T-Mobile Shows Blackberry OS Usage Declining

This will hardly come as a shock or surprise to pretty much anyone who has watched the mobile industry over the past two years or so showing Blackberry in decline. This chart looks to be pretty much on the ball with all the recent reports offering the Android platform as “the” platform right, the other major platforms seem to be declining. Even Apple is offered a declining platform in next few years and we’re not sure we agree with that, especially once it leaves the death grip of AT&T. There is little doubt that Android and Apple are gaining at Blackberry’s expense and we’re not sure Blackberry 6 has what it takes to bring Blackberry back. That’s not to say Blackberry is disappearing but options such as Android, which offers a much more distinct and adaptive user environment, are likely to take away market share from the Blackberry community. Guess we’ll know by 2014.

Intomobile via Pocketberry

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