    Not a shocker. I have a curve 8900 and im switching to the g2 this weekend. so that graph will be goign down even more :p lol.
    Blackberry will slowly die unless blackberry can pull out a 4.3 inch screen phone with that OS from their own playbook.
    anyhow…cany wait to ditch this bb

    • shawn

      in 2 yrs people will be laughing at your 4.3 inch brick. who the hell wants a cell phone that big, except you and evo owners.

      have you seen how ancient and ugly the DroidX is, that already looks like it belongs in the cell phone history archives.

  • Katie

    Obviously I’m in the minority, but I like Blackberry. It does what I need it to do and more. If I weren’t tied to Tmo for another 5 months, I’d have held my nose and gone to AT&T for the Torch.

    Every day, I check this site in vain, hoping for an indication that a Torch-like device is coming to Tmo. I’m afraid I’m going to have to give up and get a G2 and hope that someday it will tether.

    • ogopogo

      Granted, when the Torch was launched, I was genuinely interested, and actually wanted one. Then the wait began. With time on my hands, and after researching the other offerings, there is no way in hell that I could ever entertain a BB again. It is archaic. It is a business tool. Then I saw the G2….but that love affair was quickly overshadowed by the MyTouch HD, as I do NOT need a physical keyboard anymore.

      • j

        Torch looks nice but has major issues and bad battery life, look at all the leaks for new software. Go pay twice as much for service as well

    • shane

      LOL a new blackberry device is CUMMING……… I tether with my android and use it as a wireless hotspot for free… do your research

      • mtnman


    • Supersonic

      A few weeks back I’m pretty sure I saw a picture of Jessica Alba using a T-Mobile branded Blackberry Torch. So maybe it’s coming?

    • You can tether with any Android phone.

      If the carrier disabled FroYo’s native tethering, then you have 2 options:

      1) Root it, download wifi tethering http://goo.gl/j0K8 (or a custom ROM that supports native tethering, like CyanogenMod)
      2) If you don’t want to root, or just can’t, then, here’s a paid solution: http://goo.gl/fgR1

      • j

        For Vibrant owners just download KIES from samsung and thethering is a breeze

    • shawn

      if you only have 5 months left in your contract, chances are ETF is deeply prorated by now, I bet you only will owe 50 bucks to get ota the remaining 5 months. just pay the remaining prorated etf and go get your torch.

      btw, the torch is a horrible design, flip up to get access to the keyboard? ugh how annoying.

  • TheLight

    The line representing Apple is a total lie.

    Fact Check: http://communities-dominate.blogs.com/brands/2010/07/iphone-second-quarter-2010-in-bloodbath-market-share-is-declining-where-all-big-rivals-picking-up.html

    I’m not a broker or anything, but it is possible to gain market share even when production is down? Ex: Could Apple sale less phones and gain market share because the competition did much poorly. Or maybe because Palm failed..lol…knaaaw

    • Foxeh

      People tend to define “market share” in either a specific period of time or user base. Considering Apple’s head start, they are going to have many more users than Android currently does even with Android’s increased adoption rate.

      Market Share, popularity, install base, there are a lot of confusing metrics anyone can draw a graph with. Obviously statistics from the future are fabrications as well.

      Also, thank you so much for fixing your keyboard. ;)

      • TheLight

        Android over took iOS back in Quarter 2 as most popular smartphone OS in America.


        So this map means nothing really! If you do the research you’ll see that Apple is down 8 million units, so their market share may look like its rising, but their not selling more phone. BB has always been on the decline since Apple and Android came out to me. Windows has a chance to rebound if they don’t junk their phones up with pre-loaded apps, and have major problems with crashing, freezing, and all types of glitches.

        I remember when I switched from a sidekick 2 to a Dash, then to sidekick 3, then to the Wing, LX, to G1. All my Sidekick eventually froze and screen started glitching. All my windows phone died with when they keep getting stuck on the loading windows circle…lol..good times

        lol, I got tired of people complaining about the letter and numbers I was using instead of commenting on the message I was saying. ;)

  • PimpStrong

    Seen one BB you seen em all. I NEVER wanted one and I’m 29.

  • jmts80

    I stopped using Blackberry once my 8320 died and I have never looked back. My girl still uses the 9700 but hates it with a passion. Beyond the corporate world they really have lost all their appeal.

    • hondavic

      Well said

  • shane

    LOL nobodys mentioned that windows mobile continues to suck donkey balls

    • deceptivesmiles

      WinMo sucks cause ppl say it sucks and others believe. I have no problems w/ WinMo except the app market is terrible. I feel like WinMo is a better platform for businesses than RIM functionality wise. WinMo has Office Mobile which is THE fecal matter. And the Desktop manager is a lot better to install as opposed to the RIM D/M. I’d take WinMo over RIM any day of the week.

      • pimpstrong

        People SAY Windows Mobile sux is because so damn unstable. What good is a phone that you have to constantly reboot because its locked up??? I had the Tmobile HTC Touch and then for some reason I thought WM would be better on the Touch Pro 2 but it was just as problem riddled. Maybe not every single phone with WM has frequent problems but there’s a serious reason why so many people make complaints about Windows Mobile.

    • pimpstrong

      That would be like talking about a Daewoo.

      • David

        Dae-who? Heh.

        P.S. 90% of all statistics are made up. Or in the case of the photographed slide, 100% of all future statistics are made up.

    • David

      Windows Mobile is not really bad. Windows Mobile is actually the a better platform for businesses and casual users.

      I have Windows Mobile for more than 4 years and never had to constantly reset it. False information like these make some people with no clue and tech information believe something is bad.

      All smart phones (doesn’t matter what platform) need to reboot sometimes. My friends have so many kind of smart phones with different OS on them (Windows Mobile, Android, …) and they all need to rebbot sometimes and sometimes constantly.

      So it is not about Os itself alone. It really depends on what kind of applications you install or you use and also brand and model of phones.

      Anyway this chart refering to Windows Mobile and NOT Windows Phone 7. And WP7 is completely a different OS and not same as WM and so far it shows lots it is a very good OS and has lots of potentials.

      Therefore this chart is kind of useless since they didn’t consider WP7 in their chart (Since it is not available in market yet).

      I think WP7 can declining other platforms in few years but we have to wait and see.

      • ogopogo

        The chart isn’t useless. You just don’t like what you see. Get over it. It is a general trending graph.

  • Pjs

    The fact is blackberry is not made the way it used to be. Sit in a tmobile store for a day. You will see 90% of the customers that come in and complain are bb users. It is either os crashing or track pad doesn’t work or the speaker stops working or the charging port goes bad. Not to mention the os is severely dated now.

  • fatboy97

    I’ve owned a 8900 and now own a 9700, but I’ll be buying a Android G2 tomorrow. Blackberry has been missing the mark for some time now, and I wish I’d have purchased an Android when I purchased my 9700.

    • pimpstrong


    • pantlesspenguin

      Remember, though – when the 9700 came out it really was one of the best phones on the market @ that time. That just goes to show how much Android has done this past year! I can’t wait to see what the Android platform holds in the year to come. And, it will be interesting to see if RIM chooses to innovate this year or not.

      • shawn

        Rim already innovated, it’s called the OS 6. Don’t expect any major innovation software wise for some time.

  • WazzuKirk

    It’s really too bad there are so many BB haters here.

    I have tried Android, iOS, etc, etc, and I’m back to using my 9700.

    The reason I came back? Best email client and BATTERY LIFE! There is no other phone on the market that can go 3-4 days on a single charge with 5 emails syncing, 4-5 hours of calling per day, and some texting/surfing. With that type of usage, you are lucky to get 6-8 hours of battery life out of an Android phone.

    Until Android or any other platform can have that type of performance, I am with BB all the way.

    • hondavic

      I would have to agree with you on the battery issue. I own a 8520 and a single charge lasts me 3 days.

    • David

      @ WazzuKirk

      I tried blackberry and I really didn’t like it but I have to say it is good for some people. It is not for everybody.

      As of haters you should know by now that TMONEWS is a full of Android fanboys. So of course they trash talk and give false bad information about everything other than Android.

      So just ignore these fanboys since their comments has no value.

    • get with the program

      Of course ur blackberry will last 3-4 days, it doesn’t do anything. My Vibrant may not last a week on one charge but in terms of performance and REAL multitasking it’ll run laps around any blackberry. I guess its all abt wats more important to ya.

    • ps

      It has a lot to do with the BIS (Blackberry Internet Service) servers that monitor your POP email accounts and only push the email to the device when there is one. Most other devices poll for email, which means that they are making an active connection each time they need to check email. Most people set email to check every 10 min or less, so their goes your battery. There are other reasons such as larger screens and less efficient coding for apps, but email does play a large part for most.

  • Jonathan

    RIM is for sure on a decline. Not sure why they would give at&t exclusive rights to there new phone, the torch. It would seem logical to offer it to everyone. The “playbook” will be out in early 2011 and I think will cause a big splash until apple comes out with the ipad numero dos. That being said, the playbook will be loaded with there new QNX OS and will be the stock OS in there upcoming phones. Hopefully sooner than later, you don’t want to lose the loyalty fan base by delaying the process. I’m still a loyal crackerry but the droids are looking like a sexy pick but my contract for tmo doesn’t end for another year so I’ve got awhile before I make my next decision.

    • Jonathan

      P.S. Does anyone know when tmo will release the new OS6? Just curious

  • Noel


  • FlyingRequin

    Anytime I see projections, I see people making assumptions. Not that I am a fan of WinMo, but given MSFT history, you know that once they have decided that a sector is important to them, they will try and try .. and try .. and try until they finally get it right.

    What I am ….trying… to say is that WinMo will probably see a sizeable increase and not a continued decrease as depicted on the chart.

  • Chris

    The downfall of Google’s competition? Their OS is not open source! There’s a reason that Android is going to get the majority of the market, and that’s because hardware manufactures don’t have to pay for a mobile OS, nor do they even have to look, breath, or even think of Google when they release a phone.

  • pimpstrong

    O2 Germany is planning to sell the Tab for €759 ($1,047)

  • Yezz

    Even though the Motorola Charm is only an entry smartphone, many of my friends and family members have switch from BB to the Charm and are happy with Android.

  • DeVa

    After leaving my bb9700 for the mts I am now back on my bb after 4 months…enjoyed the android BUT battery life on android just never held up long enough constantly needed to carry a charger. Heavy usage on browsing and average 5000 minutes a month, android could not handle my usage. BB torch looked good until I spoke with a tmo rep using one and had the same complaint with battery life. As of now hands down on battery usage. Will go back to android once battery life improves….maybe!

  • Devin

    I love BlackBerry and always have. I’ve used the mytouch, the slide, and the vibrant. Android is cool, but when it comes down to it I will always choose my BlackBerry. Everyone talks about how many apps there are for android, but really, how many do you actually use? I can find apps that do the same thing on a BB and they are quality, not just some app some guy made up that is crap. Blackberry actually puts every app to test before they release it in their app store. Plus get this, my BB battery will last more than one day! What android Phone will do that? I will get usually 2 to 3 days on one charge. I think Blackberry 6 will make a big change and bring back a lot of blackbery users.

  • lakeshow

    i got some info from a high in csr that they will be launching over 10 phons by the end oof the year? is that true. he also mentioned that 6 of them are 7 of them are going to be high end and 2 of them to be way over 1 GHZ. i wish he was right. lets wait and see :)

  • derrickps3

    they just need to hurry up and release blackberry 6 for the bold 9700

  • My reason for leaving Blackberry was the lack of MS Exchange support for non enterprise users.

    I was always able to sync my email using the Outlook Web site, but the calendar sync was non-existent.

    After switching to my Android Nexus One, there is no looking back!!

  • Saintory

    I think that if Windows Phone 7 can pull off a huge win this fall, RIM will be the biggest loser. I think it was already stated that Windows has the potential to be the better consideration for corporate usage, considering most of an IT infrastructure in a large corporate environment is Windows based.

  • nikb

    RIMM has definitely declined and not seeing any creativity coming out now. I am desperately hoping RIMM to get some creative phones else we have seen much greater and bigger companies simply dieing out. It makes me think that a final death nail to RIMM will be when android or apple bring out enterprise integration. RIMM HAS TO SEE THIS COMING !!

  • RIM need something to wow everybody.They need to be the first to do something that no one else is doing yet. Aside form having a fast processor, a high resolution screen and fast download speeds RIM needs something new all together. Right now the BB is still popular but that will change in the future if they dont come up with something.

  • teufeldog

    Of course BB usage is declining. To get the latest and greatest, you have to choose one phone (Torch), on one carrier (AT&T). They should have started by getting the Torch on as many carriers as possible, with additional, better devices set for the holiday season. They cannot go head-to-head with the iPhone on AT&T. They need to stop resting on their laurels, and up the ante.

  • Respawn

    Not a surprise. I mean, I love BlackBerry, especially because of the security, but it’s not nearly as fun or as functional as a lot of phones out there. I’m using a T-Mobile Tap on my postpaid plan right now with unlimited web, have Opera Mini 5.1 installed and have it hooked up to my computer as a modem. For a pre-paid offering, even the Tap offers more than the BlackBerry platform (except it only does 5 emails pushed to the device instead of 10, but big whoop).

    Until I switch to the myTouch HD or the G2 (can’t decide yet lol), the T-Mobile Tap is a very good replacement for the BlackBerry Curve. It’s a lot faster lol.

  • upnorth85

    I would have happily made the switch from BB to an Android phone IF they had a good UMA (Wi-Fi calling). Currently on T-mobile all of the UMA phones are BB save an odd Nokia. I don’t like my BB Bold. I liked the previous 8320 Curve. The key pad of the Bold is horrible and does not allow one finger typing. I could type with my right thumb without looking on the Curve. Now the buttons are all sloped away from the center. One does need both hands to type. Unfortunately I also own RIMM stock and realize it is toast. If they had any strategic leadership they would not have limited their latest BB to AT&T only. A great Engineered company, but lousy leadership who like GM and the rest are busy running the company in to the ground with a compliant board happy to rubber stamp executive decisions. What a pity.

  • Nerd lust

    Rim needs to release 6.0 asap! The problem with blackberry is the browser and 6.0 has fixed that. They also need a few super smartphones and they will be back in the game. Security and messaging is bulletproof.

  • Ddmbrands

    Nice blog, it’s about T-Mobile Shows Blackberry OS Usage DecliningThis will hardly come as a shock or surprise to pretty much anyone who has watched the mobile industry over the past two years or so showing Blackberry in decline.